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Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5.6
Senior Year Continued.

I wake to a warm wet sensation on my cock, looking down I see Beth has my cock half
way in her little 10 year old throat. Her eyes grow big with excitement as she notices I’m
awake. My cock pops out her mouth a long her saliva runs down her chin and drops to her
small breast covering her little erect nipple.

“I need to be fucked” she says in a sultry yet childish voice making my cock twitch.

I look to my side and Cindy is snuggled into me cooing in her sleep. I must have feel asleep
when I laid down with her after. I wanted some more of her sweet little pussy now, especially
after that dream. Cheryl has the twins and is laying on the other side of Cindy with the same
look in her eyes as Beth.

No I wasn’t becoming soft or gaining feelings it was a logical decision. If I had taken her like
my dream First should would be scared for life and Carol would be pissed about losing a new
asset. Second Cheryl would surely never let me touch any of them again. Third I know Cheryl
needs money now so I can easily take advantage of that later. Plus little Cindy will be my eager
slut from now on I’m sure.

Little Beth was a different story she could handle a good hard fucking and that’s what she was
going to get. She got up on all fours and wiggled her little bald 10 year old ass at me, the little
slut was taunting me. Dam these little sluts need to grow some legs I think as I kneel behind
her and her ass only reaches me mid thigh.

“Chair” is all I had to say.

Beth took off in a flash, squealing like a school girl. I stopped by the toy cabinet and picked up
A few thing before joining her. She had taped her own little boney legs in already so I finished
up her arms, waist and chest. This wasn’t your standard OB chair.

I pulled the chair over and sat down and spread her little legs wide until she grunted with a little
pain then locked them in. Her body was 10 but the little pussy splayed open in front me had many
more years of maturity then most 18 year olds.

Her lips were full and swollen and a deep pink almost red. They were also much longer and very
wet I could tell from just looking. Her little clit stood tall at the apex where her lips meet. She
had a very musky moist smell which made my cock twitch when I inhaled.

I leaned in and took a long lick running my tongue inside her hot little hole then up between her
delicate wet folds to her clit. I sucked her little clit into my mouth which was meet with a thrust
of her hips and a long moan.

I slide two finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her hard as I sucked on her clit. Her
Hips bucking as much as the straps would allow and moaning. As her body tensed up for her first
orgasm I slipped a finger into her little ass as well. Then as she started to cum I took her little clit
Between my teeth and bit softly as I pulled away stretching her clit as my teeth held it.

She screamed moaned and jerked in pain and pleasure as her body orgasmed. I picked up the string
Of anal bead and inserted the first one it was about the size of a quarter. I continued finger fucking
Her as I worked the rest in, 7 in all the last one being the size of a small lemon. She grunted and
yelped as the last one slipped past her anus ring.

I stood up and placed my cock at her pussy and pushed in. I didn’t slam into her but it
was a fast and hard enough to make her scream softly. My cock buried in her womb
I leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth. Making one swirl over the erect nipple
With my tongue before sucking it into my mouth and taking it between my teeth.

Her soft moan quickly changed to a yelp as my teeth dug into her sensitive nipple and
pulled stretching it until I seen her eyes tear up before I released it and she gasped.
her eraser sized nipple was now flat and about twice as long. Her body tensed when
I took the other in my mouth. I teased it for a moment let her fear build before I bit and
stretched it even further.

The first nipple had returned to normal and I took it once more. This time after I released it
I put a nipple clamp on which she rewarded me with a loud grunt for. Both nipples now
clamped I began fucking her little pussy hard and fast. Pulling the chain that ran between
the two clamps stretching her sore sensitive nipples as I did.

When her body tensed and she started to cum I had her nipples pulled hard. I released them then
slapped her face hard. Then waited a minute and pulled her nipples back then released them
followed by a slap. She cried out from the pain, then pleasure, then pain, then pleasure hitting her
body simultaneously. I continued rotating I seemed to keep her body in a constant orgasmic state.

Her body quivered as she orgasmed for what seemed like 5 minutes. She was drenched in sweat
and panting like a dog when she finally quick shaking. Her little pussy was burning hot and
dripping wet as I pounded her 10 year old pussy deep into her womb. Her body was exhausted but
After a few minutes she began moaning softly and humping her little hips.

I had to let my mind wander to non sexual things to hold off cumming till I felt her tense up again.
I repeated the process of pain then pleasure. I waited until her orgasm had peaked and was subsiding
then I gave one last her deep thrust into her and yanked the anal beads from her ass. She screamed
then moaned as I shoot hot cum into her womb. Her body jerked violently as she orgasmed again.
I pulled the chain then released it dragging it out until her body went limp in the chair.

She was all but passed out panting for air when I adjusted the chair slightly and pushed my still hard
Cock into her gaping little asshole. I slid in easily to the base then pulled back and inserted a 12”
dildo into her, it was nice and fat and had a big flared base so each time I drove into her ass it pushed
against my groin and I drove it into her. This time it there was no cycle the pain and pleasure were
given together. I fucked her hard and keep her nipples stretched until we both came again.

Her body laid limp in the chair as I pulled my cock from her ass and walked over to the bed. Cheryl
Smiled and sucked my cock into her mouth. After I went undue Beth’s limp body from the chair.
She was out cold exhausted and wet from sweat as I carried her to the bed and laid her down.

Cindy was awake now.
“Clean her up with your tongue” I told her as I headed for a shower.

I turned the water on and as the hot steam hit my body I felt two small hand slid around my waist.

“I thought you was supposed to clean your sister” I say seeing Cindy standing eye to eye with my

“Mom says a man shouldn’t shower alone, she’ll clean Beth I’m supposed to clean you” she says
looking at my limp cock.

I had to kneel down but she washed my whole body with her little hand and soap. Then I stood up and
She washed my legs and groin. She washed my groin for a long time the little slut.
When her little soapy hand washed my ass I got a little tingle in my groin as her little
fingers rubbed my anus.

I leaned against the wall and spread my legs and she washed it some more.
“Lick it clean” I tell her wanting to feel that tongue on my ass.

I fell her little hands cup each cheek the pull exposing my ass to her. She puts her face in and
Licks. My ass puckers and tighten at the feel. Her little slimy tongue starts making little circles
Then tries to enter. Then I feel her nudge her face in more and her little lips encircle my anus.
My cock starts getting hard as she licks and suck my ass. Her tongue finally penetrates my anus
and slides inside my.

“God I wish her little tongue was longer” I mumble to myself as her little tongue probes into me
only about 2 inches. My cock was nearly hard and when her little hand reach under and began
massaging my balls it was hard. She felt my hard cock and moaned into my ass.

I leaned against the wall enjoying the feeling until her little mouth broke from my ass and the cool
air on my wet anus jerked me back to reality. I thought we were finished until I felt her little finger
pushing against my anus. Her little finger was so small it slipped even though my ass was
tensed up.

It felt weird inside me as her little finger probed around. She hit a spot and I jerked then she stopped
and came around in front me. She looked up at me and took my cock into her mouth. One hand on
My cock as she worked it the other slipped back around to my ass. This time two little fingers went
inside me. There wasn’t any probing she went right back to the spot that was sensitive. Her little
fingers knew right what they were doing as she milk the cum from my cock into her waiting little
mouth in minutes.

After I bathed her we returned to the bed it was 2 am and I was spent. Beth was dead to the world
and Cindy snuggled right up and we went to sleep.

The next morning I woke to Cindy on my chest straddling me. Cheryl was suck my cock to get it
Hard as she laid on my chest waiting. I keep my eyes closed pretending to sleep.

“Put it in mom” Cindy whispers.
“It’s not hard yet” Cheryl mumbles with my cock in her mouth.

“Hurry up mom” Cindy says impatiently
“Sshh you little slut” Cheryl replies.

After hearing that my cock grows, it wasn’t completely hard yet when Cheryl put it to her 8 year
Old daughters pussy hole. Cindy pushed back hard as soon as she felt the head at her hole. I jumped
in pain as her hole was too tight and my half hard cock was bent in half. I smacked her ass then took
My cock and rubbed it between her wet little lips till it was hard then pushed the head inside her.

Her little pussy was still super tight and a lot sorer then she thought as she yelped when it went in.
She was determined to fuck her way out the pain though and didn’t relent until she felt my cum
shooting into her womb.

As Cindy cleaned my cock I teased Beth’s sore nipples with my tongue until she woke up. I wasn’t
Sure what to expect when she woke after last night. She kissed me hard, her little tongue went straight
into my mouth. When our kiss broke she just starred in my eyes, hers were filled with lust.

Well I guess she not upset I say to myself and slap her on the ass
“Breakfast time” I say hearing the knock at the door. After breakfast I laid down and Beth
fucked me nice and slow while Cindy eat her moms pussy. After we all just laid there until
check out time.

Molly had a smile and gave me a big kiss when I meet her in the waiting area. It looks like
Her night went well both her little holes were sore and still had cum leaking from them I
notice when I raised her little skirt to tease her.

Once in the car Molly says “JJ stop at the drug store”
Curiously I ask “Why”
“The doc gave my a prescription, he says it’ll help my develop faster. Hormones I think he
called them” she says hold the paper up.

Once home we showered and I headed out to the pool in the back to relax and take a nap. I
Had just dozed off when I heard a little girl. I look over and its Alessa’s daughter. Rachel knew
About the little game me and Molly had been playing and invited her and her daughter over
for a swim.

I sat back drink my beer as I watched Alessa play in the pull with her daughter. She wore a light
red bikini which contrasted well with her light olive colored skin. The top was very small and
Barely covered her B cup breast. As she played with the girls her dark areolas around her nipples
would show.

The bottom didn’t leave much to the imagination either, they tied on each hip and barely covered
her nice round ass. The bottoms seemed a little small and I could easily see her camel toe. Show
She had some nice full lips, my mouth watered wandering what she tasted like. Then went to what
those lips would feel like wrapped around my hard cock as it slid inside her.

I sent Rachel inside to get naked in the den. Then called Molly over to set the plan in motion.
It was a smile plan hot day cold lemonade in the refrigerator which just happened to give you
a good view of the den.

I Had Rachel lay over a large bean bag and spread her legs wide. Her ass was high in the air and her
head on the floor. I walked to the refrigerator and looked. Perfect view her long full pussy lips were
visible and her little hard clit could be seen once it poked out. I looked out the window and Molly
was sending Alessa after the drinks.

I had a small thin leather cover ruler the kind with several layers so it made a loud smacking sound
with each hit. I also inserted a nice set of anal beads in Rachel only the string and metal ring hanging
as visual evidence it was there.

SMACK and Rachel moans
SMACK and another moan

I see Alessa take a step to the ice box the back up and stop

“Count loud slut” I say

SMACK “One Master”
SMACK “Two Master”

Alessa has move back peering in the door way her body still concealed by the wall.
Rachel’s ass had already turned her milky white ass red.

SMACK “Three Master”
SMACK “Four Master”

Rachel was squirming as her pussy got wet and I could hear alessa’s breathing as she inhaled
then exhaled after each smack.

SMACK “Five Master”
SMACK “Six Master”

Rachel is definitely wet I can smell her moisture faintly in the air. Alessa has moved into the
door slightly and her right nipple is hard and poking against the fabric.

SMACK “Seven Master” she says now in a moaning voice as she counts.
SMACK “Eight Master”

I can’t see Alessa’s hand but her arm is moving in a rhythmic pattern.

SMACK “Nine Master”
SMACK “Ten Master”

Rachel sits up and faces the door. Alessa duck out of site.

I cup Rachel’s Left breast in my hand then

Smack “One Master”
Smack “Two Master”
Smack “Three Master”
Smack “Four Master”
Smack “Five Master”

Her nipples now hard and the red marks on her breasts easy to see. Alessa’s head popped
Back out after the second smack. Her hand was now visible and it was squeezing her own
Breast with each smack. By the fifth smack I heard her moan softly.

I leaned over and sucked Rachel’s nipple which elicited another moan from Alessa. I cupped
the left breast and began.

Smack “One Master”
Smack “Two Master”
Smack “Three Master”
Smack “Four Master”
Smack “Five Master”

Alessa moaned with each smack as she pinched her own nipples hard and squeezed her breasts.
Rachel’s little pussy was oozing juices as I sucked her nipple after and rubbed her. Rachel laid
On the chair and spread wide exposing her wet cunt for Alessa. Alessa just stood there still
rubbing her own breasts.

SMACK “Yelp” “One Master” she says as the thin ruler smacks across her wet pussy lip and clit.
SMACK “Yelp” “Two Master”

Alessa’s hand has move to her pussy. She doesn’t put her hand inside but instead pushes the suit
down exposing her own shaven little pussy and glistening wet lips. Her two middle fingers slide
into her pussy and come out covered in her juices before they begin rubbing her little clit hard.

Smack “YELP” “Three Master”
SMACK “YELP” “Four Master”

Rachel was ready to cum her hips were humping and she was moaning. Her hand
Was between her legs fingering her pussy between smacks. Alessa I’m sure wasn’t
far behind her from the feverish pace she was rubbing her clit.

SMACK “YELP” “Five Master”

I then rubbed her sore little clit and finger fucked her. It was only a minute before she
Tensed up and began to cum. I pulled the beads slowly from her ass one plop at a times.
Alessa froze just starring as the large beads were pulled from Rachel’s ass. After the
Second Alessa rubbed her clit wet more vigor and began to cum. Leaning against the
door at first then sliding to the floor as her legs became weak.

Alessa ended up leaned against the wall sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide. Her
top was gone and she was moaning and shaking as she came. She never noticed I was standing
in the door watching her cum.

Her breathe slowed and her eyes opened slowly then quickly got big I was squatting only inches
from her. I reached between her legs to her exposed wet pussy and used two finger to slide inside
Her. Nice and hot I could still feel her pussy contracting from her orgasm. I removed them and
sucked the juice. Just as I thought sweet.

Alessa just laid there frozen as I leaned in close to her ear. Taking one nipple in each hand. Her
Body instantly tenses up. As I squeeze pinching her nipples hard she moans.

“You know you have one breast is slightly bigger then the other” I whisper in her ear.

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