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Ex husband finds his ex wife nursing more than just her new baby.
It had been a long day at work – a long week, really – and I was happy it was Friday. I had no plans, the kids would be my ex wife’s, and I was going to spend the night sitting home and watching baseball. Being divorced for almost 5 years, with no current girlfriend, I was free of any responsibilities. Life was good.

I pulled into the driveway just after 8pm, having spent the last 2 hours driving from a supplier visit. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and was about to sit down when I saw my son’s hockey stuff by the back door. He had practice in the morning, and once again, I had forgotten to drop it off on my way to work. So, cursing myself, I put down the beer and loaded the gear into the car.

Tom was 12 and had been playing rec hockey for the last 2 years. It was not his favorite sport, but it kept him busy in the winter, and I enjoyed watching him. Sarah, my 15 year old daughter, was not into sports at all, so Tom was my weekend entertainment. We had a great time practicing and goofing off with sports, and I was happy to coach his baseball team for the past 4 years.

My ex Beth lived just 5 blocks down the road, so the drive wasn’t that bad. I bought a house in the neighborhood when we divorced so I could split parenting time and have joint custody. But, Beth paid no attention to the “joint” part of our agreement, and it was her way or the highway on most issues. I really didn’t care, just wanting to enjoy my time with the kids. But, Beth continuously reminded me why I was happy we were divorced.

I remember once going to pick the kids up from day care, when to my surprise, Beth had already picked them up. I ended up calling the police, hearing the apologies of the day care ladies saying they had no choice since Beth was also a custodial parent. Or, how Beth refused to refer to me as “dad” to the kids, always using my first name “Peter” when she spoke to them about me. It was constant dismissal and degradation.

I pulled up to her house. It was dark, with only Beth’s car in the driveway. Sarah was on a weekend trip to San Francisco for her French class. It was a Freshman treat. So, I figured Beth was out at her mom’s with her husband Steve. They had a one year old, so Beth was frequently at her mom’s, getting help watching their baby Megan. I remember the frequent trips to her mom’s when we were married, Beth always wanting someone to boss around. Her mom was very doting, and as Beth demanded the same from me, our marriage just wasn’t going to last.

I got out of the car, remembering the years I spent in the house. We bought it because of the large basement and big backyard that it opened to. It was a great house for kids. Not wanting to leave the bag in front, I walked around the side and headed to the usual spot I left things on the back patio. I walked down the hill and entered the back yard, guided by moonlight.

Despite the front being black, the basement was clearly lit. The curtains and blinds were drawn shut, a steadfast habit of Beth’s, but I could see the light outlining the window. I approached the back door entrance way, tucked about 4 feet into the house. I dropped the gear and turned to leave, when I glanced at the small vent window along the side of the entrance way. It was 6 feet high, out of the eyesight of the general public. But, being 6’3”, I leaned against the wall and peaked in, wondering what Beth had done with the place.

Instead of looking at the decoration, I found myself focused on the TV. I was surprised to see that it was on, playing “Finding Nemo”, with Tom lying on his stomach watching the show. I was mildly surprised to see that he was home alone, but then I noticed Beth on the couch. She was by herself, so I figured it was one of the many weekends her husband Steve was out of town. But, before my mind wandered to the various changes she had made to the room over the years, my mind blanked. Beth was breastfeeding Megan.

It wasn’t really obvious, but at my angle, with the couch almost across from me, I was pretty certain that she wasn’t just holding her. My heart began racing as I realized I was intruding on a very intimate moment. Beth never liked to breastfeed in front of people, and I remembered how she never liked me playing with her chest when pregnant, or afterwards. It conflicted with her motherly feelings, and as an elementary speech pathologist, she was very defined in her actions and appearance. Even behind closed doors.

Tom was paying no attention to her, clearly engaged in the movie. And, Beth was clearly not engaged in the movie. Her head was back and eyes were closed. I almost thought she was napping. I peered desperately, wishing she was just sitting there with her shirt off, letting her milky breasts hang free. She was a slender woman, but when pregnant or nursing, her chest was very round and full. And, her nipples became large, dark, and hairy. I was beginning to get very excited.

As I stared, I notice something else. Even though Megan was perfectly still, and Beth’s eyes were softly closed, I noticed some rapid movement under the blanket on her lap. For a moment, I figured the ceiling fan was blowing against it. But, when I looked up and saw that it was still, I studied Beth’s lap even harder.

Her left hand was clearly wrapped under Megan, but her right hand was nowhere to be seen. My mind began racing, desperately wanting to imagine that Beth was masturbating. Still, from years of experience, I knew that she was a conservative, keep it in the bedroom, lights off during sex woman. At least, that was the wife that divorced me years ago. But, her position - her face - made my mind forget all of that.

I stared at Beth, watching the small vibrations in the pale blue blanket. Her mouth began to open slightly, and despite everything that told me she wouldn’t, I was pretty certain Beth was playing with herself. With Tom just 10 feet away from her. Breastfeeding, no less! I was floored.

Beth’s mouth slowly puckered, like she was exhaling a deep breath. She slouched slightly, letting her legs open up under the blanket. I could sense the movements under the blanket get more pronounced, with a slight steady movement in Beth’s body. Her face began to grimace like she was going to sneeze. There was not doubt that she was close to orgasm. It was a face I remembered well from years of licking her pussy, staring at her face despite her attempts to hide under a pillow.

Suddenly, Beth’s eyes popped open. Megan was beginning to squirm, clearly done with her meal. Beth quickly pulled her hand out from under the blanket, bringing Megan up to her shoulder. I was awarded with a brief but intoxicating view of Beth’s swollen breast, with her large, brown nipple that was fully extended from the recent nursing. Quickly, like an old pro, Beth pulled won her sweater and covered herself up.

With Megan on her shoulder, Beth stood up, letting the blanket fall to her feet. And sure enough, her black spandex pants were pulled down to her thighs, exposing her dense, thick bush that was overgrown due to the hormones racing through her body. I stared, dumbfounded, almost too shocked to be excited.

As quickly as it appeared, Beth pulled up her pants with one hand, once again hiding the pussy that I never thought I would see again. Really, it was just a brief glimpse of a bush. But, seeing her exposed, watching as she now pulled up the back of her pants to cover her exposed ass, was more than I could have ever hoped for. I only wished I had thought to record it.

I could vaguely hear her talk to Tom. “Honey, I’ll be back in a minute. I’m just going to put Megan down.”

With that, Beth walked away and headed up the stairs.

I raced around to the front of the house, wondering what sort of view I might have. But, my hopes were dashed as none of the lights came on. Patiently, for 5 minutes, I waited. Watching. Hoping that Beth would perhaps turn on the bathroom light, hop in the shower, and let me watch her clean herself. Hell, I just found her masturbating 10 feet away from my son. Anything was possible!

With nothing happening, I quietly crept around the back. Sure enough, as I peeked through the window, Beth was back on the couch, but she was no longer wearing her V neck. She had slipped into her “granny gown”, a long, flannel night shirt. She was sitting there quietly, eyes focused on Tom who was watching TV. Staring at him.

It was an odd look in her eyes. Sort of a desperate, focused look. A look I remembered well, but generally only on the rare date nights we would have. I wondered what was going through her mind. Perhaps she was just day dreaming, or tired. Who knows what goes through the mind of a hormonal women.

I didn’t have to wait long. Muffled by the window, I heard Beth. “Tom, honey, are you ready to snuggle?”

Tom looked back, clearly having forgotten that his mom was in the room. His eyes stayed on her for a moment, his mind clearly thinking over some complex thought, and then quietly stood up from the blanket he was under. Tom had his Stanford sweats on, as both his mom and I went to school there, with a Giants baseball shirt on. His “go to” comfy outfit.

Tom crawled onto the couch and put his head on Beth’s lap, turning towards the TV. He lay quietly as Beth stroked his soft blonde hair. Despite my genes, Tom had the blue eyes and blonde hair of his mom. Beth stared at him as he watched a Disney favorite of millions. A perfectly natural scene across America. Then, it suddenly turned unreal.

Beth took her hand off Tom’s head and slowly began to unbutton the top of her gown. I stared in disbelief, wondering what the hell she could possibly be doing. Even though I just watched her masturbate under the covers while she breastfed, I couldn’t fathom what was going through her mind. As she undid a fourth button, she took her left hand, placed it into her gown, and pulled out her right breast.

I found myself staring at what looked like a 3 inch anus on a large, white melon. The contrast was amazing. Beth had always been a pale person with skin that would burn quickly in the sun. Time stood still as I stared at her, exposing herself, reminded of the countless times I would sit on the toilet and watch her in the shower. She was always such a beautiful person to see naked.

As intoxicating as seeing her topless was, it quickly turned to unthinkable. Slowly, Beth leaned forward, bringing her free boob to Tom’s face. Without hesitating, Tom turned his head, opened his mouth, and Beth inserted her nipple into his mouth. Beth was nursing our 12 year old son!

I had heard of toddlers being breast fed. But, a 12 year old? I was floored. Tom’s mouth was suckling, cheeks flexing, as Beth leaned into him. My disgust was not able to replace my intense excitement at seeing my ex-wife exposed in such a private moment. She was lovingly brushing his hair with one hand, while gentling expressing milk out of her breast with her other hand.

Beth lifted her head and sighed, apparently being washed over by some type of emotion or feeling. As she continued to brush Charles hair with her left hand, her right hand moved down from her breast and slowly slipped onto his chest, softly caressing him in small circles. Tenderly Beth was loving Tom, being close to him as only a mother could. I suppose it wasn’t the first time in the history of man.

Tom turned his head to look up at Beth. She leaned down, kissing him on the forehead, smiling gently at him. Then, she turned her attention to her right hand, softly moving over Tom’s chest. She was slowly bunching up his shirt, letting it gather so that his stomach was exposed. Beth moved her hand onto his flat, white stomach, rubbing it up and down. And before I could even process what was happening, Beth slipped her hand into Tom’s sweatpants and began to fondle him.

My ex-wife, the “sex on her back” and “don’t touch me there” woman I was married to for almost 10 years, was molesting our son! She was rubbing her hand into Tom’s penis, clearly massaging it, rubbing it with her long, slender fingers that use to masturbate me. As much as I wanted to break in and catch her in the act, I was desperate to see what she would do, and how Tom would react.

Tom was reacting like he had been here before, which I gathered he had. His eyes were staring into Beth’s face, glassy, clearly responding to the touches of his mother. Beth was pushing down his sweats, desperate to expose him. And sure enough, there was a fully erect Tom, clearly not having yet reached puberty, hairless, with a 3 inch erection.

Beth had pushed his sweats down to his thighs and quickly returned her hand to his penis. She was gently pinching it between her palm, starting to slowly masturbate him. Tom closed his eyes and let his head turn and move away from Beth’s breast. Sensing Tom’s pleasure was no longer her breast, Beth carefully slipped out from under his head, hand on his erection, and let his head rest on the couch as she knelt on the floor.

Beth had positioned herself so that she was sitting on her knees, head right over his small penis.

“Does this feel good, honey?”

It was a question she didn’t need to answer, nor was Tom thinking of answering it. Beth could clearly feel how hard he was, despite how small he was. I couldn’t see his penis as Beth’s hand clearly smothered it in size. I could only see her fist moving up and down in short, quick strokes. Then, releasing her grip, Beth pulled on the skin around the base, watching his erection stand proud. Her fingers rolled Tom’s testicles, feeling the small jelly beans that lay within.

With a focused an intense look, Beth was inspecting her son’s erection. Her fingers squeezed the small head, watching his pee hole open and close. Her head was moving closer as she lifted up his balls, opening up his ass cheeks, looking at his anus. Beth leaned in, opened her mouth, and began to suck on his penis, one that was probably no longer than her fingers.

It didn’t bother her that Tom was her son. She rolled his hardness around in her mouth with eagerness that I never remembered from our married life. Beth’s eyes looked up at him as she pulled his pants off of him, clearly able to do two things at once. Tom kicked off his sweats, letting his mom violate him as she wished.

Beth slipped onto the couch between his legs. She let him slip out of her mouth as she moved lower, putting his entire sack into her mouth. Beth grabbed his legs and pushed them up, just as I would during the years of licking Beth’s pussy. Instead, it was Beth licking her son’s balls.

Not thinking the depravity could get worse, I stared in amazement as Beth moved her head lower and began kissing Tom’s anus. Hell, she was starting to lick it, desperately pushing her tongue into him. All through our years of marriage, both her asshole, and mine, were never to be touched. It was “for pooping” and was off limits sexually. Yet here I was, watching Beth, the responsible Speech Pathologist, sucking on her sons ass!

Instantly it hit me. I had to record this. Bending down, I found my phone and turned on the camera APP. I moved back up, watching my wife as she continued to lick my son’s ass while she began to masturbate him. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew the taping would come in handy.

Beth must have sensed Tom was ready. She pulled her head back and began focusing on her masturbations.

“Come on honey. Cum for mom.”

Faster her fist was moving up and down. Tom’s head was moving back and forth, arching his back.

“There you go. Let it come.”

Beth was staring intently as Tom’s penis.

Sure enough, I could see a small splash of clear liquid erupt from Tom’s erection. Beth was milking him, helping him finish his tender orgasm. She bent down, slipping him into her mouth again, letting him release anything that remained into her mouth. It was warm, wet, and I could tell that Tom appreciated it. He put his hands on the back of her head and pushed his mom into him.

Slowly, Beth let Tom’s penis slip out of her mouth. Despite having just cum, Tom’s little penis still stood strong, full of youth and energy. Beth sat up on his thighs, looking down at her fully exposed son. Then, sitting up on her knees, Beth pulled off her granny gown, exposing herself to not only her 12 year old son, but to me, her spying ex-husband. I aimed my phone right at her.

Beth’s breasts were clearly full of milk, hanging like two firm, oversized footballs. Her blonde hair flowed gracefully across her shoulders. Beth’s stomach had a flat, yet soft look to it. Her white granny panties hid her ass from view. Looking at her almost nude 130 pound body on top of the 80 pound body of our son was shocking in the contrast, to say the least.

Beth slid forward, letting her female utters hang down over Tom. She moved them over his face, letting her left breast fall into his now open mouth. On all fours, she began to let her tit and swollen nipple be suckled, like a cow being milked, flowing her nectar into her offspring. It was primal in appearance.

Leaning on her left hand, Beth brought her right hand and pushed it into her bush, desperate for her own release. Filled with the sexual feelings from nursing her son, with her tits clearly hard wired to her erotic self, Beth began to rub herself. Tom looked down, watching his mom masturbate on top of him. He brought both hands up to her tit and began to massage her breast, knowing what his mom liked. She had apparently directed him enough in the past that now it was second nature.

Only twice in our marriage did Beth masturbate in the bed next to me. And, both times she was drunk. But tonight, clearly sober, Beth had masturbated for 2 of her 3 children. I don’t know what changed over the years, but never did I expect or even fantasize about something like this. It was so out of character, so not even close to what I had known Beth as, that it was absurd to even think about. Yet here she was, ass in the air, masturbating with her tit in her 12 year old sons mouth.

Clearly she wanted more. Beth slowly pulled her breast from Tom’s mouth, softly spraying white liquid like someone who couldn’t stop going to the bathroom. But, she wasn’t bothered. Scooting forward, Beth kneeled in front of Tom with her crotch inches from his face, boob slowly leaking onto her stomach. She reached down, pulled on her panties, and exposed her thick, dense bush to Tom. Instinctively, he opened his mouth as Beth pushed her now swollen clit into his mouth.

“Oh, lick me honey…”

Clearly, they were working on familiar patterns. Beth began pushing herself into Tom’s face. Her butt was still fully covered in the large white panties, but she was holding herself open in the front, using her son’s face as a crotch post. Tom had has hands on her ass, holding on as Beth led the pace. Her focus moved from the tongue in his mouth to the hard bump of his chin. Beth was finding a happy spot to rub her clit.

“Stick out your tongue…”

Her happy rub slowly became a violent hump. Beth was forcing herself onto Tom, causing his body to bounce up and down with each movement. One hand holding down her panties, she grabbed the back of Tom’s head and squeezed him into her, forcing his tongue into her sex. Up and down she moved, grinding herself against his face.

“Honey, that felt so good…”

Apparently getting tired of the position, or no longer wanting to hold down her panties, Beth quickly slid back down, ass in the air, kissing Tom deeply on the mouth. And as she did, she reached around, placed both hands on her butt, and slipped her panties off her ass. And there before me, perfectly round, with dimples at the base of her back, was the ass I would have recognized anywhere but never thought I’d see again.

Her anus had the same tuft of hair protecting it, though slightly more of it than I remembered. Her pussy was open and flared, clearly full of hormones and blood. The inside of her ass cheeks had the dark stained walls around her deep brown anus, as though years of passage had left its mark. My hand shook as I tried to focus the camera on her.

“You feel so hard….”

As Beth kicked free her panties, she quickly pushed herself into Tom’s stiff three inches of boyness. Her hands reached under her stomach, searching for his penis. Then, holding it in place, she pushed it up and slowly guided herself onto it. It easily slid into the vagina that had been stretched from three births. There was no hesitation. No wondering if this was morally the right thing to do. Beth just grabbed it and slipped it in, like she would a husband of 20 years. Instead, it was her 12 year old son.

That’s right. Tom, my son, was fucking his mom, my ex-wife. Or rather, my ex-wife was fucking our son. Her son. I was actually jealous, wishing it was me.

I stared at the short movements of Beth’s ass, knowing that she couldn’t move much without him slipping out. Her hand was holding him in place, pushing him into her wet hole. Her anus was bulging out at me, like a fish out of water, gasping for breath.

“It feels good, Tommy…”

Back and forth Beth pushed, grinding into Tom. She pulled her hand away, having found a natural rhythm. Propping herself up, Beth began humping Tom on all fours, moving faster, letting her tits sway back and forth. Tom just rested his hands on her ass, letting his mom dictate any movement.

“Stop moving, honey…”

I didn’t see Tom moving, but Beth was clearly getting close to orgasm. She was not only bossy in life, but bossy in bead. Harder I could see her moving, Tom slipping out of her pussy. But, Beth didn’t seem to care. She had moved her focus onto Tom’s boney hip, moving her hairy pussy into it, finding a firm place to grind her clit.

“Just stay still…like this…”

Beth’s tits were swaying wildly. Tom just looked up at her, knowing that she was close. Beth lifted her head up, grimacing, thrusting out her chest, spraying milk all over the couch. Then, with a final thrust, Beth began to shudder.

“Oh my god… “

Her body began her orgasmic jolt, pausing, convulsing, and releasing. Her pussy was flared open, clearly exposing her birth canal. She was wet, creating a slimy patch on Toms leg. She was leaning into him, kissing his forehead, settling herself down.

“Oh… That felt so nice….”

I was raging hard. My hands still shaking, I tucked my phone back in my pocket, happy with what I captured. Unable to resist, I unzipped my pants, desperate for my own release. As my ex-wife lifted her ass up in the air so she was no longer crushing her son, I stared at her hairy asshole, desperately wanting to cum inside of her. It took less than 30 seconds for me to spray all over the side of her house, watching as she softly fondled Tom’s spent penis.

My mind was dizzy. Beth was snuggling know with Tom, pulling a blanket up to cover themselves as the spooned to watch the end of the movie. She was clearly still holding his young penis in both hands, reaching around him, showing him how much she loved him. I backed away, shocked at what I had just witnessed. Stunned at my own reaction.

Getting into the car, I drove back to my house in a daze. Thoughts raced through my mind. How to confront her, what I should say, and what the movie on my phone might look like. It was going to be a long night. As I walked into the house I grabbed the now warm beer. I was pretty sure I’d need the whole case.

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2012-09-30 22:13:01
Let me start out by saying that I really liked your story and am looking forward to the rest of it.

You really need to proofread your work.

Tom became Charles once.

There were several other errors too.


2012-09-30 03:12:00
Sounds like a revenge thing to me. I hope he gets more pics or video first and then does some old fashioned blackmail with multiple partners.

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