I had this idea for a story a few months ago, and just let it sit in my head, knowing I'd get to it eventually, and then the other night my girl suggested the exact same idea, and she even came up with the name Dickie the Explorer. Well needless to say I had to start writing it for her. We are so on the same page. How awesome is that?
Amber giggled, blushing, and quivering with excitement as her father rubbed the head of his hard cock on her stiff little nipple.
"And Dicky the Explorer Makes it to the top of the hill, and does his victory dance." Eric said playfully.

She giggled again, her tummy shuddering as her little vagina got all squishy in anticipation of the special games that daddy played with her when mommy wasn't home.
Dicky the Explorer was one of Amber's favorite new games, and it made her feel so hot, and excited when daddy would "explore" her naked little body with his big, hard thingy.
She loved how warm, and hard it was, but how soft, and nice it felt when he rubbed it against her skin.
Her mouth watered because she knew what came after Dicky climbed the hills, and she couldn't wait to wrap her lips around him.
It always made her feel so special when he squirted his daddy milk into her mouth.
Daddy had explained that just like when she was a baby she drank mommy milk so that she could grow into a pretty little girl, now that she was a pretty little girl she had to drink daddy milk so that she could grow into a beautiful young woman.
She wanted to be pretty for him so she always drank up all the daddy milk that he gave her.

"And now Dicky goes sliding down the valley!" Eric announced enthusiastically, and Amber tilted her head back a little, mewing softly as she felt the soft skin at the head of daddy's penis slide down into the little dip at the base of her neck, and then quickly he rubbed it up her throat until he reached her chin, and he kept going into the air as if launched by a ramp.

"Weeeeeeee!" daddy yelped in his Dickie voice, and Amber put her chin back down, puckering her lips to give him a place to land.

She felt a thrill of pride, and excitement as the tip of his cock landed on her lips, and she pushed her tongue out between her lips, licking his shaft as he began sliding his cock back, and forth across her lips.
She knew just what to do now that daddy had taught her, and she couldn't help feeling warm, and wet in between her legs as his warm, hard flesh slide across her tongue, and lips.
She wanted to touch herself, but she wasn't allowed because daddy would do it for her soon, and she liked how he did it better.

"Dickie is getting all slick, and slippery!" Eric narrated as he leaned over his young daughter, slowly humping his hips to rub the shaft of his cock over her wet, licking little tongue.

He glanced over as she pulled her feet together, and spread her legs, unable to suppress a smile at how swollen, and aroused her little pussy was already.
She had learned quickly to love his cock, and she was so eager to please her daddy that it made her the perfect little lover.
Once he felt that she'd licked his cock enough he said, "Okay, time to go into the training area Dickie." Eric said, climbing off the bed to stand on his feet.

Amber quickly followed, standing in front of him, and opening her mouth to accept his cock.
When she got older she'd have to bend down, and eventually sit down, or get on her knees, but now she was at just the right size that she could stand in front of him, and his cock slid right in.

"Mmmmm, yeah, that's nice." he cooed, as he gently fucked his baby girl's sucking little mouth. "You're good at this game baby."

Hearing this gave Amber a such a thrill because she knew she was special, daddy said so.
Little girls weren't supposed to know about big girl games, but she was so clever that if she'd promised not to tell daddy had said he'd teach her.
Sometimes she would get the urge to brag to her friends, but they would just get jealous, and tell on her, she was pretty sure of that.
At first Eric's daddy milk had tasted kind of strange, but now she loved it, and that's why she was a little miffed when he suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth, and instructed her to lay on the bed, and spread her legs.

"But daddy," she said with a pout. "I didn't get any daddy milk. I mean Dickie's protein shake."

"Oh you will." he said with a chuckle. "But now we have to prepare the cave. I think Dickie's going in tonight."

Upon hearing this Amber jumped onto her bed, and spread her legs open wide.
She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and she couldn't stop her hips from rolling a little as she thought about taking her daddy's big, hard cock into her tight pussy.
She was so scared, excited, and horny that she whimpered a bit as he got down in between her legs, grasping a thigh in each hand.
She giggled nervously as he kissed he wet little pussy, and then when he ran his tongue through her creamy slit she moaned, "Oh daddy."

He always gave her at least four or five orgasms a night, leaving her exhausted, but content.
Tonight though she began having one almost as soon as he began licking her stiff little clitty, so excited was she about having her pussy filled up with daddy cock.
She giggled a little when she remembered that daddy would call it "tapping a spring" when she would cum, and he explained that would help Dickie squeeze in, but then she began panting, "Oh daddy, oh daddy, oh daddy!"

Then she let out a sharp cry as her first orgasm broke, daddy licking up her sweet little girl juice like it was candy, making yummy sounds.
Her body seized, and quivered as the pleasure swept through her, and she grasped her daddy's head in her little hands, bucking her hips up into his mouth.
But just as it was finishing daddy quickly stood up, and she looked down at him just in time to see him begin to rub the head of his cock up, and down in between her swollen pussy lips.
Her eyes were wide with excitement as she felt him rub her from her clit to her tiny hole.
"Dickie's coating himself in spring water from the cave." he said as if narrating. "So that he can more easily enter the cave."

"Dickie's going in the cave." Amber said in a little panting giggle, having fun with the game.

Ever since she was little whenever daddy had taught her to dress herself, use the potty, or even eat with a fork, he had always made it into a fun game, and that's what he was doing now, but this was so much more fun than anything he'd taught her before.
She let out a little yelp as she felt the bulbous head of her father's penis suddenly slip in, stretching open the entrance of her tiny cunt.
"Dick-dickie's he-head is in!" she squealed, then let out a little grunt as she flexed, squeezing him.

Eric grunted as he entered her, the feeling of slipping into her wet little hole making him momentarily mute, and then she gripped the head of his cock with her already tight little cunt, and he moaned, "Oh yeah baby girl, Dickie's gonna explore."

It had slipped into her wet little hole so easily that at first Amber almost didn't even feel it, but when she'd flexed her pussy around his bulbous head, and then relaxed, she could feel it stretching her open.
Eric had to fight the urge to just keep going, and shove his hard cock as deep into his baby girl's pussy as it would go, but when he heard her whimper beneath him it had snapped him out of it.
"Da-daddy," she stuttered, tears trickling from her eyes. "Dickie's head is so-so b-b-b-ig."

He had grasped her little thighs, one in each hand, but now he slid one hand up to rub her tummy as he whispered soothingly, "Shh, it's okay baby, Dickie can wait in the entrance of the cave for now."

She couldn't help but smile at this, and the swell of emotion in her chest was almost as intense as the feeling of the end of his cock in her pussy as she whimpered, "I love you daddy."

Eric felt his own eyes tearing up, and the emotions were almost overwhelming as he carefully leaned down, and gathered her tiny body up into his arms, trying to keep just the head in, but when she threw her arms around his neck, she pushed her little hips up, taking a bit more of him in with a yelp.
They held each other tight, and Amber would grunt, and then whimper every time she squeezed the head of his cock.
Eric couldn't help moaning a little every time she did it, but he managed to keep just inside her, and no further, waiting until she was ready for more, and sure enough after a little while instead of whimpering she began mewing after she would flex.
She wrapped her legs around him, and began gently rolling her hips, and Eric, taking her cue, began thrusting, just a little bit, matching her rhythm.
"Is Dickie going deeper in the cave?" she suddenly asked shyly, blushing, and biting her lip as her father fucked her with just the tip of his cock.

"M-hmm," he said with a smile, giving her a little kiss before saying, "Dickie has explored the entrance, and now he's going deeper into the pink cave. Get ready baby, here comes Dickie."

With that he slowly pushed in deeper, burying more of his stiff penis in his daughter's tight little hole, and as she felt inch, after inch enter her she moaned out,"Oh daddy, oh daddy." her voice gAs her father's thick penis penetrated Amber more deeply then before, opening, and filling her wet little hole, she whimpered, and moaned, trying not to move, but soon her body began to shake, and a low, quivering moan escaped her lips.
When Eric felt her tiny body shuddering beneath him, he whispered in her ear, "Brace yourself in the cave Dickie, it's an earthquake!"

Amber couldn't help breaking into a fit of giggles in between moans upon hearing that, and this caused Eric to let out a series happy grunts as her tight little pussy squeezed half his cock to the rhythm of her laughter.
Just as before he held her tight, and waited for her to become accustomed to having that much more of his cock inside her, and just as before after some time she relaxed, rolling her hips, and mewing like a cat, signalling that she was ready for daddy to do more to her.
So Eric pulled out to the tip, and then slowly plunged halfway in again making Amber gasp, and then moan.
Soon he was slowly fucking her with half of his cock, and as she moaned, and panted beneath him Eric couldn't help but marvel at how well his daughter was taking his cock, she had learned fast, and in a perverse way he was very proud of her, the way she relaxed, and accepted his cock on the in strokes, then gripped it, practically sucking on his hard shaft with her pussy on the out strokes.
"Dickie has explored this part of the cave." he suddenly announced in a breathy voice, thick with lust. "Now it's time for him to go as deep into the cave as he can."

"But daddy," Amber whimpered nervously. "Dickie is so big, and strong, can he go deeper in? Will he fit?"

"Oh yeah princess," he cooed. "He's gonna squeeze in just fine."

Then he pulled back to the tip, and slowly pushed back in, this time going even deeper, an as he passed the halfway point Amber began panting hard, but he couldn't stop now, e had to she how deep he could go.
Eric had expected to bottom out pretty quickly after the halfway mark, but it kept going, the intense feeling of her little pussy opening to accept his meat combining with his surprise at how much of his cock she was taking to cause his jaw to drop when he had buried it all the way inside her, and felt the tip of his dick press lightly against her tiny cervix.
"Oh god Dickie's all the way in." he manged to grunt out as Amber began shaking again.

This was even more intense, having daddy's cock all the way inside her, and she could feel his heart beat thump against her little chest while just a micro second afterward she felt the pulse of is hard cock inside her.
For a moment all either of them could do was pant, and moan, but then Amber's body began to shake again as she had a mini orgasm at being so filled up with daddy's cock.
"Uh-oh, it's another earthquake!" Eric grunted playfully, and once again Amber couldn't help giggling.

The way her tight, wet little pussy squeezed, and massaged the full length of his cock along with her mirth was blowing his mind, and when she whimpered, "Dick-Dickie's in so dee-deep daddy, he's in so-so deep."

All he could do was hold her tight, and whisper, "Yes baby he is."

She had never felt so close to her father before, her tiny body wrapped in his arms, his cock up inside her, and Amber's head began to swim as she thought about the intense reality of this.
He was actually inside her, and the feelings were so overwhelming that her body quivered as she suddenly panted hard, and then passed out.

When Amber's arms suddenly slipped from his shoulders, falling limp onto the mattress, and her head dropped back with a deep sigh he became a little concerned.
He stood up, keeping his cock inside her as he grasped one of her legs, hugging it to his stomach, and then reached out, and gently stroked her cheek with his hand, calling out, "Baby, baby, are you okay."

Swooning in his arms, and on his cock, seemed to be exactly what she needed because as she woke back up his thick meat seemed to fit just right as if her baby pussy was made for his big daddy cock.
She heard the concern in his voice, and wanting to reassure him she said in a dreamy voice, "Oooo, daddy, this is the most fun game ever." grasping the hand on her cheek, and kissing it.

"Yes it is," he agreed enthusiastically, and then announced, "And now Dickie is gonna explore the whole cave baby."

He slowly pulled his cock out to the head, and then slowly plunged back in causing Amber to gasp, and moan, pushing her hips up to meet his thrusting cock.
Then she began to pant a little harder as Eric switched it up, and began thrusting half of his cock in, and out rather quickly seven or eight times before pulling out to the tip, and then slowly going all the way in again.
He repeated this basic pattern a few times, and then she let out two sharp yelps as he suddenly thrust his cock all the way in two times fast before pulling out to just the head.
Amber rolled her hips with excitement, and giggled, "Oh daddy, Dickie's exploring so deep in the cave."

"Oh yes baby," he panted, as he began fucking her slow, and deep. "Dickie's having so much fun exploring you baby."

Once again Eric began switching up his stroke, changing the speed, and depth, constantly catching her by surprise, and even though she had only ever played big girl games with daddy, and didn't therefore know what was "good", she couldn't help feel that her daddy must be really good at it.
The way he made her little pussy feel as he fucked her, keeping it so fun, and adventurous, made her eyes tear up at the love she felt for her daddy, and the lust, and awe she felt on his thrusting cock.
She threw her arms out to him whimpering, "Daddy!"

"Oh my princess." he cooed, once again leaning down, an scooping her little body up into his arms as he really started fucking her good, with deep, powerful thrusts.

Amber rocked her hips up to meet him, and as their bodies slapped together she suddenly felt a now familiar pressure building, but it happened so fast that she was only able to stutter, "Spri-pring da-daddy, cave, s-s-spring..." before her body was seized by orgasmic spasms.

"Oh yeah baby girl." he grunted. "Bathe Dickie in your sweet spring baby."

Eric began pulling out just a little bit, and then trusting back in, trying to match the rhythm of his baby girl's orgasm, the feeling of her sweet pussy pumping his hard shaft driving him wild with lust.
Amber rode the wave of her climax, and just as she began coming down Eric switched up his stroke again, now pulling out all the way to the tip, and driving back in to her dripping vagina.
She had just enough time to catch her breath before she felt another orgasm coming fast, and as her body began to quiver she moaned, "Oh daddy, oh daddy, oooooh daaaaaddyyyyy!" before getting off even harder than before.

As his daughter's eyes rolled back in her head, and he felt her body shudder in his arms he began thrusting in hard, and fast, driving her to new heights of ecstasy.
Amber saw a light pulsing behind her eyes, as the pleasure emanating from her clenching pussy spread throughout her entire body, and just as her orgasm began to wind down, before she could even catch her breath, she began cumming again.
Now she began shaking hard, a low shuddering moan escaping her lips as the whole world seemed to be her father's hard cock thrusting into her tight, quivering pussy.
She was cumming so hard that she passed out again.
This time Eric didn't even slow down.
After cumming three times in a row her pussy so juicy that when she went limp, and her tight little hole relaxed, that made it easier to fuck her, and he really started fucking her hard.

As Amber's eyelids fluttered, she awoke to her daddy holding her tiny wrists pinned above her head on the mattress, kissing her all over her face as he slammed his cock deep into her wet, swollen pussy hard, and fast.
"Oh daddy," she half giggled, half moaned. "Dickie is drill-drilling in the-the ca-cave."

Eric couldn't help let out a little grunting chuckle as he responded in a breathy voice, "Yeah baby, he's drilling soooo deep."

Soon Eric could feel his balls start to draw up, and he knew that he was about to cum.
He quickly pulled out, standing up before her, and announcing, "Time for Dickie's protein shake!"

Amber practically jumped off of the bed to stand in front of her daddy, and he grasped her little head in one hand, burying his fingers in her silky hair as he stroked his cock towards her little up turned face with the other and.
She opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue, quivering with excitement, and grasping his thighs.

"Uuuuuugghhh!" Eric groaned loudly as the first ribbon of thick, white cum shot out of his cock landing in a gooey trail from Amber's forehead, across her cute little nose, and on to her tongue.
She moved her head forward, wrapping he lips around the head of his pulsing cock, and suckling, making yummy sounds as she felt his sperm fill her mouth.

Now her grasped her head in both hands, moaning, "Ooooh, yeeaahh, uuuunnngghhh, yeeaahhh, eat it all baby!"

His body shuddered, and his knees felt weak as his orgasm finished off.

He looked down into her pretty eyes, with his cum on her face, and his cock in her mouth, and decided it was ther sexiest thing he'd ever seen in his life.
Amber grasped the shaft, pumping it as she sucked, and once she had gotten every last drop out she pulled her mouth off with a little pop, and then began scooping the cum off of her face, and into her mouth with her finger.
"Thank you daddy." she cooed as she sucked the pearly white cum from her finger.

Eric sat, and then fell back on the bed, sighing, "You're welcome princess."

Amber climbed up onto the bed, snuggling up to her daddy as she said, "Dickie is my new favorite game. I hope we get to play it lot."

Eric wrapped his arms around her and chuckled, "Oh yeah baby, every chance we get."

And as they lay together, thinking about all the nights of sex play ahead of them, they both smiled.

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