This was a Requested peice... It's not as long as I would have liked it and well I left out some details but its all and all a pretty tidy story.
Right I'm going to start by saying doing anything described in the following story... is not only not a good idea it's probably a bad idea. But now that your warned go ahead and go for it. I did this as a request piece if you want me to write something for you you have to bug me a lot... Again I apologize for skipping over some parts but... it probably would have been boring anyway. That said read on and hopefully enjoy.

Margo looked over at Carly as she came out the back door of her house, dressed in a tiny little bikini. She got up and offered Carly a drink of lemonade with a little kick and the two of them started talking about Margo’s surprise.

“Well are you going to tell me?”

“Oh no I want it to be a Surprise really I mean you can’t know and then know, I don’t know you might chicken out if I tell you.”

“Me Chicken out?”

“I am just saying it’s possible.”

Just then a young man who had been mowing Margo’s yard walked up “Um… All done” he said.

“Excellent, just let me pay you…” Margo said and then she looked up at Carly an Evil look crept over her face… “In fact I’ll throw in a bonus if you promise not to say anything about it?”

“Um sure?”

“I’ll let you jerk your cock and cum all over my friend’s ass”

“Wow” he said and then leaned over to appraise Carly’s thick jiggly butt. Carly shot Margo a dirty look.

“What’s the matter Carly? Chicken?”

Carly took a slug from her drink and glared at Margo and then turned and bent over at the waist. “Well big boy? You gonna whip it out or what?”

“You… Your Serious?”

“Very” Carly said pulling the string of her thong tight in preparation for pulling it down.

“Oh shit” he said and fumbled with his pants until they were around his ankles his cock poked proud from his groin.

“That’s it” Margo whispered as he started pumping his cock she rubbed her large cloth covered breasts against his back. Carly peeled her thong from her hips and let it slide down to her ankles. The young man gasped and his cock jerked and he blasted the crack of Carly’s ass with hot white spunk. Margo pulled two twenties from her bikini top and leaned over and gave the young man a kiss on the cheek. He quickly pulled his pants up and put the money in his pocket and scurried out of the yard. Margo watched him go and when the gate closed she leaned over and licked the fresh cum from Carly’s ass.

“You are such a slut” Margo said as she licked the last drops off of her friend.”

“Takes one to know one” Carly said.

Margo leaned over and let a dribble of cum and spit spill from her mouth and into Carly’s drink. She then finished her drink and looked at Carly, who gave her a dirty look. “Drink up.”

“You bitch” Carly snarled as she sucked her drink down.

“I know you love me!” Margo replied. “Now lets get in the car.”

Carly pulled her thong up and followed Margo to her car. They took off down the highway. They turned off onto a rural state highway and Margo looked over at Carly. “Next five miles topless”

“Bitch!” Carly said as she undid her top unconsciously comparing her smaller tits to her friends double F’s. It wasn’t long before Carly leaned over and started to suckle one of her friend’s nipples.

“Stop that, I’ll crash”

“You know I can’t leave your girls alone”

“Fuck all the attention these girls get me and I’d trade with you any day.”

“Shut up and drive” Carly said as she pulled on Margo’s nipple with her lips.



“I missed my turn”

Margo pulled over and made a three point turn on the two-lane road and then pulled onto a gravel track. They pulled up to a large metal building it looked large enough to house a few small planes or maybe one or two medium size ones.

Margo got pulled around the back there were already a few cars parked in front and she turned off the engine and hopped out without her top. “You going to want this?” Carly asked holding the string and cloth out the window.

“Leave it and come on.” Carly climbed out of the car bare chested and followed Margo to a door in the back of the building she opened it. The cool air inside made both women’s nipples instantly hard.

“Oh good, we are early” Margo said as she surveyed the office they were in a few monitors showed several rooms. There were about eight guys in one room apparently drinking beer and playing pool.

“So what are we doing here?” Carly asked.

“Oh this is where the local state football team comes to relax after spring training”

“What?” Carly asked

“Mmmhmm” Margo smiled

“You mean?” Carly stammered.

“We are gonna fuck the whole team.” Margo gloated. “You and me”


“But first there is a little thing that you need to do for me”

“Oh what’s that?”

“Well seeing as I ate cum off your best asset…”


“I want you to eat a load of cum off my tits”

“Nasty slut!” Carly smirked.

“Takes one to know one, Come on”

“Where are we going?” Carly asked as she followed her valiant friend into the building she pushed open a door and was almost floored by the smell, musty and masculine with a hint of urine. Margo led Carly into one of the stalls where she shut the door and the two waited. They didn’t wait long before the door opened and they heard the sound of someone using the urinal.

Margo Stepped out of the stall… “You know you could at least wash your hands”

“What… What the fuck?” The guy asked.

“Well come on then” Margo urged him over to the bank of sinks.

“Umm…” he walked over and washed his hands, he turned and Margo was right in front of him she placed his wet hands on her big jiggly tits.

“Now isn’t that better”

“Mmm yeah sure is” he murmured.

“I have a favor to ask you?”

“What’s that?”

“Well before me and my friend start an all out fuck fest here… she promised me that she would lick the your cum off my titties? How about it big boy? Will you cum on my big ol titties?”

“I um…” He hesitated Margo helped him by getting down on her knees on the dirty floor of the bathroom and pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. She licked her lips at the sight of the lovely cock that sprang forth. Nice heavy balls, not terribly big but it wasn’t small she looked up at him and licked her lips again as she took it in her hand. She started stroking it and he groaned he looked up and saw Carly step out of the stall and step up behind Margo. “Oh fuck that’s nice,” he groaned as Margo licked the tip of his cock teasingly. Carly watched as the guy watched the intense jiggling of Margo’s tits as she stroked his cock. His balls tensed shortly, and he groaned. Margo carefully pointed the cock as her tits while at the same time keeping up her rapid stroke. His cock erupted in thick jets of juice that plastered her tits with thick sticky cream. Margo slowed milking the last drips from his cock and she turned to Carly. Carly making a show of it licked the thick sticky cock cream from Margo’s tits.

Both girls laughed with they looked back at the guy he was standing there stroking his already hard cock. “How about we go and meet your friends?” Carly said.

“Yes and then we can get down to some hard core sex.” Margo smiled as the followed the guy into a room where about twelve men were concentrating on a game of pool. She turned to Carly as they were entering the room “How’s about we make it a contest?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Most cocks wins?”

“Wins what?”

“To pick our next adventure”

“Okay… but how will we keep score?”

Margo walked up to the pool table, “Excuse me gentlemen but do any of you have a marker or two?”

“Hoollleee Shit” one of them said.

“I’ll be damned.” Another gaped

“You will indeed if you can find a marker for me and my friend.” Her hand outstretched toward Carly’s nearly nude body.

The guys rustled around in their things till one came up with two sharpie markers. “Here you go” he said

“Excellent” Margo said, “Now every time one of you cums in us I want you to make a mark by the opening that you came in”

“You mean like if I cum in your ass…” one of the guys began”

“Then I want you to put a mark on my ass,” margo replied “If you in one of our mouths then on our face and when you shoot a load in our pussy well you can make a mark on our belly, can you do that?”

“What about the other guys?”

“Other guys?” Carly asked.

“Yeah the rest of the team is coming later”

“Later when the girls asked?”

“About half an hour”

“Well times a wasting, would one of you be so kind as to explain the rules to them when they get here?”

“What I’m not going to miss a minute of this one guy responded.”

“Oh don’t worry you won’t” Margo responded walking up to him and pulling his cock out of his short and then she bent over to suck it. Carly slipped out of her thong and hopped up on the table legs spread her pussy drooling juices all over the hard-wood.

There were hands fondling all of Carly’s bare flesh and a cock pressed against her swollen pussy She gasped again when it was shoved deep inside her and just as she was starting to get into the rhythm of the cock pounding her pussy her hair was pulled back and she found a cock bobbing off the tip of her nose. The guy pulled her back further and proceeded to slide his cock between her all too willing lips. He didn’t even let her start sucking he just went right on into fucking her face.

Carly was gasping for air, she felt the still warm cum running down her legs one of her eyes was slimed closed with cum and she wasn’t sure anymore who was fucking her where. She knew that she had taken a few loads in her ass and how many in her pussy she had lost count never mind how many of her own mind-blowing orgasms had coursed through her body. She looked around the room she could see Margo impaled on a magnificent piece of cock meat.

“Oh good I see they aint run off yet!” Carly looked at the same time as margo as a group of very large very black men pushed into the room.

“Hey, you wanna see somethin’ cool?” one of the guys who had been there for a while said, his cock wasn’t going to be useful for much anytime soon at least in Carly’s opinion.

“Sure man what you got?” The guy took a lighter from his pocket and picked up one of the empty beer bottles that were laying around on almost every piece of furniture. “He I don’t want no burned bitches that don’t fly with me.”

“Relax” the guy said and heated the bottom of the bottle for a while with the lighter. “Can you pass me a fresh one?” he asked and one of the guys dug into the ice of one of the many coolers and handed him a bottle. He took the mouth of the empty bottle and put it against Carly’s nipple he then touched the bottom of the bottle with a cold beer. Carly gasped in shock it felt like her entire breast had been sucked down the neck of the bottle.

“Fuckin far out man” the group congratulated the guy.

“Go on an git the other, I’ma see if this bitch can take this meat” he said dropping his shorts and pulling a semi hard cock out that looked to be as long as Carly’s arm. “How bout you get your mouth around this” he said pulling Carly’s head up by her hair and pushing the tip of his cock into her mouth. She gulped and gasped and almost bit down when her other tit got sucked into another bottle. They clinked as she felt another hard cock pressing against her ass. She groaned around the cock in her mouth as she was filled blissfully filled. It hurt so good to be stretched by such huge magnificent pieces of meat.

They took turns in her mouth her pussy and her ass, not caring who went were, she gladly accepted the slime-coated cocks no matter where they were pushing inside of her. She rolled through she lost count of the blissful orgasms. And she dreamed of being fucked, gasping for air and feeling full.

Carly moaned as she felt someone pushing against her arm. She opened her eyes slowly, the sun was bright, She was lying on the grass, Margo was pushing her, and something looked odd about Margo. And why did her breasts hurt. She looked down and her tits were still sucked half down the neck of two beer bottles. She then looked at Margo, and figured out what was wrong; she had a beer bottle between her legs the mouth was right up against her clit. They were both naked a few feet from the car. Margo had countless hash marks across her face and stomach. “Carly are you awake?”

“Yeah” um… can you pull this bottle off my clit?

“Uh I’ll try…”

“Can you imagine going to the hospital… Like this?”

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2013-02-13 08:45:48
Well I read both parts, don't see how they relate. Except the it showed the Carly character as a true slut. I thought at the begging of Pt 2 Carly was being drugged to do something, but I thing she'd done it without drugs. We didn't even get to know who won the bet, could have atleast let Carly count on the trip home.

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