A continuing fantasy, younger girls, their mums, spectators....but a too-full calendar
A JOURNEY INTO YOUTH – Chapter 4: All Again, and More
Continuing the findings of youth by an older man - who had long thought Life had passed him by…..but Life is a complex matter….and it takes twists and turns one can never imagine….

Part 1

I pleaded tiredness with Hanh on the phone the previous night, promising her ‘soon’ we could meet outside the weekend lessons; I could just ‘see’ her pouting on the other end of the phone connection, and I blew a kiss into mine as I said good night.

My next lesson was the following night with Bich, dressed as normal, for her: sexily. Her English was good enough, she didn’t really need me or much tuition; just practice.
So, I took her to dinner at my restaurant in lieu of a formal lesson at home – we could just practice English, eat and drink.
Bich was very flirtatious, but in all seriousness: she is now too old for me (at 18!) at this new dawn period of my Life. Yes, true, Yen, the mother of Hong and Ngoc I had enjoyed sex with – one time for each daughter when she knew I had made love to them and taken their virginal flower; but I wasn’t attracted to seek them out, nor did I find myself mesmerized by such women as I was with the younger generation: the Youth of Tomorrow’s world who became my Today.

Bich gave up enticing me to go back to my house with her, and she went home on a motorcycle taxi, while I sat nursing my beer.

I had seen the mother and her 2 young girls, daughters I assumed, at a table across from me, directly in my view however. After Bich left, the older daughter came over to introduce herself: Chinh, or Sally if I preferred, was 12 years old, her sister Cam 9 years old; her English was very good, courtesy of the American International School she told me.
Their father was American, but he had left them; he sent money so they could live well and go to a good school, and she thought he and her mother were divorced, but she wasn’t sure.
“I just know he isn’t around anymore” she said quietly.

Chinh asked if she could sit and just talk English for a while; she liked English, and my accent had caught her attention; I smiled: “Yes, my Australian English is very broad in pronunciation, and because I have been here in Vietnam, or Thailand, for a long time, I deliberately speak slowly and clearly to help peoples’ understanding. You can understand me, right con?”
She smiled, and sat back opposite me, seemingly mulling a reply, giving me a moment to study her and to appreciate, again, the amazement I felt at the power of youngsters over me.
“I understand your words and your eyes, Teacher.”

She was tall and slim, not ungainly, just lithe and dark with long, black hair: surely my chosen pure example of pre-pubescent girls (and even boys I noticed); she had no more than bumps for breasts it seemed as she leaned on the table, but her face was beautiful, and her eyes beguiling: she was Youth, sitting opposite me – and placing her bare foot up and down my bare leg!
I became flustered and red, and withdrew my leg as my body quickly responded to the touch of her.

“I need to just go to the toilet, em Chinh; perhaps you should go back to your mother….”
“I need to go, too; can you show me where please, Teacher?”
I walked in front of her across the restaurant, around the 2 corners, and showed her the not very elegant Ladies, while I went to the Men’s open-door one of only urinals just past. I delayed while my cock relaxed and I dribbled some beer out, shook it, waited…ok, calm enough to face the young lady again, and went out.

A few moments later, she called me in – “the toilet won’t flush” she said, as she locked the door behind me. I smiled “Don’t you know about some toilets, they are just not connected to the flush or it is broken and they don’t repair – that is why the bucket of water is here, with that small pot in it?”
I filled the pot and leaned over to pour it into the non-flushing toilet, reached back to get another pot full, and felt Chinh’s hand reaching up inside the leg of my shorts – right up so she could rub my cock through my briefs.
“My Dad, and his friends, used to like me to do this, and I miss doing it.” Her Dad, and friends – heavens, what age did she start learning to rub their cocks!?

I could only come up with – apart from a cock – the age-old line desperate people say when confronted with a situation they knew not to be in, but wanted to be in: “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“But we are” Chinh smiled, as she took the bucket away and took my hand up under her t-shirt to bare mounds of her breasts – they must have had a bra or wrap-around covering on before - and moved my fingers to grasp hardened nipples; nipples which my mouth salivated over putting my mouth around. She moved my hand from left to right in turn, moaning, as her other hand felt my cock swelling to the size where she couldn’t encircle it.

She was so forward at her tender age; perhaps the ½ American in her, needing to dominate any situation; perhaps just because she was a girl/woman who had the power over me no matter what nationality.

I hissed and squirmed as her fingers tightened over the head of my cock, rimming the ridge of my circumcision, as my own hand needed no further steering between her breasts and nipples. She opened the hole of my cock’s head, and spread the oozing pre-cum around in her fingers; her nipples hardened even further at the same moment.

“We can’t stay in here, em; your mother, other people are out there….”
“I want to study English with you, spelling especially; what’s your phone number, my Teacher?
I gave it to her.

Part 2

After she released my cock, I removed my hand from her nipples, stuffed my cock into a bent shape and up inside my briefs, where it proceeded to leak copious amounts of fluid. Chinh pulled my face down to hers and gave me the type of kiss lovers of mature age exchange; and then she left, leaving me there breathless, red-faced and incredibly aroused.

I found Chinh and her family gone when I went out, so I guessed her mother had been waiting for Chinh to ‘finish’ in the toilet; if only she knew what she had started but not finished!
I finished my beer with another cigarette, paid and walked home in yet another dazed state, my underpants drenched, and pre-cum dribbling down my leg.
I had just reached for my keys to open the door when my phone rang. “Hello Teacher Steve, now you have my phone number also; sweet dreams – of me!” Chinh rang off, and I feverishly saved her into my Phonebook, overtaken by desire in her case, perhaps even more than I had been with Hong just a little while previously, or by Ngoc when she took me over – and she was the same age as Chinh.

Heavens, I was in danger of being swamped with girls I wanted to share my old body with, nearly more girls than days in a week – when would I rest, I wondered?

Well, not tonight, it seems, when I found a naked Hanh in my bed, duvet thrown down so my eyes were drawn to her magnificently large breasts – for a 13y.o. I couldn’t resist; I didn’t remonstrate with her, order her out, ask why she was there; nor did I feel flustered, embarrassed or ashamed.

I was on fire with desire for a cunt, and I rushed to my bathroom to clean my teeth, wash my hands, and threw my clothes off beside the bed, before plunging my head down to her, and my mouth to hers, gnashing teeth as I forced my tongue in and my body on top of hers, kicking the duvet off, my hands grabbing for her breasts and my cock bobbing around like a rearing stallion before he finds and plunges into the cunt of his chosen mare – or the mare most available at that moment of his need.

But Hanh moved her mouth away from mine, to the side so she could gasp “Anh Steve, please be gentle; I want you to, but this is only my second time, and the first wasn’t very nice…”
I immediately felt remorse at my actions, and eased off and away a little, now slowly kissing her and slowly moving my hands over those breasts and nipples; but my cock I left bobbing around her thighs, oozing, but only so she would become used to its presence near her loins and cunt.
“I apologise, em; just seeing you drove me rather crazed with lust just then; I am sorry – I guess this shows you the opposite side of the ‘nice’ man you took me for in the office that day with your bra problem, I am so sorry.. Can I ask: What happened the first time, if you don’t mind me talking to me about it?”

She told me the story of her father and his brother, one day 3 years previously….
I was never drunk, no matter how much I drank I always knew when to stop; but even such a state could not excuse the rape of a 10y.o. by 2 men, a trusted father and uncle - and that is what they did to Hanh on that one day.

She looked at my sad face, and put her hand up to stroke my cheek, smiling at me; “It is ok now, Anh; I am over it, and you are the first man who has given me the desire to do it again, because I saw in your eyes in the office: you think I am desirable, but you didn’t force yourself on me. Tonight, I also could see in your eyes the lust you said you felt, and this increased my desire for you – but I needed to interrupt you for a few moments to explain; thank you for listening to me: you are still a nice man, Anh Steve.”

This young lady reached a hand up, circled my neck and brought my head down for our mouths to meet; now I was extremely careful not to cause her pain, or be over-eager with my advances on her body.
So my lips were gentle upon hers, but her teeth bit at my lip to allow her tongue to enter, and she buried it within, searching around my teeth and mouth, throat and anywhere she could reach, seemingly just to leave the taste of her everywhere she could within this part of my body.

She had another arm and hand, and she pulled my body back on top of hers, and then stroked me up and down my backbone – so bony in this skinny body – and felt my coccyx bone, and the top of the entrance to my anus, a fingernail grazing down the sides of my buttocks and back up from the limit of her reach.
My cock had needed no further invitation after she had pulled me on top, and my hands were again free to roam her breasts; a tweak on 2 nipples caused her teeth to bite my lip, and her hips to spread, knees open wide, and her groin to thrust up at the cock poised above her cunt.
I speared her, slowly, and she broke away from my mouth to stifle an-almost scream, and she bucked up under me, and I could feel her cream oozing onto my cock as she had that first climax.
“Oh, I never had this before…” Hanh moaned, her 2 hands clasping, and 10 fingernails now scratching, at my back
I wanted to, but I stopped short of trying to reach her full depth, mindful enough of her previous experience; but inside her enough to widen her tunnel and allow her to feel the pulsations of the invading rod which had become strong and straight and when she said breathlessly “Make love to me”, I did my best as I sank inside a tight, inviting, cunt.

But I didn’t fuck her with turbo-like revolutions; I used my slow or fast or deep or shallow method, keeping her on the edge, not knowing what exactly my cock was going to do; but when I let it rampage to her depths, she felt me screwing around her insides, just as a corkscrew makes a hole - to reach the prize waiting to pour forth its essence.
Hanh’s breasts were laying to the sides of her chest, her nipples hard enough it seemed they could support my chest on their own – but I wanted them more, so I held her buttocks – gosh, how smooth and beautiful they were to just have my hands on - instead of her breasts, and pinioned her to my prick as I rolled her over, on the top now.
Her breasts, as I gently pulled her up a little, dangled within reach, even as the movement caused my cock to rub along her clit, and she came again as I took one breast and nipple into my mouth as far, as much, as I could: she was too big to swallow, oh but so wondrous!

She writhed under me as now I did plumb her to the full, wanting her to come again, to feel the excitement, the fulfillment, of a true ‘love-making’ time with a man.
After she did, she pleaded for a rest, and I needed one also; my mind and body had craved a cunt to fuck after being with Chinh. Now I was satisfied in my mind, and my body – well, it was hardly important to my way of thinking, as long as it could satisfy a woman, it was doing its job, and if it blew off its own steam by way of semen, so be it.

But ‘cumming’: for me: well that meant the woman reaching a climax, not me. I smiled as I seemed to have helped Hanh reach some climaxes, and I rolled to the side, my cock slurping its way slowly out, drenched in her juices; she whimpered, but I put my arm under her neck and pulled her to me in a cuddling embrace.
My last thought before falling asleep was a fuddled ‘Shouldn’t Hanh be home in bed at this hour?”

I stirred later, and realized there was a knocking at the balcony glass doors off my bedroom; I glanced at Hanh: sound asleep, so I slipped out from beside her, wishing I had closed the curtains earlier as my naked body was now in view of whoever was at the door.
“I guess you are asleep, Teacher” said Hong, a sheer, short nightie covering her – barely; “I need a snack, but I will settle for a drink, and she pulled me out to the steps outside the door and dropped down to take my cock in her mouth.
“Oh, what a beautiful perfume you have on tonight, Steve!”
Hong sucked so hard it was painful; I tried to endure it, but it was hardly arousing, and soon I had to pull her head away and say “Hong, I want to give you, but this isn’t romantic, and you are not being gentle; go and have a good sleep and tomorrow we can feed you, ok em?”
She bit my cock’s head sharply; “I want this tomorrow, Anh Steve – promise?” “I will do my best em. Good night, and sleep well.”

I closed the door, and the curtains after Hong went home, and went to empty my bladder, inspect my cock to make sure Hong hadn’t really bitten me, and tiredly slipped back on to the bed, pulling the duvet up to cover both Hanh and myself as the A/C was now quite cool.
Hanh’s hand grasped my cock lightly, but she appeared deep in sleep, so I snuggled down, slipped my arm under her again, and fell asleep to the same question “Shouldn’t Hanh be home in bed at this hour?” - even as I plucked her breast from being squashed under the side-on bodies, and laid it against my chest, a sigh as I felt its warmth against my body, and my cock stirred at the feel, poking at Hanh’s closed thighs; until they opened, and then my cock dived between, and slept peacefully erect within, rubbing against the sparse hair of her groin.

When I woke in the morning light, Hanh had gone, only the smells of her remaining. It seems most of my women these days had the ability to slip away like apparitions of the night; I smiled, feeling my cock lurch at the memories: no, Hanh was no apparition.

My alarm hadn’t sounded, and when I glanced at the clock – 08.00 – it struck me this was Saturday: Lesson day. I groaned and smiled equally as I stretched and rose, heading for a shave, shower, washed my hair, folded the duvet and straightened the sheet, opened the balcony doors for any breeze to blow through, and went out the front when I had made a café: ready for the influx of perhaps 3, possibly 4, student girls – 3 of whom who had shared my body, and I theirs, and the 4th, Chinh, seemingly wanting to.

Hong arrived first, earlier than our normal starting time, though that was flexible. She had a plate of food for me, “A snack for you before you give me my snack, Teacher.”
I thanked her and went to the kitchen table to eat, deciding I was indeed hungry, and in need of sustenance after another night’s exercise.
Washing the plate, Ngoc came in; I turned, and with her was a bleary-eyed, smiling Hanh; I was surprised she could even wake up this morning! I also saw Hong’s dark expression when she looked at Hanh, perhaps particularly noticing the large size of the 2 years younger girl’s breasts: they truly looked magnificent again this morning, covered by a thin t-shirt, hiding very little of her shape and size.
I bid them both a ‘good morning’; Hanh smiled and said “I thought I might be late – not much sleep last night….”
“Oh, why was that?” Hong asked in a supercilious tone.
“Well, I was busy until late, that’s all.” Hanh dismissed the question – admirably done, I thought, and then my attention was drawn to the knock on the open front door as Chinh asked to come in.
“Good morning, Teacher! You said Saturday mornings, right, so I am here.” Chinh’s lithe body came into the kitchen. 3 pairs of eyes swiveled and glared: new competition.

Heavens, I am going to need keep a diary of appointments!!

This wasn’t going to work: 4 rival young ladies. Unless I did something creative, something which mainly would keep them from retorts at each other’s comments.
“Let’s go into the front room, ladies; today I want to read a story as the basis for our lesson.”
We all sat on the floor, and I pulled out the Sunday Vietnam News from last week.
“This is a Vietnamese story, translated into English, and published in the Sunday paper; I enjoy them. What I want you to do this morning is: listen to the English words, and stop me every time there is a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a whole paragraph which you do not understand. Ok?”
They all nodded.
“Hong, you are my senior student, so I will ask you to look at this, but say nothing out loud, ok?” She nodded, smiled, pleased to be singled out no doubt.
I showed her the name of the Vietnamese author; and then I said to them all “This story was originally written by……” and I pronounced the name; and then I asked Hong to pronounce the name.
Hers sounded slightly different to mine, and I asked Ngoc to look at the paper and tell me if I had pronounced it correctly; she didn’t want to, but at my urging, she shook her head shyly and said “Sorry Teacher Steve, but it wasn’t exactly correct.”

I smiled; “’Exactly’, that is exactly why I did this exercise. We may not speak another language exactly as it might be spoken by one who was born to it, but with languages such as ours – Vietnamese and English – both using principally A,B,C, – we are able to try to say the words we hear or read, and while they may not be correct in pronunciation – Vietnamese has grammatical accent symbols, whereas English doesn’t, but French has some also - common sense often will lead us to understanding.”
“And, finally, because the Thai language, for example, does not use the A,B,C alphabet, and I haven’t been to school to study it, I cannot even attempt to read a word.”

“That was a long speech; sorry girls, but I hope you understand what I mean: we can understand much of many other languages a) if we try to speak it, firstly; and b) if we use our brains and common sense. Vietnamese students are very good trying a) – far better than Thai people; but it is b) I want to help you develop when listening to this story, or having any conversation in English; end of my speeches for this morning, so wake up girls, and listen to this story, written by….Ngoc, what is his name?”

Part 3

The lesson began poorly; in the first 5 minutes only Ngoc asked 2 minor questions – the others remained quiet, seemingly concentrating on each other, not the story.
I deliberately jumbled the next phrase, making it impossible to be understood, and waited a few seconds before asking “Hong, did you understand what I just said?”
She remained mute, looking embarrassed; “Did anyone understand?” Nobody spoke; “Ok girls, if you don’t wish to study today, you can all go home now. If you want to study English you must be part of the lesson and contribute to the discussion; only Ngoc has asked anything today. So, see you next week if you want to come with a different attitude; bye girls.”

I stood up and went to the fridge, returning with a beer: the 4 girls were still sitting there. Perhaps as the oldest, Hong spoke “We are sorry, Teacher Steve; we would like to listen to the story now and study.”
I didn’t respond, took a long sip of my beer, picked up the paper and continued reading.

It took us about 2 hours to reach the end; the girls interrupted often, happily exchanging talk between themselves, and I was only too happy to explain words or phrases or sections. At the final paragraph, I noticed Ngoc had teary eyes, as did I: it had been a sad romantic story, and everyone remained quiet for a minute.
“I believe I am a sensitive, romantic man; stories such as this, without a happy ending, often make me cry; sorry, girls, that is just who your Teacher is.”
“Now, let’s have a drink and you can relax for a minute; it turned out a good class I think; heavens, look at the time, your families will be wondering where you are for lunch, girls!”

Hong and Ngoc left together, Hong with a backward glance at my crotch: perhaps a pointed reminder of what I had told her she could eat and drink today.
Hanh said she was going home for a sleep, a shy smile to me to convey her meaning.
Chinh remained; “My mother and Cam have gone to school for some parent-teacher thing for Cam’s class; they won’t be home until about 16.00, so I thought maybe I could just hang around here with you, Anh….” She lowered her gaze, and I thought she was feeling shy.

“Well, yes that is ok, but I do I like to have a sleep for an hour in the afternoon, em; would you watch TV, or read a book or something?”
“The sleep and the ‘something’ sound fine, Anh; I will wait for you in bed.”
What gave her the idea that was what I meant – I hadn’t said anything untoward at all?

I looked down at my shorts: my cock was throbbing in my briefs, and had already oozed enough pre-cum to develop a wet patch on the outside – perhaps this is what her lowered gaze had been looking at, and gave her the power to just take control, and go to my bed.

I locked the front door, put the glasses in the sink to wash later, and headed into my room, locking the balcony door and closing the curtain today, turning the fan on and toward the bed, where the long hair of 12y.o. Chinh was fanned out behind her head on the pillow, her naked arms raised and beckoning to me, her eyes innocent yet desirous..

It was such a picture of Youthful wanton beauty that I ran to the cupboard and pulled out my ageing Nikon; I opened the curtain again, knowing the afternoon light would be sufficient for this picture of Perfect Youth, and I framed her and pressed the shutter.
Chinh was not shy, and she threw the duvet down to expose her breasts, but first I went over to her and laid some of her hair across her facial features, positioning only one of her magic eyes to stare at the camera, while keeping her identity secret, but pulling the duvet down into an arrow shape, seemingly pointed down her body toward her true secret place.

I clicked away, happily, as she truly began modeling for the camera; gosh, what a girl, a woman, she was!
She quickly understood I was trying to protect her ID, so the more provocatively she posed, the more I instructed her to hide her features – well, her facial ones at least; her body she exposed to me from every angle, and it took all my self-control not to jump on the bed and ravage her, whilst still remembering it had only been cock-rubbing she had been exposed to before.
My film ended, the last frame of her wisps of hair covering her cunt, held wide by her fingers and showing a wet, pink slit and clitoris seeming to throb within: I deliberately moved the camera to blur the shot, deciding even my ‘special’ processing shop might rebel at printing that one.

I put my camera down, and now climbed into bed, after taking off my shorts, and allowing a spear of a cock to stand upright, free at last. Chinh stared and gasped “Oh, you are so big, Anh!”
I was embarrassed and quickly pulled the duvet up over me; “I am not really, em, only average.”
“Well bigger than my father and his friends, that’s for sure!”
“Perhaps you have made me bigger than normal, Chinh; you are so beautiful and desirable.”

Surprising me, she hid her face under the duvet as she replied “Thank you, but I am only ‘average’ also; many girls are much more beautiful than me, Anh.”
“Well, you are certainly the most beautiful lady here, in my bed, at this moment.” I leaned over to kiss her, and she opened her mouth and kissed me as fervently as she had in the restaurant toilet the previous night, pulling on my cock at the same time – not rubbing it, but motioning me to come up and over, to cover her, with my cock in between.

“Um, Chinh, what else did you do with your Dad, his friends?”
“Oh, Dad fucked me once, the night before he left us and went away; his friends, no, yuk! – I didn’t really like them, drunk and smelly and fat: opposite of you, Teacher Steve.” She kissed me again, fumbled with my cock until she found her opening, and she guided me inside, gasping.

“Is it hurting em? Do you want me to pull out?”
“No, oh no” she said, “You are just so much bigger, but that makes me want you inside more and more” and at her repeated word of ‘more’ and ‘more’ she pulled me further inside her tiny, tight cunt.
My cock, naturally, helped her by splashing out pre-cum to coat her inside walls and she bucked her hips and pulled now on my buttocks, trying to get the full length of me within.
She was doing the manipulating, so my hands were free, and my fingers went for her nipples and the palms of my hands pressed around her slight mounds of breasts, enclosing them as I twirled and tweaked her long nipples: a 12 year old with long nipples, bigger than many grown women, and seemingly a libido bigger than those same grown women!

Chinh couldn’t get me all the way in, I knew it, and could feel her frustration, so I rolled us both over, coupled top to toe, and bade her sit up over my groin, and do as much fucking as she wanted, as long as she was comfortable.
She did a lot of fucking, for a long time; every time she screamed a climax, she seemed to try harder until she reached another peak….and then she tried harder….
And my mouth did a lot of nipple sucking, my teeth biting gently on them, and my mouth followed with many mouthfuls of her breasts.

Then I felt it: she had me as buried inside her as only Ngoc had before, at this tender age: right in against the opening of her cervix, her womb wanting to swallow my cock within (forget the little fish of sperm I didn’t have!) And my own explosion was now building within me: I could feel this too.
Chinh was going to make me finally release; something I hadn’t done when she rubbed me, when making love with Hanh, or when Hong had come for her ‘snack’ drink last night.

I warned her, and mumbled she couldn’t possibly get impregnated, and as she buried herself down on me, I thrust my hips and cock up, and the Stars blew! We were flying, joined as one true body, up amongst the Clouds and the Rain; the Land of Gods, where only a few Lovers reach on a Climax so intense it became Spiritual (where I had been with Hong that first time also): Chinh and I had reached the Mountainous Peak of Ecstasy, and our joint moaning and screaming were blended in the World around us.

Part 4

Unlike most of my lovers, Chinh was still wrapped in my arms when I woke later in the afternoon. I glanced over at the clock: 16.10 and I leaned to kiss her lips and forehead lightly, feeling for her breasts squashed against me, and surprised my cock was still within her, limp but as yet not sliding out.
She stirred with a big smile on her face before she even opened her eyes.
“I had an amazing dream we were on a Mountain!” “We were em, both of us; special Lovers can go there: we did, and it wasn’t a dream.”
“But now we are ‘down to Earth’ and you should go home to your mother and sister; it is later than you said they would be home.”

She snuggled into my arms even more, and then rolled me on top; “Soon, Anh” and she pulled my buttocks down so my cock was anchored within her cunt muscles, and they worked to wake my cock up for a while longer. It was gentle and loving, slow and feeling every stroke, and a marvel to me that a tender young girl could make such love on her first real afternoon of joining with a man.

When Chinh went home, declining my offer of a towel and shower – “I want to keep your smell, your juices, as long as possible, Teacher Steve” – I had a shower, a café, and decided to go out for an early dinner.

At my restaurant, I sat and drank and read my paper, even ordering dinner, a dish I ate sometimes– all almost as per normal; and then Hong appeared at my table. “I guessed you would be here if not at home, Anh.”
“Hong, why aren’t you at home?”
“I am still thirsty and hungry, Anh; and you promised me today to feed me!” I could easily the absence of a bra as her nipples suddenly appeared under her shirt to tauten at her own words.
“Ok” and I motioned one of the girls to bring a menu; “Eat whatever you want, em.”
“Very funny, Steve, but ok, I am hungry for food also, so thank you.”
“Oh, and Mum wants you to take one more of these ‘feel good’ tablets; here, use my water.” I dubiously but dutifully swallowed the pill.
After she had eaten everything, and I had drunk more, and eaten a little, Hong asked “Would you walk me home, Anh Steve?”

A gentleman could not refuse, so I finished my beer, called Nim for the bill, and followed Hong down the stairs; Nim whispered to me as I gave her a tip “This one is even more dangerous, Anh Steve, she is looking at you with the love of a child; be careful.”

As we waited to cross the busy road, Hong took my hand, and so it was hand-in-hand we then headed home the few hundred metres: like 2 lovers.
She cuddled my arm at times, as if afraid I would run away, but I wouldn’t have done that anyway; Hong had told me her feelings for me, and I wasn’t going to deliberately hurt her – I just wasn’t sure what I could do that would be the right thing to do, for her sake.
The way we had to walk brought us to my home first; Hong’s family home was just beyond, but she showed no signs of going there, waiting, arm linked with mine, for me to unlock my door: it was inevitable that we would soon be in bed, and indeed so it was – but only after the kitchen.

It had been several weeks since Hong had first manipulated me – willing subject I accept - and since I had first inserted myself into her body and changed her from a virgin girl to a new woman, but she had come for many snacks since, and the desire had left neither of us (though I was a little worried about tiredness on my part tonight!)

I always left my keys, paper, any work I may have at home, on the kitchen table; as I unpacked my pockets Hong was behind me, arms around me, and she unpacked my cock by just ripping my shorts and underwear down, my shirt up, and a few strokes on a rapidly growing rod.
She turned her back to me and released her own shorts’ zipper and let them fall down – no panties involved; her buttocks pouted back at me, and my cock recognized an invitation and accepted the offering, as my hands lifted her hips enough for me to probe under her until my prick found its home in her cunt, and as she pushed back at me, I ploughed within, as she screamed and laid her torso and arms on the table.

I wanted her as bare as me so I pushed her t-shirt up her back until she lifted enough to allow me to push it over her head and she shrugged it down and off her arms. My hands filled with her breasts and I used them to lever her body backwards and forwards on my prick as I slid inside, inside more, and a steel rod kept up the motions of sawing into her without tiredness. Through her squeals and moans, she climaxed, sprayed her juices which cooled my heated cock and eased the scalding friction her cunt tunnel was generating.
My brain told me it was impossible to be bigger, longer, stronger, but my cock didn’t seem to agree, and I had to slow and ease my tempo, as I was sure it must be hurting Hong, whimpering there face down on the table. She gasped, “Oh my, Anh, you are in my stomach, I swear!”

Now that was an impossibility, but I knew she had me locked in the far reaches of her love tunnel, knocking for entry into her eggs’ nest cervix, and even now my slower thrusts brought forth more creamy Hong pouring out as she hit her heights again.

I pulled out after a few minutes more, turned her over and carried her in my arms to the bed, laying her down gently, and laying on top of her and now making gentle love with my mouth to her breasts and nipples, her neck and face, while my cock just pulsed between her thighs but not within her. When she fell asleep, I rolled to the side and went to my bathroom, closing the door and cleaning my teeth before rejoining Hong and sleeping also.

Part 5

Today was Sunday, I knew, as I opened my eyes to the brightness of the morning light through the curtains, and I was alone in bed yet again.

I lay in bed for a short while before getting up; I stripped the sheets and put them in the washing basket for my housekeeper, before showering and enjoying a morning café.
Ngoc came over to say her family was going out to visit their grandmother; Chinh phoned and regretfully advised she was going out on a school trip, and Hanh phoned to say she had a school project and needed to stay home.
Bich was away for the weekend, which is why she hadn’t come Saturday, so my day was free of students and nubile young lovers.

I went out and bought some breakfast, waved to Hong, Ngoc and Yen as they honked passing on their motorcycle, and put my feet up to watch BBC News, eat my breakfast and soon started on my first beer. About 10.30, I dressed a little better than house shorts, took my paper and items, and wandered down to my restaurant for a few quiet beers and to read my paper: a relaxing morning.

It was for an hour; then I looked up at the shadow across my paper and found Lien, Hanh’s mother, my co-worker, standing opposite me. I looked up, she was smiling “May I sit and join you, Anh?”
I stood, nodding, but not talking for a moment as I took in the sight of her: a business-like woman in the office, she was wearing a quite short skirt, with nice legs showing below, and a ruffle-neckline blouse with quite a plunging cleavage showing that which was above: I knew now Hanh had inherited her mother’s larger-sized breasts.

“Yes, of course, em” I finally managed to say; “Are you here to meet someone?”
“You” she said, as one of the girls brought her a menu, bowl, cutlery, chopsticks and glass and laid her setting while Lien studied the food on offer.

“A Heineken” she first ordered, before asking me what I would like to eat, to share with her. I declined, my breakfast roll would be enough until the evening; “Order whatever you would like, em; I will stay on my normal diet.” She laughed, and I smiled, “How are you so strong, Anh?”
“Strong, in what sense, em?” Her beer came and we ‘cheered’, and then I pushed my chair back when she said she didn’t mind me smoking.
“Well, you have had sex with my daughter, haven’t you, Anh, and she told me you went a long time – and didn’t even cum! So that is strong in my opinion.”

I flushed as red as red could be, and she smiled “It is ok, Anh; Hanh also told me how beautiful you were for her, and we share everything since her father – the bastard – left us. So yes, she told me: everything.”
“I just want to share you also.”
I gulped; how could I have 2 mothers of such young girls as Hong and Ngoc, and now Hanh, knowing about our activities, and wanting the same! Not sending me to prison, not angry, just smiling and asking for the same as their daughters obviously enjoyed?
Without conceding the point, I had to acknowledge what Hanh had told her mother; “I did make love with Hanh, yes, em.”

“I am not angry, Anh; I knew what her father and his friends had done to her, and I am ashamed to admit I didn’t stop it; but he was a frightening man, Anh. Now, I am only happy that you have given Hanh a truly loving time, to show her not all sex is bad and painful: and that is exactly what she told me. So: I want to feel the same.”
My mouth remained closed or agape – I wasn’t sure, but no words came.
“Finish your beer, Anh; I will take you home on my motorcycle.”
I just followed instructions; paid the bill, heard Nim whispering “Now, she is more your age, at least Anh Steve,” and we went downstairs, where I climbed on the back of her bike, put on the helmet she handed me, smelling Hanh within it, and quickly grabbed her hips as she sped off.

But she didn’t take me to my home; “Where are we going em?” “Oh, Hanh told me you get ‘interrupted’ at your house, so we are going home to my house, just around the corner really from yours – where we won’t be interrupted: Hanh has gone to the school library to work. Hang on wherever you like, Anh, your hands are the first I have felt for years!”

I held her hips, then encircled her waist – purely for safety - and felt my cock pressing against her buttocks, which wriggled back against me.

At her house, she wheeled the bike into her front room, past the TV and sofa, and led me through to the kitchen, where she got 2 bottles of Heineken from the fridge, sitting me at the table; 2 glasses and ice, and she said “enjoy, while I go and change; I don’t mind if you smoke, but out here, ok, Anh” and she opened the rear door to a small garden area, so I took my beer out there, and lit up.
I sat on a bench seat, and soon Lien came out, a short nightie not concealing the absence of a bra, her nipples poking at the thin fabric; ‘searching for my hands’ was the thought my cock transmitted to my brain as the first rush of blood jumped through it in my shorts, which Lien now removed after standing me up, placing them on the concrete bench, sitting me down, and sitting her panty-less cunt on my pole as she straddled my lap.

A good while later, an exhausted Lien - still wanting to reach yet another climax – rose and fell on my rigid cock, squealed and shook drops of perspiration from her hair to my now bare chest, and squirmed through the film of sweat covering us both, as I thrust my hips upward and brought her to the place she had reached multiple times.
But this time she just collapsed as I pushed harder up, and mauled her beautiful, big breasts, and shoved my tongue inside her mouth, trying to reach down to join my own cock.

‘Those tablets have to be some sort of Viagra’ the answer came to me, and though I had experimented with them years previously, this new Life of youthfulness didn’t need them for weeks until I got ill; but that’s what they had to be, to keep me strong without cumming for both Hong and now Lien.

As long as there were no side-effects, they really were rather good, I thought with a smile, as I cradled an almost-unconscious woman in my arms; I lifted her without much effort (she probably weighed less than me at 50kgs) and carried her inside to the front room sofa, laying her down there. I didn’t want to have to carry her and find her bedroom upstairs – I wasn’t that strong – but I did find a light sheet to cover her with.
I locked the back door, had a ‘bath’ over the kitchen sink, re-dressed, found some tissues to wipe Lien’s wet face, and left, the door self-locking behind me so she was safe.

I smiled at the thought that tomorrow work was likely to be slightly different between Lien and I tomorrow!
It truly was close to my own house, but did lead past my restaurant, so I jauntily, if tiredly, went upstairs and ordered another beer; a nice relaxing Sunday, and after this I will go home and have a nice lazy nap.

Another beer followed the first, and then I went to the toilet. Another guy came in and stood at the urinal beside me; I kept pissing, as my cock was enlarged and slow to empty my bladder, and heard him say “Nice cock, want to share it?”
I didn’t answer in words, just looked up at his face looking at my cock, and gave him a little smile, shook myself of drops of urine, and tucked myself back into my underpants and shorts, washed my hands and went back to my table.
I sensed, without directly looking, when the man came back from the toilet and went into one of the private, air conditioned rooms; ‘good’ I thought, no real hassle there.

10 minutes later as I had almost finished and about to give Nim the money, ‘he’ came out of the room and over to my table; “Can I invite you in for a beer with my friends?”
This was something which happened often, and I deliberately tried – with a smile – to avoid accepting, so I shook my head and said “I am just finishing this one and going home, Anh, so thank you, but not today.” I smiled.
He was a big man, and he laughed “No, come on, don’t go yet; just one beer!”
He took my hand and pulled me up out of my chair, then his arm around my shoulders, and steered me into the room, where 4 other men were seated, drunk and raucous, and 2 very young girls, twins surely, were just standing and swaying to the slow piped music coming into the room.

I hadn’t noticed them all arrive – certainly the girls would have drawn my immediate attention - so they must have come while I was away with Lien; it was clear they had been there a while, but they all stood, pushed a new glass into my hand, splashed beer into it and we toasted, loudly clinking glasses, as they asked my name, what country….all usual questions.

Then the big man pushed my shoulders down into a chair, and pulled one of the girls over to sit on my lap. He took my hands up to her breasts, small bumps and nipples, while I protested to no avail.
“Can you feel his prick under you, con?”
“Your daughter” I asked bewildered; “Sure, they both are.” He laughed “They are twins, 13 years old, and my friends are begging to be the first to ‘pop their cherries’ as the Hollywood movies say. Today, I saw you, and I want you to be their first – ok?”
My cock lurched, and the girl on my lap giggled and said “I can feel it now, Father!”
“You mean here, now – in front of you and these men?”
“Yes” he said simply, “That way I will know they have been treated right their first time.”
My cock grew again; I wasn’t exactly used to an audience, but the squirming nubile girl rubbing over and about my cock was making the audience shimmer and quieten as if they were some distant spectators, and not really in the same room.

I stood her down, slipped my shorts down, and allowed enough reality through to hear the collective gasp in the room, as my prick flicked up into the air like the searching fangs of a snake, smelling for its prey.
The little girl took a step back, but when I held my hand out, she took it lightly and came back to me; I bent down and gently kissed her cheeks, her nose, nibbled her ear and neck as I slowly turned her around, and when she faced me again, she was quivering, but holding her head up, eyes wide and hungry, and her lips were blood-red and open as she panted with arousal after just those first few minutes of tenderness.

She stepped into my embrace and moulded her body to me as best she could, what with my cock jabbing at her abdomen. I rubbed my hands lightly up and down her back and shoulders, down her hips, and around to the front of her shorts, which I unzipped, unbuttoned, and let fall down her legs, and off her feet as she stepped out of them and into me.
Her panties crotch was damp, and I stroked my fingers across and up and down her groin and her slit, wetting her further, even as my cock dripped its own ‘get-ready’ juice on her t-shirt, which I deliberately left on to give her some little privacy from the audience.

I whispered to her “I am going to take off your panties, sit you on my lap - on my cock – but I promise not to hurt you: you can do what you want, as fast or slow as you want, do you understand, con?” I had spoken in Vietnamese to help her feel a little more at ease, and she nodded her understanding, even gave me a smile and said “Thank you, Chu”, the word for ‘Uncle’.

I sat her on my thighs, not straight on my manhood, and she took a few moments to study it, and then wrapped her hands, her tiny hands, around the shaft, up to the head, and she gasped as she squeezed out the oozing pre-cum, and rubbed her fingers in it, as she smiled and looked into my eyes with something approaching amazement.
“Those friends of my Father would not have been so kind and thought, Chu – thank you again; can we do more now please: I am ready and I want this, with you.”

I put my hands up under her t-shirt, brushed over her small but hard nipples, and then lifted her under her armpits, up and then down on to my ramrod straight cock; just a few centimetres at a time, until I reached her barrier, and I kissed her, gently but fully, and pulled my hands quickly down to her hips and pushed her down, breaking her hymen as my mouth engulfed hers to help overcome the scream she wanted to release.
I didn’t move my cock further, or allow her to do so; I only held her gently and kissed her, feeling some tears on my cheeks, but her arms went around my neck and she held on with a tight grip until her sobs subsided, and she moved then of her own accord, relaxing her taut leg muscles, her thighs’ grip astride my legs, and she sank down on my cock.

There was no intention to allow my length to strike bottom, so I deliberately pushed her legs wider, effectively reducing her movements downwards, and making her now enthusiastic stroking less deep, for her own well-being. It made no real difference as she began bouncing up and down now, and I could vaguely discern the catcalls and shouts in the background.
She was silent in her first orgasm, but I recognized the moment from the wetness which my cock could feel within her, and I was happy for her.

My hands had been supporting her, but there was no need of that now and I rubbed over her small mounds and nipples to add to her feelings. She leaned in and bit my neck in response, and another silent gush of fluid coursed down my shaft, aiding the strokes of cock within cunt.
I nibbled at her ear in response, and whispered “What is your name, young lady?” She swiveled her head to whisper back “Phung”.
“You are a brave young girl, Phung, and now a desirable young woman; be careful of Men though.”

“I will, Anh, and I will always remember this. My sister is Trinh, but she doesn’t want to do this; we heard Dad talking after he met you, and she said “No” but Dad said this would be best for us both.”
I didn’t like hearing her words, but for now I concentrated on Phung for a while longer, until she felt my reticence, and asked to stop: “I am a little sore now, Anh, and it isn’t as exciting as before.”
“Of course” I said, and lifted her up and off, embracing her for a few moments as I swung her to the side; she hugged me and kissed me and gingerly left to go and talk with her sister, who, I noted shaking her head. Reality came back to me, and the noise of the room deafened me, as someone thrust a glass of beer into my hand and clapped me on the back.

Phung’s Father came over and hugged her which I considered a nice, comforting touch from him; but Trinh chose then to announce loud enough for the room to hear “Dad, I don’t want to do this today” and then she lowered her voice, but I heard her say to him “I have my bleeding time; I don’t want to do this now.”
A considerate father he turned out to be, as I saw him nod, and both girls went out of the room – probably to the Ladies I guessed. Their Father came over to me and said “That looked wonderful, and I want to thank you, Anh, but Trinh is not feeling so well today, so let’s say you have done what I asked, and have saved at least one of my daughters from a worse experience. Perhaps Trinh will ask for you soon, ok with you?”

A nod seemed the most benign response, as I reached down for my shorts, smiled and bade ‘farewell’ to the room, and quickly exited.

Nim gave me a long hard look as I went to my own table; I smiled a little and shrugged my shoulders. Phung and Trinh came out, saw me and headed over. Nim leaned down to kiss me, and then Trinh surprisingly did the same, but a deeper mouth and tongue kiss!
“I really would like to have you do the same to me as to Phung, but not here, not in front of those men: somewhere more romantic and quiet: can I have your phone number, Anh Steve?”
I gave it to her, and they left smiling. Nim was looking at me “Well, they certainly like you, Anh: adding to your collection?” I shook my head, but in truth: it seems I am.

I tried to resume my relaxing early afternoon, read some more of my paper – hadn’t even finished Saturday’s edition, let alone started on Sundays – and had 2 more beers, before Phung’s group all came out of their room, ready to leave.

The girls both looked across to me and smiled, and I nodded and smiled back. Their Father came over and sat down; “I am not really a bad man, Anh; my friends were putting pressure on me, even the girls were sensing it was time for them, but I have seen you here many times: you never once hassled the working girls, never saw you grab them or be lewd, and they all like you for that.”
“Today, when I saw your cock, it looked so clean and nice compared to my friends, it clicked in my brain, and I knew I had to have you be their first.”
“Does that all make sense? I know I was right to do it this way, so thank you again; this is to pay for your beers” and he left more than enough money to cover my bill. My first reaction was to scoop it up and return it, but that may have seemed to his watching daughters as if it was a money transaction, akin to prostituting them, so I nodded up at him as he stood, and covered the money with my paper.

That just left me thinking and reliving the past hour or so, and I read no more of my paper after that, finished my beer, gave Nim half of his money for the bill and a large tip for herself, and went home for my delayed sleep.

Part 6

A new working week; after a very long sleep which saw me almost through the whole night; and without any interruptions.
I waited, slightly nervously, for Lien to arrive in the office. But when she arrived, she came straight to my desk, smiled and said “Thank you, Anh; Hanh thought I had got drunk and fallen asleep in front of the TV. I didn’t tell her I had better than drunk!”
She didn’t say more, just went to her desk, and I put my head down to do my job.
Until lunch-time that was; I didn’t go out as most did, our kitchen lady in the office always bought me a sandwich, and I generally read my paper and had a café at my desk; today, I was still trying to finish Saturday’s!
Lien came to my desk; “Fancy a snack, Anh, I have one for you; follow me.”
The other person who came to me wanting a snack was Hong; what was Lien proposing to give me?
She went to the Ladies’ toilet, opened the door and looked around, while I stood close to the Mens’ door - in case I needed to hide in there.

She came and took my hand and into a cubicle, in the Ladies, sat me on the closed toilet seat and lifted her dress up and over her body, stripped her bra and panties off, and stood lewdly with her legs spread; “You want a quick snack, or a full lunch, Anh?”

‘Oh no” was my thought; Lien was ‘youth’ compared to me, but she wasn’t the youth I now wanted; I had to….what?

I pulled her by the hips to me, not sitting her down, not even attempting to take off my own clothes, but placing her cunt at my mouth level, and sent my tongue out to greet her freshly-shaven slit, and my hands up to those large breasts (which only served to remind me of Hanh, her daughter, whose breasts were already large at13 years old - and possibly would grow into the size of her mother’s, here now in my hands.)

I kept my yearning cock within my underwear and pants, and only used my mouth; “Oh gosh” Lien said with a moan, “My body has been on fire since yesterday and now you can make my cunt feel good again, Anh, please.”
My mouth went crazy with its tongue and teeth finding her clit, burrowing inside her, slurping up the juices she poured forth, breaking off only to clear my nose before I drowned in her, and happily hearing her climax, and then again as I kept my tongue inside and used 2 fingers to tweak at her clit; and then she began to buckle her legs, and I stood up quickly and sat her on the seat instead.

I smoothed her hair back, fondled her breasts gently, and said “Lien, you need to listen to me: We can’t do this again, not in the office, not at home: do you understand? It is too dangerous for both of us, for you and your daughter, and for me/both us here at work also.”
She nodded her head “I know, but I needed you so much today, Anh”

“What about Hanh, will you keep teaching her?” I nodded.
“Will you still want her, Anh, like this, giving herself to you?”

I didn’t answer; I couldn’t answer, as the truth would have been another affirmative nod of my head, if not the words: “Yes, I want her.”
I kissed Lien’s cheeks, told her to lock the door after me, and surreptitiously left the Ladies room.

(End of Chapter 4; more? If I can keep it exciting for me to write, and you to read, yes, there will always be more Youth: after all, they are our Future….)

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