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Ganbang 5 woman 1 man
This is my Fantacy, I hope it will come true someday.

This is my first time writeing here, i hope i cacth any miss spelling but i may over look something. If i do i aplogize ahead of time. I hope you enjoy reading my fantacy. Feel free to leave comments Thank You.

This is a true fantacy that has not been fulfilled yet so i'm not going to use any names. I'm just going to refer to the women as woman 1 and so on.

First i get a hotel room, get there early to set things up. I go into the room turn the air conditioner. Then set out the strap-on straps i have and the toys i have. I put the bed straps under the mattress like they go, just in case the women decide they want me strapped to the bed. Then i get undressed and wait till the women get there.

I have three toys that i have to use on me. Currently the woman that is suppose to be useing them on me has been real bizzy so i have not seen her in awhile. First toy is a slender double sided 16" dildo, Second is double sided also but has the balls in the center, is 7 " each side and medium around. Third is a slender 7" dildo for a strap-on. Which i have two different types of strap-on straps.

I hear a knock on the door, i answer it and its Women 1 and 2. I let them in and say hi. They say hi, woman 1 ask me when do we want to start. I said whenever they want to. The other woman should be there anytime. Theres 5 in all. The two woman smiled and started getting undressed. Woman 1 was naked first she got on the bed and told me to come to her. So i did, she said eat my pussy so i started eating her pussy. Licking the clit lightly then her pussy lips ever so lightly. Then slowly giveing more pressure and licking faster. Then i start tongue fucking her pussy.

As i'm eating woman 1s pussy woman 2 starts strokeing my dick then sucks it in her mouth. She starts sucking my dick slowly at the top then goes all the way to the base. Then starts going faster and up down. Fucking my dick with her mouth. While shes sucking my dick i feel her lubed up finger enter my ass. She starts finger fucking my ass with one finger then two. All while i'm eating woman 1s pussy. Then woman 2 asks woman 1 if shes ready to fuck me. Woman 1 said yes so she got off the bed and went to put her strap-on on. While she did that woman 2 instructed me to lay on the bed . So i did then woman 2 sat on my face. So i started eating her pussy.

While i'm eating woman 2s pussy. Woman 1 gets on the bed lifts my legs up and lubes my ass up real good. Then i feel her slowly sticking her toy in my ass. Its slender so it slides right in she burys it deep inside my ass. Feels like its about 7" long like my toy.Then slowly starts fucking my ass.

Then theres a knock on the door, so woman 2 gets off my face. And anwers the door, its woman 3 at the door. She walks in sees that we started the party. So she gets undressed. While she gets undressed woman 2 starts sucking my dick. It gets harder fast, so she slides a condom on it then stradles my dick. Woman 2 starts fucking my dick with her pussy.

Then Woman 3 comes up to the bed, gets on it and sits on my face. So i start eating again. I love eating pussy. So i have one woman fucking my ass, one woman fucking my dick and one on my face i'm in heaven.

Woman 1 & 2 stwicth places. But when woman 2 sticks her toy in my ass, its bigger around. She slowly burys it in my ass, it feels longer too. At least an inch longer if not two. Woman 2 starts building up speed till shes just pounding my ass good. Woman 1 is rideing me like theres no tomorrow. Woman 3 has orgasmed twice on my face, i'm still eating her pussy hopeing to make her orgasm more.

Then they all swicth places again. The four of us fuck for a while longer then take a break. The four of us get drinks, smoke and refresh for a little bit.Dureing all of that i had orgasmed 3 times hard, the most i have ever orgasmed in one night so far. I have no idea how many times the three woman orgasmed. But they seemed happy and ready to go again after we took a 30 minute break.

Then there was a knock on the door it was women 4 & 5. I said hi as they came in. Woman 4 and woman 5 got undressed and was ready to join in. Woman 4 told me to get on the bed doggystyle. So i started to get on the bed. Woman 1 was laying on her back on the bed. So i crawled over her, she put my dick in her pussy. I already had a condom on. Then i started to fuck her but woman 4 said to wait. She got behind me and put her toy in my ass slowly. She burys it deep in my ass it feels longer then the last one. She fucks me good and hard till she orgasms.

Then woman 4 swicths stops, woman 1 gets up and woman 4 lays under me. So i change condoms and put my dick inside woman 4. THen woman 5 gets behind me and slides her toy in my ass.

We keep switching spots and positions till all 5 women get there pussys ate, get fucked, and fuck my ass.

I can not wait till this comes true someday. I also can not wait till i find a woman that enjoys pegging and fucks my ass regularly.

I hope you enjoyed the story

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2016-01-20 20:53:29
Hot story but add names and maybe he gets two in his arse and two in his mouth! I often yearn for this fantasy

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2015-10-16 02:09:02
My wife fucks my arse with her thick strapon every second night best sex ever then she got her hot friend over and thy both fuck my arse and mouth with ejaculating strapons my own cum in my mouth and fucks me harder when i swallow it


2012-10-07 01:46:42
Where can i find woman who enjoy pegging. Maybee some day this fantacy of mine can come true.


2012-10-07 01:45:15
Thank you for your comments.

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2012-10-04 12:56:58
you need to read some other stories before you write. you'll see how to write a good story that way

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