Ok so this is the last chapter of the story I know that you have been waiting a long time for it and I appoligize I hope you like it there is no sex but still I hope any feedback is positive and I hope it brings a tear to your eye and pulls on the heart strings a bit. Also sorry for any mistakes and the lack of puncuation. I hope this is not to dissapointing

I didnt know what to do my heart sank. I felt like I had just lost my best friend. But there was no way to deny it on the six o clock news there it was a fireball streaking across the sky. I knew that it was my alien friends dying. I dont know how or why this happened and I suppose that I shall never know now. The "meteor" as the news caster described it was going to hit the ocean and sink to a depth that was at this point unreachable by ship. I made up my mind it was now or never the monster had to be destroyed. Now it was either it or me!

Three months thats how long I have been working for Keith Coleburn and his company. I've had no choice but to wait the security system is detailed. Guards at every entrance and exit. Cameras everywhere and doors that open only when the right key code is entered. I made the mistake of entering the wrong one after a very long day of work and I thought they were gonna kill me as every siren in the place went off. That was so embarrassing. I have also felt very uneasy and thats the only way I know to describe it, with the people that I work with. Dont get me wrong they are nice enough people and all that they carry on a conversation well and I can talk to them about anything. But when you talk to them its almost like talking to a robot I guess there tone is almost mono and there eyes almost seem like there is no one home.

I dont know maybe its just me or maybe its because we work so damn far underground in this facility that its got to some people and the only way they know how to deal with it is to just detach from them selves for a while. The closest I have gotten to the pod is to see it through a glass wall. At the moment I cant get any farther without getting killed either by it or the security team if I tried to enter. I had made a purchase on the internet for what was described as a power killer it was about as big as a small missle but once activated there was no shutting it off. You set the timer and once it went off everything within a 5 mile radius would go dead EVERYTHING. So I set the device in my car and headed to work. I swipped my key card in the reader and let my car roll ever so gently down the long winding ramp that led to the underground parking garage. I parked my car opened the trunk turned the key on the device grabbed my work clothes and headed inside and in one hour I would make my move.

As I entered the building I was greeted by Kimmy. She was the only one here whom I actually enjoyed seeing. She was asian a georgous trait with here eyes only slightly slanted eyebrows that almost made a upside down V long flowing black hair and she was only like 4 foot 9 so she was short but ever so damn cute. And her voice oh my god it was like listening to a sweet sirens song that you just wanted to melt she was irresistable. "So any plans for today" she asked with the most sweetest smile. "A few" I replied. She gave shot me a little pout before heading off to do what ever work she was going to be doing today. God just walking her walk away was like watching a hottie come into a bar and do nothing but walk around it was torture. "Notice anything good". I knew that monotone voice! "What the hell do you want Nathan Yall"! I always loved putting a southern yall on the end of his name because I knew he didnt like it and for no reason I didnt like him he was just one of those people who gets up under your skin.

He just huffed and walked off. The next hour was the longest one EVER! Sure I had work to do to keep me busy but when you know something is going to happen and you are waiting for it time seems to just strech out forever. Five minutes left to go I already had commited to memory everything as it would happen. The device would go off the power would shut down the guards and all the other coworkers would be cut off from this end of the building and it would just be me and the machine. I leaned against the wall out side the glass enclosure and let the elevator door close next to me. And I waited . And I watched my clock and just like setting an alarm it happened all hell broke lose. The power was off. The emergency lights came on and I reched over and grabbed the axe hanging on the wall in case of a fire. And I swung with all my might and shattered the glass wall housing the object that the creature was in. I knew how to open it the object would respond to me I dont know how I knew this I just did another gift from my alien friends I suppose.

I moved closer axe in hand and pressed the release to open the device. A hiss of air a rumble and the door slid open I raised my axe with every intention of killing this creature with one fell swing not giving it a chance to attack. But I never had the chance as I was going to bring down the axe. The site that befell me was one that I could not have expected. IT WAS EMPTY! But how could that be. This was not possible I had seen all the files the scans taken of some great big hulking creature inside. I felt a strong burning sensation course through my body as if I had been electrified.
And I couldnt move. Than the lights flickered on even though I knew that they shouldnt be they were. CLAP CLAP CLAP!

"Wonderful absolutly wonderful!" It was Keith. A million thoughts were going through my mind and I had no way of asking them or getting answers for that matter. "Turn around Richardson" his voice was cold and hard. I turned around but I hadnt done it. It was as if my body had moved on its own. "Good now follow me" and I did even though every fiber of my being was being told to run or fight my body would not respond.
As we arrived at the first floor I was ordered to sit and I did though I still didnt know what was going on or why I couldnt move. "You may speak now Richardson." "KEITH YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed. "What the hell is going on why cant I move why was the pod empty?" "It was a test Richardson all of this was a test and you have performed well past any measure that we could have given you." I still didnt understand and my brain was starting to hurt because of it. Keith pulled a knife from the wheel chair he was now confined to and put it against my wrist and made a small cut. I figured that he was going to let me bleed out right there so that I would never tell anyone about anything. I was so wrong. What I saw next chilled me to the bone or it would have if I had any. A small amount of green and white fluid oozed out of the
cut in my arm and as Keith spread open the cut I could see wires and metal. OH DEAR GOD! I was an android. "Confused?"

"I would think so and now I will explain this to you before you short circuit." "You are not who you think you are you are not even human and in oh I would say about 72 hours from now you wont even exist." Keith hooked up a small cord to the nearest computer and plugged it into the cut in my wrist. There was no pain to speak of but what I saw next would have made me want to commit suicide if I could have even moved. There was a flash than I saw everything as if it was a repressed memory my construction my programming and my being placed into the house that I had lived in or had thought I lived in on the day the two men came to see me and offer me a job.

Only a second or two had passed but it seemed as if it had been hours. "Alright now that you know your origins let me explain to you WHY you were built. You see I truly am dying and you are my means of immortality Richardson. Or would you rather I call you prototype RHD-191514. You see everyone you have worked with here is a prototype just as you are but the only difference between them and you is that you can feel and you have the ability to have emotions and feelings something the others cant do despite my best efforts. They all fell short. I have designed them to insted be sold to the military the army and the navy to be mass produced and sent off to fight in what ever war they are designed for. But YOU oh you are to be my prize in 72 hours I will erase every thing it that little hard drive inside your head and I will supplant my self inside you and live forever."

I could see the gleam in his eyes and I was scared. "WAIT!" I nearly screamed. "What about the aliens the memories that I have of growing up and my parents and everything?" "Those were implanted. And when we get back to the lab you will not have to worry about anything ever agian." I felt a small tear come to my eye as Keith reached behind my ear to hit the "off" button but than he stopped. The look on his face was one of confusion to say the least. "Kimmy" he called. "Yes father" she replied as she stepped into the room. "What is that" as he pointed to my face. "It looks like a tear even though it shouldnt be possible. Lets run a diognostic and see if there is a malfunction." As I watched the screen run its program three errors popped onto the screen. "Problem?" Keith asked. "No" Kimmy repleid. "They will be removed when his program is removed and they will not cause any problems when you are downloaded into his body." "Hmmm still Kimmy I want them backed up so that we can go over them after the download to figure out what caused this." She showed no emotion as she reached behind my ear and shut down my power source.

Next thing I knew I was laying on my back in an overturned transport vehicle and Kimmy was standing over me. As I pulled my self up she gave me a sad smile that caused my heart to melt. "Whats going on whats wrong?" I asked. "You have to go I wont let my father destroy you and take away everything ive worked so hard on." She handed me a very large flash drive and a 9mm Beretta hand gun. She said "This may sound silly but I love you even though I created you I have strong feelings for you even though I know I shouldnt but I cant deny the way I feel for you. But you have to run and quickly my father is sure to be following close behind I will deal with him and if all goes will they will not come after you but you must go now before it is to late." I kissed her goodbye feeling that it would be the last time that I would ever see her.

And I ran off into the woods I made it about a mile before I heard the explosion and even though the tree cover was thick the flames were all to easy to spot. For the second time my heart or whatever it was I had felt like it had been ripped out and shredded into small pieces. I wondered around for a long time I dont know how long because I had no way of knowing. I found an old hunters trail and headed into town where I caught a bus and moved to the country where I have little detction of being found out.

My credit card from my "previos life" still has a large amount of funds on it so I had a cabin made with all the luxarys of home and a laptop that I purchased from a store. I inserted the flash drive. For something that had 100 gig of memory there only seemed to be three small folders on it. Thery were labled "Prototype A" "Prototype B" and "Kimmy." I opened the first file and noticed it was 48 gig worth of memory and looking through the files noticed what it was. It was my designs it was me how to build a exact copy of me. I quickly opened the second file and noticed that it was a female NO it was Kimmy down to a T. It was everything on how to make Kimmy. I quickly opened the third file and it was a message from Kimmy my heart soared at the same time as it broke becuse this was the last true piece that I had of her. In her message she explained that if I was seeing this she was dead and so was her father and his company so I would not be
looked for. She also explained that I was to build a robot of her and to download all of her memories that she had planted in my brain into the prototype of her so that we could be together.

I quickly set forth on building her with ordering what I couldnt get local and after a year of waiting I had her built. I was so happy the happyiest I had been since seeing her. I plugged into the computer and transferred all of her memories

from my system to her new body. We are now married and are planning on "creating" a child. The first thing we did was make love on the floor of the cabin. As we touched and carressed each and every part of our bodies we knew that we may out live every human on this planet but that our love would live even longer.

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Your spelling is absolutely TERRIBLE... which means you skipped way too much school, had lousy teachers or have a medical problem. Too bad because it takes away from the telling of what was a great story. It was very imaginative and touching.

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