This time Elder Sister Anushka is in a hurry and she wants her kid brother to decorate her dark bush with white pearls!
Fucking Anushka Chechi

Chapter 3

A Quickie on Sister’s Pubes

Starring: Anushka Shetty as Elder Sister

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Two days, nothing! Not a single sign from Anushka chechi. As I said it’s been two days after Anushka chechi made me cum in between her thighs. I remember the day clearly. It’s the greatest day so far in my life. After Anushka chechi’s “thigh fuck” I came back to my room. It was paining a little on my cock. When I removed my shorts I was shocked to see my cock. Its different now. Its foreskin had moved so much backward, now the whole head is visible. It’s the first time I am seeing my complete head. Anushka chechi’s vigorous movement with her naked thick thighs gave me such an action on my little preteen cock. I admired the bright red head of my cock. The thought that it’s my elder sister’s sex games that made this happened thrilled me.

Now after two days there is no movement from Anushka chechi’s part. I have been to her house several times within now hoping she would call me inside her room and at least touch my dick and if lucky milk me to happiness. But nothing happened.

I laid on my bed petting my semi erect cock. My fingers imitating the movements of Anushka chechi’s fingers as they were playing with my hard dick, a few days before. I tried to relive the experience. Images of Anushka chechi’s naked hot body was running through my mind. Every part I tried to remember. Her face with that mysterious and horny smile. Those sleepy eyes shuttling between my own eyes and my erect cock while she was touching it. Her juggling round breasts with those large brown nipples which are always erect. And coming down that round belly and hourglass torso with her pelvic region with such richness. And again moving further down, my cousin sister’s triangle heaven! The thick curly pubic hair covering her whole pussy but still making it visible through between those curls her fair skin and thick cunt lips. The smell that comes from there, it makes me mad. Combination of sweat, urine, damp smell of her dark bush and yes, chocolate! Ohh when Anushka chechi rubbed her cunt on my face making my nose go through her wet slit. It was dreamy!

I got shocked when I heard the sudden knock on my door. I jumped up. Two more knocks. I came back to my senses. With a quick motion I put my shorts on hid my erect cock inside.

“What is it mom?” I asked.

“Open the door.” Came a voice from the other side of the door and it was not of my mom’s. It was Anushka chechi!

I moved faster to the door and opened it. There stands Anushka chechi in front of me. Her exotic smell rushed into my nose. She was wearing a orange kurtha and a dark blue jeans. Chechi turned her face back and shouted, “I found him aunty, he was in his room.”

“Ok Anushka, he was sleeping the whole day, give him something to work before you leave. He is so lazy.” My mom replied from downstairs.

“Ok aunty, for that I only came.” Saying this Anushka chechi entered into my room and closed the door behind her and locked it.

Two seconds Anushka chechi grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards her violently and hugged me. She lifted my face in her hands and raised it towards her face. She was having a really horny face a little scary in a sexy way. She opened her mouth and suddenly swallowed my both lips into it. She was sucking them both with lot of force that it was paining for me. It was my first kiss on any lady’s mouth. And now I am having it with my elder cousin sister. Anushka chechi’s tongue crawled through between my lips and entered my mouth. It started moving inside my mouth vigorously. It was hard to breath.
She was making noises as she sucked my lips and now my own tongue. I could feel her left hand crawling through my body and reaching between my legs. Her fingers grabbed by already erect cock over my shorts. She started to massage it with force. Wow today she is really in mood and is mad about having her kid brother’s cock, I thought.

“Now remove your shorts, I don’t have much time, come on fast.” Anushka chechi whispered. And saying this she lifted her kurtha revealing her pelvic region. Her belly button is visible and her plump belly. The dark blue jeans are so tight that it gives the exact shape of her secrets. The triangle formed in jeans between her legs right where her thighs meet is exactly in the shape of my sister’s pussy is like. Anushka chechi hands took hold of her pant’s buckles. She unbuckled it. And slowly Anushka chechi lowered her jeans making it’s zipper to open along and revealing the insides gradually. Inside she was wearing light sky blue panty which has a tiny pink flower right at the middle. She lowered her jeans just up above her knees. And now there stands in front of me my elder cousin sister with a raised kurtha and a lowered jeans showing me her panty clad pussy and white thighs. I was already naked by now by sister’s order.

Anushka chechi grabbed my erect cock in her hand. Moved its foreskin slowly in up and down motion. I moved more closer to her.

“I am going to attend a marriage now. And I want your cum on my pubes and my pussy.” Chechi said. I looked into her eyes with surprise. There was no sign of a joke. She was serious about me cumming on her pubic hair.

“Now, I don’t have so much time to do this. So let’s do it fast.” By holding my cock tightly in her hand chechi moved towards me. She pulled my cock forward and made its head touch between her thighs. And she guided its swollen head to move over her sky blue panty over her pussy mound. I could feel the roughness of her pubic hair underneath her cotton panty touching my dick’s sensitive head. And she started shagging. Her fingers encircling my rock hard cock moved up and down along the pulsating shaft. Each thrust made my cock hit her pussy mound over her soft panty. To make our dirty places come more in contact Anushka chechi pushed her crotch towards mine. We both looking down between our legs.

“Without panty, directly on my pubes, pubes touching this cute cock, that will do better. Come on you jack off while I lower my panty.” Anushka chechi asked while leaving my cock from her hand. I took over the job. Started jacking off myself still having my look between chechi’s legs.

Anushka chechi lowered her light cotton panties which rolled over her thick fleshy thighs and reached near her already lowered jeans. My eyes stuck at her dark curly bush. Her pubic hair is more brownish and dry compared to the last time. Its more thicker over her cunt lips. She grabbed my cock once again. Her fingers encircled my shaft this time more tight. And with a sudden jerk my sister started to jack off me. She came closer to me, my cock come in exact level with her hairy pussy. She made my dick touch her pussy mound. I could see my slightly hairy cock is getting immersed in my sister’s jungle of pubes. Anushka chechi bend her knees a little bit lower herself now keeping me more in between her open legs. Understanding her desire for my cock to touch more of her slit and pubes I also pushed my crotch forward and upward. To help both of us I grabbed Anushka chechi’s both hips, those fleshy hips.

Anushka chechi’s hand job gained more speed. My foreskin moved faster and faster in her skillful hand. Chechi’s other hand touched the underside of my jumping nut sack. Sometimes massaged my scrotum gently.

“Arun… Arun… haaa… is it coming…?? is it…??? You have to cum fast… ok..?? Cum fast.”
“OK… Chechi.. aahh .. chechi… ok.. aaahhh…!!!”

“Look.. look at my pubes… look at my pussy and pubes… look how your cock is rubbing my pubes, my hair down there.. my dirty hair between my legs… between you elder sister’s legs… your elder sister’s pussy hair…!!!”

“AAAaaahhh.. Chechyyyy… aaaahhhh… aaahhh… haaaa… chechhyyy…. Anushka chechyyy.. Anushka cehchyyy…. Anushka chechyyy…. Haaa… chechyyy.. your pubesss….. haaaa they are so nice… haaa.. chechyyy.. rub it on my cock.. aaaahhhh… my sister’s pubic hair… my sister’s pussy on my cockkk…. Haaaaaaa…..!!!”

“Yhaaa… say it like that…. Talk about how your sister is doing dirty things on you…” Anushka chechi whispered.

“AAAAhhhhh.. chechyyy.. aaahhhh… chechyyy.. Anushka chechyyyyy… its coming.. haaa its comingggg…. Ooohhhh eeeeyhhaaaa…. Haaaaaaaaa..hhaaaaa…”

“OOhhh… is it coming..?? hhnnaaaa.. is it…??? My kid brother is gonna cum on my pubes..?? Ooohh.. are youuu… hhaaaaannnn… yhaaaa…..?????”

Anushka chechi increased her speed. My cock tightened my legs got week. I pushed my crotch heavily on to my elder sister’s hairy pussy between her legs. And then suddenly from my 14yrs old stiff cock a thick stream of hot sticky milky cum got shot and it fell right on my 20yrs elder sisters thick black pubic hair. Anushka chechi pointed my cumming hot penis towards her hairy snatch. My second shot was more thicker and sticky. It fell over her naked belly and belly button and its slick tail falls directly on Anushka chechi’s curly pubes. Anushka chechi continued milking me keeping my cock’s cumming head pointed right at her pubic bush. I shot for three more times. All fell directly over where my sister wants. On her dark dirty pubic bush. She squeezed my wet cock for more milk to come out. And as when I stopped cumming chechi placed my cock’s head right between her wet slit and moved its head up and down through the slit. It was incredible what chechi was doing on my cock. Ohhh.. Anushka chechyyyy…!!!!!!

Anushka chechi’s pubes are completely drenched with my hot cum. Cum was dripping from her dark bushes. And flowing along her legs. With my cock in her hand she pressed it over her pubic hairs. Now using my cock she spread my jizz all over her bush evenly.

“HHaa… now it’s done. Haaa your cum on my pubes…hmmm…. Feeling really really good…. Yhaaa…!!!” Anushka chechi kissed on my lips. “Ok now I am leaving. See you later little brother. Thanks for giving some milk for your sister. May be later chechi will like to drink some!”

After saying this Anushka chechi put her clothes back in its original positions. She pulled her cotton panties up and when it got over her pussy I could see the sky blue color getting darker due to the wetness caused by my jizz on her pubic hair. And within a flash she left my room properly dressed. I was standing there naked with my wet cock losing its size. My head was stuck at what she said last. “May be chechi will drink some later.”

What I just heard was my elder sister saying that she might drink my cum. Take it in her mouth and drink….my cum! Will she do that? I mean can she do that. May be she was joking. What if she is not? Last few days were not at all normal. It’s a proof that may be more strange things can happen. May be my elder sister will drink my cum. How will we do it? Do I have to give it to her in a glass? Or may be… I can directly shoot my cum into her mouth… my hot jizz shot directly into my elder sister Anushka chechi’s open mouth.
WOW…!!!! I can’t wait to see that… I can’t…!!!

End of Part Three.

To be continued…

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