A friendship suddenly turns into much more!
"Logan, are you ready to go?" I call out from the parking lot.
"Yeah, one minute Ryan." Logan responds as he looks back at me in the car.

As you can see, my name is Ryan. I am 16 years old. I am about 6'2" feet tall, and weigh about 170 pounds, all muscle. I have brown hair which is always kept fairly short and I have green eyes that have for a long time melted girls when the looked into them. Logan is 14 years old, although he looks and sometimes acts like he is more like 12. Short and slim, mostly likely 5'5" and around 100 pounds. He has some muscle but is 70% skinny. Not much body hair, but the hair that he does have is very blonde like the hair on his head. His blonde hair is medium in length but always looking good. He took pride in his beautiful hair. And last but not least, his stunning and deep sea looking blue eyes, which could almost turn me on alone! Logan plays on the baseball team for the school, the same team that I used to play on, but no longer. I was very good friends with the coach on the team and I wasn't a bad player either. With all that, and the fact that I am very good friends with many of the current players, the coach allows me to help out with the team whenever I can, which is most of the time.

To me, it is one of my favorite things to do. I love baseball, and I love teaching and helping. All the kids look up to me, mainly because I am not very serious and love to goof around, but at the same time, I help them and they see a big difference in their game. That, and I am also bi-sexual, and seeing these boys in their uniforms, and not in their uniforms after the games, is most likely the greatest thing in the world to me.

I have quite a lot of sexual experience, with both guys and girls. Most of them have been around my age, or just a bit younger. I consider sex and bodies beautiful, and as a result I do not say no to much. Everyone has their own beauty. I have had more sexual experience with girls, but the few guys that I have had, have been my favorite sexual experiences!

Now Logan is a good friend of mine. It is very obvious that he looks up to me. He calls me almost every night to ask about what he can do better at shortstop, which is his position, or how can he hit the curve-ball better. There have been many times when Logan would call when there was a baseball game on, primarily a Yankee game since that was both our favorite team, and just talk about the game as we watched it. As our friendship grew, and I got to know his parents very well, I started going over his house to watch the games and just hang out. He had an older brother but he did not get along with him very well. So I got the hint that I was practically Logan's big brother. His parents were amazingly nice to me. My parents were always working and never really had time anymore, so on more than one occasion I would go over for dinner and sleep over. Logan loved those nights, just because he loves to hang out with me. His family treated me as one of their own, which was amazingly kind of them.

The more time I spent with Logan the more I started to pick up on little things, such as the fact that he giggled or laughed at everything I said. When we would watch a movie, he would somehow get closer and closer to me, and eventually he would be in touching distance. This started slow, but eventually he found a way to get under my arm so that I would be holding him. His parents saw this, and smiled as if they knew what I was thinking. Logan had a crush on me. From that day on, Logan would not even bother sneaking up close to me, he would just sit next to me and I would hold him. He would often fall asleep in my arms, which made me feel special to have a friend like him.

Now I am sitting in my car, warming it up. I have been bringing Logan to and from practice just about every time for 2 years now. It was easy because we lived in the same development. As I sit in my car waiting for Logan to end his boyish conversation with his friends, I admire his frame and general beauty. I don't know how this happened, but I think that I was falling for him now. I see Logan ends his conversation with his friends and is heading back to my car with a smile on his face once he sees me. I unlock the passenger side door and he comes in.

"Sorry Ryan, we were just talking about our next game." he explains.
"Not a problem, ready to go?"
"Mhmm." he says with a smile. I begin to drive away, eventually pulling out to the main road.
"Why don't you put on some music?" I say to him.
"Okay." he says as he turns on my radio and searches for a good radio station, eventually landing on a classic rock station that was playing an Elton John song.
"Oh my god, I love this song!" Logan says as "Rocketman" was playing.

I was into Elton John's music, but this was my favorite song as well. When the song was over he asked me a question.

"Whats the singers name again? He has such a nice voice!"
"Yeah he does, his name is Elton John."
"Does he still make music?"
"I think so, but I am not really sure."

There was a moment of silence after that, but he came up with another question, although he looked hesitant to ask.

"He's gay isn't he?"
"Yeah, but he was married to a woman for many years, just recently he 'came out of the closet.'"
"I thought so... I still like him though."
"So you like gays?" I say in a joking way.

He stood quiet and even looked out the window.

"Logan?" I ask hoping to get a response.
"What?" he asked kind of nervously.
"What wrong?"
"Nothing, just forget it please."
"Logan... when have you not been able to tell me something?"

He didn't say a word. At this point he was not even looking at me. I decided to take my chance here. I loved Logan more than a brother. He obviously had a crush on me. And he was on the verge of admitting to me that he is gay. I see a road up ahead, a road that I have taken with many people in this same car, to an old drive in movie area, which was no longer running. It was there that I received countless blowjobs, make out sessions, and several sessions of hot passionate sex. I approach that road and make the right. I drive down it for about a minute.

"Where are we going?" Logan asked a bit curiously.
"A surprise." I smile at him as I say that. He smiles back and continues to look out the window.

I drive for about 5 more minutes, make a left, and pull into the abandoned lot. There were a few cars in their, but from what I could see, they were doing the same thing that I was going to do with Logan. As we drive by one car, I had to tell Logan to close his eyes, which he did, because a car that we passed by while trying to find a spot showed a guy fucking his girlfriend hard in the back seat. The entire car was rocking. When he laid eyes on me and my friend, he winked at me. I smiled at the thought of doing that with Logan. Eventually we find a spot, and I park. No one was in sight. Logan now opened his eyes and looked around. I got out of the car and told him to do the same, he did. I unlock the back seat car doors and tell him to go in the back with me, and he did as well.

We sit for a few seconds before he asked,
"What are we doing here?" Logan asked me, but I could've sworn he said it with a grin, obviously catching on.
"What did you want to tell me before Logan?"
"Nothing..." he says while smiling.
"Okay fine... then lets do this. I say something. You either nod your head up and down for yes, or side to side for no. That way you don't have to say it. How's that sound?"
He nods his head yes.
"Are you different?"
He nods his head yes.
"Do you like girls?"
He nods his head yes.
"Do you like boys?"
He nods his head yes.
"Do you like boys more than girls?"
He blushes but still nods yes.
"Do you like me...?"
This time he turns his head away from me. I smile. My cock begins to grow. It's time. I gently take his chin in my hand, and turn his head back to me. But as soon as his head turned back, I surprised him with a slight kiss on the lips. His bright blue eyes opened up wide.
"You like me don't you?"

Still no answer. This time I kiss him more passionately. I tilt my head and suck on his mouth. Tasting his lovely boy saliva, and his obvious lack of practice. Even though he has little practice, he was learning really quickly. His eyes shut closed and he mimicked everything I did on his mouth. He tried his best to copy the way I kissed him. I started to insert my tongue into his mouth, which caused him to moan. I gently guided his body from a sitting up position to a laying down position, and i moved on top of him, still kissing him deep. I lowered the seats so that there was plenty of room for fun in my car. I straddled his young small body and kiss his very passionately. This must have the quickest 15 minutes of my life, but when I peeked at my cars clock, that's how much time had passed. I break the kiss.

"I like you too Logan. I have for a while." As I said this, I took my right hand and gently gripped his crotch which was still covered in his baseball uniform.
"Mmmmm..." Logan gently moaned, almost embarrassed that he did.
"Let out anything that you are feeling." I start rubbing his crotch a little more. "Don't hold anything back. Like this little cock of yours!" I say with a grin and I rub it even harder, now feeling his youthful cock growing in his pants. "You like this a lot, don't you Logan."
"Mmhmmm..." Logan moans, now obviously grinning.

I rub his crotch even harder. Now feeling a pretty good sized cock under his baseball pants. My cock which was rock hard for a while now, was filling up my jeans. I straddled Logan, right over top his crotch. I drop down and rest my hard crotch on top of his.

"Ohhh!" Logan practically yells.
"I knew that you'd like to do this." I say with a giggle.

I grind our crotches together very roughly. His little moans almost came out as whimpers, but of excitement. Logan was in absolute bliss. I even felt his grind along at points. I continued this for a few minutes. While I did this I grabbed his arms and pinned them behind his head. I wanted to watch his facial expressions as I dry humped his little horny cock. I started going really fast now, almost feeling the cum in my balls boiling up and ready to blow. I hump his small crotch really hard.

I was now completely horny.

"This feels really fucking good..." Logan groaned.
I moaned so hard at his little curse, but I was getting really close to cumming, so I stopped humping him. When I stopped, he looked at me in confusion.
"Don' worry, you are getting way more fun soon. We just can't finish so soon."
"I can cum a few times if you want..."

I was taken back by his comment. He was enjoying this so much, that he wanted to cum a few times. Once I heard this, I lost complete control of myself. I unbuckle his pants and slip them all the way down to his ankles and off his body.

"What are you doing?" Logan asked.
"Getting you naked!" I smile.
"Right here?"
"Yeah. I can do it for you if you want?"
"But what if someone se..." was all he could say before I took his baseball jersey and threw it over his head and onto the floor. I then took his under shirt and took that off, exposing his flat and hairless belly. He still has his underwear on, which happen to be briefs, which looked so cute on his sexy body, and his baseball socks were still on. I rest my head on his beautiful body. I lick his chest, and his nipples, which became hard. I licked his belly button and sucked on his nipples some more. At that point I was practically making out with his nipples. Logan moaned so much.

I go back to his mouth and make out with him some more. While I did that, I skillfully removed his whitey tighties, which caused him to gasp.

I peek down for the first time, and I see his hard cock. A good 5 inches in length with no foreskin on the end. A skinny cock with hardly any veins on it, it was amazingly sexy. I look back into his eyes, kiss him on the lips for only a second, and make my way down to his cock with a smile on my face. While I do this, I also take off his socks, making Logan completely naked in my car.

My face is now right next to his cock. I take my hand and gently flick it, which got a moan from Logan. I giggled at that. I played with it some more. I very gently and smoothly rubbed a finger along his shaft. His cock was rigid hard. He was ready to cum any minute. I do not think that I have ever seen a harder cock in my life. I could see how horny he was.

"Your close buddy aren't you?"
"You jerk off a lot?"
"Like... every night."
"Anyone ever jerk it off for you?"
I quickly grab his dick and roughly jerk him off.
"Oh my god!!! I am gonna cum Ryan!"
"Let it flow Logan!"
I stop for a second, take some of his pre-cum and rub it all over his dick to lube it. It was not enough. I stand up, unzip my jeans. Logan is staring at full attention.
"You ever see another boy's cock?"
He shakes his head no.
I unbutton my jeans and slip them down, along with my boxers, down to my ankles and off my feet. My 7.5 inch cock is staring right at Logan.
"It wants you Logan." I smile.

I rub my cock a little, and some pre-cum slips out. I scoop it up and rub it all over Logan's cock. I jerk his now very lubed up cock with no intent on stopping. Within seconds, Logan moaned so loudly that the other people at this abandoned lot must have heard. He shoots his cum on his belly. Three solid ropes of pure white boy cum, sit on top of his sexy boy body. I lean over, my head now near his belly.

"Dare me to lick this mess clean?" I giggle as i say it.
"Hehe... double dog dare ya!"

I begin to lick up his belly. I scoop a bunch of his hot cum on my tongue and swallow it, moaning as I taste his sweeter than average cum. His farthest shot his hit right nipple, so I clean from there all the way to the base of his cock. Finally, I take his still amazingly rock hard cock and slip it into my mouth.

"Oh fuck! MMMMMMM!" Logan moaned.

I lick and slurp his sticky cock head of all his boyhood cum. I clean his shaft, and even lick his small hairless balls. I slid my head up and down his cock, now giving him a blowjob. His skinny cock slipped in my mouth beautifully. I could fit all 5 inches into my mouth, which seemed to make Logan even happier. I continue to play with his balls. Licking and sucking them good and hard. The boy practically cooed in my ear as I pleased him like his hand could never do. The moans of a boy whose voice had not yet deepened, filled my car. The smell of sex was evident. A shine developed off of Logan's chest from the cum which recently waxed his sexy body After about a 5 minute blowjob, my horny friend was close to cumming again.

I increase the pace of the blowjob and proceed to spread his legs wide apart. I very gently caress the inside of his skinny thighs and rub his smooth legs vigorously as I suck his skinny cock. Obviously hitting some sensitive spots along his legs, Logan moans extremely loud, now even humping my mouth as I suckle him. I move an idle hand down to his smooth hairless ball-sack again and gently tickle them. Moans now turn to horny screams as he comes even closer to being milked.

Teasing his young cock no more, I suck as hard as I can. Not long after my first hard suck, Logan shoots his hot sticky cum in my mouth. I suck on him even harder as I milk every last drop out of his cock. I pull my lips off his little cock head and jerk him a little more, hoping I can get some more of his creamy delight. Getting noting more, I take whatever cum I do have in my mouth, and swish it around my mouth before swallowing it all. I let out a deep breath, showing him how tasty I thought it was. His hairless chest is pushing up and down as he pants for some breath. The smile on his face says it all. He loved it.

I feel a massive pressure in the front of my jeans as I look at the giant tent that has been formed. Now I need some relief. I look at him. He makes eye contact with me. We both smile as I move close to him. I move my face close to his, and I kiss him passionately, making sure I give him my tongue to play with and maybe get some of his own cum from it. As I kiss him, I unbutton my jeans and slip them down. My cock naturally slips out of the front of my boxers before I can even take them off. I do eventually take them off as I break the kiss from Logan. I move away from Logan and lean back in the seat. My 7 inch dick points straight up in the air. Logan moves close to me, knowing exactly what I wanted from him. He bends down once he is close enough to me. He places his face only centimeters from my hard cock. I gently trust my hips forward, entering my cock into his unexpected mouth. We both laugh for a moment, and then he opens his mouth for real.

I push my cock into his open mouth and he wraps his lips delicately around it. He slowly sucks on just the tip of my cock before allowing me to push in farther. I cooed him to suck harder as my horniness grew. He listened. He started to suck it like he was trying to get to the grand prize! I intrusted him on what to do next. I told him to move his head up and down as if he was jerking me off with his lips, but suck while he does it. My cock was already close to exploding, and when he started to moan as he did all this, I could not contain myself anymore. I warned him that I was about to cum, and he chose to back his head away, not ready to taste cum. I told him to lean back in the seat, which he did. I then go on my knees while on the backseat. I aim my cock to his face.

"Close your eyes Logan." I say. He closes his eyes.

I grip my cock and roughly jerk off. It did not take long, but it was purely amazing. I groan as my balls pump my fresh hot semen out through my cock. I aim it all over his face, covering his mouth, nose, and even some in his hair. Six hot ropes of cum dumped onto his pretty face. When I cannot cum anymore, I lay back to catch my breath. Logan still has not moved or opened his eyes, which causes me to laugh. My laugh even makes him laugh. To help him, I get some tissues that were in the back of the car and wipe him off.

"Well?" I ask him.

Apparently not feeling a need to respond with words, he hugs me with his naked body as tightly as he could.
"I loved it. I love you!" He said to me which warmed my heart more than imaginable. I hugged him back and even gave him a kiss or two on the lips.

"Let's get you home and clean you off for real." I say laughing. I could not wipe off all the cum that was on his face and hair, and it could be seen. Thankfully his parents would not be home for a few more hours. This will give me more than enough time to clean him off.

We drive away from our spot and past the couple that we had seen fucking beforehand. They were both outside, playing to the cliche of the post sex ritual, and smoking a cigarette. The girl smiled at me, and the guy gave us both a thumbs up as we drove by. Me and Logan both erupted in laughter.

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2017-06-20 22:17:56
This story is well written. All your stories will make the reader interested. I like your style. Wish this had happened to me.


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I loved this story....please keep writhing

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honestly this story is a favorite of mine, and i have yet to read a story you've written that i didnt like.

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Fuck the asshole that likes to stereo type other people from where they r from and second but to the same asshole Who gives a flying fuck how it is spelt as long as it sounds good and has the wright punctuation. thank you Odyssey Boy for the excellent story You have done a great job.

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Please read carefully people. If you read it again, you will notice that Logan was naked first, not Ryan. So when Ryan got hard, he was clearly clothed. Then he got naked and so on. Second, Centimeters is also a part of the US measurement system. Please research things before commenting. Happy reading :)

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