James gets to work,
Chapter 3

An alarm jolted James awake. How to turn it off baffled him for a while. Finding the room remote, he finally hit the right button. He simply had to get a booklet of instructions for the damn thing.

He hit the light switch and checked the time. It was six am. He assumed Lisa set the alarm last night. He was glad she did. He found a pair of sweat pants and an undershirt and headed to his bathroom to get ready.

After getting cleaned up and dressed, he opened the door and stepped across the hallway. Knocking on the door, Lisa yelled “Come in” with the door buzzing his access.

Opening the door, James was greeted by a pair of breasts first and the rest of Lisa second.

“Ah, you were correct.” James surmised.

“How so?” Lisa wondered.

“Your breasts are bigger than the girl in the magazine.” he smiled.

“Told ya so.” and lowered her tee over them. “Ready to work out?”

“All set. I’m anxious to see what we have to work with.” he replied.

“You’ll like it.” and grabbed her towel.

James followed her to the garage up to the second floor. The elevator opened to a full sized gym. It boasted of tread mills and bicycles, free weights and machines. Mirrors lined one side and windows facing the back green on another. James had an advantage with the view and realized the sunset he witnessed last night was facing a golf course.

Niles was working out and James approached him. “I think you overlooked this place on your tour.” and smiled.

“That’s because I didn’t want you up here telling me what a shitty tour you got.” grunting into his workout.

James laughed at that, “I wouldn’t have called it shitty, just a little less informative.”

James wished him a good workout and studied the room a little more.

Finding an open treadmill, James decided to start there. He set the run for a two-mile run in thirty minutes. Lisa took the treadmill beside him.

“How did you know the bride at the Wilson wedding?” James asked while his treadmill started up.

“Oh, I was friends with her cousin, Stacy.” She offered.

“Stacy Davidson?” Jim remembered. “Oh, how long have you known her?”

“A while, why?” she wanted to know.

“I have a run with her tonight.” he explained, hoping to gain some insight on what to expect.

“Her red hair says it all!” she giggled.

James and Lisa were done by eight. After cleaning up, they met again for breakfast. They ate in the rec room which had a mini kitchen. James offered to pick up food since he had time before his first appointment. The girl that usually handled the cooking gave him a list. James didn’t enquire what her true purpose was thinking he would learn in time.

James went back to the garage to find his Cadillac. Taking the elevator, he was met by another servant heading out. She greeted him shyly and rode quietly to the garage level. James said in parting, “Nice to meet you.” and turned to his car.

“Good to meet you… with clothes on.” she giggled and walked away.

Ernest was checking his oil and James introduced himself.

“Ah, you do wear clothes.” and chuckled.

“You’re the second one to comment on my clothing. Is there something I need to know?”

“Eh, you might not be interested but security kicked on the monitors in our room last night and we followed you around the place. Nice shot in the elevator by the way.” and laughed out loud.

“You’re kidding!” James was fuming, “Is Cathleen aware of that?”

“Son, everyone is aware of that.” and closed the hood. “I liked to died when that maid caught you bare naked!” laughing away.

Great, he just started working here and already he is a huge embarrassment. James’ phone went off in his pocket making a sound he didn’t recognize. Looking at it, he saw a text message and read it.

‘Mary sends her regards’ with an attachment. Opening it, James was hit with a photo of him in the elevator with the maid. Obviously, the picture was of a monitor that had still framed on the shot. James knew someone was in the security room, viewing his recording of his trip from Cathleen’s room to his.

Looking at the sender name, he saw it was from Cathleen Spencer. Texting back, ‘probably her first thrill in months.’ and sent it.

She replied with, ‘where are you going?’ and he responded with, ‘store for groceries and some damn underwear.’ and sent that back.

Slamming the door, his ego wounded, he almost peeled out of the place. He was glad that he didn’t because people were standing outside smoking. The women all waved at him and one held a thumb to her hear with her pinky extended mouthing, “Call me.” James wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t an older lady doing that!”

Arriving at the mall, he locked the doors and headed in. He went for underwear first, and looked for bikini underwear. Finding a store that offered them, he bought a dozen pair. Leaving that store, he found a novelty store and they offered men’s thongs. Figuring, ‘what the hell’, he bought five of those in different colors. Noticing some maid outfits, he picked out two black and white ones for the twins. He spotted a pink thong with a built-in vibrator in the front. Thinking of Lisa, he bought what he thought was her size. He grabbed flavored lotions and other items that might benefit a woman then made his way out.

Heading for the car, he texted Mike to see if he was still good to meet up. He replied with a ‘ya’ so he headed there. Mike probably shit a lode when men showed up to get his things. He hoped to rest any fears he had and explain anything Mike was confused about.

He pulled into the lot right as Mike got there. Hopping out, he walked with him to a bench.

“So, this all started with a limo trip?” Mike started.

“Yes, a wedding run.” James admitted.

“Wow dude, you hit the jack pot!”

“That depends really.” James sighed.

“How’s that? Shit man, you got it made.”

“I am feeling a bit trapped, buddy.” sounding depressed.

“Trapped in heaven no less!” Mike was excited for him.

“Mike, look at it this way. If I screw this up, these people can screw my life up.” James explained.

“So, what is the biggest responsibility you have?” Mike tried to help.

“It’s a toss-up. Either pleasing the clients that could be self-centered and finicky or maintaining a quarter of a million dollars in an expense account.” he huffed, “Which one you think is more important?”

“I would love to have your problems, if you could call that much money a problem.” Mike chuckled.

“That’s one month.” James whispered. “That’s three million a year.”

“You need a lawyer.” Mike suggested.

“Yeah… for an expense account.” James saddened.

They talked for a while and Mike claimed he would be at the transportation company that afternoon. They agreed to keep in touch and James left for his doctor’s appointment.

Pulling out his phone, he looked up the information. There was no details, only the subject line. Left with nothing, James had to call someone so he remembered Cathleen texted him so he would try that.

‘Dr. appt. unknown location.’ and waited.

Cathleen sent, ‘rec room L2.’

James should have realized that with lawyers, accountants, and now, internal doctors. She is going to think I’m stupid. Texting back, he wrote, ‘2nd opinion?” hoping she would get the humor.

Cathleen replied, ‘Your head needs checked too’

Sending her a ‘thanks’, he headed for the grocery store. After picking up the items on the list, he headed for home. That thought alone rattled his head. Home was now a mansion with a compound under it. He couldn’t help feeling a little… abducted.

Parking the car in the parking lot, James unloaded items from his briefcase he didn’t want to carry around. He left his weapon in the car. He didn’t want Niles to come out and take it again. Opening the glove box, he discovered boxes of condoms, leaving no room for anything else. There was a compartment in the middle front seat and he left it there with a flashlight and map. Since he was the only one driving the vehicle, he didn’t have to worry about leaving it in the car, it was his car.

As he headed for the entrance, one of the smokers outside yelled, “Decided to wear clothes today?” and snickered with the rest of the group.

James replied, “The boss let me. Don’t be jealous.” as he passed them. He was pretty much over it. There wasn’t anything he could do about it and it was Cathleen’s fault, not his.

Arriving on the second floor, he made his way to the rec room. Dropping two bags of groceries off at the mini kitchen, he set to work stowing the goods.

After finishing that chore, he looked around for anyone that could tell him where the doctor was. The woman that gave him the grocery list came in.

“Pardon me, I picked up the grocery list and stored them. Would you know where I could find the doctor? I have an appointment due.”

“Yes, look for an older woman about five nine, a thirty inch waist, double D breasts, and blonde hair.” she rattled off, “she goes by the name of Dr. Song.”

“Thank Miss… ?” James replied.

“Song. Dr. Song.” she offered her hand.

James was taken back, he had no idea she was a doctor. “You have my apologies! I didn’t realize I had met a medical professional. I thought you were decor for the facility!” shaking her hand.

“Oh, I thought that was what you were!” she laughed.

“So, where do I go for my physical?” James enquired.

“Right here is fine, go ahead and strip.” reaching for something under the sink.

James looked around at the few people sitting on the sunken couch, “Isn’t there some place more private?”

“What, you didn’t seem to have a problem last night.” pulling a black bag out, “I think I saw a pimple on your left ass cheek we should look at…”

“Please doctor; last night was a prank that someone pulled on me.” James begged.

She looked at him funny, “Head for your room dumbass.” she ordered.

“Oh!” James laughed, “A doctor that makes house calls, how rare!” and led the way to his room.

The doctor checked his vitals, took a blood sample, and asked him about his exercise, diet, and medical history. She reminded him to fill out all the paperwork so she could get his medical record.

“I haven’t gotten any forms yet.” James replied.

Dr. Song walked over to his computer desk, picked up a box of books, sitting it on his bed, and grabbed a manila folder. Handing him the forms, she asked, “Did your mother have a hard time raising you?”

“I hope she didn’t.” and watched as the doctor packed up her gear.

“Ok, six months from now, same thing.” and opened the door. “See me with anything unusual.”

“Wait, what about my pimple?” James smiled.

“Oh, I forgot about that. Bend over.” she ordered.

Hesitantly, James stood up, not knowing if she was serious, watching her eyes for any hint, and bent over the bed.

She pulled his pink boxers down, ‘Smack!’ “That’s for being a smartass!” and out the door she went.

James rubbed his ass and yelled, “Thank you!” as the door closed. Finding this to be the perfect time to change underwear, he went ahead and stored his purchases and tried a pair on. Great, he was a Chippendale dancer.

The rest of his time was spent filling out forms. Health, Dental, and Life insurance, clauses, release forms… even a Spenco application. James’ head was spinning from too much information.

Finally finished, he pulled his old phone out and added contacts to his new phone. He noticed an email lit up on his phone. He didn’t know he had an email account. Checking into it, he found his email address. He also figured out how to add his personal email to the phone. The email he received was a standard welcome message telling him he joined the company network.

His time was coming up to pick up his client at the airport. He didn’t know what to do with the forms. Remembering the intercom, he picked it up and dialed zero. ‘Hello James’ he heard Virgil through the phone.

“Greetings Virgil, I have my forms filled out and wanted to know where I dropped them.”

“Bring them to us in the security room. We got more things for you.” he said, and hung up the phone.

James headed there and knocked on the door. Niles opened it and patted him down. Taking the folder, he handed James more gear.

Checking them off, Niles said, “Pepper spray, hand cuffs, ear piece… “

“Are we expecting Armageddon or something?” James asked, looking at the gear being handed to him.

Virgil said, “Protestors are gathering at the drop point.”

James could only assume it was the hotel he was taking his client to.

After some instructions on the radio and ear piece, James had to rib them a little.

“We had a security breach last night. Someone put the security cameras on everyone’s room monitor.”

“Uh, that was me.” Virgil admitted, “I bumped a button or something.” and grinned.

“Ah, no harm done, as long as it doesn’t wind up on YouTube or something.” James replied.

“That would be bad, wouldn’t it Virgil?” Niles snickered, and ushered James out.

James checked the flight on his phone, seeing that it was arriving early. He headed to the airport and parked in the commercial lot.

They issued him a sign that simply read ‘Spenco’ with the company logo. He headed to the pickup location drivers were instructed to wait at.

Twenty minutes after the flight arrived, he saw his client. Wearing a business outfit with a low cleavage blouse, she wasn’t a model but she was better than average. She had the demeanor of a business woman but still maintained a sexy walk.

“Greetings and welcome to our fair city.” James smiled.

“You must be James, a pleasure.” and headed for her luggage.

“Your luggage will arrive on carrousel number three.” James informed her. He always checked for the client. It makes it easier on them.

While she waited for the luggage to pop up, James remembered his instructions. Pushing the small button on the ear piece, he said, “Made contact with client.” and released it. A ‘Roger’ came back at him.

He loaded the luggage in the car after letting his client in and headed for downtown. His GPS gave him an estimated eighteen minute arrival time. Keying his ear piece, he informed them of that. Clipping his weapon into his pants, he then settled in for the drive.

Approaching the exit, he informed security of it. Tuesday downtown, no matter the time of day, was always a hustle and bustle. The red lights don’t help any either. Fortunately, the hotel was only a block off the exit.

Sitting at the red light, right in front of the hotel, James noted all the protestors with their signs, chanting whatever their complaints were over and over. It’s a shame the hotel only had one entrance. The garage they use was off site. Then, the client would have to walk.

Pulling into the circle valet area, James put it in park. Before unlocking the door, he asked Mrs. Gracie to wait for him to open hers. Perhaps James could be a buffer against any crowd that might form around the car. He informed security that he arrived at his destination.

Stepping out, James looked around at the mass of people. He spotted local news networks off to the side. One man stood out with James, wearing a hoodie over his head. The crowd looked angry, yelling obscenities at anyone around. They weren’t happy about their place of work closing down and restructuring.

James made his way to the rear passenger door facing the hotel entrance. Checking one more time, it looked as if Mrs. Gracie would have a safe departure. It was a beeline to the entrance.

James opened the door and his client put her foot out. The hoodie pushed his way into the valet circle and reached a hand in his pocket, grimacing from his effort. James saw him approach and placed his hand on the client’s head, shoving her back in the car, and closing the door with his hip.

The car wasn’t bullet proof glass and the hoodie still came at it. Knowing his client may be in danger, he prepared for the worst. Pulling his weapon and aiming it at the same time hoodie pulled his and aimed his weapon, James yelled, “Halt!” and the man focused on James. The crowd gasped behind the man.

“Drop it!” James ordered, waiting for any sign of aggression. He had never shot a man before and this was testing his resolve.

The hooded man weighed his option and relaxed his weapon. Seeing the look in James’ eyes, he dropped it on the ground.

Police that was guarding against the protestors showed up right behind him and James lowered his weapon. They had him handcuffed and kneeling on the ground. Several more showed up and James saw that he was safe to open the door.

Letting his client out, she looked a little rough because James had messed up her hair and her clothes were tangled. She took a moment to straighten her skirt and coat then started walking to the hotel.

James put his arm around her and steered around the people that gathered. Marching in through the door, a policeman followed. While his client dealt with the front desk, James dealt with the officer, giving him his CCW and driver’s license.

James had the room placed on his credit card, giving the client the room number and keys. The client waited with him in case they needed any questions answered.
“Thank you, James.” she said, looking a little shaken up.

“It was an honor to serve you, Mrs. Gracie.” James replied.

It wasn’t long before the officer returned with his licenses, telling him “Good work.” and leaving him. They apparently didn’t need his client so they headed for her room.

Dawn opened the door, took off her coat and slumped on the bed. Looking over at the night stand, she grabbed the TV remote and hit the power button.

“What the hell happened out there?” she asked, as she looked through the stations.

“You were in jeopardy, Miss.” James simply said.

She found a local station and they were replaying the incident. For the second time, James found himself on camera. This was not good news. Publicity isn’t good for business and chauffeurs are supposed to be in the background.

“You saved my life!” she exclaimed, listening to the announcer.

“The police were right behind him.” James pointed out.

“You’re the only one with a gun out.” She retorted. “The police would have let me die!”

“Miss Gracie...” James started.

“Don’t call me that! You saved my life. Call me Dawn.” she said, holding back tears.

“I’ve done no more than anyone else would have done.” James explained.

“Are you kidding? Look! There’s a shitload of ‘anyone else’ and none of them helped!” realizing just how lucky she was.

“Try to calm down, no sense fretting over it.” James consoled. “May I get you a drink?”

“Please, make it a stiff one.” she replied as her cell phone went off.

James mixed a drink from the hotel bar. Someone found out what happened already and was concerned for her welfare. She explained that it was a disgruntled employee and her driver saved her life.

James’ earpiece went off, ‘Farlow! What the hell happened?’

He replied, ‘Everything is fine here. Client is in the safety of her room.’

‘The hell if it is! You’re all over the news!’ and James knew that wasn’t going to be good.

‘Sorry about that. I didn’t want to be.’ was all he could think to answer.

‘Sorry? What are you sorry for? You did great!’

James didn’t know if it was Niles, Virgil, or someone else on the other end so he just said, ‘Thanks’ figuring they probably didn’t realize that James will be recognized all over the city for a while.

‘We have your car. It’ll be in the hotel garage when you’re ready to leave.’

James watched the TV as his car pulled away, officers were breaking up the protestors, and media crews moved back to the sidewalk.

Dawn moved to the bathroom. Letting her hair down, she called to him, “James” and he responded, turning off the TV, “Yes Miss?”

“I need to take my mind off of the stress I’ve had today.” turning to face him. “Is there something you could think of that would do that?” unbuttoning her blouse.

James’ heart rate went up while her hands continued down and unhooked the skirt she was wearing. “I would be willing to relieve you of your stress.” eyeing the curves she unveiled.

Walking over to James, she turned around, allowing him to unclasp her bra. Grabbing his hands behind her, “Perhaps a massage.” and placed them on her ass, “Right about there.” and James started kneading her cheeks while she bent over.

James took the initiative and got both his hands in the insides of her panties. Squeezing with his thumbs in the center, he found the softness beside her anus. Working further in, it prompted Dawn to spread her legs wider. Soon, he was massaging her cunt lips, tugging, pulling and pinching them.

Working his way out, he used his fingernails and softly scratched her cunt lips all the way back to her anus, and then lowered her panties.

“Ah, that was nice.” raising up and shucking her panties. “Now, what can I do for my hero?” turning around naked in front of James, jutting her breasts in front of his face.

Without answering, James buried his head in her chest, reaching for both breasts with his hands. She grabbed him on his ears and forced him onto a nipple, “Suck it James! Suck it good!” and grinded her cunt on his knee.

James let go of her breasts and ran them down her sides, over her curve, and onto her ass. He massaged the cheeks from this direction, helping her grind on his knee. Paying attention to her anus, he heard her moan, “Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!” and he slipped one in while she forced him on the other nipple.

She moaned and groaned while holding his head, James fought to coordinate his efforts. Sucking a nipple, squeezing a cheek, and fucking in and out of her ass with a finger, he had his work cut out for him.

Tugging his ears, she pulled him up and worked to undress him. His earpiece went off, ‘James, turn the damn mike off!’ and he scrambled to get the radio out. He had forgotten about that and hoped they didn’t hear anything. Stripping himself of the gear, he placed it all on the night table.

Dawn was on him and raised his shirt over his head, then tackled his belt and pants. She paused at his underwear, looking up to him and smiled. Yanking them off him, she put them in her purse. With James taking his socks off, it wasn’t long before he was completely nude. Stepping back, Dawn inspected her prey.

“My, you are a hunk! A damn sight better than my husband.” and lunged at him. “Give me that cock!”

James was surprised at her speed and she caught him off guard, her hand gripped his shaft and he was pushed back on the bed. Swallowing his head, she stroked his meat and grabbed his balls with the other hand. She forced more in her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Getting her mouth filled turned her on more and she made different plans.

Hopping on the bed, she worked her way up and straddled James’ cock. Impaling it in her, she rode it sitting up. James grabbed her breasts and held them as she moved up and down. She went faster and told him how good he felt. James told her to fuck him hard and she obliged him, riding up and down faster. He pinched her nipples and she quivered on him. It put her over the edge and she screamed a little as she tried to maintain her pace. James took up the effort and finished her off, letting her come down from her orgasm. He slowed to a stop and released her breast while she gasped for air.

Regaining her strength, she crawled up his body and straddled his head. “Suck my cum.” and forced her pussy in his mouth. He tongued and licked for a minute but she wanted to turn around. He started back in on her while she went after his cock. Sixty-nine, James thought as he felt her lick him off. His cock grew harder with her attention and he involuntarily humped her mouth. Grabbing her ass cheeks and forcing more of her on him, he used his chin on her clit while his tongue buried in and out of her.

She humped another orgasm in his mouth and he swallowed what she offered. Teasing and nipping, James played while she recovered. She dismounted his head and laid on her back, James moved to give her room. “Fuck me” she demanded and he complied.

Kneeling on his haunches, he grabbed a leg and tugged it over his shoulder, bringing her pussy closer. Grabbing his cock, he rubbed it over her slit. Feeling her hole he dipped it in and then pulled it back out. It made a sucking sound. He rubbed the head of his cock on her clit and she reacted, twitching her pelvis at him. Taking the advantage, James separated her lips with his other hand and slapped his cock on her clit. She jerked when it hit and relaxed. He did it a few more times, smacking her pussy slowly and gently. With each hit, she jerked but another hit would prevent her from relaxing.

James found a rhythm and increased the tempo, beating her clit with his drumstick. “What the fuck?” she asked in her sweet agony, unable to get her leg off his shoulders, her pussy spread by his fingers, and unable to get away while the cock continued its thumping. James said nothing, slapping and slapping, ever so gently, he beat her into orgasm. At the top of her heat he stopped and rubbed the clit back and forth rapidly, increasing the length of her pleasure. On her way down, he went back to the soft beating and finished with rubbing slowly as it ended.

Raising her other leg and pulling them up over her, James reached down with a tongue and cleaned her juice that spilled from the back of her ass to the clit. Setting her back down, he petted her mound, kneading and rubbing more blood into it. When he felt she was ready he inserted his cock and made her take him little by little.

She was his to control and he took the lead, throwing a leg underneath him, twisting her to the side, but leaving a leg on his shoulder. With force but slow he rammed her, not wavering in his thrusts. Faster he went and she moaned more as his cock buried deep then exited.

Grabbing an ass cheek with one hand and the shoulder strapped leg with the other, he drew her to him then backed her off. Faster he went, building his excitement. She helped herself to her own pussy and rubbed her clit in front of him. It filled him with adrenalin, his ass clinched as he fucked, and the sudden urge of force made Dawn open her eyes wide as she felt her pussy quiver.

James saw enough, he was there, and wanted to make her equal. Grabbing a nipple with the arm he was holding her leg with, he tweaked and pulled, sending her over with him. As she tensed, James found her anus and tried to get a finger in. As soon as she relaxed for just a second, he plunged it in. She screamed and pounded with her other arm on the mattress, James held on for the ride. Spewing his cum up in her as deep as it could go, both lost their sense of control and shivered passed the mind blowing orgasm.

James pulled his finger out of her ass, eased her leg off his shoulder, and laid it on the bed. He rubbed her ass as it was bound to be sore and massaged the life back into her leg. A kiss on her shoulder and James got up, headed for the bathroom to clean off.

He had been the lover of a cheating woman, he thought, as he took his shower. Perhaps the man would understand if he was able to explain it. James decided it was not left up to him to explain away infidelity and dismissed the thought from his mind. He had given her four orgasms and he felt his obligations fulfilled.

He finished up and stepped out, looking for his clothes scattered around the room. He got dressed, minus the underwear, while Dawn Gracie slept. Throwing the bed cover from the side up over her, he exited the room.

He remembered the earpiece and clicked the button, ‘Furlow here, back online.’ and waited.

‘James… it’s good to hear from you. Head for the front desk, a guard is prepared to take you out the secured entrance to your car. Do not go out the front. The media is waiting to talk to you.’

James did as he was instructed and met a guard named Jack. It wasn’t long before he made it to his car and pulled out onto the street. Sure enough, he saw the media with microphones and camera ready.

Having three hours to kill, James headed for the estate. Before he pulled in his earpiece sounded, ‘Pull it in the front garage. The media will be looking for that car.’ and he followed their instruction.

Once more his earpiece alerted him to meet in security. I got to the door and knocked. Niles opened the door with three men inside and he was introduced to Harry and Phil, the other two guards.

He saw Virgil on the phone and overheard “He’s here.” and hung up.

“I know you’re mad at me, I want to apologize ahead of time. I didn’t mean to draw attention to myself but I was left with no choice.’ trying to buffer their anger.

Niles frowned at him and asked, “Why do you keep saying that? Nobody’s mad at you.”

James was a bit confused, “Because I will be sought after by the media.”

“So? You’re a hero. You made the company look good and nobody died.” Phil explained.

“But I will have to lay low for a while until the news finds another story.” James countered. “I try not to bring media attention to the company. The less attention the better, I would think.”

The door opened and Cathleen entered, “James, you alright?”

“Oh, yes Miss. I’m sorry for the mess.” James replied.

She waved him off and said, “We have P.R. people for that, no problem there.” standing in front of him, “So, Dawn Gracie is safe and sound?”

“Yes, Miss. She was sleeping when I left her. I made sure her door was secure.” James informed her.

“Anything out of the ordinary other than a would-be assassin?” she asked.

“No…” James started but Virgil cut in.

“James has a new ring tone.” he said with a grin.

“Really, let’s hear it.” she said, throwing James off.

Virgil pressed a button and static was heard in the room. They all looked at James as the words of Mrs. Dawn Gracie filled the air, ““Suck it James! Suck it good!” and a few seconds later, “Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!” and the room fell into laughter.

James turned two shades of red and said, “You people are the worst! Showing my goods to everybody, recording a private moment, do you not have any sense of decency?”

Niles spoke up first, “Nope, not really.” and they all busted out laughing again.

“James, you must get over yourself. We aren’t laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.” Cathleen soothed between her snicker.

“Just remember, payback is a bitch. Then I’ll be laughing with you.” James avowed.

“Well, we can at least say your first assignment was a success.” Niles assessed.

“Yes we can. Now James needs to change clothes and get ready. He has an evening engagement later.” Cathleen pointed out. “Let him take the SUV and leave his car inside.”

She rose to take her leave; James straightened up with respect and watched her go. Turning his attention to the security team, “You guys need this equipment back?”

“No, you need the charger for it.” Phil walked over to a drawer and retrieved it. Handing it to him, he said “Have a good time tonight. Where are you going to this evening?”

“I haven’t the foggiest idea yet.” James replied, checking out the charger. “Say, do you guys monitor this frequency all the time or just when I’m using it.”

“All the time, everyone uses it.” Virgil explained, showing him the list of users on a screen.

“Good to know. I’ll try to remember not to use it the next time my finger is in someone.” James said, smiling.

“Don’t leave us out, share the knowledge!” Virgil piped in.

“Yeah, ok. I’m done here.” and James took his leave. On his way out, he heard Phil ask, “How the hell do you get to be a professional driver and not know where you’re going?”

Heading for his room, he noticed Lisa’s door was open. Sticking his head in while knocking, he said, “Hello?”

“Come in!” she said, sitting on her bed watching TV. Wearing a black see-through fish net, sports bra, and white shorts. She certainly looked good to James.

“Hold on, I picked up something for you.” and went to his room to get it. Tapping on the door again, James entered and closed the door.

“I thought of you when I saw this. Please don’t take offense.” handing her a black shopping bag.

She opened it up and giggled, “How did you know?” reading the front, “My size that is.”

“It was just a guess.” James answered, smiling. “The color got my attention.”

“You are so thoughtful!” she smiled. “I’d hate to embarrass you but would you let me try it on?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to give me such a treat.” James responded, getting up to go.
“Give me a minute.” and she headed for the bathroom.

James felt awkward, waiting for her return. A minute later she was back, wearing her new toy.

Handing James the remote, she said, “Here, try it out!”

James hit a button and he heard a low hum. Lisa giggled a little. Trying the next setting, the buzzing got louder and Lisa’s eyes got bigger. He let it stay on that for a minute while Lisa squirmed. When she started panting, he decided to kick it up one more setting. Lisa put her hands on her crotch and moaned.

Lisa maneuvered the toy to her liking and clamped a hand over it. Sitting down on the bed, she spread her legs a little. James set it on the last setting and watched.

Lisa’s thighs began to twitch and soon they were shaking. When she seemed to be close, James turned it off.

“What the hell!” Lisa screamed and James turned it back on in full force again. Her look of anger turned back to sexy and James let her ride out her orgasm. “Ok, Ok! Enough!” she said and James turned it off.

“Seems to do the trick.” he said, laying the remote down on the bed.

“I soiled them. Now how am I going to get those clean?” she pouted.

“Well, there’s no sense crying over spilled… well, you know.” James chuckled, “Might as well get as much use out of it before you have to get them cleaned.” turning to go, “I’ve got that run tonight so I have to get ready.”

“Thanks James” Lisa said, getting up off the bed, “I really appreciate that.” walking over to give him a hug.

“Don’t wear it out.” James replied with a smile and left.

Getting ready for the run, James checked his phone. He thought he saw a GPS on it and wanted to try it out. Noticing he had another email, he wanted to check that first. It was from his bank. He set it up to alert him if it got too low are a deposit greater than ten dollars gets deposited. He was surprised because he had just set it up earlier and it was already working.

Looking at the email, he was shocked to see a deposit of five thousand made. It was pending but it would be in his account tomorrow. Changing to his calendar, he was going to add a note to check his account tomorrow and see if it wasn’t a mistake. He noticed two more appointments for tomorrow he would have to run. One was a Ying Chung and the other was a couple, Dave and Laura Hunt.

He would look more closely later but needed to get out of there and get to his pickup. Adding his address in to the GPS, he changed clothes adding underwear to his wardrobe. He looked pretty good with the fine threads furnished for him. A dark blue jacket, matching blue tie and white shirt made him look almost… important. He laughed at himself over that one.

Heading out, he was hoping to catch someone that could tell him about mail. He was expecting some bills due and wondered what the forwarding address would be for him.

Riding the elevator up, it stopped at L1. Mary entered and gave him a smile. “I’m disappointed.” was all she said and James just shrugged, “Sorry.”

Coming out of the elevator, he was met by Phil. “What are you doing coming up this way.” sounding frantic.

“I was going to ask where I got my mail.” James answered, wondering what was bugging him.

“Channel 27 is in the foyer asking for you. Move your ass out the back door. Your mail can wait.”

James was hustled out the parlor door and used the walkway to the garage. He headed to the mechanic shop, looking for the keys to the SUV. Ernest had them on a hook for him.

Making sure, he hit the lock button and sure enough, it sounded. Hopping in, he started it up. James knew it wasn’t as big as a full sized van but the height it sat at above the ground made it seem big. The garage door automatically opened. James hoped it would shut once he was out of range.

Arriving at 3127 Brittany Trail, he pulled up and stood at the door. Looking at his phone, he noted the time as 19:46. He was his usual early and waited patiently while the minutes ticked by. Looking for signs of life, he noted a light upstairs was on.

At eight the porch light went off. James thought that was odd. He was concerned the client was headed for bed instead of going out.

The front door opened and an arm came out, waving him inside. James reached in and turned the vehicle off, grabbing the keys to lock it.

He headed in the door and was met by Stacy wearing a cut away dress with a slit up the sides baring her leg to her hip and her chest to her belly. Emerald green set her red hair off and she was decked out with makeup and jewelry.

“Greetings Miss Davidson, my name is James. Perhaps you’ll remember me from the wedding.” James started.

“Hey, yeah! I remember you well.” directing him to her dining room. Two were candles lit on the mantle but no other ambience was on.

She offered him a seat and took one herself. James, ever the gentleman, pulled her chair out and slid her in. Taking his seat, he asked, “Where would you like to go this evening?”

With a wide smile, she said, “Cloud nine.”

This was James’ queue and he didn’t want to ruin it. Perhaps she didn’t want to go anywhere and Cathleen’s idea of ‘As Directed’ is totally different from his. Looking deep in her eyes he said, “I hope to take you there.”

She reached over and untied his tie. Pulling it off him and tossing it on the back of a chair, she reached for the buttons of his shirt. Looking back into James’ eyes she leaned in for a kiss. James read her like a book and gave her a soft brush then a passionate one.

This girl wanted passion and James was good with that. Nothing wrong with taking things slow but they would pick up speed when things heated up.

Stacy had her hooks in him, pulling off his jacket. Placing it on the back of a chair, she turned to get his shirt. He unbuttoned the cuffs and she did all the rest. Now he sat there shirtless as she eyed him over. She fondled his chest and twirled the hair in the center, “You’re just as I imagined.” and leaning back in her chair said, “I want to see more of you.”

Her moves had affected him and he felt the heat rise in his groin. But he got up anyway and kicked off his shoes. Unbuckling his pants he lowered them as slow as he could go. When he felt his cock on the zipper he slowly ran it over the hump. The underwear had him trapped; his cock was hard half-mast, snaking over his balls, leaving a bulge for her to see and a hint of things to come.

Stacy sucked in her breath as James dropped his pants. He looked the part of a model with his blue bikini underwear leaving little to her imagination. “Turn around” she whispered, “and put your hands behind your head.” He stepped around and did what was asked, the candle light reflected off the muscles of his back and ass. “Flex for me.” she ordered and James tensed his shoulders and back then worked to his ass and legs. Holding it there a few seconds then began rippling his muscles top to bottom.

It must have had the desired affect because James had heard her moan. This brought his head around over a shoulder and he saw her masturbating through the slit of her dress to the sight before her. Giving her privacy while she lusted, he faced once more away from her, flexing his ass and back over and over.

She brought herself to orgasm and finished with a sigh. James swore he heard her suck her fingers and his cock twitched with the imagination of it. A few seconds ticked by and James was ordered, “Back up to me.” and he complied.

Her hands reached for his gluttons and she caressed him a little while. Bringing her hands to his sides, she lowered his underwear. She rubbed her cheek on his ass and felt his leg muscles up high. Squeezing and groping she moaned on his ass and kissed him on a cheek.

James welcomed the relief he felt on his cock as the bikini left him. The freedom allowed him to grow. The breathe he felt between the cheeks of his ass and the molesting her hands were applying was enough to make him rock hard.

“Turn around.” she whispered and James did as instructed, slowly doing so to postpone the show. Her eyes grew wider and a gasp left her lips as an eight inch cock came into view. Upon James’ completed turn she buried her face in his crotch. With a long intake of air she reveled in his musk. Leaning back to get a full look, her hands went to his six-pack. Caressing him there she worked her way down then tickled his pubic hair behind his shaft. Again she pressed her cheek to him, catching his shaft between them. Up and down she rubbed her cheek still taking in his smell.

James was in his stance, hands still behind his head. It was all he could do to keep from stroking his cock as Stacy’s breath caressed from his head to his balls. His cock wasn’t so bound and twitched on her face and jaw. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of his hole and James saw it drip to her opposite cheek.

Stacy blinked when the drop struck her face. Raising a finger, she guided it into her mouth. It wasn’t enough and she craved for more so she went to the source and tongued on the exit hole. Her hand grabbed the base and squeezed it hard, then milked straight up, forced a string of it from his slit. Not chancing the loss, she fed his head into her mouth, sucking as much of the pre-cream as she could get.

James gasped at her touch, her grip surprised him. He sucked in air on her stroke then gasped again when his head entered her mouth. Her suction gripped him and he had no control, his hips bucked a little wanting entrance to her oral hole.

Stacy was in heaven when she felt his hips jerk. She was willing to oblige and let more of him in. James took the privilege and humped her mouth as she used her hand to tug on his balls. Her other hand got busy and grabbed an ass cheek. She self-fucked her mouth and slobbered on his shaft, letting her saliva run down to his sack.

James felt her affection and her grip on his ass. She kneaded his balls and coated his shaft. She picked up speed, milking him with her mouth; the sensation was driving his cock to conclusion.

Stacy felt him tighten and knew he was close. She didn’t let up, expecting his seed and wanting it. James warned her with, “Stacy…” she answered with “Um hum, um hum” and continued her service through to the end.

James was still in position when the urge hit him. It was all he could do to keep his hands on his head. His ass clinched on her hand, his cock jerked in her mouth, and his knees weakened when the flood from his groin rose up to her lips.

It had been forever since Stacy savored man seed. She wouldn’t be denied now. She drank it as he released it, her efforts paying off in full. She had forgotten how much a man could give, thinking to savor a little, but she gained a lot. It spilled from her lips and ran over her fingers but she was occupied with her feast. Taking note to get it later, she concentrated on another gush and gulped it down.

James finally came down from his natural high, shuttering a little as his spunk was milked out of him. Looking down at her soft red hair, he cherished the sight of her cleaning skills. Looking up at him she licked her fingers, giggled and let out a, “Mmmm!” then leaned backed in her chair, rubbing her sex.

Her dress had fallen from the support of a shoulder and one of her breasts lay bare. James wanted so desperately to suckle on the large areola pointing up at him. Grabbing her head, he kissed her on the lips, leaned over more, and worked his way to her neck. His hand caressed her clothed shoulder and brushed the dress away. A kiss and a nip on her neck then James went on his way. Both breasts where now beckoning him and he took them in each hand. Kneeling and tugging, he arrived at his goal.

Stacy was in awe of the man in her midst. A fantasy stepped out of a romance book and materialized just for her. He ravaged her neck and dropped down to her breast and gasped as he tongued then sucked a nipple in. The man dropped between her legs and feasted on both her breasts. She played with her clit while he did this, enjoying the tingling from two different places.

Her dress was in the way so he grabbed and raised it above her sex, giving both better accesses to view and play. Placing both hands back on her breasts, he worked down her stomach then to the patch of light red hair. He ogled her clit as her fingers stroked it while candlelight reflected her wetness.

James stood back up and grabbed his cock, stroking one more drop from his recent orgasm. Scooping it off with a finger, he coated Stacy’s lips and tongue. Satisfied with the application of his natural lip gloss, he went back to stroking. Stacy licked his gift off her lips, going sensually slow for him to watch while she watched him with his manhood, stroking it back to life.

He had enough of watching her as she toyed with his delicacy. He bent down and picked her up in his arms, letting her dress gather around her hips, and then laid her out on the table. Lifting her dress he pulled it over her legs, leaving her ruby high heels on. She went back to rubbing herself while James pulled up a chair.

Stacy was amazed at his strength, being swept up in his arms like a sack of potatoes. A gasp escaped her as flesh met cold mahogany, giving her goose pimples on her back and ass. She rubbed her sex, keeping his dinner warm, and waited for him to settle.

James placed his hands upon her knees and then stroked her inner thighs. His lips followed one and caressed its way down to her hot, wet nether. Tonguing around her fingers, she got the hint, and used them to splay her lips, offering her sex to his mouth.

James saw the flower spread out before him and wasted little time. Starting with the hole in the center, he tongued around and then in, wiggling his way deep inside. Tasting her juice made him hunger for more so he sucked her cream from the hole.

Cunnilingus was not her ex-husband’s forte and he had neglected her there. But James took up the flavored task like ducks do water and expertly brought her passion to the table. He cupped her ass in his hands and forced her onto him. No amount of resistance could she give as her hips bucked up into him.

James felt her pussy quiver in his mouth and sucked her clit in deep. His tongue dropped down to her entrance and nodded ‘yes’ with his head on both. Stacy needed more length covered and raised then lowered for both ends of her sex. Her clit, her hole, her clit, her hole, and sped the scenario up.

She still not used to the treatment but her body knew what to do. Her ass rose off the hands that held it and grinded her pussy on his chin, giving him access to all of her secret treasure. Faster she humped and James stayed firm, her hands clasped both her breasts. Prepared to take her pleasure, she readied to feed her lover.

James felt her tense in his hands; her ass was up high off the table. He wanted is meal and worked hard to get it, planning to suck it out of her. She buckled as she screamed but he refused to let her down and got his meal served to him; hot, wet, and tasty. He lapped and sucked all that he could, a sloppy eater at best. The juices dripped from his chin and puddled on the table.

‘My God the man could eat!’ and her thoughts ran wild with pleasure. She lost control of her legs and relied on James to take over. She shivered and quivered as his mouth feasted, her ass in his hands, drawing her sex from the source. Pinching her nipples to squirt more juices, she gave him his gift he worked so hard for.

James lapped at the mess remaining, leaving little to remain. That included the trail that seeped in her crevice and over her behind. With a final lick from her ass to her clit, he sat her back on the table.

“That was a tasty entree.” James said and stood up between her legs. “I think it’s time for the main course.” and brought his meat to the table. His meal had nourished his cock and it stood tall and ready. Parting her lips with his fingers, he guided the utensil into her. After feeding in a couple of inches, he removed his hand and placed it on the mound of a fleshy breast.

Stacy was pleasantly surprised as he needed no help in hardening. Her meat was already warm as it entered into her oven. She looked at her lover with lust in her eyes, the chiseled chest and his gorgeous hair. He bit on his tongue as he pulled in and out, concentrating his thoughts on the wetness and grip.

James prepped her meal with short slow strokes, getting her ready for the blast of heat he had for her. Her rosy red clit matched her fiery red hair and added to his lust. Gripping both breasts and rubbing nipples with thumbs, he forced himself in and out, getting into rhythm.

His hands felt incredible on her breasts, his thumbs were driving her wild. The thrusting churned her passion and she took it with great desire. The shadows of her lover had added to her heat; surreal muscles dazzled her vision. Fire from the candle flames reflected off his pupils and like some mythical demon god, ferocious lusting eyes gazed back at her.

Removing his hands and grabbing her legs, James trapped her sex in the middle. She was going to take him, no ifs ands or buts. Slapping enough for his balls to clash against her ass, he rammed her viciously over and over. Stirring their pot and bringing on heat, the passion began to sizzle.

Lonely nights brought wishful thoughts and now Stacy’s desires came true. A man with a mission was doing the deed she only had hoped for in a dream. Forcing her sex to the limit, a pounding she’d never had, rocked her into paradise, and almost sent her careening into madness.

James was well aware of his servicing, watching the sweat build on her body. Eking and squeaking, she was close to climaxing and James was right there with her. Determining her balance was close to tipping over, he thrust and stopped then grinded, leaving her hanging on the brink for just a second.

She was close, she felt it. The ramming was so deep. But the demon of a man stopped and stirred his meat in her, leaving her on the crevasse. “Fuck meee!” she demanded and tried to force him in her. He took her words and used them against her, fucking harder and faster than he had before.

The call to fuck brought James to attention, dragging her body over the edge. Her shoulders and head remained on the table with her arms extended as he pounded his meat into her. Neither God nor Man nor Mother Nature could stop the flood both brought to the table. Splattering into bliss, their juices mixed and they quivered into each other.

Crescendos emanated from both vocal cords as they shared the moment of consummation. She defied gravity in the arms of her lover and he stopped his knees from buckling. But the weakness passed and strength returned as James bent over to her and cradled the exhausted redhead in his arms.

When she recovered he sat her back down in the chair she started in. Kissing her on the forehead and smiling with adoration. Standing up and moving close beside her, he let her eyes stare at the mess they made of his crotch for future reference.

Stacy knew her time was up; she had her cake served hot. But she’d be damned since the choice was hers, to leave it just like that. Opting for everything, she had her cake and ate it too, slipping his softness into her mouth. Sucking off their fluids then licking the base, she dwelled in his nest and cleaned everywhere.

Content with her work she snuggled into him once more and said, ”That was a lover’s feast!” hugging his legs in her arms.

James smiled while looking down on her, “You cooked one hell of a meal. You made me crave it!”

She laughed at that as he started to dress, “Leave those.” she said, pointing to the article of clothing in his hands.

James tossed her his underwear and she caught them on her index finger. “Saving those for my fantasies.” she giggled.

“I certainly hope you enjoyed the evening, if only half as much as I did.” James said, finishing his dress.

Watching him as he covered his body, she replied, “Oh even more so.” sighing, “You’re everything my cousin promised.”

James chuckled at that and had to ask, “Just what was it she promised?”

Giving him a wicked smile, “Satisfaction.” was the only word she gave.

Leaving his phone number with her, he said his farewells. Heading for his newest home, he wondered why he was getting a married couple tomorrow. Perhaps they didn’t need his new services but just a ride somewhere. Then he thought about underwear and made a mental note to get some more. Another thought just crossed his mind.

‘I’ve never had an Asian before. I wonder if they do things different.’

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