75 BC. The Ancient Roman's reign all throughout Europe. Marcus Julius is from a wealthy Roman family, and it is about time for him to receive his first sexual experience. I researched a lot on Roman life and sexuality for this story. I hope everyone enjoys this story!
Growing up in ancient Rome was much different than growing up today. Children were expected to do things that are not really looked at in today's world. Lifestyles were also much different. Homosexuality was just another part of life, not at all frowned upon. In a world of violence and blood, and politics and lies, the Roman way of life was both challenging and rewarding, as well as difficult. That is, unless you grew up with money and power. A Roman name, meant who you were. It did not matter so much as the person, but the name. To put it simply, if you had a good Roman name, you were most likely rich and powerful. If you did not have a good name, you had to work hard for just about everything. Now, if you did get that good Roman name you were very privileged. Your family had the first say in just about anything. And although Roman law was very advanced for the time period, there were still many things that would be looked at as "okay" if you had a good name. This story is a story that I have actually done research for in order to make it. I have always been a great admirer of the ancient Romans, so I thought that I had to make a story about them. The story will follow young Marcus. He belongs to the Julii Family, the same family that belonged to the most famous Roman in history, Julius Caesar. At the time of the beginning of the story, Julius Caesar has not yet been born. But the family was rich and powerful for already over 200 years. Marcus is discovering himself. He is only 13 years old at the start of this story, but he already knows that he is attracted to men.

Lazio Region, 75 BC
The home that Marcus Julius lived in was stunning! It rested on one of the larger hills in the northern part of the Lazio region, the same region that Rome resided in. With dozens of rooms inside, and gardens that extended past the eye sight on the outside, life was good for 13 year old Marcus. His family has lots of money and lots of power. They have had this since they could remember.

Marcus has always been a very quiet kid, which most wonder at, because of the stunning looks that he has. But just because he was quiet, does not mean he was shy. In face, he was one of the more brash children you would know. He was never afraid to try something completely new, even if he had little knowledge of what he was doing. He has short brown hair, big brown eyes, a flawless face completely absent of pimples or any sort of imperfection. His body was lean, with little muscle, mainly from his daily sword training with his beloved uncle. He weighs only 80 pounds. Under neath the tunic that he is currently wearing, his body has just begun to change. Puberty was knocking on the doorsteps, and only if you knew Marcus well enough, could you tell. Not much body hair, except for the few hairs surrounding his penis, and some growth of leg hair, although blonded from the sun. A new hobby of his is masturbating, which he seems to do very frequently and just about anywhere he wants. At this time period, nudity and sexuality was a beautiful thing, not an embarrassing thing. His penis, when erect, stands at 4 inches in length. And just like every Roman born male, his penis is not circumcised.

Marcus has the day off. This means, no training with the sword or the book, and this has the boy very happy. He takes off running around the back woods, a sanctuary for him, and a place where he had first discovered his love in pleasing his young penis. As he makes his way to the woods, he takes in the beauty of the land. He has always been fond of the woods, and was very happy when he found out that his mother and father had decided to build a home closer to the woods, but not to far away from the closest city. As his run through the woods continues, he gets to a spot where he had first rubbed himself to orgasm, a day that he would never forget. The thought of the fun that he had that day was enough to send a chill down his spine and into his cock.

A smile creeps onto his perfect face as he grows horny. His recently soft cock is now semi-hard. He looks for a nice place to sit, so he can enjoy the fruit of his loins. He sees a nice spot that is slightly shaded, and there is a nice cut into the tree that he can lay his back too. He heads to that tree and sits down. He spreads his legs wide and lifts his tunic. He was not afraid to mess this tunic up, for he had many "off day" tunics. Once he lifts his tunic up and over his nearly bare crotch, he quickly and aggressively grabs onto his now fully stiff young cock and feverishly rubs it.

The pleasures send shock-waves through his inexperienced body and this causes him to moan greatly. Not worrying about who was around or if anyone could hear or see him, he just lets it all out. He works his right hand up and down his tanned cock. The obvious sound of skin flapping fills the area around him. His moans grow louder and more frequent, and even a little glop of pre-cum escapes his cock, causing his moans to quicken. With all types of feelings going though his body, he decides to stop for a second, and take off his tunic.

He stands up and takes off his one piece tunic and tosses it to the side. Now Marcus lays back down, buck naked, except for his classic Roman sandals. He spreads his legs out again and begins to jerk his cock hard again. He takes his free left and and feels up his incredibly smooth body. Eventually he finds his nipples, and notices they are hard. When his hand rubbed across his hard nipples, another great feeling took on. He loved it! So he rubbed his nipples hard as he continued to masturbate. He takes on a new challenge and begins to pinch and twirl his hard nipples. The feeling was overwhelming. More and more pre-cum slipped out of his cock, causing it to leak all over his young shaft. The squishing sound, the nipple pinching, and the hard jerking of his cock, is too much for Marcus to handle. With a few more moans, and one last very loud moan, he thrusts his hips up and shoots out a very respectable 3 ropes of cum. With each rope of cum, a great moan poured from his mouth, the final moan even sounding close to a whine, from all the pleasure.

When he had came, he lay down on the ground and tried desperately to catch his breath. His hard cock is now softening, and the cum which he had shot all over his chest, belly, and the ground, remains there as a tired Marcus just begins to catch his breath. Not realizing what time it was, he figured that he was gone a little too long, and his mother would be very angry with him if he did not get home soon. So Marcus takes his tunic, and throws it over himself. The cum that was on his belly was now making wet spots on the tunic, but Marcus did not care. He needed to get home. As he began to run, he noticed that he had a few drops of his own cum on his hand. He naturally licks the fingers that had the cum. Surprisingly, Marcus thought, it was very tasty!

It took Marcus about 10 minutes to run from the edge of the woods, back to his home. When he got there, he passes by one of the rare Roman slaves that are almost treated like a family member. His name was Decorious, a Greek teacher that was captured during the most recent trip to Greece. Decorious, or Decor, as Marcus has called him for his entire life, was assigned to Marcus when he was just old enough to walk. Most of the rich families had a slave like that, one person slave for each family member. This slave would be by the side of their master at all times, unless told so. In this case, Marcus had told Decor to stay put at home, while he went off to the woods. Marcus approaches his most trusted friend.

"Good morning, master." Decor says to Marcus as the young boy gathers his breath.
With a big smile on his face, Marcus replies, "Good morning Decor!"
"How was your trip to the woods master?"
"Always fine Decor."
"Did you get a chance to please your penis this morning?"
"Of course, but today was a little but more than normal Decor. The orgasm I experienced was far more intense than yesterday!"
"Well that is good to hear master. Your mother did call for you. I told her that you were at the woods. I am just glad that you came back now, or your mother would be very upset."
"Thank you again Decor. Let's go find mother then..."

And with that, they went inside the house. Marcus felt like he needed to wash up before he spoke with his mother, but he decided to just get it over with. The search took longer than expected, but they eventually found her sitting in the garden. Marcus went to the garden and sat next to his mother.
"Did you have fun at the woods today..." Marcus' mother said.
"Yes." Marcus said with a wry smile.

His mother looked over her shoulder at her young son.

"You know that you do not have to go all the way to the woods to spill your seed. You can do it at home."
"I know mother, but it is very private and quiet in the woods. It allows me to fantasize better."
"Why don't you find yourself a mate then? That way you can at least make actions."
"I told you mother, I am not ready to have children..."
"I am not telling you to have children Marcus, and you know that it it not required from you yet! So do not make excuses. I will send Decor to find you a nice female mate."
"No!" Marcus cried out loudly in panic.

Taken back by the sudden panic in her son's voice, she appeals to the cry.

"Why on earth do you not want that?"
"I just don't want to mother."
"Fine, then a prostitute will have to do. A woman will do you well! Instead of orgasming with your hand, Orgasm in her mouth." his mother says with a kind of naughty smile.

Back in these days, people were much more open. But at the same time, this was still acceptable language because a prostitute in ancient Rome, was a slave, which were nothing but property. There were no age limits either, so a boy or a girl at any age, and depending on the amount of money the family has, can have a prostitute. There were even young boys and girls, both straight and gay, up for prostitution. This was mainly for the younger kids who sought a prostitute, but the adults would also be allowed to have a young prostitute.

"No thank you mother." Marcus says as if this matter has been forgotten.
After a long pause, Marcus' mother had an idea, something that she did not bother to think about before.
"Oh... I understand Marcus. You seek a boy?"
Marcus stood quiet and even blushed.
"Why on earth did you not tell me that before. It is perfectly understandable for you to seek a cock instead. You know they have men there too."
Marcus was still silent, but this did get his attention.
"Do they?" he asked
"Of course. Decor, I will give you a large amount of money. Take Marcus where he needs to be. There is a nice private whore house in the city. He needs to be pleased, so make sure you take care of him!get him whatever he needs. Now go." she commands.
"Yes Domina." Domina is Latin for the dominant woman of the house, or the "lady of the house".
Decor nods at Marcus telling him to come with him. Marcus stands up, but turns to his mother.
"Thank you mother!" he smiles as he says it.
His mother smiled back, then offered a last statement. "Go on now... go loose your virginity my son!" she says as Decor and Marcus leave the room. She smiles at the fact that her little boy was soon about to be a man.

Decor and Marcus hop on a horse with a coach attached to it that was prepared for them, and they soon take off to the city, which would take several hours. Accompanying them to the city, are 4 private Roman guards, who will protect Marcus until death. Two would do the driving, and two would be the eyes of the group. On the way there, Marcus is both nervous and excited about what will be happening to him soon. Marcus is only 13 years old, but he already knows that he is mostly attracted to males. He has been fascinated with the male body since he could remember. He likes younger boys, boys his own age, but he even likes older males. Although Marcus has never done anything with another male, but he has dreamed about it for years. As he thinks about his near future, he becomes horny yet again.

"Decor, my cock is growing again!" Marcus said with a smile, as you would say only to your spouse. "I think I will rub it some."
"I would not if I were you master." Decor said as he looks back at his obviously horny master, and can see the obvious erection in his toga.
"But look at it Decor..."Marcus takes out his hard cock from his much more expensive top, and shows it to Decor, as if second nature.

Decor, who as always is turned on by his sexy master, pretends that he can barely see it, die to the fact that he has to remain obedient at all times. Decor realizes the time, and comes to a conclusion.
"Master, if I may? By the time we get to the city, the private whore house that we are heading to will not be open. If you wish to masturbate, it should not be a problem. You will have more energy by tomorrow morning."
"Good idea Decor." Marcus says as he begins to rub his exposed cock. As he very slowly masturbates, Marcus stares out out the coaches window and looks at the beauty. The scenery has been one of his favorite things to look at since he was a baby. But the horny feelings that he has been feeling are over taking the possibilities of a beautiful scene. Decor, who is always by his side, is starring at his master who is stroking his demi-god cock.
"Decor... why don't you suck my cock?" Marcus asks, innocently.
Taken back by this random comment he replies, "Master, I do not mean to disrespect, but you would be better with a boy closer to your age. Plus...uou will have plenty of time to get you peni..." Decor was saying, but was cut off by Marcus, who was staring out of the window.
"Shhh... Decor." Marcus says as he takes off his toga, exposing all of his boyhood and body to Decor and the guards. As he stares out the window, he rubs his cock just a little bit faster. He lets out a slight moan as he looks at something that has attracted him. After a few seconds, he finally speaks.
"Decor... you see that boy not far from the road?" Marcus was pointing at a brown haired boy. His hair was longer than most Roman boys, but he was obviously a Roman. Most likely at the age of 12 or 13, he was short, maybe about 4'9" and his weight could not be more than 90 pounds. He was obviously of a poorer family, but that meant nothing to Marcus as the boy secretly helps Marcus stroke his cock. The boy is absolutely stunning. Sexy body with most positively, the most sexy legs Marcus had ever seen.
"Yes master, the long haired pleb." Decor said. Pleb was short for Plebeian, which meant citizen.
"Stop this caravan and seize him please, I would like to have my cock sucked by him."
"Master, we cannot just take the boy from his land."
"Decor... Either he sucks my cock, or you suck my cock... either way, I will have my cock sucked so you can choose what you want."

Decor considers his option for a minute or two, mainly because he believes that Marcus is beautiful and would honestly love to take his boyhood in his mouth. By this time the horses have stopped moving, awaiting Marcus's final order. Decor knows that it would be best for his own life, if he did not suck his master's cock. So he sends two of the big Roman guards off to take the boy. The boys mother was trying sees the guards take her boy and tries very hard to get the Roman guards to drop her son, but they carried him to the coach as told. Marcus was now standing outside of the coach, Decor was standing right next to him. The two guards place the boy,who was now frightened, in front of Marcus and Decor. The boys mother soon arrived, shocked to see a boy his age in the total nude, and with an erection.

"Please do not hurt my son... He is just a boy!" the woman pleads.

Decor spoke in the place of Marcus, as he always does.

"My master, Marcus Julius, has selected your son to give him oral stimulation." as Decor explained, Marcus took the hand of the young Roman boy and took him into the coach. The boy followed without much fight. The mother tried to leap into the scene, but the two Roman guards held her back. As they take her back a few steps, she can see Marcus sitting on a chair that looks like a royal chair, and roughly throwing the boy onto his knees. The woman continued to plead.

"Why my son?" she asked Decor.
"Your son attracted my master, and I was given orders to help my master however he needs." As the words left Decors mouth, Marcus had taken the backside of the boys head and shoved it onto his hard 4 inch cock. This caused the boy to gag, which seemed to please Marcus even more. Marcus moaned with great pleasure.

The woman had at this point stopped yelling and fighting. The last name of Julius was a very powerful family, and even something as odd as her young poor son being chosen to eat the seed of a Julius, was not anymore horrifying, but flattering. Julius being such a powerful name meant that they were almost looked at like demi-gods, even though they were not. During this time, as said before, power was everything. She looks at Decor, and after a few seconds of deep thinking, she speaks.

"You tell your master that he can return Titus whenever he wants to."

Decor nodded, and the woman turns around and walks back toward their small home. As she walks away, the obvious sounds of her son gagging on his first cock, fills the air. Loud moans from a very happy Marcus Julius, follow the sounds of gagging. Decor turns to face his master, as Marcus continues pleasing his cock in Titus' throat and mouth. By now, Marcus was now standing and thrusting his hips into his new friends face. His cock, now being non stopped pleasured by this boy, was going fully into the mouth of Titus. Marcus slips his cock in and out of his boy's mouth with great speed. His balls were slapping on the chin of his boy, and drool was spilling from his mouth. Titus learned quickly about his role at that moment, and began to suck as Marcus thrusted.
"Ohhhhhh......mmmmmmmm..." Marcus moaned as he now closed his eyes and lifted his head in the air, trying to take in every moment of his first blowjob.

The oral sex did not last nearly as long as he had hoped. The constant gagging sent feelings through Marcus' body that he never felt before. This, on top of the warm and wet feelings of a mouth pleasing his cock, was making it hard to hold in the orgasm. It wasn't until Marcus had told Titus to lick the end of his cock very quikcly, while focusing on the tip of his now very sensitive cock, that Marcus could not handle it anymore.
"I am going to cum soon Titus! Drink it all." Marcus said in a stern voice.

This order caused Titus to suck harder, which caused Marcus to moan even louder. That sent incredible feelings up through his spine. As Titus' hot and wet mouth sucked his cock, the pleasure was too much to bare. Marcus shoves all of his young boy-meat into the small mouth of the boy and blows line after line of milky white cum into the back of Titus' throat. Marcus keeps his hands on the back of his boys head, to make sure that each droplet of cum is secure in his mouth. He shoots more cum then he had ever in his entire life. His first shot hit Titus in the back of the throat, making the boy gag. Titus gathers all of the cum in his mouth and swallows it. When all the cum was gone, he leans back and looks over at Marcus. Decor steps into the coach and takes Titus by the hands.

"Should I send him back to his mother?" Decor asked.
"Of course. I have gotten my use from him." Marcus says with a grin on his face. He takes a small bag of Denarii (Roman money) and tosses it to Decor. Decor knows that this is for the boy. And with that, Decor takes the recently used boy, back to his small home. When Decor gets back to the coach, he see's his master wiping his wet and sticky cock down with a wet cloth.
"Did you enjoy it master?" Decor asks.
"Yes I did... I have never orgasmed that hard before. On our way home, I wish to take this same route please. Next time though, we might have to stay the night. He may as well be the most beautiful boy I have ever seen, and taking his virginity sounds very nice..."
"Yes master." Decor says as he heads back to the front of the coach and lets his master clean himself up.

The journey continues. The night passes by very quickly, as Marcus had fallen asleep. The Roman guards remain awake and on guard all night long, and Decor continues to stay by his masters side. Not before long they arrive in the city. The city was larger than Decor had remembered, but it had been about 6 years since he had last been there.

"Wake up master." Decor says as he gently shakes Marcus.
"Are we here?" the slightly groggy boy asks.
"Yes master. This city is where you were born 13 years ago.”
“It is a very big city, is it not?”
“Fairly big, but at one time it was just a little fishing village!”
“How far do we have to travel for the brothel?”
“Actually, it is only right over to your right hand side.”

Marcus looks over his shoulder and see’s a very large building with a lot of older men hanging around it. The building is very traditional for the time period. Big but beautiful, with a water fountain in the front and a garden off to the side. Unlike most brothels, this one was private, meaning it was mainly for the rich. As slave trader was walking into the building, behind him were about 5 slaves, 2 men and 3 females. They were all naked, and Marcus could see how big the mens cocks were, even though they were not erected! Now the boy’s nerves kicked in.
“Decor... I have changed my mind, let us go home...”
“You know we cannot master. You mother has given me special orders.”
“How about a little later then?”
“That is fine master. But what would you like to do meanwhile?”
“How about getting some food?”
“Of course! I know a wonderful place.”

Decor tells the Roman guards where to go, and shortly the horses begin moving again. As they pull away from the brothel, as man comes out of the side door, his pants were not even up yet, and his cock was still rock hard. Marcus was extremely turned on now, but was still in awe at the size of this mans penis.

They travel for only 20 minutes before they arrive at a market. Inside the market was a little building owned by a local family. It was the Roman equivalent of a restaurant from today. The horses stop, and Decor gets out and Marcus follows. They walk into the main dining room and find a table. The owner of the building' son finds them and walks up to them.

"What would you like to eat?" the man asks.
"Well, we are not from around here anymore. We come from just south of here. What can you recommend?"
"How about I tell the cook to cook you both his favorite meal? How does that sound?" he says as he looks at the smiling Marcus.
Marcus replies, "That sounds fine with me."
"Good." the man says and smiles. He heads to the back, tells the cook what to do, and then comes back out as custom. Marcus could not help but notice how attractive this man was. He had no idea of his age, but took him to be around 17 years of age. He had short brown, but well manicured hair, big brown eyes, that marked many southern Roman citizens, and his build was superb. Obviously a man who takes care of himself, and Marcus could not help but look at this man and smile. He was attracted.
"So why are you both in the city today?"
Decor says, "It is more of a private matter. Just serve us our food please."
"I understand, forgive me for my rudeness."
"No, it is fine!" Marcus says, giving Decor a look of anger. "Do not listen to what my slave says. You were in no way rude!"
"Your slave you say?" the man asks, knowing that he was talking to a Roman elite.
"Yes, my name is Marcus Julius, and you are?"
"Flavius Eccordi."
"I am honored to meet you..." Marcus says with a blush. This made Flavius light up as he saw this young boy unknowingly hitting on him.
"Likewise." Flavius says with a smile.
"Master..." Decor tries to get his masters attention. Decor realizes that Flavius is getting horny, he can tell by his facial expressions.
"Not now Decor."
Marcus looks at Decor in the way as if trying to tell him something. The very well educated Decor gets this hint immediately. A brothel may not be necessary after all. Decor smiles. His master is attracted to his man. Marcus may not even realize that he is being flirty. Marcus signals Flavius to sit with them at the table, in which he does without hesitation.
Marcus smiles. "You asked me why I am in the city today."
"Yes I did, I am very interested to know." Flavius says as he reaches under his work tunic and adjusts his now stiff cock. The thoughts of this little boy hitting on him are making him horny.
Marcus lowers his voice and leans close to Flavius. "My mother says that she is tired of me using my own hand to please myself, and she wants to get me laid."
Flavius laughs out loud. Marcus looks at him in confusion.
"Forgive me, but the way you worded it was very comical. So I assume you are here for one of the many brothels?"
"Yes I am."
"You must masturbate quite often then?"
"At least once a day!" Marcus says proudly.
"Very nice! And what kind of woman will you be fucking today?"
Slightly taken back by the harsh for for sex, he stays quiet.
"Forgive me yet again, citizens in the city do not often remember to be polite."
"It is fine, I actually kind of like it... and I don't really know, to answer your question."
"When you do please yourself, who do you think about?"
Marcus remains quiet.
"Oh of course! You seek a cock?"
Marcus nods.
"You must be seeking a young boy to top then?"
Marcus stays quiet.
"Oh mighty Jupiter, you want to receive a cock?"
"Yes..." Marcus says. He is highly turned on at this point.

Flavius smiles a huge smile and looks at Marcus. From across the table, Flavius waves his finger to Marcus, telling him to walk around the table. Once Marcus is next to Flavius, he grabs his hand. He takes Marcus' small hand and puts it under his tunic. he forces the young boys hand up and down his very hard cock shaft. Marcus moans as he feels this cock.

"How do you like this cock?" he asks as he continues to drag the small hand along the entire cock.
"It is very big..."
"Do you want it boy?"
"Yes I do..."
Decor begins to grab the sack with the money that was given to him, and starts to reach for some coin. Flavius stops him.
"You can keep the money." Flavius says. "I will fuck your boy for free."

And with that he takes Marcus and lifts him in the air. He puts him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and heads into the kitchen. From there they head upstairs into the private quarters. He takes his small boy and throws him onto the very expensive bed. Marcus thrashes onto the bed. The rough play is not a bother to him at all.

Flavius quickly removes all of his clothes, exposing his hard cock to his young virgin friend.

"How much do you like my cock boy?"
"A lot..."
"Suck it now!"
Marcus obeys. He sits at the edge of the bed and opens his mouth. Flavius quickly shoves his entire cock into his boy's mouth, gagging him instantly. Marcus does his best job of sucking this cock. He has only ever talked about it with his friends, never actually doing it. He wraps his lips around the very big and thick Roman cock and begins to suck, as Flavius freely slides his cock in and out of the accepting mouth.

"Open your mouth boy, I want to throat fuck you."

Marcus closes his eyes and opens his mouth as wide as he can. He covers his teeth with his lips and prepares for it. Flavius thrusts his 7 inch hard cock into the back of Marcus' mouth. Marcus gags really hard but takes whatever Flavius gives him. Flavius is grunting with every thrust that he gives his boy. He begins to sweat, his heart begins to pound, his balls begin to fill. As all this goes on, Marcus' throat continues to be fucked with a fast pace. With his eyes watering and tearing, the only sounds that can come out of his mouth are moans and gags. He does manage to reach under his toga and stroke his dick. Flavius enjoys the site of the boy pleasing himself.

After a few more moments of throat fucking, Flavius backs away to let his boy breath.
"It is almost time to enter you boy. You are going to suck on my cock nice and hard. Really get it wet, otherwise it will hurt to enter you."

Marcus again obeys. He sucks Flavius roughly, gagging himself quite often. Drool from the eager young boy flows down the big cock like a waterfall. The sloshing sound of a cock being sucked is evident, even to Decor who stands outside of the room waiting for his master. Several minutes of sucking proved to be enough. Flavius slips his large cock out of his boys mouth, and asks him to go on all fours, while on the bed.

Marcus gets on his hands and knees and closes his eyes tightly. He can feel Flavius approach his rear end.
"Make sure you loosen up Marcus... I need a loose hole to enter, and right now it is shut tight!"

Marcus tries his best to loosen up, and when Flavius feels that he has done a good enough of a job, he aims his large purple cock head at the virgin rose bud, but back away soon after. Marcus, who has been expecting a ramming, opens his eyes and looks back. But shortly after he looks back, he see's Flavius bending over to eat out his young friend. Once Flavius' tongue makes contact with Marcus' asshole, the moans begin to fill the room. Flavius only ate him out for about a minute, just enough to soften up his virgin. Once he was finished with this, he re-aims his cock at his boys' hole and quickly slips his head in.

"OHHHH!! Stop please Flavius!" Marcus pleads as the pain shoots through his body.
"Take it young Marcus! It will be better shortly."

The boy in bliss jams his eyes shut and takes the large cock. Flavius is to horny to be extra patient with Marcus, and soon after begins to stuff his cock in his tight hole. Less than 2 minutes into Marcus's deflowering, Flavius has reached the end of the ass. Once all the way in, he quickly pulls out, causing Marcus to practically squeal in pleasure. The next entrance was not as slow, as Flavius slips his cock in the expanded hole. A small rhythm builds. Marcus's squeals become moans of ecstasy.

The humping becomes must faster, now becoming more of a fucking. Marcus can feel Flavius's cock almost in his belly. As his cock massages his insides, he gets a surreal feeling of what it is like to be fucked. The pain, which is still there although much better now, has practically become pure pleasure. He moans heavily as he feels the very amazing feeling of his deflowering. A few spanks from his top echo through the 2nd floor of this building.

Flavius is now riding his young boy's ass. In pure bliss, he fucks his recently virgin ass as hard as he can. He drives Marcus onto his belly, as the fucking became to much for him to withstand. Moans from the both of the horny boys has even gotten Decor turned on. Eventually, the fucking was too much for Marcus to handle as he erupts 5 ropes of cum from his stiff member. The cum smears all over the bed and simultaneously rubs all over his belly and crotch as he gets rocked back and forth over it. A roaring moan comes from the undeveloped voice, which causes his top, Flavius, to loose control. With one more deep push into Marcus's ass, his cock begins to pump squirt after squirt of thick pasty white cum into his ass. Each squirt forces Marcus to groan in absolute pleasure. Once the orgasm fades, Flavius slips out of his ass and wipes off the cum that has surrounded his cock. Marcus cannot even begin to move. His exhausted body limps onto the bed, and Flavius grins in pride of what he has done.

With one last thing in mind, Flavius lays on the cum covered bed next to his boy and kisses him on the lips before heading out of the room. On the way out, Decor offers him another payment, but Flavius declines again.

"Honestly Decor. You and your boy are welcome to come back anytime. He was probably the best I have ever had." Flavius says as he smiles. He walks away from Decor and down the stairs back to work.

Decor walks into the room where the fucking has just occurred. He looks on the bed to see his tired master laying buck naked and cum dripping out of his now stretched hole. Decor, who was carrying a back of tunic, wraps up his master, grabs all of the clothes that have been stripped from him, and carries him outside and the cart. The Roman guards begin to drive the cart, heading non-stop back to his home.

Marcus, who was still recovering from the powerful sexual experience does manage to say one thing as the cart begins to move.

"Yes Master?"
"Please don't forget to stop at that boy's house on the way home. " Marcus says to Decor as he smiles.

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2014-02-15 14:55:43
I look forward to a more detailed meeting with young Titus in further When ln Rome stories.

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2013-12-15 07:54:24
noahmallette....., a lesbian

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2013-08-24 22:37:15
13 yearold wants a master text me anytime of day I mean anytime 7082628626

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2012-12-01 13:08:15
Please continue this story!

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