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Hello, this is my first crack at a legitimate erotic story, so constuctave criticism would be apreciated, so here we go.

My name is Alex, im a average guy of 18. pretty good looking with my blonde hair and blue eyes. im an average height and pretty wirey. a decent student acept for alchemy there im at the top of my class. my specialty is human modification, i can make the average geek bigger than a lineman with a single potion with no side effects. pretty simple for me, just comes naturally. oh did i not mention that? well im mostly average accept for the fact im a wizard. and a bit of a perverted one. for ive found a very practicle use for my practice.

you see me and my girl Robin have been dating for quite some time. i admit i do love her. but i also admit that i am extreemly atracted to her. every time im near her my cock swells in excitement. begging to grab a hold of her. shes the perfect girl next door. shoulder length brown hair with beautiful hazel eyes. she is about an inch shorter than me and a year and a half younger at 16 she has big beautiful breasts. they are nice and bouncy with the perkeist little nipples. you see sexually i have been very, how you say, curious. and a normal person would think i mean bi curious. but no i could never like a guy like that they are too ugly, just cant get past the face. but im not normal.

me and robin have been going out for over a year. and we have been as sexually active as her strict parents would allow. but then came the most perfect plan that took me weeks to prepare for. she told me her mom and dad were going out of town for 5 days and at the same time i was moving out of my house. her brother was going to be at a friends house the whole time so i had the most of a week to spend with my girl. it was 1 month away and i already began brewing.

my family doesnt know and niether does robin that im a alchemist. all my money from no work shoulda proven that. turning lead into gold is easier than making a cake. but nonetheless all are clueless. but robin won't be for long.

the day finally comes and i walk up to my girls house with a suitcase, in the off chance we will ever wear clothes, and my potions as well. i ring the doorbell and she opens it wearing a robe wich i could bet my life was the only thing she as wearing. i walked in and we barely made it to the bedroom until we attacked each other. our tounges practicly lept into each others mouths as we kissed. soon though i set her on the bed and brought up the suitcase and opened it. inside were two leather boxes 1 foot each dimension. they could each contain 20 vials of whatever i wanted. i brought out one and opened it. robin sat there cunfused her robe half open to reveal her amazing clevage, i was right. "honey" im an alchemist. she smiled and said "thats hot" and grabbed a vial swigged it and made out with me the contents swishing in our mouthes. she thought we were role playinng. boy shes in for a surprise. the 1st vial was my own concoction of an aphrodesiac and sexual hormone inhansers. those made both of us have heightened senses primarily touch, as well as great sexual endurance, that part was for me. pretty much it made me be able to go all week and cum alot wich is what i like. and she likes too. also it makes us unable to have children for 2 weeks. awesome right no rubber.

the effects weere instantaneous. we both began breathing heavy as our tempratures rose slightly. Robin crawled toward me and pushed me on my back and began kissing me deeply. with more passion this time. full of one thing lust. she stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes and then began tearing off my clothes so she could see all of me. my slightly toned abs and my 7 inch rock hard dick and she smiled. she shrugged off her robe and slinked down to my dick till it was eye level to her. she smiled as she grazed her tounge all the way up the shaft. i tingled with pleasure n thought to myself "god i love being an alchemist" and she smiled and licked her lips just before placing them on the head she started giving me the blow job of my life. she started off slow bobbing her head along my shaft and slowly went faster and faster as i reeled in pleasure. n then i had an idea i grabbed a vial and swigged it and instantly grew a second penis and both grew in length and girth. Robin was shocked, but only for a moment. then she ssmiled as if she finally got to more of what she wanted and began sucking the new cock while stroking the other. she did this alternating and soon began to put both in her mouth and went down on me. i moaned in ecitment as she did and soon i began to cum. oh my did i cum. she tried to drink as much as she could but it was too much for her and it spilled out and she took the dicks out as her breasts were drenched in my cum. she smiled ans began drinking all my cum. licking it off her breasts as if it was her lifeblood. to her great joy my erection was still firm with both. and to my surprise there was an unexpected side affect to drinking my super cum. some of the potion i drank was transferred to her and her clit grew into a beutiful 8 inch dick. she looked amazed and excited. she reached her hand down and began to slightly stroke it and a jolt of pleasure went up her naked body. she looked at me and gave me a devilish smile and i returned it. this was a very favorable side effect. this will be an amazing week.

well tell me what you think and if i should quite or continue till then


2014-04-20 07:48:18
wasn't bad this could become a good series if you keep at it.

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-24 07:19:17
o6OLJY Appreciate you sharing, great blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-20 08:17:43
This shows a lot of promise. Its a very good idea n it can easily be a fantastic read.
However, ur spelling n d general construct of ur body work gives u way 2much room 2 fuck it up.
Most devices come wit auto-correct, u shud activate urs 4 d next chapt

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-09 19:21:57
Enjoyed it for the whole but felt it dropped off just as it was starting to get interesting please right more i cant wait.

anonymous readerReport

2012-10-04 16:23:59
Very good idea and well thought out however bad spaelling and punctuation is a real turn-off for me so can you please try and correct this. On the whole good story:)

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