Sorrry this is just a short chapter and a little different then my normal style.I had to dig back quiet a few
years in my head to write the first part lol.

Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5.5
Senior Year (Cindy’s Cherry)

“An interesting night intend” I mumble to myself.

I had just filled Beth’s 10 year old pussy with cum so it was time to pop 8 year old Cindy while
I was fresh and could give her a nice long fucking. I sat and thought for a minute how best to do
her. I had never taken a girls cherry hard and one so small my cock got hard just thinking about
abusing her 8 year old virgin pussy.

“Your up Cindy” I say smacking her little butt as I stand up and walk toward the bed.

Her little body shivers nervously as she follows behind me. A light comes on in my head as I pass
the chair Cheryl was strapped in earlier. This will do just fine I say to myself. Cindy climbs up in
to chair.

I call the Nurse to bring a wheel chair for Cheryl so she can be right there when Cindy loses her
cherry and goes screaming into womanhood. She sold her 8 year old daughter’s virginity so she
might as well get a good seat for the show.

Her little body shakes nervously as I strap her in, her legs were too short to reach the foot holds
but I found a roll of duck tape in the TOYS cabinet along the wall. The leg arms were adjustable
so I spread them until Cindy’s little legs couldn’t take anymore then locked them in place.

Beth was the eager little helper taping her sisters legs to the chair and adjusting the height so her
pussy was just right for maximum penetration. The nurse took the twins so Cheryl was free to help

I got between Cindy’s shaking little legs and leaned over her body and kissed her. Then sucked her
little nipple on her flat chest I could feel her heart beat, pound actually, on her chest. Her breathing
was already heavy and labored like she was starving for oxygen.

I was going to be a long wait because as I made my way down to her virgin 8 year old little slit.
It was spread wide already for the position of her legs and I could she the glistening drops of
her cum on her pink lips. I pulled up the doctor chair and adjusted it I was going to be awhile
exploring this sweet little pussy.

Her lips were nice and full from the months of stimulation and Cumming. Her clit had also grow
since that night at her house and now stood proudly begging to be sucked on.

I lowered my lips to her pussy not touching her though but close enough to feel the warm moist heat
radiating from her 8 year old pussy. I inhaled thru my nose the air was warm an moist with her
aroma. I closed my eyes and took another long slow inhale and enjoyed her aroma like it was a fine
wine before you drink. It was more intoxicating then wine and the rarest vintage, Chateau of Cindy.
Unlike wine though it doesn’t improve with age. Once you pop the cork though the fun begins.

I had smelled the cork long enough and went for my first taste. Her nervous anticipation had her
dripping wet as I slid my tongue between her lips. I opened my mouth and sealed it around her
Virgin hole and sucked lightly as I stuck my tongue inside her. I swirl my tongue around She was
a good year. Hearty yet sweet with a slight earthy flavor.

I sat back and savored her flavor as I inhaled deeply allowing her aroma to mix with her flavor
as I licked her juices from my lips. Cindy was cooing softly but I had all but tune them
out. The last of her sweet flavor had left my mouth and I went back for a second longer
drink from her. This time stopping to suck on her little clit before sitting back to savor

She was moaning softly now and Beth was bug eyed starring at me as she masturbated her
10 year old pussy. Cheryl had the same look on her face and licking her lips. Her breasts and
stomach covered in the milk leaking from her breasts.

I went in for a third taste and stayed until her little 8 year old body began to tense up. Then I
pulled back. I slowly rubbed her little clit until she screamed and her body quivered as she came
hard. I inhaled deeply her aroma was heavy in the air her moisture coated my sinuses I could
taste her essence in the air.

I allowed her body to relax and release all its juices before I went in for my last long drink from
her virgin cup. As my lips touch hers, her pussy gives one last quiver and a little squirt of juice
hits my tongue. My cock jumps as my taste buds dance and swirl the liquid around in my mouth
before swallowing reluctantly as the flavor fades.

I spend the next 20 minutes and two orgasm trying to get back that little squirt of heaven she gave
me. Her cum was good but it never tasted the same. I got up and Beth and Cheryl both moaned

“Do me like that”

I stood up and kissed Cindy and let her lick the last of her virgin 8 year old cum from my face.
I place my cock between her lips and slowly rubbed it up and down as she moaned softly. Her
little body no longer shook in fear and nervousness of the unknown and pain she knew was

Now it quivered in anticipation, lust and desire to be a woman. Her chest heaving as she took
each breath. Her nipples stood tall and hard from the barren flatness of her 8 year old chest. Her
beautiful blue eyes that once sparkled and could melt ice burgs were all but invisible covered in
a milky haze of lust in her young eyes.

Her little hips were grinding trying to push down with each pass of my cock head past her virgin
Hole as it glided thru her lips. Her body tried, wanted, no begged it to enter her unexplored regions.
I relented and broke our kiss.

I slowly pushed against her hole and I could fell it pulling my cock inside slowly deeper and deeper.
until I reached her barrier. Her body tensed as I bumped against it but it didn’t diminish her desire
to have my cock deeper to break thru her thin vale of innocence. Her hip rocked in a rhythm with
her light moaning as I held firmly pressed against her womanhood. Her virgin 8 year old pussy
squeezed around my cock hard. Harder then anything I had ever felt yet it didn’t hurt her soft
young walls were hot and wet and they pulsed like they had a heart beat of their own.

I stayed there as I sucked on her little nipples. Taking time to caress each one softly with my lips
and tongue before sucking it into my mouth. Her body finally relented and released another wave
of desire as she came.

I stood up and smiled looking down at this 8 year old virgin angle. Her little body shaking and her
eyes rolled back and she moaned loudly. My cock pressed firmly against her last bit of innocence
and her pussy bathe it in fresh hot virgin cum.

I leaned back down and kissed her genteelly on the lips. Sucking her small quivering lip into my
mouth and caressing it with my tongue. I slowly begin pushing against her barrier. Then kissing
her passionately but softly her mouth was hot and wet as my tongue slipped passed her quivering
lips. Her mouth closed her soft lips around my tongue as she sucked it into her mouth and caressed
it with her own.

Her body jerked and she moaned into my mouth as she exhaled hard forcing her breathe into my
lungs. Her barrier was broke as I slide in 2 inches before stopping. She held my tongue in her
mouth nursing on it like a baby would a mothers breast as her pain subsided. Her eyes were still
full of lust but had little tears trickling down her angelic face to our lips. The now salty flavor
of our kiss was a new sensation to us both.

I reached over while still locked in our kiss and released her legs and arms. Her tiny legs wrapped
around me and locked holding me in place. Her hands moved to my chest and began caressing my
nipples. Her legs tightened and her hip moved up and down slowly pulling me deeper inside her.
her breathing was heavy as was kissed her hot moist breathe being forced into my mouth with
each exhale as my cock sunk deeper into her.

She was no longer sucking my tongue but trying to devour it as I slowly pushed against her cervix
and stopped. Her body shivered as she came We kissed and caressed each others body’s as her
young pussy squeezed my cock with it hot wet velvet grip adjusting to it. I could feel her innocence
flowing from her 8 year old pussy and down my shaft. Her virgin blood slowly dripping to the floor.

Her legs squeezed once more and her hips began a slow humping motion as I slide my hands down
To her small hips and held them firmly in place as I pushed into her womb. She broke our kiss and
gasp and panted trying to catch her breathe as I entered her womb. The little trickle of tears became
a stream. It was tears of pain and joy mixed she had a smile of ecstasy riddled with streaks of pain
on her face.

I pushed a little deeper and I could feel her wet lips on the base of my cock. I slowly began the long
withdraw she moaned and cooed as my cock left a void and her delicate walls collapsed. The trip
back was quicker but painful as I entered her womb. The fourth time she came as my cock entered
her womb. I held there as her body recovered then one last trip and I shoot my hot cum into her
8 year old womb. The hot cum shooting against her womb made her cum instantly. Her young
body was too small to hold it all and I could feel it leaking from around the base of my cock.

We stayed like that kissing softly until my cock went limp and slipped slowly from her. We were
oblivious to everything around us when our kiss broke I looked and Beth was in her mothers lap
holding each other tight and crying. There eyes starring at us with a look of longing for what that
had missed when they lost their virginity and happiness for Cindy.

Cindy was still lost in her own lust as I picked her up and laid her on the bed. I got a warm wash
cloth and softly wiped her body clean then held her as she snuggled into my chest and went to

“WAKE UP YOU LITTLE SLUT AND QUIT DREAMING” I yell at Cindy who was obviously
day dreaming about some nice transition into womanhood.

Her eye open and grow wide as she realizes she strapped into the chair. I slap her just to make
Sure she’s awake wouldn’t want her to miss losing her cherry. Although I’m sure she’ll wish she
had. Her little body shakes in fear as the tears roll down her face.

I roll the chair over and eat her sweet little pussy till she cums hard. Dam Carol was right that little
pussy is good I think as I wheel Carol over between her 8 year old legs to her spread virgin pussy.

“Get one last taste, she’ll be a slut by morning” I tell her pushing her head into her daughters pussy.

The little slut Beth couldn’t wait for her turn at her sisters pussy. I had to pull her back the little slut
before she busted her cherry with her fingers. I got between her legs and placed my hard cock at her
Hole and pushed in slowly. Cindy cried and sniffled as my cock split her virgin pussy for the first
time. Stopping when I got the her hymen.

I looked up in to her tear stained eyes begging me to be gentle. I slap her hard twice across the face
then pull back a few inches. I little blood trickles down her chin from her lip. She licks it.

“Get used to that taste slut, you’ll be cleaning my cock in a few minutes” I say laughing.

I get a good grip and drive my 10 inches into her virgin 8 year old pussy. I tone out her screams
as well as those of Cheryl and drive into her little womb before I stop.
“Welcome to slut hood” I tell the 8 year old with a smile.

Her body is jerking as she gasps for air and cries uncontrollably. I give her 30 seconds the pull out
And drive it in again. Then again. She passes out and the fourth drive. I look down and my cock
is covered in a thick layer of her virgin blood.

I walk over to Cheryl who is crying, for what I don’t know but.
“clean it slut” I say holding my cock to her mouth.

She take it in her mouth reluctantly and begins sucking.
“You clean the new slut up, you can fist her now too” I say looking at Beth.

Beth moves between her sisters legs and begins licking the blood from her pussy. She slowly
fingers her unable to get a fist in her. My cock was clean and Cindy looked clean enough.
I swashed some water on her and as her eyes opened drove my cock back in her. We played
this game for 20 minutes but I was ready to cum. I pounded her now raw pussy hard and fast
and she laid there starring at the ceiling sobbing. Her body was limp numb to the pain as I
fucked her hard and filled her 8 year old womb with hot cum.

Dam I wish she was old enough to get pregnant I think to myself, that way should could remember
this night forever.

I slap her once more before I pull out and the blood and cum leaks from her raw little pussy.

“Clean her up I’ll be ready again in a few minutes” I tell Beth as I walk over to Cheryl to have my
cock cleaned.

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2012-11-02 00:40:04
Actually, even at Cindy's age, and even if she hadnt had her period yet, she is still capable of getting pregnant! Though her body wont be capable of carrying it. Besides that! That was a pretty hot story. Nicely done. And I have to say I kinda liked daydream JJ, but sociopath JJ is still best.


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Ya sorry abt the confusion after the next chapter hopeful it makes more sense.

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Thanks, bro but next chapter may surprise you.


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