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The story of one frickin lucky boy
My babysitter was seventeen, I had peaked at her in the shower a few times, but other than that I was pretty innocent. I had never had sex, never kissed a girl, I just sat in my room playing Video Games and surfing the net, I had discovered Google Picture search and had done a few searches to come up with some nude pictures, but other than that my parents had pretty strict parental controls on the computer.

My babysitter’s name was susan, I geuss someone might call her hot or sexy. She weighed about 80 lbs, was about 5 4” and had long blonde hair that reached to the bottom of her butt, when wet. She was super skinny, so the lines that fold into her low rider jeans are pretty evident.

The first time I got to see my babysitter naked had been when I hid inside the cabinet and watched her shower, I was only about 11 then and she was about 14 so it was at least 3 years ago, but I had caught quick glimpses of her changing on the way to parties/school a few times and could tell her body was much better formed, even though her breasts were only size B.

Now, today, my babysitter was driving me to school, because we went to the same building now. On the way she picked up her friend Betty, who was a killer, only five foot, blonde hair cut short, breasts well formed and her ass looked good even with jeans on. It was her I had the crush on. When they got in I noticed they grinned at each other before talking.

“Okay, lets see who was brave”, said Betty and with a quick motion, not seeing that I was there, hiked up her skirt and showed that she was not wearing any panties and her pussy was very well shaven and red, not that I knew yet what the redness was from.

My babysitter, who knew I was there but thought Betty did, too, wanted to look cool and go along, so she pulled down her excersise shorts and showed that she was wearing a nice sky blue thong and said, “sorry, I forgot.”

“Well, you know what you have to do, and I want it, remember, I get to pick the time and place.”, said betty.

My babysitter looked back at me and spoke, “ Me and betty made a deal, first one to wear panties has to take them off and give them to someone, then everyday for a week that guy gets to see the person naked anytime they want, but I have a loop hole. I am going to choose you, so be nice.”

“that is not fair, you were supposed to pick some stud”, said betty.

“Fair, I don’t care about fair”, said Susan.

With that my babysitter tossed me her nice blue thong which I now realized to be made of silk and I first looked strangely at it then pocketed it.

“Oh, sorry, Susan, don’t you remember the second part of the deal?”, betty said.

“erm, yea, I do” said Susan, blushing, “Go ahead with your part, lay down, Jason”

“oooh, I am gonna enjoy this”, betty said.

When I lay down I noticed a hand at my zipper which undid them. Before I could move to stop it, my pants were off and Betty’s hands were on my penis, which was throbbing.

“Since I went the longest I have to prove I am the biggest slut by getting the lucky guy to cum”, Betty explained, “Now, you can’t tell anyone about this, at all. If you are good, you will get something else at the end of the week.”

Then she started moving her hand up and down my now throbbing cock and boy did it feel good. She moved up and down for about 15 minutes before talking.

“Damn, you might be too young to cum, done it befor?” Betty asked.

I shook my head steadily.

“Okay, well, we will have to try a few things. first, you need to be really excited, what excites you?” Betty asked.

“Urm...the pictures on the internet show girls with their heads on a guy’s...erm...hrm” I said, not wanting to finish, she understood and nodded.

with that she put her mouth to the head of my cock and began moving up and down while sucking. I think I was close when she collapsed from exhaustion and said, “I need a break, been going for twenty minutes at least”. Then she looked like she had an idea and she said to my babysitter, “Come help.”

I could tell my babysitter did not want to, but she also had no choice, because Betty was obviously one of the coolest girls in school, so he got up from the seat and came back and began stroking my penis lightly.

“Come on, we can do better than that, hey straddle his face, he would like that.” So with Susan straddling my face and Betty still sucking at my cock I was hard pressed not to cum, but I wanted it to last. But I couldn’t, I came down betty’s throat, then she got out, saying, “Remember, Jason, rules are you can see Susan naked ANYTIME you please and she cannot turn you down, no matter what, no parts are off limits, you get to keep one piece of what she takes off each time and you are allowed to touch, so long as you are clothed while you do. She has to do anything you say, because it was under three days, also.”

“I think we are going to forget school today, I will tell your mom you threw up on the way to school” Susan said.

On the way home we drove by a few fields and cow pasteurs, at one close to home I said, “Now, I want to see you naked, I want you totally naked in that pasture.”

So she got out of the car and began slowly stripping, until all she had on was a bra, then she said, “Is this good?”

“No, the bra, too, I want to keep it.” I said.

So she took off the bra and was now entirely nude to the side of a road when a car drove by and she ducked into the pasture barely in time to avoid some serious explinations. I noticed when she ducked that she had a full head of hair in between her legs, which kind of turned me off, but I would worry about that later.

“Now, gimme the bra”, I said, getting the hang of this.

She stood up and handed me the bra.

“Now, bend over”, I said.

Now she bent over, her pussy on display from behind as I slapped it as she had done to me when I was a bit younger.

“You can get back in the car”, I said.

She got back in the car and we drove home. When we pulled in and got out I told her to get out and take off all her clothes on the porch and lay down.

“I want to do like the guys in movies, hey, why do you have more hair than betty down here?”, I said.

Susan looked around timidly and said, “Betty shaves”

“Can you go do that?”

About half an hour later she walked in butt ass naked with her pussy red and inflamed, saying, “Jesus Christ that hurts, okay. Done”

“Now, Lie down”

When she did so I leaned in over her pussy and took it in my mouth, working my way around and nibbling here and there, but I lost interrest.

“So, I have to stay dressed, right?”

“Ya, you do.” She said.

“Tell you what, I will shave two days off if we eliminate that rule”, I offered.

“Hrm...okay”, she said.

Quickly I pulled off my pants and said, “ I want one of those blowjobs

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2010-12-13 09:27:39
It definatly needs more deion, and some of the dialog was a bit awkward... And the messed up HTML needs to be fixed too... Otherwise, great ideas, just pretty them up a bit ;)


2009-06-11 20:08:48
Too much screwed up HTML too read.


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you need alot more detail and you needed to go into the sex parts more... not the best but mot the worst... good...


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