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Vivid and horrible dreams haunt my sleep.

I hear the sounds of desperate feet running through the dark forest. Terrified and ragged breathing puffing in and out. Heart thundering, running and running from some horrible monster half-glimpsed from the corner of my eyes. Teeth and claws and blood-stained fur. Running and running, but the thing is catching up.

But then the perspective shifts, and I realize that it’s me that’s the monster. I can feel amazing power and strength in my body, and I crash through the forest after a terrified man, running for his life. I try to tell him that I mean him no harm, but all that comes out is a horrific roar. I reach out to him, to tell him he doesn’t need to run, but my hand just shreds through him. He falls to the floor, screaming and bleeding, and I lean down to console him, but my teeth bite at his throat of their own accord. I feel hot blood running through my teeth, down my throat, and I cry out in-

I cry out in terror and sit up, looking around. I am, in fact, in a forest. But it’s neither dark nor full of monsters. There are only two people here- myself and Lynette.

That same woman now gently strokes my hair, and her touch calms me. Sitting beside me, she gently pulls my head down, and leans it on her shoulder. As she pets my hair and coos to me, I feel my heart rate slowly drop, and the fear ebbs from me.

It’s been almost a month now since I was carried to this clearing by a monster I called, and Lynette has been taking care of me ever since. I look up her, and gaze at her. She has soft black hair that seems to flow down her back forever, and which shines so nicely in the light. He has a thin face with narrow features, but her eyes- a deep hazel- are full of caring for everything she sees around her. The sun lights those eyes up, making them almost glow, and I can’t help but smile.

“Did you dream about him again?” She inquires in her gentle voice.

“For the third night in a row,” I reply, sighing with malcontent despite the gorgeous dawn splaying across the land.

She looks away, across the clearing and past the small waterfall, and seems to be lost in thought. After a moment, she asks “When you called him, you said he took your anger?”

We’ve been over this many times, with her always curious as to how I had done it. I’m sure the repeated questions would have irritated me had they been asked by anyone else, but I know she has only the best of intentions in her heart. “I opened the door and my anger, my frustration and my nightmares were pulled through.”

Again she stares, thinking. “So, if all he was ever given is rage and fear… I guess that would explain why he killed without remorse.”

These were the kind of thoughts she had. Always trying to understand someone’s motive; always giving them the benefit of the doubt. She also called the monster a ‘him’ instead of an ‘it’. But she must surely have a point to make.

After a moment, she makes the point she was moving towards. “So, since we’ve learned that you didn’t actually lose those emotions for good,” she began, reminding me of the times I had lost my temper while trying to help her with seemingly simple tasks, “you could call him again. And give him something else.” I had summoned him once since that first time, to show her.

This was a new thing to think of. “What do you mean? What else would I give to it?”

“Well, maybe you could give it other emotions, other thoughts. You could bring him through and give him understanding, wisdom, and love. See what he looks like, then.”

Her constant optimism was enough to make me giggle. Looking to her eyes, I know she’s serious. Her hazel eyes are full of warmth, and she truly wants to help me make the best of this. “But I don’t have those things,” I tell her as I gently shake my head. “I never mastered the softer emotions.”

She looked puzzled, maybe even worried. “But everyone has love, and from there the other things can grow.”

I gently remove my head from her shoulder and stand, stretching. “To have love, you’d have to experience it. Mother, father, sibling, romantic partner, I’ve had none of these. Who could ever love me?”

She just gave me the most peculiar look, and then we got to work. There’s plenty to do, in the forest.

* * *

There were a lot of berries to harvest near her clearing. And many plants could be gathered and eaten, or used for spices or medicine. And the beast helped me to hunt, though I tried not to call upon it too often. I was still quite scared of its ferocity. Yet, the creature was very content to serve. And thus, the days slid by lazily.

Yet today we need not do any work, for our food stocks are quite full. Lying on the lush grass, I feel content. The blades are as soft as feathers, and the field is comfier than any bed I’ve ever lain upon. I loll my head over and see Lynette washing one of her dresses in the bond. Lazily I rise and walk over to join her. Outside, the forest is starting towards a chill autumn, yet it feels warm in our vale.

I sit down on a rock across the small pond from her, and dip my bare feet into the water. It’s crisp and cold, and the chill feels nice on this warm day. I soak my feet in the cool water for another moment, and then decide that I’m warm enough for a swim.

I pull my old dress- sewn in so many places with hemp or thin vines that it almost looks like a plant- over my head. I give it a soak and a quick washing and lay it down in the sun. I quickly undo my bra, a homemade gift from Lynette, and lay that down beside the soaking dress. I take a moment to stretch my back, arching my chest up towards the midday sun. As I wiggle off of the rock into the pond, I notice that she’s watching me from the other side with that certain smile of hers, usually reserved for golden sunrises and perfect rainbows in the waterfall.

The water is cool, but not too cold and is quite refreshing. The water only just comes over my chest and I half-walk-half-swim to the fall. I let the water wash over my hair as I lean back. I take a moment to wash my hair thoroughly, before coming out of the fall. Interestingly enough, Lynette’s still watching me.

I dive just below the surface, looking out around the clear water. Suddenly there’s a pair of naked legs landing in the water, and my eyes slowly follow them up. I surface as my eyes keep on drifting over her tall, slender body until gradually they settle on her face. She stares at me rather intently like she has something important to say.

She wades forward- somehow making the motion look graceful- until she’s within arm’s reach. “Amariel, I…” she starts, and then stops. After a moment, she starts again. “A while ago, you said that you weren’t loved. Well, you are.”

I don’t know what to say, so for once I don’t say anything. She gently places a hand on my elbow, and just looks at me as if she has something else to add. She seems ready to speak, then doesn’t.

Then, with a swift motion, she leans forward and kisses me on the lips. For a moment my breath catches, and our lips are together, but then it’s over. She leans back and looks in my face, judging my reaction. My heart beats fast in my chest, as I watch her worries cross her face- anxiety that I don’t feel the same way. I wrap my right hand around the small of her back and pull her to me. We kiss again and my senses soar as the soft press of her lips against mine sends tingles through my body. I feel high and disoriented, so I wrap my other arm around her as if for balance.

Our bodies press together, her warmth against mine, and my hands roam her back as I feel her tongue gently probe against my lips. I meet it with my own, and she moans slightly as our tongues touch. I slide my hands along her back, following them to the lines of her shoulders, and back down to the curve of her body.

She presses fiercely against me, and I stagger backwards until we press against the rocks, with the waterfall pouring over us.

The water cascades down her back, rushing across my hands, as our passion grows hotter. One of her hands slides up my ribs, gently caressing the bottom of my breast. I pull back from our kiss and we part loudly. I gently take her hand and guide it to my nipple, staring her in the eyes. Already my nipples are hard- both from the cold water and the intensity of the moment.

Her thumb gently strokes my pink flesh, circling it slowly. Then I pull her back against me and press my lips against hers, thrusting my tongue to meet hers. Our passion burns as we explore one another’s mouth, and she brings both hands up to my chest, gently massaging my breasts. It’s already been five or more months since I’ve been touched by anyone- which is long for me- and I’ve never felt romance before. My body seem to melt in her arms, and she reaches one hand down to cup my ass, holding it while she presses me against the wall.

I slowly lick her lips and feel her tongue gently collide with my own, mixing our breaths and passions together. The hand on my ass slides down to my thigh, lifting my leg up.

I naturally wrap it around her legs, and I feel our sexes pressed against one another. Heat seems to radiate through the water, and her hand on my breast starts slowly venturing lower. She traces my ribs and my stomach, and lightly caresses my waist. Then I feel it slide lower, tracing along that coarse hair towards where I’m aching for her to go.

A single one of her slender fingers gently traces along my outer lips, and I shudder in anticipation. She slides it back along to my clitoris, then back towards my rear.

At last, with one smooth motion, she sinks her finger into me. I break off from our kiss and tilt my head back; moaning loudly as she slowly sinks her digit into me. I feel that digit moving slowly into me, spreading waves of heat through my entire body. Then she slowly retracts, and I clench tightly onto her body with my hands and leg, holding onto her for support.

She slips back into my tender flesh, making me moan and she curls her finger inside of me. She seems to know my body better than I do, and she reaches every sweet spot inside of me. She presses tightly against me, her hard nipples tracing just along my upper chest, and burrows her finger back into me. All I can do is cling to her while she stimulates my body, slowly pumping in and out of me. My breathing gets faster as I feel intense pleasure building up in my center, and I thrust my hips back against her, meeting her finger with my body.

Her free hand releases my leg and holds onto the back of my neck, keeping me to her as she pleasures me with her finger.

I spread my legs widely, giving no resistance. She plunges into me again and again, making me groan and clench her body even more firmly. Her pace is moderate but relentless, and each pass into me makes me feel like I’m swelling with sensation.

That great ball of delirious joy inflates inside of me, and I feel my muscles start to tense up as the pressure builds and builds. At last, I feel that I couldn’t possibly take any more, and she pushes deeply into me again, stroking that inner wall. I fly over the edge of bliss and my muscles clench as the ball of energy bursts. Faster and faster she strokes my inside as my muscles spasm and waves of pleasure surge through my body. I scream out her name as I orgasm around her digit, grinding my pelvis against her hand for all I’m worth, cumming and cumming.

At last the sensations slow down and fade, and she slowly removes her finger from me. Cold water replaces her warm body part, but I don’t think anything could cool me down, now.

I look into her deep, brown eyes, and without a word we wade towards the edge of the pond, holding hands.

She gets out first, and lies down in the grass, her body glistening in the warm sun. I lower myself over her until I’m laying half on the grass and half on her, and kiss her deeply. As our tongues swirl, her hands roam my body, and I start my own explorations.

I trace over her breasts, much smaller than mine; barely enough to fill my hands. Then I caress her stomach and side, still exchanging breath and tongue thrusts with her.

Instinctively, I grind my pelvis against her, rubbing my wet lips against her thigh. Deftly, she pulls me over slightly, bringing me over top of her and between her legs. Again I thrust, slowly rubbing my pelvis against hers. I thrust my tongue deeper into her mouth, and she parries- pressing and coiling hers against mine. Her breathing is getting faster, and I know she wants her own relief.

I break our kiss again, and slide myself lower, kissing along her jaw and down her neck. I gingerly nibble on her collar as I work my way down.

She moans loudly when I pause to suck on a nipple, gently swirling my tongue around it. As I lightly nibble on her left nipple, I caress her right breast with my hand, and she moans again and bucks her hips under me.

I release her breasts reluctantly, and make my way lower, kissing and licking along her stomach. I pause again to trace her little belly button with my tongue, and she wiggles under me. I know she’s impatient despite enjoying this, and I lower even further.

My chin rubs along her short pubic hair- when the hell does she shave this? - and I plant a couple more kisses as I move lower and lower. My lips hover just over her lower set of lips, and my light breath on them seems to drive her wild.

Suddenly, she sits up swiftly and clambers on top of me, her pelvis near the back of my head.
With expert skills I wiggle under her, rolling over to face her.

My face is now lined perfectly up with her pink petals, and I gently reach my hand around her waist, holding onto her lower back. I pull her down slightly while raising my head up, and breathe deeply the scent of her hot sex. My mind is flooded with the smell of her- like flowers and honey and everything in spring.

I waste no time and press my mouth against her lips. I lick the distance from her clitoris to her tunnel and back again, making her groan again. I flick my tongue across the entrance a couple of times, and she presses herself against my face. Without wasting more time, I plunge my tongue into those silken folds. “Oh, gods, Amariel,” she cries out. “You feel so good!”

With this for encouragement, I press my tongue as deeply into her as I can. Her juices flow and the taste of honey floods my mouth as I lick and suckle at her womanhood.

At the same time, I feel the sweet, wet heat of her tongue against my nubile flower. She gently spreads the petals with her fingers and explores me with her tongue, making me feel light-headed and delirious.

The gentle application of her tongue makes me feel hot. Moaning, I continue eating her out. My moaning helps her along, and she starts bucking her hips, grinding her lips against my face as I quickly work my tongue in and out of her sweet hole. I clench her ass cheeks with both hands as I work on lapping up all of her succulent juices. As my tongue passes over her stiff clitoris, she twitches against me, and moans loudly into me as she continues eating me out. The vibrations in combination with the feeling of her slick tongue passing through and against my vulva make me tingle with pleasure.

Her pace is relentless, and the tingling pulsations from my groin get stronger with each pass of her dextrous tongue, and I feel myself losing control. Valiantly, I try my hardest to pleasure her with my tongue, trying to make sure we both finish.

It gets harder and harder to keep a steady pace with my tongue, so I reach my right hand around her thigh, and sink the finger into her hot, slick hole. My finger slides into her without any resistance, and I curl and uncurl my finger rapidly, like I was beckoning someone. Still pumping with my finger, I gingerly place my lips on her outer fold, and suck slightly, pulling a small amount of skin into my mouth.

Her mouth breaks away from my own vagina as she lets out a loud moan. “Oh, oh Amariel. Oh!”

Her voice gets higher still, and I know she’s going to finish soon. I plunge into her even faster with my finger, feeling her hot juices coat my finger. With quick flits I rub my tongue across her clit, and she starts thrusting her face at me even harder, like she was riding me.

She buries her own face between my legs again, and her amazing tongue work continues. The sensations she’s giving me get stronger and stronger, and I throw my head back and yell out. With panted breaths, I keep pushing my finger in and out of her, pushing her towards the edge.

Her tongue passes over my clitoris, and I arch my legs as energy rushes from where her mouth is, blasting along my body, making my muscles spasm and my voice cry out again and again. My finger never stops moving during this, and I feel her suddenly clench tightly, squeezing my finger, as she has her own orgasm. She moans again, her mouth still on me, and licks me all the faster. The waves of bliss just keep rushing through me, and I spasm and writhe under her. Stars dance across my vision and I feel so dizzy as the chemicals burst through me.

Her own climax rages on, and she pushes herself back at me, impaling herself on my digit.

At last our respective orgasms die down, and she collapses weakly on top of me. My muscles all relax and I slide my finger out of her, revelling in the feeling of her tight chasm.

My finger is slick with her juices, and I can see visual evidence on my finger of her having finished. I stick the finger in my mouth, and my eyes slit closed as I suck the cream off of it. The flavour is both sweet and bitter, and floods my mouth. The taste makes me feel horny all over again, but I’m too tired for more right now.

She lifts herself up, her delightful tush hovering mere inches from my face. Then she turns herself around, and lies down again, her chest on my shoulder. I wrap my arms around her, and she rests her arm on my chest and we hold each other, resting in the warm sun. After a while, she falls asleep in my arms, and I bask in the afterglow of great sex, thinking. Loved. I’m loved. She says she loves me. It’s a comforting, if slightly puzzling thought.

I listen to her contented breathing, and after a while I sleep, too. This time, I have no dreams.

* * *

There was still work to be done, for we were often collecting herbs, sewing new garments or washing our clothes, and this kept us occupied throughout autumn and winter. But we still found time to have sex as often as possible, trying as many new things as we could think of. It was in the springtime, after a particularly energetic session that I found myself resting between her legs.

Her back in the soft grass, she panted- chest heaving- trying to catch her breath. My tongue and fingers feel slightly cramped, and I’m lying down in the grass, resting my head on the soft skin of her pelvis. Contentedly gazing at her toned legs, I gently twirl my finger in her pubic hair.

“Amariel,” she starts, rather suddenly, “I think you should call on your creature again.”

I perk my head up, and regard her curiously. “Why? We don’t need to hunt anything today.”

That determined look sprouts on her face again. “Well, each time you call him now, you don’t really put anything into him. Just call him the way he is. That sort of helps my theory that he’s made out of whatever emotion you’ve given him before. So you should still be able to shape him.”

The idea made sense. If I opened that door again and put some of my intellect through, he could be smarter. Or kinder, or anything I want.

I sit up in the grass, and decide to do it straight away. Closing my eyes, I try to block out all of the distractions of the world. As soon as I think about that door, I instantly see it in my mind’s eye. That huge, ominous gate stills fills me with foreboding. I’m sure Lynette can tell, because as soon as I start feeling worried, I feel her slip her hand into mine.

An image of me appears before those doors, and the colours swirl around me. My aura, Lynette told me.

I mentally press on that door, and feel it slowly start to budge under my efforts. As the crack in the door widens slightly, I feel a gentle forcing lightly pulling at me, grasping at me as if trying to take something of mine. This is my opportunity to put an emotion in, or shape him in my mind.

Suddenly, my mind feels blank. What do I give to a monster? Intelligence, compassion, fear, excitement, anxiety? I suddenly feel at a loss, and I must have gone slack, because Lynette gives my hand a compassionate squeeze. I feel the warmth of love bloom in my chest briefly, alight at her touch. As soon I feel that emotion come blossom, I see a thick streak of rose appear in my aura. As soon as it appears, it separates like a coloured mist, drifting into that opening in the door!

Love? He can’t take my love! I suddenly feel worried, and Lynette- not knowing what’s happening in my mind- holds my hand more tightly, pressing against me.

Suddenly I can see a secondary aura appear beside mine. This one is full of that pink colour, the pale yellow of compassion, the faint green-blue of wisdom and streaks of bright yellow- excitement. I feel those same emotions flood me, only to be pulled through as well. I see the beast clearly beyond the doorway, and I see that mist of different colours surrounding him as it pours from me.

I feel worried at what he might be taking from me, but I try to focus. I mentally try to alter the fur on him, since the horrid mated texture feels icky. Flashes of purple-red flash across my vision as Lynette feels lust- likely caused by my sweating and rapid breathing.

This, too, seems to sift through the doorway, and it looks like other changes are taking place on the creature, but I can’t see him clearly though the mists anymore.

My eyes snap open, and I feel confused. What did I do to it? I’m lying on my back with my head on Lynette’s lap, looking up into her face. She gives me her gentle smile, and I relax. Whatever happens, we can make it together. I sit up, and see my beast standing in the field before me.

Now, there seems to be more emotion in its eyes- most of all confusion. It looks around in puzzlement, and suddenly sits down in the grass. The motion is more like falling than sitting down, but it just keeps peering around at the world. I’m about to ask it if it’s okay, but it seems odd to ask that without starting with its name. Beast? Creature? Animal? Monster? What is it called?

“Do you have a name?” I ask of it, and it just looks at me.

There’s a moment of silence as it seems to think. It explores its new mental capacities for a moment or two before answering. “No,” it rumbles its voice sounding not unlike a deep human voice. “I am called whatever it is you call me.”

“That was eloquently put,” Lynette chimes in. She looks at me and flushes a bit, then adds, “Compared to what he sounded like before.”

I ponder it, wondering what to call this creature that answers my will. I get to my feet and walk over to it, finding it to be almost as tall as me despite sitting down. I reach a hand out and lay it consolingly on its shoulder, trying to comfort it in its confusion. Then, looking at the creature, it occurs to me that it is not really an ‘it’. It lives and breathes, and speaks in a male voice. It seems most fair to think of it as a ‘he’, not as some unfamiliar thing.

As my hand gently touches his shoulder, I’m quite surprised to find the fur so soft. Smooth and almost silky, it feels great beneath my fingers- like the pelt of a rabbit. I pet him, stroking his shoulder, and a word slips out of my mouth without me realizing it: “Koko.”

He looks up at me, puzzled, and I flush in embarrassment. Oddly enough, I suddenly remembered the plush bear that used to comfort me when I was very little. I had named him Koko, which was a long elven word, shortened the way a child typically does. The name suddenly seems fitting, and a grin splits my lips. I nod and try the word on my tongue. “Koko. Yes, Koko. That will be your name.”

His head cocks to the side like a dog, and he mulls the name. “Koko,” he says, saying each syllable separately. “Yes, I am Koko.”

He grins, looking like a happy puppy, and I suddenly throw my arms around him, holding onto him like a giant teddy bear. He’s soft and warm in my arms. After a moment, his mighty arms wrap around me, and he returns the embrace.

He breathes deeply through his nose, taking in my scent. Then he goes rigidly still.

I suddenly realize that I’m very much naked, and my crotch and thighs are quite soaked with a combination of Lynette’s saliva, her sweet fluids, and my body’s own lubricant. I slowly release the hug and glance down curiously. He’s indeed a male!

I step back from him and take in my mental handiwork. Lynette steps up beside me and Koko, not knowing what else to do, stands up too.

Lynette’s the first to speak. “Well, he’s certainly… impressive.”

I nod, gazing at the lovely piece of meat hanging down from Koko’s crotch, half-erect. Cocking my head, I scrutinize the base of it, where it meets his pelvis. “It must have a sheathe it slides out of.”

Lynette just nods, saying nothing. Both of our eyes are fixed on his penis. It’s a lot like a human penis, pink and tender. But the veins aren’t prominent, and the ridge of the head is hardly visible.

He grunts, though I’m not sure what it’s supposed to mean. “I feel…” he begins, “something odd.”

A faint blush appears on Lynette’s face, and I decide to answer this question for him. “Well, you see, what you’re feeling is lust. Or desire.”

He gives a small shake of his head. “I know lust, I know desire. These primal things I feel, but I feel other things, too. Like a hot section here.” He waves a clawed hand over the middle of his chest, designating his heart area. “It is a lot like desire, but it is based in the knowing of you. It is softer, too.” Again, he shakes his head.

“Well,” I start, more than a little confused, “what do you know about me?”

He just peers at me, hips lips twitching up in a half-smile I recognize from my own face. “I know that you are Amariel. You have a hot passion that burns in you. You believe in being kind, but you’ll fight fiercely for anything you love. I know of your fears and desires, and I recall them as if they were memories. A part of me. And I know you, Lynette,” he continues, looking at her. “You are kind and full of love. You support other people with no hesitation, and would give your life for someone. And you… love her. This I feel, too.”

This is all a little worrisome, and very exciting. He’s as smart as either of us, and he feels the softer emotions. He knows kindness, yet it strong enough to protect people around him. Passion and compassion, all in one.

He reminds me of Lynette, but also of someone else. But I can’t seem to place my finger on whom it is.

I take a step forward, and close the distance between us. He just looks at me and smiles a smile so similar to Lynette’s; except for the shape of his wolf-like muzzle. It’s a smile that seems to say that he loves the person he’s looking at, yet expects nothing in return- the same way Lynette feels about the most beautiful things in nature, and about me.

He places a hand, so gently on my elbow, and stares into my eyes. I turn back to look Lynette, and she gives a small nod, her permission.

I turn back to this creature, this man who could love me, and stare back into his eyes- kind but fierce.

His hand is warm on my left arm, and I timidly reach out my other hand. I’ve never been timid towards a man, and it feels odd to me. Gently I take his shaft, holding it in a light grip. His eyes flutter and close, feeling pleasures of the flesh for perhaps the first time.

I fondle his penis, sliding my hands along its length. It’s so warm in my hands, and my own eyes close as I enjoy the feeling. His blood rushes to fill it, and I feel it twitch slightly in my hand, inflating.

I lean my head against his chest with my eyes still closed, feeling the soft fur over the hard muscles. It’s been most of a year since I’ve been with a man, and I can feel my body moistening, aching for his presence. Still I stroke him, and listen to his breathing as he gets hard in my hand. As I massage that firm meat, I can’t help but be delighted how a penis can be so hard and yet so soft at the same time. My palm suddenly feels slightly wet, and I smile, enjoying that his precum is flowing because of me.

“You’ve completed me,” he whispers to me. I can’t help but laugh slightly- it’s such a cliché thing for someone to say. But he continues on: “Before, I was a shell. I had only anger, and not enough even of that to be a full form. You’ve given me feelings, intelligence. You’ve given me form, and life.”

As much as I’d like to question what he was before I called him, I’m far too much in the moment.

I step back from him, releasing my grip on him. I slowly open my eyes, and lie down on the grass. I crook my finger at him, beckoning him to me. He drops to his knees before me, and crawls over my body. From here, I get a good idea of how much bigger he is than me. He’s massive, I think. Look at those shoulders. Just his torso must weigh as much as me.

Despite his size, he’s dextrous, I know. And gentle.

And speaking of size… my eyes work their way down his body to his shaft, standing stiff and erect, pressed against my stomach. Again, I slowly stroke his shaft, pumping its length with my right fist.

Why, he’s longer than your average Orc. Fortunately, I’ve got some experience in working with long body parts. All of which is true. I do seem to have a nearly supernatural ability to take long cocks, and even to return back to my normal tightness not long after. And he’s not as big as that Minotaur.

I stroke him one more time and then use his penis to push him slightly backwards. He pulls his hips back, and I try to line his head up with me. Still gripping the shaft, I rub his head against my lips, spreading his precum on me, making sure I’m lubed up enough. But I can tell, just from feeling him against my vulva, that I’m already very wet.

I rub his head between those folds for a moment more and then line it up with his destination. As soon as he feels that his way is before him, he gently presses forward, pushing his head against my hole.

The tip of it slips just inside of me, and I feel the soft flesh start spreading as his head slides into me. With a slow, continuous motion, the front of his penis slides into my yielding body. Fortunately, his head is only about as wide as the middle of his shaft, so from here it’s just a matter of length.

My slick tunnel parts before him, but before long he meets slight friction. He slides those three inches back out, and slowly works them back in. Deeper into me his penis passes, pressing and rubbing along unfathomable depths. It feels like he must surely sink into me forever, but as more inches slide inexorably into my body, I at last feel his soft fur press into my mound. I’m all the way down his shaft, and I feel his head just touching my innermost wall. He’s exactly the right length, I think to myself. I wonder if my subconscious chose for him to be exactly that long. Damn, my mind is great!

He stays still, staying inside of me, and we both savour the moment. I run my hand along his furry chest, luxuriating in the feel of his soft coat. Only days ago he was rough, but today he’s perfect.

I look up into his eyes and see much of Lynette’s compassion there, tempered with my own passion and lust. I wiggle my hips a little, and I’m rewarded with the feeling of his hard shaft shifting around inside of me. After a moment more of us savouring, he slides back out. Still, he moves slow as he presses back into me, making our bodies collide with a grunt.

His thick flesh moves through and into me, sliding into my depths. As he thrusts in again, I push back, meeting his push with my own. His pelvis hits mine more forcefully, allowing him to enter just slightly deeper. As he brushes against that inner wall again, I feel my eyes shut and a soft moan escape my lips, both without my consent. He seems to take this as a sign, and his next motion is quicker, and he enters me more firmly. His pace continues on, slightly faster than before, but his body seems to quake with repressed need. He wants so badly to move faster than this.

As he rears halfway out before plunging in again, I spread my legs even wider, opening myself to him. My body parts before his intrusion again and again, and my breathing is getting more rapid.

“Faster,” I whisper to him. I open my eyes and look into his and say again, “faster!”

His compliance is immediate, and he starts driving into me again and again, pumping like a man possessed. But right now, a man isn’t what I want. I want an ANIMAL.

“Harder,” I moan as I writhe under him. The steady sensations seethe out of my lips and pour through my body, making my head light and my heart pound. “Oh, harder. Hard and fast.”

His pace increases to nearly a blur as he pounds away. My breasts shake and bounce against the force, and I hold them down with one hand, as my other blindly gropes along his stomach and chest, feeling and squeezing. He thrusts so hard and fast that I can feel myself start to slide across the grass. I wrap my legs around the back of his in a quick movement, and pull myself back to meet his thrusts.

His strength is unbelievable as he drives himself into me head first. Juices drip down the inside of my thighs, and thee feelings pulsate wildly inside of me. The firm tingling becomes a vibration inside of me, and pleasure seems to dart up to my core and through my body.

My hands wrap around his shoulders and I press myself against him, throwing myself against him in time with his motions. “Ah, ah, ah,” I moan without meaning to.

Feelings seem to pore into my center the way water pools in valleys, as my body devours his shaft in deep swallows. The area of intensity in my stomach seems to swell as it pulls pleasure into it, and I can feel myself plummeting towards something great. I throw my head back and I cry out. “Oh, yes. Faster, now. I want it, oh.”

He thrusts hard and fast, plunging in again and again, and starts making an odd sound at the back of his throat- halfway between a whine and a growl.

His body starts moving irregularly, and slapping inside of me again and again. The tip of his head batters against my cervix one second, and dances along my opening. That ball of pleasure in me swells again, surely so big as to make my stomach inflate.

Then suddenly, as he drives his steel-hard shaft into me, I fly over the edge. That sphere inside of me explodes outwards, and pleasure rushes to my every extremity, making me scream out as my head spins. I clench hard and pull at his fur and cum like I’ve never cum before. As my climax rushes onwards, I hear his growling raise to almost a roar, and his serpent inside of me flexes strongly. His thrusts are so hard that I shake with each one, as I keep cumming. He thrusts into me and I feel him pulsating and throbbing in me. As drives the point of his lance into my soft body again, his seed rushes forth from him into my pulsating pussy.

Thick heat spreads into my body, and I moan loudly before crying, “Oh, by the gods, yes! In me, oh, yes.”

He drives himself home again and shouts as he pumps a triumphant gout of cum into my shaking body, filling me up. My muscles are clenched so tightly around him that I can’t move, and I hold tightly onto him as he erupts again, his hot fluids filling me. I feel like I must be swelling like a balloon as he continues with lightning-fast short thrusts, ejaculating still.

My body milks him and drinks his cum as he keeps pulsating and pushing it into me. Again he pulses and fires a wave into me, and I feel it pressing against the tight seal I make around him. He cums almost as much as a minotaur! Or maybe he’s just been waiting a long, long time.

He pumps a couple of more times, and more of his seed floods into me, until at last he is still. He settles atop me, still inside of me. His breathing is ragged like mine, and we hold each other and try to catch our breath.

He’s still rock-hard inside of me, and my belly feels swollen with semen. At last I feel it start to dribble out of me around his shaft, dripping down my ass and pooling on the ground. The cum in me is still warm, almost hot. I’ve never had so much cum go into me at once, nor had it so hot. It feels good in me, and I lay back, my head in the long grass.

I see a familiar pair of feet appear beside me, and Lynette lies down beside me. The creature rolls off of me, his shaft at last coming free. Liquids suddenly pour out of me like wine from a bottle, and he lies on my other side.

Lynette lays her naked form on my right side, and I wrap my arm around her neck and she cuddles in. The furry beast sprawls an arm across my stomach and lies against my left side. I think I’m home, I catch myself thinking, as we bask in the warm light.

Body against body we lay there as the sun slowly crosses the sky. At last I stretch and look over at my clothes, the same stuff I’ve had since I got here. “I think I need some new clothes.”

Lynette lazily opens her lids. “There’s a town not far from here, but we would probably need money to buy anything.”

“Well, we could always just… take some things from them…”

A sly grin crosses her face. “Why, Amariel, that’s positively naughty.” Her grin grows slightly suggestive, and I feel my body heat slightly. We’ll go tomorrow. Or the next day.

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