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The birthday party turned orgy.
Going out on that Saturday night, I expected it to be like just any other. Hanging out with friends, having a chill, cool night. Boy, was I in for the shock of my life.
My name is Liam; I’m a 17-year-old senior at st. James high in California. I’m about 5ft11, a lean 175 pounds, white, I have brown hair, blue eyes, and boast an 8-inch cock, which I was very proud of. Earlier in the week this girl named Lauren had invited me to her birthday party. Lauren was about 5-7, black, with long strait black hair, a pretty smile, about a 34-c cup, and the cutest hart shaped ass. She told me it was gonna be more of a kickback than a real party as she was not inviting that many people were gonna be there. In fact, my friend john and I were going to be the only two guys there. I agreed to go, not really giving that much thought to it.
Saturday arrived, so I got dressed up, I had my pink dolphin crew neck, my polo boxers and my cargo shorts I was ready to go. I went to swoop my bruh john before it started. I went and got him and we started driving over there. He said “Bruh, tell me there’s finna be some bad bitches there, I don’t want this shit to be hella dry.”
I responded, “Shit I don’t know, but Lauren hella bad bruh I wouldn’t mind messin wit her bruh.”
“Shit I feel you bro fasho we gone get it smackin.”
We finally got to the party after getting lost a couple of times, so we ended up being the last ones to get there. When we walked in, we were not disappointed. It was Lauren plus 5 other very hot girls, all seniors. There was Nancy, a Latino girl with long black curly hair, big sexy lips, and the nicest ass I’ve seen in a long time. She had leggings on that showed it off perfectly. Gina a cute white girl with curly brown hair, and a short pink dress that showed of her small, perky b cup tits off quite well. Rosalie, a red hair girl with freckles, and a big, round ass. She was wearing a cut off tee with low riding jeans so I could see her pink thong sticking out. Sylvia, a half white half black girl who had about the same sized ass and tits as Lauren, except Sylvia was a little shorter so they didn’t look as good, but still she was looking very hot with her low cut purple shirt and tight jeans. And Last was Jasmine, I think she’s Indian, long tangle black hair, but her best feature was her perfect 34 D tits. They had no sag to them at all, and were amazing to look at. She made it easy wearing a zip up hoody not all the way zipped up, so every time she bent forward you got a great view of her magnificent tits. I knew tonight was gonna be a good night one way or another.
We did all the customary birthday things, gave presents ate cake; everyone was having a good time. Laurens parents were gone for the weekend so we could be as loud as we wanted to be. We were all in the living room, hanging out and talking when Lauren suggested we play truth or dare. I thought she was joking, cuz it was much more of a middle school thing to do, but she was dead serious. She told us she had an app that makes up truths and dares to pick from. Everyone was cool with it so we started. Turned out the app was all mostly sexual stuff. Everyone was picking truth and nothing much was really happening. Nancy picked truth and it asked her what her favorite position was and she said “doggy style being rammed hard from behind.” And I swore I saw her looking at me while she said it. The game kept on going until people finally gained some courage and said dare. Sylvia was the first one to do so and she got “give Liam a 30 second lapdance” Someone put on music and she sat on my lap and slowly grinded on my lap, before bouncing up and down on it for the rest of the 30 seconds. I distinctly heard a little moan come from her right before she got off and went to sit back down. Next up came Gina who got the task of unzipping one zipper I had anywhere on my body. Since I only had one zipper, she unzipped my fly. Before she took her hand back, she grabbed my cock and squeezed it once. The night just kept on getting better. I was up next, I chose dare. I got the pleasure of spanking every person of the opposite genders ass. They lined up, Gina was next to me so she was up first, so she bent over and I slapped her tight ass hard once, she let out a little squeal. Rosalie was next, and she had a Fat ass, so I took a second to appreciate it before I gave it a good smack. As an extra bonus, I pulled on her thong and snapped it. She looked back at me with lust in her eyes after I did that. Jasmine was next, and although she didn’t have a huge ass it still felt good to spank. Sylvia was next and I smacked her ass the hardest, and she let out a big moan. Next was the birthday girl, she had on a short purple dress on. I slapped her ass to and gave her a quick squeeze. She gave out a squeal of excitement. Next was Nancy, who I had been looking forward to the most out of anyone else. She bent over the side of the couch, her ass was just sticking out perfectly in the air. I brought my hand back and spanked her hard, and she let out the loudest moan so far. Her ass felt so good that I brought my hand back and spanked twice more, where she let out to consecutive moans. Out of the corner of my eyes I’m almost positive I caught Gina and Rosalie both playing with themselves. Unfortunately, my turn was over. Little did I know, something better was to cum.
It was Lauren, the birthday’s girl turn next. She got “Put you’re hand in a person of the other genders pants for 15 seconds.” She chose me. Everyone watched with baited breath as she stuck her hand right down my pants. She wasted no time, playing with my balls and then she grabbed my dick. She exclaimed “Oh shit you’re huge.” And continued to play with my dick for the rest of the 15 seconds. Nancy was up next; she got “make out with someone of the same sex as you.” She immediately turned to Lauren and almost jumped on her as she started passionately kissing her, they started kissing and rolling on the floor, I felt a hand on my cock through my shorts. It was Gina, who was playing with herself with one hand and grabbing me with the other. I told her “let me make this easier for you” and unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. Sylvia and John had already gone over to John to mess around with him. Rosalie came over to me, sat between my legs and started sucking on my balls, as Gina began sucking my dick. After 4 minutes of this, Gina took my dick out her mouth and said “fuck me right now.” Rosalie moved over on the couch, as Gina pulled down her panties from under her dress, and sat on my dick. I pulled down the front of her dress so I could play with her tits while she bounced on my dick. To the right of me Rosalie was stripping down while Sylvia and jasmine were doing the same with John. Nancy had taken Laurens dress off and bra, and was currently sucking on her tits. Nancy had lost her shirt and bra as well. Gina was bouncing hard on my dick. After a good 10 minutes she exclaimed “ Oh shit I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, FUUCK YAH.” She said as she orgasmed with my cock deep inside of her. She hopped off my dick to lie down, but I was just getting started. Rosalie was bent over, and she looked back sexily saying “Come here big boy.” I grabbed her from behind with her huge ass and shoved my cock balls deep in her. She’s moaned and yelled, “Fuck yah, fuck me like the little whore I am.” I fucked her hard from behind, while repeatedly spanking her ass. I told her “Take my fat cock you dirty whore.” She responded yeah “Yah fuck me daddy, im gonna cum. OH SHIT IM CUMMING SHITTTTTTT.” She also came, and I slapped her ass one more time then pushed her off of me. Sylvia and Jasmine came over to me whilst Gina and Rosalie went over to John. Jasmine came over to me and sat on my dick, face forward and began to ride my cock. Those perfect tits were right in my face, so I started sucking on them. It was one of the most beautiful sights in the world. She whispered in my ear “Fuck my tight teen pussy, your dick feels so good in me.” I slapped her ass one more time and she let out a guttural moan. She kept riding and riding until she moaned loudly and orgasmed right on my dick. Sylvia was next. She bent over, but looked back and said, “Fuck my ass.” She didn’t need to tell me twice, so I slowly inched into her ass. Finally I fit my dick all the way in. I started fucking her slowly, then I began fucking her hard. She was more of a screamer than the rest of them, letting out loud sounds all the time. “Fuck me oh shit fucckk meeeee.” She put her face down in the pillow as I pounded her from behind. She repeatedly moaned and moaned. I pulled out her ass, and turned her over and began fucking her pussy. Almost immediately after I began fucking her she screamed, “I’m CUMMING FUCK YAH!”
Then there were two left. I walked over to there naked bodies making out together on the ground. Lauren was the first to get up. She began sucking my dick while Nancy bent over so I could spank her more. Every time it just got better and better. Lauren got her mouth off my cock, and gave me that look to know she was ready. She lied down; I got on top of her. I started fucking her slowly, and began sucking her tits. She moaned and moaned as I began fucking her faster and harder. She exclaimed, “Faster fuck me baby faster. Your cock feels sooooo good.” I fucked her harder and faster, until she moaned “Fuck yah Liam Im cumming keep going awhhhh fuck yes.” And then there was one.
Nancy was already bent over ready for me. She looked back and said “You better fuck me hard.” I went balls deep into her right away, and began fucking her harder than I had anyone else. I pulled her hair back as I fucked her hard. She moaned “Fuck me like a whore. Fuck me so hard baby. Liam your dick feels so good fuck yah. Keep fucking me like that.” I was near my end, having been fucking for almost an hour straight now. Nancy said “Keep going daddy im gonna cum. Liam im gonna cum all over your fat cock. Fuck me im cumming oh shit oh shit fuck YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I immedatly pulled out and said “Girls come over im about to cum.” They all got on there knees mouths open in front of me. I began cumming at nancy, but then sprayed all of the group. They began kissing with it and passing it from mouth to mouth. I put my clothes back on, and before I left turned to the group and said “We should do this everyweekend.”

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