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Looking for a boy like me
Sorry guys. Been busy. Working as fast as I can but will probably be Friday before next installment.

I may have overdone this part. It's basically one long sex scene. Sorry.

And if you aren't into gay b/b, please don't bother reading. You'll be disappointed.

Oh, and thanks for the encouraging comments. They make it more fun to post.


Alexander looked us up and down with a broad grin.

Tyler moved behind me, peeking over my shoulder but it was too late to hide.

"You gay, Brock?" Alexander asked coming closer with the butter.

"Damn it, Alexander!" I said. "You can't say anything to anybody. You know my dad. He'd kill me."

Alexander laughed -- that kind of laugh Jamaicans do so well. "No, man. I'm not gonna tell nobody, exept maybe my nephew. He's your age and he likes. boys He's pretty like you."

"No one, PLEASE?" I said.

"We're cool," Alexander assured me, clapping a large hand on my shoulder. His eyes dropped down my body. "Uh-uh! uh-uh!" he exclaimed. "You're one hot white boy." He peeked around my side. Who is your friend? Is that Jason's friend Tyler behind you? Let me see you, boy."

Tyler hugged my belly more tightly.

"Oh, c'mon," Alexander encouraged. "Let me see whatcha got."

"Are you gay, Alexander?" I asked surprised.

"Bi, man. I'm bi. Lots of Jamaicans are bi."

Tyler stepped out beside me and took my hand.

Alexander stepped back and looked the two of us over. "Oh, yeah!" Alexander said approvingly. "You two should take some pictures."

"You're crazy!" I told him.

"No, seriously, man," Alexander said, warming to his idea. "Use that new Sony camera your father's got, and then hide the recording you make." He looked us up and down again. "Oh, yeah. You be happy later you did it."

"We're not going to take pictures," I said.

Tyler glanced at me with a lopsided grin, like he was thinking about it. "We could put the camera on a tripod," he suggested. I glanced down. His dick was rising.

I'd apologize for kids being a little stupid back when I was young, because we did wind up doing the camera thing later; just not that day. How we got into that with Alexander and his nephew is another story. Anyway, after seeing all the naked kids masturbating or having sex on webcams these days, I see no need to apologize for how dumb we were. I don't think the species has seen any improvement in adolescent intelligence.

Back to that morning -- I told Tyler, "You're crazy as Alexander!"

"You don't need a tripod," Alexander offered. "I'll take the video for you."

"No way!" I said.

Tyler shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, I don't think so."

"How's this," Alexander said. "I'll set up breakfast for you in your room, and then while you eat, I'll go fetch your father's video camera and tapes. You know how to work that camera?"

"Not this time Alexander. Tyler and I are going to spend the afternoon together. Alone."

"No problem, man," Alexander said cheerfull. "We do it sometime." He grabbed up the table and chairs and circled around Tyler and me to carry them into the room.

My dick had started to rise like Tyler's. Tyler grinned at me and swung his dick at mine.

Alexander came out for the cart, saw us, laughed and stroked my bare butt. "My, that's fine!" Alexander said and then took the cart into the room.

Tyler grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek while Alexander set the table. A moment later, Alexander came out with the cart and gave my butt another caress, then Tyler's.

"I don't think you're supposed to be feeling up the boss's son," I told him.

Alexander winked. "You ever want those dicks of yours sucked, you just let me know. Always glad to help out my boss's boy."

This was back when AIDS was new and scaring the shit out of everybody, and I didn't think we'd be taking up Alexander on his offer any time soon. "Thanks, Alexander," I told him. "We'll keep it in mind."

"I’ll make you my special body sauce," he said. "Just the right spices in my sauce. Spread it on your dicks or anywhere you want to taste." He winked. "Such flavor! You go horny-mad. I can tell you that!"

"We'll keep that in mind, too," I promised.

Alexander laughed his Jamaican laugh and headed for the stairs.

Tyler jerked me by the hand. "I'm starved," he said, drawing me back into the room. I closed the door behind us, and locked it, determined that no one else was going to disturb us.

Tyler threw a leg over one of the chairs and pulled it up to the table. Since he didn't bother to put on any clothes, neither did I. I took the second chair.

On the table were glasses of milk and orange juice. At each setting was a plate arranged with eggs, sausage, hash browns, and melon. Also on the table was a plate with slices of toast, and another plate with two sweet rolls, along with salt, pepper, a stick of butter, jelly -- the usual, but all attractively arranged. Alexander had an artist's eye when presenting his food. Tyler and I dove in hungrily.

With his first bite of egg and sausage, Tyler grinned. "I've never eaten naked before."

"Jason and I did when we were little. My dad had to work in Eastern Europe for a while, and the nanny we had didn't always bother dressing us after baths. We ate supper naked and we slept together naked. When we came back to the states, we kept sleeping that way. Still do. Naked, that is, not in the same bed."

Tyler grinned. "Wish I had known you sooner. I bet you had fun sleepovers."

"Yeah, right. When other guys spent the night with us, we slept in our underwear. We had to when sitters watched us as well. But when it was just us -- naked." I took a bite. "Actually," I said as I chewed, "Jason and I slept in the same bed for a year or two after we came back to the states. We didn't know anybody at first and it was a little scary for two kids. Jason wanted to sleep with me and I wanted to sleep with Jason.

Tyler smiled. "I wish I was Jason."

I winked. "You've got the spot now." I frowned. "No. I shouldn't say it that way. No one's ever taking Jason's spot. You know? I just mean the spot in my bed." I frowned again. "I don't even mean that, I guess. Not that Jason will ever sleep with me again. It's just that for all the years when dad was moving around, it was just Jason and me." I smiled apologetically. "I love my brother."

Tyler nodded, his smiled had faded. I reached across for his hand. "Dude," I said. "I love you, too."

Tyler smiled a little sadly. I got up from my chair, came around the table and pulled Tyler to his feet and into my arms. He melted into me and I held him tightly. Tyler needed me -- I'm not sure how I knew, maybe because of how tightly he liked to be held. Maybe it was simply a gut feeling. But I knew he needed me to genuinely love him, and that stirred my heart. "We aren't going to be just boyfriends," I whispered. "Remember Jason telling you that I don't know how to quit?"

Tyler nodded and our cheeks rubbed softly.

"Well," I whispered. "I'm loving you now, and I don't know how to quit. I won't ever know how to quit."

Tyler leaned back and his eyes searched mine. At fourteen and sixteen, you can feel things strongly. At fourteen and sixteen, you sometimes feel like you decide things for the rest of your life, and sometimes you do. "If you won't ever know how to quit," Tyler asked with a soft smile, "are you saying you'll love me forever?"

"Yes," I told him.

Tyler melted a little more. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. I didn't know how much he believed what I said, but I believed it, and sometimes fourteen-year-olds believe an older boy's sincere promises. Our cocks rose because cocks are hard-wired to hearts as much as to as eyes and imaginations. We kissed fiercely for a moment, and then our passion passed like thunder rolling away. I rocked him in my arms. The smell of the food made my stomach growl.

Tyler laughed. "Dude," he murmured, "I'm hungry, too."

We returned to the table, only this time, Tyler pulled his chair around beside mine. The sides of our legs pressed as we dug into the food.

Sex, lots of sex, gets a guy hungry. We plowed through everything in minutes and gazed at the empty plates.

"I could eat more," I said sadly.

"Me, too," Tyler agreed. "I'm thinking about eating the leftover butter and jelly." His eyes suddenly shot to me, and he got a wild grin. I suspected what was coming. Alexander's body sauce gave him the idea.

Scooping up a dollop of butter on one finger and a little jelly on another, Tyler got up from his chair and threw a leg over my lap to straddle me face to face.

"You aren't," I told him.

With an impish grin, Tyler smoothed butter on both my nipples, then jelly. Then he presented me each of his fingers to suck clean, which I did chuckling at first, but then getting turned on by sucking them. I didn't let the last finger go and he had to leave it in my mouth when he bent to lick my right nipple.

When he sucked hard, I almost bit his finger.

Tyler licked as if I was the best thing he'd ever tasted, and he sucked as if he could get more buttery taste out of me. I clung to his hair and squirmed. He switched to my other nipple and my legs thrashed. My cock rose under his balls. I groaned. Tyler's lengthening dick pressed into me above my pubes.

He twisted in my lap to reach back to the table where he got another finger of butter. With an intense look of concentration, he rubbed it on the sides of my neck and up into the hollows under my ears, then on my throat and down into the hollow at the base. He got more butter on a finger and drew it through the hollow above my right collar bone, then repeated on the left.

I pulled our hardening dicks up between us and held them together in my hand, stroking slowly. When Tyler twisted to reach back for the jelly, I used my other hand to feel over the smooth, tan skin of his lean abdomen. He really was beautiful.

Tyler turned back to me holding the entire little cup of jelly and looked me in the eye. "You have a flavor," he told me, dipping in two fingers. "I don’t know how to say it, but your skin tastes – I don’t know – warm I guess, sort of like it smells when my nose is against it." He smiled gently. "You don't need any sauce -- just a little butter and jelly."

He spread jelly thinly onto the sides of my neck and over my throat. He spread more in the hollows above my collarbones. I reached past him and got a dollop of butter on my index finger and then spread it over our cocks while Tyler worked on my throat and collarbones. He paused when I spread the butter over his glans, but then continued when I squished our two buttered dicks together. Finishing on me, he set the jelly back down, and I took his fingers to suck them clean again. I tongued between his fingers this time, and a little shudder went through Tyler's body. I grinned, happy to have returned the favor.

Leaning close, intimately close, Tyler licked in the hollow under my left ear. His warm breath brushed the hair behind my ear. My hand squeezed our dicks together in reflex and his dick slid left against mine.. He licked my throat and the sides of my neck while I mindlessly squeezed the undersides of our dicks left and right against each other with my hand..

Tyler grabbed my shoulders. His tongue traced into the hollow above my left collar bone. It was my turn to shudder again. Letting go of our cocks, I ran my buttered fingers into the hair on the sides of his head. Tyler cleaned every bit of jelly from the sensitive skin between my collarbone and trapz, and then did the other side. He worked back up onto my neck and I let go of his hair, dropping my head back and my hands to his sides.

He rocked his hips in my lap fluidly, and our buttered dicks slid off and against each other. Except for Carolyn, the girls I'd had sex with moved little. One of them didn't move at all. Tyler moved better, even than Carolyn. Boys that age are naturals at sex and naturally enthusiastic. Tyler, however, was also a swimmer and he moved like one. I was strong. Our bodies were lean and supple.

Sex is a dance, and we were well-suited. Over the previous twelve hours we had become relaxed and familiar partners. Tyler’s rhythmic undulations in my lap were the opening movements of a fresh, eroticism, and we would dance our dance as well as any lovers have. There was magic between Tyler and me, magic between our bodies in the way they fit and in the way we moved.

I felt over his body as he moved – over his back and sides and legs. I grabbed onto the muscles of his bottom. I pulled him against me and circled my hips in the chair, meeting his grinding. Tyler grasped the sides off my head, covered my mouth with his own, and plunged in his tongue, tasting of butter and jelly.

We moaned and whimpered -- the sexual calls of our mating dance.

Tyler lifted himself up, his buttery dick sliding up my belly. He reached under his bottom to grab my slippery dick and worked the head between his butt cheeks. I felt pressure as he pressed it to his pucker, then the delicious buttery slide of his tight ring down over my crown and down my shaft. He settled all the way down, swiveling his hips, adjusting. I felt his insides on my shaft, I felt them with my glans.

His eyes met mine with a focused and determined look. He clutched my shoulders tightly and he rocked, rubbing his cock up my belly. I grabbed his hips, pulling with him, grinding his tightness around on my shaft. Our eyes remained locked, watching each others expressions.

He leaned close. We opened our mouths. Our tongues danced. I sucked his tongue in. All the while, we were moving, moving. He pressed the side of his face to mine and wrapped his arms around my neck, driving his hips, driving me up inside him, driving his dick up my belly. I caressed his flexing back and bottom, and the feel of them working under my palms gave me pleasure.

I closed my arms tightly behind his waist, and hugged him tightly to me. I lifted my hips off the chair, feeling his weight settle harder into my lap and my penetration deepen. His butt pressed my balls down. Tyler arched back, rocking his narrow hips like a dolphin. His dick flopped on my belly and I reached between us to grab it and fast-stroke him.

My balls tightened. "If we keep doing this, I'm going to come," I told him in a strained voice.

His gaze dropped to me as if he were coming out of a dream. He nodded. "Let's try it the other way," he said.

Carefully rising up from my lap, Tyler turned around and prepared to sit back down facing away from me. From behind, his fleshy white butt contrasted sharply with the tan of his body and my legs, but matched my own white Speedo lap. The adolescent build of slim hips, wide shoulders, and lean back stirred my desire to an ache, an ache to have his butt back in my lap with me inside him.

I held my cock aimed upward and guided him down. The muscles in his back worked as he maneuvered. His smooth skin was taut and when I felt over his back with my other hand, it was hard. My crown slid in and I grabbed him by the hips. His tightness slid once more down my dick. His bottom settled into my lap, flattening his buttcheeks. The backs of his legs settled on the tops of mine.

Wrapping my arms around his belly and chest, I pulled him back against me and nuzzled into the back of his neck. "This feels fuckin' good, too," I told him.

Tyler circled his butt in my lap. "It feels really good for me this way," he said. "It feels really good inside." He rocked, testing, and moaned. He rested back against me, his head against the side of my face. The scent off his hair filled my nostrils.

We restarted our dance. The muscles in his belly worked beneath my palms. I sucked the side of his neck and reached into his lapMy hand closed around his buttered dick, and his rocking movements slid it forward and back in my grasp.

"Damn," I murmured. "This feels good, too. I'm getting close again." I didn't want to stop him, but I didn't want to come yet. "Wait," I said, grabbing his hips to slow him down. "You try sitting in the chair and let me ride you now."

Tyler stopped and leaned back, turning his face sidewise for a kiss. I hugged him back to me and as we kissed he ground his butt in my lap.

“Don’t make me come,” I whispred..

"Not yet,” he agreed. “I want to try."

He got to his feet and I got up from the chair. Tyler took my place and sat back. His pink balls nestled atop his tan legs, and his chubby pink dick arched up his belly from his small patch pubic hair, reddish against his white Speedo line. His nipples were small; smaller than mine. I decided to start with them like he had done me.

Taking butter onto a finger, I knelt beside the chair spread it first over one nipple, then the other. I took a finger of jelly and did the same, then offered the finger to Tyler to suck while I bent in to suck those small points of flesh.

Tyler's eyes closed and he sucked the fingers of my left hand dreamily while I licked and sucked his nipples and fondled his balls with my other hand. I let him feel my teeth on his nipples. I sucked them as strongly as he had sucked mine, and he squirmed. And when I had his nipples hard and clean, I reached for the last of the of butter. I spread it onto Tyler's dick. Then I topped it with a little jelly.

I pushed his knees apart and moved in between them on my knees. I licked the jelly off his dick like it was ice cream and I was a little kid. Tyler ran his fingers into my hair and humped into my mouth when I closed it over his glans. There's a special feeling, sucking your lover's erection, even at sixteen – especially at sixteen and your lover is fourteen -- something intimate, something owning. I wrapped my arms around his waist and took my pleasure.

“I’m going to come if you keep that up,” he said, throatily.

I got the last of the butter and spread it over his dick, then stood to straddle him. My dick pointed toward his face and he grabbed it, holding it as I settled down over his lap and I guided his dick up under me.

I felt the warm buttery head between my cheeks and worked it into my rectum. I relaxed my insides and lowered myself, slliding down his buttery shaft faster than I intended and landing in Tyler's lap with a deeply impaled-up-the-butt feeling. I gasped.

Tyler grabbed my hips and we waited for my insides to quit spasming.

My eyes met his. I wanted to watch his face the way he had watched mine, and I wanted to do to him what he had done me when he rode my cock. Experimentally, I circled my hips. Tyler's eyes drooped. It felt good to me as well. I rocked forward and back, and my dick slid up and down his belly. Tyler arched back against the chair, lifting his hips, driving up me, his eyes watching mine. I grabbed his shoulders and rocked my hips, firmly, steadily, steadily. Mine weren't the movements of a swimmer; mine were the movements of a runner. Tyler's mouth fell open. He clasped his hand over my dick, holding it to his belly as I slid it forward and back.

"You like this?" I asked.

He nodded.

"So do I."

I wrapped my arms behind his back and firmly rubbed my dick on his belly, tonguing in his ear. Tyler moaned dreamily.

I got up, turned, and lowered myself down with my back to him. Tyler guided his cock up into me and I sat down, discovering what he meant about it feeling good. Sitting this way drove him more firmly against my prostate. Resting my hands on his knees I rocked my hips. I could feel the underside of my balls sliding atop his balls. My dick flopped wildly and I grabbed it.

Tyler slid two palms under my pecs and pulled me back against his chest. I kept moving. Tyler's arms closed tightly around my middle, and he bucked under me.

After only a minute or two, he gasped. "You better slow down."

I got up off him and to my feet. Grabbing Tyler's hand, I pulled him to his feet and into my arms. Our dicks slid up and out between us. I kissed him deeply and he grabbed me by the butt, pulling us together. We ground and kissed. And then I grabbed him up, under the butt and off his feet. He wrapped is legs around my waist and his arms around my neck. I carried him to my bed where I climbed up onto it on my knees and then laid us down onto it, him on this back. We were belly to belly.

"I wanna come inside you," I whispered. I reached down to my cock and moving it around, searched for his opening. Tyler’s breath was in my ear. His cock pressed my belly and he rubbed up against me. I felt his crack with my glans and probed for his hole with my fingers. I found it and guided my glans to it, pressed, and reentered him.

I sank deeply. Tyler tightenedhis arms around my neck and dug his heels into my bottom, grinding his dick up against my belly. I pumped my hips, thrusting, driving his tightness down the length of my shaft to a firm impacts at the bottom. He moved with me.

We went surprisingly long considering how close I had been to coming before. But finally, I could hold off no longer. I didn't want to. I drove deep and hard, all the way in. I froze him in a tight embrace and almost growled with my first squirt. I held him tight and pulsed. He was mine, all mine.

I squirted even after there was no more cum. I kept squeezing my pelvic floor because it felt so good. Finally, with a sigh, I lifted my head and kissed his soft lips. He kissed back with passion.

"I almost came," he whispered. "You almost made me come."

"I'm not soft yet," I said, grinding with my hips so he could feel it. "We can keep going."

"No," Tyler said. He put his lips to my ear. "I want to fuck you."

I backed my hips and pulled out, then knelt up. Tyler knelt beside me. He kissed me, rubbing one hand on my belly and one on my butt before moving behind me. He pressed his dick to my butt and kissed the backs of my shoulders before pushing me onto my hands and knees and moving up behind me.

I felt him again at my entrance. Tyler pushed in, and grabbing my hips, pulled me back onto his dick until his lap pressed my butt flatly.

Clutching my hips, he pumped several times. Then he bent over me and hugged around my waist, grinding in. I ground back for him. He slid his palms up onto my chest and pulled me upright and we rocked, kneeling.

He fell forward on me and I dropped to the bed on my stomach with Tyler draping me. He grabbed the tops of my shoulders and his hips thrust faster and faster. He drove deep and stiffened. He whimpered. I felt the pulsing of his cock inside my rectum.

Then, slowly, he relaxed completely onto me. "I never knew sex was this good," he murmured, nuzzling the back of my hair.

"I didn't either," I said. "I think we're good at it."

"No shit!" he murmured. He shifted on me, driving his dick in and feeling that it was still hard. His legs had fallen outside mine and he squeezed them together.

I reached back and rubbed the cool soft skin of his bottom. "No," I said quietly, “I mean really, really good at it.”

Tyler wrapped his arms under me and hugged. He sighed contentedly and relaxed. As his softening dick slipped from inside me, we feel asleep.

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