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Looking for a boy like me
Guys, all the sections of the story are written, I simply need time to give each a final look-over and formatting before posting. Sorry for the delays.
Once again, remember that all of these are strictly gay, boy/boy. Please don't bother reading if you are not interested in that. You would be disappointed.


For the remainder of the evening, Tyler and I stayed close to one another. After his second beer, David fell asleep on the billiard room couch. Close to three, Dad and Rachael came home, leaned into the billiard room, and barely said hi before Rachael dragged dad off to bed.

"I'm crashing, too," Brandon said. "I'll take the bed in the front guest room."

"Yeah, me, too," Jason agreed. He turned to Tyler. "Grab a bed or couch wherever you want, or you can have the left side of my bed if you want."

"Thanks," Tyler said, making no move to leave the pool table.

"Yeah, well," Jason said. "You know where everything is."


Jason left.

"Or," I said, "you can share my bed with me."

Tyler grinned and laid his pool cue on the table. I laid mine beside his. "I gotta piss first,” I told him. "Down here, to let everyone get upstairs and into bed."

"You go first," Tyler told me.

I nodded. Best to go separately; I'd never be able to relax enough to piss with him standing beside me at the toilet.

We took our turns in the bathroom closest to the billiard room, and then Tyler followed me upstairs. I let him go into my room first and then closed the door behind us. Jason and I each had a king-size bed -- I'm sure my dad wanted us to have plenty of room for girls. My room was lit by only by my saltwater aquarium. I liked to leave the tank light on -- I knew you aren't supposed to leave it on all the time, but I left it on a lot. Tyler went right to it. "Wow," he murmured. "This is awesome!"

I bent beside him, and pointed out my fish. Tyler turned to me, our eyes met, he looked away, then back.

"It doesn't seem real, right?" I said.

Tyler nodded. "I've never done anything like, you know..."

"Me neither."

Tyler raised his eyebrows.

"With a guy," I said straightening up. He straightened up, I shook my head, looking him up and down. "Girls don't count. Not anymore."

"Are you gay?" Tyler asked quietly.

"Yeah. I have been a long time," I said. "Just never knew another guy I could do stuff with."

Tyler nodded. The grin returned. "You know what I thought when you came out to the pool today in your Speedo and then just stood there at the edge of the pool? I thought, now THAT's why I'm gay!"

I laughed uncertainly. "You mean you like how I look?"

"Dude! Yeah!" he said, his eyes dropping down my body.

"But, but," I said, "you're the one who's so damn hot!"

His eyes brightened. "You like me?"

"Dude! Yeah!" I said.

His face grew serious. "Will you undress me?"


I pulled off his shirt, and then pulled off mine. I bellied up to him, slipping a forearm behind his back. Tyler wrapped his arms around my neck. Our lips pressed. His slender body was firm, his belly taut. I wrapped a second arm around him and our bodies pressed full length. He opened his mouth to mine and I probed in with my tongue. Our cocks stirred. Mine rose left. I felt his slide up beneath his shorts against my right leg.

Tyler loosened his arms around my neck and leaned back. "Are you starting to shake again, like you did earlier on the couch? Why are you shaking?"

I shrugged lightly. "Anticipation, I guess. I did it once before, the first time I had sex with a girl."

"Are you afraid?"

I gazed into his eyes. "I've been gay all my life,” I told him, “but I never knew another gay guy I could do stuff with -- that is, not one who wasn't too obvious. I'd given up trying. And then you came home with Jason on Monday, and I wished you were gay. I dreamed about you all week, and the more I dreamed about you the more I wanted you." I tightened my arms around the small of his back. "You have no idea how bad."

Tyler's eyes dilated. He wrapped his arms over my shoulders and we hugged tightly, pressing our cheeks together. "I had wet dreams about you this week," he whispered. "Two different nights."

"No kidding?"

He slid his palm to my right pec. He felt its shape and harness. He swept his hand up to my shoulder and felt over it. I tensed my muscles for him, and the muscles of my upper arm when he felt over it. His dick twitched between us and mine twitched in response.

I kissed his neck. "To me, yours is the body that's awesome." I swept my own fingertips up the firm muscles along each side of his spine and rubbed the side of my face against his. “And your body fits mine perfectly.” I dropped my hands to cup his muscled butt and pull our pelvises firmly together.

Tyler ran his fingers up into the sides of my hair and we kissed deeply again. I shoved my fingers beneath the back of his shorts and boxers, cupping his naked butt. His skin there was smooth and soft. I pushed the backs of his shorts and underwear down off his bottom, then slid my left hand around inside the waist band and grabbed his boner, pulling it up and free.

Not groping underwater, not with my foot, but with my bare hand I held his rod unhurriedly for the first time. It was thick, fatter at the bottom, and warm. The soft damp skin felt thicker than my own as I slid it up and down the shaft. Tyler moaned softly into my mouth.

I slid my hand down, letting his cock slide up inside my forearm as I cupped his loose balls and pressed the tips of two fingers up under his hard perineum. I rubbed them there, then pulled my hand free, turned from our kiss, and smelled my fingers.

“Oh, shit!” I murmured. “You smell good!”

I pushed down his shorts and underwear, letting them drop to the floor. Then I grabbed under the backs of his legs, picking him up. Tyler wrapped his arms more tightly around my neck and I carried him to my bed, laying him down onto it and me onto him.

We kissed again, and ground our erections together through our shorts. Tyler reached between us. Shoving his hand into the front of my boxers, he grabbed my dick. Mine was longer than his, but probably no thicker, though the thickness of my shaft was the same for my whole length and his was thicker at the base. My glans flared like a little helmet at the end of mine and he felt over it before squeezing my shaft. "I never touched a dude's dick before today." He whispered. "It feels hot."

He pushed up on my shoulder. “Let me see it.”

I got of the bed and stripped off my shorts and underwear. Tyler lay there, legs apart, stroking his thick shaft, tan everywhere except for the Speedo band of pale skin around his hips. I climbed up to straddle his chest and give him a closer look.

My dick has a slight upward curve and his eyes went a little cross-eyed as he focused on it and wrapped his hand around it once more. “Awesome,” he whispered. His brow furrowed and he looked up at me. "I don't think I can take this."

"Take it?"

"You know, up my butt."

"You don't have to take it up your butt... if you don't want to."

"I don't?"

"There are other things guys can do."

Tyler reached up with his hand for my neck, wanting me to bend close. So I did, lowering my ear to beside his mouth. "But I want to fuck you,” Tyler whispered. “And I want you to fuck me. I’ve dreamed about it."

"There's a lot of things to try,” I whispered back. “I've been dreaming about all of the things guys can do for years, and this week, I've been dreaming about doing all of them with you." And because my mouth was right there at his ear, I took his head in my hands and toungued into the folds and crevices of his ear. I tongued into his ear canal, and chewed on his ear lobe -- all things I learned from Carolyn. Tyler's hand loosened on my dick and his legs squirmed. He whimpered.

"Dude," I said. "See what we can do, just with an ear?

Tyler sighed and rubbed his cheek against mine. "Or a foot and toes?" he asked.

"Or a foot and toes." I slid back down off his chest, knelt between his legs, and grasping his knees, I spread them as wide as they would go. His pubic patch was still small, like it often is at that age. The egg shapes of his testicles hung loose in his relaxed ballsack. His thick cock arched up his belly toward his naval. He was beautiful.

I held him open, admiring, and his balls took turns rising and falling. I went up on my knees and lowering myself down onto my hands so that my own cock and balls made a slow descent onto Tyler's. He grabbed my sides just before my balls settled onto his and the underside of my cock pressed onto the underside of his cock. We watched down between us as I ground lightly with my hips and our two rods of flesh rubbed and wobbled.

Our eyes met, and I lowered myself to my elbows, sliding my palms under the backs of his shoulders, and Tyler wrapped his arms over my back. Our lips met. Our mouths opened. His tongue entered my mouth and I ground down with my hips. His legs closed, clamping my hips between his thighs.

We ground slowly, focused on our mouths and tongues. Our breath grew hot and ragged. We broke the kiss, tightened our embrace, and ground our cocks between us more firmly.

"See," I whispered beside his ear. "There are lots of things we can do."

Tyler nodded wordlessly. His hands traveled over my sides and back, exploring. He made me feel strong. He grabbed my butt with both hands and pulled up his knees as our pace quickened and my bed bounced. I nuzzled into the side of his neck and sucked, stiffling moans and whimpers that came naturally as we rubbed cocks.

"Brock," he whispered, "you're going to make me come."

"Come," I whispered beside his ear. "I want you to come."

I kept my pace. I sucked on his neck. I pumped my hips, flexing my butt muscles under his palms. I ground our cocks between our bellies with hard, firm thrusts meant to drive Tyler to orgasm.

He arched back under me with a high, straining whimper. I sped up my hips, rabbit fucking as long as his body remained rigid. When he relaxed, I slowed and stopped.

Tyler smiled, heavy-lidded up at me. "That was awesome," he murmured. "Did you come?"

"No, but I'm okay."

He frowned. "You need to come, too."

"You're tired, and I'm okay," I told him. "I'm probably pretty tired, too, or I would have come already."

"You're still hard."

"Very. To be honest, I guess I was almost ready to come. I can jack off and go to sleep."

"I'll do it for you," Tyler offered, pushing up on my shoulder to roll me to my back.

So I rolled off him, and Tyler rolled up on his side beside me. Propping up on an elbow, he closed his hand around my dick and began stroking me. After a few strokes, he glanced up at my face. "You make lots of precum," he observed.


He smiled. "I like it. It's hot. I'm already hard again."


"Yep." He grinned slyly. "I'm going to make you come the way you did me." He got up onto his knees between my legs. But then he paused, looking at my cock. He scooped some of my precum onto two finger tips and spread it over his dickhead. His eyes drooped. "Nice."

He leaned forward onto his hands over me, like I had done over him, and then lowered his hips to drape his balls over mine and press his cock onto mine. He started pumping his hips. I grasped his butt and bucked my hips to meet him.

Tyler lowered himself completely onto me. His belly was still wet with his cum; I could feel it. I pulled my knees up and out, and held Tyler by the butt, pulling with his thrusts. His grinding rubbed our balls as well as our cocks together. Tyler's mouth dropped to the side of my neck and he started sucking like I had sucked him. I moaned softly and drew my fingers up his back, feeling the working of his muscles, letting his hips pump away between my legs. He felt incredible, but I didn’t feel like I was going to come that way. But then my balls tightened and I felt my cum churn. I gasped because it happened in an instant.

Tyler drove faster. I arched back like he had done and squirted several times between us while holding him by the butt.

I relaxed, slowly, but Tyler wasn't done.

"It feels different on top," he murmured.

"Keep going if you want to."

He did. As he ground and thrust, I stroked his back and kneaded his butt. When I rubbed my middle finger up and down his buttcrack, massaging his rosebud, his buttcheeks clamped on my finger and I felt his dick throb between our bellies with one more come.

And then he collapsed onto me, and I'd never felt more contented in my life. Maybe sexual oxytoxins were flowing, but I had a sudden surge of feeling for Tyler, deep feeling, like one gets for his first love. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him hard.

Tyler moaned softly.

I started to relax the hug.

“No, don’t,” he said. “Keep squeezing me."

So I tightened my embrace, rolled us to the side, and held him tightly to me, the way you might hold someone to cherish them.

“You hold me like this, tight like this," he whispered, "and I feel how strong you are, and something happens inside me. Something warm and good." He laughed softly. "Stupid."

"Not stupid," I murmured. I knew his father died when he was eleven, and that he had no brothers. It was just his mom and two much younger sisters. Did he miss his dad? Was that why he wanted to be held so tightly? Can feelings like that get mixed up with sex?

I was about to tell him that I loved him when he spoke first.

"Brock," Tyler murmured. "There is one problem with you holding me this tight -- I gotta take a leak."

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