Elder Sister ANUSHKA SHETTY continues her dirty sex games with her kid brother. This time sister gets Naked and baby brother gets to cum between sister's thighs!
Secrets of an Elder Sister and her Little Kid Brother - Chapter - 2 - Between Sister’s Legs!

Chapter 2

Between Sister’s Legs!

Starring: South Indian Actress "Anushka Shetty" as Elder Sister

Codes: F(20), b(14), ped, incest, cum, thigh-job, pubic hair, full nude, ass, pussy-rub, Fdom, celeb, mast

The day has changed my life. Changed it completely. Its almost 9 pm now. I am on my bed in my room. Lying down, thinking of the incidents that had happened today to me. I got a “Hand job” from my elder sister! Plus I had my first free masturbation lesson! My hands moved down towards the buckle of my shorts. I unfastened them, pushed them downward. Made my cock come out of it. I looked down at pleasure stick. Yes “pleasure stick”. I should call it that. Oh what was the feeling when Anushka chechi had it in her hand. It was heaven.
I slowly touched the head of my semi erect penis. My touch and thoughts about Anushka chechi made it come into full erect form. I encircled my fingers around my dick just like Anushka chechi hold it today. I slowly moved my hand up and down making my foreskin move along with my grasp and images of today’s incident came into my mind. Anushka chechi’s face. That sharp eyes looking at me and looking at my cock enjoying the sight of my little preteen cock, her luscious red lips biting while she was playing with my erect 14 yrs old penis in her soft hand. The hot body of my chechi so close to me that her soft round boobs pressing against me. More images rushed into my mind. The top two opened buttons of her shirt revealing the insides, those fair boobs kept in a black bra. Ohh those thighs… which I got a chance to see, just a few inches above the knees…
Ohh… that feeling is rushing into me again. That same feeling which Anushka chechi gave me with her wonderful working on my penis. I imitated Anushka chechi’s hand-work, made my shagging faster…. Ohh.. Anushka chechyyy…. Aaahhh Anushka chechyy… Ohh.. yhaa.. haaa.. chechyyyy…it was chechi shaking my cock with her hand, I imagined.
And yes! It is coming. Ohh its great, it’s really great… I am not gonna stop. Ohh yes.. yesssss!!!!
“Anushka chechyyy… Anushka chechyyy… Anushka chechyyyyyy… aahh… aaahhhh….”
I felt the huge rush through my cock. A big shot. And it came way over my lying body and hit my cheeks. Following with streams of my hot cum all over my chest and stomach. I keep pumping imagining Anushka chechi. What could be between her legs? What could be between her legs? What could be there between my 20yrs old elder sisters separated legs?

I was late to get up. As when I got up I noticed the patches of my dried sperm all over stomach and chest. I checked my penis and around. The dark pubic hairs around the base of cock they too are drenched with dry cum. I felt happy. Ultimately I felt thankful to my dutiful elder sister who took the efforts to teach me the wonders of masturbation. The way I learned it, I was sure no one in my school have learned it.
I could hear my mom calling my name from downstairs. I came out of my room.
“Arun are you up?” my mom’s voice came.
“Yes mom, what is it?”
“Come down dear, have your breakfast.”
“Arun” Mom said, “Have your breakfast and go to uncle’s house.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Anushka called. She said she needs your help for doing her project. I said I will send you. It’s better than you spending all your time in front of the stupid TV.”
It’s better than anything mom, anything in this world! I thought silently in my mind. Oh my god chechi is again going to do it with me. I felt a shiver all over my body and a tingling sensation on cock.
Not more than 5 minutes my breakfast was over and I rushed to Anushka chechi’s house. As I entered her house I encountered aunty. Seeing me aunty smiled and called inside, “Anushka your little loving brother is here to help you, see how nice is he.” Then continued to me, “Come in dear, here to help your elder sister… huh? You are such a nice boy.”
Then I heard Anushka chechi’s voice coming from inside and there, she is. Anushka chechi is climbing the steps to upstairs holding a coffee mug in her hand. She was wearing white gown. She looked at me. No particular expression on her face. You would never imagine that yesterday she was holding her kid brother’s throbbing cock in her hand and made him cum for the first time in her sisterly fingers.
Anushka chechi signaled at me to come after her and she went to her room. I slowly followed through the steps. The door was closed behind her. I opened it and entered the room which is now my most favorite place. But she was not in the room. Where is chechi?
“Close the room and lock it Arun. “ Suddenly I heard her voice. It was coming from the bathroom. She is in the bathroom. I turned and locked the room. Now what?
“I am in the bathroom Arun. Is the door closed?”
“Yes chechi.”
“Good. Now come inside.”
“Inside the bathroom chechi?”
“Yha. Come fast.”
Oh my god, I don’t know what will happen now. She just asked me to come into bathroom. I slowly approached the bathroom door and opened it. The bathroom is pretty spacious. Like Anushka chechi’s room itself it has a huge mirror attached to the wall. And there at the other end of the bathroom Anushka chechi is standing but turned to other side. And she is doing something which I can’t see. And I could see movements in her gown. I stood there at the door.
Anushka chechi slowly turned around. And in that white garment suddenly somewhere I saw a strong red color, and I am seeing more of warm colors. And it hit just like a bolt to my eyes. Yes, Anushka chechi is standing there with her white gown opened at the middle, and the opening goes from top to the bottom giving me the glimpse of her middle region of her full length body. The opening exposes Anushka chechi’s cleavage completely to me but covering her boobs. My eyes moves downward, the fleshy stomach of my chechi, the cute belly button and the bright red color was nothing other than a red low waist cotton panty she was wearing underneath!
My eyes traveled again more downward. From the bright red panty my sight reached Anushka chechi’s fleshy thighs. They are so fleshy, huge and round that her inner thighs are so tightly pressed together leaving no space between them but at one place. Just under the tip of that inverted triangle created by her panties there is a gap in between the thighs where they finally meet.
My heart was pounding so fast that it was getting difficult for me to breath. Anushka chechi moved towards me making her gown opening more to me. As it opened to both sides her round boobs came completely into view. They were so round, rich, looked so healthy to me. At the middle of their roundness each breast has a round and erect nipple looking straight at me. The nipples were dark brown and had huge light brown areolas around them.
“Come closer.” She said. I obeyed and moved near to her. My eyes were fast shuttling between her two hanging boobs and the love spot between her legs. My dick was getting so hard that it was getting really hard for me to keep it inside my shorts.
“Take your t shirt off.” Chechi asked. I immediately removed it over my head.
Anushka chechi shrugged her shoulder wiggled it, the white gown slipped through her sides and reached her feet. There stands right in front of me, my elder sister who is 6 yrs older than me, wearing nothing but her cotton panties.
Chechi raised her left hand and put it over my right shoulder, she pulled me towards her simultaneously her right hand moved towards my hips and touched me there. I was shivering with thrill and excitement. As she kept me near to me, Anushka chechi’s finger ran over my shorts through its front to reach my very much evidently hard cock which is making a huge mount on my shorts. It was very easy for Anushka chechi to find it and hold it in her hand. The moment she touched my cock through my shorts an electric shock passed through me.
“It has become so huge, seeing me in my panties…. Hmm..” Anushka chechi’s fingers get hold of my buckles as I expected. And she started unbuckling me. My shorts opened and she let it fall down. There I stand in front of my 20yrs old elder sister fully naked with my cock hard and straight and pointing towards her panty covered pelvic area.
The moment my erect member came into sight Anushka chechi started panting slightly. I think she got excited by seeing her preteen younger brother naked. She took both my hands and placed them on her hips. The thing about Anushka chechi’s hips are, they are so soft and fleshy. The panties are very below to her hip line making her hip exposed completely. The roundness of her fleshy hips so hot and soft and I am touching It. I moved my finger eagerly through her hips occasionally touching the waist band her panty.
Anushka chechi again moved closer, and then suddenly the tip of my cock just touched the center of her panty clad pleasure triangle. Anushka chechi is much taller than me making my height right below her eye level and fortunately that makes my cock perfectly come in line with her pussy.
We both looked down when my cock’s head touched her panty covered pussy. Her belly and both thighs were round and rich making her pussy area into a depression. Now my cock is hitting there, right in the middle. And Anushka chechi started to push my cock’s head with her pussy mound. Each time she gives pressure my cock bends a little, and slides into the gap between her thighs under her pussy. We both looking down and enjoying the view and the pleasure we are getting on our organs.
The suddenly Anushka chechi grasped my naked hard cock with her long soft fingers. I felt like melting in her hands due to that touch. She touched it all over, ran her finger throughout the length of my cock, get hold of my scrotum for a few seconds, then brushed my pubic hair with her finger tips. After touching so much of it she raised her hand and smelled her fingers enjoyed my smell down there.
“Oh that excites me very much.” Saying this she forcefully hugged me. My naked body against hers. Oh god… oh god.. this is unbelievable. I could feel her strong filled round boobs pressing against my chest, and my cock, the lucky guy is getting pressed against my chechi’s pussy, my balls against her soft thighs.
Anushka chechi is moaning. I was breathing heavily with excitement. Her hands were grouping over my ass, which gave me the idea to touch and feel her ass. My hands which were resting on Anushka chechi’s fleshy hips started crawling towards her rear and I touched Anushka chechi’s panty covered ass. It was huge and soft. As when her fingers started digging into my ass cheeks I also pressed my fingers into hers. Ohh.. it’s so bumpy!
Suddenly chechi separated us. “More?” She asked. I stood there with excitement.
“Sit down.”
“What?” I asked with genuine doubt.
“Lower yourself in front of me, on your knees come on…” Chechi commanded.
Without no idea about what my panty clad elder sister is having in mind I just obeyed her. I kneeled down in front of her and guess what the journey down was exciting. On the way down my eyes were getting exclusive views of her apple boobs and brown nipples, then her shapely stomach and hips and finally when I was on my knees I was facing Anushka chechi’s panty covered pussy area right in front of me. My eyes get pointed to that single point in between her triangle’s tip and meeting point of her luscious thighs.
As I was on my knees Anushka chechi moved more closer to me making her pussy closer to my face. Is that chocolate I am smelling?
“Now remove my panty with your hands.”
What!!! Oh my god this is getting really good. I cannot control my expressions on my face those expressions of uncontrollable happiness and excitement.
I touched Anushka chechi’s both hips. My hands were shivering. I put my fingers under the elastic band of her red panty. The panty was pretty small which was hardly covering her love triangle. And I slowly pulled the waist band of her panty down which as going down started to curl through her hips.
Then suddenly sprang out from under the panty, tiny tiny hair and as I pulled down the panty more down uncovering the entire pussy area of my chechi, I started to see more and more hair. Oh my god Anushka chechi was so right. She is having a very thick patch of curly black hair covering her pussy. I looked down at my own pubic area which was covered with a few preteen pubes. And then again I looked at Anushka chechi’s. Anushka chechi’s pubic hair was thicker especially when it comes to the center covering her pussy lips. The lips are mostly covered with her pubes which makes it difficult to see them. The curly black hair then spreads around covering almost all of her triangle, then the density starts to decrease towards the edges, which makes her skin visible through her pubic hair. I never expected anyone’s pubic hairs to be so beautiful that it gives strong throbbing to my already hard dick. Thinking that it’s my elder sister’s pubic hair I am staring at made it more exciting to my cock.
I pulled her panty more down and it rolled through her thick fleshy thighs and as when it reached her knees Anushka chechi wiggled her legs and made it fall down.
And there in this closed bathroom without the outside world knowing nothing an elder sister of 20yrs old stands completely naked in front of her preteen little brother of 14yrs old whose boy dick was aching his sister’s loving touch.
Anushka chechi put her both hands on the sides of my head and she moved closer to my face making her hairy pussy slowly touching my face. My nose had the first contact on her pussy hair then more and more of my face started touching her pubes. A strong aroma was hitting my face as she closed her pussy on to my face. It was a combination of many smells put together. Smell of sweat, urine, pubic hairs and chocolate!
And the next moment my face was completely touching immersed on to her crouch area. My nose was touching an opening hidden behind those thick patch of hair. And I easily guessed it’s my chechi’s pussy opening. Ohh the smell is strong in here and the surface inside the opening or the opening itself is soft and so much hot!
“AAaaahhh…!!!!” Anushka chechi moaned as she made my head press more into her open pussy. And I felt its getting wet there. Is she urinating on to my face? If so I don’t want her to stop because this is making me mad, it’s so exciting I really wanted her to put her pussy more forcefully on to my face. I felt like eating her pussy just like that. And unknowingly I sprouted my tongue outside and it touched directly inside her pussy. Oohhhh it was salty really really salty!
“OOoohhh yhaaa… haaa Arunnn…. Do that… lick like that, lick me there.” Anushka chechi cried in whispering voice. She bends her knees slightly to make her hairy pussy press more on to my preteen face. And my head moved more and more between her thick fleshy thighs. This she did with her hands placed behind my head and pushing it more towards hairy crouch.
As chechi asked I put my tongue outside again and she felt it on her pussy. Anushka chechi started moving her pussy up and down, slowly in the beginning and gaining speed gradually, violently.
It was a different Anushka I was seeing now. It was not the ordinary Anushka chechi we all have ever seen before. It was different woman who was pushing her hairy snatch on my face. She violently moved her hips, in order to get grip I had to grasp her ass cheeks and legs. Anushka chechi wiggled her hips fast and swift across my face. My nose, lips and tongue rubbing everywhere on her pussy. My face was drenching in liquid and her pubes are rubbing and spreading it all over. This is incredible.
I don’t know how much time this continued, after a while Anushka chechi stopped her pussy job on my face and slowly stood straight.
“Haa… get up Arun.” Chechi asked. I slowly stood. My head was spinning a little. It was hard to get up with what was happening on to my face. And that thought hit my head. I was kissing, smelling and eating my elder sister’s hairy pussy!
As I stood up only noticed Anushka chechi was drenched in her sweat. It seems chechi was really enjoying rubbing her pussy on my face. Now that the elder sister and her six years younger little brother is standing completely naked opposite to each other. My cock was throbbing like a hot iron rode by seeing Anushka chechi completely naked and wet. Even after all these I still can’t believe I am seeing my elder sister’s naked boobs and hairy vagina.
Anushka chechi moved close and pressed her wet body to mine. Her wet boobs pressed again to my chest and this time it’s her hairy pussy that was touching my dick. Anushka chechi bend her back making her upper body going backward and lower touching more to mine. I looked down at where our crouches meet together. I could see my erect cock was immersed inside Anushka chechi’s thick curly pussy hair. It’s almost hidden inside her bush. It’s a really erotic scene to see my cock like that sandwiched between both our pubic hairs. And our pubic hairs are rubbing to each other.
Anushka chechi’s hands came from both sides, her right hand grabbed my erect cock, her fingers encircling it, and her left hand cupped my balls tenderly. And slowly chechi started moving my foreskin up and down. She pushed her crouch more to my cock making her pussy hair rub on my member while she stroked. And her left hand started to massage my ball sack.
“How is it when my pubes touch your cock like this? Is it feeling good?” chechi asked while she shagged me.
“Yes chechi its really good feeling on it.” I started to push my pelvis more to her hairy crouch to make my cock get more of her pubes and wet pussy.
“And you know why it is so Arun?” Anushka chechi asked with a wicked smile on her face still jacking off my hard cock in her soft hand. I looked into her seducing eyes for the answer.
“It’s because it’s your sister’s pubic hair!” When she mentioned ‘sister’s pubic hair’ my cock twitched in her hand and she felt it in her soft palm.
“Ohh.. yhaa.. That’s it… my pubic hair..!!! Your elder sister’s pubic hair!!! You are liking it when you here it haa...??” she smiled at me. And I smiled at her back with my knees getting weaker due to the exciting feeling on my cock.
Then suddenly Anushka chechi hold my penis horizontally and made its tip touch her slit. We both were looking down at our crouch areas. Anushka chechi moved my tip up and down along her pussy slit. Ohh elder sister’s pussy slit feels soooo great!!!
Then it happened Anushka chechi moved closer to me keeping my cock in her hand. Chechi moved her legs apart making space between them and she guided my erect cock in between them. I watched as both our pubic mounds meet together; both our pubic hairs come in contact with each other I felt Anushka chechi’s thighs pressing together making my cock sandwiched between them. Ooohhh the feeling was so great. Now my hard rock cock is between my chechi’s fleshy thighs under her hairy wet snatch!
“Now how about this?” asking this Anushka chechi slowly started to move her hips in a forward backward motion and thereby making my cock’s foreskin move along between her tightly closed thighs. What a wonderful idea! Getting shagged with elder sister’s thighs.
I pushed my pelvis more into her crouch. Anushka chechi’s fingers grouped my naked ass cheeks, pulled me closer to her naked body. To get a grip I also grabbed Anushka chechi’s naked round ass with both hands. They are so perfectly round and soft. Was little sweaty due to her excitement. I wanted to see more. So I moved my hands further. My fingers crawled towards my chechi’s ass crack. And as I reached I felt tiny hairs touching my finger tips. What, she has got pubes in her ass? Well I don’t have hair in my ass crack. And then I thought, definitely Anushka chechi should have. Chechi is six years elder to me which is enough for growing pubic hair in her ass crack. I started to enjoy the feeling of her pubes in her ass crack for a while.
But I want more. I tried to find Anushka chechi’s asshole in her crack. I moved my finger tips looking for her hole.
“A little more down… a little more” Said Anushka chechi to help her little kid brother to find her asshole. I moved my fingers as chechi instructed and touched her asshole! Ohhh it was so much exciting to touch elder sister’s asshole. I rubbed my fingers over her asshole even tried to push one finger through it. It seems Anushka chechi is enjoying madly my finger games in her asshole. She moved her hips faster giving more jacking off to my cock.
With great pleasure I looked at the mirror to our left side. There I could see a taller figure, an adult woman my Anushka chechi completely naked and in between her huge thick legs there is this little school boy pressed into her nakedness to her crouch. It was so erotic to see this woman having sexual games with a boy and that boy being me.
Anushka chechi rotated suddenly making her back towards the mirror. Now what I see is my chechi’s huge ass on her bare beautiful body which I am trying to open with my hands. I could see myself peeking through her shoulders. I stared at her moving ass. Each time chechi pulls back her ass crack open to show the insides. As I figured Anushka chechi’s ass crack is hairy but the butt hole is visible very much. Then I noticed something right below her ass globes between her closed thighs. Every time she pushes forward something peeks out between her thighs, something red.
Oh god it’s my cock! I am seeing my cock’s red head from between my chechi’s thighs. My boner is getting harder now its hitting right under Anushka chechi’s pussy. The thick bush of hair covering her pussy is rubbing on my cock. It’s very easy to move my cock under her snatch because of her wetness and her sweat between thighs.
My cock hitting on her hairy pussy gave Anushka chechi some pleasure because as a result she started to move faster on my cock. I looked down again at where our crouches meet. All I can see was both our pubic mounds are hitting each other. Anushka chechi’s really thick pubic bush is coming in contact with my own preteen pubes. Her pubes can really cover mine completely. It seems our pubes likes each other. They cling to each other whenever they come in touch.
The sensation is getting higher and higher. The thought that I am having my erect dick in between my 20yrs old elder sister’s fleshy thighs and is getting rubbed by her curly pubic hairs was making it too much for my love stick. And I can feel the sensation building up between my legs. The “Happy Feeling” is coming! And I want it to happened, want to happen it right here, right here between Anushka chechi’s closed thighs. With the arousing feeling in my tightening balls and throbbing cock I unconsciously start to move my hips along with Anushka chechi.
“HHAAaaa… is it coming Arun?? Is it??? Hhhaaa..???”
“Ooohhh… chechiii… yes chechi… aaahhh its coming for me… aaahhh….!!!!”
“OOhhh… Aaaahhh… Arruunnnn…. Arrruuunnnnn…. Aaaahhhhhh….!!! Close to me…. Close to me… Yes.. do it on my thighs…!!! Between my legsss…hhhaaaa….!!!”
And it happened. All those sexy arousing talk from my chechi’s mouth about my cumming between her legs and her thick curly pubes rubbing on my cock, my cock shot a huge load of cum between Anushka chechi’s closed pressing thighs. Anushka chechi tightened her legs, closed her fleshy naked thighs more to my cumming cock and moved faster. My cock didn’t stop cumming for some time. Loads of white sticky liquid from my dick was coming out and hitting at Anushka chechi’s pubes and started to flow through her legs between her thick thighs. I could see in the mirror my cock is shooting thick milk out of it right in between chechi’s thighs.
After three or four shots of thick cum I stopped cumming heavily and I felt like falling down. Anushka chechi hugged me tightly.
“How was it to cum between your elder sister’s naked thighs?” chechi whispered in my ears.
“Wow! Anushka chechi… it was so much good! It was heaven.” with tired voice I said slanting more to her naked sisterly body. I sensed Anushka chechi’s finger crawling between our bodies and moving towards my crouch. It reached between her hairy gap and get hold of my wet tired cock which was already getting small. She pumped its foreskin up and down for a while then raised its semi erect head and pressed it on to her bush which was wet.
Anushka chechi separated from me. I looked down to see my cock coming out from between chechi’s thighs. It was all wet and glowing. And then I noticed my foreskin had moved so much to reveal more of its head. It was bright red and was so contrasting to the dark color of my foreskin. Anushka chechi’s hairy snatch was wet with my cum. I could see drops of milky stuff on her pubes. She touched her pubic hair, rubbed her fingers over it spreading my cum all over the curly bush. It was a mind blowing sight. An elder sister standing naked and spreading her kid brother’s hot sperm over her pubic hair.
“Now I have to take a bath. You can leave now” looking at my shrinking cock chechi said.
I dressed quickly as chechi was starring at my nakedness and came out of the bathroom eventually out of her room. Aunty was not anywhere. So I just ran to my house. My cock was paining a little. I didn’t notice it then at the bathroom because of all the arousal and happy feelings. But now I can feel a swelling. But it’s worth. How I got this pain? The thought gave me thrills. Oh yha that’s right I was having sex games with my elder sister and guess what, I shot my cum between my elder sister’s naked thighs!

End of chapter 2

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again great detail, the grammer was better, and the ending was great, left me hangin i hope u post num 3 lookin forward to it 9 outta 10

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