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Sexy Cindy gets repeatly raped by teenage boy
Taking Cindy

Her name was Cindy Dent she was my Dad's intern. Cindy is 22 and about 5'8" tall. She has long blong hair that she wears in a pony tail and a sexy body to die for. She has Large perky breast and muscular legs. Cindy's ass is sexy as hell, it looks muscular and tight everytime she wears one of her little tight dresses or on Fridays when she wears jeans to work. One weekend she had a birthday party at her house. I am 18 so I couldn't drink. However, I couldn't pass up the oppertunity to get a good look at her sexy ass and big tits, so I offered to be my parents disginated driver for the night. When we got to the party their were easly 20 people inside her house. Music was playing and everyone was drinking. Cindy was wearing this yellow low cut sundress. Her sexy muscular legs and big bouncing breast had the attention of most men in the room. As soon as she saw us she came over and gave my aprents and I a hug. I made sure to push my body extra hard against her so I could feel her large breast pushing against my chest. I almost had an instent hard on. While talking to my parents one of the party goers accidently bumped into her spilling his drink on the floor. Cindy went to the kitchen and got some paper towles and begain clean up the mess. When she bent over I could see directly down her dress. I could see her white lacey bra cupping her large breast. I felt my hard on growing so as soon as she stood up I asked her where the bathroom was. " There is one in the hall way. If that one is in use you can use the one in my bedroom", Cindy said with a smile. I quickly made up my mind to use the one in her bedroom. Once I made it into her room. I shut the door. I imaged her walking naked through the room. My cock was now hard as a rock. I had to jack off. As I went towards the bathroom in Cindy's bedroom I stopped at a dresser that was just outside the bathroom. Lets see what she has in here , I thought. My heart pounded as I nervously opened one of the drawers. Finaly I found a drawer full of panties and bras. I picked up a pair of Cindy's bikini paties and one of her bras and made my way into Cindy's bathroom. The tag on Cindy's bra said 36d. I knew she had some big tits, but I didn't know they were that big. Wow, I would love to suck on those big titties, I thought to myself.

As soon as I entered the bathroom I shut and locked the door. I lowered my pants and my boxers. My large 11" cock was throbbing. I grabbed some lotion from her counter and quickly covered my cock. I laid her bra and panties on the counter in front of me. I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and began jacking off. Evertime I begain to feel myself start to cum, I would stop making sure that I didn't blow my load too quickly. After about five minutes, I knew I had to get some release or I would go insane. So I quickly stroked the shaft on my penis while I invisioned stripping the bra and panities infront of me from Cindy's body. My body tensed up, I quickly moved my cock over her panties. Then I bit my lip as my body begain to have an orgasim. My cock shot stream after stream of white warm cum all over Cindy's panties. I kept stroking my cock making sure to milk every last bit of cum from my body. Staring at the counter I noticed Cindy's tooth brush. I quickly grabbed it and wipped the head of my cock with the brush before I dipped it into the pool of warm cum on Cindy's panties. As soon as I was satisfied that her tooth brush had been fully covered in cum I put it back on the counter. I pulled my boxers and pants back up. I grabbed Cindy's bra and cum soaked panties and left the bathroom. I put her bra and panties back in the dresser where I found them. The idea of Cindy brushing her teeth with the cum covered toothbrush almost made me hard again. I gather myself together and left the room. The rest of the night I couldn't help but stare at Cindy and think about how I left her a warm wet surprise in dresser. We left the party a little after mid-night that night. I must have jacked off three times that night after we left the party.

A couple of weeks later my dad came down with the flu. He called Cindy and told her he won't been in the office that week, so he would appreciate it if she would conduct business as ussual. I knew this was my chance. It was a Tuesday when I made my move. I grabbed some duct tape, a knife, our camcorder, the KY that I use to jack off and I my mom's Taser. I packed them all into my bookbag. I told my parents that I had a study group after school so I would be getting home a little late. Then I left my house knowing their was no going back. When I got to my dad's office building I noticed that there were only a few cars in the paking Lot. Cindy's was one of them. I quickly got my bookbag and entered the building. I took the elevator to my dad's office. Once I was outside the door I knew that there was no going back. I took a deep breath. Then I opened the door and walked into the office. I could hear Cindy on the phone in the next office. I turned around and locked the door. Since it was just Cindy and my dad working there I knew that I would have her all to myself. Cindy hung up the phone and walked out into the lobby and said, "Hey Sam what are you doing here? Didn't you have school today". " I'm going in a little late. My dad asked me to grabb a few things from the office for him", I replied. Cindy was wearing a short black mini skirt and a white blouse. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She looked hot as shit. "Ok, well let me know if you need any help", Cindy said. Then she turned around and begain walking away from me. My eyes fixed in on her sexy ass. I reached into my bookbag and grabbed the Taser. "There is no going back now", I said to myself. Then I quickly ran up behind Cindy and hit her with the tazer gun on the back of her neck. Cindy fell to the floor. The instructions said to hold it against your target for three secounds. I counted to 15 before I removed the Tazer from the beck of her neck.

I reached into my bookbag and pulled out the duct tap and my knife. I grabbed Cindy's hands and tapped them behind her back. Then I flipped Cindy over. She was staring at the wall. I picked her up and carried her to the conference table in my dad's office. I laid her down so her hands and back were against the table. Cindy's long sexy legs hung over the edge of the table. Cindy wasn't fighting back at all. The Tazer had done it's job well, I thought to myself. I quickly set up the camcorder and hit the record button. I moved myeslef so I was in between Cindy's sexy legs.She was struggling to say something. Cindy softly wisphered, "why?". I placed my hands on her knees and ran them up her sexy muscular thighs.I slid my hands up under her skirt and grabbed her ass cheeks. "I'll tell you why, becuase you are one sexy bitch that needs to pay for being such a tease.", I said almost angerly. Then I pulled out my knife and put it her face and said, "if you scream or try to fight back I will fucking cut you up bitch. You won't be so sexy anymore. So do everything I say and you'll be alright". I turned her head to the camcorder. " I'm making a little video so you and I can remember this day. If you go to the cops or tell anyone what happened this tape will find itself on the internet and sent to everyone you know. I'm sure you know plunty of guys that would love to see your sexy ass getting a pounding". Tears begain to roll down Cindy's check. " Enough talk, lets get to business. Let me see what you've been greedly hiding from me", I said. I lifted Cindy's short black mini-skirt up around her waist exposing her little white lacy bikini panties to my young eyes. My cock instantly became hard as I stared at Cindy's long muscular sexy legs leading up to the little bikini panties. "Just think, this fabric is the only thing keeping me from fucking you", I said eagerly. I slowly ran my hands up Cindy's muscular thighs all the way up to her waist. I placed a hand on either side of her panties. Then I slowly pulled Cindy's little bikini panties down her long muscular legs exposing her cleanly shaved cunt. She was completly bald around her slit, no hair at all. I had never seen a bald cunt before other then on the internet so I was amazed. " You really are a sexy little slut Cindy", I said as I put her panties in my pockect as a suvonier.

Spreading her legs with my hands I leaned forward and tore her blouse open. Her large perky breast were pushing hard against the fabric of her white bra. I picked up my knife and placed it under the front of her bra. "Please stop, no, please don't do this", she begged quitely. "Surely you didn't think you had a right to be so sexy and not give that sweet little cunt of yours to me when I want it. Now lets get a good look at those big tits", I said as I begain to pull the knife against the middle of her bra. Then with a quick snap her bra tore open. Her large breast jiggled as her body bounced on the table. "Please stop", she said. I placed a hand on each breast and begain squeezing Cindy's large tits. I rubbed her large nipples with my fingers making them grow hard. I had to have them in my mouth. I bent over and begain kissing her large breast and sucking on her nipples until they looked like little corks poking towards the sky. As I sucked on her breast, I heard Cindy say. "No, oh my god please no. Stop it". I leaned back and picked up the Tazer. I slowly ran it up her exposed body circling over her bald cunt up to her large breast and hard nipples. When I reached her neck I said, " shut the fuck up bitch". Then I pushed the Tazer into her neck shocking her again. I held it in place for twenty secounds. I watched as Cindy's sexy body shook violently from the high voltage running through her body. Cindy's large perky breast bounced as she arched her back in pain. Finaly I removed the Tazer from her neck. I bent down and got in her face and said, "I'm going to fuck you long and hard and there is nothing you can do about it, so you better not fight back or you know what will happen".

I stepped back and got undressed. Once I was completly naked I moved in between her legs again. I pulled out the KY and put it on my thick hard cock and then on her little bald slit. I'm not bragging but when I am hard my dick is easily 11"long 3"thick. I put one hand on Cindy's shoulder while the other lined the head of my cock up to Cindy's slit. "No", she wimpered. Ignoring her completly I began to slowly force my thick cock up inside her tight warm shaved pussy with a series of small but steady pumps. I used my hand on Cindy's shoulder to push her down on my thick cock as I pumped it inside of her unwilling cunt. After about a minute I felt her tight cunt trying to accomidate my thick cock. "You think that you can just walk around looking sexy as hell without anyone touching you. Well that changed starting today", I said. Then with a deep violent thrust I pumped the full length and width of my cock deep inside Cindy's little tight cunt. Cindy let out a semi-loud grunt as my cock sunk in her unwilling cunt. She was soo tight. He cunt felt like a warm glove wrapped tightly around my thick throbbing cock. I began pumping the full length of my cock in and out of Cindy's tight cunt. Cindy's young sexy athletic body bounced up and down with each thrust. I squeezed her big tits while I pumped my cock deep inside of her. I released one of her tits and placed my hand on her muscular thigh. I began forcing her to spread her legs further apart allowing my cock to go deeper inside of her. I leaned back and admired her sexy naked body. She was so tight, that I had to stop fucking her or I knew I would blow my load. So I bent down and sucked on her big breast. "Fuck this, I want to fuck you from behind", I said. I quickly pulled my cock out of her cunt. She was so tight it made a popping sound when my cock broke free. I stepped back grabbed her by the arms, stood her up and turned her around.

Cindy's ass looked so sexy. I gave it a quick slap. "Please stop", she begged as I lined the head of my cock up with her slit. I grabbed a handful of Cindy's hair with my free hand and pulled her head back. Then with one hard thrust I shoved the full length of my thick cock inside Cindy's tight little bald cunt. I made Cindy look at the camcorder while I slammed my cock in her tight cunt. I released her hair and placed both hands on Cindy's large bouncing breast. I pinched her hard nipples. I was in heaven as I pumped that sexy bitch full of my cock. I stared at Cindy's sexy ass as my body slapped it with each pump. I had to have that tight ass. Quickly I grabbed the KY from the table and put it on a couple of my fingers. I then pushed my fingers inside her sexy tight ass. Once I felt it was fully lumbercated I pulled my cock lose from her glove like cunt and began shoving it up Cindy's ass. "NO", Cindy tried to scream as I covered her mouth with my hand. " Shut up. I can't be the first guy that has wanted to fuck your ass. Scream again and I'll cut that pretty face of yours up", I said angerly. After a few powerful thrust my cock was burried deep inside of Cindy's ass. Her ass cheeks jiggled each time my body slammed into her ass. Cindy just laid their crying and letting out grunts with each violent thrust. I couldn't believe I was getting this all on tape. It was like a dream come true. I was fucking Cindy's sexy tight ass. I fucked Cindy's ass for a couple of minutes.

Cindy's helpless naked body was my sex toy and I was loving it. I could feel the cum starting to build up inside of my hard ball sack. I wanted to cum in Cindy's tight bald cunt, so I slowly pulled my thick long cock out of her tight little abused ass whole and turned her around throwing her back on the table. I bent over and sucked on her hard nipples. Then without giving her any warning I shoved the full length of my cock up Cindy's tight bald cunt. I fucked her hard and passionatly for several minutes. Then I felt my orgazem building up. I begain to let breath a little harder. Cindy said, " please don't cum inside of me. Please pull out". I ingored her request and kept slamming my body against her bald cunt. Cindy's large breast jiggled with her thrust of my cock. "I'm going to give you something to remember me by. I want you to always remember that your little sexy cunt was owned by an 18 year-old. I'm going to cum inside your tight cunt. If you didn't want me to cum inside of you, you shouldn't be so damn tight", I said. I pumped her for a few more minutes. I placed my hands on her muscular thighs and spread her legs apart so I could pentrate deep inside of her cunt. Then I begain slowly but deeply pumping Cindy's helpless naked body full of my cock. " Oh shit, I can't hold back any longer. Here I cum sexy", I said. After a few more pumps I burried my cock as deep inside of her as humanly possible. I let out a groan as I felt my cock throb and pulse as it shot my warm cum deep inside of Cindy's tight cunt. Cindy let out a loud gasph as she felt my warm cum fill her cunt up. I kept pumping her cunt making sure to milk my cock inside of her. After about a minute my cock went limp and slowly slid out of her tight cunt. I laughed as I watch some of my cum leak from her tight cunt down the inside of thigh to her ass cheek.

I got got off her and walked over to the camcorder to watch the video I had just made. Cindy laid on the table sobbing. "Do you feel my cum inside of you Cindy? It's been a while since I got off so I still have more to give you", I said with a laugh. "You're just a teen-ager, please let me go. Don't do this to me again. I'm begging you", Cindy said. She sounded broken and humilated. I was so proud of myslef as I stared at her naked body. I couldn't believe I had cum inside of her. I told her to shut up and stop crying. Then I watch the video of me rapping her. I felt my limp cock grow hard as I watched her naked body get pumped full of my cock. I had to get off again. This time I wanted her mouth. "Ok here's the deal Cindy. I am going to untie your hands so you can play with my balls and stroke my cock while you suck me off. If you swallow every last bit of my cum I'll let you go and this tape will stay between us. Do you understand", I said. Cindy thought about it for a second before responding, " yes, ok, but.. ok, I'll do it just don't shock me again". I walked over to her sexy exposed body. I grabbed her arm and lifted her off the table and walked her over to my dad's desk. I took out my knife and cut the tape that tied her hands together. "Now get on your knees and suck me off", I said as I sat in my dad's chair. " I better not feel any teeth or I'll do more than shock you", I told her. "Take off what little clothes you have on and get to sucking me off", I said sharply.

Cindy removed her torn clothes and took off her skirt. Her naked body looked so sexy. Cindy got on her knees and moved her head towards my thick throbbing cock. She grabbed my shaft with one hand while the other softly held my ball sack. Cindy slowly lowered her lips over my cock as it entered her warm mouth. Then much to my amazement she begain to suck my cock without me having to say a word. I watched as she stroked my cock each time her head bounced up and down. Her other hand began playing with my ball sack. Her warm mouth felt so good wrapped around my cock. "Damn Cindy, I can tell you've done this before. I'm not going to last long if he keep this up", I said. I couldn't believe that sexy Cindy Dent was sucking my young cock waiting to swallow my cum. I reached down with one hand and squeezed her large breast. I pinched her nipple making her let out a soft painful groan. She felt so good. My ball sack quickly became hard as it prepared to unload more cum into this sexy girl. "Of fuck, don't stop I'm going to cum", I said. I could feel my precum leaking out of my cock. I put one hand on her head while the other firmly held on to her breast. I tried, but it was of no use I couldn't hold back any longer. " Swallow my cum bitch, swallow it all", I said. I looked over at the camcorder to make sure it was recording this. Cindy was in a rythm stroking my cock each time her head bounce up and down on it. I felt my body tense up. I took a deep breath. Then it happened, my cock exploded unleasing several loads of warm salty cum into her helpless mouth. She continued to stroke my cock and play with my ball sack as I came in her mouth. "Oh shit, you give awesome head", I yelled as she milked my cock. I felt her gag. "Swallow it Cindy. Swallow my cum bitch our our deal is off", I said as I grabbed a handful of her long blond hair pulling her mouth off my cock. Her eyes were watering. I watch her close her big blue eyes and take several big gulps as she attempted to swallow all of my cum. Once she had swallowed it all she let out a gasp for air. "Good girl, you've now shown me something else you are really good at. I'll remeber that for future reference", I said.

She struggled to stand up.. It was then that I noticed she was still dealing with the after effects of the hard punding I put on her ass whole and tight little cunt. I amired her sexy athletic body as she stood completly naked in front of me. I think she was in shock. "Can't believe you just sucked a teenager off, can you? Well guess what, you did and now you have my cum in your cunt and in your stomac", I said as I stood up. She bent over and begain gathering her torn clothing. Suddenly I became angery. I'm not sure why, but it really bothered me that she was trying to get dressed without asking for my permission. I quickly grabbed her and threw her to the ground so she was on her hands and knees. My cock was once again hard (I had been waiting a long time to fuck Cindy so I was making the most of my time). I quickly lined my cock up with her slit. Then with one powerful thrust I sank the full width and length of my cock inside of her. She spread her long muscular legs apart in an attempt to help her body accomidate the size of my cock. " You fucking little tease. You'll be my personal slut from now on or I swear to you this tape will get out. I promise. If you go to the cops this tape will get out. Don't fuck with me", I said as I drilled her hard from behind. Her sexy ass bounced with each violent thrust. Her big breast and hard large nipples swung back and forth as her body bounced. I violently pumped her bald little tight cunt. Cindy was crying while I fucked her. "Please stop", she begged. "Shut up you sexy slut", I said. I put both my hands on her waist as I pumped my cock in and out of her tight cunt. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum again", I said. Cindy started letting out a grunt each time I thrust my cock in her. After a couple minutes of fucking her doggy style. I held her in place with both my hands on her sexy hips as I came deep inside of her tight cunt. I kept pumping my cock in and out of her bald slit until it went limp. Cindy calapsed on the floor and began sobbing. "Next weekend my parents are going out of town. Plan on being at my house On Friday around 6:00. Bring something sexy. I hope you're on the pill, becuase if your not I'm going to knock your ass up", I said to her as I sat back down in my dad's chair. As the day went one I raped her one more time. That following Friday she showed up as planned. I fucked her all weekend. I'm just hoping I don't knock her up. I wouldn't want to ruin that perfect body and tight cunt.

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