This is the rest of my thirteenth summer just as it almost happened
The second week of August brought changes to our daily routine. The beans were being picked, which meant there were fewer acres to water. The corn was getting close, so Mister broke up the crew. Sandy, Rusty, Spud and I kept moving pipe. The Baldwins and Tater stayed with the harvest crews, either shuttling bean trucks, driving the bean picker or getting the corn picker and silage chopper ready for harvest. At first I thought driving the Oliver Bean Picker looked like fun, then I watched it go. It moved so slow you had no trouble catching it with a slow walk. Picking green beans is tedious work, even for a machine like an Oliver Bean Picker. While the rest of us pipe movers still had fun moving pipe, whichever of the other boys got stuck on the picker had our pity. By the end of August the beans were in and we started picking corn. This ended up being my favorite part of that first summer.

Picking sweet corn went in two stages. Loeschen Farms Sweet Corn has a local reputation and being the sweetest and the prettiest. While other farms just picked every ear and sent them to the stores to be sold, we hand picked only the best ears and boxed them in the field instead of throwing them into the back of a truck to be bruised when they crashed into each other.

“Pick the ones with the darkest hair,” instructed Sandy, showing me which ears she meant. “Dark hair means extra sweetness.” She was referring to the corn silk. I think. She might have been talking about something else, come to think about it. “Peel off the outer layers like this,” she broke off about three inches of stalk from the base of the ear, drawing off the dingy outer husks, leaving a beautiful green ear with dark hair protruding. She put the ear in a wooden flat and started working down the row. When she had half a shirt full, she turned around and started back, picking ears on the other side of the row she was in. When she got back, she had a shirt full of corn and it just about filled the flat. What she didn’t notice is that as she filled her t-shirt, it pulled the neck down until I could see the white of her bra strap where it met the top of her cup. Instant boner. As long as Sandy didn’t talk, she was easy to think about. It’s when she started barking orders that she could kill a teenage hard-on. When she bent over to drop her corn, I could see right down her shirt. As she stood up, I quickly looked away.

For the rest of the afternoon, I angled to be nearby whenever she dropped a load of corn into a flat. I was trying to get a glimpse of those beautiful globes. I had to really hustle to keep up with her and keep the timing just right so I could be bending over just as she was. Sometimes it worked in my favor, sometimes a corn stalk would get in the way. When we got done picking a couple rows, the truck would get started and creep down a specially cut row. As it passed we would hustle to pick up the flats and put them on the truck. Rusty drove the flat bed, Sandy stayed on the back stacking the flats. Spud and I worked the rows, seeking the filled flats of corn to hoist up. As Sandy bent over to grab the flats, I kept trying to sneak peeks at her tits. When we put the last flats on, we tied them down with cargo rope and then started clearing the sweat from our bodies. Sandy pulled the bottom of her shirt up and then twisted the side of her shirt, which as still relatively clean, up to mop her face. She gave Spud and I a full on view of the bottom of her breasts in their white bra cups. Sandy was good looking all right, to a couple of hormonal teenage boys.

“Get your fill yet Pauly?” Sandy asked with her hands full of t-shirt and her breast covered with my gawking stare. “There just tits. Ain’t you ever seen a girls tits before? Good God you are as green as grass.” I just turned red and looked away. I had seen a girls tits before, if you counted my little sister’s flat chest or my mom’s nice breasts. I had snuck a peek or two down her house dress over the summer.

“I wasn’t looking at nothin’,” I lied half-heartedly. I could hardly wait for that night, when I would rub my erection on my sisters butt and imagine it was Sandy’s tits. Sandy just smiled.

“Nothin’? Maybe you’ll see for yourself what ‘Nothin’’ looks like up close. How would you like that?” she taunted. I would like it fine, just fine, I thought.

“You ain’t hand enough to show your tits to me,” I taunted back. “Don’t let the age fool ya, I got more than enough to make you happy. Make you crazy is more like it.” I don’t know what came over me. I guess I thought I’d make a comment like Jack Baldwin and take the beating that came with it.

“Yeah,” said Sandy in a breath whisper. “Maybe. If’n your first piece of ass didn’t kill you first.” The way she said it, and the way her eyes glazed over, like she was really thinking about it kind of scared me. I had matured a lot in the last two months, but not enough to take on a full grown woman like Sandy. I just turned around and walked to the other end of the field where the crew truck waited. Rusty took the sweet corn truck back to the house, where one of the older boys would take it to town. Spud climbed into the cab with Sandy and I hopped in back and took off my shirt, eager for the cool breeze to wash some heat off of me. Every time I looked into the cab, Sandy was looking at me in the rearview mirror. It started to worry me. What had I started?

That night I eased into the bath to wash off the last of the dirt from the day. Even though I wasn’t sore any more, even after a long hard day, I enjoyed the relaxing effects of a hot bath. Every so often Becka would come in and keep me company. She would sit on the stool with the lid down and pull her knees up under her chin, pointing her tiny slit at me. I would sometimes reach over and tickle her legs, grazing her pussy through her shorts, but I always stopped short of anything that caused me to sport a never-fade erection. I couldn’t walk through the house showing how much my little sister got to me. I had eaten so much fried chicken for dinner that I was feeling full and lazy in the tub.

“Hey Pauly, look at this!” She stood up and lowered her shorts. I could see the tiniest thatch of black curly hairs at the apex of her triangle. She really was becoming a woman. “Aren’t they neat? I have nineteen now!” My cute little sister counted her newly grown pubic hairs. At least they were long enough for me to see with the naked eye now. My own groin had begun to fill in nicely. As had my shoulders and pectorals. My leg muscles had a nice definition and I had begun thinking that maybe I wasn’t a lost cause.

“I guess we’re growing up. Pretty soon you won’t be able to snuggle with me. I heard mom and dad talking about moving to a bigger house so we could have separate rooms. You need your privacy.” I could tell she was seriously worried I was telling the truth. The truth was, I wanted some privacy of my own. I had discovered that stroking my hard shaft with my hand felt really good and I wanted a chance to give it a go.

“I don’t ever want my own room. I like sharing with you.” She started to tear up.

“Don’t cry Becka. I like sharing a room with you too. Maybe we can’t afford to move. Maybe if you ask mom and dad, they won’t move.” I was only suggesting it as something to try in the future, but Becka leaped at the chance. She shot out of the bathroom like her tail was lit and ran into the living room and launched into our father’s lap.

“Daddy, you won’t make us move again, will you? I like it here. So does Pauly. And we like sharing a room. Please don’t make us move.” She snuggled up against him and of course he just hugged her and assured her we wouldn’t move soon, but we might move in the future. But he promised not to think about moving without a family meeting. She kissed him and sauntered back to the bathroom where I had climbed out of the tub and was busy drying off. “We don’t have to move. Daddy said so.” She was proud and happy with her power over our father. She had that same power over me.

I pulled my shorts on and nothing else. I walked out to the living room where my dad was reading a book by Walt Whitman and my mother was scanning the newspaper. I sat down on the couch next to my mom and started reading the sections of paper she had already finished. We had a television, but it was an ancient black and white and we didn’t have an antenna. It really wasn’t worth the effort to try and get those infernal rabbit ears to gather enough signal to give us both sound and picture, so we didn’t try on most night. We just sat around and read, or played a card game. Then we went to bed and started over bright and early the next morning. A little before nine I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and said good night to everyone. My dad didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was still proud of me. Becka stayed curled up in his lap, to give the pretense of trying to stay up. She usually got to stay up for about ten minutes after I did, just to give me time to get to sleep before she got there.

Since I knew I might have ten minutes, I peeled the covers off of my bed and lay back on the cool sheet. In the few feet of hallway from the living room to the bedroom, my dick had already started to engorge in anticipation. I pushed my shorts down my legs and started stroking my cock. This would be my first real attempt at masturbation where I would try to finish with a bang. I thought about Sandy’s tits and what they must look and feel like. I could feel the climax building, and just as I was about to finish, I heard small footsteps in the hall. The door opened on me pulling my shorts up over my erection. Becka jumped into her bed and lay back like she was going to go to sleep. Damn! Double damn! I wasn’t even going to get a chance to rub her slit with my boner until I shot.

“What were you doing when I came in?” she asked from across the room. “Where you rubbing yourself with your hand?”

“Yeah I was.”

“I do that sometimes, too,” she confessed. “But not when you are awake. I put my fingers down there and rub and then I start to shake and it feels really good. Not as good as when you rub it with your thing, but really good anyway. Do you know what?”

“I think about you when I do it. I think about you putting your thing inside me like dad puts his privates into mom. She really likes it.”

“What do you know about dad’s privates and where he puts them?”

“Can’t you hear them at night?” she asked. “Sometimes I sneak down the hall like I am going to the bathroom and I listen at their door. Sometimes they leave it open a crack and I peek inside. When dad puts his big thing into mom, she really likes it.”

Her simple description of our parents fucking was enough for me to throw caution and good sense to the wind. I pushed my shorts back down and started stroking my cock again.

“Are you doing it again?” she asked. “I am going to come closer so I can see.” She crossed the room and stood by my bed.

“Lift up your shirt, Becka. Let me see your chest.”

“There ain’t much to see,” she warned, but she lifted her shirt anyway. Her tiny nipples were hard like little red candies. She was wrong though, she had the tiniest swell of mounds on her chest now.

“Show me your pussy too.” She lowered her pajama pants and showed me that tiny dark patch.

“Do you want to touch me again?” I asked, hoping she would say yes. It would only be the second time she’d ever grabbed my hard cock. She didn’t respond she just leaned forward and grasped my throbbing cock. I used my closest hand to reach over and cup her mons pubis in return. She stroked me and I rubbed her. As I built up to my climax I pressed my finger deeper between her pussy lips and I could feel the opening to her tiny vagina yield. I slipped the tip of my middle finger into her cunt and she started to flood my hand with juices. That was enough for me. My own cum splashed all over my stomach. Ropes shot up my chest. I felt hot gobs hit my own face. I didn’t care. This was the best ending to my day ever.

I pulled my hand out of my sisters legs and licked the cunny juices from my fingers. She sat down on the edge of the bed next to me and scooped up a little of my spunk and touched it to the tip of her tongue. Then she got another and did the same. I was curious and I did the same. I found I enjoyed the taste of my own cum as well as I liked my sisters. When we were done cleaning me up, I pulled my sister across my body until she was lying next to me. Then I pushed her pajamas down lower and buried my face into her slit. I enjoyed licking ever bit of her juice off of her. So much so, I kept right on licking when she flooded again. As her hips bucked and squirmed, I pushed my tongue deep as I could into her cunt. I even licked her tiny pucker by mistake, but it was coated in her juices so instead of being musty, it tasted like pussy, so I licked it again. She jumped at the sensation but didn’t say to stop. My cock was hard again before I had my fill of her juices. I started to wank it myself but she got the hint and took over for me. Just before I came I looked down and could see her studying my dick as she stroked it. I blasted her full in the face and she jumped back, startled. Some even went up her nose. She didn’t like that. But I kept shooting across her face, her neck, her tiny boobs. Finished at last, we cleaned up again and each went to sleep in our own beds.

The next day I must have acted a little differently. In the yard waiting for our days orders, even the Baldwins noticed something different about me.

“If I didn’t know better,” observed Jack. “I’d bet our boy here got himself laid last night.” They all laughed at his joke. I just smiled. I might not have had full on sex, but I’d gotten a girl to make me cum twice. It still counted even if it was my younger sister. They couldn’t rib me into giving a damn about their taunts today. I was fuck-proofed.

All day long I was paired with Sandy. On the few fields that still had water running, Spud and Rusty would take one side, Sandy and I would take the other. We only had four hundred acres of pasture and about the same amount of field corn to move. The pasture was dead easy. The field corn was much harder. With sweet corn the yield is in the ears. With field corn, which gets chopped to make silage to feed cattle all winter, the point is to get as much stalk and leaf as possible. It could grow so tall that the area between the rows would stay dark and shady. It took two people on each joint of pipe to half push, half toss it over into the next row. It was hard damn work.

As we finished our last line of pipe for the day, we walked back together to the main line to start the water. The truck was parked at the end of the main and it was closer to get to this way. Sandy bent over the valve and started the water flowing. I watched her ass and thought of what a full grown woman might look like naked.

“Thinking about what I would look like naked again?” she asked without turning. How she knew escaped me at the time, but I decided what the hell, I’ll go for it. I was feeling pretty randy and I didn’t care if this much older girl knew it.

“Yeah. I think about it a lot,” I replied to her back, not taking my eyes from her ass. “When you ain’t yelling and screaming, you are damn pretty.”

“You think so?” she asked laughing. “What makes you an expert?”

“I got eyes, don’t I?”

“What else you got?” she challenged.

“This.” I don’t know what came over me, but I unbuttoned the fly of my Levi’s and let my hard cock stick straight out. I immediately thought I had made a huge mistake. She turned her head and my cock was less than a foot from her face. It was the moment of truth.

“Jack told me you were carrying a Happy Stick. I wanted to see for myself. You are going to make the girls pretty happy with that. Do you know what to do with it yet?” I shook my head no, not willing to admit how much I had defiled my little sister. She reached out with a rough dirty hand and gave it a rough tug. “Come closer dummy!” I shuffled closer and she buried the entire length down her throat. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOWOWOWOWOwoOWOWOWOWOW! It remains the most amazing thing I had ever felt. She squeezed my balls and that was all it took. I blasted off so hard my knees got weak and my asshole quivered. I had cum in a woman’s mouth! Now my dick was so sensitive that any friction at all caused me to jump like I was shocked.

“Let’s see if you know how to return the favor.” She had me button up my jeans and we headed to the edge of the field. She opened the tailgate on the pickup and unbuttoned her own jeans and pushed them down past her knees. She sat on the tailgate and spread her knees as far as she could and I didn’t need any encouragement. I dove into her hairy pussy like a man seeking his last meal. I wasn’t skilled, but I was vigorous and eager. It didn’t take long before she was bucking and jamming her pelvis against my face so hard I was afraid it would bruise. Finally she pushed my head away and panted for breath.

“You sure know how to use that tongue Pauly. You are definitely going to make the girls crazy. That was so good, I might even let you fuck me next time.” My balls tightened at the prospect.

“Why not now?” I asked, eager to continue.

“Your first time should be a little more special than on the tailgate of an old pipe truck at the edge of a cornfield. Besides, you ain’t but thirteen, even if you are the size of a grown man and hung like a stud pony.” She hopped down from the tailgate and pulled her panties and jeans back up.

“Can I ask you one favor?” I said before the moment was completely over. “Can I see your breasts? Please?”

She laughed. “Since you asked so nice.” She raised her shirt and her bra in one smooth motion. Her breasts flopped out, conspicuously white against the rest of her tan. Her nipples were dark and erect and the size of silver dollars.

“Those are the nicest tits I have ever seen!” I admitted.

“Seen a lot have you?”

I shook my head no, but I never took my eyes off of them. “Can I touch them?”

“Yeah, but be gentle. They are really sensitive after I cum. Your hands are rough so don’t go mashing them around like old fruit.”

I stroked them gently with just my fingertips, lightly grazing each hard nipple and carefully measuring the heft of each. I don’t know when I’d get to see a grown woman’s bare breasts again and I wanted to remember every detail as much as I could.

“That’s enough Pauly,” she said finally as she worked her bra back down over her mounds. “Any more of that and I am going to change my mind about fucking you silly right here.” She leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I liked everything about it except the flavor of Day’s Work chewing tobacco. I made a rule to myself never to kiss a girl that chewed again.

When we picked up Spud and Rusty, they climbed in back and we drove off and finished the day. It was all a blur to me. I remember staring at Sandy and thinking about her hairy pussy and how it would feel swallowing up my hard cock. It took a dirt clod to the head to break me from my reverie.

“Hey, that hurt!” I complained as I rubbed my head.

“Come on!” shouted Rusty from thirty yards away. “You heard her. Let’s get this pipe moved and head for the house.” I really hadn’t heard her. I was too busy thinking about her to hear her. I was disappointed she didn’t want to move any more pipe with me, but I got out. I didn’t want Rusty or Spud to know I’d nearly made it with Sandy.

Back at the yard, the other boys had started a pick-up football game. They were done for the day and waiting on Rusty and I so they could give us a ride home. I could see that a crew from Sherman’s and a crew from Handell’s was also there. They had picked teams already so when we got there, the game was underway.

“We get Rusty,” shouted Harold Handell, one of the two team captains.

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