Okay, So This Story Is Now Getting Done In Lucy's POV . . .

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I woke up and slipped on one of Colton's shirts, that went to almost to my knees. When I walked downstairs my mother wasnt there, but I did notice a note on the refrigerator that read:

Hey Dears, went out to Marys house probably wont be back until late. You guys dont have school tomorrow so um, you guys can stay up as long as you want.
Love, Mom
P.S Lucy, dont do ANYTHING stupid .

I smiled to myself . I walked over to the cabinets and reached up to grab something, but failed. I felt arms snake around my waist and pick me up, I grabed that something I needed and felt myself being put back down. I turned around and saw that handsome brother of mine standing before me grinning.
"Hey" I said.
"Hey" he smiled.
"Mom said she probably wont be back until late"
"Okay" he nodded and I walked over the the toaster and slid a piece of bread in there. Swaying my hips to a beat in my head. Colton groaned.
"Damn you look so sexy in my clothes" he grabbed my hips and pulled me back into his chest.

"Do I Now" I asked and grinded my ass towards his crotch.
"Mhm yes" he picked me up by my hips and set me on the counter. He nuzzled his face in my neck and started sucking it.
"Colton" I moaned out, he groaned against my neck. His fingers lightly traced up my thigh and then crawled under the hem of the shirt and traced patters on my inner thigh. I could not believe how good he made me feel. He made me feel all gushy inside, hot. He finally reached my pussy. He smirked in my neck.
"No panties, I like" his index fingers circled my hole and his thumb rubbed my clit. My hips jerked up towards him. He slowly slid two fingers inside my wet hole. Pumping in and out, getting faster and faster. Making me wet.
"Oh Colton" I moaned.
"Yes baby, moan my name" his voice husky. It just made him sound so sexy. He pumped harder.
"Coltonnnnnn" I screamed out. I tightend around his fingers.
"Yeah, cum for me baby" And thats just what I did. My juice ran down my thighs.
"Damn that was sexy" he groaned. Next thing I know I feel his hot lips on my clit. His tongue traced my slit. He parted my lips and started sucking. I was still kinda wide from last night so he stuck his tongue in my hole.
"Coltonnnn" I cried out. I grabbed his head and pushed him deeper. I was probably suffocating him, but it felt to good to let go. I heard a gasp and something fall. Our heads shot up, there stood Coltons best friend, Nick. The man I had sex with.
"Woah" he muttered. He looked at me with such lust, it almost made me wanna cry.
"What are you doing here" Colton asked.
"Urm, you invited me over last night"
"God damn it. It totally slipped my mind"
"Your not gonna tell anyone are you" I asked. He stared at me for a moment, then shook his head.
"No, i'm not gonna tell" I smirked.
"Well then, how about you join in on the fun. Come eat my pussy baby" he dropped the other bag in his hand down and came over to me. Colton growled.
"Just to let you know, I will have you to myself tonight" Colton whispered in my ear and bit my lobe. I moaned,
"Good" I replied. As soon as I said that I felt Nick's tongue plunge into my pussy.
"Oh Nick" I cried. His hand ran up my hips to my stomach and squeezed my breast, then came back down, his thumb now rubbing my clit. I jerked my hips towards his face, knowing I was almost ready to cum again.
"I'm gona cum" I yelled.
"Yeah, cum for me" he groaned. I did. My body was shaking violently.
"Damn baby" he said.
"Coltonnn" I cooed.
"What" he replied.
"Come here" I patetd the kitchen counter. He got up there and sat back. I kissed him on the lips before pulling down his boxers and straddling him.
"I want you to make love to me" I said and grabbed his dick and slid it in me. He gasped and grabbed my hips so I was hovering over him.
"I love you" I breathed out.
"I love you too" he said looking into my eyes. He put one hand on my hip and the other on the small of my back. I started to bounce up and down. But Colton took control and started to slam in and outta me.
"Oh Colton, fuck me harder"
"Thats what you want" I heard him ask.
"Well then, thats what you're gonna get" Thats what he did, hitting me G-spot everythime he stroked in. I felt something rubbing my asshole. Then, try to push it in. But, I knew that I was to tight. Nick spit on his hand and rubbed it on his hand for lubrication. He slid in my ass easier than he did before. Mhm, he felt good. I cried out in pain and pleasure.
"Nickkkk" I moaned. He put his hand on my back and put more force in his stroked going deeper and faster. Having two men in me was absoulute pleasure. I tightend around both Nick and Colton,
"Cum for me" Nick said as Colton said "Cum for me baby"
"I'm cumming" I yelled. My juices ran down onto Colton, he groaned. I felt his cum shot into me.
"Damn" I said.
"Thanks for that" Nick said grabbing his clothes and dressing.
"I'll come by later Colton" he said and then left, leaving me sitting there speechless.
"I love you so much" I told Colton.
"I love you too baby" I softly kissed his lips and went upstairs to take a hot shower.

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Love it can't wait for part three

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Good but i like coltons point of view better

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