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Ever had a really really bad babysitter you just hated? Well...don't try this at home.
I was twelve and she was fifteen and my babysitter, not a good combination. I hated her and she hated me and we got along fine like that for quite some time. She had been babysitting me for the last four years and I have too many vivid memories of her displays of hatred, but none were all that bad. She had spanked me a few times when I was younger but didn’t do that much anymore, I might like it, as she says.

But today she went too far, she tried to tell me what to do, when I was only three years the younger, which pissed me off, but she would be sorry. Tonight my parents were out of town, it was just me and her, her in my parents luxorious room and me and in my sty.

As I went to the bathroom I opened the door and she was standing there in her bra and panties brushing her teeth, I just turned around before she could say anything and left. She was pretty hot, about five foot, blonde hair, skinny, you know, pretty good, so this was gonna be fun.

I waited for her to go to bed in the closet of my mom and dad’s room, watching her through the slits. I watched as she slowly removed all of her clothing. I watched as she got into the bed naked and I watched as she masturbated for half an hour. I watched as she stood from the bed and redressed, and then as she turn off the lights and got in bed. I waited another half hour for her to be good and asleep before slowly opening the door and making towards her. When I got to her I took the handcuffs from my pocket and hooked her hands together around the pole in the headboard and then proceeded to her feet. I saw her rouse and wake as I hurried to tie her feet, but she kicked me right in the face, causing me to bleed.

“You bitch”, I said as I punched her hard in the gut and tied one of her legs to the corner of the bed.

“what the fuck are you doing?” she said.

“Enough out of you, or I put in a gag.” I said, trying her other foot off as well.

“I will scream” she said.

“You will moan, bitch” I said, “but scream we will see” and with this I put my mouth to hers, held it open with my fingers and let my tongue explore all inside of her mouth, every inch of it and when I pulled out she was screaming.

“Shut the fuck up”, and I pulled out a bar of soup which I crammed into her mouth, then duct taped it closed entirely.

“Now, I am going to give you one choice, you can leave that there or give me a blowjob, and swallow, bitch” I said.

She shook her head so I shrugged.

Then I took off her pants and cut them so they would leaven completely with my knife, seeing her white cotton panties I did the same to them. Then I looked at her pussy, it looked as if she wasn’t a virgin, but not very experienced, so it would still be fun.

“You are not very wet, if I go in now its going to hurt like a mother fucker”, then I grinned and took my penis and plunged it into her pussy, it was like a brick wall, but I forced my dick in like a knife and began humping like crazy. Then I said, “Damn, you’re too damn tight, I can’t cum.” Then I pulled out a long whip and said, “for each twenty seconds I don’t cum, I lash”. Then I humped once, feeling the cum rising to the top, ten seconds, then fifteen I am about to go, then twenty and in a simultaneous motion I whip her belly button, leaving a seven inch gash across her torso. I smiled at my work and wrapped the whip around her neck, doubling it through I said, “I am going to pull this for you to arch your back like you’re having an orgrasm, don’t do it, you die” and with this I thrust in as I pulled, she arched. I pulled harder, she arched higher and as I pulled with all my might she was basically standing and pulling me upward.
Then I took the whip and lashed at her breasts, leaving a long red mark, and said, “did I fucking tell you to stand up?”

She looked scared, good.

“Now, you ready to gimme that blowjob?”

She nodded through her soap bar gag.

“good” and with this I unwrapped the duct tape from her face and took out the gag, saying, “You have ten minutes to make me cum as many times as possible, your punishment or reward depends on how many times you can.”

Now she kneeled down before him and took his penis in her hand, moving her hand up and down upon it, not wanting to put it in her mouth. I sensed myself about to cum and pushed her over, got on top of her and humped her mouth as hard as I could, ejaculating all over her and then fucking her throat.

“that is enough for now”, I said. I could not cum again, the first part was just a bluff.

I now threw her body to the side and spread her legs apart and put my mouth to her pussy, then backed off.

“shave this, while I fuck you up the ass.”

I went into the bathroom and grabbed a can of shaving cream and an old fashioned razor. Then I went in and said, “I am going to go up your ass, no lube, I will quit when you are clean shaven, If I lose my hardon by that time, we won’t have fun.”

With that I told her to kneel and took a handful of shaving cream, spread some onto her pussy, then lathered it up and said, “Begin”

When I first tried to go in I couldn’t, but after a few tries my head was going in, then I took myself and thrust as hard as I could and was in. then, I realized, she had not begun shaving, so I grabbed a candle from the shelf and said, “ I am not going to be able to stay hard that long’ And then I grabbed the candle and pushed it as as hard I could into her as she moaned and passed out.

“Fuck, when you wake up your going to be sore, bitch” I said.

So I picked up the the candle and shoved it in and out of her pussy, putting my weight onto it to get it to go deep then bringing it out. Then I fucked her mouth and came a few times, leaving her mouth full of sperm. Then I hogtied her so thatb her ass was in the air and fucked her every ten to twenty minutes for the next hour, both anal and in the pussy, but not coming to stay hard.

When she woke up she moaned and cried, so I gagged her and fucked her in the pussy again, this time coming hard. She was now very easy to go in and out of.

The next day when my parents came home they found the babysitter sitting on the couch with a pregnancy test, I had knocked her up, We are now married and I am happy, the bitch doesn’t matter. I fuck her every night, whether she wants to or not.


2018-03-15 18:41:00
your story was good but it didnt make sense if you tied her up how could she be kneeling or standing and how could she shave herself if her hands are tied

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-11 04:54:51
ok Imll be straight here stretch the story out more make his parents be gone for a week and give more detail to her and the sex


Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-07 06:00:58
this story wuz ok i guess not bad

anonymous readerReport

2011-10-11 22:36:17
Don't listen to that last asshole. That was excellent. Keep on writing

anonymous readerReport

2011-09-26 21:57:39
that story sucked camel balls. give up writing and just read the excellent stories written by real writers.

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