A short story about a couple who like to involve little kids in their special time. so they go for in search of theses tiny playmates.
Pedo Husband and Wife - Hunting School Kids

Short story by KINGPHANTOM

Story codes: M, F, g (12), ped, Fdom, HJ, BJ, cum

The 12yrs old tightened her cute little lips around my cock’s red head. I could feel her soft tongue massaging on whatever of my cock is inside of her luscious wet mouth. My wife’s fingers which are encircled around my hard cock were pumping hard. I know at any time I might cum hard directly in to this underage girl’s sucking mouth. My wife understood my sensation; she increased the speed of her jacking off on my dick. We have to make it quick, before anyone comes.
We do this daily. During evenings we take our car and move nearby schools. We both check on little boys and girls. Then we fix on one. Next step will be getting them into our car. My wife does that. And after that my wife will start touching the kid’s secret parts. You should see the young boys’ faces when they get their wee-wee touched by a grown up woman. And while she is touching them her hands will crawl into my pants revealing my hard boner to the amused kid. Then she will play with both the kid’s and my pleasure centers. After that the big move. My wife will make the kid touch my member.
The kid will be made to touch and massage all over my hard rock cock, my balls, and my curly pubes. Then my wife will make the kid hold my cock tight. And with her hand covering the kid’s she will make the kid move my foreskin up and down, first slowly then faster. All the time she will be kissing the young ones on their soft places. If they are little boys she will hold their tiny penises with her index and thump fingers then move their soft foreskin up and down or move her hand more deep down between their thighs and cup their tiny little nut sack. If they are girls she will either massage their boobs if they are developed or put her middle finger in their wet pussies. All the time she is making the young one milking me.
And then the final stage. My wife will make the kid bend over my crotch. The kid will be on four. My wife will hold its head and move its face on to my throbbing cock, first my cock to get the touch of that soft under age face. The kid’s face will be made to rub all over my hard on and my dirty pubes. Then more force will be needed for the kid to put my smelly dirty cock in his or her cute mouth.
The moment my cock is in the tiny one’s mouth she or he will be asked to suck it harder and my wife will hold the base of my cock and will start to pump it into the preteen’s mouth. And that’s what’s happening here right now in our car. Here’s a 12yrs little plump girl in her light blue knee length skirt and white shirt of her school uniform is bending over and her cute little face placed between my legs having my dirty throbbing cock in her wet luscious mouth. The cute little girl’s saliva is covering my rock hard cock from all sides and is flowing down between my wife’s fingers holding my cock. This is giving my wife more lubricant while she pumps my cock hard into the preteen girl’s mouth.
The little girl’s skirt is up from back and my wife’s fingers are playing with her underage asshole. I forced the little ones head more on to my pulsating cock. I could feel my cock’s tip hitting her throat. Ooohhhh it’s great to have my cock inside a 12yrs old girl’s mouth.
“Ohh… Suck!!! Suck harder…!! Oohhh yhaaaa…” I cried.
“Come on dear… be a nice and good girl and suck uncle’s cock hard… come on harder…. Oh yhaa cutie, like that…. More into your mouth… make uncle happy….” My wife instructed the little one. Her pumping got faster. Even her hand is hitting the kid’s face but she is not gonna stop. She wants her husband to cum right in to this 12yrs old girls mouth.
“Come on darling…” she cried to me. “Give your milk into this cute baby’s mouth… oh dear please cum into her little mouth…. Oh please…. Please…. Make her drink your hot cum…!”
And that was enough for me. I could feel the sensation building inside my hard balls and its coming through my long shaft. My hips jerked, I pushed my hard cock right into the little kid girl’s mouth and then I shot a huge load of hot milky cum into her mouth. The little 12yrs girl got frightened by my violent reaction and the sudden burst of sticky hot cum into her mouth. She tried to remove her mouth from my pumping cock. But expecting this already my wife had her head forced back on to my cock. The tiny girl had no choice but to keep my still cumming cock inside her tight little mouth. I could see my sticky milky white cum coming flowing out of her tightly closed mouth around my dirty black dark cock.
“Drink..!! Come on drink it you dirty bitch… drink his cum… it’s for you… come on..” my wife ordered. I could see the frightened face of the little preteen girl. Now she is drinking my milk. Swallowing every drop I make into her mouth. My wife milked me tight, squeezed all of my cum out into the sucking girl’s mouth.
I stopped pumping cum after a while. The girl was still sucking me hard. I could feel her tiny soft tongue licking my cock’s head inside her mouth. I grabbed the girl’s ass and put my index finger inside her ass hole. She cried with pain.
“Honey you are finished?” My wife asked still pumping my wet cock into the kid’s mouth.
“Yha dear. Lets leave.” I said.
“Come on girl get up.” My wife asked the kid. The 12 yrs old got up slowly. Her little face was red with torture. Her face was wet and sticky with my cum. There was still hot cum dripping from her little red lips. My wife licked the preteen girl’s mouth. Put her tongue inside of the little girl’s mouth wiped out all the cum that was left in her tiny mouth.
Few minutes later the cum drenched preteen girl was outside our car, her little school uniform all misplaced over her sexy body. We both smiled at her.
“Nice sucking cutie, bye” Our car left.

The End

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y cant u try 5year old girl..

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i would do it to my 7year old sis today itself..

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Hot! I was very lucky in my first marriage. My wife, my son and my daughter would help me get young ones alot. My wife for 25 years helped me get other women. She was a much better seducer than I ever was. Also love doing married women with young daughters.

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