It's time to meet the parents....
The Centerville Warriors had a scrimmage on the first Friday of school that year. It gave us a chance to practice our game day routine. Then, under the lights, we lined up and went at it for 60 set offensive and defensive plays. I had spent Thursday with Special Teams, part of the time on the kicking squad, part of the time on the receiving squad. I had memorized the special teams part of the playbook with the help of my father. He opened the book and a funny smile came over his face and he looked like he was viewing the past. He was. The playbook hadn’t changed much from his playing days. We went over and over what each man’s assignment was and what the outcome would be if each man failed. I don’t know why it is, but pictures stick in my head. I was able to recall each page when the play was called and I could remember what I was supposed to do, regardless of my position on the page. It’s not that difficult. Blockers block, gunners tackle, kick returners return kicks. You get the picture.

I didn’t get any playing time during the regular scrimmage. I stood by Coach Lenning the entire time, waiting for him to grab my helmet and send me in with a play like he did with the rest of the receivers. I was a little disappointed, after all my dad was there along with everyone in Centerville. Katie, my new girlfriend, was there too. And to my surprise, she was wearing the uniform of a freshman cheerleader. She would come to varsity games and sit in the front row and cheer with the varsity cheerleaders, but like me, she wouldn’t get in the game. I can still remember how incredible she looked in the crimson and cream cheer skirt, cream colored sweater, and white socks with saddle shoes. Her hair was tied back with a crimson ribbon and every time I looked at her, she was looking at me. It made my heart race thinking about it.

At the end of the regular scrimmage we lined up to practice special teams. Four punts, four kicks, and a couple of trick plays. I finally got in as the alternate deep man for a kick return. It was my job to make the first block when the gunner came barreling down the field, intent on knocking the primary return man’s block off. But the kick didn’t go to the primary man. It came down into my arms. As it descended toward me, I panicked. Don’t drop it, don’t drop it, don’t drop it. I landed in my arms as soft as a loaf of bread and for the briefest second I froze.

“This way Pauly!” shouted Joe Baldwin, the senior who should have caught the kick. I darted right, and Joe blasted Greg Chapman who was intent on knocking my block off. The return was set up to go right, so I kept running right, moving up the field on an angle, looking for a seam or a crease or some kind of daylight to run to. I was running into the backs of the blockers and I could feel the rest of the kicking team closing in. This was going to hurt. Then I saw a gap, hardly wide enough to go through sideways and I lowered my shoulder and decided to go for it. I could feel the tacklers grabbing at me and thought I was going down. But I kept my shoulders square and my feet digging and I felt one then another arm drop off me and I was free. I raced as fast as I could until only the kicker stood between me and the end zone. He had a bead on me and was pinning me against the sideline, trying to force me out of bounds. When he got within two strides, I slammed on the brakes and as he flailed at the air where he thought I would be, I cut across his heels and raced across the field. I didn’t slow until I had run completely through the end zone. I turned and realized I was all alone. There wasn’t anyone within ten yards of the goal line. It was deathly quiet. What had I done wrong?

The side judge blew his whistle and raised his arms straight up in the air. TOUCHDOWN! And then all hell broke loose with the crowd screaming and clapping. I trotted over to the official and handed him the ball and headed for the sidelines with the rest of my team. I stole a glance at Katie and she had her hands clasped together in front of her face, like she was praying. I thought I could see a tear in her eye, but I didn’t want to stare.

“Nice job David,” said Coach Kennedy, a man of many words. Coach Lenning was a lot more demonstrative. I felt like I had just won a Super Bowl. I was on Cloud Nine. That play ended the scrimmage and coach brought us out to the center of the field where we knelt while he gave his post-game talk. He gave us the weekend off, which I found out later was his usually habit during the first part of the fall. Most of the players were country kids like me and we still had a harvest to get in. He reminded us not to drink, it rots your brains. Not to chase women, they weaken your legs. And to certainly not chase women who drink, they empty your wallet. The last thing he said was “Freshmen, clean up the field.” Everyone got a big laugh at that. Usually the sophomores picked up the yardage signs and the corner pylons, but now there was a form of life lower than sophomores on the football team: freshmen. Well, freshman is more like it. I was the only freshman on the team. Everyone trotted off the field toward the locker room except me. I took off for the end zone where the pull cart was that the markers went in. As I turned around, I was surprised to see that Jack, Joe and James Baldwin were already gathering the markers on one side. Rusty, Spud and Tater were picking up the markers on the other side. We all met in the middle of the field. The Pipe Crew together again. They made me pull that heavy cart to the storage shed all by myself though, and ribbed me about being so slow. It felt great.

I spent the weekend on the Loeschen Farm loading and stacking irrigation pipe in the bone yard. It was just Rusty and I. The rest of the crew was off chopping silage and getting it put up in the half buried bunkers near the feedlot. It was the first time Rusty and I were alone together since I had spent the night with him in his barn. As the sun warmed up, we both shed our shirts, tucking our t-shirts into our belts and letting them dangle like sashes behind us. Even though I had lost my virginity just two nights prior, and found a girlfriend, I still thought Rusty was attractive. I realize now, it was just my hormones raging and I wanted to fuck everything. Testosterone can make a young man do some pretty crazy things.

A couple of times through the afternoon I thought I caught Rusty staring at me, almost on the verge of saying something. He didn’t speak his mind until we were back in the pipe truck headed off to retrieve yet another load of pipe from a distant field.

“Eh, um, hey I uh….” Rusty was cute when he was flustered. “The other night…. In the barn….. I, uh…… well, you know…. I’ve never done anything like that…… “ What did he think? That I was used to getting sucking dicks and getting fucked in the ass? I laughed.

“I ain’t never done anything like that before either. Don’t sweat it Rust. I had a good time. You fuck like a champion.” I smiled and looked him square in the eyes.

“You did? You mean I do? I mean, if you ever want to try it again…….” He was trying to sound gracious with his offer to shove his teen cock into my ass again. I reached over and squeezed his thigh. Then I left my hand there while he drove. As we went over bumps and holes, I let my hand ride higher and higher until I was fully on his swollen cock.

“What do you think?” I said with a grin. “Like I said, you fuck like a champion. And you suck like a champion too.”

“Thanks Pauly. I really tried.” I could see the relief in his eyes. Then the yearning. He looked down at my bulging package. “Maybe I could help you out with that?” he suggested, nodding toward my bulging jeans.

“Yeah. Sure. That’s cool.”

When we pulled up to the stack of pipe, we were a long ways from the county road and not in eyesight of anyone else. Still, Rusty and I went behind the stack of pipe and it completely hid us if we got down on our knees. He unbuttoned his jeans and I unbuttoned mine. Then he had me lay on my back in the grass and started pulled my cock to his face. He licked it from root to tip, twirling his tongue around the dip and sucking that bit of precum that was leaking from the end. Then he opened his mouth and began to suck the entire length down his throat. I was so hard that it only took a few strokes for me to blast into his mouth. He motioned me to turn onto my belly and when I complied, he leaned forward and trickled my cum onto my ass crack. Then he moved up until his own hard-on was in my ass crack getting coated in my spunk. He rubbed his hard on up and down and it felt glorious. I wasn’t gay, but I was game. He pushed his cock up against my asshole and I wiggled my butt to help him get the head past my sphincter. When he got the first two inches in, he drove the rest in with a forceful oomph. He lay on my back, his heavy breath on my neck, and began to fuck me hard.

“I’ve… Been… Think… ing… A…. Bout…. Your…. Ass…. Since…. The…. First…. Time,” he revealed between thrusts. I could feel him kissing my neck and it was electric. I loved the feeling of his cock in my ass and the sexual abandon of his passion. I might be bi-sexual, but at that moment, I was certain Rusty was gay. It didn’t bother me at all. It made me proud that a sexy guy like Rusty thought I was worthy of fucking. I pushed my butt up to meet his thrusts downward. Partly because it felt good, but mostly because him pounding my dick in the dirt hurt. He stroked faster and deeper until he slammed his cock deep into my ass and I could feel him spurting hot cum into my bowels. He collapsed on my back, cock still buried, trying to catch his breath.

“Pauly, that’s fucking amazing. Fucking amazing.” He finally rolled off of me and onto his back. His fucking had made me hard again. I knelt by his head and then leaned across his face, pressing my cock against his mouth. He just opened up and allowed me to fuck his mouth until I came again. This time he swallowed. Twice spent, I rolled off of him and onto the grass beside him.

“We’d better get this pipe up to the yard.” We both buttoned our jeans and got up, brushing the dirt and grass off each other. We worked the rest of the afternoon with no indication of our sexual release except an exchange of silly grins from time to time. We’d make a habit of this through the harvest, at least once a day if we could find someplace secluded.

Back at the dinner table, after the dishes were clear, my father and I went over the playbook for the rest of the offense and defense. We studied mostly wide receiver plays, because that’s what I figured I would be playing. But he also had me memorize the various defenses and where each opposing defender would be and his coverage area in the different packages. There was a lot to learn, but it was great to hear my dad get so animated about the topic. Every so often he would jump up from the table and make me line up across from him so he could demonstrate a move. Becka sat on the counter, out of the way and just watched. My mother kept an eye on us from the adjacent living room, ready to call a halt to the foolishness if my father go carried away. It was a great night.

I took a long hot bath, as I had every night since I started on the pipe crew. My little sister Becka came in and took her customary seat on the toilet. If my parents ever thought it was strange that she spent so much time with me while I was in the tub, they never said a word. Becka and I had always shared a room and we had seen each other naked so much, we really didn’t think too much about it. Becka was on the cusp of puberty, her tiny slit covered with just a few dark curls. Her breasts were mere points, but her nipples would harden nicely when pinched correctly. Instead of wearing her long legged pajamas, Becka was wearing a baby doll nightie that our mom had gotten her when the summer heat was so intense. It was moving rapidly into fall, so this seemed a little odd. When Becka sat on the stool with her knees up under her chin, her tiny slit pressed hard against the fabric of the panties that matched the baby doll top. It made my mouth water.

She didn’t avert her eyes when I climbed out of the tub. She stared at the cock that had taken her cherry earlier that week and I could see by her mischievous grin, she was going to try to get me to fuck her again.

“Don’t get any ideas,” I warned. “You had your fun. When you get old enough for a boyfriend, then we will consider THAT again. I mean it.” She didn’t argue, she just grinned and pulled her knees tighter to her chest, pressing her pussy even harder against her panties. My cock twitched in appreciation. We went to the living room and plopped down in our customary places on the couch. I sat at one end and picked up the playbook and quizzed myself on the plays. She lay at the other end and stretched out with her feet in my lap. She was reading a library book about orphan children living in a railroad car. While she read, she would shift her feet around, pushing her heels against my organ, causing the reaction she desired. My mother was engrossed in the paper and my father had finished Whitman and was reading a new book by Kurt Vonnegut. I kept trying to shift her feet away from my dick, not wanting our parents to get wise of our sexual familiarity. But Becka was being Becka and she would not be deterred. Finally I could take no more and I rolled toward her, starting a tickle fight. She begged and pleaded for me to stop but I didn’t relent until she was out of breath and I was no longer hard. That would serve her.

“Go get ready for bed, Becka” said my mother when my sister finally caught her breath. “Brush your teeth and brush your hair.

“Yes mom.” She dragged herself to the bathroom to do what she was told. When she closed the bathroom door my mother looked at me.

“You two seem to be quite comfortable with each other.” I nodded. What was she getting at? “Your dad got a promotion at the sawmill. We are seriously thinking about getting a bigger place. It’s time you and your sister had some privacy.”

“Ahhh mommmmm!” I whined, hoping to sound young and immature. “Do we HAVE to? I like it here. She’s not a problem for me. I like having a roommate. She’s like a little brother to me. It’s fun to have her around.” I didn’t tell her she was fun to have around to rub my dick against, but I don’t think that would help my case.

“Well son, I know you’ve gone through some changes of your own. A young man needs his privacy as well.”

“I know but I don’t mind, really. Let’s save the money and get a newer car or something. As soon as we move, you know dad’s truck is going to die again. I’d rather stay here. I like things the way they are. They are perfect, you know?” She smiled and gave me that look that meant she could see right through me.

“If you change your mind, just say so. We just want you to be happy.”

“Your mother,” my father finally spoke, peering over the top of his book, “your mother wants to be sure you have plenty of alone time for when you want to a young man with needs.” I looked at him funny, what was he talking about? “She wants your sister out of the room when you start spanking your monkey.”

“Oh dad! That’s nasty!” I shuddered like I was grossed out by the idea. I didn’t need to masturbate when I had a little sister that would do it for me. “I don’t do that kind of stuff.”

“Yet,” he said with finality. I didn’t agree on the outside, but on the inside I was thinking how much I liked it when I came. He was probably dead right.

Becka and I went to bed about 10:30, which was way late for me. I had to get up at 5 am to work for Mister. But she had worked me up and I knew I would need some relief before I could sleep. I pulled back the covers on my bed and pushed the window open wide to let in all the cool air. I lay back on my bed with my cock semi-hard and waited on my sister to join me. But she never came. Finally I pulled my shorts down and started to slowly wank myself, enjoying the sensation that only I could bring to me. I heard my sister stir. Then I could hear her softly pad across the room until she could see my starlit body plainly. She watched as I stroked my cock.

Having her watch made me all the harder. I stroked faster and faster until I pushed rope after rope of jism onto my chest. Then I reached out for my sister and gripped her ass, pulling her closer. When she was right next to the bed, I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. Then I pulled one leg up onto the bed and leaned into her triangle and began to eat her sweet young pussy. She trembled and shook, gripping my hair so she wouldn’t collapse from the pleasure. I licked every bit of her pussy and thrust my tongue into her hole until she finally could take no more and shuddered with each wave of her orgasm. She wiped my cum off my chest with her fingers and sucked them clean. Then she padded back to her bed and curled up into a ball and fell into a dead sleep. I was right behind her.

Work in the country doesn’t stop for Sundays. Cows need to be fed, crops need to be gathered. Mister Loeschen wasn’t a religious man so he worked us on Sundays. But he took pity on us and called it a day with a half an afternoon to spend with our families. When I got home, I wished he’d have worked us all night long. Sitting on our porch were Katie Schultz and her parents. My folks and Becka were out there too. They were all sipping iced tea or lemonade and seemed to be laughing and having a good time. I never really thought about meeting Mr. Schultz or Mrs. Schultz after declaring their daughter to be my girlfriend. I was dead afraid that they were there to tell me I could never see her again. I climbed the stairs like a man mounting the gallows. I knew I was about to be hung.

“Paul, you know the Schultz’s. And you know their daughter too, I expect.”

“Yes sir. We ride the bus together and our lockers are right next to each other. Katie taught me how to open my locker on the first day,” I confessed. I wasn’t ready to go into more details. I couldn’t risk the scorn or ridicule.

“Maybe you don’t know this, but your father and I played ball together for Centerville. I was a guard and he was a star. I came to the scrimmage on Friday to see this Boy Wonder everyone was talking about. I thought we were going to be disappointed, but that was one great runback you made on that final kickoff. Where did you get that speed and agility?” asked Mr. Schultz.

“I don’t rightly know, sir. From my dad I guess.” I kind of relaxed and leaned against the porch rail.

“Did you get your fresh manners from you father too?” He could see I was frozen with fear at what he might say next. “Yeah, we heard about you kissing my daughter on the bus.” I stopped breathing. Everyone was staring at me except Katie, she was staring at the floor, mortified at what might come next.

“A school bus isn’t the proper place to do any courtin’ son. If you want to take my daughter out, you’d better do it proper. Come to the house and ask for permission and don’t go sneaking around.”

“Samuel!” interjected Mrs. Schultz. “You are scaring that poor boy to death.” She slapped her husband on the arm and everyone burst into laughter except for Katie, Becka and I. We just exhaled in a whoosh.

“Was that your first kiss?” I nodded. “I first kissed Mrs. Schultz on a tractor coming in from the orchard. I must have been your age, about 15.”

I cleared my throat. “Uh sir, I am only 13. I’ll be 14 two Fridays from now.”

“THIRTEEN? With all that speed? Holy smokes! You are fast. You just be sure to treat my daughter right and we won’t have any problems, got it?”

“Yes sir. You can count on that.” I pulled myself up to my full height and stood in front of him. “With your permission sir, I’d like to take your daughter to the Homecoming Dance. It will be our first real date.” He stood up and stuck out his hand.

“Well, it’s fine by her mother and me, but you might want to ask her.” I looked over at Katie and she blushed and smiled.

“I will sir, just as soon as I work up the courage.” They all laughed. The Schultz’s stayed for dinner and we ate a roast beef on the long picnic table in the side yard. When the older women started to clean up, Katie and I slipped away. Becka thought she might follow us, but my mom called her over to help. She reluctantly obeyed. Katie and I walked around the house and headed to the fields behind the house. Once we were out of sight, we clasped hands and ran off together, until we had left the house well behind. Under the branches of a huge old cottonwood, I leaned in and kissed Katie full on the lips for real. All that practicing with Becka paid off. I pulled her close and the sensation of her firm breasts against my chest was too much. I had a huge erection and it was embarrassing me. I didn’t want Katie to be turned off by my sexual appetite. But I couldn’t’ stop kissing her once I started. We finally broke apart.

“Is that all you brought me all the way out her for, Paul David?” She had her arms wrapped around my neck and my heart wrapped around her little finger. “You brought me out here to practice your kissing? You are a pretty good kisser, by the way.”

“You ain’t half bad yourself. Would you go to the Homecoming Dance with me?”

“Why Paul David,” she replied in her best Scarlett O’Hara voice, “I thought you’d never ask. And I don’t have a THING to wear. Whatever shall I do?” Picturing her without a thing to wear caused my hard dick to throb with pain. I couldn’t take it. I had to adjust it to get it into a better position. She noticed.

“Did I do that?” she pointed at the bulge in my pants. Busted. I nodded sheepishly. “Well then I should do something to help you out, shouldn’t I?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea? Your parents are right over there at our house.”

“If I don’t, who will? Becka?” She giggled at the absurdity.

“I don’t know, she might. She’s a good little sister,” I joked back.

“You are so silly. But she is going to be a good looking girl before long. You are going to be a busy big brother when she starts high school in two years. But you have a problem now, let’s see what we can do to fix it.” She pushed me away from her far enough to get both hands on my fly. She unbuttoned my Levis and fished my cock out from the confines.

“I’ve heard about this, Bjorn Thorhammer. Jack Baldwin didn’t exaggerate.” She tugged it and stroked it with her cool smooth hand. It only took a minute and I couldn’t take it any more.

“Be careful Katie, I’m about to lose it.” She moved over to the side, but kept her hand moving up and down the shaft. She pointed my cock toward the ground as I spewed streams of cum onto the wild grasses.

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked her while I tucked my softening cock back into my pants and buttoned them up.

“I read a lot of books, silly.“ I don’t know what that meant, but I accepted the answer. We walked hand in hand back to the house. This time her right hand was much warmer in my left. Our two families spent some more time talking on the big porch and when it was full dark, the Schultz family mounted their pickup and drove off toward home. Mom and Becka went into the house. Dad held me back.

“Do I need to talk to you about the birds and the bees son?”

“No sir. I reckon I know where babies come from and how they get there.”

“You are awful young to be having a girlfriend, but she is very pretty and she’s awfully smart. Before you go doing any more than kissing her, you need to learn what prophylactics are and how to use them. Savvy?”

“Yes sir.”

“You don’t need to go making the same mistakes I made,” he said wistfully. “You need to make all of your own new ones.”

It would be three years before I realized what he meant when he said that. And when I did, I had a much better understanding of the man. Had I known right then, it may have changed my life forever.

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