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Urban Renewal: A Cautionary Tale
By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2012)

We’d always wanted to live in the city, my wife Julianne and I that is. Coming from the suburbs right on the outskirts of New York we already spent a lot of time there going to events and shows plus I worked at a Fortune 500 company located downtown. There were only two problems I saw with moving there.

One it is astronomically expensive to buy in NYC. Depending on the neighborhood just an apartment can easily set you back more than a million which was certainly beyond our price range. Plus we wanted more than that and at a minimum we needed two bedrooms as we had a daughter, our little angel Mia.

She was the main reason I was hesitant to move to the city. Things had greatly improved in our lifetime as far as crime rates and things like that went but I still worried about her growing up in the city. We’d both been raised where you had a backyard to play in and kids could ride their bikes in the street and I wanted that for Mia. But Julianne persisted in wanting to live in the heart of the city. She felt it would be such an incredible experience for Mia to grow up with all the city had to offer including museums and the like.

So we continued looking but only if the home matched all our criteria would we go any further when one day my wife called me. Our real estate agent said she’d found the perfect property but due to its below market price we’d have to act fast. Julianne’s mother watched little Mia so she could travel to the city and after work we met the agent at the address.

It did have a lot going for it. It was a brownstone and because it was about to be foreclosed on the seller was very motivated putting it in our price range though just barely. I did have a few reservations though. It looked like it needed some work and it was located in Bedford-Stuyvesant which is a somewhat sketchy neighborhood but the realtor pointed out it was by the Clinton Hill border which was a little more gentrified. It wasn’t going to become Park Slope or Williamsburg overnight but it was improving and there was no way we could afford a brownstone in those pricier areas.

“We should really move on this honey. It won’t last long and if we’re going to move to the city it makes sense now before Mia has started first grade in the fall” my wife said with a hopeful expression.

Julianne made a lot of sense there. Mia was finishing kindergarten now and it would be better if she was able to be in the city schools in time for first grade. So we put in an offer and before we even made it home we got a callback saying it had been accepted. It wasn’t going to be easy I told Julianne and we’d really have to scrimp and save especially since she wanted all new Sub Zero appliances as well as having the outdated kitchen totally remodeled.

She had worked before having Mia but had since quit as we both wanted our daughter to be raised by family and not by daycare or a nanny. So I’d have to work as much as possible and take on any extra project at work that I could get. But hopefully it would pay off for us in the future. I’d suggested that at least for now we could rent out the second floor for the additional money as it was now divided into two units but Julianne wouldn’t hear of it.

“ No. There is no way I’m having renters living in my house even if everything is separate” she said with an expression that promised no compromise.

In the back of my mind I hoped her position might soften but in actuality I knew she could be resolute and honestly even stubborn when the mood struck her. From the way she set her chin I doubted she would waver on this. So we lined our ducks in a row and within eight weeks we were the proud owners of a brownstone. We almost didn’t make it as an issue came up during the home inspection that we were forced to correct as the owner didn’t have the money available to do so.

My parents loaned us ten thousand dollars as all we had was already going toward the down payment and the closing costs. In fact we’d also arranged to sell our beloved Volvo to save the money we spent on its registration, insurance and maintenance. Plus keeping a car in the city was a luxury we couldn’t afford under our new financial circumstances and with the subways we’d still be able to get around.

That night after the closing Julianne and I went to our new house now that it was really ours. We tenderly made love on the wooden floor which wasn’t normal for us as Julianne was usually somewhat reserved. Raised by an Irish Catholic mother she could be surprisingly modest and old fashioned in attitude when it came to sex though she certainly did enjoy having it. When it was over she lay in my arms with her head resting on my chest as I stroked her soft brown hair and her petite body snuggled against mine. Little did I suspect that this moment was the high water mark and things would only get worse from that point on. But at the time I was unaware of what awaited me and felt blissfully happy.

We continued living in the suburbs for the next month as the kitchen was redone and things didn’t go smoothly. There was some rot in the walls which added to the cost while putting us deeper in the hole and delaying our moving in by another week. But we managed to enroll Mia in the local public school so she could begin first grade in September and friends and family pitched in to help us move when the time came so we could save money there.

We were exhausted that August night but we had managed to set up and decorate Mia’s room. On all the walls murals were painted of Disney princesses as that was what she loved the most and she wished to be. In a way she was since she was her daddy’s little princess. After tucking her in we collapsed onto our own unmade bed and fell asleep still dressed and in a way that was the pattern that continued. Obviously we didn’t sleep in our clothing every night but between the long hours I was now working combined with Julianne fixing up and decorating the house while taking care of Mia, on far too many nights we were too tired for sex.

Even when we had it we just went through the motions a lot of the time. Often in the past Mia would spend the night with one set of her grandparents during the weekend. On those occasions we’d have marathon lovemaking sessions that would stretch into the next day but since we had moved to Brooklyn they became just a distant memory. There were times Julianne would get in little digs at me for not doing my husbandly duty enough and sometimes I’d respond in frustration to her barbs.

I felt she should have more understanding as I was working late just about every night now. Plus on the weekends I was trying to fix up little things in the house to save money though I was no handyman. It especially bothered me because it had been Julianne that had really pushed for us to buy now and it was her wanting the kitchen remodeled with expensive appliances that had put us into such debt. She also refused to agree to rent out part of the building to help us defray the mortgage so I was forced to work excessively.

It’s true she looked after Mia and the house but it just wasn’t the same and I hadn’t gotten upset with her anyway. If we could survive like this for a while then things would become much easier in the future I felt. The brightest spot during this period for me was my little daughter. She was so excited about starting first grade - real school she called it. We brought her together on her first day and that morning I went in late to work so I could witness it. We took pictures of Mia in her new outfit with her princess backpack and she was very brave and not scared at all. She was already introducing herself to her schoolmates and I knew she’d be making friends in no time.

In the coming days in order to keep herself busy Julianne became something of a class mom and she spent a lot of time going to PTA meetings and volunteering for school activities and basically helping out where needed. This was a good thing I believed as a lot of the children came from single family and broken homes with no parental encouragement of any kind. In fact many of the parents never did a thing to help out even if it would have benefited their own children. So in no time she knew all the teachers and administrators as well as any parents that actually cared about how things went in the school.

Meanwhile Mia did very well in class as she was an intelligent girl and she already read years above her grade level so she helped some of her classmates who didn‘t. Because of this she was extremely popular and had many friends but she had a special friend, a girl named Essence Taylor. Essence was a sweet, little African-American girl and they had bonded over both loving to watch princess movies, ponies and the like.

I’d met her parents at a school function and it was obvious that they doted on their daughter. Her mother Jada in fact was a teacher at another city school while her father DeMarcus had driven a city bus until he was forced onto disability due to a chronic bad back. The two girls became inseparable and were virtually joined at the hip whenever they had the chance. In fact every time I saw Mia, which wasn’t as often as I wished due to my working late every night, she had some story about Princess Essence as she called her bff.

As we approached the beginning of winter we had settled into a routine of sorts. I’d wake Mia before then walking to the subway to catch my train to work while her mother would dress and feed her before bringing her to school. Julianne spent the day doing housework or helping at school until classes were done for the day when she’d bring Mia home. Often Essence would come with them and the girls would play until she would be picked up by one of her parents at which time ‘my girls’ would eat dinner without me.

I would usually get home late and reheat my dinner while doing more work on my laptop until I was unable to keep my eyes open. Then I’d kiss my sleeping angel good night before staggering off to bed. On the weekends I tried to come up with activities we could do as a family as it was our only chance to do so. Julianne was less enthusiastic but went along with it as the three of us rode the subway to different museums and explored all over the city.

Things had improved a little between us or at least we’d adjusted to the circumstances I believed. Julianne was no longer taking cheap shots at me and I tried my best to do little romantic things for her when I could. We still weren’t making love as often as we used to. In fact recently there had been some nights when I’d attempted to be romantic and I was rebuffed due to my wife having a headache. Julianne could get severe migraines so I was always understanding when this happened. Still we were trying to get back to where we used to be I truly believed.

Then one evening I managed to get home earlier than usual. I was still too late for family dinner but Mia was awake so I was able to give her a bath and then tuck her in. I read her Cinderella and made voices for all the characters which delighted her to no end. It was such a nice moment for us both I didn’t want it to end. Since she was still awake after the story finished I started to talk to her about how things in her life were going. Of course she told me happily all about school and Princess Essence and how she loved her new backyard and that she wanted a puppy. Then she said something that seemed a little odd to me.

“I like playing in the backyard Daddy but yesterday I was playing with Princess Essence there and Mommy locked us out of the house.”

“Why would she do that sweetie? Are you sure? Maybe you made a mistake.”

“Oh no Daddy. Cause Princess Essence had to pee pee and we tried to get in but we couldn’t. Then we knocked on the door loud and finally she let us in and said she was sorry.”

“Okay Princess Mia, well you girls came inside then so no harm was done.”

“Well” she answered in a quiet voice “Princess Essence couldn’t wait so she peed in her pants and her daddy had to take her home right away. He got mad about that but Mommy said he had to bring her home.”

“So he came and got her then?”

“He didn’t have to come cause he was already here. But I’m not supposed to say that, Mommy told me not to. Sorry, am I in trouble Daddy?”

“No, of course not sweetie. Just don’t mention it to Mommy that you told me and I won’t either. Now its getting late and you need to go to sleep and dream nice dreams until you wake up. Can you do that for me?”

She nodded and I leaned down and kissed her good night before shutting off the light and leaving her room. What she’d told me was strange for sure but I didn’t want to read too much into it though I admit I had a bad premonition. I waited until later that night when I had the right opportunity where Julianne was relaying something about what Mia and Essence had done in school that day to broach the subject.

“Mia told me earlier that they were accidentally locked in the yard the other day” I said in a nonchalant fashion.

A look crossed her face but just as quickly her expression returned to the placid one she had before I’d spoken.

“That silly girl. They weren’t locked out. For some reason they had trouble opening the door is all. Poor Essence had a little accident which probably upset them further. I had to call her house so she could be picked up early” Julianne replied.

During our conversation I wasn’t directly facing her but from the corner of my eye I saw her furtively looking at me as she talked. When I let the subject drop and changed it to something else she appeared relieved. A little later that night before I had a chance to approach her romantically Julianne informed me that she felt one of her headaches coming on and she was going to bed early. That made me even more apprehensive than I’d been. Another night where we didn’t make love and all I could think about was either Mia was mistaken about more than one thing in regard to the day before or that Julianne was hiding something.

My sleep was troubled by nightmares that night and I felt even more like a zombie the next morning than I had recently. After waking my little girl I headed downstairs to head out to work. Julianne was in the kitchen sipping coffee so I went to kiss her goodbye. I noticed she was wearing makeup and perfume and seemed very upbeat and full of energy.

“How are you feeling this morning Jul?” I asked.

“Good, the headache has gone away. Sleep is the only real cure dear. I feel so good I think I might go shopping after I drop Mia off” she told me in an offhand way.

“Well don’t spend too much - we can’t afford it” I replied with a hint of annoyance in my voice.

“I know that Sam, really sometimes you can be impossible” she said while making no effort at hiding her displeasure.

That morning seemed to be from a nightmare. The A Train was late and when it arrived it was jam packed with the polyglot mass that was New York City. My head pounded from the clanking of the train and ached from the multitude of voices as I was jostled and buffeted during my short ride into downtown Manhattan. And through it all one thought burned in my brain. My wife, the sweet girl I had fallen in love with, was being unfaithful!

I seethed with anger and I literally saw red. The world seemed to be washed with blood to my tired eyes. Every rider appeared sinister in look or intent to me but I knew it was just my own black mood. While I climbed the stairs up to the street I managed to calm myself and my anger was pushed just below the surface allowing me to function normally. Because I’d remembered something. In order for lower insurance rates I’d installed a security system with digital cameras. I could simply go onto my computer and check the day in question to see if Essence’s father was there earlier than my wife said and I prayed Julianne was telling me the truth.

My face outwardly displayed none of the turmoil I was feeling as I approached my desk. I returned the greetings from my co-workers like any other morning but all I cared about was getting on my computer to see. There was no pretense on my part once I logged on of checking my e-mails or for anything work related. Immediately I accessed the security site and signed in. Once there I pulled up the surveillance footage from two days before and ran it from the early morning. I watched the image of myself leaving for work and a little later saw Julianne and Mia head off to school.

It felt like a kick to my stomach when less than an hour after leaving Julianne returned and she wasn’t alone. Towering over my petite wife was Essence’s father DeMarcus. He hovered behind her, his large hands resting on her tiny upper arms as she unlocked the front door. They disappeared from sight as the door closed behind them. It took only seconds in real time but it was over five hours in actual elapsed time when they emerged outside again.

When Julianne had entered the house earlier she’d been wearing skinny jeans and a sweater under her leather jacket. Now to go along with her bubble jacket she had on her VS sweatpants professing her love of pink. It was strong evidence though circumstantial, not that it mattered. With no-fault divorce both parties were treated the same whether guilty or innocent. If that’s where we were headed she could get a sympathetic judge who’d order me to move out and pay all her bills while living on the street for all I knew. Not that such a possibility was my primary thought at the moment.

No, all I was thinking about was escaping the black chasm of hurt and pain I found myself in. The place I’d been transported to by what I’d seen. But even under that crushing burden some of my idiosyncrasies remained. In my mind not an iota of doubt remained but somehow I needed more proof and I knew how to get it. The security surveillance system was high tech and expandable. Right now all that was connected was a camera located at both the front and back doors but it had the ability to have four more cameras linked without any further upgrades.

Searching online I found where I could obtain a set of four compatible wireless cameras for around one hundred dollars total. I ordered them immediately and paid the extra money for next day delivery as well as having them sent to my office. We’d been planning on going and staying at Julianne’s parents during the coming weekend and I saw my chance.

On Friday night I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well and if I didn’t recover by the next morning then it would be better for me to stay home and rest. The toughest part was saying goodbye to Mia that morning. When she heard I wasn’t going she volunteered to stay home and keep me company but I dissuaded her, as did her mother.

“Don’t worry Mia. Daddy will be fine. If you don’t go Nana and Papa will be very disappointed. This way Daddy can rest so he’ll feel better Monday and not have to miss any work.”

When she said that I almost bit my tongue to stop from answering her. What’s the matter I thought, can’t have me home sick for even one day where you’ll have to go without. But somehow I held my tongue even after she kissed me goodbye on my cheek to avoid my ‘germs’.

The first thing I did after they left was to log on to the security site. Randomly I checked a number of days over the past month and on every day but one DeMarcus was there during school hours. Still I’d always been one to flog a dead horse so I continued forward with my plan. I hoped that by literally seeing what they were doing would be the last nail in the coffin that had been my love.

One of the cameras I placed in the living room on top of the entertainment armoire. It was a tall armoire and I knew that Julianne wouldn’t see it up there. She was barely over five feet in height, in fact she always joked she was five feet and a quarter inch which I used to love about her. Maybe if she was cleaning on top of the armoire then she’d see it but where would she find the time to clean with all her recent alley cat behavior.

Next I went and examined where in our bedroom would be the best location to place a camera. It had to get a good view of the bed while being hidden. Finally I settled on a closet shelf where I could conceal it partially behind some of my shoe boxes. It might work as the closet door had louvers but I wasn’t sure. So I put a second camera under my dresser with the lens pointing at an upward angle. Neither might get a perfect shot but it wasn’t like I was making a movie just trying to get incontrovertible proof.

After they were set up I logged on so that I could see if they worked. While none was perfect I was able to see the rooms in question good enough. Since I had one camera remaining I decided to put it in the kitchen since it was there that the door to the backyard was located. Now that the work was done I would just have to be patient and wait until the following week.

Being alone with nothing to do and in a bad state of mind I began to drink some. These days I didn’t often partake as in the past I enjoyed it a little too much but since Mia was born I had greatly cut down. But right now it was just what the doctor ordered I reasoned. Of course the more I drank the angrier I became and bad thoughts now filled my brain.

The sanest idea I had was to try and figure out a way that I could take Mia and disappear from New York and start a brand new life elsewhere, just the two of us. But I knew it would never work though it was nice to imagine. I knew my little princess would never do anything to crush me as her whore mother had. My other thoughts were dark and violent and frankly that surprised me a little as I’d never been that kind of person. Hell, I didn’t even support the death penalty and here I was fantasizing about the most extreme and violent deaths I could inflict on Julianne and DeMarcus.

Somehow none of them seemed excessive enough though. My favorite ones were inspired by some classic Hollywood celluloid. What I thought about was a foolproof way to kill Julianne and then frame DeMarcus for the crime. The thought of that made me smile and chuckle in my sorry mental state. But even drunk I realized that in all probability it would never work. I’d somehow mess up and leave some evidence and it would be me ending up in prison leaving Mia an orphan and I couldn’t bear that thought.

While dreaming of violent revenge made me feel a little bit better I also knew that wasn’t the real me. Still it helped me make it through Saturday night and into Sunday. On Monday I would get proof positive so none could deny it and proceed from there. For I was determined that if Julianne continued with her inappropriate conduct that I would get custody of Mia. There was no way I’d let her have Mia while carrying on with a married man.

The girls didn’t arrive until early Sunday evening and somehow I acted like all was well as I didn’t wish to upset Mia. Soon enough her young life would be thrown into turmoil by the sins of her elders. Before I left for work Monday morning I forced myself to be as nice as possible to Julianne. Maybe if she’d said or done something like the old Julianne would have it might have changed events but it was obvious that she couldn’t wait for me to leave. No doubt she was already thinking about the fun she’d be having later as I toiled to make it all possible.

When I arrived at the office I somehow put these thoughts out of my head and got right to work. Last week I hadn’t pulled my weight due to what I was going through mentally and I knew in the future there would be plenty of distractions and probably many days I’d have to take off. So I really bore down and worked straight through the morning and into mid afternoon before finally stopping for a break.

Unfortunately once I did all my troubled thoughts rushed back to the fore. In spite of my best efforts to resist I found myself again logging onto the security site. Taking a deep breath first I then began to watch the front outside camera feed from early in the morning on fast forward. I saw myself head away from the house followed soon after by Julianne and Mia. Unsurprisingly Julianne returned with DeMarcus shortly after and the two of them hurried inside. I switched to the living room camera right afterwards and even with knowing what was coming it still shook me to the core of my being when actually witnessing it.

There before me on the computer screen, recorded only a few hours earlier was my wife, the woman I’d pledged eternal love and devotion to, acting like a common slut. No sooner did they enter the living room then DeMarcus slapped Julianne on her small, cute ass causing her to turn back to him and smile. She then put both of their jackets on a chair and immediately after that sank to her knees in front of him.

Julianne’s small hand started rubbing against his crotch while her other was already undoing his baggy jeans. He pushed them down once she successfully unbuttoned them freeing his half hard cock as he wasn’t wearing underwear. Julianne immediately reacted and took his cock with her hand and held it steady so she could wrap her lips around it. Once ready she took as much as she could fit in one smooth movement. After which she rapidly began sliding her mouth along its length in an effort to harden it fully.

DeMarcus ran a hand through her silky hair as she worked his piece deep and he seemed to be greatly enjoying her efforts as he swiftly hardened. She pulled her mouth off him and then started to run her pink tongue the length of his cock from the bulbous head all the way down the long, broad shaft until reaching his big, heavy balls. She actually worked one into her mouth and sucked on it for a moment before releasing it and then licking back in an upward direction.

Her right hand cradled his balls as she again swallowed his head and what she did next really hurt me deeply. As I watched her bob her pretty head on the top half of his hardness her left hand began to stroke the lower half. What stood out to me the most, even more than the contrast between her milky white skin and his dark ebon erection, was watching her wedding and engagement rings on her ring finger as she jerked him. They were supposed to be symbols of our eternal union but instead they mocked me for my misguided trust in her.

As this went on I watched him pull his shirt over his head and toss it onto the couch after which he appeared to be speaking to her. Julianne pulled her head from his cock which appeared to be coated in her saliva before she unlaced his sneakers. DeMarcus stepped out of both them and his jeans as my adulterous wife stood. He directed her to the couch and followed behind her as she moved there.

She knelt on a cushion facing the back of the couch and once she had Julianne unbuttoned her own jeans and worked them down to mid thigh. She then wiggled her small ass to encourage him as he moved right behind her. With the location of the camera where it was in relation to the position of the couch I observed as much of his hard cock disappeared inside her in one thrust. Her lovely face turned sideways so that she was now unknowingly facing the direction of the camera and I could see that her eyes were closed and her open mouth formed an O as she moaned. Not for the first time I was glad that there was no sound to go along with the video. If I heard what was going on I believe I might have lost my mind.

I knew Julianne’s pussy had to be soaked in order to swallow that much cock with no foreplay. But she took it deep and judging by her reaction she wanted even more. Her hips went backwards as she fucked him and her hand grabbed a hold of his upper leg to gain leverage. For the next couple of minutes my wife maintained a rapid pace of backing into DeMarcus as deep as her tight little pussy could take while he stood there and enjoyed it.

I observed her saying something to him after which he leaned forward a little and started lifting her shirt. She had to release his leg so that he was able to remove it from her and once he did I saw she was wearing a fancy black Agent Provocateur bra. It didn’t remain on her for long though as his big hand unsnapped it allowing Julianne to slip it off freeing her pert breasts.

They were small, barely more than bumps with juicy mouth watering pink nipples on top but as I knew they were extremely sensitive and responsive. He must have known it too because once they were free he reached out his big hands and took hold of them and squeezed them roughly. Again her mouth opened in a moan and now DeMarcus took control of their coupling.

Where before he’d been content to let her set the pace DeMarcus now fucked her hard. With his large body turned sideways in regards to the camera position I watched his big ass pumping rapidly as he drove deep into Julianne’s pink paradise with each thrust. He kept hold of her breasts as he did so preventing her body from moving in reaction to the pounding she was receiving.

Finally after it appeared that they’d never stop he released her breasts and took a step backwards. His long cock popped free and it was slick from her vaginal juices. With one hand he grasped his shaft while his other wrapped in her brown hair. Slowly and unsteadily she climbed off the couch at which time he pulled her head down to his crotch. Julianne extended her tongue and swirled it around the head before opening her mouth wide and engulfing him.

DeMarcus then fucked her face for a minute before pulling her off him by her hair. He motioned to the couch while saying something after which Julianne positioned herself on her back on the couch. She kicked her sneakers off after which he yanked her pants from her. Her pussy was right at the edge of the couch and she held her legs up in the air and spread wide for him. He crouched down with his legs spaced far apart and brought his cock to her entrance. It appeared as if she was begging for cock but instead he rubbed it against the outside of her lips teasing her.

Unwilling to wait Julianne released one of her legs and grasping him just below his head she guided it to her waiting hole. With a cocky grin he pushed it deep inside her as he grabbed both her slim thighs and lifted them higher. Now that her body position was to his liking he sped up his rhythm to a fast pace. In spite of this he showed no signs of slowing or stopping. I had to grudgingly admit that he displayed remarkable sexual stamina but that only made the torture worse for me.

Finally though even he must have reached his breaking point as he had yanked Julianne partially off the couch so half her body was in the air. As he continued banging her suddenly with no warning he stopped as his body stiffened and tensed and for a minute he didn’t move except for slightly hanging his head. Julianne on the other hand now wrapped her slim white legs around his thick waist and hooked her feet. She also stroked his head with her left hand again flashing her rings to my hurt eyes.

They stayed like that for a minute before DeMarcus slid one of his large arms under her lower back while she twined her much smaller ones around his thick neck. Placing his other hand against the couch for support he stood upright taking her with him. Once standing his hands grabbed her ass cheeks and began to raise and lower her sexy, petite body onto his still hard cock. In this position the contrast in their body sizes really stood out. Julianne was so tiny in comparison to him. She barely weighed one hundred pounds and was thin while DeMarcus easily weighed over double that and from his torso to his heavy limbs he was thick everywhere.

From the look on her face Julianne was loving it and in fact I could see she was using her arms to assist him. Her body bounced up and down as she rode him and this went on for a few minutes until DeMarcus began to walk with her from the living room and out of the camera’s range. Staring at my now empty living room I was torn on whether to switch to another camera. I already had all the evidence I needed and I’d never considered myself a masochist but somehow I felt I had to watch to the bitter end. Maybe that was what it would take to purge all positive emotions and memories I had of her. With a trembling hand I clicked the link to one of the bedroom cameras.

No surprise when I saw him lying on the bed, our bed - my bed, as the bitch knelt between his legs and her mouth again sucked his thick black cock. After a little while she stopped and moved forward so she was straddling him. Her small hand grasped him and unerringly guided him back to her pussy and once set she impaled herself on it.

It was getting to be too much for me to take so I hit fast forward. Though I kept the picture up on my screen I no longer stared at it. When I noticed that in real time she had been riding DeMarcus for over a half hour with him occasionally pinching or sucking one of her erect nipples with no signs of stopping I could take no more. Disgustedly I closed the window and stood and stretched my cramping muscles.

It was now well beyond my normal lunch hour not that I felt too hungry. Still I had to get out if just for some air. A couple of minutes later I stood on a crowded Manhattan street. Though late fall the sun was still shining and to most the world appeared the same but not to me. I began to walk aimlessly until I saw a bar across the street from me.

Five minutes later I sat inside at a table as I downed a Jameson in one gulp. I ordered a burger and fries though I was unable to force down more than a few swallows. The two additional drinks I ordered I consumed fully though so that when I left I felt a tiny bit better. On the way back to the office I came across a liquor store where I made a quick detour.

A little later I was back at my desk though all I did was stare vacantly into space. It was only at 6:00 P.M. when most people had left for the day that I roused myself again. Slipping the bottle from my coat pocket I cracked it and poured myself a stiff one. If I was going to confront Julianne tonight then I might as well get plastered first. As I sipped the whiskey I again logged on the site and decided to check what had happened later that afternoon.

So I watched as Julianne, DeMarcus, Mia and Essence arrived at the house. They settled in the kitchen first where she gave the girls a snack at the table. Once they were finished Julianne sent them one at a time to the bathroom and when they were finished the girls put on their coats as she ushered them into the backyard.

No sooner had she closed the door then DeMarcus who was right behind her nuzzled her slender neck as his hand reached for the backdoor lock. She broke free from him and turned and faced him and it appeared as if she was disagreeing with his plans. For a minute or two they talked and gestured and it seemed he wasn’t happy. Finally he threw his hands up in the air as if to say whatever. He then said something with an angry look on his face.

Julianne reached her hand out in a conciliatory manner but he pushed it away brusquely. She looked like she was pleading with him but it seemed to have no effect until finally I took it he got his way. DeMarcus smiled as he now locked the door and pulled down his pants. Julianne picked up a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the countertop and unscrewed the lid. Pouring some on her hand she rubbed it onto his hard cock, especially on the swollen head.

He took the bottle from her and applied a little more to himself as she unbuttoned her pants and wriggled them to her knees. DeMarcus pushed her down so that she was bent over with her ass sticking out while her hands pressed against the door at her waist level. He dipped his fingers in oil and then pressed them against her tiny asshole and when he did I watched her slight body tremble.

Now this was the final insult to me. It was pretty obvious what was about to happen as he now forced two thick fingers into her backdoor. Since I’d first had sex with Julianne ten years ago there were certain things that she wouldn’t do or even consider. Assplay was number one on that list. On occasions when licking her sweet pussy or perhaps even just brushing it with my finger in passing she would physically recoil from any contact with her little rosebud.

Once during a drunken New Years Eve session I decided since she was tipsy to give it another try. So while performing cunnilingus on her I started to give her asshole a real tongue lashing. She pushed me away firmly and told me in no uncertain terms that ‘back there’ was not one of her erogenous zones and if I loved her I wouldn’t do that again. Being the sucker I now recognized myself to be I of course relented and even apologized to her.

And now as I watched it was obvious that DeMarcus was under no such restrictions. After a minute of him forcefully finger fucking her brown hole he appeared ready. Spacing his legs widely he lined up his big cock head with her tiny sphincter and began working it in. This couldn’t have been the first time they’d done this as his progress was too fast and easy for it to have been.

Steadily he slid further in until his big balls rested against Julianne’s pink pussy lips. Once buried he waited a few seconds before starting to move but once he began he didn’t take it easy. Immediately he pounded her hard and with each thrust I saw her petite body shake from the force. They hadn’t been going for more than a minute or two when he stopped moving. Twisting his body he reached to the counter and picked up a dish towel.

Julianne turned her face to look back at which time he handed it to her. She put it in her mouth and bit down on it and then put her hand back against the door. With her now ready DeMarcus went to town on my wife’s cute ass. He aggressively fucked her, in fact so much so that while he was pounding her Julianne’s body started to sink toward the floor even with her hands against the door. He pulled his cock out and pointed to the floor at which time she knelt on the tiles on the kitchen floor with her head right by the door and her ass sticking as high in the air as she could manage.

Keeping his legs spread wide he crouched down until he could again force his way into her ass. DeMarcus rested one hand on her butt and leaned on the door with the other at which time he resumed thrusting. Maybe it was the tightness of her ass or that the girls were in the backyard just beyond the door that spurred him on to completion. The rapid pace of his pumping must have also contributed for in less than ten minutes he pulled his big cock from her hole and I saw it was shooting cum as he did so.

The thick white fluid landed on her upturned ass but even as it did Julianne was moving. First removing the towel she then twisted her torso around and up so that DeMarcus could bring his still spewing cock to her mouth. He had shot most of his load by this time but the last few small spurts found her cheek before she could take him into her mouth. As she sucked and licked his spent cock I couldn’t help but observe that her face was streaked by tears and that her brown eyes were still watery no doubt caused by his hard ass fucking.

Love can turn to hate pretty quickly and it’s a thin line even in the best of circumstances really. And at that moment I felt real hate for her. Maybe there was still some love lurking somewhere deep inside me but the hate far outweighed it. Shutting down my computer I then sat there and brooded and drank and brooded some more. It was now almost ten at night as I dragged myself to my feet. Putting my laptop in its bag I next put on my long trench coat as I prepared to leave.

Seeing the half finished bottle of whiskey I slipped that in my inner coat pocket before departing. The subway station was empty by this time of night as downtown Manhattan is still mostly commercial and most area workers had long since returned to their homes. When the train arrived I unsteadily staggered on board though as it was approaching the platform I had a momentary urge to throw my body before it in the depths of my despair.

It was visions of Mia’s face as well as not wanting Julianne to defeat me that prevented me from ending it. There were only a few other people in the car I sat in not that I paid much attention in my condition. When I reached my stop I rose to my feet and exited the train. Walking slowly I passed out through the turnstile and headed in the direction of the staircase that would take me to the street above.

I was about to begin climbing when I heard someone approaching rapidly from the rear of me. Without warning a hand grabbed my shoulder and pushed me against the wall. Turning my head I found myself staring into the barrel of a gun not two feet from my face.

“Give me all you got muthafucker” the voice demanded harshly as I felt my laptop bag pulled roughly from my shoulder.

“Come on, come on, I want your fucking wallet” the thug demanded as he waved the gun “and your phone as well.”

Mechanically I reached into my pocket and removed my wallet which I handed to him before taking my Blackberry from my waist which he snatched. I’m not sure if it was my level of intoxication or maybe I was in shock but as this happened I felt calm and unafraid in spite of being threatened by an armed robber. Once he had my possessions the man shoved me toward the stairs.

“Now get the fuck out of here and don’t think about calling the cops” he yelled at me.

When he pushed me my momentum carried me in that direction but I stumbled and had to steady myself. By this time he’d turned away and was moving slowly back toward the station as he examined my wallet and he seemed to have forgotten I was there or maybe he was just overconfident.

At that moment something snapped in my brain and I acted without conscious thought. Pulling the whiskey bottle from my inside pocket I rushed at his departing figure. He must’ve heard me but before he was able to fully turn I was on him and with one powerful swing the bottle connected with his skull. Every bit of anger and rage I’d been feeling went into that blow, not only what I felt at the robber but also what was caused by my whore of a wife and her scumbag lover.

Glass shattered and flew in every direction as did the whiskey that’d still been in the bottle. The man fell to the concrete floor heavily where he also struck his head injuring him further. When he hit the ground the items he’d held scattered about the floor including the gun but at that moment I didn’t care. With one hand resting on the wall to support myself I started to kick the semi-conscious man. For the most part I kicked him in his body and he was so out of it he was unable to even try and protect himself.

It was only when I became out of breath that I stopped. He just lay there in a huddled mass whimpering in pain. In spite of my drunkenness the physical activity had cleared my head a little not that I was in my right mind yet. But my brain was working some so I realized it was best to get my stuff and get out of there. It took but a minute to recover my phone and wallet and pocket them. When I went for my laptop the gun was within my reach and guided by something I picked it up.

Now I was certainly no expert when it came to firearms but I had handled them before. A good friend of mine from back home actually competed in target shooting and on more than one occasion I’d went with him to the range when he practiced. I was no sharpshooter but I still had fired a gun many times and knew the basics.

The gun I now held was a Ruger nine millimeter semi-automatic and its serial number had been defaced meaning it was illegal and most likely stolen. Looking around first and seeing no one about I slipped it into my inner coat pocket then I picked up my computer bag and stood. With one final kick to his body I turned and hurried to the street above.

Maybe it was my near brush with death but I was in a better mood then I’d recently been in. As I walked to my house I actually whistled an off key tune as I thought. Maybe I wasn’t really thinking clearly but it seemed to me that the way things had just happened was fate. With all that had been going wrong in my life recently I was meant to do what I’d done which also meant I was supposed to have the gun.

When I arrived home it was silent and dark but it was pretty late. Not being able to bear seeing Julianne after what I’d observed earlier I put my coat and bag on the living room floor and sat in my recliner. Since he’d fucked her on the couch there was no way I could sit there so closing my eyes I made due with the chair.

When I awoke the next morning my back was stiff but remarkably that was the extent of things. My head was clear and I had no ill effects from my drinking or barely eating the day before. It was right around the time I normally got up so I headed to the bathroom and got in the shower. That refreshed me greatly and once I’d shaven I felt almost human.

I had to go into the bedroom to dress but Julianne was still under the covers and didn’t say a word as I did. Next I went to Mia’s room and stared at my little sleeping angel. She looked so adorable as she slept under her princess sheets and I waited to wake her for as long as possible. I just wanted to remember that picture in my mind always no matter what might lie ahead.

It was only when I heard Julianne stirring that I reluctantly woke Mia. When she opened her eyes I gave her the biggest hug and I told her I loved her more than anything in the world. While I was leaving her room I could feel the tears in my eyes. It was when I retrieved my coat and bag that the memory of last night really came back to me. My coat reeked of whiskey and I was very aware of the weight of the gun. Just as I was heading out the door I heard Julianne calling out to me but without pausing I closed the door quietly behind me. While I walked down the street I dialed my job on my cellphone and informed them that I wouldn’t be coming in to work.

Since I had to wait for Mia to go to school before confronting Julianne and probably DeMarcus I decided to have breakfast first. There wasn’t really anywhere nearby to go so I hopped on the subway and got off in downtown Brooklyn by Borough Hall. There I found a Starbucks and ordered breakfast then sat at a table while I had it. I had gotten a few strange looks due no doubt to stinking like alcohol but I ignored them. Though I wasn’t a fan of Starbucks particularly I knew they had wifi so I opened my laptop and logged on. Like clockwork Julianne arrived with DeMarcus shortly after taking Mia to school.

Since I expected that I wasn’t really surprised. So I shut down my computer and headed back home. It would have been better if I’d been able to wait closer but what can you do. Unfortunately that would give them plenty of time to get busy and I didn’t want to see that in the flesh but on the other hand it would be hard to deny when caught in the act literally.

Less than a half hour later I stood outside my front door. Maybe it was because I’d survived the crucible the night before but I felt eerily calm at the moment. I had stared down death and triumphed so what could hurt me now and besides I was in the right!

Taking a deep breath I unlocked the front door and quietly stepped inside shutting the door behind me. First I put my bag on the floor off to the side before heading straight toward my bedroom. The sounds they were making, or rather Julianne was making, could clearly be heard by me. In spite of being prepared for this it still made me stop a second to collect myself.

That was when I thought of something. It really didn’t matter that I was the wronged party. When I confronted them I had no idea how they’d react. Not good probably and DeMarcus was a big man, he probably had fifty pounds on me. Prepare for all eventualities I told myself as I reached into my coat pocket and removed the gun.

Realizing I hadn’t even checked if it was loaded I examined it now. First I pulled back the slide and saw there was a bullet in the chamber. Carefully I slid it back before removing the clip. It had at least some bullets in it so I snapped the clip back into place. The safety was off and it was ready to go. Keeping it in my hand, which I kept by my side, I walked forward and turning at the door I entered the bedroom.

She was on her hands and knees on the bed and he was behind her pounding her doggy style. She saw me almost immediately though he didn’t notice right away. She scrambled forward with a shocked expression on her face which caused them to become uncoupled and made him to turn to see what she was looking at.

“Oh my God! Sam!” she screamed “what are you doing here?”

“Hello dear. I decided to surprise you today and it looks like I have” I replied calmly.

DeMarcus appeared uncertain what to do initially and maybe if he had made the right decision it would have ended differently. But after blinking at me a few times he suddenly got off the bed and faced me with the worst part being his hard cock that had just been in my wife was sticking straight out in my direction.

“Now hold on man” he said holding his hands up “we can work this out. Why don’t you back up and we’ll talk.”

“You don’t tell me what to do in my fucking house” I shouted at him “and didn’t anyone tell you it isn‘t fucking polite to point.”

“Listen I don’t want this to turn out bad so calm down now before I…” he almost growled.

“Wait DeMarcus” I heard Julianne interrupt but by this point it was too late for talk.

I’d heard enough from him now. If it wasn’t bad enough he’d been fucking my wife every day in MY bed, but now he was going to tell me what to do while threatening me.

“Wrong answer” was all I said to him.

I raised my arm and once it was aimed in the general direction of his groin I pulled the trigger. I’d forgotten how loud gunfire could be and the bedroom wasn’t that large which made it sound even worse. He grunted when he was hit but he was still standing so I shot him again and this time he fell to the floor.

Julianne had been cowering on the bed but when he fell she suddenly rolled off it and rushed in my direction. In spite of her being the truly guilty party in all this I never considered hurting her as she was the mother of my child. With my free hand I just sent her sprawling back onto the bed with a push then stepped right next to DeMarcus who was writhing in pain on the floor. There was already blood pooling besides him but there was going to be more. A lot more. What I had reluctantly started I was now going to finish.

“Sorry about this but where the fuck do you get off with what you did!” I told him as I tried to aim near where I thought his heart was located.

“Please I have a family” he gasped.

“So do I, or did until you fucked my wife! Maybe you should have thought about that before you did this! Maybe you should have thought of your wife and daughter first and not your dick!”

I fired three or four more shots into him, I’m not sure which. He was making a terrible noise when I left the room. I went and sat on my chair in the living room. From the bedroom I could hear her crying hysterically. As I sat there I wondered if I should’ve shot him more times. There was a story in the newspaper recently where someone was shot nine times and survived. And DeMarcus was a big man. But I trusted in fate. Stupid, right?

It wasn’t long before there was the sound of a siren followed by pounding at the front door of my house, but not for much longer. Good riddance! Nothing but trouble!
I answered the door and was confronted by two of New York’s Finest standing on the door step.

“There’s a gun on a chair in the living room” I told them as I put my hands in the air.

The only thing I said after that was to ask for my phone call. Thankfully my brother answered on the third ring.

“Dean, listen carefully. I’m under arrest. I just killed Julianne’s lover. You’re the only one that can help me. Thanks I knew I could count on you.”

The lawyer he arranged for was able to get me out on bail with my parents putting up their house as collateral. I stayed there as well once I’d been freed. It made more sense that way. I’m not sure where Mia was, whether with her maternal grandparents or in hiding with her mother. Either way I was so sorry for what she was going through because of me.

In spite of that I did have a surprise visitor, Julianne’s mother Maureen. She and I had always gotten along great from when I first began dating her daughter. She told me that Mia was doing fine under the circumstances and she knew as little as possible about what happened. What she said then surprised me a little but like I say we were always close.

“Sam you know I love my daughter but you’re a good man I believe and just about the best father I’ve seen. The way you and Mia…” she had to stop briefly as she got choked up when she thought about it.

“Like I said I love my daughter but what she did to you was wrong. I’m not saying what you did was right either but I can understand why. That’s all I want to say.”

We hugged and cried and I begged her to watch out for Mia.

The lawyer Dean got for me was sharp. He wanted to go with a temporary insanity defense unless the prosecutor was willing to cut a good deal. All I cared about what was finding a way to have a chance to stay in my daughter’s life. I was willing to serve some time if I’d be freed while she was still relatively young.

They had all the evidence. The video of me coming in and shooting DeMarcus. But there was also the video of what he and my wife had been up to and how that had contributed to my mental state. Then there was the subway surveillance video. While it didn’t show the altercation it did show me drunkenly walking across the camera range and the thug hurrying after me. He’d been found unconscious where I’d said I hit him and he had a lengthy rap sheet including for armed robbery. In fact that was what he was out on parole for.

That only bolstered my case that I hadn’t planned on killing DeMarcus in advance. Don’t misunderstand me - I considered my actions rational and justified under the circumstances and I was glad that I’d killed him. But he was the legal expert so I was prepared to follow his advice. Just as long as I’d be free before my little girl was all grown up. That’s all I wanted.


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