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Some new things for Robert to think about
This chapter is not a sexually active as some of the others but it lays the groundwork for things to come. It is setting the stage for other turning points in Robert’s life.

Turning point ch. # 8

Robert has experienced many new sexual things in the past few days and looks forward to many such times. He has no idea of the changes the lay ahead for him but is about to be hit with one problem.

I had mixed emotions as I left Mary’s and headed home. I smiled as I could still feel the tenderness of my cock and asshole. I also had an aftertaste of our little treat. After all the combination of cum, piss, spit and a little touch of wind does make for an unusual taste. On the other hand I was a little sad that Mary was going to be gone for a few days and school was about to start which would give much less free time to be with Mary.

I was walking down the drive to our house and as I got closer to the house I could see my sister Kay setting on the front steps. I was trying to think of something to say to her that would tease her a little. Before I could say anything she said well smartass, you’re going to be piss off too. I look at Kay wondering what she was talking about. Her eyes looked swollen like she had been crying and I thought it must be bad if it made Kay cry, usually she’s a very tough customer.

I put my fishing gear down and walked into the house to the kitchen. Dad was at setting at the table and it was obvious he had been drinking. He looked up at me but didn’t say a word. Mom was on the phone and she was having a heated discussion with the person on the other end. I put the fish I had in a plate and set them in the sink then walked back outside.

I set down on the steps beside Kay but not too close. I was very curious to find out what was going but with the mood she was in I knew better that to ask. I waited and she finally turned to me and said, well Mr. Smartass Pervert I guess you will be walking for a while also. I told her I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She set for a few seconds and looked like she was going to start crying again. She told me that Mom was on the phone with Aunt Shelby and they were arguing with her about she and Uncle Tommy wanting to give us a car and truck. It wouldn’t cost Mom and Dad a fucking thing, Mom just needed to put them in her name. Her and Uncle Tommy was even going to sent the two of us money each month for gas. Kay told me Dad told Aunt Shelby if they had that much money to send him some. Then Mom said we didn’t need the vehicles and she wasn’t going to sign for them.

I told Kay I was sorry but it is just life as usual around here. Kay looked at me with tears in her eyes and said not for much longer, you can just bet your fucking ass on that. I wanted so bad to talk her in my arms and just hug her. This time it was not about sex, the fact is no matter how big of an ass she could be I still love my sister. I felt like my setting there was just making Kay uncomfortable so I went about doing my evening chores then headed to the shower and to bed.

I woke early in the morning to a loud noise. It took me a few seconds to realize it was a woman talking very loud at times even screaming. At first I didn’t recognize the voice then I realized it was Aunt Shelby. I had never heard her talking this. She screamed,” you sit down and shut the fuck up and you bitch, you listen to me and listen good“. I thought WOW, she is talking to Mom and Dad and she is giving them hell. I just lay there and listened. She wasn’t screaming now but talking very loud, “ I never betrayed either of you assholes, you are the ones, you have treated both these kids like shit all there lives”. You told me if I would keep you secret you would do right by them both and you have not. I’ve never told either of them anything but I can if that is what it takes. Let me tell you bitch, you will sign for the car and truck and keep you fucking mouth shut. As for you asshole (I assumed that would be Dad), they will have money coming in each week and if you touch one cent of it I’ll find out and it will be your ass. I could hear Mom and Dad both talking to Aunt Shelby but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then everything got quite.

I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I could tell by the sound it was a woman with hi-heels. I heard her knock on Kay’s door and heard Aunt Shelby call Kay’s name. Kay told her to come in and I could hear them talking but couldn’t understand what they were saying. They talked for about five minutes then I heard the footsteps again. When I heard the knock on my door I was laying on the bed naked with the sheet pulled back. Aunt Shelby called my name and ask can I come in. I grabbed the sheet pulling it over me and answered Yes ma’am. She had a smile on her face as she walked over and set on the edge of my bed. She lean down and kissed me on the cheek. Her breast pressed against my chest as she did. I thought Oh Shit, don’t think about it, don’t get a hard on now. She told me she was sorry for waking me up so early but she had a little surprise for Kay and me. We had a car and truck that we were going to trade in on new ones but they just don’t allow you anything on a trade-in Uncle Tommy thought it would be good to give them to you and Kay. They are both in good shape and you guys could get a lot of use of them. As you know you both are too young to have them in your name so your Mom has agreed to put them in her name but your Mom and Dad both understand they are for you and Kay. I told Tommy they wouldn’t be much good to you if you didn’t have the money for gas and upkeep.

When Aunt Shelby had set down on my bed her lovely, soft ass cheek was pushing against my leg. I was listening to every word he was saying but my mind was on the feel of her breast and ass. I could feel my cock starting to get a little firmer the longer she set there. She told me Kay and I would need to dress and go with her to the post office to rent a box and we would each be getting a check once a week and it would be all our money. I was really excited about the truck and money but I was getting more excited about her setting with that fine ass against my leg and those lovely full tits right there at my face.

There was a noise in the hall and Aunt Shelby turned toward to door for just a second. I thought Oh Fuck, I could see the sheet standing up. When she was turning back toward me, Oh hell yes, she noticed. I could feel my face getting a bright red. Aunt Shelby look at the rise in the sheet then much to my shock and surprise she looked at me and smiled. Why Robert, if had only know a used truck would have this kind of effect on you we would have given you one years ago. She noticed how much I was blushing and told me no need to the embarrassed Robert you should be proud of a rise like that

Then come the shock of my life. My lovely, sexy, Aunt Shelby reached over and wrapped her hand around my hard cock moving her hand back and forth through the sheet. My, my Robert, I’m impressed. That is a lot of cock for such a young man. Then she lean back down pushing her breast back into my chest and kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue pushing against my lips and I open my mouth and sucked her tongue in and started sucking on it. She was still stroking my cock through the sheet and was pushing her breast more into my chest. I thought what the fuck, go for it. I reached up and took the other breast in my hand and began to massage it. She let out a soft moan and shoved her tongue further while she was jacking my cock even faster. She suddenly pulled back and this time she was as red faced as I was. She looked me straight in the eyes and I knew she was not ashamed of what we had done. She told me we needed to stop and she was sorry she had started something she couldn’t finish right now. My Mind hung on the words, right now. She stood up straightened her dress and told me she hated to leave me hanging but we need to go to the post office.

As soon as Aunt Shelby walked out I headed for the shower and the bar of soap. I was in the shower, had my cock and ass soaped up in just seconds. I knew I didn’t have much time but I also knew it wouldn’t take long. I didn’t mess around, I shoved four fingers up my ass to the hilt and started pounding the hell out of my cock. It was not long at all and I could feel the cum on the way. I pulled my fingers out of my ass and caught the cum in my hand. As soon as I had drained most of the cum into my hand I held up over my mouth and let it spill out into my mouth. I was fantasizing about Aunt Shelby being in the shower with me. I wondered what she would think of me standing there sucking up my own cum and I wanted to thing it would turn her on .

I dried off and wrapped the towel around me and headed back to my bedroom to dress. When I come out of the bathroom Aunt Shelby and Kay was standing in the hall by Kay’s bedroom. Aunt Shelby give me a knowing smile and Kay had the closest thing to a friendly look on her face that I had ever seen, I told them I would only be a second. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a pull over, slipped on my shoes and was out the door. The three of us waked down the hall and on into the kitchen. Mom and Dad were both setting at the table and both looked like shit. Dad was setting with his head down and didn’t look up when we walked in. Mom looked up and ask if we would like some breakfast before we left. Aunt Shelby told her no thanks, we needed to get to the post office and get back as soon as possible that the men driving the car and truck would be there soon and she would need to take them back to Atlanta with her.

We took care of things at the post office and Aunt Shelby gave each of us a key to the mail box and told us the Tommy had set it up for a check to be sent to each of us each Friday and we should get it on Monday or
Tuesday. We went across the street to our only restaurant and had a breakfast sandwich and coffee. Aunt Shelby told us that Mom and Dad understood that the car and truck was ours as was the money. Kay already had her drivers license and all I had to do was go to the DMV office when they were open on Wednesday and I could take the test and get my license. She give Kay $20.00 and me $30.00 to cover my driving test and gas until the checks started coming in.

We return home and in about ten minutes we was the car and truck pull into the drive. I was really not expecting much when Aunt Shelby told me about them but I was pleasant surprised. My truck was a candy apple red and Kay’s car was a sharp looking two tone blue and white. Aunt Kay told me after they had the company lettering removed it still showed so Uncle Tommy had them both painted. Up until now all I could think about was my time in my bedroom with Aunt Shelby but now I had that and I was truly excited about the truck. Kay run around and jumped in the car. I thought for sure I would see a big smile on her face but it didn’t happen. I told Aunt Shelby that I had never seen Kay smile and I thought the car would do the trick. I told her I was sorry and Aunt Shelby looked at me and told me Robert, she is smiling, you just can’t see it. Maybe you will understand someday. Mom and Dad had walked out on the porch to looked at the vehicles but said nothing. The two men got in Aunt Shelby’s car and we all walked inside. As we walked into the kitchen Dad made the statement,” that truck looks better than mine. Aunt Shelby didn’t say a word, she just looked at Dad. He set down at the table and hung his head down again and didn’t say anything else. Aunt Shelby told us she had to head back home and she thanked Mom and Dad for their help but neither one responded. She motioned for us to walk out with her.

When we got outside she told Kay to wait for her by the drivers door. She stopped at the back of the car with me. She told me she hoped I enjoyed my truck and to be careful and not speed or drive crazy. She placed her hands on my shoulders and our eyes met. She told me she was sorry she had got me so worked up before and she hoped she would have a chance to make it up to me. Then she give me a hot, wet kiss only this time I beat her to the punch and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She sucked it in and pressed her body into mine. We only held the kiss for a second then separated and she walked around the car to where Kay was standing. I walked to the corner of the car and watched as she walked up to Kay. Kay’s back was to me and Aunt Shelby walked around in front of her, placed her hands on each side of her face. She looked over Kay’s shoulder to see I was watching then kissed Kay on the lips. Kay stood there with her arms by her side for a second then she put her arms around Aunt Kay and pulled her body tight into hers. They kissed for a couple of seconds then hugged. Aunt Shelby got in her car and drove away. We both just stood and looked until she turn on the main road and was out of sight. Kay turn to walk in the house when she saw me standing there. She blushed a bright red, her lips moved but nothing come out then she looked away. She started to walk in the house then turned to me and ask you want to ride with me to get some gas. I though for a minute then nodded yes. I told her let me go tell Mom and Dad where we are going. Kay simply said NO and got in her car. I got in with her and away we went.

On the way to the station Kay ask if I heard Aunt Shelby talking to Mon and Dad this morning. I told her yes but I didn’t know what it was all about except she make Mom and Dad change there minds about the car deal. Then Kay ask me what I thought about Aunt Shelby. I told her I thought it was very kind of her and Uncle Tommy to let us have the car and truck. Kay give me a hard look and said don’t be such a smart ass, you know what I mean. What do you think about her. I knew what Kay was asking but I was not going to give her the answer she wanted. I told her I thought Aunt Shelby was a very beautiful, loving person that was as different as day and night from our Mon. You can’t help but love a person like that. Kay ask what I thought of the way she said good-by. Again I knew she was fishing and I was now going to give in. I told her Kay, Aunt Shelby and Uncle Tommy both love us very much and she was very pleased that she could do something nice for us. Kay didn’t say anything else until we got home. Then she told me if I needed a ride to the DMV office Wednesday to let her know and she would drive my new truck for me.

I took care of my chores then went to the house. Mom and Dad was setting in the family room when I waked in. They were setting on opposite of the room and Dad started to say something to me when I walked in. Mom just told him to shut the fuck up and he did. I was headed to the shower but saw the bathroom door was closed so knew Kay was taking a shower. I open my bedroom door and started in when the bathroom door open and Kay walked out. She just had a towel wrapped around her and of course I looked her up and down. I was expecting her usual smartass comment but instead when I looked at her face she was looking at my crotch. Now it was my time to be caught off guard.

I took one of my old time showers to celebrate the day. When I first stepped in the shower I took my cock and held it up squeezing it enough to piss high enough to catch it in my mouth. Once I was through pissing I soaped up my ass and slipped two fingers in until I was massaging that special spot. When my cock was rock hard I started pumping it while finger fucking my ass. I got a good rhythm going and when I felt my balls tingling and knew I was about to cum I pulled my fingers from my ass and caught the cum in my hand. Once again I held my hand up and let if dribble in my mouth. I swashed it around in my mouth then swallowed a little at the time.

I didn’t bother to warp a towel around me, I just walked for the bathroom to my bedroom naked. I was kind of hoping Kay would be in the hall and I could see her reaction. No such luck so I just went on to bed. I really had trouble getting to sleep. I had so many thought and questions running through my mind. I thought about Aunt Shelby and all that had happened with her including the passionate kiss with Kay. I thought about her comment about hoping to make it up to me later and thought could I ever be that lucky. I wondered about the secret that Aunt Shelby, Mom and Dad knew and I was sure it was something about Kay and I but I didn’t know what. I was thinking about Mary and I was already missing her and our sexual play. Something was nagging at me but I couldn’t quite place what it was. I was thinking about the truck and how I would be able to drive it legally in less that a week. Then it come to me, how did Mary know school started Tuesday. Why would that stand out. I hadn’t mentioned it, only checking our registration on Thursday. Oh well, no big thing, I started back thinking about eating and fucking her pussy and ass. Her fucking me and I finally fell asleep with the ultimate fantasy of Mary, Aunt Shelby, Kay and I all together. So, of course I went to sleep with a hard on.

This will end chapter 8

As I stated this chapter don’t have as much sexual contact as the others. It is kind of laying the groundwork for some of the things to come in Robert’s life.
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