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This is a continuation of my first story. Please send any comments or feedback to:
The Shop - Little Cherries Part 2

"Suck that cum off your friend's tits" he told her, pointing at
Jessica's cum soaked chest.

Valerie smiled and leaned over Jessica's face and started drinking the
cum puddle that lay between Jessica's large breasts. With both hands, she
massaged and moved the tit flesh, sucking the beutiful pink nipples clean.
Jessica moaned and licked her friend's flat chest, trying to get more cum
for herself. Lebron fetched one of the towels he'd prepared when he opened
the store from his counter and spread it on the floor. He walked behind
Valerie and admired her petite 15-year old ass. He stepped closer, and now
his massive dick was pressing against it, wedging itself along her ass
crack. Valerie immediately pushed her ass back against him, trying to get
more of his dick between her butt cheeks. He undid her bikini top and
started running his hands over her small breasts and her body, feeling the
smooth, beautiful white skin and her tight and small body. He grabbed the
skinny girl by the waist with both hands and moved her further back against
his hardening dick. He moved the small teenager towards the towel and
pushed her bony shoulders down. Valerie knew what to do and got on all
fours on the towel. Jessica slowly got up from the table and walked
towards them. Unlike Valerie, she could see clearly that Lebron's cock was
about one third as wide as Valerie's waist. Lebron pushed Valerie's head
down and started rubbing his penis against the teen's butt.

"Oh my god, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big dick." Valerie begged

"You want this cock little girl? You want a big black dick inside you?"
teased Lebron

"Fuck yes... I want to get fucked by a black cock." Valerie said,
moving her ass against the black monster behind her

Lebron grabbed his cock and rested it on top of Valerie's tight ass, the
first inches snaked between her butt and then down her back, reaching about
halfway through. Jessica knelt beside them and grabbed his cock with both
hands, stroking it slowly. She leaned over, opened her mouth and took his
horse cock in and out of her mouth.

"Oh my god Valerie, he's gonna break you in half" Jessica said, sounding
a little concerned

Lebron moved his cock back and rested it's tip against Valerie's bikini
clad asshole. He then slowly slid the white girl's bikini bottom down, his
fat cock now rested directly on the 15 year old's entrance.

"Oh fuck..." Valerie said softly, her pussy drenched in expectation.

The black man grabbed the teen's tiny thighs and started thrusting
forwards. It was a sight to see. It looked like someone trying to shove a
baseball bat into a keyhole. The beautiful little white girl lay, pinned
on the floor by the immense, thick cock hanging from the black man's
muscular body that was kneeling 14 inches behind her. Jessica felt her
pussy on fire at such an incredibly erotic sight. She grabbed his cock
with one hand and looked at him, entranced by the black man's power.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yes" moaned Valerie, inexplicably enjoying the incursion
into her asshole.

Lebron knew it was the mix of the special lemonade, which contained his
own cum, powerfull afrodisiacs and pain releavers that had made both girls
incredibly horny and tolerant to such an abuse. The huge amounts of his
sperm that they had swallowed minutes ago also helped enhance these

He kept pushing, and finally his cock head started dissapearing into the
girl's tight, hot ass. Lebron had never felt such a tight grip on his cock
and knew instantly that he would be fucking this girl's asshole many times
in the future. His cock slipped forwards, further into the little girl's
butt slowly.

"FUCK YES!!!" grunted Lebron "Oh my god Valerie he's fucking your ass!
His cock is in your asshole!" Jessica shouted at her friend "Oh god yes
fuck me, fuck me" pleaded Valerie

The black monster continued to enter her ass, aided by the cum and
saliva that covered it's entire lenght. Her butt quivered occasionaly, as
she accomodated the huge snake inside her body. All too quickly, 6 inches
had dissapeared inside the fifteen year old's tight little ass. Jessica
spread her friends cheeks and encouraged him to keep going. Jessica was
rubbing her friends pussy slowly, and resting her breasts against her body.

"Fuck girl, yo ass was made for black dick! Ain't never seen a girl so
young take so much cock in her ass the first time around!"

Valerie nodded, her face in a mess of her own hair, as her wide lips
smiled, happy that her body was able to handle black cock so well. She was
proud. She knew she had an amazing ass. She liked wearing her school
skirt as short as she could to give guys a peek of the perfect little butt
beneath it, and she wore the smallest shorts that fit her, the same that 12
year old girls wore, and she'd always been happy that she had such an
incredibly tiny and skinny body. He would often hear dirty comments from
men of all ages when she walked down the street as she displaying her long
bare legs. A few minutes ago when she found out how big black penises
were, how incredibly good they tasted, and how delicious and abundant a
black guy's sperm was, she knew she would keep doing those things and
wearing the same clothes, but that she would do it to get the attention of
black guys. To make their huge cocks get hard at the sight of her teenage
butt. But she'd also wondered if her delightfully small body would be too
small to handle their oversized dicks. Now she was finding out that it was
more than adecuate, and that Lebron was clearly enjoying her body. He'd
even chosen her to fuck before Jessica. Seldom had she been so happy as
she was now.

"Oh gooooddddd!!!!!" moaned Valerie

Lebron's now had 10 inches of hard black cock inside her body. He
stopped and admired the beautiful sight of the 15 year old's tiny butt and
the massive black cock that was inserted into it. He felt her body pulse
and wriggle around his cock and wondered if this little slut could be
having another orgasm. She was. She moved her ass shortly back and forth
on his cock, moaning faster and faster until she screamed and convulsed,
squirting on Jessica's hand. Her body went limp and she moaned in relief.

"Ohh fuck" she purred, as Jessica tasted her juices in her mouth.

"Holy shit. You must have a real dirty mind. First cumming while
sucking dick and now you cum because you've got a black cock in your ass.
What a fucking slut!" he told her. "Let's find out just how much this 15
year old white slut likes having her ass fucked by black dick."

Without further warning, he started pumping his cock in and out of
Valerie's ass. He started slow, her ass was yet to fully accomodate to
such a large penis.

"Fuck yes!" he cried. "You, come here and suck on my nuts" he ordered

The busty teenager was eager to comply to every and any thing the
towering black man ordered her. She went behind Lebron's back, layed face
up and slid down beneath him. She had a priviledged view of his huge,
heavy balls and of his cock entering her friend's ass. She grabbed
Valerie's smooth, skinny thighs for support and started sucking, licking
and eating the big, sweaty black balls.

Lebron was in utter bliss. Here he was, with two beautiful, white 15
year old schoolgirls. He was fucking one of them up the ass with his 14
inch cock, but it was so small and tight that he might as well be fucking a
12 year old, while the other, a big titted slut, was sucking his balls and
loving every second of it. He'd already emptied his balls once, but he
would soon be ready to do it again. He wanted to cum inside this little
girl's ass. He knew he would rapidly fill it with cum and he wanted to see
his cum forcing it's way out her asshole and dripping onto Jessica, who he
knew would eagerly drink it all up. He grabbed the Valerie's long hair
with both hands, roughly half in each hand and started pulling back. Her
small back arched as he pulled her head back, she opened her knees a bit
wider as the black python kept thrusting her. Jessica was now alternating
between Lebron's big, sweaty balls and her young friend's gushing pussy.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" Valerie kept repeating, unable to cope
with the pleasure the man was giving her.

Lebron pounded her harder, taking pleasure in forcing his large dick
into the young schoolgirl. Her waist was hardly thicker than his cock, he
could feel her whole body tightening around his giant dick. He thurst
harder and faster, shaking her puny body until it was too much for him.

"Here I come baby, here I come. I'm gonna fill your ass. You want it?
You want some black cum in your ass?" he asked

"Ohhhh fuck yesss, cum inside meee" Valerie pleaded in incredible lust.

Jessica sucked on his balls as she felt them tighten, followed by a loud
moan of Lebron, exploding in cum inside Valerie's ass. She kept sucking
until she felt his cum spilling from her friend's asshole onto her face.
She moved her head back to catch it with her open mouth, entranced by it's
thick smell and taste.

"FUCK YES!!!" Screamed Lebron, as he pumped more and more cum into the
orgasming teenager, her ass quivering as multiple orgasms flowed through
her body. The perversity of her ass being flooded in cum by such an
enormous black dick, which would have preciously repulsed her, was the most
powerfully sexual picture she had ever dreamed of. Lebron slowly pulled
his cock out of her ass, an avalanche of cum flowing to Jessica's face and
mouth, as she rubbed her pussy with vigor. She could almost see the
towering flesh that had defiled her friend's virginal asshole through the
mess of cum on her face. She swallowed as much as she could, and the rest
she scooped and rubbed against her pussy. His dick seemed to go on
forever, as he slowly kept pulling out of the young catholic slut.
Finally, it bounced downwards, still spewing cum, against Jessica's face,
where it entered her greedy mouth. She sucked the massive head dry, as she
moved her pelvis back and forth, her pussy gushing everywhere.

Valerie finally collapsed sideways on the floor, her body worn out after
being used as a fucktoy by the muscular black man. Lebron felt his cock
slowly get softer and smaller, until he finally stood, appreciating the
incredible fuck he just had with two seemingly innocent little white girls,
who he, with some medical help, had managed to turn into complete and utter
sluts, who would worship any and all black meat they could find. Jessica's
big breasts looked immense as she wrapped her arms around them, pressing
them together, his cum all over her. Valerie's long skinny legs ended in a
childishly small ass that had just taken a massive fucking. Her beautiful
face red and exhausted from the sexual assault she'd barely managed to

Lebron smiled as he cleaned himself with a towel, appreciating how much
pleasure his little operation had managed to get him in such a small amount
of time. He reveled at the thought of the other girls still to come, and
of Valerie's and Jessica's next visit. They, their friends, and their
sisters as well.

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2013-05-22 13:46:14
A Child could come up with a more maturely written piece of literary shit

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2013-05-22 13:38:58
A Child could come up with a more maturely written piece of literary shit

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2013-05-22 13:35:13
U wish an ape that smeels like an apes ass covld b like this in real life go rob n kil another nigga thats not so much of a stretch

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2012-10-04 07:20:21
This looks like a story written by a white guy who is trying to make everybody think that he is black. I mean Lebron?! Can you come up with a more original name than that. 14 inches?! This is a total bull crap story. You have some potential as a writer, but stop writing about crap like this and start writing about something you actually know something about. This story really is stereotypical, boring, and stupid.

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2012-09-30 10:58:19
I am getting so tired of the "Black Stud" "Huge dick" "All white women secretly crave black dick" genre.

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