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After meeting Renee and having some fun with her despite the fact that she had a boyfriend, I meet Amanda and things get complicated.

Friday night Renee came over again and ,once again, I jerked off for her. She seemed to really enjoy it and she always said really filthy shit, so it was better than porn. All in all, it was a reciprocal relationship. After I finished, she abruptly left again. I was beginning to see how strange she was.

Saturday morning, I grabbed my list of potential new houses! I was eager to move out of my place and decided I would spend the day house hunting.

The first place I went to was a garage apartment. It was a bit smaller (and a ton cheaper) than my house was, and it was close to downtown. It was an older home and there was a small balcony that overlooked the backyard. I loved the location and the price, so I called the number and met who would be my new landlord. He was a really nice guy. He told me that I could move in in a week after he finished repainting the walls. I put down my deposit and called my friend Robbie to share the news.

That entire week was another blur of sleep deprivation due to late nights of drinking and listening to Renee talk dirty while I jerked off. I started to feel like a trained monkey. One night we went to her fat girlfriend Chris’s parent’s house and drank until the wee hours. We had gone there for two reasons. The first was that Chris’ parents were out of town. The second was that they had a swimming pool. At the end of the night, Renee and I ended up alone in the backyard. She was sitting on the end of the diving-board in a small yellow bikini and I was lying on the board with my head in her lap. I was naked again and she was talking dirty, kissing me, and pouring beer into my mouth while I jerked off. I came on my stomach and then rolled off the board into the pool. I called in to work the next day because I was still drunk and so tired that my vision was blurring. Maybe I was getting too old for that sort of thing…

Anyway, it was Saturday again, and I was spending the day moving into my new apartment. Robbie was helping me out and after a couple of hours, we took a break and smoked a cigarette on the balcony. On the other side of the fence there was another garage apartment. It had a little balcony not unlike my own, and on it were two attractive young women that looked to be about my age. Robbie, not being a shy person, shouted “Hey!”

They looked our direction and said hello back. “Are you two the ones moving in” one asked.

“I am.” I shouted. “He’s just giving me some help moving.” I looked more closely at them. The one doing all the talking was about 5’5 and had very short brown hair. She was wearing torn jeans and a wife-beater with no bra. I immediately wondered if she was a lesbian. I thought of introducing her to Alexis.

“I’m Jamie!” she shouted. “This is Amanda! She just moved here from Pennsylvania! She’s staying with me until she finds her own place!”

“Cool!” I shouted. Amanda was a bit shorter than her. Her hair was dark brown and her skin was very pale. She was thin and from what I could tell, quite pretty. What really struck me were her eyes. Her eyes were the brightest bluest eyes I had ever seen.

“We’re going to The Turk later. It’s a little bar a few blocks from here. You’re welcome to join!” Jamie shouted.

“Okay!” Robbie answered.

“Around 8!” Jamie yelled.

“We’ll meet you there!” Robbie shouted.

We had gotten the majority of the furniture in when Renee called. She asked me if I would meet her that night. I told her I was going for a beer with Robbie, but could call her afterward. She asked me if I would blow him off. She said she would make it worth my while. I confessed that we were meeting my new neighbors we had just met. Then Renee asked me their names and I told her. As soon as she learned that they were both female, she got quiet. Jealousy?.. This was new, but I thought, maybe I could use it to my advantage. I told her that I would call her after.

Robbie and I arrived promptly at 8 and saw Jamie, Amanda, and a third fairly masculine woman sitting at a high table. We joined them and all shook hands. Jamie introduced the new addition as her girlfriend Jessica. I had already guessed that Jamie might be gay. I had wondered earlier if Amanda was her girlfriend, figuring that Amanda was the “girl” and Jamie was the “butch.” It turned out that Amanda was straight, Jamie was the “girl” and Jessica was the “butch.” It’s a funny world.

We all got to know each other over a few beers. I knew Robbie well enough to know that he was really into Amanda. She was a very sweet girl and I thought that if she and Robbie were to get together, they would be a good pair. I was very happy about the whole evening and glad that I had some cool new neighbors to hang out with. We finally said our goodbyes and headed home. I wanted to get some sleep because I still had some more boxes to move the next morning, but I kind of wanted to make out with Renee and jack off for her again. Looking back on it, it sounds absurd, but at the time, it was a lot of fun.

I called Renee and she came over to my new place for the first time. She asked me about the neighbors. I told her that one of them was a lesbian and that Robbie had a crush on the other one. I could tell that that information put her mind at ease. She wasn’t in danger of losing her little boy-toy.

We made out for a while. She told me to take off my clothes. She talked dirty and I jerked off again. As much fun as it was, it was starting to become routine, and like all routines, it started to get boring. There was never any touching beyond the kissing. I was beginning to want more.

My first week in the new place, Renee came to visit every night. Every now and then, she would come up with something new to say while I jerked off. The real hi-light though was hanging out with my new neighbors after work, before Renee came over. Jamie played guitar and we would sit in the back yard while she played and talk over a few beers. They were both really nice and I was enjoying getting to know them. Robbie kept asking me to put in a good word for him, but every time I tried to Amanda didn’t seem terribly interested.

When I got home from work on Friday, Jamie came over and invited me to a party at one of her friend’s houses. She was taking Amanda to meet some new people and figured that I might want to tag along. I had plans to hang out with Renee that night, but I was in the mood to do something different, so I accepted her invitation.

I invited Robbie and he came with us. Jamie and Jessica sat up front. Robbie and I sat in the back with Amanda jammed in between us. We arrived at a house just outside of town. It was an old two story home and the yard was enormous. White Christmas lights were wrapped around the trees and were strung over the large patio. There was also a big campfire and some people sitting around it passing around a guitar. It wasn’t until we got a little closer that I realized that Robbie and I were the only males at the party. Upon further inspection, I deduced that we had been invited to a lesbian party. (And, NO it was not a bunch of hot chicks in lingerie chasing each other around with dildos.) Most of the women there were more masculine than me or Robbie. The house smelled of herbs and patchouli oil. The closest I had been to anything like this was a dinner at Alexis’ house with three of her lesbian friends. There were at least twenty women here. I began to feel like a sore thumb and found myself wandering around outside smoking cigarettes and sipping my beer. It was sweet of Jamie to invite us, but I wasn’t really enjoying myself too much.

I was sitting by the fire alone. Robbie had gotten into a futile debate with one of the girls inside. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Amanda standing next to me. “Are you as bored as I am?”

“Probably.” I smiled.

“Jamie used to be a lot more fun. Then like a year ago, she calls me up and tells me she’s gay. I didn’t really care either way. Then when I moved down here, I met some of her friends and it seems to me that being a lesbian is the only way any of these girls can define themselves. I don’t get it. You CAN be gay and still not be an asshole, right?” I started laughing really hard. She sat next to me on the log I was sitting on. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a plastic bag with a bunch of mushroom caps in it. “Do you wanna make this party way more interesting?” she smiled.

“God, yes.” I smiled as she handed me three caps. We both ate them and washed them down with more beer. We had been sitting and talking by the fire for about half an hour when the drugs began to take hold.

I don’t remember much of the party after that. Amanda and I were both laughing wildly at everything that happened. I remember Robbie coming out and talking to us. He was angry at one of the girls inside and kept using the word ‘militant.’ I remember seeing a dog and feeling a strange sense of connection with it. I remember lying in the grass next to Amanda and laughing about everything under the stars… Then I was in the car again.

We were heading home and Amanda and I couldn’t stop giggling. We got back to the apartments and Robbie, still angry, apologized for his behavior and drove himself home. Amanda, myself and the two lesbians sat in the yard for a while. Jamie and Jessica started kissing and soon disappeared upstairs. I was really enjoying Amanda’s company. I looked over to my new apartment and asked her “Do you wanna come upstairs?”

She paused for a second and then glanced up at me. “Sure.”

We got to my front door and I pulled my keys from my pocket. I turned to say something to her and found she was standing very close to me. Our eyes locked for a moment and we took deep slow breaths. I raised my hand to her cheek and brushed her hair back from her face. We slowly drifted closer together until our lips touched. The kiss was slow and gentle. We took our time and slowly began to part our lips and let our tongues glide over one another. It was soft and sensual and I was enjoying it immensely.

Then I remembered Renee.

Renee had come over late at night a few times after she had been out with her friends for a little visit. I feared that she might surprise me that night. I pulled back from Amanda and said “Maybe we should go to your place.”

“We won’t be alone there.” She gently whispered.

“I know,but…” I knew I had to tell her something. What could I say? I decided then and there to just go with the truth. It was gonna sound weird, but I had nothing to hide. Plus, I was beginning to like Amanda and I didn’t want to start something with her that was based on a lie. “There’s this girl…”

“You have a girlfriend?” she rolled her eyes and pulled away.

“No, no. Nothing like that.” I said. “She’s actually got a boyfriend, but sometimes she likes to drop in on me.”

“So, you’re sleeping with her?” she asked. I watched her try to make sense of the situation and it was only then that I realized how absurd it was.

“Not exactly…” I bit my lip and decided to just go for it. The drugs and beer helped. “She really likes me, but she’s been with this guy for forever and she doesn’t want to cheat on him.”

“So what do you do when she comes over?”

“Well…” Okay. Here goes. “We make out for a while and then she talks dirty and watches me play with myself.”

Amanda laughed. “Are you kidding me?”

“Wish I was.” I raised my shoulders.

“How often do you do that?” she asked. I was happy to see she was still smiling.

“Uh, almost every night.” I answered. Being that honest was actually very enjoyable. There were no lies to keep track of and my conscience was always clear.

“Holy shit. Does she play with herself too?” she asked, clearly intrigued.

“No. She doesn’t even get undressed.” I answered.

Much to my surprise, she leaned in to me, still smiling, and began to kiss me again. Her lips were soft and smooth and her tongue was graceful and delicate. She finally leaned back and took my hand. “You’re weird.”

I smiled. “Yeah.”

She turned away and stepped toward Jamie’s place. She turned her head and said over her shoulder “Come on.” I followed her and she continued. “It’s actually kinda perfect. I just moved here and I’m not looking for anything serious either, so… You know?”

We walked up the stairs and she slid the key into the lock as silently as she could. As soon as she opened the door, we could hear Jamie moaning from the bedroom. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. Amanda smiled. “It’s like this every night.” We were both laughing as quietly as we could.

She led me over to a futon in the living room. “This is my bedroom for now.” I sat down and she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me.

We made out and laughed until the sun began to show outside. She made jokes about watching me jerk off and I realized even more how silly everything with Renee was. I liked Renee, but the situation was ridiculous.

If Renee had come over that night, I never knew about it. When I finally went home, Amanda and I made plans to have dinner that night. I went home and slept most of the day.

When I awoke it was 5pm. I checked my phone and saw that I had missed a text from Renee.

RENEE: Can I come over tonight?

I immediately thought about Amanda. We were going to dinner. I remembered being so honest with Amanda about everything and how good it felt… Why not keep it up?

ME: I can’t tonight. Having dinner with Amanda. Tomorrow night?

Her reply was almost immediate.

RENEE: Who’s that?

Jealous again?… Could be useful. I decided to press further.

ME: One of my new neighbors. I went to a party with her last night and we ended up making out for a while.

RENEE: Really? Well have fun then.

She was being catty. I could’ve reminded her that I was the single one and that she had a boyfriend, but I didn’t want to play that game.

ME: So, tomorrow night then?

RENEE: Whatever.

Amanda and I went to a little bistro by the harbor and got to know each other a little better. She asked me more questions about my strange arrangement with Renee and I told her the truth about everything she wanted to know. I even told her that I had turned Renee down that night to go out to dinner with her. She just laughed. She was fascinated by the whole thing. I also got the impression that she was charmed by my honesty and complete lack of deception.

I took Amanda back home and kissed her goodnight. We made plans to hang out again the next night after I got off work and I headed home and went to bed.

It was two in the morning when a knock on the door woke me up. There was only one person it could’ve been. I slipped on some shorts and walked down the stairs to the front door. Renee was standing on the porch. I opened the door and could immediately see that she was drunk. “Hey sexy boy!” she greeted me. I let her in and followed her up the stairs. “How was your date with what’s her name?”

“Amanda?” I asked, playing it cool. “Really good, actually.”

“Did you have sex with her?” she asked, trying to smile.

“No.” I said. “We kissed some more though.” She was digging.

“What would happen if she came over right now?” Renee asked.

“Probably nothing… I would tell her that you’re here and she would most likely leave.” I said very ‘matter of factly.’

“You told her about me?” she asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” I asked, just oozing cool.

“Did you tell her what we do when I come over here?” she asked.

“Sure.” I smiled.

She stared at me wide eyed for a moment. “And she’s cool with that?”

“So far.” I said as I headed to the fridge. I wanted a beer. I knew she didn’t need any more, but I figured why not throw some fuel on the fire? “I’m gonna have a beer. Want one?”

She was silent again before finally answering in a shrill tone. “Sure.”

I handed her a beer and sat down on the couch. She sat next to me. I learned a great lesson about the competitive nature of women that night. I watched in amazement as her attitude dramatically shifted. She wanted to win and I was happy to encourage her efforts. She arched her back a bit and stuck out her large breasts. She was wearing a denim mini skirt and a tight fitting pink top with spaghetti straps. “Do you know why I came over here tonight?”

“I have a few guesses.” I smiled. “But it’s always more fun when you tell me.”

She pulled her legs up underneath herself and rose to her knees at my side. She leaned into my ear and licked my earlobe. “I came over because all I could think about all night was seeing your big fat cock.” I immediately started getting hard. “And I couldn’t wait to tell you how bad I want you to fuck the shit out of me with it.” I turned to her and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She kissed back with ferocity. She bit my lip. “Show it to me. I wanna see you jerk that big fat cock.”

I was feeling squirrely so I stood up in front of her and let the bulge in my shorts stick straight out in front of her face. “You wanna see this big fat cock?”

She looked up at me and then back down to the bulge in my shorts as I popped the button on my shorts. “Fuck yes!” She moaned as I slid the zipper down. My shorts slid down into a bunch around my ankles and my rock hard cock was hanging just inches in front of her face. Her eyes were open wide and her mouth opened and I saw her tongue flicker inside. Her hands came up from her sides and she put both of her palms just inches from the sides of my cock. I could see how badly she wanted it. She wanted to touch it. To suck it. To feel it.

Instead of sitting down on the couch, I stayed standing in front of her and drew my hand up to my cock. Her eyes and mouth remained wide open as I jerked myself just inches from her mouth. “You like that?” I asked.

“Fuck yes.” She muttered. She slid her hands up and down her chest over her shirt. “Are you thinking about fucking me?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I moaned.

“You wanna put that big cock in my tight little pussy?” she asked. “You wanna push me against the wall and shove it in my mouth? Shove that big fucking cock down my throat?” she moaned.

“Oh, fuck yes!” I moaned.

“You wanna cum in my fuckin’ mouth? Wanna cum all over my tits?” she asked as she groped at her breasts. It was so hot and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. “You wanna fuck my tight little asshole with that big fuckin’ cock?” she asked. “Stretch out my tight little virgin asshole with that big cock?”

I couldn’t handle any more. I dropped down to my knees and leaned back and shot an enormous load onto my stomach. Renee was still completely worked up. She was still going. “I love watching you cum. I want you to cum all over me!” she moaned.

This was usually the part of the evening that she awkwardly got up and left, but she didn’t move. She sat and watched as I picked up my shorts and wiped off my belly with them. We both just sat there for a moment before I rose to my feet. I walked naked into my bedroom and lay down in bed, not sure what she would do. A moment later she appeared in the doorway. “Can I stay for a while?”

She lay down next to me in bed and put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my chest. She was still fully clothed but it felt nice to at least have some kind of contact. We lay there in silence for about twenty minutes when I finally asked her “Why do you like this?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“This. This whole deal. What do you get out of it?”

“What, watching you jack off?” she paused. “It’s exciting. I mean, your whole life, you’ve probably jacked off a thousand times always thinking about different girls and scenarios, and now I get to watch you get off to the things that I say. It’s really hot.”

As bizarre as it was, I understood her. “So why don’t you ever get yourself off too?” I asked.

“No way. If we were both naked and doing that it would be too easy for me to slip up.” She said.

“Right…” I said. “Your boyfriend… And you don’t think that any of this shit we do is cheating?”

“The kissing maybe.” She paused a moment. “Not anything else though. I’m just talking. What you decide to do is your business. That way, if we ever got busted, we could say that all we did was kiss.” She may have been nuts, but she had a point. She would’ve made a good attorney.

It was quiet again for a while. The gentle breeze from the ceiling fan glided over my naked body and her head was warm on my shoulder. She broke the silence. “What do you usually think about?”

“When I jack off?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She answered.

I had been completely honest with both Renee and Amanda so far, so I figured I might as well continue. “When I was 19 I had a threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend. It wound up happening several times that summer.” I ruminated. “I think about that a lot. Then the last girl I dated, Marie. I had several threesomes with her and several of her friends. Even had a foursome once.”

“Holy shit. I would never guess in a million years that you’ve done shit like that.” She said. “You just seem so… normal!”

“I am normal.” I laughed.

It was silent again for several minutes. Then… “How did it happen? The first time I mean?”

It was a story I had recounted in my mind a thousand times. “It all started with a game of Truth or Dare.” I said. “The three of us somehow ended up at my parents house at night with a shit load of alcohol. My parents were out of town. Anyway, after some drinks, we started getting bored and decided to play Truth or Dare. As the night went on the dares got more and more risqué. Eventually my girlfriend Belinda was playing the whole game in the nude. Her best friend Marcella and I were just wearing towels. Then the dares started turning sexual. I dared them to kiss. Belinda dared Marcella to give me a lap dance…” The memory of that night washed over me and I began to feel my cock throbbing to life. “I dared Belinda to try to get me hard without even touching me…” My cock was now leaning to the side and getting more fully engorged with each phrase I uttered. “She started fingering herself right in front of me. Then we dared Marcella to finger herself under her towel.” My cock was now standing straight up again.

“So how did the three of you get to that point though?” she asked. I shifted my weight hoping Renee would notice my erection. I was turned on by the idea of jerking off while I told her about two other girls I had fucked. She did notice, and I played it off. I then slid my hand over my cock and began to slowly stroke myself.

“Do you mind if I..?” I trailed off.

“No.” she answered, clearly wanting to hear the rest of the story. I dove back into my mind. “After we made Marcella finger herself, she wanted to pay us back.” I was beginning to moan as I spoke. I saw Renee lick her lips and her hand began to rub my chest. “She dared me to take off my towel and for me and Belinda to make out in front of her. I already had a hard on. I took off my towel with my backside to Marcella, but Belinda stepped to the far side of me so that Marcella could see my cock.”

“Really?” Renee moaned as she watched my hand glide up and down my cock. I felt her hand sliding lower down my chest onto my stomach.

“Belinda and I started making out for Marcella. Then Belinda grabbed my cock and started playing with it in front of her.” I moaned.

“Yeah?” Renee moaned again. Her hand drifted across my waistline and I felt her fingertips brush across the edge of my pubic hair. She was losing control.

“Marcella watched Belinda jerk my cock for about five minutes.” I moaned. Renee’s fingertips grazed the base of my cock.

“Then I dared Marcella to take off her towel and for the two of them to make out while I watched.” Renee’s fingers lie still at the base of my cock. “They had pressed their bodies together and started kissing… God, I was so fucking hard.”

I felt Renee’s fingertips press against the base of my cock. “As hard as you are right now?” she asked. I turned and kissed her with my mouth open wide and was greeted by her wild tongue. She was lost in the heat of the moment. It was time to make my move. I let go of my cock and put my hand over hers. She kissed me even harder when I pulled her fingers up the length of my cock. I then felt her fingers wrap around my pole and I let go of her hand as it began to slide up and down on its own.

“Oh, fuck that feels so fucking good!” I moaned.

“What happened next?” she asked. I couldn’t believe how into it she had gotten.

She continued to gently stroke my cock as I went on. “They kissed for a couple of minutes and then out of nowhere, they started massaging each other’s tits. Then they were licking each other’s tits.” I felt Renee’s hand leave me and I stole a glance at her to see her raise it to her mouth and lick her palm. When she returned it to my cock it was slippery with her spit. “Oh fuck!” I moaned.

“Then what?” she begged.

“Then they started squeezing each other’s asses and then they were fingering each other. It was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” I moaned. Renee had tightened her grip and was now jerking my cock rapidly. I went on, “So when they stopped, they were whispering something and then they dared me to jack off in front of them. All the dares had been based on an amount of time, so I asked them how long I had to do it for.”

“Yeah?” Renee moaned into my ear,

“They said that they wanted me to make myself cum. They wanted to watch me cum. So, they sat down on the bench and I jerked off in front of them while they made out and fingered each other.”

She tugged me harder. “Did you cum?”

“Halfway through it Belinda started sucking my cock. I knew I was gonna cum so I told them so. They got down on their knees and Belinda told me to cum on both of them.”

“Did you cum on them?” Renee moaned.

“I jerked my wet cock right in their faces until I shot my cum all over their tits!” I moaned.

Renee kissed me hard again. “I want you to cum for me!” she moaned. “I want you to cum all over my hand! I want to make you cum over and over! I want you to cover me with cum!” she moaned.

My balls tensed up and my asshole quivered. Soon every muscle in my body tightened up and I screamed an inaudible sound into the night as Renee’s wet fist coaxed a giant glob of spunk out of my cock. I screamed again as she kept pumping more and more jizz from me. It spewed out and down my shaft and coated her small fist until I was completely and utterly spent. “That was fucking amazing!” I moaned before kissing her again.

Renee climbed off of the bed and walked to the restroom. I heard her tearing off a generous amount of toilet paper and then a flush. Then she turned on the sink. A minute later, she came back and lie next to me again. “Okay. We can’t ever tell anyone we did that.” She said. “That was definitely cheating.”

I smiled at her. “Who am I going to tell?”


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