11-year=old Sammi experiments with her brother, then visits Bobby and Keera

Last winter, my two best friends grew tits.

Girls mature different. I inderstand that. At 11, some girls already look mature, and some, like me, still look like little girls.

It's normal, but I didn't have to like it.

One weekend I had Keera and Zoe over for a sleepover – we did sleepovers at somebody's house at least once a month – and as we were all getting dressed, it was as if they wanted me to see that they were strapping on b-cup bras. While I wore a t-shirt.

After they left, I was in a sour mood for the rest of the day. Even Tony noticed, and asked me about it – which showed how obvious I must have been, because my 12-year-old brother raraely seems to care about me one way or the other.

“I'm ugly, that's what the matter is,” I told him.

“I've been telling you that for years,” he said with a grin. And then I started to cry, and he realized this wasn't the time for teasing, and he put his arms around me, very awkwardly, to try to confort me. Mostly he just held onto me while I cried, apologizing every few seconds.

Finally when I settled down, he said “Seriously, Sammi, you're not ugly and you know it. What's this really about?”

Almost without thinking, I took the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up to my neck. “This.”

He grabbed the t-shirt and pulled it back down, covering me back up. “Whoa. I didn't ask to see my sister's tits.”

What tits? That's the problem. Zoe and Keera at least look normal.”

He started to laugh.

“Fuck you!” I exploded.

“No, I'm not teasing you. Really.”

“Then what?”

“Um... nevermind.”

“Don't give me that shit. You laughed at my chest, and if you weren't teasing me, I want to know why.”



“Okay, but if I tell you this, you have to promise not to give me shit over it later.”

“I promise.”



“Okay. Well in gym, when we change and we shower... well, the other guys' dicks are mostly a lot bigger than mine. Nobody's teased me about it to my face, but they've probably been making jokes about Tony's little-boy dick.”

I stifled a giggle. He looked at me sternly, but I could tell he wasn't really angry. “So maybe that's just our family: The physically-maturing thing, we're just kind of late.”

I thought about that for a moment. “Come to think of it, I did start getting my periods around the same time Keera and --”

“I did not need to know about that, okay? But yeah, so everything works, we just don't, well, look the part yet.”

“What do you mean 'everything works'?” I asked him. “What's supposed to 'work' on you?”

He seemed to turn beet red. “We can change the subject now, okay?”

“Come on, Tony, I told you about my periods.”

“And I didn't ask.”


“Okay. I get boners all the time.”

“Boners?” I saw him glancing down at his thingie, and I got it: I did pay some attention in Health class, after all. “Oh, erections!”

“Oh god. Yeah. But normal people never call it that.”

“You probably don't get them when you look at flat girls like me, though.”

“Or sisters. Let's not start all that again.”

“I bet you would have gotten one if you'd seen Keera and Zoe getting dressed this morning,” I teased. I made two fists, and put them against my chest. “They have tits about this big, and they were standing next to each other wearing nothing on top.”

I noticed his thingie was making a hard bulge in his pants. Just thinking about Keera nd Zoe naked was giving him a 'boner' – but seeing my naked chest did nothing.

I started crying again, and ran out of the room.


About an hour later, Tony came into my bedroom. “I feel like I should be apologizing for something, but I can't figure out why.”

“How come you didn't get a boner when I pulled up my shirt?”

“Whoa. Didn't see that one coming. Okay, I guess because you're my sister and... um...”


“And okay, because I've seen you without your shirt when you were younger, you swam without a top a lot of times last summer, and don't get mad or start crying, but you haven't really changed much since then. You wanted me to tell you the truth,” he added quickly.

“It's okay. And Mom and Dad will probably let me swim without a top this summer too, at the rate I'm going. But I am getting a little growth there, you know. You just have to look carefully.” I took off my t-shirt.

“Sammi, I don't --”

“Don't be a big baby. You saw me like this all last summer, like you said. But see,” I said, putting my hands under the puffiness that would someday be breasts. “There is something there. And look at how hard my nipples get. That's new.”

He was staring pretty attentively now. I might not have much, I realized, but this was probably more tit than he'd ever seen in person in his life.

I looked down. He had a boner. He had a boner! I felt so much better about myself now, knowing I could give a boy a boner, even if it was my own brother.

“Let me see it,” I said.

“See what?”

“You know what. You have a boner. I want to see it.”


“Come on. I'm letting you look at me.”

“That's different. I've seen this before.”

“Okay,” I said, “I'll let you look at my cunny. You haven't seen that before.”

“Really?” He hesitated for a moment, then said “Deal.”

I went to lock my door, just in case, and Tony took off his shirt, then his jeans, leaving him wearing only his underpants. I'd seen him in his underpants before, but not in the last couple of years I didn't think, and certainly not with a boner stretching out the material. “Aren't you going to take that off?” I asked him.

“You first.”

I was wearing sweatpants, so with one motion, I pulled off the sweats and my panties together.

I couldn't believe I was letting a boy look at my cunny.

Tony scampered onto the bed next to me, and pushed his underpants down his legs.

We lay next to one another in the bed, he with his face in front of my cunny, and me where I could get a good look at his thingie. I spread my legs a little to give him a better look. It was a little embarrassing – okay, more than a little embarrassing – but it also felt wonderfully naughty.

Tony's thingie was about the size of my thumb (which I guessed was kind of small), but very hard and straight. It seemed to grow a bit after I spread my legs, and I smiled at the thought that I'd caused that. I reached over to touch it, easily wrapping my small hand around it. “No Sammi don't,” Tony said quickly, “I'm gonna – aaaaaaaa” And with that he started shotting his baby juice all over me: on my hand, on my chest, in my hair, my face, a little bit in my mouth, and left some on my sheet (which I decided I'd better wash by myself).

“I have to go,” he said quickly, quickly getting dressed and running out of my room.


I did a lot of research online that afternoon – okay, I found a really good “erotic stories” site and lied about being over 18 – and found out that I'd given my brother a “hand job.” And that he'd given me a “facial” in return. I also learned that the average cock (apparently only 11-year-old girls call them “thingies”) is nine or ten inches long (which I thought sounded a bit suspicious), and that incest is pretty common.

(I also learned some things that would probably give me nightmares if I thought too much about them)

Tony avoided me for the rest of the day. The next day was Monday and after we got home from school, I went to his room. “This time, I'm the one who feels like she should be apologizing but doesn't know why.”

“Just go away,” he said.

“Tell me what I did wrong. I'm sorry for touching you like that, if that's it.”

“That's not it. You didn't do anything to apologize for. It was me. I came all over you. That means --”

“I know what cumming means,” I told him (even if I'd never heard the word until the day before). “I thought it was cool.”

“You did?”

“Sure I did. And girls cum too, you know.”

“I know that. I'm just... not really sure how.”

I locked his door, even though our parents weren't due home for almost three hours. “Do you want to find out?”

“Wow. Sure.”

I unbuttoned and took off my blouse, then pulled my undershirt over my head. “Hey,” I said. “You too.”

He quickly got naked and lay down on his bed. I joined him. “Do you want to make me cum?” I asked a bit hesitantly.

“Are you kidding? Sure!”

I stretched out on the bed, and told him to sit up. “First, rub my little breasts. Gently, that's right. Mmmm. Play with the nipples a little. You can even kiss them if you want.”

I closed my eyes. My brother was going to do everything I told him to, and I had a feeling he was going to see a girl “cum” harder than he ever dreamed.

Oh, that was nice: he'd probably never kissed a girl before, but he was doing a wonderful job kissing my hard little nipples.

“Keep doing that,” I said, “and move your hand down to my cunny. Start out being gentle down there, okay?”

“It's really wet,” he said as he slid a finger into my cunny. “Is it supposed to be?”

“Being wet is... well, it's like when your thingie, your cock, is hard. It means girls are feeling all sexy. Oh, that's right, just like that. Move it in and out like you're fucking me. Not too deep, though, because I'm a virgin.”

“What does that have to do with --”

“Nevermind. Less talking and more nipple-kissing and finger-fucking.” (“finger-fucking”: another phrase I'd never heard of before yesterday)

He started moving his finger in and out of me faster, and I was suddenly having a hard time catching my breath. I felt as if I were building up to a “cum” I'd never experienced on my own.

I thought about how much even better it would be if it were Tony's thingie pushing in and out of me – but while it might be small, I was sure it could get me plenty pregnant, especially considering all the baby juice that came out of it yesterday.

Besides, he was my brother: and despite what the website said, it still seemed wrong to let your brother fuck you.

But just the thought of it was making me a little crazy. “Faster,” I groaned. “Fuck me faster, fuck your little sister faster!” And he did, pushing his finger deeper than before, and suddenly my whole body started to shake, and I felt like... wow!

And the next thing I knew, Tony was holding me. “Are you okay?”

“I'm great,” I told him.

“Because you started sreaming like I don't know what.”

I hadn't even remembered that. “Good thing Mom and Dad aren't home,” I said. “Tony, that was amazing.”

I pushed him down onto his back. His thingie was pointing straight up. “I want to try something I read about.” And before either of us could think about it, I lowered my head and took his thingie into my mouth.

“Oh... fuck...” he said.

I tried to remember everything I'd read about sucking a boy's thingie. Using my tongue on it as I sucked. Being very careful with my teeth.

I couldn't imagine how girls sucked those ten-inch ones, but I was happy to be learning on one that was Tony-sized.

“I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum,” Tony suddenly said, and began spurting into my mouth. I knew the decision was “spit or swallow,” and I went for the “spit,” dripping all his cum back onto his body.

He didn't complain.

Over the next couple of months, we got naked and fooled around whenever it was safe to do so. I'd give him hand jobs or suck him. He tried to lick my pussy but honestly, he wasn't that good at it. Not a lot of 12-year-olds are, I imagine. It was still nice when he did it for a few minutes (a couple of times he did it while I was sucking him), but mostly he made me cum using his fingers. He did manage to shove them in too deeply one time and break my hyman, which hurt like hell for a few seconds, but it was okay after that.

And oh, how I was tempted to let him fuck me. We had no way of getting our hands on condoms, but I was already regular enough that we could have done it safely a few days each month – but despite what I'd read online, it still felt like we'd be the only people actually committing incest, and I just couldn't do it.


When Keera invited me and Zoe to swim at her house during Easter break, and asked us to wear t-shirts instead of bathing suit tops even though Bobby was there... well, I wondered whether something was going on between the two of them.

Bobby was cute, and of course a lot older than we were. My first thought was that I wished Keera was still flat like I was because if she had been, maybe she'd be swimming topless, and if she did, maybe I could as well. True, I was only allowed to do that if I were swimming at home and nobody but family was around, but last year she and I had swum topless together at her pool.

I decided to put on a red-and-white striped bikini bottom that was a little small on me and didn't cover all that much, and a long t-shirt that came down almost to my knees, so I wouldn't be walking two blocks to Keera's house with most of my butt exposed.

Once we began swimming though, I realized that a long t-shirt, soaking wet, was very uncomfortable. And okay, also because Bobby didn't seem to be able to take his eyes off of Zoe, and even his own sister, and it made me jealous for some reason, I asked if anybody minded whether I took off my shirt. Of course nobody did; and wearing only very small bikini bottoms, I felt almost naked. And more than a little turned on.

Bobby really seemed to start noticing me then; and as we played around in the pool, he “accidentally” brushed his hand across my bare breast. Of course, once Zoe found an excuse to remove her shirt, she suddenly had Bobby's undivided attention.

So while he was playing grabbies with Zoe in the pool, Keera and I decided to lie in the sun and get a little color after a long winter. It felt good to be lying out there so close to naked.

Keera threw off her own shirt, and lay there with her b-cup tits exposed, which pretty much confirmed to me that something was going on between her and Bobby.

When Bobby and Zoe came out of the water, Bobby decided to lie down on his front, and all of us knew why – so we ganged up on him and wrestled him onto his back. If he had a boner under his switsuit before, wrestling with three almost-naked girls certainly made matters worse. When I saw it, I said something really classy like “Holy shit!”

And then of course Zoe decided he needed to have his bathing suit off of him, to keep him from bursting out of it, so once again the girls went on the attack. When it was all over, Bobby was naked and I was sitting on his legs, so close to his enormous boner (enormous compared to Tony, anyway) that his balls were pressed up against my bikini bottoms.

Everybody was suddenly quiet and still, waiting to see what I was going to.

What I did was lean forward to grab his hands, which pressed his hard thingie against my belly. I brought his hands up to my tiny tits, and he began playing with the nipples, which were so very sensitive.

I could hear myself groaning. I didn't care that Keera and Zoe could hear me.

I moved up a few inches, and ground down hard on his thingie. I could feel it pressing into my cunny through my bikini bottoms, and if I'd had the nerve I'd have pulled off the bottoms and let him fuck me. As it was, my bottoms were so small, he was rubbing against a lot of my bare skin. I knew if my bikini bottoms got pushed just an inch to the side, he'd be able to slide his thingie straight into my bare cunny.

If he tried it, I wasn't sure whether I'd stop him.

I ground into him harder, almost as if I were trying to make my bottoms move to the side. Both of us were groaning loudly now, and his thingie was pushing so hard into my bottoms that the tip of it – along with the nylon of my bottoms – was actually inside of me. Did that count as fucking? Holy shit, we were fucking!

And then he said Oh god, and started cumming, all over my bikini bottoms, and my tits, and his own chest.

Oh, wow.

Once we both caught our breath, Keera told me I'd better rinse out my bikini bottoms in the pool before some of Bobby's cum (she called it “baby-stuff”) got into my cunny. I slid into the pool and while I was underwater, slipped off my one remaining scrap of clothing to make it easier to rinse it clean. It was fun being in the pool naked: maybe the four of us could do that someday. Us girls had seen one another naked plenty of times, of course, and Bobby was good and naked now, so there shouldn't be any objections.

For now, though, I was going to put my bikini bottoms back on before I got out of the pool: but when I looked out, I saw that Keera and Zoe were both naked: Bobby had his fingers in Zoe's cunny, and Keera was on top of him fucking him!

I'd never seen anybody actually fucking before, of course. All I could do was just stand there in the water and stare.

Okay, I didn't just stare: without even realizing it, I'd brought my hand to my cunny, and I was frantically finger-fucking myself.

I came even before Bobby did.

I came out of the pool, completely naked and holding my bikini bottoms, and watched in fascination as Bobby slid in and out of his sister's cunny. They never even noticed I was so close to them.

And it really got me thinking... if they could fuck one another, then why can't Tony and me?

When they were done, Keera climbed off of him and she and Zoe went into the house to find dry t-shirts for Zoe and me to wear home. Bobby lay there on the grass, totally exhausted. Well, he'd just cum twice, after all, once all over me and once inside his sister (I'd later find out that he'd also cum all over Keera before Zoe and I showed up).

I handed him his swimsuit, staring at his thingie as I did so. It was soft now, of course, but still a lot bigger than Tony's, and looking at it made me feel warm inside. “Next time,” I told him, when my friends were out of earshot, “I want this thing inside of me.” And then I took it in my hand and gave it a kiss.

Okay, and a very brief suck as well.

It tasted of Keera's cunny, which didn't freak me out as much as I'd expected it to.

When I let it out of my mouth, it was twitching a little. I was so tempted to try sucking him off right then and there – but I had a feeling cumming again so soon would kill him off.


Two days later I had my “monthly visitor,” right on schedule, reminding me that if I'd been brave enough to take off my bikini bottom when I was grinding on top of Bobby, or at least pushed it a bit to the side, exposing my cunny, I could have fucked him with no consequences.

It was frustrating to think about.

Just as frustrating was the fact that for a couple of days after it ended, I knew I was still totally safe, but I couldn't find an opportunity to be alone with Tony. Little did he know that I probably would have let him put his thingie inside of me, and cum inside of me.


The following weekend, we were all over at Keera's, for a sleepover. We were on the living room couch, watching our third movie of the night (a Twilight marathon, though I didn't think any of us would last beond this one), when Bobby came in from his date. I don't remember whose idea it was, but just as he was walking by us, we all stood up and lifted our jerseys up to our chins, flashing him. He said something like “I missed those things,” referring to our breasts, but hurried by. A couple of minutes later, we heard the shower starting.

“I'm going to the bathroom,” I said, standing up.

“But Bobby's taking a shower,” Keera reminded me.

“Yeah, that's what I'm going to the bathroom for.”

Zoe gave me a thumbs-up (Keera didn't, I realized later), and I went quickly upstairs. There's no lock on the bathroom door, so I walked right in.

I started undressing and Bobby, hearing somebody else in the bathroom, looked out from behind the shower curtain. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“Joining you,” she said. “Duh.”

He was too surprised to respond, and just stepped back and let me join him in the shower.

He couldn't seem to take his eyes off of me and the water sprayed all over my body, which made me so hot. And then I said “Remember what I told you I'd do the next time we were alone together?

I didn't even wait for a response, but kneeled down in front of him and took his hard thingie in my hand, and then slipped it into my mouth. It was so much larger than Tony's, and I loved it.

I sucked him as hard and as fast as I could without hurting him, and it didn't take him long to cum.

And he came a lot, over and over again, without giving me time to prepare or spit it out or anything. I started choking, coughing up cum, and I kept thinking this would be one really embarrassing way to die.

But finally I was okay, and he held me against his strong, naked body as I caught my breath, and as far as I was concerned that made it all worth it. “That's a lot more than I'm used to,” I said, suddenly realizing I'd just let on that he wasn't the first boy I'd sucked. I hoped he didn't think of me as a slut.

“Is that a good thing?” he asked.


He smiled at that, soaped up his hands, and began washing me. Starting with my little breasts and hard nipples, which somehow didn't surprise me. Then he kneeled down, and brought his hands to just above my cunny. I didn't know whether he was planning to slip a finger into me, or use his tongue on me. I was trembling in anticipation of either one.

And then suddenly there was a knock on the bathroom door. I swear, we both ammost jumped out of the tub.

“Bobby?” his father asked “Are you still in the shower?”

“Uh... yeah,” he yelled back.

“Please finish up. I need to use the bathroom.”

“Sure thing, okay.”

Bobby and I looked at one another, and I must have looked as terrified as he did. His father didn't seem to be moving from in front of the bathroom door, and there was no way for me to sneak out. Best case scenario, I was going to be grounded until I was 21. Whatever else my punishment included, it was probably going to include a chastity belt.

We needed the cavalry to come and rescue us.

But wait... this was 2012, and there was a way to call for the cavalry. If we were lucky.

Bobby must have headed directly to the bathroom when he got home, because all his clothing lay in a pile on the floor. “Tell me you still have your cell phone with you,” I asked him in a near-whisper.

“Yeah, still in my pants pocket.”

I stepped out of the tub, dripping all over the place, and rummaged through his pocket. I found the phone, powered it up, and texted Keera: 911 FROM SAM. GET YR DAD DOWNSTRS FOR FEW MINS ASAP! And then I prayed Keera had her phone downstairs with her, which she usually did.

Less than a minute later – and it was a very nervous minute – we heard Bobby's father's footsteps walking away. We learned later that Keera had pressed random buttons on the DVD remote until the picture got all screwed up, then yelled upstairs asking her father to come down and help her “figure out” what had happened. He was gone for just a few minutes, but that was time enough for me to pull on my panties and my jersey, and dash out of the bathroom into Bobby's room (because I couldn't very well come downstairs, passing his father on the staircase, soaking wet).

His father came back just as he was coming out of the bathroom, and I could hear him saying “Bobby, you probably shouldn't be walking the halls wearing just a towel when your sister's little friends are in the house.”

“You're right, Dad. Sorry.”


I crouched out of sight behind Bobby's bed as I heard the door opening, just in case. When I saw that it was just him, and he'd locked the door behind him, I got to my feet and walked over to him. “Your father is right,” I told him, putting my hand on the towel around his waist. Then I yanked it off. “See how easily it can come loose, exposing yourself to innocent little girls?”

“Good thing I haven't seen any lately,” he said, pulling my jersey over my head. He took a step back and looked at me, dressed in nothing but my panties. “You are cute,” he said with a smile.

I glanced down at his thingie, already getting hard again, and knew that he meant it. “So where were we?” I asked.

He pushed me down onto the bed, and I raised my legs as he pulled off my panties. “I'm not sure,” he said, “but I think I was about to lick your cute little pussy.”

“That was probably it,” I agreed, “and my... pussy was hoping you would.” If I'm old enough to have a 16-year-old eating my pussy, I'm old enough to call it a pussy

He brought his mouth to my pussy, and started thrusting his tongue onto me almost frantically. My sense of elation quickly faded: I should have realized if he'd never had his cock sucked before, he'd probably never eaten a pussy. “It's even nicer if you do it slowly,” I said gently. “Like.. like you're massaging my pussy with your tongue.”

He followed my instructions and holy shit, that felt good. I heard myself begin to groan, and I realized I was pinching my own nipples hard.

I let go of my right nipple, and used my right hand to grab Bobby's pillow and push it against my mouth. And just in time too, because a moment later I came like I'd never cum before, bucking my body up against his face, and screaming into the pillow.

Oh god, that was incredible. It felt as if every nerve ending on my body had gone off at once. If that's how good a tongue could feel in my pussy, I was going to have to get a cock in there and soon!

I threw the pillow to the floor and law there naked as my breathing slowly returned to normal, which he lightly stroked my chest. I don't think I'd ever felt happier, and more peaceful in my life.

And then... a knock on the door.

We both jumped.

“Uh... who is it?” Bobby called out, as I slipped under his blanket, pulling it up to the top of my head to cover myself (not thinking about how utterly worthless that would be if one of his parents walked in)

“It's just me, Zoe. Can I come in?”

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