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Bonnie's husband takes off, but that is just the start
Being the CTO of the firm I work for has been a very rewarding experience. Other than the money, the respect I receive is enormous.

I was hard at work figuring out a particularly difficult issue involving the purchase of firewall hardware, trying to determine which would be best at combating the specific types of spam we get, when a knock came at my door. It was my secretary, who for the first time in five years, was late to work. I am a pretty easy going boss, so I smiled and put down the reports from my managers on the firewalls, and sat her down. I offered her some coffee (I know, I know, most CTOs do not get their own coffee, but I had a pot in my office as I needed my secretary to do real work, not just catering to my needs.)

She accepted with tears in her eyes. I had rarely seen the woman weep, so I knew something odd was going on.

Mrs. Johnston was a middle aged redhead, plump and motherly. I knew she had two kids from the pictures on her desk, and a husband who, from overheard conversations at the water cooler, figuratively speaking, was more wrapped up in himself than his family. I felt somewhat sorry for her having gotten mixed up with such a man.

I calmed her down, and she began to speak.

"He left me for another woman! The bastard took his car and his clothes, left me with the kids, and took off with some floozy from his work. He said I had gotten old and fat and that no man in his right mind would be turned on by me!"

With that, she broke down into tears again. Now, I am not heartless, and her plight touched me.

"Mrs. Johnston, how much do I pay you?"

She stopped for a moment, a look of fear in her eyes.

"$20 an hour," she said in a small voice.

"Well, from today on, you make $25 an hour. Now that you are on your own, you are going to need the money for your kids."

Her eyes glazed for a second, and they she began looking at my left eye, then my right, then back to my left eye again, and so on. I had noticed that behavior in those that really wanted to make eye contact. She placed her right hand on her upper chest. I glanced at it, and suddenly noticed her ample bosom.

"Oh, sir..."

He lip was trembling like a small child's. I could not, for some reason, take my eyes off her. There was something about the whole scene which struck me somewhere. I found myself lustily running my eyes down her body, around her breasts, down her plump tummy, and suddenly had an image of her legs discreetly pressed together, hiding the hairy (smooth? I wondered if she was the kind to shave) snatch which had birthed her two kids.

I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to banish the guilty but pleasurable image my mind had conjured. I began to turn away, then remembered a project that I had for her.

"Mrs. Johnston, can you arrange a babysitter tonight? I hate to tell you on such short notice, but I need you to work late on the acceptable use policy. I need to present it in the morning to the board."

She wiped her eyes with a tissue, then nodded.

"Yes, sir."

She got up and left, with my eyes watching her bouncing ass all the way out the door.

What was it about her? Normally, I was attracted by thin, young blonds, of which there were plenty for a man of my position. I rarely brought them home for the night, as I tried to focus on my job more than my personal life.

But, for some reason, Mrs. Johnston, who I had never really looked at in that way before, had caused my cock to do a full salute. I was thankful for the desk, as she could not see my reaction.

The rest of the day flew by, and as the rest of the workers filtered out of the building, Mrs. Johnston and I continued to work. As the sun went down, we were still plugging away at it.

Finally, at close to eight, Mrs. Johnston stuck her head in.

"I've finished with the AUP. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Something caught my attention. I am not sure what it was, but for some reason I motioned her in.

"Can we talk, Mrs. Johnston?"

She hesitated for a moment, then came in and sat down. Again, I had to force myself to not stare at her.

"Mrs. Johnston? Can I call you Bonnie?"

She blushed, and then nodded.

"Bonnie. I just wanted to tell you I am sorry about what happened with your husband. If there is anything I can do, just let me know."

She seemed torn for a moment. She rubbed her hands together nervously.

"Sir, are you married?" she finally asked.

"Call me Sean, and, no, I am not married, nor have I ever been."


"No girlfriend."

She got an odd look on her face and, after a moment, hesitantly asked, "Boyfriend?"

I laughed, as I tend to do when nervous. "No, I'm straight."

She stood up, and came very close to me.

"Am I sexy, Sean? Am I still young enough to turn men's heads?" She pressed up against me.

"I, uh," I stuttered as I felt my cock spring to life in my pants. I backed away a bit. I think she felt both. Her face fell for a second when I pulled away, but I unconsciously turned, pressing my stiffy into her hip. She smiled.

"I guess that answers my question," she said, her voice husky. She dropped her hand down, and lightly brushed my erection.

I put my hand on my desk, hitting my office recorder. At best, I wanted this on tape for later use. At worst, legal protection.

She continued to gently massage my cloth covered bulge.

"Do you want me?" she asked. She did not give me a chance to answer before she started again, "I don't know what my husband saw in that woman. I am a woman who loves to please men. I never once said no to him, not when he wanted to do me from behind, not when he wanted a blow job, never. I would let him cum on my face, on my breasts, anywhere he wanted to. He knew I would do anything to please him sexually. There is nothing I would not do for him. I even let him bring the occasional third person into bed with us. He and his best friend did me at the same time, he was in my pussy, and his best friend..." she whispered, "...was up my butt."

She began to unzip my zipper. I couldn't have stopped her if I wanted to. I guess I was in shock from her behavior.

"And when he wanted to bring women in, I let him. I let him whip me, and I whipped him when he wanted it." She deftly pulled my cock through my boxers, and I felt her smooth, cool hands wrap around my meat, stroking it slowly. "I just don't understand what she could do for him that I couldn't. Do you want a blow job?"

I nodded, still in shock. She dropped into a crouch, and I watched my turgid pole disappear into her mouth. I felt her throat open up as she deep throated me, letting the head of my cock slide down to her tonsils. She worked over my knob with an expert talent, tongue dancing along the shaft and hands elegantly helping as she turned her mouth into an oral vagina.

As she wetly and noisily slipped up and down my shaft, I felt myself getting larger than I ever had. She was so good at it that I felt my balls begin to catch fire as my orgasm began to build. Suddenly, she pushed the thumb of her left hand hard into the base of my cock, stopping my orgasm in its tracks. I sat back on my desk as she did, desperate to cum, but enjoying her ministrations too much to want her to stop.

Suddenly, she did. She pulled me out, kissing the head as she did. She looked up at me with glittering eyes.

"So, do you think I am good?" she said innocently.

"Bonnie, that was the best blow job I have ever had," I said, honestly.

"If I let you fuck me, will that change anything between us?" she asked.

"As far as I am concerned, none of this is really happening," I said, remembering the cameras in the corners recording all of this.

She stood back up, adjusting her skirt. I realized she must have been playing with herself as she sucked me. She pressed against me, kissing me on the lips. I felt her tongue pressing against my lips, and with no small amount of joy, I let her tongue into my mouth. We stood there, kissing and hold each other for a moment, my solid, saliva cover cock pressed against three layers of fabric covering her crotch. She began to grind against me, tummy pressing against me, hips moving fluidly and seductively. She brought the front of her skirt up, allowing my naked cock to slip between her legs, and up against her soaked pantyhose and panties. She pushed away from me for a moment, and peeled her pantyhose and panties down.

I looked down at my desk and suddenly found myself very glad that I kept it clean. She pulled me away from the desk, and sat down. She unbuttoned her blouse, and unsnapped her bra in the front. Her breasts, although old and having nursed two children, were amazingly firm. She leaned back on the desk, spreading her legs as far as the pantyhose and panties would allow her. I watched her chubby pussy lips pull apart slightly, showing me how wet she was. I reached into my pocket to get a condom.

"Oh, Sean, don't worry about that. I am clean, and I had a tubal last year. You aren't going to get me pregnant or get sick from me. Just bring me that hard cock!"

I shrugged and slid between her legs, and held my cock at her sticky opening. He natural fluids were very viscous, much more so that I was used to, and I found myself very comfortable with the head of my cock resting just at her opening, warmth spreading out from her neglected snatch.

"Please," she gasped, "please fuck me."

I needed no further encouragement, and pressed the crown of my pole between the folds of her delicious flower, spreading her open with my girth. I was surprised to find that she was as tight as any woman I had ever been inside, and realized how much I had missed unprotected sex. The entire scene, Mrs. Johnston on my desk, panties and pantyhose in disarray, with my cock penetrating her wonderful pussy, was almost enough to push me into orgasm, but I held back, wanting this to last.

I began to slam fuck her, pounding in and out of her.

"Slow down, honey, you don't need to kill me with that monster," she sighed. I slowed a bit, still eager to be inside of her.

We got into a rhythm, sliding my cock in and out of her. I knew she could feel every inch of me, as every penetration brought wonderful sounds from her. I found myself reluctantly sliding out of her, and sliding back into her with a great amount of joy.

We were fucking like people ride a roller coaster. Every twist and turn brought more joy. I felt Bonnie slip into a long string of orgasms, and felt my balls tighten and tickle as mine was sure to follow.

Finally, her chain came to a close, and I pushed into her as far as I could, and released a stream of semen, quickly followed by another. She felt me filling her with my seed, and it drove her to a massive single orgasm, milking my cock for all the sticky white cum in it. She screamed as she came, pulling me against her, smashing my face into her wonderful breasts. I felt my orgasm waning, and finally I slid out of her, leaving our combined juices to flood out of her and onto my desk.

She lay there, breasts bouncing as she panted, spread open and leaking sperm and lubricant, panties around one leg, pantyhose piled on the floor next to her shoes. All in all, it was a very erotic sight, and I stood to the side so that the cameras could get a good view of her.

The next day, she returned to work as happy as she had been a week before. She treated me no differently, although every once in a while, when we worked late, we repeated the events of that first night. We used each other, sure, but neither of us cared, and when I found a girlfriend, she was only a little sad to end our nighttime play.

I still think about her from time to time, and what we did. I am now married with a couple of kids of my own, but every once in a while I have a dream about her. She turned me on to larger women, and my wife is tickled that someone of my position would pass by the waifish blonds for a nice, plump redhead. Occasionally, she goes on some fad diet, but I just let her know I love her for who she is, and not what she looks like, and she eventually lets go of the idea of losing weight. I wonder if she knows that it is my lust, not my love, which prefers her with soft curves, plump breasts, and a nice, puffy pussy.


2006-01-26 09:54:11
This is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo flap self. Cant even write a good story.. Tooo Predictive.


2005-10-28 11:07:56
now THAt was VERY nice! more please


2005-08-31 01:14:52
Hey, honkey orange and critic can kiss my ass! This story was great. yur just jealous.


2005-08-23 05:33:09
not to good


2005-08-20 03:21:44
it really didnt do much for me i thought it needed more detail. And honestly who wants to hear a story end like that. it was way to abrupt it went from middle to end in like a second next time try and put more detail and try and ween into the ending more instead of snap crackle pop bing bang boom done, HAHAHOLLA overall a decent story but take y advice it might actually get somebody off if you do and isnt that what you wrote it for. sry if thatz mean but i tell it like i see it. Sorry again i dont really like to be mean but i think you should consider fixing it cuz it did nothing for me. BUH BYE.

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