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Note: This is sort of an experiment on my part, and isn't like my other writings at all. Please be gentle with the author's feelings if you absolutely hate it.
Love, Kimi


Kimiko came out onto the stage as the music started, a driving bass beat thumping from the powerful sound system. It was the third song of her set – she had already gradually shed what little had covered her lithe body during the first two. Now she was completely nude, except her high lucite platform sandals and her jewelry: a thin gold chain around her waist, another around one slim ankle, and her clit ring.

"That's right, pleased to meet you
I still won't tell you my name.
Don't you believe in mystery,
Don't you want to play my game?"

The song was a staple of strip club DJs everywhere, Vanity 6’s “Nasty Girl”. Kimi’s body undulated with the strong techno beat and the bright flourishes of synthesized brass. The red floodlights bathed her lithe body as she danced with a growing abandon, her motions becoming steadily wilder and more primitive. A disco ball slowly turned on the ceiling, reflecting bright white shafts of light that played across her skin. Kimi couldn’t see the audience in the dim, smoky club, except for those who sat around the edge of the stage, but she knew they were there. Men, eager to vicariously partake of her naked body. Men who threw money onto the stage to encourage her. Most of the strippers had contempt for the men, and simply tried to extract as much money as they could from them, while doing a bare minimum in return. Many were lesbians.

Kimi was different. The thought of men watching her, becoming aroused, their penises becoming stiff and engorged with blood, had always turned her on. It made her feel delicously slutty to be the object of their lust.

"I'm looking for a man to love me,
Like I've never been loved before.
I'm looking for a man who'll do it anywhere,
Even on the limousine floor."

She had left home at 17 for Los Angeles, and had worked briefly as a fashion model. The modeling gigs had led to other offers: a partially nude layout for a men’s magazine, then another, fully nude layout. Finally, she had been introduced at a party to a porn video director, who had been drawn to her fresh-faced beauty and her trim, athletic young body. One thing had led to another, and almost at the moment Kimi turned 18, she had found herself doing her first fuck film, appropriately titled “Barely 18”. She had worked for a year doing porn films, making 23 movies, being sucked, licked and fucked on camera in every way imaginable. Then she quit, tired of the sleazy characters that infested the business. Now, she was making the rounds of strip clubs, trading on her fleeting notoriety as a porn starlet. The characters were still sleazy.

Making porn films, she had imagined thousands, millions of unseen men, masturbating as they watched her being fucked, or sucking a cock. She had Imagined their cocks spurting hot, thick cum. All for her. The thought of it had been what made her able to perform. She liked having that effect on men. It was the same in the strip clubs. Though she couldn’t see them, she could almost feel the blood rushing into their aching cocks with each pulse of the music.

"Cuz tonight, I’m living in a fantasy,
My own little nasty world.
Tonight, don't you want to come with me,
Do you think I'm a nasty girl?"

Kimi, lost in her erotic dance and the music, approached the brass pole in the middle of the stage, grabbing it with her hands as her legs straddled it. Her hips undulated slowly toward it, touching it with her exposed, parted labia with each thrust. Then she moved her head forward, and pretended to lick it in an upward stroke of her pointed, impossibly long tongue, curling it up at the tip, as if caressing a giant brass cock with it. Her breasts surrounded the pole on either side, and she pressed them together with her hands, squeezing the smooth shaft between them.

Kimi had pushed the envelope of what the club allowed in her stage routines, and during lap dances. Sometimes she crossed the line and did things that were violations of the rules. A few times she had even managed to bring customers to orgasm during lap dances in the darker corners of the club. She had had to suck off the owner and managers a few times backstage to keep them happy and encourage them to leave her alone.

The other girls had been jealous of her at first, but they benefited from her presence, too, since the crowds were large and the tips flowed more freely when she danced. Few of them had complained, and inevitably, she had had sex with several of them, too...

"That's right, it's been a long time,
Since I had a man that did it real good.
If you ain't scared, take it out,
I'll do it like a real-live nasty girl would."

She released the pole, drifted to the curtain, and picked up a red oval shag throw rug she used for her routine. Spreading it out near the front of the stage, she went back and picked up the other props she would need for this part of her routine: a squeeze bottle of clear massage oil, a red gel dildo, and another favorite toy. It was made of smooth, clear glass, all in one piece, tapered at one end, then widening to a larger circumference, then narrowing again, looking almost like a chess pawn. At the other end was a spherical ball of clear glass.

"Please, please
Please, please
Nasty girl, nasty girl, do you think I'm a nasty girl?
Nasty girl, nasty girl, do you think I'm a nasty girl?"

Kimi resumed her dance, holding the glass object in her hand, running it all over her body, slipping it between her breasts, movin it down and placing it between the wet folds of her hairless pussy, then turning her back to the audience and sliding it along the cleft of her firm ass. Finally, she brought it to her mouth, licking it ostentatiously, obscenely, then taking the smooth tapered end between her lips and sucking on it.

Now Kimi descended to her hands and knees on the shag carpet, turned away from the crowd. Picking up the squeeze bottle, she brought it behind her back with her left hand, and squeezed a long spurt of the slippery oil at the top of the cleft of her ass. As it began to ooze down between her cheeks, across the tight pucker of her exposed anus, she squirted more oil on the tip of the glass toy in her other hand. Setting down the bottle, she moved her hand behind her, positioning the narrow tip of the glass at her tight entrance, gripping the spherical end tightly with her fingers. Slowly, lasciviously, she pressed the smooth glass against her asshole, the tip of it nudging against the slippery ring of muscle. Wriggling her ass sensuously, she pushed harder, gradually forcing it into her resisting hole. The toy stretched it wider and wider as Kimi slowly fucked it in and out, until finally the thickest part of it lay just outside. Kimi sucked in a quick breath and pushed, and the toy popped inside her ass, lodging there firmly with her sphincter closing around the thinner midsection of the toy. Only the spherical end remained outside her body, seeming almost to magnify her stretched and violated asshole.

"That's right, I can't control it.
I need seven inches more.
Tonight, I can no longer hold it.
Get it up, get it up, I can't wait any longer."

Slowly, Kimi turned over on the shag rug, resting on her feet and one hand behind her. Undulating her pelvis slowly, as if thrusting against an unseen cock, she reached again for the bottle with her other hand, bringing it between her widely spread legs, and squirted more of the oil directly between her parted labia, splattering against her clit and its ring. Reaching for the thick dildo, she brought it, too, to her mouth, licking and sucking on it erotically, taking it part way down her throat, before easing it down between her legs, positioning it at the slippery entrance to her cunt. Slowly, she slid it inside, grasping it at the base and slowly sinking it into her vagina, seperated from the glass toy lodged in her ass only by thinnest of membranes…then moving it in and out as her hips rose and fell. A strobe light went on, flashing brightly on Kimi as she skewered the dildo in and out, wantonly fucking herself with it. To the audience, it was as if they were seeing a movie in which three out of every four frames had been edited out. In one frame, the head of the dildo was poised between her parted labia, in the next, its six inches were buried in her to the hilt.

Dollar bills littered the stage in front of her. Kimi imagined the men’s hands seeking their cocks through their pants, rubbing them, squeezing them. Perhaps some even surreptitiously freed them from their confinement, hidden from view under the white tablecloths in the room, and stroked them. Others pressed their aching cocks against the asses of other girls giving lap dances, captured between the girs' full cheeks as they ground against their hardness.

"Uh! It's time to jam,
Dance nasty girls, dance
Everybody Uh!

Releasing the base of the dildo with her hand, leaving it buried deep in her cunt, Kimi’s slippery fingers began to rub and stroke her aroused clit. Her hips moved up and down, in obscene imitation of fucking. In Kimi’s mind, she WAS being fucked, not by the dildo buried in her cunt, not by the glass toy still obscenely plugging her ass, but by the audience. She lay gasping and writhing in a universe of throbbing cock. She descended into a bottomless pit in a deep abyss full of cock. There was no past but cock, no present but cock, no future but cock. All of them thrusting at her, penetrating her, fucking her, bathing and soothing her with spurting, pulsing cum. She brought her fingers to her mouth and spat out a gob of saliva, then brought it down to her clit and rubbed it urgently, sucked air in past clenched teeth, her orgasm seething just beneath the surface, driven upward by the furious, implacable beat of the music.

"Dance, nasty girls, dance….

Suddenly, her pelvis lurched upward, arching her taut body, suspended there like a bowstring pulled tight, her wet fingers clawing frantically at her clit, holding herself aloft as her orgasm crashed through her tortured body, gripping it tightly and keeping her there at it’s throbbing peak of ecstasy. Her body shuddered violently as the waves of her climax broke over her again and again, unwilling to release her yet from its iron grip.

At last, the music died and Kimi collapsed to the rug, gasping for breath, a sheen of sweat glistening on her body, trembling and gasping in the aftermath of her shattering climax. The stunned room fell silent as her breasts heaved, the dildo and the glass toy still buried deep within her. Finally, a quiet, awe-struck, almost worshipful voice from the back of the room penetrated the silence: “Jeeeezus.”

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That's 2 clever by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thkans!

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2013-05-24 05:12:44
You're so pretty!! I love your hair and its color so much. I'm going to try and go from black to bdolne this summer. I hope it works out! I'm definitely going to a salon Mona


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I was overjoyed to read a new story by the Mistress of Porn. Got me harder than ever!
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2007-03-29 20:40:34
what was the name of that club? how much does it cost for seaon tickets. ill let kimi take me to the executive vip every night. well, every other night. wouldnt want to get bored, lol


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Good Story

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