Football practice went exactly like this. There are some of you that can relate.
The next morning I boarded the bus and found my seat in the back right corner. In a few stops, my new girlfriend, Katie Schultz would be boarding. It made getting up early to catch the bus worthwhile. Even though I only met her a few days before, I had taken an immediate shine to her. She would have been called nerdy if that word had been invented yet. She was bookish. Brown hair, blue eyes, always loaded down with books, she lit up the world when she smiled and she smiled a lot. She had only worn simple dresses the few days I’d known her. If I had to call her something, I’d call her simple country pretty. What I felt lucky to call her was my girlfriend.
Katie mounted the bus stairs when we rolled to a stop at the end of her lane. At least I thought it was Katie. The girl that locked eyes with me when she made her way to the back of the bus was no simply country girl. Sometime during the night, my pretty caterpillar had become a beautiful butterfly.

“Do I look that bad?” she asked when she got to our seat.

“Uh uh.” I shook my head slowly. Then I realized my mouth was open. She stood there staring at me. I wondered why she didn’t just sit down already.

“Ahem,” she pretended to clear her throat. I didn’t move. Then she pushed my shin with her thigh and I realized was waiting for me to move my leg so she could sit next to me. I was so stunned by her looks I didn’t realize I was still sitting halfway across the seat, taking up the space she wanted to occupy. I moved my leg. Instead of bangs hanging down to her eyebrows and curls dangling around her ears, she wore her long brown hair back in a single pony tail. Instead of a plain country dress, she has on a plaid white skirt with blues and greens. She wore a white high neck blouse with short poofy sleeves and a tight pink sweater over the top. What I hadn’t notice before was how developed she was. Pushing her sweater to points were two of the nicest young breasts a young man can ever envision. I wasn’t sure, but I think she was even wearing makeup, just a little, that brought a little more color to her lips and to her cheeks. My cute, bookish, country girl nerd was gone. A fresh-faced young woman had taken the seat with me.

“Wow. You look great!” I finally gushed. She blushed a little deeper.

“Do you really like it? It’s something new. I did it for you, so you wouldn’t change your mind.”

“Change my mind? About being your boyfriend? Not hardly. You are the prettiest girl in Lancaster County. The whole danged state. And you are mine!” I couldn’t help it, I just threw my face towards hers and kissed her right on the lips. The giggles from the other bus seats reminded me that we weren’t alone and that we were being observed by the other kids on the bus. I thought she might slap me for being fresh, but she just grabbed my upper arm and snuggled up against me.

Only three days into school and already I had a routine. I added a couple of new wrinkles, walking Katie to class and then dashing off to beat the tardy bell in mine. At lunch, I wasn’t sure if I could ask Katie to join me at the senior table, but I steered her over there anyway. Jack Baldwin just gave Katie a serious look up and down and then smiled at me and winked. She was approved. I could hear kids all around us whispering and once in a while I caught them pointing. I looked at Jack, with a “what gives” glance.

“They never saw a Legend the day after he was born before, Pauly-boy. What did you think would happen when you became the first freshman to play varsity football in the history of Centerville High?” He punched me in the shoulder to let me know not to take it too seriously. I looked down the table at some of the lettermen who were giving me the death stare.

“What about them?” I said with a tilt of my head in their direction. “They look plenty mad.”

“Don’t worry about them,” warned Harold Handell, the leading tackler on the Warrior Defense. “Worry about ME. We are gonna find out if you are a stud or a dud at 3:30 this afternoon. Don’t expect me to let up on you. I am gonna bring a freight car of pain right to your doorstep.”

I couldn’t finish my lunch. I had lost my appetite. Harold was right. Eighth grade football was one thing, but this was varsity football on a state championship caliber team. I was in way over my head. I was gonna get creamed. For the rest of the day, I dreaded going to practice. When the final bell rang, I went down to the varsity locker room and got dressed. Had I taken the time to look around, I would have realized I wasn’t the smallest guy in the room. I could only see the big, hungry, hairy beasts on the defense that looked at me like a pork chop. I pulled on my helmet and trotted outside.

I was put with the receivers and met my new position coach, Steve Lenning. Coach Lenning had been a college football star and even had a tryout with the Los Angeles Rams. Now he was coaching football, hoping to make a career out of it. He was full of energy and looked like he could still catch every ball thrown at him. To his credit, he didn’t make a big deal out of my being a freshman. He just pulled me aside when I did something wrong and showed me how to fix it. I found out it was important to read how the defensive back stood at the line. Were they close? Were they back? Which foot was forward? Were they shading to the inside? Were they shading to the outside? Each of those answers gave me an advantage. Only I would know where I wanted to go. It would be the cover-backs job to either stop me from going there or trying to catch me. We ran drills against dummies and then drills against the second team defense. I couldn’t tell if I was doing anything right, but no one was yelling at me, mostly they ignored me until I didn’t go where I was supposed to.

We finally came together as a two teams, offense and defense and the number one offense played against the number two defense and the number two offense played scout team against the number one defense. I was put on the scout team, and I was instructed how to run plays like our opponent would, just over a week away. The first play had me running five yards up field and then slanting toward the goal post in an effort to get behind the defense. The ball was hiked and I through a shoulder fake to the outside, getting my defender to lean and then ran inside of him for five yards and took off on a slant for the goal post. When I looked back, I could see the ball arcing through the air right at me. I didn’t have to slow; I caught it in full stride. Thrilled, I didn’t realize I was in the cross-hairs of James Baldwin. My world flipped upside down and I came crashing down on my head. I heard someone say “OOOOAFFFFFF” and realized it was me. Laying on my back, staring up at the fall sky, I came to several simultaneous conclusions: I still had the ball. I was going to live. And hot dang, that was fun! I popped up with a grin and trotted back to the line of scrimmage. The entire defense stared. The youngest Baldwin had leveled me with the same ferocity he had sent multiple players crying home to their mamas with, and I just grinned and shrugged it off.

“Nice stick Jimmy,” I said as I ran off. When I got back to my side of the line of scrimmage, I was smothered with back slaps and ass pats and several ‘nice catches’. Coach asked me if I was all right. I might not have had all the experience in the world, but I knew the truth wouldn’t be what they wanted to hear.

“Yeah Coach, no problem. I’m fine.” That was a damn lie. I knew that the only thing that was going to save me that night was a long hot soak and a little sister who would rub my cock until I came all over her. “What do I do next?”

We kept going for another forty five minutes. I kept getting open every time I tried. I could tell it was frustrating the cornerbacks who were supposed to be covering me. I was less than a great blocker on running plays, because that takes brute strength or good technique. I had neither. On one running play Greg Chapman, the cornerback I was supposed to be blocking, slipped his hands under my shoulder pads and spun me around like a helicopter, throwing me off into a heap. This made me see red. I came up, fists ready, and went after him. I didn’t know how to fight, but something told me this was important. The whistle blew. Everyone froze.

“David! Chapman! In the circle.” Coach Kennedy barked. He sounded mad. The entire team circled around us with Coach Kennedy inside. “If you two knuckleheads want to fight, we’ll have a bullfight. On the whistle.”

I had no idea what a bullfight was. Chapman got down in a four point stance facing me. I figured that’s what I should do, so I got in a four point stance of my own. The whistle chirped and Chapman fired out, leveling me. So THAT’S what a bullfight was.

“Again!” barked Coach.

We lined up again, and I would like to say I leveled Chapman, but that would be a lie. He landed on top of me, and I got a face full of turf and dirt. I got back up, refusing to remove the grass stuck in my facemask. I lined up without instruction. Chapman beat me again. I got up and got back in my stance. Again he flattened me. Over and over we went at it, a young dumb bull versus an old, strong, wise one. I kept getting up. He kept knocking me down. I started to detect the patterns to Chapman’s attacks. On about the thirty-fifth attempt, I managed to stand him up, get my hands under his pads and flip him off to one side. It wasn’t a pancake, but it was more than a draw. I had my first victory. I got back into my stance.
“That’s enough. Right Chapman?” commanded Coach. Chapman was leaning on his knees, breathless. He didn’t reply, just nodded and stared at the ground. By comparison, I wasn’t breathing that hard. I had taken everything Chapman could dish out and kept coming. The other players realized I was a legit phenom and no one gave me a hard time after that.

On the way off the field back to the locker room, the Pipe Crew surrounded me. “Good job Pauly,” said Jack.

“I only beat him once. He beat me a million times,” I pointed out. “I am sore as hell too.”

“Don’t worry about that, its football. But Chapman has a reputation for being a dirty player. You took the worst he had and kept coming. You earned some respect points today. Don’t let it go to your head.” He patted my ass and trotted off toward the showers. I tried to trot along and keep up, but I was too sore and stiff already. Coach Lenning was waiting by the doors to the building.

“David. Come over here. You did very well today. Stop by Coach’s office and get your playbook. Tomorrow we are going to run special teams. Learn all the punt and kick return formations. Both ways.” He disappeared into the hallway and I trotted along slowly behind, my cleats clacking on the cement floor. When I got to the locker room, Chapman was waiting just inside the door.

“Pauly, you are a tough son-of-a-bitch, I’ll give you that. But you have a lot to learn. Stick around after practice tomorrow and I will show you some of my best moves and how to beat them.” He slapped me on the shoulder and walked away. I immediately felt a huge sigh of relief. I thought he might want to beat my ass.

The Baldwins were all bent over the bed of the green Datsun, along with Tater and Spud and half a dozen other upperclassmen. I shambled out, each step causing me pain in my sore thighs, stomach, shoulders, neck, back, ankles, hell even my scalp ached.

“Good job out there Pauly. You are going to do just fine. Three aspirin, a hot bath, and then ice packs on the parts that hurt the most. It’ll get better quick.”

I fell asleep on the ride home and only awoke when we came to a stop at the door to the house. I gingerly got out and went in the house. It hurt to chew so dinner was a long process. When I finished, I headed to the bathroom to try and soak away some of the pain. While the water was running, I downed three aspirin and took a long look in the mirror. My forehead was red from rubbing against my helmet. I looked a lot older than thirteen that first night. I was almost fourteen by then. I felt forty-five. Becka came in and took her usual perch on the toilet lid.

“How did it go?”

“Fine, just fine. Can’t you tell?” I asked her with as much of a grin as I could muster. I was trying to get undressed and making a mess of getting my t-shirt off when she took pity on me. She stood on the toilet.

“Come over here before you break something.” She lifted my t-shirt over my head. Then she hopped down and undid the buttons on my jeans and pulled them off of my legs after I sat down on the edge of the tub. She pulled off my socks as well. Then she grabbed my tight whites and pulled them down, freeing the only muscle on my entire body that wasn’t sore. She leaned forward and gave my drooping cock a quick kiss, causing it to twitch. I slowly lowered myself in the tub and she used a hot washcloth to rub my shoulders and chest. I felt much better. Her hand slipped down lower and lower until she was rubbing my cock under the water. It felt so nice. But it was dangerous. I made her stop before our mother came in to check on us. I got out and got dressed and hobbled out into the living room. My dad looked up from his book and just nodded. He went back to reading. He knew what I was going through and knew I would survive.

I emptied a tray of ice cubes into a bread sack and wrapped the sack with a kitchen towel. Instant cold back.

“I’m going to bed while I can still walk.” My mother clucked with worry, my father chuckled. My sister just gave me a hug that said she’d be seeing me later.

The evening air had a coolness to it. Summer was winding down. Still I lay under the open window in just a pair of shorts and put my ice pack on various parts of my body until I heard Becka come in for bed. My mom came in and checked on us, kissed us each good night and slipped out. The door had hardly shut when Becka climbed into the bed with me.

“What can I do to make you feel better?” she asked sweetly. “Do you want me to put it in my mouth again? Do you want to put it in my privates tonight? It’s ok if you do. We don’t have to wait until I have had another boy do it first. I don’t want anyone but you to put his thing in me. I want you to do whatever you want to me.” Her total lack of guile was so sexy. My cock started to rise to attention. She stroked it through my shorts. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “I know you kissed Katie Schultz on the bus this morning. Everyone knows.”

“Even mom and dad?” I was afraid I’d be in trouble if they knew.

“No. All of my friends though. You kissed her in front of everybody!”

“Are you jealous?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her.

“Jealous? No. She only kissed you once. I can kiss you a million times if I want.” She started to kiss me rapid fire.

“Easy Becka, easy. I am really sore. Can you just lay on top of me and squeeze my dick with your thighs again? That felt so nice last night.”

“Do you want me to put it in my mouth again? I kind of liked that.”

“If you want to. I kind of liked it too.”

She pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang up, pointing at the ceiling. She removed her pajama bottoms completely, for the first time. She gingerly climbed up and mounted my stomach like sitting a horse. She leaned forward until we were chest to chest and then closed her tight thighs around my erection, trapping it against her lightly hairy pussy. The began moving her hips up and down, spreading her sex moisture on my shaft, making it slippery. I gently thrust upward. I moved my hands up her body until her nipples were within pinching range. I felt those hard nubbins and my cock moving between her legs and I knew I was close.
“I’m close Becka.” I expected her to move down and put my cock in her mouth so I could blow. I didn’t expect her to straddle my stomach, reach behind her and point the head of my cock into her tiny vaginal opening. “What are you doing?” I hissed trying to stop her. I was too late. She was already flowing juices and though extremely tight, her cunt was fully lubed. I felt her pelvis settle against mine, my cock fully impaling her. Both of our virginities were gone. “Becka, stop!” Instead of stopping, she began to grind her groin against mine, my cock trapped in her deepest reaches. “Becka, stop it now!” but my protests were weak at best. She leaned forward and my shaft started to slide out, then she sat back up and I was buried again. She changed her position so her knees were on my stomach and her feet were against my hips. She started riding me, slow and steady. I couldn’t help it, I started humping up to meet her, matching her rhythm.
“Oh god Pauly! This feels so much better than I thought it would. “ Thinking back to having Rusty’s cock buried in my ass, I knew how good it really could feel.

“We should have waited,” I protested. “Until you were older.”

“You might not want me then. You have a girlfriend now. She might be the girl you want to stick your thing into. Then where does that leave me?”

“It…. Leaves……. You…… As….. The ……. Girl…… I …… Will …….Al…..Ways…..Want……” That was enough. I flooded my little sister’s tiny womb with my seed. My orgasm sent her over the top. I had to pull her head into my shoulder so she could moan and buck without making enough noise to wake our parents in the next room. Coitus complete, we just lay there kissing each other. For the rest of our lives we would be each other’s first. No matter how many men or women came through our lives, we would always share that. After resting for ten minutes, she eased out of bed and slipped into her pajamas again. Then she slipped out our door and went to the bathroom. I wiped my dick with my hand and licked it clean. Then I took the damp towel from the ice pack and gave it a thorough wipe down. When I finished, I pulled up my shorts and expected to go right to sleep. Instead, my sister climbed into bed with me and lay against me, her back to my front. My cock rose again in appreciation and she trapped it between her pajama clad thighs. That’s how I went to sleep, the first night of varsity football practice.


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