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Natalie is an ambitious young dog trainer with a taste for the finer things in life
Natalie was a dog trainer living in Dewberry Place, a wealthy suburb, while she and her widowed mother lived in a trailer park at the edge of town with all the other "help" that
serviced the wealthy residents of Dewberry Place.

Natalie liked training dogs. She really did. She had started working with dogs when she was thirteen years old as a kind of gofer/volunteer/intern with the town vet. Now, three years later,
Natalie had obtained a user contract with a local private kennel to act as an animal obedience instructor.

During the intervening years, Natalie had gone to the excellent little library that Dewberry Place boasted and had read extensively both on the theory and the practice of dog obedience
training. She had become as well versed in both the techniques and the technology associated with the field as any other trainer in town. But beyond her book knowledge, Natalie possessed the gift of a natural affinity for and empathy with the dogs she trained. No matter what breed or disposition, sooner or later, every dog Natalie set out to train ended up being trained. And well trained at that.

What with high school and dog training, Natalie didn't have time for much of a social life. To be honest, her mother was just as glad. She had heard so much from her neighbors in the trailer
park and she had read so much in the local weekly paper about how teenage girls in Dewberry Place were always getting themselves into trouble, what with drinking, and partying, and getting
knocked up and all. She was so relieved that Natalie had avoided all that adolescent craziness in favor of training dogs and making good money from it. Her mother was even more relieved when Natalie, on her own, opened a savings account for college and began socking away most of her earnings.

Natalie's reputation as a first class obedience trainer of dogs spread by word of mouth from one satisfied dog owner to another. After a while, that reputation gave her quite a long list of clients. Eventually, she had so many commissions that she told her mother that she had decided to postpone college for at least a year or so, and just concentrate on making the good money
training dogs provided her. Natalie also found that she could begin to pick and choose just which client/dog owners she wanted to work with. She soon figured out that while dogs were dogs, their owners often varied greatly according to their income level. And some of the income levels in Dewberry Place were nothing short of phenomenal (except in the trailer park). And since dogs really were dogs, it just made good common sense to Natalie to train rich people's dogs rather than any other people's dogs. The rich dog owners paid her much more money for the same level of service. So why not?

After a while, Natalie also came to the conclusion that rich, early-middle-aged women dog owners were the very best kind for her particular type of dog training. They were far less
demanding of their dogs, much more affectionate with them, and Natalie found that her natural empathy worked so much better with this class of women.

Gina was one of those rich, early-middle-age women Natalie was gladdest to add to her clientele. Gina was obviously a sensitive, caring person, at least where her dog, Tobago, was
concerned. For example, when she brought Tobago over to the kennel for her weekly training session, she herself drove the dog over in her shiny new Mercedes. Natalie sometimes wondered why Gina didn't just order her chauffer to bring Tobago over to the kennel for her. But, when asked by Natalie one day, Gina merely said that she really loved her Labradoodle, and just didn't trust her with anyone else. Natalie had her own secret thoughts about why Gina made it a point to bring Tobago to the training sessions herself, but she discretely kept them to herself.

Natalie didn't mind the fact that Gina brought Tobago to the kennel personally. She didn't mind it at all. Natalie didn't mind because it gave the sixteen-year-old dog trainer a weekly opportunity to observe this rich, well-bred, thirty-something woman. And, truth to tell, Natalie most definitely liked what she saw. And, given the way Gina practically ogled her as she watched the young girl put Tobago through her paces, so did she.

Natalie took it all in as she had on a number of previous occasions with other early middle aged female dog owners who expressed more than a normal interest in her. She began to dress in ways that she just knew would provoke Gina's interest; tight, cut-off T-shirts that emphasized her small and perky tities, and well-muscled midriff and tight short shorts that flattered
her sexy little ass, long, curvy legs and camel-toed into her tight little pussy.

When it became obvious to the hot young teen that her alluring attire had had its desired and evident effect on Gina, Natalie began to make her own secret little plans for the older woman.
Natalie's plans most certainly involved obedience training.

About six sessions into Tobago's training, Natalie decided to start implementing her intriguing little plan for Gina. As she was handing off the exhausted but happy Labradoodle to its owner
at the end of the training hour, Natalie said casually, "You know, Gina. I think Tobago is doing really well so far. Yet I have to tell you that there is a problem with her training."

Gina looked at the alluring girl, noticing that her little nipples were poking out from her “Dogs Rule” t-shirt. Natalie, subtly pressed her chest forward slightly, to emphasize the effect.

Gina certainly didn't want Natalie to stop Tobago's training. Not when watching the sexy young
girl work with her dog had become one of her most looked forward to weekly events.

"What kind of problem, Natalie? I don't want for there to be any kind of problem associated with getting Tobago well trained."

Natalie grinned.

"Well, Gina, to be honest, it’s the other dogs at the kennel here. All their barking and all their smells really distract Tobago. She tries her best, but Labradoodles are extremely curious
dogs by nature, and she's constantly being distracted. I bet I lose about half of the total training time each session re-gaining her attention."

"Well, that's not good. My little Tobago needs to be well trained. What should we do, Natalie?" asked Gina, while wondering how those hard little nipples would feel on her tongue,.

Natalie smiled her sweetest smile and placed a reassuring hand on Gina’s warm, tanned arm, letting her tough linger.

"Well, I *could* train Tobago out at your house, “ said Natalie, letting her smile grow.

Gina blinked and smiled. Then she blinked again and smiled even brighter as she began to catch Natalie's drift. Gina couldn't hide the fact that she had a taste for sweet young cunt,
and Natalie looked just good enough to eat. Gina began to speculate. Perhaps some one-on-one training sessions out at the estate would lead to something interesting and enjoyable further.

"Wow, Natalie. Would you be willing to do that for me?" gushed Gina.

Natalie smiled serenely and nodded. She allowed her hand casually to stroke Gina's arm and noted happily that the older woman didn't pull away.

"Sure I would, Gina. I'm afraid it would cost a bit more money because of the extra time for me and all. But I think that if you want Tobago trained correctly, it's really the only way
to do it."

Gina looked Natalie up and down, appraising, speculating, fantasizing- the girl’s touch was electric on her arm and now it was her nipples that were standing at attention. Natalie took note.

"How about I send James over with the car next week at Tobago's usual time. He can bring you out to the house and take you back here, or anywhere else you want to go when you get through with that day's session,." said Gina making her decision.

Natalie smiled brightly and said that she thought that was a great idea. Soon, she and Gina had settled upon an appropriate fee and had made all the arrangements.

As she drove away that day, Gina admitted to herself that she thought Natalie's revised fee had been just a bit steep. But she finally rationalized the extra cost and trouble away. After all,
nothing was too good for her Tobago. And nothing was too good for her either. She knew that Natalie lived in a trailer park, and that her mother was white trash. That made it all the more exciting to her. Gina didn't mind paying for pussy occasionally, especially if what she got was a hot little bitch like Natalie. Gina’s fingers were trembling on the steering wheel just thinking about it. She wanted Natalie, and her cunt wanted Natalie’s tongue. She could feel her satin thong dampen at the very thought of it. And after all, what was money for if not to enjoy it?

Precisely on time the next week, Gina's Mercedes arrived at the kennel where Natalie worked. Natalie was standing right out front with her training bag in her hand. James the chauffeur
actually got out and opened the door for her. Natalie was dressed in the tightest, short-shorts she owned, that showed the fleshy curve at the bottom of her ass. Natalie’s pink thong was clearly visible through the shorts. She wore a red tight fitting tank and no bra with the words “Sexy Bitch” emblazoned across her firm little boobs.

Natalie smiled brightly at the chauffeur's dutiful manners, and climbed into the spacious back seat. Natalie couldn’t help notice how James checked out her little body while raising a grey eye-brow.

This was real luxury. Natalie was being exposed to more and more of it as her wealthy dog training clientele grew. And she simply adored it.

When they arrived at Gina's estate, James got out of the car as before and opened Natalie's door for her. The teenager reveled in the fact that a girl like her, who lived with her single
parent mother in a trailer park on the edge of town, was getting such royal treatment. And all this was coming to her just because she was good at training dogs.

Gina was waiting right there at the front door of her large home to meet Natalie. Tobago was waiting impatiently beside Gina nearly frantic with joy at seeing her trainer. Natalie smiled and scratched behind the dog's ears.

"Happy to see me, huh Tobago?"

Gina’s jaw dropped slightly when she saw what Natalie was wearing, “sexy bitch” didn’t half cover it. Gina licked her lips involuntarily checking out how the young girl’s pussy was outlined in the crotch of her shorts as she squatted to pet Tobago. Gina stared directly at the teen girl’s cunt.

"We both are, Natalie,” sighed Gina.

Natalie caught Gina's meaning by the sultry look in her eye. The teen girl almost snickered aloud as she thought to herself as they walked inside, 'this was going to be fucking sweet.'

"Hi, Gina," Natalie smiled happily as the older woman closed the heavy front door behind them.

"Did you make sure that we have a place to work where there will be no distractions for Tobago?"

Gina smiled a seductive little smile.

"Oh yes, Natalie. We can use the guesthouse. It's away back off in the trees and it's very secluded. It has a big open living room with plenty of space for Tobago and us both.

Natalie smiled. This was just exactly what she wanted.

"That sounds great. Let's go."

Soon Natalie, Gina, and Tobago were standing in the big front room of the guesthouse. Aside from a couch and a couple lounge chairs, the room was practically empty.

Gina placed her hand lightly on Natalie's arm.

"I had most of the furniture taken out, Natalie, so we would have all the room we needed. And I've told all of the servants not to disturb us."

Natalie smiled her sweetest smile.

"How wonderful. Just you and me and Tobago in this big old room. I'm sure I'll have plenty of space to train her correctly here."

Gina returned the young girl's smile and sat herself down languidly on the couch to watch. Gina was wearing a floral yellow sun dress, that was it. While she usually wore bra and panties, she had decided to forgo those for this training session.

For the next hour, Gina stayed seated on the couch and observed Natalie work on that week's training schedule with Tobago. At first, Tobago had some trouble getting used to her
new training environment. But Natalie was patient with her and soon the black Labradoodle felt right at home and got into the swing of her training as if she had been here all along.

Gina looked on as Natalie worked the dog, but her lust-eager mind was focused fully on the girl’s hot little body and not at all on the training. Natalie had worn the very kind of outfit that Gina found enticing in the extreme: short shorts and a low that that almost revealed Natalie’s firm little titties every time she bent over. Gina loved that she could see the girl’s pink thong through the thin material of her white shorts. She imagined finally pulling aside the damp crotch of the teens thong and seeing, smelling, experiencing her sweet little cunt. Did she shave or would she find a patch of downy blonde hair?

By the end

When she finished with Tobago's training, Natalie ordered the gentle black dog to lie down on a throw rug over in the corner of the big room and rest. Tobago happily did as instructed, finding an out of the way vantage point from which she could observe her mistress and her trainer.

"You look tired, Natalie," Gina said with just a hint of huskiness in her voice.

"Come sit next to me on the couch and relax, “ Gina’s voice was like honey.

Natalie looked over at the older woman, smiled, and sauntered over to where she was sitting. As she approached Gina, Natalie's eyes took the older woman in: nice long legs exposed as her yellow sun dress was resting well above her knees, large firm breasts constrained by a tight,
thin, material of the dress, it was obvious Gina wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples were hared and strained against the thin fabric.. Natalie most definitely liked what she saw. And Natalie also liked the sensuous smile that was all over Gina's face as the young girl sat down close beside her.

"You really have a way with animals, Natalie," Gina purred as she let her free hand stroke the teenager's blonde hair.

"I don't think Tobago could have gotten better training from anyone else in town."

Natalie closed her eyes, leaned back luxuriantly against Gina’s woman's side, and allowed the older woman to continue running her fingers through her hair.

"I like training dogs, Gina," was Natalie's simple reply as she pressed her aching titties against the Gina’s arm.

Then Natalie slowly turned her head so that they were facing each other and opened her eyes. She looked deeply into Gina's soul.

"Do you want to kiss me now, Gina? I saw the way you looked at me during the training session. Do you want to fuck me Gina, do you want to taste my young cunt?" Natalie asked with a wicked grin.

To here dirty talk from this hot young girl was almost overpowering. Yes. She wanted to kiss and fuck Natalie in the worst way. She had been watching her for an hour, allowing her erotic
hunger to grow as she observed that tantalizing young body of hers. And now she wanted more than anything in this life fuck this teenager sitting so close beside her.

"Yes, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, " Gina breathed her warm breath into Natalie's face.

"I want to kiss you, Natalie."

Natalie smiled a sweet-wicked little smile. Then she turned so that she faced the older woman on the couch. Her hands reached out and she slowly began rubbing her palms against Gina's
braless breasts through the material of her dress and then narrowed her fingers over the hard big nipples and pinched them hard..

"Are you really sure you want to fuck me now, Gina?" looking right into the older woman’s eyes.

Gina moaned sensually deep in her throat at the girl's wanton, teasing hands on her body.

"Oh yes, Natalie. I want to kiss you, I want to fuck you so bad," groaned Gina.

Natalie kept fondling the older woman's breasts; squeezing, stroking, pinching and twisting her aching nipples.

"Really, really sure?" said Natalie, teasing.

Gina couldn't wait a minute longer, "Yes, Natalie. Please let me kiss you."

Natalie smiled.

"OK rich bitch," Natalie whispered, "I'll let you kiss me but you'll have to do something for me, first."

Gina's expression took on a note of apprehensive curiosity. Was Natalie going to ask for more money? Well, Gina was so hot for hot girl right now that she would have paid almost anything
to have her way with her.

"What do you want me to do, Natalie?"

In reply, the teen girl removed one of her hands from its sensuous occupation, reached around, and placed her fingers seductively on the nape of the older woman's neck and began ensuously stroking along her sensitive flesh.

Gina closed her eyes and allowed Natalie's fingers to play across the back of her neck. She began making little mewing noises in the back of her throat. She was getting so hot for
this young teen girl.

When Natalie didn't respond to her question right away, Gina forced her eyes open and looked directly into the young girl's blue eyes.

"What do you want me to do, Natalie?"

Natalie smiled, removed her other hand from the older woman's breast, and reached into her training bag, which was sitting on the floor beside the couch. Then she showed a bewildered and suddenly very apprehensive Gina what she had taken out of the bag. It was a dog collar.

"I want to put this collar on you, Candy girl. If you let me put my little doggie collar on you, then I'll let you kiss me and then fuck me."

Gina blinked and shook her head as if she were trying to get the cobwebs out of her mind. Her little plan for seducing this teenage dog trainer was not going quite as planned. Not at all.

Gina, not Natalie, was supposed to be the aggressor. Now, this girl, for whom she had a major case of the hots and for whom she was paying a major fee, was imposing her own nasty conditions on their little game.

Gina looked Natalie over again, noticing how hard her little nipples looked, this little slut was sooooo hot.

"Well, Gina, do you want me, or don't you?"

Natalie was cool and collected. She was going to have her little way, or she was going to leave. That was obvious.

"Don't you want to me, Gina? It feels like you do,” said Natalie in a little girl’s voice.

Gina could do nothing but nod her head in agreement. Oh yes. She most definitely wanted Natalie. The girl's fingers stroking her neck were driving her absolutely crazy.

Gina lowered her eyes.

"OK, Natalie. You can put your dog collar on me if you let me have you. I'll play your sick little game. For now, anyway,” said Gina, submitting.

Natalie held the collar in her hand, making no move to put it around the older woman's neck. Her stroking fingers were doing her persuading for her.

Gina looked up at the teenager, her face full of questioning.

Natalie smiled at her.

"Ask me, Gina. I want you to ask me to put my dog collar on you."

Gina shivered all over her body. She felt humiliated beyond anything she could remember. She most certainly didn't want to ask Natalie to degrade her by putting such a thing as a dog collar
on her. But she also most certainly wanted to kiss the young girl sitting next to her. She wanted it more than anything.

Gina bowed her head in degradation.

"Please put your dog collar on me, Natalie," Gina said in a diffident little girl whisper.

Natalie smiled.

"That's not good enough, you rich cunt. Say it louder, and really put your heart and soul into it for me."

Gina began to cry. But she finally found the strength to look directly at her tormentor.

"Please, Natalie. Please put your dog collar on me. I really want you. Pleeeeeease, Natalie."

Natalie giggled, leaned over the now frantic older woman, and fastened the dog collar around Gina's neck.

"Now that you have my collar on, rich bitch, I want you to be a good mommy dog for me and beg."

In her lust-fogged state of mind, Gina didn't know what Natalie meant.

"What, Natalie?"

"Beg, cunt. You know, just like Tobago. If she can do it, you can, too."

An image of Tobago seated on her hind paws with her forepaws held in front of her came to Gina's mind. Did Natalie want her to act like that?

"Beg, like a dog slut. Beg!" said Natalie so loud Tobago lifted her had as if worried.

As hot tears ran down her face, Gina slowly sat up straight on the sofa and put her two arms out in front of her parallel with the floor. Natalie smiled and scratched the older woman behind her

"Good mommy bitch. Now, what do you say?"

Gina looked imploringly at the teenaged girl in front of her.

"Please don't, Natalie. Please don't make me do this."

Without warning, Natalie slapped Gina's face.

“Stop the whining cunt, I’m the trainer here remember! You’re a bad fucking bitch. Now, what do good doggies say?"

Gina abandoned all hope. She just had to satisfy her erotic hunger for this girl no matter how cruelly she was treated by her.

"Bark, bark," the older woman tried her best to imitate her lLabradoodle.

Natalie grinned.

"That's a good, obedient little doggiewoggie," Natalie cooed as she pulled Gina's head close to her own. As a reward for good behavior, the teen girl placed her full lips against those of the
older woman and kissed her softly.

Gina moaned deep in her throat as Natalie's tongue probed wantonly deep inside her open mouth. Then she kissed back with all her will. God, she was so very hot for this enticing

Natalie indulged Gina's fervent, hungry kiss for a few more minutes. Then she pulled away.

"I think Gina bitch wants to kiss me again. Doesn't she?"

Gina felt like she was falling down a black well of the soul from which she would never arise again. But Natalie was so powerful, and so desirable, that she found that she really didn't
want to come back after all.

"Doesn't she?" Natalie insisted. As she spoke, the teenager ran her exploring fingertip against Gina's neck all along the top of Gina's tight dog collar.

Gina continued to cry softly, "Yes, Natalie. Gina bitch likes kissing you."

Natalie smiled and let her other index fingernail trace the older woman's pussy up and down, up and down through the thin material of the dress. Then, she lifted the dress slowly exposing Gina's set cunt. As the older woman sat there, hypnotized with lust, Natalie began tickling her trimmed pubic hair God how Gina wanted Natalie to play with her pussy, but she knew deep in her soul not to ask. Natalie would do whatever she wanted, and in her own time.

Gina gurgled deep in her throat as Natalie continued to tease her, letting her finger tips and the backs of her fingers circle the woman’s dripping pussy.

"I bet Gina rich bitch is so happy that she would be wagging her fucking her tail."

Gina immediately began sliding her firm ass across the material of the sofa in a humiliating attempt to "wag her tail." It no longer mattered to Gina how far Natalie made her do. All
she wanted was more.

"And does my Gina rich bitch want to kiss me... somewhere else?"

Gina's eyes widened. Natalie was offering to allow her new pet the honored privilege of kissing her intimately. Gina was now almost beside herself with itching, burning desire.

"Yes, Natalie. Your Gina bitch would be honored to kiss you anywhere you said."

Natalie raised her other hand from Gina's neck and patted the older woman's head as if she were an obedient dog. Which, by now of course, she was.

"I don't know, Gina bitch. Getting that kind of treat from me is a whole lot more than even a good doggie cunt like you should expect from one-on-one training.”

Again, Gina did not understand what Natalie was driving at. But she still wanted with all her heart to taste young girl’s cunt. And she would just have to do whatever it took. Wouldn't she?

The older woman once again assumed the "beg" position.

"Bark, bark."

Natalie giggled.

"Well, Gina bitch . If you want to kiss me in my sweet teen cunt, you'll have to earn the privilege. You'll have to agree to join my bitch kennel. And you'll also have to agree to take weekly obedience lessons from me, you will have to be my bitch do you understand cunt?”

Gina was stunned almost to unconsciousness.

"Your kennel?" Gina mumbled.

Natalie looked directly at her and nodded her head in agreement.

Gina's mind recoiled as though she were suddenly confronted with a poisonous snake. "Bitch kennel?" "Obedience lessons?"

Natalie could see by the terrified look on Gina's shocked face that some explanation was now in order.

"Yes, Candy girl. For the past year, I've been assembling a little private bitch girl kennel. In fact, your good friend Aileen is one of my best-behaved bitches. So is the mayor's wife. She's such a little cutie pie when she's lying on her back all naked on the ground, whining and begging with her little paws waving in the air."

Gina suddenly wanted to run for her life, but Natalie's teasing finger was suddenly inside her fucking her quick and hard, her juices were flowing freely now, as Natalie, slammed two fingers deep into her cunt. Gina could not seem to tear herself away from that tantalizing finger She groaned as she watched this strange hot girl fuck her.

"You see, Ellie Peters, you know, the elementary school principal, has this big farm a few miles from town. And all my bitches have contributed a whole lot of money to build a nice kennel for us out there. It has everything that I need to train all my nasty cunt bitches to be very, very obedient.”

Natalie pushed three fingers deep into Gina’s pussy making sloppy sounds as she fucked her hard. Letting the nail on her thumb scrape away at the older woman’s engorged and slick clit.

Gina's finger-squeezing contractions and hot stickiness told Natalie in no uncertain terms that she definitely had another prospect for her exclusive kennel.

"Of course, when my bitches behave very well for me, I give them tasty treats to reinforce their good behavior. Sometimes I let them play together while I watch; they're just so fucking hot rolling around on the ground with each other, and sniffing, and licking cunts and filling them with anything they have at hand.."

Natalie's fingers were twisting and sliding slowly and rhythmically in and out of the older woman’s dripping cunt. Gina was whimpering and squealing just like a happy little puppy.

"And sometimes I even let them play with me. They're so frisky you know, and they really try hard to be good and do what I tell them so I'll be happy with them. They just love putting their
paws on me and licking me all over my perky little breasts,,,” Natalie lifted her tank off revealing her tities, “ And they really love my girl juice…” Natalie removed her fingers and in one movement removed her shorts and thong showing Gina her shaved young pussy with only a patch of blonde hair at the top. “Do you like my cunt Gina bitch?” asked Natalie as she continued plowing three fingers into he older woman’s waiting cunt.

Gina's eyes were wide with anxiety. She didn't think she wanted to become one of Natalie's trained dogs. But, maybe she did.

The teen girl's probing fingers felt so exquisite and now the fingers of her other hand were flashing back and forth over her foaming cunt.

Gina’s erotic mind flashes involving frisking around with all the other naked bitches like the very hot Ellie Peters', the most beautiful woman in down. She imagined licking the young teacher’s delectable clit. It was all driving Gina out of her mind.

Natalie, seeing the anxiety and the carnal hunger warring with each other deep in her latest pet's eyes, just continued to stroke the older woman's fat throbbing clit, while pounding her g-spot, deep inside her cunt with three fingers.

Gina slowly began to relax, and she allowed her lewd desire to be intimate with Natalie overpower all her fear and humiliation.

Her lust hunger was stronger than ever. She simply could not resist. Gina abandoned herself completely to Natalie's will. If becoming one of Natalie's "cunt bitches" meant that she
could worship this powerfully enticing teen girl in the way she wanted to, then she would just have to become one. Wouldn't she?

Once again, Natalie could sense that her training techniques were providing her with yet another rich, submissive bitch to pet and to play with.

"You know, Gina bitch. I'm really good at training dogs to be very obedient. And sick little rich bitch sluts like you are nothing but dogs, too. Aren't they, you doggie slut?"

As an answer, Gina looked at Natalie and whined just like a bitch in heat. Which is exactly what she was?

Natalie leaned over and sucked Gina, trembling clit into her mouth letting her tongue flashed back and forth over the compliant woman’s cunt flesh. She continued to viciously slam her fingers in and out of Gina’s cunt. Then like a little puppy Natalie’s began to bite and nibble on the tender, sensitive clit flesh. While ramming her fingers hard into her G-spot, Gina’s cunt walls grabbing hard. .

Gina’s cunt erupted as she screamed, “I’m your fucking bitch!”

Cum sprayed from Gina’s cunt and Natalie sloshed it all over the older woman’s thighs and tummy. Gina arched her back again as a second convulsion squirted cum all over Natalie’s hot little body. After several convulsions Gina finally subsided, her breathing heavy as she became aware of the collar again.

“Tobago, here, its time to clean up mommy bitch!” Natalie commanded.

Gina’s eyes open wide, “No,” she though “Not this,” As she heard her dog get up and approach the couch.


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