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Looking for another boy like me
I’ve learned my lessons and this time, I’m submitting a longer story in shorter sections. The second section will be longest. Because readers seem to want all b/g or all b/b in a section, I have put all the b/g (hetero) in this first section (but added the b/b (gay) label so that those interested will know that it will be coming. The seven sections which follow will be all b/b.) So, please, don’t read what you don’t want. I prefer for you to enjoy the story.

My mom died giving birth to my little brother. I don't even remember her, but it affected me. It affected me, if for no other reason than it left my dad as my only parent. I didn't like him.

It wasn't a love-hate thing. At least I don't think so. But he favored Jason, my little brother. Add to that the fact that my dad is a seriously type A personality, and I'm a seriously type Z, and it was easiest for me to just avoid him all I could.

Dad made some attempts to be fair. Like when we moved back to the States and into a big house while Jason and I were still in grade school. When Dad put in a twenty-five meter lap pool because Jason had developed an interest in swiming, he also added a little gym for me in two bays of the garage because I had an interest in gymnastics.

If you hadn't guessed, we had money.

Unfortunately, I outgrew gymnastics -- not because I lost interest, but because I literally outgrew it. I was six feet tall when I was fourteen.

I had always been shy, and being tall didn't help. My aunt was sure that my shyness was because of losing Mom. But I was also shy because I was gay.

I don't know if it had anything to do with it, but while we were overseas, Dad worked for almost two years on a mining project for my grandfather in the Ukraine. The site was remote and the young farm girl we had for a nanny did not worry much about keeping clothes on Jason and me. She would bathe us at night, and not bother with clothes afterward. Jason and I usually ate supper naked, slept naked, and were up and playing around the cabin naked for a while in the morning before she ever bothered to dress us, if she did even then. If it was summer, or we weren’t going to be outside, she didn’t bother and we didn’t care. Dad worked long hours and I don't think he was more than vaguely aware of how we were cared for. Jason and I slept in the same bed, and the first time it got cold, we cuddled against one another under the covers. Even after we moved from the Ukraine down to the Baltic Sea, Jason and I slept naked in the same bed until after we returned to the States. We would have continued sharing a bed even then, but Dad put a stop to it about the time I turned eleven and Jason turned nine. Dad didn't care about us sleeping naked, just not in the same bed, and once you are used to sleeping that way, clothes get in the way. So Jason and I continued to sleep naked, just each in our own bed.. So basically, I'm saying I slept naked with another boy, even if he was my brother, for several years, and maybe it inclined me to look at boys differently.

My being gay really kicked in when I was about twelve. I hit a clumsy stage because of how fast I was growing. I started admiring shorter guys with more compact bodies -- guys who could be gymnasts. When we came back to the states, I was taken by how cute American boys were, and I hadn’t gotten over that. My interest in other boys went nuclear when my hormones kicked in. Girls may have interested me at some point, but not past puberty.

I kept up a false front, going out with girls when they asked me. I hid completely the fact that I was gay, even from my brother who was my best friend. Without a mom, with the dad we had, and all the moving we had done, Jason and I were super close. I didn't dare tell him because if I lost my brother Jason, I'd have nobody.

There wasn't anyone else I could tell, and becausue of my dad, I participated in almost every team sport there was. All my friends were jocks and I assumed that they hated gay guys. Several of them talked like they did.

So I reached the age of sixteen a total virgin, and pretty lonely except for Jason.

Enter, my grandpa. For some reason, he seemed to like me. Maybe it was because I was the oldest of his grandsons. Maybe it was an “heir-apparent” kind of thing.

Dad was probably the asshole he was because of Grandpa. Grandpa was even more Type A than my dad, and he is the one who started all the family money.

Grandpa phoned me on my sixteenth birthday. "I've got something special for you, Brock" he told me. "I know you're busy celebrating today [I wasn't, by the way] but tomorrow is Friday, and well, you don't have anything going on, do you?" He didn't wait for an answer before saying, "Meet me at the lake cabin at six."

I hung up the phone, wondering what he was going to give me. Lake cabin? A Wave runner? It was only March, and the lake was probably still full of ice. Fucked up if Grandpa had a wave runner for me.

What Grandpa called a lake cabin wasn't really a cabin. It was a lake house.

Grandpa met me at the door, with a broad grin and a drink in his hand. After I took off my jacket, he laid an arm over the backs of my shoulders and turned me toward the stairs.

"How does it feel to be sixteen?"

"Okay, I guess. How was it for you?"

Grandpa laughed, and shook my shoulders. "About like yours is going to be," he said, walking me up the stairs.

"Why?" I asked. "What have you got for me?"

Grandpa winked. "You'll see." We reached the top of the stairs and he walked us into the master bedroom. There, sitting on the edge of the king-size bed was an absolutely gorgeous Asian girl. She honestly looked no older than me.

She wore a black teddy. Black looked good on her because her skin was pale and her hair was long and black. She had strikingly large almond-shaped eyes. She sat erect, like an Asian princess, long slender arms out to the side. Her palms rested lightly on the bedcovers. She smiled at me, like a princess who was pleased with a subject.

"Meet Mei Ling," Grandpa told me. "She's expensive; very expensive. You have her for the entire night -- make the most of it. No one else is coming, and I'm about to leave. I've already told your father that you won't be home until tomorrow." He swatted my butt, leaving his hand on it long enough to give me a shove forward.

"Happy Birthday, Brock!" he said, turning to leave. "Wear yourself out!"

The door closed.

The bottom dropped from my stomach.

With a slight smile, Mei Ling rose gracefully from the edge of the bed. She was tall for an Asian girl. She came to me, wrapped her forearms around my neck, and pressed her pelvis to mine. She gazed into my eyes and her smile grew playful."

But then she frowned. "Baby," she said softly. "You're trembling!"

I swallowed hard. I remember being surprised by her voice because I expected an accent, and yet, Mei Ling had none; she sounded American. And yes, I was shaking.

She leaned close, her breasts pressing me softly through her teddy, and she put her mouth to my ear. "It's alright if you've never been with a girl. I'm here to teach you." Her perfume was intoxicating. I'd heard perfumes advertised as intoxicating. Hers really was. Or at least, something made my head swim.

She leaned back to study me, and her brow furrowed deeply. "You've turned white! You better sit down," she said, turning me and backing me to the bed.

I sat and she knelt on the floor beside me. She laid a warm hand on the side of my face. "Why are you so afraid?" she asked. "I'm simply a girl."

I swallowed hard again.

"Baby," she asked, "are you gay?"

My eyes went wide.

"You are!" she said, sounding somewhat surprised.

I felt my breath leave and had trouble getting it back.

But Mei Ling smiled gently and stroked the side of my face. "Have you ever been with a girl?"

I shook my head slightly.

"We're not so bad," she said softly. Then she cocked her head. "Have you ever been with a boy?"

I shook my head again.

"Baby," she whispered, leaning in to kiss me softly on the lips. "I'll make love to you like a boy, and I'll make love to you like a girl. I'll teach you things." She pulled my leg open and cupped my package with her hand. She felt my size and shape, and then Mei Ling purred. She groped me, and she brushed my lips with hers. Her breath smelled of mint.

She gripped the bottom of my sweater and pulled it up. I let her take it over my head and off me. Next she grasped my shirt and pulled it off. Her r eyes widened with delight, and she laid her hands on my chest and sides. She felt over me and traced the seams of my muscles. "Do you work out with weights?"


Her fingers swept my pecs and sternum and over my nipples. "You're smooth," she whispered. Her eyes dropped to my pants. "Are your legs smooth, too?"

I assumed she meant hairless. I had a few golden hairs on my calves (I have dark blond hair), so I shrugged.

"Let's see," she said. She pulled off my shoes and socks. Then she unbuttoned my jeans. "Stand up, baby," she told me.

I stood, and watched as she unzipped me and pulled down my jeans, leaving me in my boxer briefs. I stepped out of my jeans and she pulled them off each foot, setting them aside. She sat back on her haunches and looked me up and down. She closed her hands around my left thigh. "Baby," she said, "you're beautiful!"

She felt up my thighs, running her fingers into the leg holes of my boxers. " You're smooth," she whispered. Inside my boxers, her fingers stroked my scrotum and sought out my dick. "Umm," she whispered. She glanced up at me. "Are you a runner? I knew a sprinter who was built like you.""

"I'm in a lot of sports," I told her.

Mei Ling's eyes fell to the front of my underwear. She went up on her knees and pulled my boxer briefs down to my ankles.

I was gay, and I was scared; so I was about as soft as soft gets. Mei Ling nuzzled into that softness and when she murmured, "Mmmm," her voice vibrated my balls.

"I love the smell of a boy," she said, and took a deep breath. She lifted my balls and dick on her right palm and gently kissed the head of my dick. She brushed her cheek against it and then nuzzled into the crease of my leg. My dick began to lengthen. “I like it,” she said, quietly, watching my cock, “when we start soft and I can watch it grow.”

Mei Ling stroked me up hard, then got to her feet and pushed me gently backward. "Get up on the bed, baby," she told me.

I did what she told me, and climbed onto the bed and lay back on the pillows, naked.

"Yes," Mei Ling said softly, looking down at my cock from the end of the bed. "We're both going to enjoy tonight."

Lowering one strap of her teddy at a time, she showed me her breasts. She caressed them, squeezed them, then pressed her pointing nipples with her fingers. Thinking back on it, she must not have been entirely Asian. Her breasts were larger than most Asian girls. They were a size to more than fill one of my palms. They looked firm and her nipples pointed upward. She smiled slyly. "Do you think a gay boy might like these?"

I'd never looked much at breasts. They didn't do anything for me, at least not after I focused so much on boys. Of course, I'd never seen a girl's naked breasts live and in person, and I had the sudden urge to see what they felt like, so I nodded.

Mei Ling shimmied her teddy on down and it fell off her hips and onto the floor. Her pubes were shaved and she had a flat pelvis. If there was a girl to entice a gay boy, it had to be Mei Ling -- at least as far as I was concerned. She was slender and her body had graceful lines. She wasn't muscular or anything like that, but I could make out the soft seams of her thigh muscles and long torso muscles. Mai Ling cupped her hands over her pussy and squeezed. She looked down at me, less like a queen and more like... well, a hungry queen.

Keeping a hold on her crotch with one hand, she circled in the air with a finger of the other. "Turn over. Let me see the rest of you."

I rolled onto my stomach.

Mei Ling grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. "Ummm," she murmured. The bed jiggled as she knelt onto it between my legs. "I'll help you relax," she said.

Her fingers swept over the backs of my legs and down inside my thighs, lightly, barely more pressure than a breath. And then I felt her actual breath on the backs of my balls which must have showed between my legs. The she blew between my legs, up my perineum. She took a deep breath there and I heard her moan softly. Then I jumped because I felt the wetness of her tongue press behind my balls. She laid both hands on my butt and nuzzled in, licking, murmuring. My cock grew even harder. She was arousing me, but was also doing what she said – she was relaxing me. Her breath was soothing as well as stimulating..

Her hands moved up my back, caressing, feeling the firmness of my muscles. She lay down on me -- I don't care whether you're gay or straight, a warm naked body hungrily hugging the back of yours will make you hard even if it's the first time -- especially if it's the first time. I felt the wetness of her pussy on my butt. Her hands massaged my shoulders. "Are you relaxing baby?" She whispered.

I nodded.

She ground herself on my butt slowly, spreading her dampness. She moved hair off the back of my neck and blew softly. She kissed there, then down the side of my neck where she sucked and gnawed. I moaned.

"You like that, baby?" she whispered.

I murmured assent.

She pulled at my shoulder and rolled me onto my back. My hard cock rolled up onto my belly. Mei Ling saw, and pressed the palm of her left hand on the underside. Her fingertips stroked my balls, then she closed her hand around my shaft and smiled down at me. "You've got a nice one."

"You think?"

She nodded. " you're only sixteen?"


Mei Ling lowered her mouth to my left nipple. She sucked hard and I felt her teeth. I felt her tongue. My body shuddered.

She moved to my right nipple, while jacking me with a firm grip. She nuzzled under my neck and wrapped a leg over my legs. She climbed up to straddle my legs, still stroking my cock. She pulled it up against her labia. "Baby," she said throatily, "I will tell you the absolute truth -- I got wet the moment I saw you walk in that door, and that was before I saw you nude and held your cock in my hand. Baby" she said, rising over me. "I want you inside me. Now!"

She eased her hips forward over my dick, rubbed her slit on it, then guided my dick upward, and lowered herself onto it. The warmth and wetness of her vagina slid over my dickhead and down my shaft, and I was virgin no more. Mei Ling settled her weight into my lap, stretching my length up into her. She closed her eyes and ground down into me, and she got this look like she was scratching some deep itch. I barely noticed. All my attention was down where her wiggling worked my dick up inside her. She rocked and I felt the snug lining of her vagina slide on my dickhead and shaft. She ground far down into my lap and onto my scrotum and rocked there. I grabbed her thighs and held on.

She rocked with her eyes closed, holding her breasts, and it was like she forgot about me for a minute or two. But then her large eyes opened, met mine, and Mei Ling fell onto her hands on my shoulders. Her eyes bore down into mine, watching my face, as she backed herself, over and over, hard onto my di ck. She was fucking me, as truly as ever a girl fucked a guy. Her breasts dangled and jiggled above me. I reached up to see what they felt like. Her eyes closed and she moaned, so I caressed them.

"Yes, baby," she murmured.

She moved faster and my hands dropped to her thighs again. My hips responded. I began to buck.

"Oh, yeah," she grunted. "That's how you fuck."

She sat back up, grabbing the sides of my waist as if to pull me even farther into her. My balls suddenly tightened and I got ready to climax, but then Mei Ling went wild, rocking crazily, whimpering, yelping, and bouncing. I realized she was coming, but I didn't know girls could come like that. It majorly distracted me, and my climax died before it was born.

Mei Ling's skin grew flush all over her body, and damp with perspiration. Eyes closed, she quit moving everywhere, except down inside where her muscles squeezed and milked my dick as if I had come with her. She leaned forward onto my shoulders again and her eyes opened slowly, dazedly. Slowly she ground my dick around inside her, then ground harder. She lay down on me, and whispered in my ear. "Roll us over, baby," she said, "and fuck me hard."

I wrapped my arms around her, and keeping my dick inside her, I rolled us over so that she was on her back with me on top of her. She planted her feet on the bed and lifted her pelvis to me and grabbed me by the ribs. I responded naturally. I fucked and she met my thrusts.

"Faster!" she encouraged. "Go fast."

I sped up, and found that my hips were built for it. I rabbit fucked and Mei Ling started going wild again. This time, I was going to come with her. She pawed at my back, writhing and whimpering. I drove my hips forward particularly hard and made my first squirt. Mei Ling felt it and froze, gripping my shoulders. I pressed in, my dick pulsing, and her insides milked me. I had a long climax, even for me. I shuddered at the end, completely empty.

I collapsed onto Mei Ling, my cheek against hers. She cooed soothingly and her fingers ran into the back of my hair. "That," she whispered, "was lesson one."

Mei Ling liked sex. I was sixteen, and kept up with her night of lessons with growing enthusiasm. We paused for a late supper – or early breakfast -- naked in the kitchen, and then fell asleep after more sex. Funny, but sleeping naked with her, I dreamed I was sleeping naked with Jason again, and I dreamed that he was teaching me about sex. I woke in the morning, spooned behind Mei Ling and sporting morning wood.

Except for the bathroom, we didn't get out of bed until midday that Saturday, and by then, we had been through at least half the positions of the Kama Sutra. Instead of her taking a cab back into town like my grandpa had paid her to do, I drove her in the car dad had given me for my birthday, and she hugged in under my arm as we walked out from the house, comfortably, like girlfriend and boyfriend. I had a new affection for breasts and vaginas and clits and Mei Ling's skilled mouth.

She seemed happy, too. She gave me her phone number and promised me a freebie when I wanted it. She even told me her real name on that drive into town, Carolyn Chang. She was a college student.

I took her up on the freebie offer the very next Sunday, but I had already begun looking elsewhere. Mei Ling - Carolyn had told me all about girls, and after that birthday weekend, I saw them in an entirely new light. I was noticing, too, how girls looked at me. It was different, knowing that they could be as horny as I was.

It's not that I quit looking at boys -- after all, I had been looking at only boys for the four most important years of my sexual development. But horny sixteen-year-old boys have a tendency to pansexualism anyway, as in "fuck anything that moves".

Lisa Jones wasn't one of the aggressive girls at school. She was almost the opposite. A freshman. Quiet, a little shy. But she had seemed interested in me before, and she was on the girls track team and had a great body. I started hanging around her, standing close when we talked, touching her on the shoulder, the back, her hair. I took her to the mall and a movie. On the Thursday afternoon after my freebie with Carolyn, while Lisa's mom was out and her sister was downstairs, I made out with Lisa in her bedroom. It seemed easy to get her onto her back in bed, pressing her body with mine, letting her feel my erection. It seemed easy to kiss down her body and get my face under her skirt ignoring her half-hearted, token attempts to stop me. Once I'd planted my mouth on her panty-covered pussy, it was easy to pull the panties aside for my tongue to reach her clit, and then when she was close to climaxing, it was easy to pull her panties completely away. It was easy to get my own pants down while working her toward a second climax, then to spread her legs and mount her. I popped my first cherry.

Lisa's best friend was Ashley, and Lisa must have told Ashley everything. Not the next Saturday, but the Saturday after that, when it was just me and Ashley on a couch downstairs in the game room at her house, I popped my second cherry.

By the time school ended that May, I was having regular sex with a third girl at school, a girl who hadn’t been a virgin. I thought I had turned the corner on my sexuality and gone from gay to straight. I honestly did. But then summer arrived and my brother Jason brought home a new friend from swim team, Tyler Fitzgerald.

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