Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5.4
Senior Year Continued

Molly was an expert at sucking my cock, able to easily swallow it all and she only spelt
when she wanted a spanking. Which she did at least once per weekend and always came
when I spanked her. As we drove towards their house Molly released my cock from her
mouth once it was hard. She had on a little plaid school skirt and white blouse. She had
taken to dressing in little girls clothes making her look even younger then her 11 years.

Molly climbed on my lap facing me and reached down and put my cock at her pussy hole
then sat down. I love her little pussy it was always wet and hot and I’m not sure how but
No matter how many times I fucked her it was always tight the next time. Rachel smiled
As her daughter rode me thru 2 screaming orgasms until I finally filled her little pussy
with hot sticky cum.

Satisfied she sat between me and Rachel and used her finger to play in the cum as it leaked
from her pussy, feeding it to her mother as she drove. Once at the house I put my stuff in the
master bedroom. Rachel was ready for her turn and got on all fours and flipped her dress over
her ass exposing her shaved pussy for me. This is going to be a long fun 2 weeks I think
as my cock slides into her wet pussy.

I was laying by the pool drinking a beer when Julia and Melissa got home. They both kissed
me and rubbed my cock before jumping in the pool. Molly came sat between my legs and laid
back on my chest.

“So Master what you got planned for the break” she asks.
“Well tonight I’m going to take your ass” I say giving her massaging her little breasts.
“Really, I’m ready Master” she says excitedly.

She begs for more info but I give her no details not wanting to spoil the surprises. I laid back
and rubbed her softly as I thought about my summer.

Linda had found out Julia wasn’t pregnant when she got her period, but she has yet to tell Joe. I’m
not sure how he would react. He hates me but he hates the idea of his daughter being a lesbian

I had also started talking to Carol from ecstasy international. We had worked out an arrangement.
Julia and Melissa would service her clients together for $5000 a night. I got store credit for 25%,
50% cash and Carol got 25%.

Carol has been begging me to rent out Molly. I could get $5000 for her alone but she wasn’t ready
to play yet. I could also pimp myself out being sixteen and in good shape “with nice equipment“ as
Carol put it. Lots of bored house wives out there apparently.

Melissa and Julia were very popular so over the last two months I had built up a huge amount of
credit. Carol didn’t like owing me that much so Saturday she had something special planned. She
wouldn’t give me any details but said it would be worth the 50k it was costing me in credit. I was
to meet her at an address down in the business district at 3.

Molly had been developing quickly over the summer months. Rachel said it was all the fucking
we were doing had her hormone levels on high. Her biggest change was her sweet little pussy.
She had nice full lips and her clit was about the size of my pinky. She also came a lot more when
she orgasmed. Her breast had developed from nipples on a flat surface to small mounds. She was
almost at the point wear she needed a training bra. Her butt had started to plump up and
get some meat on it. It wasn’t enough to help her tonight when I took her anal virginity.

Molly’s personality had changed as well. She was totally into her slave mode and would
do anything to please me. Molly goes everywhere with me, even when I fuck other girls
she sits quietly and watches waiting to clean my cock afterwards or join in if asked. She’s
in love with me although she has never said it out loud. I also suspect she’s not taking her
birth control.

Rachel is very passive but only plays at being a slave when the mood strikes her. She acts
as the house mother, taking Melissa and Julia for their dates and picking them up. She also
quit her shitty secretary job with the income from the girls. The biggest surprise from her
was she has become close friends with Alice.

Stacy was hating life apparently Major Broussard was into more then just water sports.
I’m not sure what all he was up to, nor did I care really, but I know he was pimping her
out to most of the staff at the Academy. The academy also acquired two large Mastiff
dogs and a pony so I’m sure they were for her.

Alice was a regular around the house as well as her German Sheppard (Sam). Molly is the
only one in the house he hasn’t knotted with yet. Its not from lack of trying on his part.

The only other interesting thing was the new neighbors that moved in next door. It was a
couple with a little girl. The girl was only 5, I’m guessing so not of interest yet but maybe
in a few year. The husband was late twenties and Puerto Rican, about 6’ and in very good

The wife was younger early twenties, about 5’3” and mixed half white and black descent.
she had nice b-cup breasts and long dark hair that went past her shoulders. Her ass was
very nice and round, not huge but definitely would look good with a nice big cock in I’m
sure. She had a nice firm body from what I could tell she keep in shape.

What made the couple interesting was the wife’s (Alessa) reaction when I was out front with
Molly. It was two Sunday’s ago, Molly was teasing me and ran out into the front yard to escape
her spanking. I gave chase and put her over my knee in the front yard. Alessa was out front at
her mail box with her daughter the giggling had caught her attention.

Molly was over my knee and I raised her skirt and exposed her bare little butt and started
spanking her. Alessa started to turn and head back inside but stopped when she heard the
SMACK of my hand on Molly’s bare little ass. Alessa sent her daughter in but stayed by
the mail box pretending to look thru her mail.

I knew she was watching so I turned so Molly’s bare butt was facing her. The second Smack was
Even harder and when Molly moaned I seen Alessa squirm and squeeze her legs together. I gave
Molly three more smacks and started rubbing her red butt. Alessa was staring now obviously
excited, she hadn’t wore a bra and her nipples were showing on thru the t-shirt she had on.

After five more smacks Molly was humping my leg and moaning. Alessa had unconsciously
slipped her hand inside her pajama pants and was rubbing herself. I spanked Molly 5 more
times causing her little body to shake and have a small orgasm. I squeezed Molly’s now
bright red cheeks exposing her bald pussy to Alessa. Her pussy lips glistening in the morning
sun from her cum.

I heard a little moan come escape Alessa’s lips. She was licking her lips and staring at Molly’s
ass in almost a trance state. When her daughter came running out and pulled at her t-shirt. She
snapped back to reality and blushed realizing where her hand was and quickly pulled it out. Her
finger glistened from her wetness which caused her to blush even more. She quickly retreated
with her daughter to her house.

Last Saturday morning we repeated it again to see and the same thing happened. Sunday as well
But Alessa wore a sexy long house coat out. She faced us and allowed the front to open. She had
on a skimpy shirt making her breasts more defined and nipples protrude even more. It also
exposed her belly button ring. She wore a pair of skimpy shorts as well. When she slide her had
inside her shorts she slid the front of them down for a brief moment exposing the that her pussy
was shaved and a tattoo of a flower. Each smack of Molly’s bare ass elicited a moan from Molly
and Alessa as she watched.

Her daughter showed up and dragged her in like all the other days. Today though she smiled and
sucked on her fingers before she turned to go inside.

Molly was still laying against me but had removed her bathing suit bottoms now and I was
rubbing her little wet pussy when Alice arrived. Alice comes over and kisses me, then Molly
taking advantage of the fact that Molly’s little pussy was exposed to get a little feel. Molly
is a little shocked but doesn’t resist when Alice slide two fingers into her.

“I’m so glad you are finally going to let me play with her JJ” she says then sucks on the fingers
letting out a little moan.

Molly looks at me her eyes questioning what’s going on. Alice had been around a lot lately
so Molly knew all about her fetishes and had seen her and her mother together twice. Molly
never played with them. Actually she never played with anyone unless I was there. According
to Rachel during the week when I’m away Molly masturbates not allowing anyone to touch her.

“Don’t worry Molly you’ll like it” I say smiling.

Alice sits with Rachel in the lounger next to us. After dinner Julia and Melissa have a date so
Rachel went to drop them off. I’d usually go fuck them both before they left but tonight I was
saving it for Molly’s little virgin ass. Me, Alice, and Molly headed into the master bedroom.
Molly stripes and jumps on the bed and gets on all fours and starts lubing her ass with pussy
juice as she had seen her mom do on many occasions when I fucked her in the ass.

I walk up and smacked her little ass hard.

“Not yet, your way to small and tight you little slut, first Alice it going to get you ready” I say.
“But mom never has too she just uses her pussy juice” she says looking nervous about the idea
“Well your much smaller so it would be real painful your first time if we don’t” I say.

Molly knew what Alice liked and it made her nervous.
“Will I have to do the other stuff with her” she asks nervously
“Just to her” I say and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Molly being the good little slave huffed a little and put her head down and spread her legs wider.

Alice began licking and teasing Molly’s ass hole and I laid with my legs spread at molly’s head.
Her mouth instantly took my cock in and began sucking me slowly. Alice began explaining to
Molly what was going to happen
“Well first I’m going to use a suppository to help you need to poop” Alice says.

Molly doesn’t seem to excited by the idea until Alice adds “JJ is going to use his cock to push it
deep inside you ass. Then he’s going to shoot his cum deep inside you”
Molly seems to like that idea.

“After that all you have to do is squat over me and let it out slowly” she says.

Molly stops sucking me long enough to give her a little frown and say.
“Dam you’re a nasty slut, I’ll do it but don’t think your touching me until after you bathe”

Then takes my cock back into her mouth. Rachel walks in to the room as Molly is moaning
and shaking with her first orgasm.

“I see you started with out me” she says giggling, referring to Alice having her tongue deep
in Molly’s ass and the fresh cum leaking down Molly’s thighs. We all climb of the bed and
Rachel and Alice spread the plastic cover on the bed. Molly climbs on my lap and takes my
cock into her little pussy and hugs me.

Once the bed is ready Molly reluctantly gets up, my cock makes a wet slapping sound against
my belly when she does. All three get on the bed ready for their suppository. Alice is first on
all fours Rachel quickly lubes her ass up and inserts the suppository. Then takes my cock and
gives it a heavy coat of saliva with her mouth.

I push into Alice with ease I’ve fucked her ass many times she’s always a little tight the first
few strokes then she loosens up and you can fuck her hard. Today I only fuck her for a few
strokes before I move to Rachel. Molly has her moms as lubed and ready while Alice cleans
and lubes my cock.

I’ve fucked Rachel’s ass many times as well and she is about the same as Alice except she
can’t take it as deep with out it hurting. I give her several deep hard strokes just to hear her
yelp and see Molly’s eyes grow big, Alice was prepping Molly’s ass while I did. Rachel
cleaned my cock then put a generous amount of KY on it and Molly’s ass.

Molly was all fours her ass high as she could get it, Her little legs were shaking in anticipation
as I scooted in behind her. I smacked her but hard.

“Lay on your side” I tell her figuring that would be easier on her. I lay behind her and she raises
Her leg and spreads her cheek for me as I press my cock into her. With all the KY it slides in
without problem but not with out pain. Molly bites her lip knowing she’s not allowed to cry out
as I slide deeper in to her.

Rachel lays beside her daughter and begins sucking her nipples and fingering her cunt to ease the
pain as I continue pushing deep until my cock is full inside her. Once I’m fully in her I hold it
in place while she relaxes.

“I feel so full mommy” she moans softly to Rachel.

Rachel kisses her daughter then rolls over and slides to the end of the bed kneeling on the floor and
bending over the bed. She lets out a little yelp as Alice releases Sam from his leash and his cold
nose goes straight to Rachel’s wet crouch. She moans loudly as his tongue begins to lap at her pussy

Molly watches I slowly begin fucking her tight little ass. Alice moves things along by sucking on the
dogs cock. Molly jumps when Sam mounts her mother and she lets out a little scream as her enters her
“Watch closely Molly your next” I whisper in her ear causing a chill to run down her spine.
“Yes Master if it pleases you” she says reluctantly.

Molly was relaxed and I began fucking her harder and faster. I was ready to cum already
And hearing Rachel scream as Sam pounded his knot into her ass for the first time put
Me over the edge and I began shooting hot cum deep into Molly bowel causing her to cum
as well.

Alice raised Sam’s tail and began licking his ass. Me and Molly both give her the you nasty
fucking slut look.

“It’ll relax him and make his knot release quicker” she claims looking at us.
“Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify being a nasty slut” I say laughing.

It did seem to work because it wasn’t long before he released and pull out Rachel’s
ass. Alice was frantic now not know what she wanted to do first clean Sam’s cock
or Rachel’s ass. She Went for Sam’s cock cleaning it before he could. Sam didn’t
seem to mind and rolled on his back as she did.

Satisfied he was clean she moved to Rachel. Licking up her thighs to her ass getting
the dog cum and ass juice that had leaked out and down her legs. Finally ending up
at her ass she licked it clean the gave a nice long slow suck on her gaping ass hole.
she swallowed twice while sucking.

After the one suck she produced a large butt plug and put it in Rachel’s ass.

“There that should hold it all in till I’m ready” she says talking to herself with a smile.

“You ready for your turn Molly” I whisper in her ear.
“No” she says then turns and kisses me and slides my half hard cock from her ass.

She slides to the edge off the bed and gets next to her mother. Alice takes a moment to lick
up my cum that had leaked out before getting Sam and bringing him over to his new bitch.
Molly was moaning and came as he licked her little pussy. He mounted her as she came and
her moans of pleasure turned to grunts of pain as her drove into her ass without regard to

Alice licked my cock clean as we watched Sam fuck Molly little ass hard. It was too much for
her little body as he tried driving his knot into her and she let out a scream then another before
she passed out on the bed. Sam didn’t care and fucked her limp body. Able to get his knot inside
her ass now that her muscles had relaxed. He stayed Knotted with her for 30 minutes even with
Alice licking his ass.

When he released her Alice did the same as before and put a butt plug inside Molly after she got
A good long taste of her ass. Molly was awake now and looked at me as she sucked her ass.

“Did that please you Master” she asked with hopeful eyes.
“You did good slut” I told her which brought a little smile to her face.

After Molly got her butt plug she crawled her sore butt up and straddled me and took my cock
inside her hot little pussy. She rode slowly rode my cock as Alice now took her turn with Sam.
She sat on the edge of the bed and had him between her legs and laid back on the bed. She
didn’t take him in the ass though instead took him in her pussy. I gave her a curious look.

“Rachel isn’t into scat like me. She likes the cum but only from my pussy” she says smiling at

It wasn’t long before he knotted her as well. Molly had already cum once and began fucking me
hard as her second orgasm came. I was ready to cum as well but held of until she was done.
I removed her butt plug and handed it to Alice who eagerly licked it clean. I slid my cock
into Molly’s gaping ass, she was sloppy wet with cum and her bowel juices. I quickly
filled her with more cum.

Alice was still knotted with Sam but Molly couldn‘t hold it any longer and squatted over her
face. Her ass was gaped from the abuse and the cum and bowel juices leaked out in to Alice’s
open mouth. Molly tried but there was no stopping the flow into Alice’s mouth. Molly started
pissing as well, although I didn’t much care for the scat I found that erotic my cock got hard
watching the golden yellow stream of piss flow from Molly’s bald little 11 year old pussy into
Alice’s mouth.

I’ll have to get her to piss on me later I think as I watch. Sam finally released and went to the
corner to clean himself. Molly fortunately was so small it wasn’t a huge amount of scat mostly
just cum. I took her and head to the shower. Rachel and Alice got in a 69 and Rachel removed
her butt plug.

Once in the shower I had Molly kneel and I aimed my cock at her and released a hot stream of
piss. She moaned softly as the hot piss sprayed her chest and ran down her body. She opened
her mouth and looked up at me. I finished pissing on her body then stuck it in her mouth for
her to lick clean.

After our shower me and Molly head over to her room and dress since Rachel and Alice were
still going at it. We head out to the pool and relax molly laid on my chest and quickly went to
sleep. Sometime later I carried her up stairs and laid her in the bed. I kissed her softly and
she said.
“I love you JJ” in her sleep as she rolled over and snuggled into the pillow.

In the morning Molly was sleeping soundly with a little smile when I smacked her ass hard waking
her up.

“Oooch, Master it’s still sore” she says hanging her bottom lip and giving me her puppy dog eyes.

I smiled and put some lube on her ass and slide my cock into her. She had a little tear in her eye
but didn’t resist as I fucked her sore ass hard and deep depositing a nice load of cum inside her.
We dressed as usual for her morning spanking with the neighbor. Today she would get a good

As soon as we headed out I seen the neighbors blind move at the front window and Alessa came
out the front door a minute later. She wore the house coat again today with the skimpy t-shirt.
Her shorts were gone and replaced with a lacy pair of purple panties. I started as usual raising
Molly’s skirt and giving her five hard smacks. Both girls moaned with each slap, I rubbed and
Squeezed Molly’s butt spreading her cheeks so Alessa could see her red gaping asshole with
my fresh cum leaking from it.

I heard her gasp and her jaw dropped seeing Molly’s abused little ass. Her hand however pressed
harder and rubbed her clit faster. I smile and spread Molly’s legs wide exposing her swollen pussy
lips and clit. Then smacked her pussy, It make a nice wet smacking sound Molly moans but Alessa
moans even loader. I give Molly two more wet smacks and she cums in my lap. Her little body
shaking and her breathing ragged.

Alessa had at least two finger in her pussy fingering herself hard now and moaning. The Next two
very wet smacks put Alessa over the edge. Her free hand held on to the mail box for support. Her
long muscular thighs were quivering trying to support her weight. She sucked in her nice full
bottom lip and bit it trying to muffle her moans. Her breathing was heavy and loud as she tried
getting enough air thru her round little nose. Her knees buckled and she slumped slightly
forward as her body quivered.

She stayed like that for a minute until her body quit trembling and her breathing had slowed
and a small trail of her cum leaked down her thighs. When she stood she removed her hand
from her panties, it glistened in the morning sun covered in her cum. Her face lifted and her
big brown almond eyes were glazed over. We made eye contact and her face went flush
immediately and her legs wobbled slightly. She put her head back down and closed her coat
and weakly retreated to her house.

“Little slut didn’t even check the mail” I say laughing as her daughter runs out and collects
it from the box.

We went back inside and ate breakfast.
“What you got planned for today Master” Molly asks with a smile.
“Something interesting my little slave” I say smiling.

We head over to Julia’s after we change. Linda greets us at the door in a short
skirt with no panties. Her pussy is hot and dripping wet as I rub it.

“Where we headed” she asks.
“Don’t worry just get in the car slut” I say and smack her ass.

I drive to a local motel and set up the video equipment. Linda is stripped and blindfolded.
Molly heads out in her little school girl outfit to the truck stop next door to collect Linda
some dick. I wasn’t hard truck drivers are always horny. Molly shows up moments later
with two in eager men.

“Pick a hole on the slut, the rougher the better” I tell the first man.

He quickly drops his pants and drives his cock into Linda hard. The second man looks
at Molly.
“She’s my slut so don’t even think about it if you want to live” I say causally.

He looks at me then walks around the bed and slaps Linda then shoves his cock in her mouth.
I raise Molly’s skirt exposing her bald little pussy to the two men causing them to fuck Linda
even harder. They both finish quickly and leave a few minutes later another knocks on the
door. Word travels fast on the CB and soon there is a line. Linda orgasmed several times
in the first hour as 12 different men fucked and came in her.

The second hour she had 3 dicks in her almost constantly and her legs and ass were covered in cum.
It was almost 1 pm so I called it quits for the day and sent the rest on their way. Linda could barely
walk to the car. I dropped her a block from her house and made her walk home bow legged with
cum dripping from all her holes.

Me and Molly headed down to the address Carol had given me. It’s and old office building down
town. The windows are tinted black the sign says it’s a clinic a doctors office. OB-GYN on the
sign brings has me curious. I’ve never fucked a pregnant women so it would be interesting but not
50k interesting I think as I walk inside.

There’s a small waiting room would seat maybe 15 people with a single door leading to the back.
The door looks very sturdy and only has a handle no knob. I walk up to the thick glass window.
A small brunette in sit at the desk, I’d give 5k to fuck her for the night I think as I sign my name
on the sheet and pass it thru the small crack.

We sit for about 5 minutes then the door buzzes and Carol opens it and smiles inviting
us inside. Carol is happy to see Molly with me, she checks her out as she leads us to a
waiting area in the back. This one much nicer a big screen TV and plush leather couches
with a full bar along one wall.

Carol sits beside me and Molly goes to sit on the other side but Carol Grabs her arm pulling
her in front of her. Molly doesn’t resist and stands there quietly as Carol raises her skirt and
looks at her bald little pussy. She spins her around and spreads her ass cheeks. Exposing her
abused little asshole still red and raw.

“Is she ready to play” she asks excitedly.
“Maybe” I say laughing.

“So where is my surprise” I ask.
“We’ll get to that shortly, but first lets get Molly started” she says standing up and taking
Molly‘s hand.

Molly looked up at me with her questioning eyes.

“Your going with Carol for the day. You better not give her any trouble either, Understand” I tell
her then give her a kiss.

“Yes, master” she says very nervously.

A man enters in a lab coat and come over to us and takes Molly away. Carol sits back down next
to me.

“So is this a real Doctors office” I ask.
“Yes, we have two doctors and three nurses on staff to take care of any need our girls may have”
she says.

“So what you going to do with Molly” I ask
“We’ll just an exam then the doctors will have a little fun with her. That’s part their payment”
she says smiling.

“And what do I get to play with for my 50k ” I ask curiously.
“Well that’s why we meet here” she says with an devilish grin.

“Come with me” she says standing and walking towards the door.

I followed as she lead me down the hall to another room. My jaw dropped when she opened the
door. Little Beth was naked sitting on the bed with her sister Cindy sitting nervously next to her.
Their mother I recognized from the picture was in an exam chair naked with her legs up in the
stir-ups and at least 8 months pregnant. There is also a nurse with the mother checking her.

“Their all yours till tomorrow morning, Cheryl is 8 ½ months pregnant so if her water breaks
just buzz the doctor. Beth is 10 but well used so don’t be shy with her. Which brings us to Cindy
and what your paying the most for. She just turned 8 and she is a virgin I checked myself” she says
as an evil smile comes across her face.

“Umm, make sure you taste her before you pop that cherry” she add unconscientiously rubbing her
breasts and moaning softly as she looks at Cindy.

“She has been sexually active for a few months so she sucks good cock and takes it anally. Don’t hold
back because of her size we have a fully capable medical staff to fix any damage when you pop her
cherry. Should you like to play rough with them that’s ok as well. It’s an additional fee but
your account has more then enough to cover it. You can do anything you want to do to them
short of murder or scaring their little bodies.” she says looking at me.

“Anything” I say with a smile.
“Yes, Anything” she replies.

“Also the cabinets along the wall have every toy known to man. The one on the end is a stocked bar
complete with snacks and deli trays. It is also stocked with a modest assortment of sex foods should
you want to flavor their little pussies while you eat. If you need anything you can’t find just pick up
the phone and ask. Dinner will be served at 7pm in the lounge. Its steak and Lobster so
don’t be late and breakfast is served in the room between 6 an 6:30 am. Check out is 11”
She says with a giggle.

“Well I had my doubts I must at admit Carol but I think this is going to be worth the 50k” I say.
“Oh and the room has a complete video system if you would like to video it” she adds
“Most definitely” I say with a smile.

“I think that about covers it unless you have any questions” she says looking at me as I think.

I look at Beth and Cindy. Beth is smiling licking her lips as she stares at my crouch which is
bulging from my raging hard on. Cindy is looking as well but she is obviously a little nervous
and fidgeting with her hands. Cheryl is strapped in the chair and although awake seems
out of it.

“Well I’m actually a little curious about this whole think. Mostly Cheryl over there she seems
out there. I’m game for anything but I like to know what I’m stepping into so I know who
To wipe the shit on later should I step in it” I say looking at her.

She laughs “Well that’s an interesting way to put it, but don’t worry you won’t be getting your
your shoe’s dirty”

“Cheryl is about ready to give birth, we fully expect her to tonight. She is was given a cocktail to
take the edge of her pain from the contraction. We added a few other things to keep her happy
and horny as well” she says.

“Their father was one of our clients and he rented the three girls out with the same agreement you
have. However he developed some abusive fetishes which cost a lot and got carried away and
scarred a young girl bad. Long story short he owes a lot of money. Cheryl has left him but agreed
to this in order to settle her account enough that she can earn enough to support her and the girls
while she pays of the rest. So like I said they’ll do anything you want and nobody is going to
complain” she says in a flat tone.

“So shall I add the extra 25k fee or would you like to think on it till dinner” she asks.

I’ve never been one to be that abusive but I was thinking why limit myself also. I walked
over to Cheryl. She had been listening to the conversation and even though drugged she
looks at me with pleading eyes
“Please say yes, the girls and I won’t complain once I promise no matter what you do to us”
She says begging me.

I thought I was hard before but the sight of Cheryl 8 ½ months pregnant naked strapped in to
that chair begging me to fuck and abuse her and her 10 year old slut and 8 year old virgin
daughters, I nearly came in my shorts standing there.

“Ya go ahead and do it” I say with a devilish grin.

Carol smiles knowing this will almost completely wipe her debt to me out.
“Enjoy” she says as she walks out closing the door behind her.

Beth walks up and smiles.
“I remember you, well that nice big cock actually” she says as she unbuttons my shorts.

Beth undresses me slowly she looks even smaller standing there next to me. My 6’1” body
towers over her small pale 3’7” frame. My cock fully erect stands to just below her chin.
she bends her head down slightly to take my cock in her mouth. She sucks me for several
stokes then motions for Cindy to join us by their mother. Cindy comes over and Beth pops
my cock out her mouth and Cindy grabs it.

She’s even shorter at 3’5” and has to pull my cock down a little to get it in her mouth.
Cheryl reaches out and runs her fingers thru Cindy’s hair.
“There should be a surcharge for something that big” she says looking at Cindy struggling
to get my cock in to her throat.

“Ok sir, I’ll be back in a few hours to check on her” the nurse says after giving Cheryl a shot
then leaves.

“Try not to hurt my baby too bad when you Make her a woman” Cheryl says looking at
Cindy as a tear rolls down her cheek. Her eyes roll back as the drugs kick in.

“Moms been having small contraction all morning and she’s already dilated see” Beth says
putting her small hand to her moms pussy.

Cheryl was a small woman like her daughters and her belly was huge. The chair she sat in
keep her legs spread nice and wide exposing her huge swollen pussy. Her legs and body
were strapped into the chair keeping her in place. She was obviously dilated as Beth had
said because her pussy hole was gaping about 2”. Her breast were huge for her small frame
and swollen with milk, which was leaking from her nipples and covering her chest.

Beth made a small fist and inserted it inside her mothers pregnant pussy pushing in until she
reached her elbow. Cheryl moaned and bucked her hips enjoying the feeling of being fisted
by her 10 year old daughter. I watched as Cindy struggled trying to take my cock deeper into
her throat. Beth fisted her mom hard and fast a few times then removed her hand and held it
next to my cock. Her arm was cover in thick slimy juice from her mother as she puts it up
next to my cock. It was almost the same size, her arm longer but my cock fatter.

“See your not going to hurt her, or my sisters in her belly” Beth says.
“Sisters so she got twins in there” I say with a smile.
“Yep two more sluts to play with” Beth says excitedly.

Then starts rubbing her own little belly “I can’t wait till I get one in mine” she says
with lust in her eyes.

My mind wander for a minute it was a scary but erotic thought her little body with a big belly.

I step between Cheryl’s legs and Beth grabs my cock and put it to her mothers gaping hole.
Cheryl looks at me her eyes glazed over obviously the drugs had control of her. I push in
and all the way to the base. Her pussy is slimy and hot but not as loose as I thought she
would be. I began pounding her hard and fast Cheryl was moaning and rocking her hips.
Her large full breasts would bounce and squirt milk each time I hit bottom.

The girls pulled a stool to either side of their Mother and each took a breast into their mouth
and began nursing. Beth sucked for a minute then turned to me and opened her mouth it was
full of her mothers breast milk. I leaned over and sucked the milk from her mouth. It had
a sweet yet watery taste. It wasn’t thick like I thought it would be but it was sticky I notice
as I ran my finger thru the half dried puddles on Cheryl’s chest.

Cheryl started moaning and her body tightened up, I thought at first she was going to cum
but she was having a contraction. I buried my cock deep inside her, although her pussy was
wet and slimy I could feel her birth canal convulsing as it expanded around my cock. The
contraction subsided and I began pounding her again. Her pussy was looser and wetter
this time.

Cindy looked at me and showed me her mouth full of milk and I eagerly kissed her sucking
the milk from her little mouth. Beth slid a hand down and started rubbing her mothers clit.
It wasn’t long before Cheryl started cumming which also brought on another wave of
contractions. This one made worse I’m sure from her orgasm and my cock shoved deep in her.

I didn’t stop fucking her this time and pounded her contracting pussy even harder. Cheryl
moaned and cried out for several minutes before it subsided. When her third wave of
contraction hit her water broke covering me in a slimy mucus blood mixture. Beth called the
Doctor while me and Cindy took a shower to clean the mess.

After we head back in and Beth is just finish cleaning up her Mom.
“She’s close but it’ll be a few hours, unfortunately you’ll have to leave her pussy alone. The baby
is moving into the birth canal” the doctor says.

I was fixing to say something when Beth cut me off.
“He can still fuck her ass, Right Doc” she asks.
“Umm, ya sure that shouldn’t be a problem” he says

Beth smiles and starts lubing her moms ass while Cindy takes my cock in her mouth to keep it hard.
not much chance it was getting soft around these sluts but I wasn’t going to complain about getting
my cock sucked. I was ready to cum and didn’t want to waste it in Cheryl I was going to fuck her
but I wanted to put it her daughters ass first. But which was the question.

“Fist her ass Beth until I’m done with Cindy’s little ass” I tell her.

Beth smiles and starts working her fingers into her moms ass. Cindy give a little shiver as a chill
runs thru her tiny body. She pops my cock out her mouth and looks up at me nervously. She
grabs the jar of KY from Beth and takes my hand an leads me over to the bed without a word.

Cindy gets on all fours and lubes her ass up. I got behind her but her little ass was to low to fuck
her like that. I laid on the bed and she straddled me and put my head to her anus. She pushed down
slowly till the head was inside her. Her face crinkled slightly in pain which made my cock twitch
I liked that look.

“Take it all with out stopping” I tell her coldly wanting to see just how hard she would try and how
much pain she would take before giving up.

“Yes, Sir” she answers her bottom lip quivering as she does.

She push down hard grunting as she does her face crinkled in pain. She only gets about 6 inches
inside her tight little ass though. She looks at me with sad eyes knowing she had failed. I slapped
her face hard and her eyes water up.

“Pull it out and try again” I say coldly.

She raises her body off and applies more lube to us both then puts the head back in her ass.
She uses her body weight and drops on me this time then wiggles her ass and pushes down
with all her strength crying and grunting as she does. Finally giving up with only an 2 inches
to go.

I slap her harder this time.
“Try again your last chance then I take it hard” I tell her looking at the tears running down
her cheeks.

She raises back up and takes a deep breathe and drops back down hard and wiggles her ass,
She grunts and wiggles some more before finally stopping. Looking down she smiles seeing
That my cock was fully inside her little ass. She sits for a moment then starts slowly fucking
me. It only took about 5 stokes before I exploded into her tight ass. She pushed back hard
when she felt the hot cum shooting into her ass. She surprised me when she moaned and
orgasmed herself.

When my cock finished shooting cum into her ass she raised herself off me and cleaned it
before leading back over to her mother. Beth was fisting her mother’s ass hard and sucking
on her clit. Cheryl was moaning with pleasure from her daughter followed by gasps of pain
when a contraction hit.

I got between Cheryl’s legs and Beth pulled her hand out leaving her mothers asshole gaping
about 2 inches. She grabbed my cock and placed it in the hole she left and I pushed in. Her
ass was tighter then her pussy but she easily took it all and hard as I pounded her. Beth and
Cindy went back to their positions on either breast sucking their mother milk out.

I fucked Cheryl hard for about 20 minutes. When I was ready to cum again I stopped and pulled
out and looked at Cindy. She didn’t say a word just took my hand and walked me to the bed
and pushed me on my back. Then straddled me and sat on my cock it took her a little wiggling
but she got it all in first try.

Beth comes over as well and squats on my face putting her hot little bald pussy to my lips. She
may get fucked a lot but her little pussy still tastes sweet as it did that first night. Her lips and
clit have grown though I think as I lick and suck her 10 year old pussy. Cindy is riding my cock
hard moaning with each stroke and a grunt as she hits bottom.

Beth cums first covering my face in her sweet juices. Which makes me shoot another load of
cum into her sisters ass. Cindy cries out cumming as my hot sperm shoots deep into her 8 year
old ass. We all laid on the bed panting for air. Cheryl was screaming in pain so Beth called the
Doctor. It was time and I was surprise they delivered the babies right there.

It was interesting to watch as her pussy spread and stretched and the babies head slowly appeared
with each hard push. I looked at Cheryl’s gaping pussy after the babies were born. It was huge
I know it shrinks back but if it could stretch that much I’m sure Cindy could take my cock. She
may feel like she’s giving birth though I laugh to my self.

I was 6:30 so I took Beth and Cindy into the shower while the doctor finished with Cheryl. I
dressed but had the girls remain naked and we head down for dinner. Molly was there and came
over and kissed me. She seemed happy but had a twinkle of jealousy in her eye seeing Beth and
Cindy sitting next to me.

“You having a good time” I ask her.
“Yes Master the doctors are very gentle” she says smiling then runs back over and takes
her seat next to the doctor.

After dinner we head back to the room. Cheryl is all cleaned up and in a recliner breast feeding
her babies. Cindy and Beth run over to see their new sisters. Cheryl is not high on drugs I notice
as she talks to the girls. I pulled up a chair and dropped my clothes then sat down. Cheryl looks
at me for a moment.

“Umm have you done Cindy yet” she asks
“Well she’s walking isn’t she, so no, I did fuck her little ass though” I say laughing.

“Well the doctor said your free to use me as well, he’ll fix any damage” she says reluctantly.
“Ok but I’ll just stick to your daughters little pussies for now” I say looking at Beth and Cindy.

Beth looks at me then my cock and kneels in front me an takes my limp cock into her mouth.

“I was out of it earlier but did I hear Beth say she knew you” Cheryl asks.
“Yes, we meet before a few months back when Stacy was babysitting her” I say casually.

Cheryl’s eyes get big “So you’re the one who destroyed our lives” she blurts out.

Well I surely didn’t remember that part of the night but it did seem to happen around me a lot.

“Well I’m not sure how I did that please tell me” I say curiously

“The day we got home Beth was sore from you and her father wanted to fuck her. When she
refused him he got angry and decided to take what he wanted. Obviously he figured out her ass
and pussy had been abused which pissed him off even more. He assumed Beth was whoring
around and beat and raped her that night. Soon that was all he wanted I put my foot down and
Threatened to go to the cops if he hurt the girls again. That’s when he meet Carol and started
buying his victims. He started selling the girls after he spent everything we had and was in deep
with Carol. I left him when I found out but” she says crying

“But I have no money or way to support the girls. I had Beth when I was 13 so I never even went
to high school much less graduated. So we came to Carol its our only way” she says sobbing.

“Umm so your 23 years old, interesting” I say after listening to her story as her 10 year old deep
throats my cock.

I had assumed she was older because of the girls and the husbands age. But looking at her I can
see it now.

“Yes” she says giving me a strange look.
“I know it’s not really your fault JJ, the asshole would have eventually ended up there I’m sure”
she says.

“Well you should be fine with these two sluts, I’m sure they’ll earn well for many years” I say
trying to give her some hope.

Cheryl started to say something but I stopped her.
“Hold that thought” I say

Beth had my cock hard and I wanted her hot wet tight little pussy wrapped around it. Especially
if I was going to here more of her story. I pick up Beth’s 70lb body and put her in my lap. She
spreads her legs and place my cock in her little pussy then scoots in taking me inside her
with a moan.

“Much better go ahead now Cheryl” I say as my cock slides in to her 10 year olds womb.

She stares for a minutes as Beth slowly rides my cock.

“They’ll have to just to pay off their fathers debt, Hell if I hadn’t off left him these two would
be paying off his debt” she says indicating her two baby daughters breast feeding.

“Well when your ready to sell their cherries I’ll pay top dollar” I say giving her some hope.

All this talk was emotionally boring, I mean draining, me and I needed to lie down. I stood up
and walked over to the bed with Beth impaled on my cock and laid down her small body under
me. All that stuck out was her little arms and legs I noticed looking at the mirror over the bed.
I pulled out and drove into her hard causing her to scream and moan. Each stroke as I hit bottom
with all my weight on her squeeze all the air from her tiny body. She scream until she ran out of
air then gasp for air as I pull out.

Beth’s body jerked and twitched and her hot little pussy squeezed my cock as she came gasping
for air as I fucked her harder thru her orgasm. Then a second even more violent orgasm before
I filled her tiny womb with cum. I rolled on my back and she collapsed on my chest gasping for

Her little body was still shaking as she crawled down to clean my cock.
“Go share with your mom and sister” I tell her when she finishes cleaning my cock.

Beth looks drunk when she starts to walk on her wobbly legs going over and taking a seat in the
chair. She puts a leg over each arm rest and spreads her pussy wide for Cindy.
“Suck it out and kiss mom” she tell her sister.

I got up to watch as Cindy knelt and opened her mouth and put it to her sisters gaping little
pussy hole and sucked hard. She opened her mouth to show me the cum then turned and kissed
her mother. Cindy went back and sucked another load from Beth’s pussy then back to her mother.

The next part shocked even me a little Cheryl took the baby off her left breast and Cindy put the
nipple in her mouth. When she pulled away she dribble some cum on the nipple. Cheryl put the
Baby’s mouth back to the nipple covered in cum. They repeated the process for the other nipple.

“You paid for all of us” Cheryl says looking at me.

I looked at them it was erotic I have to admit. Beth felt left out and uses three fingers to scoop
some cum from her pussy and put it in her mouth. It’s only 9 pm it’s going to be an interesting night
I think as all three girls look at me smiling.

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