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This is a sequel to SUMMER I TURNED 13.
Matt finnishes off the summer right.

SUMMER I TURNED 13: Late Summer

The last part of the summer had been pretty uneventful. Jeff and I still hung out, and we were more open with each other. But we never did anything like we did that one day down by the creek, with Bob. There were times when it seemed like we might try something, but neither of us would make the first move.

I thought about that day down by the creek a lot when I jerked off. But I was also thinking about girls a lot more lately, too. I made out with Misty Shelton a few times at the end of the summer, and tried to get her to put her hand down my pants. That didn’t work out too well.

But then in mid-august a few days before school started, I got pissed off at my family. I took off on my bike and rode the five miles into town. I wanted to get out of the country and check out the City pool and maybe see some friends if they were swimming.

I went in to the pool locker room and it looked like I had caught a swimming class of 12 to 14 year old boys showering after their lesson. I got naked in front of them and it all kinda came back. I watched them as I undressed, about 13 naked boys around my age. It was just one big communal shower room, just like it was at school.

As I undressed I felt a little more confident with some sexual experience under my belt. I’m not sure why, and I guess at the time it didn’t dawn on me that it was all with other boys, funny stuff.

But watching all these naked boys showering and horsing around in the big shower, carefree with their cocks flopping about, got me thinking about the first part of the summer. It made me think that perhaps some of these boys had jerked each other off and gave each other blow jobs.

I could see them all sucking on each other’s cocks out of desperation for some kind of release.

By the time I was naked my dick was feeling a little too much blood flow. Just thinking about all the blow jobs they’ve probley shared. I quickly put my swim suit on and got out of the locker room.

I walked out of the changing room, and into the hot sun. It helped a bit to bring me back to reality. But I couldn’t shake the thought of all those naked cocks.

It wasn’t too long ago I was called a natural cock sucker. But also it wasn’t that long ago I had my hand up Misty Shelton’s skirt almost on her pussy, she pushed my hand away, but I was close.
Was it as simple that? Would I just take what I could get at any moment?

Too much to think about, I jumped in the cold water.

The city pool was pretty big, but there were a lot of kids there today. It was Hot, as I had learned from my trek into town on my bike. It was worth it though, I can get back by dinner and nobody will know I came into town.
I swam around for a bit trying to find any friends but it was pretty crowded. I recognized a few faces but didn’t see one person I knew. After a bit I decided to just take a shower and bike back home.

I walked into an empty locker room and felt relieved that I was alone. I took my wet swim suit off, and strutted around naked. I checked out my flaccid cock in the floor to ceiling mirror as I walked by it. My dick seems to have grown a bit since the beginning of summer. And the hair was coming in quite nicely, I thought, anyway.

I walked into the big communal shower block and turned the nob on one of the shower heads. I started getting hard thinking about all the naked boys that where in here a while ago. After what happened with Jeff and Bob down by the creek, I couldn’t help but think about those boys doing the same thing. And it was becoming clearer and clearer that it might not be a gay thing. It might just be about the release. After my experience with Misty it seemed it might be easier to get a teenage boy to suck your dick, then a teenage girl. Or maybe us guys are just in the same desperate boat together.

So I knew at least a few of those guys had traded blow jobs, and jerked each other off.

I soaped up my body as I thought about these things. But it was apparent my cock was in need of some attention. I soaped it up and started stroking it.
I knew it wouldn’t take long, because for some reason I could jerk off in half the time in public places, it was kinda neat.
But just when I really got going and closed my eyes, I heard the Locker room door open. I opened my eyes and thought for a second that I could finish before they came into the shower. But, almost immediately in my peripheral vision I could see somebody come into the shower block. I turned my body so my hard on pointed towards the corner of the shower. I tried to act like everything was normal.

“You’re done with the pool too.” The voice came from behind me. I knew it was Mike Bird before I even turned my head around.

“Oh, hey Mike.” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. But inside I was screaming. Pointing my hard cock towards to corner of the shower block, all I could think was, ‘fucking, Mike, fucking, Bird, I didn’t even see him swimming’ I thought this was cruel and unusual punishment.

Mike took the shower next to mine. I tried to look like I was just having a normal shower, but I couldn’t turn the front part of my body towards him, so the normal looking thing didn’t work out.

‘I don’t care if you have a boner.’ Mike said, ‘you can shower like normal. Hell, you can even jerk off if you want, I’ve done it in front of you.’ He chuckled, ‘I don’t care.’

I turned around slowly, exposing my four and a half inch hard cock, with a nervous smile.

Mike laughed at me. ‘Don’t worry about it dude.’ With that Mike pulled down his swim trunks. His rather fat cock flopped out. “Juicy” was all I could think when it flopped out. It had a great looking head on it, and it seems like it’s gotten a little bigger since I saw him jerking off in the locker room last year, defiantly fatter.

I had never had a fat cock in my mouth, Bobs was big but not very thick. Jeff’s was a nice size but also not very thick. Standing there stairing at Mike’s dick I wanted to jerk off so bad, I needed it. I guess my face showed this, because Mike looked at me stairing at his chubby dick, and then looked at my ragging hard-on bobbing around.

‘Go ahead and jerk off, man. I’m going to.’ Mike said as I watched his dick grow into what looked like a full six inches.

Mike looked at my cock, while he soaped up his own and started stroking it.
‘I hope you don’t mind.’ He said. ‘But I’ve needed this.’

‘So do I’, I said. Then thought fuck it. And soaped up my own cock and started stroking it again. We watched each other jerk off in the locker room until we heard the door open again.

‘Goddamnit,’ I said ‘that’s the second time that’s happened in the last ten minutes.’ Mike laughed. ‘Let’s get out of here. It’s too crowded here today anyway’ He said ‘I know a place.’

Outside of the pool we got on our bikes. ‘If we take Douglas road, you can swing by my place before you go home.’ He said, ‘It would be a little bit longer of a ride for you, but.’

Without hesitation, I said, ‘Yeah, I can ride with you to your place.’

We took off on our bikes. Mike lived about two miles out of town. We stopped to piss once but got hard-ons by the time we zipped up.

When we were on our bikes again, Mike asked if I wanted to smoke some pot.
‘You have pot?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, my cousin, He’s gonna be a senior this year, he stayed with us a few weeks this summer. He got me high for the first time and left me some when he went back home.’

‘What’s it like.’ I asked.

‘It’s cool,’ Mike said, ‘you feel kinda floaty, and it makes everything feel so much better.’

I said, ‘cool’, even thought I had no idea what he was talking about.

Mikes dogs met us at the end of the drive way to his family’s ranch. Mike cut into the grass towards the barn, and I was eager to follow him. We dropped our bikes outside the barn and walked into the cool dark air.

‘We just filled most of the loft with hay.’ Mike said, ‘but when we were putting it up I made sure there was an open corner, so I could hide and be by myself.’ He climbed up the latter to the hay loft; I followed, asking, ‘Will anybody come out here?’

‘Not likely, this time of day.’

We had to climb over a few bales of hay to get to the corner of the loft. An old dirty window let some light through into the little corner. Hay bales blocked the rest of the barn. Mike looked at me. ‘Even if somebody came in here they wouldn’t be able to see us.’

‘Cool’ I said a little nervous, not knowing what was about to happen. But I can tell you I was hard as fuck.

‘This is a cool hide out.’ I said looking around. It looked like it was about ten foot by ten foot with big piles of hay covering the floor. One interesting thing was a nightstand sitting in the corner of the loft. It had some books on it a half drank bottle of KD and a glass pipe.

‘Yeah, it’s pretty cool.’ Mike said. ‘I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but most of the time I just sit up here naked and smoke pot and jerk off.’ He walked over to the night stand and grabbed the pipe. ‘You wanna try it?’

I looked at the pipe. ‘Yeah, why not’

‘Cool’ Mike said and took a hit off the pipe. He blew out a big cloud of smoke and started coughing. He laughed a little and handed me the pipe. ‘It seems to be good stuff so we’ll only need a hit or two. I’m not very experienced and this is your first time.’

‘First time for what?’ I said awkwardly.

Mike gave me a look, ‘Smoking pot. Isn’t it?’

I got a little red and lowered my head, ‘Yeah, right, sorry.’

I sheepishly took the pipe and took a hit. The smoke made me cough, but it tasted really good. I laughed and turned to hand the pipe to Mike. He already had his shorts off and was taking off his shirt. I was taken aback seeing Mike standing there in his tight underwear. I handed him the pipe as he threw his shirt on the floor.

‘Jerking off when you’re stoned feels really great too.’ Mike said, ‘you should try it. After you got interrupted twice in the locker room, I bet you need a release.’ I started undressing.

‘Well, when your right, your right.’ I said. Mike laughed as he took another hit off the pipe. We were now both in our underwear with our cocks visibly wanting to get out. I took the pipe and took another hit. Mike sat down in a pile of hay, and took a swig off the bottle of whisky. He offered the bottle, and it was gladly had.

I sat next to Mike on the pile of hay, it felt itchy but I felt the pot taking over and didn’t seem to mind. I felt relaxed in a way I had never felt. I guess this showed in my appearance because Mike looked at me and laughed, I couldn’t help it, I had to laugh too. Then we just sat there, waiting. I felt so horny I couldn’t stand it. It got the best of me and I pulled down my underwear.

Mike looked at my cock as I pulled my underwear down. ‘You got a nice looking piece.’ Mike pulled his underwear off.

I looked at his thick cock laying against his stomach, ‘I guess.’ I said. ‘But yours is a lot thicker.’ Mike grabbed his dick and stoked it a few times. ‘It does have a good feel to it.’ He said and laughed; I laughed and started stroking my own cock. Instantly I could feel the difference. I felt like I was melting into the pile of hay as I stroked my cock.

I looked over and Mike was doing the same. His balls were so big. They hung nice and low and were flapping up and down off his taint. It had to be the heat because my sack was also hanging low; it feels so nice when its warm and it hangs in such a way. And apparently it looked hot too, because I couldn’t take my eyes off Mike’s balls smacking against his taint and hand. I moaned out loud.

‘It feels great, doesn’t it?’ Mikes said.

A long low ‘Yeeaahh’, was all I could muster.

So that’s how it went me and Mike sitting naked in the hay jerking off, and boy did I feel like I was in another world. Without asking or even thinking to ask we just stared at each others cocks as we jerked off.

Mike looked up at my face. ‘Hey, Matt.’

‘Yeah’ I said. Feeling a nice pressure building up in my balls.

‘Have you ever jerked off another guy?’ That stopped me. ‘No.’ I said. ‘But I’ve sucked a few cocks in my time.’ I thought very loudly, but did not say out loud.

Mike started to reach his hand over towards my cock. ‘Do you care if I try it?’ He asked as his hand hesitated.
Trying not to sound too eager I said. ‘Sure, let’s try it.’ With that Mike grabbed my cock and started stroking it up and down. I melted even further into the hay. It felt so great to have somebody else’s hand wrapped around my cock. My head was spinning in the most wonderful way. My breathing sped up and got louder.

I looked over at Mikes cock, and took it in my hand; it was so thick and felt so hot in my hand. We jerked each other off for a while. Our breathing got heaver and our moans got louder, until we got to a point where jerking each other off wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Breathing heavily Mike asked, ‘Did you ever tell anybody that you saw me jerking off in the locker room at school.’

‘No, why?’ I asked. Mike looked at me. ‘Cause, well I guess that means I owe you a blow job.’ Mike looked up at my face, ‘Right?’

‘Only if you want to.’ I said.
‘Don’t worry, Nobody will find out.’ Mike moved down between my legs making me spread them apart. He looked at me and said ‘I haven’t done this much, so..’ then he moved down towards my dick. He put his left hand under my right hip and grabbed my shaft with his right hand and started stroking it.

He spit on his hand and started getting it lubed up. It felt so great, his slick hand sliding up and down my shaft. He lowered his head and started tonguing my stretched out ball sack.

This guy seemed like he knew what he was doing. I laid my head back in the hay and watched the world around me explode into flowers and joy. Or something like that. Mike ran his tongue up my shaft and put the head of my cock in his mouth. At the same time he ran his tongue around my throbbing mushroom head.
‘Ohh, Mike.’ I moaned, ‘Fuck, I need this.’ Mike took my cock into his mouth for the first time. It was the best warmth I had ever felt in my life. He moved up and down my shaft in a loud slobbery way.

I was in heaven.

After a bit of mind blowing sucking, Mike pulled his mouth off my cock. ‘Do you care if I try something I saw in a porn once?’

I was in another world so I immediately submitted.

‘Yes,’ I moaned. Mike grabbed my legs and pulled my ass towards him, so my ass was in the air a bit. I gave him a questioning look.

‘Don’t worry.’ He said, and then he spit on his hand and started stroking my cock. He moved his head down to my nut sack and took it in his mouth. He sucked my balls a little, then moved his tongue under my sack and started licking my bald taint. The feeling was almost unbearable.

‘Oh, Oh, Oh, Fuck, Mike.’ Was what I think came out. He moved his tongue all over my taint, then He moved his head up and quickly took my cock into his mouth. He took a few slurps to get it lubed up and I almost came in his mouth.

‘I’m gonna cum,’ I yelled. Mike took his mouth off my cock.

‘Not yet.’ He said. He moved his mouth back down to my taint and started licking all around it and moving lower and lower. He grabbed my ass with both hands and started massageing it. His tongue made its way to my ass and slowly circled its way around my ass hole before making its way deep inside it. I saw electric sparks.

‘Oh, Mike.’ I breathed. Mike got my asshole nice and wet. He moved his tongue in and out of it, then slipped it out, moving his tongue up and down my taint.

He took my cock back in his hand and started stroking it again. He moved a finger to my ass hole and rubbed it a little before slowly slipping it in. I grunted with pleasure.

His finger in my ass woke me up a little. It felt weird but it still felt good. He started rubbing his finger along my prostate and before I could get over the shock of how great it felt he put his mouth back around my cock and started a rhythm with his finger in my ass.

Time went away. I’m not sure how long this went on before I lost it, and without warning my ass clinched around his finger and I shot the biggest load of the summer in Mike’s mouth. I dug my hands in his hair and pulled a little as he kept sucking my cock as I unloaded rope after rope. It was too much cum for him to take so it started dribbling out of Mike’s mouth sliding down my shaft. I let go of Mike’s hair and he slowly came up off my cock and slid his finger out of my ass.

I just laid there.

‘I hope that was, ok,’ Mike said, as he sat up. ‘I got a little carried away.’

I lifted my head up and looked at him. ‘Naw, it was great. I needed that. You have no idea.’ Mike looked down at his hard cock. ‘No I’ve got a pretty good Idea.’ He said.

‘Can I have another hit and a shot of whisky?’ I asked.


I sat up and took a hit and chased it with a pull of the whisky bottle. ‘Goddamn, that stuff tastes good.’ I looked over at Mike and his hard cock.

‘How about pay back?’ I said.

‘Uh, yeah,’ Mike said, ‘but I’ve never had a blow job before, so sorry if I act weird.’

‘But, you said you had had one in the locker room last year?’

Mike looked down, ‘Yeah, I was lying. But I’ve always wanted one; I’ve given a few but never got one. I just thought that if I gave you one, you might give one back.’

I took another pull off the bottle. ‘Looks like you were right.’ I flashed him a smile.

I spit on my hand and sat down next to Mike, and started stroking his cock up and down. I bent down and spit on the head of his cock to lube it up more. Mike moaned rubbing my arm and neck. He ran his fingers up my neck and through my hair. Out of pure need he pushed my head down to his cock. I ran my tongue around his big mushroom head and slowly took it in to my mouth.

‘Please keep going Matt.’ Mike breathed, ‘Please keep doing that.’ He ran his fingers through my hair and started slowly humping my face. He was so into it, his moaning was infectious, I started to moan too.

I moved my legs out behind me to get more comfortable. This put us in a kind of a 69.

Mike continued to moan and fuck my face until he realized that my hard cock was right next to his face. He let go of my head and turned onto his side. I now had access to his balls and took advantage. I licked his Smooth sack, and sucked his balls into my mouth. I felt his warm moist mouth envelop my cock and moaned with his balls in my mouth.

He sucked my cock with such hunger. It’s the same way I felt when Jeff was giving me my first blow job while I was giving one to Bob. You want to try to give the same pleasure that you are getting.

I took Mikes thick cock back in my mouth. It was a little more changeling then Bobs cock because it was so damn thick. But I was still taking it all in and could tell by the way Mike was moaning and the way he was sucking my cock, he was enjoying it.

Mike started to get a little out of control, slamming his cock in my mouth, and with him slurping up and down my cock it was too much. Mike moaned loudly and pulled my cock out of his mouth. ‘Matt, Matt, Matt,’ was all he could say as he started Cuming down my throat. It was so hot I started jerking myself off. Cum started pouring out around my lips, Just about then Mike took my cock back in his mouth and I came within two strokes of his mouth. We both moaned with the other cock in our mouth.

We drank and smoked a little as we got dressed. It didn’t seem as weird this time, I’m not sure why.

As I was leaving Mike said ‘ See you at school next week. We’ll be fuckin’ 8th graders.’ He looked down at the front of his tented shorts. ‘Gym class is going to be a bitch to get through now.’ We both laughed.

I rode my bike home trying to remember why I was pissed at my family in the first place.

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