James gets a new toy.
Chapter 4

“Suck it James! Suck it good!”

“Finger it James! Finger-fuck it!”

James jumped out of bed. Some asshole and he was willing to bet it was Virgil, set his alarm to Dawn Gracie’s lustful demands on high volume. Scrambling for the remote, he was unable to turn it off in time and the screams sounded out again. “Son of a bitch!”

A knock on his door interrupted his endeavor to get the damn voice setting off his alarm.

“Come in!” James hit the door buzzer on the remote.

Lisa came through the door, wearing a long pink Care Bear shirt and pink panties. “What the hell are you doing in here?” she asked.

“Some ass clown changed my alarm.” James’ aggravated voice explained.

Lisa sat on the bed and asked for the remote, “Give me that and turn your computer on.”

She walked James through programming the remote, explaining the application that controlled it. “This uses blue tooth so if you go more than thirty feet away from your room with it, it won’t work.”

James was amazed. The remote had more features than just being an alarm, thermostat and TV controller. He could even record video, sound, and voice commands.

“Where is the webcam for this?” James was wondering.

“It’s built into the monitor.” She pointed out. “We use it for group meetings too. You’ll get an email telling you when to log in and a general subject line about the meeting.”

“Sounds like Big Brother to me.” James analyzed. “Where do we get mail?”

“I get mine at my parent’s house.” Lisa said.

James was confused, “Is that the house I dropped you off at Saturday night?” he asked.

“That’s the one.” Lisa explained, “Any mail I get here security gets it and I go there for it.”

“Great, why does mail have to go through them? That sounds like a pain.” James asked.

Lisa grinned, “So they can check it for bombs.”

“If that was a concern, why the hell would they put security on the top floor instead of underground?” James asked.

Lisa shrugged, “I don’t know, I just work here.” she said.

James couldn’t believe that half ragged, half upscale security. They can’t focus a camera, they can’t put the secured area in a secured place, the leader of it all is on the top floor… sheesh, and maybe there was more.

“Ok, let me get something on top of the strings I’m wearing and we’ll go work out.” James had seemed to have lost his modesty and why not? Everyone there has seen him naked before anyway.

After his workout, he wanted to check his computer again. His education was a concern since he hadn’t had time to assess what Spenco was doing with it. First, checking his times on the appointments he had. Looking at Chung, he couldn’t find a time. It just said midnight for the day. That was confusing. He was forced to bother Cathleen again.

‘Chung, no time on service, No p/u address.’ he sent.

A few minutes later, James received ‘Meeting here, unknown time, your room’

Well, there’s a first. Not having to go anywhere? He could get used to that. ‘Sorry to bother, is there someone else I should report to?’

‘NO report to me’ was the reply.

It didn’t make sense to him. He was reporting to the top. But his was not to question why, he supposed.

He hopped online, checked out the college his records were sent to. They hooked him up with a top notch one. Stars and figure heads used it for their kids. He saw plenty of work to do. He got involved with it, trying to catch up. Time went by and he had been there a few hours. Feeling the grumbling in his gut, he thought to eat a bite. He remembered buying some lunch meat and that seemed like a good idea. Finishing a course, he got up and headed for the rec room.

“Dr. Song, how are you?” he greeted, entering into the mini kitchen. The doctor was wearing a dress today and he was impressed with the cleavage she was showing off.

“I’m here.” she replied, preparing a ready-made meal to microwave.

“I must say, you look ravishing in that dress.” James complimented her, getting in the fridge for his ingredients.

She looked over at him, stopping her work, “You just like the cleavage.” she said.

He looked back at her and rose up from the fridge, “I was referring to the total package. But if you want to single your bust out, that would be a good place to start.” he replied.

“Oh, what color of shoes am I wearing.” she asked, knowing he couldn’t see them from there.

“Black, with buckles on the side.” he responded, knowing his efforts in training his eye for detail paid off.

“Lucky guess.” she snorted, turning back to her task.

James wasn’t going to let her get by with that. “Was not, just like your perfume, blue bow holding your hair back, and the birthmark on your left ankle, I noticed.”

She was a little shocked, “Guess you know what color of panties I’m wearing too!” she huffed.

“You’re not.” he knew, no panty lines under that hugging dress. He went back to fetch the mayo.

“Am so!” she insisted. “Are not.” he insisted.

“You don’t know that, you wish I weren’t!” she avowed.

“Wishes come true and you aren’t wearing anything under it. You were in a rush to get dressed apparently. You missed a hook on your bra too.” noticing the hump in the middle of her back. James turned around and headed for his room.

Checking his phone for the Hunts, he didn’t have to be anywhere until 5pm that afternoon. He started back in to his work. Checking his bank, he definitely had 5k deposited under Spenco.

The intercom sounded about an hour later. The line claimed it was CS01. James picked it up.

“Hello?” James answered.

“Ying Chung is on her way. She’s yours to use and abuse.” Cathleen announced.

“Great, anything I should know?” James thought to ask, scrambling to get his room in order.

“She’s a little shy. You’ll have to coax her a little. Some oriental girls are such timid creatures.” Cathleen claimed.
“Ok, but I won’t hurt her, you understand.” James replied.

“Who knows, she might like it if you did.” Cathleen giggled and hung up the phone.

Clearing his work off the computer desk, James double checked his appearance. Spraying on more deodorant, he thought he would be just fine.

A few minutes later, a quiet knock sounded on the door. James opened it without using the buzzer. A petite black-haired girl was staring at his chest. She was actually shorter than his chest. James could carry this girl around like a suitcase. Behind her, Niles was looking at him with a grin wider than his normal one.

“This is James Farlow.” Niles introduced, “James, Miss Ying Chung.” and made fucking actions behind her then walked away.

“Please, do come in.” James said, opening the door wider and giving Niles a dirty look.

A small, or better yet, petite woman that looked very young. Her plaited blouse was buttoned all the way to the top, a white, wide collar sewn around it. Her skirt was black and pleated extending to her knees reminding James of a school girl’s skirt. White knee socks and black patent shoes, this business woman that stood in front of him could pass as a school girl.

After she entered, he offered the computer chair while he took the bed.

“So tell me Miss Chung, how can I serve you?” James started, smoothing the bed he had wrinkled.

“Serve…?” she said, in broken English.

“I serve you.” she said, bowing.

“Oh no, I mean me serve you.” James fell back to basic English.

She looked at him puzzled, “Me, I, I serve you.” pointing at him.

What the hell, I’ve got a woman that can’t even communicate. She has it all backwards! He thought the communication could be easily solved. Taking the computer off sleep, he pulled up a word processor, activated the speech to text, and pointed the monitor towards her, so the mike could pick up her voice.

“What is your native language, what do you speak?” James asked.

Interpreting his question, she said, “Chinese.”

James sat it on Chinese and said, “Speak in your language. Where are you from?”

The young lady spoke in Chinese and James translated it on the computer. She was from some remote area in mainland China.

James fooled with it and had his words spoken in Chinese through the computer, “Why are you here?”

Again, she spoke Chinese but it came through the speakers in English sounding like a robot, “How did you do that? Wow!”

James explained the technology of it. He might not know how to program a remote but he knew shortcuts for school. They used the translator and adapted to it well.

“So, why are you here?”

“I am here for you.”

Still, the girl was confused. There must be some way he could phrase it so she would understand.

“What can I do for you?” James asked.

“Tell me what to do.” she replied, still looking questionably.

Ok, James had enough. There was no getting around the language barrier.

“You want me to fuck you?” James flat out asked, tired of the games, but flushed red as he said it.

“If you please.” and smiled her pearly whites at him.

“How do you like to fuck?” James asked, hoping to get some idea of what turned her on.

“I fuck like you fuck.” she replied, sighing from the strain of the conversation.

Ok, all he knew was she liked to be dominated, he might as well start there.

“Take your blouse off.” and the translator passed it on. Not a blink or question, she stood up and did just that. Her C sized cups came into view and he was sure this girl was older than her looks but he had to ask, “How old are you?” through the translator he heard, “Eighteen.”, the magic number.

Ok, this might be some trick or test or something, James didn’t know, but it seemed a little crazy that an eighteen year old had a business meeting with Cathleen Spencer and he smelled something fishy.

“Undress all the way.” he translated. Just like before, not a peep, she did as he said. Her breasts came into view and James adjusted himself. They were perfect for such a small girl. Her cotton panties were next and it revealed a very light patch of hair. If she was eighteen, she was growing slow.

“Turn around.” and she did. She had no visible hair on her back there. Not even fine hair and James found that unusually stimulating. “Bend over.”

The girl grabbed the back of the computer chair and did as instructed. This was all knew to James. Never had he instructed a girl and then they do exactly what he told them. He simply wasn’t used to the obedience this girl maintained. Just to test it, “Finger your butthole.”

James was astonished as the girl reached around and patted it with a finger. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind but it was exactly what he ordered. He would have to be more specific, “Put your finger in the hole.” and blushed as he said it, he wasn’t used to using such crude language.

The girl paused when the translator sounded out the order but pushed her middle finger in to the second knuckle and held it. She didn’t wiggle or play, just stayed perfectly still.

James sat up straight and watched while the strain of her bent over in the awkward position made her elbow quiver. Whatever he had thought he would be witness to in his life never came close to what he was witnessing now.

“Stand up and spread your legs.” James instructed and she did, still facing away from him. “Now spread your butt cheeks.” and she did.

He had to shake her resolve. Standing up, he reached down and ran a finger into her crack. He felt it pucker closed and heard her gasp. It was definitely a turn-on for him.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

“No water on me.” she replied. James didn’t know if the translator interpreted it correctly or what.

“Is your pussy wet?” and she actually took her hand down to check it. “Yes”

“Lick it off.” he just had to order, and what man wouldn’t? Just a small touch of hesitation, but she popped it right in and licked it off.

“Turn around and masturbate.” He commanded, just wanting to see her reaction.

The translator gave the command and she turned around, covering her breasts and pussy. Chinese words came out. The translator responded.

“Forgive me, what is masseur baits?” she asked and James looked at the translator because it sounded like the French word for Mister. Maybe she didn’t know or maybe there was another word for it.

“Put your arms down and play with your pussy.” and he blushed again while he waited for the translation.

She cocked her head to the side and gave him a questioning look. Holding her hands out, she shrugged. She tried hard to understand, her hand went on her pussy and she drummed her fingers on it.

‘What the hell? Is she a virgin or something?’ James thought, but changed his mind on that; she was here for some reason. Surely she knew what sex was. James thought about a purchase he had made and opened the drawer. Pulling out his cylindrical tube, he placed two batteries in then handed it to her.

She looked it over, studying it. Looking at the switch at the top, she looked at James again. He nodded for her to turn it on. A low hum filled the room.

“Rub your pussy with it.” He commanded and the blush he sported went a little redder.

She touched her finger on the end, gave James an innocent smile, and then brought it to her sex. No sooner had it touched her sensitive spot did she jerk it away. Looking at it, she acted like she was going to throw it away.

James, ever the gentleman, said, “Give it to me. I’ll help.” Taking the vibrator, he ran it over her pubic hairs then down over her lips. Looking up at her for a reaction, he saw her staring between her breasts at the caresses he was giving her. He took the opportunity to run it over her slit. His effort paid off as her clit peeked out. Looking back up, he saw her looking straight ahead.

“Does that feel good?” he asked and waited for the translator before moving it off her slit.
Looking back at James, she said, “I think so. “

James wished he didn’t have to hear that through the damn translator. It didn’t have any emotion. He couldn’t tell from it whether she was lying to him or scared. He decided she must have enjoyed it, her clit told him so. He went back to work on her a little more.

Again she stared off straight ahead, both arms by her side. She was such an obedient girl; James just had to test it. Slowly, he brought up the phallus and raked it over her clit.

She shuttered and brought her hands to the front. She caught herself and put them back. The body overpowered the mind, James thought. He pressed it in deeper. The color of the vibrator resting between her slit reminded James of a hotdog.

Reaching out with his unused hand, James grabbed her right hand and brought it to the vibrator. Keeping his hand on her, he stroked it a few times then let go.

She looked at him and then her hand. She brought her gaze back to James. He urged her on. “Play with it.” And she stroked in the path James had taken her.

“Make it feel good.” James said, and stood up, taking off his shirt.

She eyed the naked flesh of the man in front of her, she rubbed herself a little more aggressively, and her knees bent, ever so slightly. She never met a man his size. He towered over her. ‘Well fit’, she thought.

James reached down and caressed a breast with each hand, staring into her eyes. He studied her reactions and noticed her shortness of breath. This wouldn’t do for long; he would have to sit back down. She was way too short.

He tugged on her breasts and she duck walked with him to the bed. He took a seat and fondled her breasts more. He tried to stay focused on her eyes, even if she wasn’t looking at him at the moment. He didn’t want to draw attraction to his staring at her work and embarrass her. She circled her clit with the vibrator. James took a nipple in his mouth.

Her eyes grew bigger and she looked down at him looking at her. Their eyes met while she trembled in his hands. The body commanded her now. She went faster in her circles. James sucked as much of the breast he could in his mouth then slowly let it out to the nipple. His other hand played on her other breast and when his mouth got to the nipple so did his fingers.
She shook her head ‘no’ over and over. James didn’t let up with his hands but released a nipple from his mouth, “Keep going.” he ordered. “Don’t stop.” He pinched both nipples in his fingers. Loosening up, he used his palms and circled her buds. It was too much for her. She tensed and stopped her movements. James, ever the gentleman, took over.

He stroked her and circled her. He caressed both breasts with one hand. When he felt she was at her peak, he reached around and slapped her tensed up little ass. Not hard, just a little, then caressed the spot he struck.

She stayed like that for the longest time then finally loosened up. James removed the vibrator off her clit and moved it further down her lips. She shuddered one final time and James took the vibrator away.

She had clinched her eyes but James was too busy to notice at the time. Now, she opened them and looked at James, awe was written on her face. ‘Had he really helped her with her first orgasm?’

To test it, he drew the vibrator up to her entrance. He forced it in just a little and the look of awe went to fear.

“Are you a virgin?” James wanted to know.

“Virgin, yes.” She softly said.

Now why the FUCK is there a virgin in his room! Cathleen knew he didn’t want any relationships! If he was to fuck her and take her virginity, she would stand a good chance in becoming attached to him. The VERY thing he wanted to avoid, hurting a girl’s feelings, yet, he’s already given her an orgasm.

He grabbed his phone and took a few breathes. He didn’t want to say anything that he would regret. But he wasn’t taking a virgin. She better have a good explanation for this though. He texted, “Why is there a virgin in my room?’ and waited for a response.

There was none. His door opened and Cathleen walked in, dressed in business attire. She must have had a master key.

“James, shut up and listen.” then turned her gaze on the girl. Pointing to the girl and then to the chair, Cathleen had her sit down. Looking at his monitor, Cathleen motioned a hand across her neck telling someone to cut it off.

James was shocked; he didn’t think about the damn monitor recording and hadn’t seen this side of Cathleen before. He took the safe route and listened. He’d deal with the monitor later.

“Remember Jack and Jill?” and he nodded. “Ying is just like them, only worse.” And she paced.

“They came from royal families, Ying did not. She was a child slave. She was given to me just like Jack and Jill. I have kept her for over a year.” She huffed.

“She can’t speak much English and she can’t understand orders. She is… useless to me other than doing laundry. She seems to have that down anyway. I wasted a lot of expensive clothes teaching her that.” And still she paced.

“I am giving her to you.” But James started in, “Shut up, I’m not finished.” and dared him to speak.

“Ying has no place to go other than a factory. She is mine to give to whom I want. You’re going to protest the moral issue of slavery. This child has no education, no means of support, no language skill in the United States, and no hope. No hope James!” she started to sob.

“You know my morals, I don’t want to hurt this girl.” Pointing at Ying, “I could do no better than you, surely.” James explained.

“James, try it out. She could be your servant, your assistant. She knows you might take her virginity but it is worthless to her anyway. What would she do with it? You need to be the master of this slave if for only one reason. You won’t hurt her. Anyone else might just do that, including me. I get aggravated at her. I’m afraid I’ll lose my patience. You have the patience and tolerance to make a better master than I.” she sobbed.

“Cathleen, where would I keep her?” James pointedly asked.

Cathleen waved across the room, “This will do.” She relaxed a little, “She knows her way around here a little. She can take care of your laundry, cleaners, mail, even cooking if you teach her. You’ve seen what an obedient girl she is. It has to affect you knowing that she would do your bidding to the best of her capabilities.”

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? If you don’t want something, you will think of a thousand reasons not to have it. But Cathleen was making him want it. Now his mind is coming up with all kinds of reasons to have her.

“I would have to learn Chinese…” James mumbled.

“Bah!” Cathleen waved a hand, “She’s in America, make her learn English!”

“I’d have to get used to undressing in front of her…” James mumbled some more.

“You’re half way there now! Besides, you ran around the whole place naked already. She wouldn’t be seeing anything the rest of us haven’t.”

“I’d have to get another phone for her…”

“Just give her old one!”

“And another bed…”

“They deliver!”

“And freedom, what about that? I wouldn’t want her cramped up in here all day.”

“She can go anywhere you want her to. Hell, give her your old car and teach her to drive! It’s rusting in the parking lot!”

Now he wanted her. Not for sex. He was getting plenty of that. But just how many people in the U.S.A. had a servant? Well, he might as well be one of them.



“Yes, ok, I’ll… take her.” was James’ affirmation.

“Good!” walking to the door and opening it, “Virgil!”

Virgil came through the door and for the second time within seven days, James saw a dolly. An old black trunk was mounted on it. Stickers adorned the sides and it had some serious wear and tear. Virgil unloaded it and left.

“There you are, all set!” Cathleen elated.

Lisa passed in the hall as Virgil exited. Blocking the door so it wouldn’t close, she kept her ears perked listening. James caught her staring.

James asked on purpose, “So this slave is mine to keep?”

“Yes, do what you want with her. She’s willing.” Cathleen boasted.

James thought to ask just one more question, “Ok, does she have papers?” which was probably the worst way he could possibly put it.

“She is legally in the U.S., I’ve made sure of that.” Cathleen sighed.

“What the hell?” Lisa said, barging through the door. “You gave him a girl?”

Cathleen turned around and her eyes got big, “Oh, yes, you see…”

“I want one!” Lisa said.

“I’ll share mine.” James said.

“What all does she do?” Lisa asked.

“Laundry so far…” James replied.

“Oh, hell no, she’s going to have to do better than that.” Lisa huffed.

“Well, she is a little uneducated…?” James explained.

“Ok, sucking cock how is she on that?” Lisa urged.

“I really don’t know but she’s a virgin so I guess…” James started.

“Bull shit! If she doesn’t know then she’s going to learn!” Lisa avowed. “Now… what about pussy? Does she even do that?”

“Again, like I said…” James started.

“What’s her name?” Lisa’s next question.

“Yang or Yung or Ying Ching, er, Chang, or Chung…” James tried to remember but he had enough going around in his head at the moment.

“Actually, you can name her yourself. I did mine.” Cathleen confessed.

“You gave them Jack and Jill?” James exclaimed, “You are ruthless!” and clammed up.

“Hey, Jack is bi! It fits!” Cathleen admitted.

Fuck, James thought. I’ve landed in the land of lust.

“Ok, I’m taking the slave for a test drive!” Lisa stated, getting up.

“Now wait just a minute. I haven’t finished… interviewing her yet. You can interview her later.” James complained.

“Bull shit, we can interview her together!” Lisa said, taking her shorts off since she was up anyway.

‘Lisa is a damn nympho! I swear!’ thought James as he seen her vibrating panties yet again. ‘Where was she keeping the damned remote?’

“Ying Yang, you sucky?” Lisa asked, pointing to her crotch.

Ying shrugged like she didn’t know. Lisa was going to find out though. Cathleen said, “Now don’t abuse her.”

“I won’t. I’ll fuck her face slow… at first!” Lisa replied with a grin.

‘What in the world did Lisa have holding over Cathleen? It’s like the girl can do whatever she wants!’ James thought.

“James, watch the wild child for Christ sakes.” Cathleen said, and opened the door to walk out.

“Wait, you don’t want to try her?” Lisa asked.

“No thanks, I’ve got my own well trained thank you.” Cathleen responded and left.

“Now hold up Lisa, they cut my translator off.” James said, going over to turn it back on. Ying scooted over to let him in. James reached down to the vibrator between her legs and turned in back on. While he was at it, he turned it up higher and for the first time in James life, he saw her smile.

James got the translator going while Lisa got her panties off. He could just kick himself for not thinking about someone watching through the cam. He sat back down on the bed and moved Lisa’s panties. The vibrator was gone.

“Where’s the vibrator for your panties?” Jams wondered out loud.

“Oh, that reminds me. Do you have any batteries?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, top drawer of the computer desk.” Lisa got up and walked in front of Ying, stopped to play with a Ying nipple, then got his new pack of batteries out. Laying the pack on his dresser, she sat back down on the bed beside James.

“Don’t let me forget those.” Lisa said, spreading her legs a little to get her hand in.

“How many do you need?” James asked. Those things can get expensive.

“I just need the one pack. My vibrator died and I used the extra batteries I had. Then I had to use the ones in in my camera, flashlight, and now, the batteries for my remote died. They don’t seem to last very long.” She sighed.

“You know the thing has an off switch, right?” James said incredulously. ‘She’s definitely a nympho.’

Ying removed the vibrator she had between her legs and looked at it; she placed it back on her slit with a shrug. James assumed she heard the conversation through the translator.

“I know that! It’s not like I’m addicted to it!” Lisa exclaimed. “Where did Ying get one?”

“I gave it to her.” James shrugged.

“I like her tits. They’re just right for her size.” Lisa noted. “What are you going to name her?”

“I haven’t thought about it.” James sighed; he was too busy soaking in the responsibility of owning a slave girl.

“Getting back to our interview… Yin Yang, suck it.” Lisa commanded and pushed her ass out on the edge of the bed, but Ying gave her a frowning look and then looked at James.

“I don’t think she knows how.” James observed, “Let’s try this. I’ll do her and show her what you’re talking about then you can have her do you when she figures it out.” James explained, then thought Ying might not be interested.

“Ying, are you ok with that?” James asked.

After listening to the translator, she turned to James, “I am to serve you.”

“She’s a slave James, it doesn’t matter.” Lisa pointed out.

“It matters to me. I don’t want her to do anything she wouldn’t want to.” James explained.

“If it serves you, it pleases me.” Ying said over the translator.

James gave her a way out of it but she didn’t take it.

“Are you sure?” James asked one more time.

“Yes.” was the only response.

James offered the choice twice and there wasn’t going to be a third.

“Get on the bed.” James ordered, scooting over to give her room between the two.

Ying stood up and removed her toy, turning it off; she laid it on the computer desk. Looking at both, she walked over to them. James couldn’t get over how petite the girl was. Turning around, she took a seat between them.

Lisa pushed her back and told her to spread her legs. James switched positions, getting between them. Lisa started describing the events for her.

“James is going to lick your pussy. Try to remember how he does it. You’re going to do the same thing to me.” Lisa explained. The damn translator repeated it. He didn’t know how long he could tolerate that translator. He thought to look for a female voice. The male robot voice was a little annoying for him.

James approached his target, a virgin one at that. He always avoided virgins. They were just too innocent for him. He didn’t want to corrupt them and would probably regret breaking a girl into the lifestyle of sex. But, he was handed one on a silver platter. He was a male after all and nobody would hold it against him if he took advantage. But taking something like virginity is taking something for life. James, himself, didn’t think much about losing his own but girls seemed to be hooked on the event.

Studying the task at hand, James noticed the fine hair surrounding the target. It wasn’t as course as his own but most girls weren’t. Ying’s hair was pretty thin. Shaving it would be easy, James thought. Placing his hand over her mound, the girl jerked a little. She probably wasn’t used to anyone but herself touching it.

Lisa detected the jerk, “It’s Ok, he won’t hurt you.” she soothed while stroking the innocent girl’s hair.

James brought his lips closer and smelled the erotic musk of her sex. It was like a new car smell but it was a new pussy smell instead. James’ passion boosted from the aroma hitting his senses.

He brought his mouth low and licked from the bottom up. She shivered at the touch. Coming back down, he sucked a lip in his mouth. Using his tongue, he caressed inside.

Lisa felt the girl shiver and brought her hand down to a breast. “Shhh, its ok.” she whispered, “Feel how good that was?” and the translator must not have heard it. James made a note to whisper if he needed to.

James grabbed the other lip and sucked it in with the same treatment. Such a small pussy, he had to try something different. He sucked both lips in and was able to run his tongue through the slit. The taste hit his buds and set him off. He really wanted more of that nectar.

Whatever James was doing made the girl melt like butter. Lisa watched the girl go from shocked to dreamy. She pointed at James as soon as Ying looked back at her then pointed to her pussy. Lisa rose above the girl and straddled her head. One more look eye to eye and Lisa lowered herself on Ying.

James stuck his tongue in the entrance of her sex at the same time Lisa made contact. This caused Ying to suck in air but she got a mouthful of Lisa instead. The pussy had stopped the intake instantly. James heard the suction and knew what had happened. It was hard to grin with a mouthful of pussy and air was sucked in through the sides of his mouth.

Ying had no idea what to do until she accidently sucked a mouth full of Lisa in. Once she tasted it, she decided she liked the flavor. Mimicking James, she set to work, driving Lisa into heat. The aching she had for so long was being rubbed out on James’ tongue; she thought to pass on the wonderful service to the brunette on her face. Too many sensations at once but James seemed to know how to add more as air came in around his mouth and breezed over her sex.

James felt more liquid come from the heavenly hole he’d been tonguing. It wasn’t going to pour in his mouth on its own. Giving up on the outer lips, he went for the inner. Running his tongue while his lips were sucking around it, he traveled up and down. When more fluid was brought out, he tongued it off the entrance then slurped it off her lips. ‘My God, virgin pussy was like no other he’d ever tasted before.’ James realized.

Ying felt the aggression James started using and couldn’t control her body. It bucked on its own into his mouth. Every gasp she made put more pressure on the pussy she was eating. Gasps turned into panting. She had to concentrate but her body just wouldn’t let her. The panting brought Lisa’s pussy in and out of her mouth rapidly.

Lisa felt the change in Ying and smiled. Feeling the girl panting her pussy in and out, she took full advantage of it. Arching her back, sticking her ass out in James’ direction, she was able to get her clit on all that panting effect. Once there, Lisa released a sigh.

James heard Lisa sigh and knew she was getting treated well. Looking above Ying’s flattened tits he saw Lisa’s ass thrust his way. Raising his hands, he put one on Ying’s breast sticking out from under Lisa and the other on Lisa’s ass. Had the girl not been so short, James would have a hard time reaching Lisa. No problem there though, James was able to place a thumb on Lisa’s asshole and grip the cheek firmly. James worked on his multitasking skills and coordinated tonguing, sucking, massaging, and thumbing into a rhythm.

Ying felt the hand massage her breast. She had never been fondled like that before. She once had a boss try to make her do bad things but she never had anyone give her any affection. This was beyond her understanding but her private area was on fire, her nipple was aching something terrible, and the clit in her mouth was driving her crazy just knowing what it was. James had a rhythm going and she flowed with it. He licked up and she licked up, down then up. She worked to enjoy that wonderful sensation that James gave her earlier.

That prick knew she liked having her ass played with! James was moving and grooving on it. The virgin under her had found his rhythm and licked her top to bottom as fast as she could go. Lisa couldn’t help it, it was driving her crazy. She had James pushing her has onto Ying’s face. The face was hitting her with a tongue in her hole then on her clit. Lisa grabbed her new toy by the hair and started bucking on her.

James wasn’t sure what Lisa was doing but he could tell she took control of the humping. Now he had to let her lead and found her rhythm to tongue on. Up and down the newest pussy he’d ever had in his life, he raked his tongue to the humps of Lisa for Ying. The virgin went wild as Lisa picked up the beat. James’ only concern was Ying’s breathing. He hoped Lisa was letting enough oxygen get into her.

Ying felt the surge when Lisa took over. Her hair was in the clutches of a demanding girl and her face was planted in her sex. Ying tried to help and stuck her tongue out. Lisa treated it like a paint brush and coated her cunt with it. James did the same with his beat, picking up the pace to match the “wild child” sitting on her face. Her body couldn’t handle it and the same sensations rushed over her. She froze.

‘Oh hell no!’ Lisa thought, the toy is popping a nut and her own cunt was being neglected! Lisa was getting hers regardless and grinded into the flushing face of Ying. Squishing sounds came out between Ying’s reddened cheeks while Lisa popped her own nut. That squishing was the result of the donation Lisa poured into her mouth.

James was just along for the ride. Ying humped his face while Lisa humped his thumb. When Ying started releasing, he made an effort to hit the clit as much as possible. This caused her to squish into his mouth. Now, both squishes, one after the other, where sounding in the air while the two girls got off. The rookie bucked high on James and his tongue raked her asshole.

Ying felt the fluids in her mouth but she had her own concerns going on between her legs. She would have swallowed if it weren’t for the exquisite torture James’ tongue was giving her. All she could do was try to scream into the girl’s pussy. She bucked so high, the man’s tongue hit her ass. It racked her so much; she had that incredible sensation all over again! She knew Miss Cathleen said James was her new master but if this is the kind of service he wanted, she would give it with pleasure every day all day long!

Lisa realized that she was riding the wave of a multi-orgasm below her. The little sex toy was jaw locked! That rocked Lisa’s world and she got down and dirty in her own multi-orgasm. James’ just had to help! “Put your thumb in my ass!”

Ying tensed around James’ face and, always the gentleman, picked up where Ying left off. Raising and falling on his knees, he bucked his face in the virgin slit. Just to make it interesting, he grazed his tongue over her ass a few more times while she erupted again. The call to thumb Lisa’s ass alerted James and he kindly obliged.

There was no describing these sensations to Ying. Never in her young life had she ever experienced such rapture. Whatever it was her master was doing, it was definitely done with expert precision. She had heard the translator telling someone to put a thumb up an ass. She guessed it was the words the sex-craved girl on her face demanded. Just the thought of his tongue crossing over her ass made her quiver, she couldn’t imagine what a thumb would do. His sucking on her nub drove her crazy! It was so intense, her body refused to move!

Like breaking in a bronco, Lisa rode the petite pony until she broke. She was as stiff as an ironing board, Lisa grinded out another orgasm on a mouth that could do nothing but take it while a thumb filled her ass and she bucked all she wanted. When she headed back down hill, she eased off on the girl’s hair and face, yielding her own shudder at the bottom of her bliss.

James was cramping up, his jaw had about as much as it would take. Finally the unused pussy came down from the air and her ass rested back on the bed, quivering every few seconds. He could hear the desperate intakes of air the poor girls were taking and removed his thumb from a hole that wanted to keep it for its own.

Lisa climbed off the drenched living toy she soaked. “Wow, I needed that!” she huffed, “I’ve been without since my batteries died.”

James got up from his kneeling position and offered a hand to Ying. Blinking at him, she realized what he wanted and gave him her hand. James got her to sit up even though she was a bit wobbly.

“What was that?” Ying asked and the translator passed it on.

“That, little girl was a multi-orgasm.” Lisa laughed. “You did great!”

James didn’t know how the young girl took it, but she did smile again. Walking into the bathroom, James wetted a wash cloth and returned. He started wiping Ying’s face until she got the hint, and then handed it to her.

“Ok, now we teach her about sucking cocks.” Lisa said, walking over to grab the vibrator while the translator repeated the statement.

“Wait, she might not understand that.” James said, looking at the questioning look on Ying. “You suck?” he said, pointing to his crotch.

The translator repeated and she got the hint, looking back into James’ eyes, she nodded ‘yes’. He guessed since he did her, she wouldn’t mind doing him. Seemed fair to him anyway, and eating pussy always made him hard.

Lisa sat down beside her and pointed to the vibrator then James’ crotch. She licked it. “Yum! I can taste Ying Yang on it.” and licked it more.

Ying watched her and glanced at James. Returning to Lisa, she was just in time to see her suck it in. James wanted her to see the real thing so he got undressed. Tossing his clothes through the bathroom door, he turned back around facing the girls on the bed.

Chinese came out. The translator said, “Oh no.” in the robotic tone. What she was saying no to, James wasn’t sure. “Oh no what?”

“That is that is that!” the translator repeated her gibberish and Ying giggled.

“Come here, I’ll show her.” Lisa prompted. So James walked over to her. Lisa straddled James’ leg, bent down and licked up, then offered it to Ying. “Go on.”

Ying was hesitant but went ahead and did the same thing, straddling James’ other leg. Lisa took it back and licked around the head, then offered it back. Ying repeated but this time she raised her hand to get a hold on it. Placing her hand on top of Lisa’s, she licked around the head.

“Don’t use your teeth.” Lisa said and put the cock in her mouth. Ying did the same thing and let go.

“Now, stroke it.” Lisa said, stroking James. The China man of an interpreter sounded off and Ying picked up as Lisa let off. “Lick it and suck it while you stroke.” Lisa continued, dropping her hand down to James’ balls.

Ying looked up to James to make sure she was doing a good job. James moaned and closed his eyes. Lisa informed her of what the goal was, “When he comes, drink as much as you can.” then paused before she said, “But save me some.” in afterthought.

Ying sucked a little while she stroked. Lisa jumped in when she started tonguing again. Both were going at it and Ying lost her rhythm. Lisa took over the stroking. James had never been serviced by two girls before. This was a huge boost to his lust.

Lisa pulled it her direction and sucked. Ying seemed a little upset and pulled it back to her, plopping it in her mouth. “Damn bitch, she’s greedy!” Lisa said and the translator repeated it. Ying let up and pointed it back to Lisa.

“Thank you!” Lisa chirped and sucked a little. She offered her tongue to it and let Ying tongue it too. Her stroking was working and she stroked faster.

“Are you going to come on our faces?” Lisa asked, smiling.

What a turn on, James thought, “You know it.” James answered, “You two are going to get a lot.”

Ying heard the dirty talk and had the urge to play with her pussy. Lisa thought that was a good idea but made it better. She grabbed Ying’s hand and put it on her pussy then reached over and played with Ying’s.

That was enough for James, “I’m close!” he announced.

“This is it! Get ready to drink some cum girl!” Lisa warned Ying.

No sooner than the translator communicated it in Chinese did James clench up. Lisa stroked it faster and pointed it at Ying. Since Ying didn’t respond, Lisa moved her hand off her pussy and grabbed the back of her head and forced the cock in it.

“I’m there!” James warned and Lisa bobbed Ying’s head up and down on his cock. He felt his surge shoot out and Ying literally inhaled it. “Swallow!” Lisa yelled, just as the second shot came out. Ying did indeed swallow that one. James wasn’t sure where the first one went though. Right then, he really didn’t care.

Lisa yanked it out of her mouth and stuck it in hers. Like a pro, she engulfed and swallowed most all of his cock. Ying snorted cum out of her nose, coughing a little, and watched the expert, while reaching for the wash cloth. James third shot never hit mouth, just throat.

Lisa pulled it out and aimed the fourth shot at Ying who took it from the eye to the mouth. Lisa took the fifth straight into her mouth. It looked so erotic to see it fly right in.

“Clean it up.” Lisa said, pointing it back at Ying. She hesitated for the translation but put it in her mouth. “Lick it all up.” Lisa continued, still stroking access from it.

James knees was weak, the sucking and tonguing was getting to him, “Ok, I think I’m good.” he said.

Lisa let go but Ying didn’t. She tried to fit all of him in her mouth but had no success. James was still semi-hard.

She frowned as she failed but released James. She stared at it for a while and James thought she wanted to inspect it. He just stood there and let her look around his genitals.

“That was nice.” James said, wanting to boost Ying’s ego. “With a little practice, she will be an expert.” and Ying perked up hearing the translator.

“Well, she’s going to get more practice on sucking pussy, that’s for sure.” Lisa quipped. “I haven’t had virgin pussy since… junior high, I think.” placing a finger on her chin. Looking at James, “Can I keep her while you’re gone?”

James watched Ying play with his balls, “Yeah, that’d be ok. I mean if it’s ok with her.”

The translator finished before Ying said, “I want to.” translating it back to them.

James wanted to clean up; he had a meeting with a couple soon. He turned to go and Ying grabbed his balls. “What the…!”

“Ying! Let go.” Lisa commanded and James had to wait for the translation. Ying wanted to suck on a nut and did that before she let go.

James rubbed it, “Can you have her take care of the sheets? You two soaked it.” he said, and headed for the shower. While he cleaned, he thought about getting a bed for his servant. He probably should pick up some food and underwear today. Putting those two items in the same sentence seemed funny to him and he chuckled at it.

He was coming back out soon, drying himself off. The girls were sixty-nining each other. Ying was on top and looked about half the size of Lisa. That was saying something because Lisa wasn’t all that tall anyway.

Getting dressed while the sucking went on was a little awkward; James kept getting distracted when someone hit a good spot and he just had to look.

What really sucked was leaving two naked girls eating each other in his bed. He waved at both before he headed out. “Lisa, don’t tear her up, I just got her.” and closed the door. He could hear the translator repeat what he just said through the door as he paused to put on his jacket. Then he heard Ying giggle.

He took the SUV again and headed for downtown. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were to be picked up at a corporation but again the destination was ‘As Directed’. He got there at his usually early time. James made a note to get more detail out of a run other than ‘As Directed’.

Standing outside by the doors, the clients came up to him. The elder gentleman greeted him, “Hunt?”

“Indeed sir.” James replied, opening the back doors. He offered his hand to the thirty or so looking lady and she took it. James guessed she was probably half the gentleman’s age. After getting them inside, James walked around the back then to the driver door. He noticed them kiss when he entered.

“My name is James, how may I be of service to you today?” James inquired.

Looking at the mirror, James saw the elder gentleman turn to his wife as he said, “I need to borrow your cock.”

It was a long night for James. It was only two and a half hours but it was forever. He had to get hard on the floor in front of their fireplace. The husband didn’t want him touching his wife, just let her use him for a fuck stick. The husband did the caressing and touching while she rode him. The woman played her role well, not giving James a reason to get off. James stayed hard though. It helped thinking about the two girls eating each other out.

Like notches on a stick, James counted six orgasms the woman had. As directed, he didn’t orgasm. He maintained the perfect balance of fantasy and reality. If he got close to an orgasm, he just had to look at the naked old guy. Not letting his cock go soft, he reminisced about Ying and that sweet tasting pussy.

Around seven thirty, James was back in the SUV and free for the evening. At eight, he pulled into Wally World. Grabbing three more packs of batteries, thinking Ying would use some, more underwear and some food; James was set to head home. The underwear wasn’t high quality like his last pack. If he had to give them away, he was giving the cheap ones.

At nine forty five, James was unlocking his own door. He didn’t want to catch Ying in a compromising position but his hands were full. Pushing it open with the groceries, he almost stepped on his gift.

Ying was sitting naked in the floor in front of the door on her knees, arms wrapped behind her back, a black collar around her neck, and high black heels on that were too big. “Excuse me.” James said, working his way around her. Looking back, she had turned to face him, her nipples were hard, he observed. “Everything alright?” he asked, sitting the groceries on his computer desk. He needed to separate the colds and get them to the mini kitchen.

“Yes Master” she said in English, just batting her eyes.

“Why are you on the floor?” he asked.

“I wait for orders.” She replied, in fairly decent English.

James chuckled at that, “Whose doing the ordering?”

She looked at him funny and said, “You master.”

Ok, that’s weird, “Who told you I was your master?”

“Lady Spencer.” She said, like he should know.

James was taken aback; he certainly didn’t like the term master, “Ok, you can call me James.”

“But master…” she started

“That’s an order.” crossing his arm and putting his elbow on it, scratching his chin.

“James.” she relented. “I’m supposed to be your slave.”

“No, you’re supposed to be my servant.” James wanted her to get that slavery shit out of her mind.

“I serve. You master.” She said, matter-of-factly.

James dropped his arms. This girl is way too submissive. She needed to, well, grow some balls. “Get up.”

Ying stood, arms folded behind her back, without asking, she spread her legs.

“What are you doing?” James wondered out loud.

“Prepared for ins-inspection.” She said.

What the fuck did Lisa do? This girl took a course on BDSM. “Ok, what did Lisa teach you?”

“She say you ask that. I say be a good slave.” She said, proud she had passed whatever test she thought she had.

“Go get Lisa.” James said.

The oriental pixie walked right over and headed out the door. “You could put clothes on!” James called, but it was too late. Virgil will get his share of still photos from that.

A moment later, she reappeared holding Lisa by the hand. “What’s wrong?” Lisa asked seriously.

“I asked you not to break her and that girl is broke.” James said, pointing to Ying.

“I never broke your toy, James! I made her better for ya.” Lisa defended.

“She thinks I am supposed to inspect her.” James pointed out.

“Well yeah! How else do you know if she kept the plug in?” Lisa mused.

“What plug?” James asked, intrigued.

“This one.” Spinning Ying around and spreading her ass cheeks.

James saw his blue ass plug he got at the novelty store firmly planted in Ying’s little ass. It wasn’t the biggest or the smallest they had. He bought the middle size so he would have one for a lady wanting it but didn’t know what a woman would like. But with Ying’s petite form, the thing looked rather large.

“You got in my drawer and found my toys?” James exclaimed.

“You weren’t using them! And, her vibrator takes AAs and we were looking for more!” Lisa huffed.

James just shook his head, “Ok, ok, whatever. I need to get the cold stuff in the fridge then I’ll work on fixing Ying.” He started separating the food, “Slave, sheesh.”

“Hey! I trained her right!” Lisa huffed, “I even went to and showed her videos and translated stories for her!”

“Did you explain the difference between playing slave and being a regular person?” James asked while he worked on his task.

“Nope, sure didn’t. She won’t be a regular person James. She is your slave. You are supposed to be her master you know.” Lisa argued.

“I don’t want a slave or a slave all the time at least.” thinking it was kind of erotic really, “She is a human being. She should have some respect, don’t you think?”

“I respected her. I ate her pussy back didn’t I?” Lisa rationalized. “Besides, if you don’t want her, I’ll take her.”

James just knew Lisa would have an underlying reason to do this to poor Ying. “I’ve got a bigger heart than that. She would need knee pads if you had your way.” James smirked.

“Listen, try her out. You’ll like it after a while.” Lisa calmed down.

“Fine, I’ll work on it.” Looking down at his bag of cold food, “Maybe she can put the cold food in the fridge at least.” James sighed.

“Ying, fridge.” Lisa said, pointing at the bag. Ying grabbed it and headed out the door. “Clothes!” James called after her, but it was too late. Virgil is probably jerking off right about now.

“When was the last time she had clothes on?” James asked.

“Fuck if I know, she was naked when I met her.” Lisa said. “I thought she came packaged that way.” Lisa smirked.

James gave her an evil look, “I’m kidding! Seriously, get some humor in you.” Lisa soothed.

“I laugh when it’s funny.” James smiled then frowned, “Crap, I didn’t get a bed.” He huffed, “Guess I’m sleeping on the floor.”

“Are you nuts? Make her sleep on the floor.” Lisa stated.

“I’m not making a woman sleep on the floor.” James said, and opened his potato chip bag.

“Well at least let her sleep with you. She’d fit in your arm pit.” Lisa laughed.

“That will work. Speaking of work, you working out in the morning?” James asked as Ying came back in.

“Yep, I’m up at six.” Lisa replied.

“Me too.” James said, handing the bag of potato chips to Ying. She looked so cute with that collar on.

“Oh, give me my shoes.” Lisa said to Ying. She kicked them off; they were too loose anyway, picked them up and handed them to her.

Lisa turned back to James, “Did you get any batteries?” she asked.

What the hell is she doing with them? Hell, he just gave her a pack.

“You can’t possibly need more.” James said in awe.

“Duh, I used them for my camera, flashlight, and remote.” She huffed, “And since I don’t get Ying Yang tonight, I might get the urge you know.”

James handed her a twelve pack of batteries. “Oh, can I barrow Ying’s vibrator?” Lisa asked, taking the batteries.

“Ok, what’s wrong with yours?” James can’t believe she burned the damn thing up already.

“Nothing, but it only hits my clit. I can use her vibrator to fuck with while I’m using mine on my clit.” Lisa explained.

“Spent some time thinking that up?” James grinned.

“She horny all time.” Ying said with a mouthful of chips, and they looked to her.

All three busted up laughing, “Well, your English has improved.” James noted.

Lisa walked over and picked up James’ old phone off the computer desk, “This is a piece of crap. She needs a better one. You can download a translator that does audio and text with the phone you have. Try to get her that model.” Lisa pointed out.

“Lisa teach me new things.” Ying offered.

James looked back at her, “Yes, I noticed that as soon as I walked in.”

Lisa punched his arm, “I taught her more than that!” and huffed. “She can cook eggs, bacon and sausage, but don’t leave her there while she cooks. She knows how to polish shoes too.”

Well, thank you Lisa.” James said sincerely, “I appreciate the help.”

Lisa looked at Ying, “You know, I really like her; I want one now.” Looking back at James, “We put her clothes in your closet, they are in poor shape and I don’t know who made them but they smell funny and most of it is plaid.”

James thought a second, “We could go shopping after workout tomorrow and throw her old clothes out. Are you busy tomorrow?”

“Wednesday” Lisa thought out loud, “Not after workout. I’d have to be back by three.”

“I haven’t checked my calendar for tomorrow” James said, unclipping it from his side, “Let’s see. I have a meeting at three it seems. Nothing other than that so we’re good to go.”

“I need to potty.” Ying piped in, bending over and spreading her tiny cheeks.

Lisa reached over and pulled out the plug, “You need to get her an enema bag. She used mine today.” She instructed while Ying headed for the bathroom.

James was a little stunned, “She doesn’t need an enema bag, and I’m not going to have anal sex with her. I’d tear her tiny ass up.”

“Oh, I guess you’re going to pop her cherry then.” Lisa assumed. “Her papers are in the top left drawer.” pointing at the dresser. “Cat brought them down for you. Seems she had been housing Ying Yang in Florida at her villa there. She got into some trouble when a hired hand got caught trying to get a blow job off of her. His wife walked in while he was forcing her to the floor and overheard him; tore up the place over that. There’s other stuff in there too; burning pots, sat a curtain on fire with a candle, she is a bit clumsy.”

“Ok, she can keep her virginity as long as she wants. I get enough sex through the week. It sounds like she just needs practice at being normal to me.” James thought out loud. “Secondly, stop calling her Ying Yang, it doesn’t sound respectful.”

“Ok, first of all, the butt plug will open her up for ya. If you’re going to tell me a man is going to sleep with a virgin every night and not do anything, I will kiss your lily white ass on fountain square at noon.”

Ying came back and bent over, Lisa handed him the plug, “Get to stretching.” and walked out.

James was struck by reality. It’s true he had high morals but his dick thought differently at times. Lisa was probably right, how many nights could he possibly last? Squatting down, he carefully inserted the plug. He had to wiggle it in but she eventually took it all. Even that act made his dick twitch. It might have been the fact that he had a hard-on for three hours and never came but James knew whatever the reason, if he had to fuck the dainty dame, at least he could fuck her ass, saving the poor girl her cherry.

“You ok with that?” James asked her, patting her ass.

“Yes, master… James.” and stood up.

“Master?” she asked, “Um, James, use word machine?”

James replied, “Translator, yes.” and started it up.

They talked and joked for a while. James found out about her past. As Ying listened and compared, her English improved. He listened while Ying explained the pink room of Lisa’s and she had to blink a lot to keep her eyes focused. She wanted to browse the web so James sat her in his lap and taught her how to use the mouse. She wanted to go back to the website Lisa showed her. James found it in History. Very few showed Asian action.

“What is this one?” she asked, pointing to a category marked Asian.

“Click on it and see.” James suggested.

Now, James was aware that some people treated Asians a little rough. They get a bad rap to begin with. Statistically, their penis sizes are just as average as anywhere else. The females are restricted on human rights and most generally are not considered equal in their society. But the category brought up more bondage and humiliation than James had seen in his lifetime.

“You know, they are playing, right?” he asked. “I mean, they really don’t act like that all the time.”

“Lisa says some people do. Like me.” Ying said as if it was fact.

“You don’t have to.” James said, “Wouldn’t you like being free?”

“I want to be yours.” Ying said.

“You can still be mine; you just don’t have to do everything you see here.” James said, pointing to the video showing a girl serving a plate with her mouth while crawling on the floor.

“But it is what I want.” she gave him puppy dog looks while the translator spoke.

James made a decision right about the same time his cock took to rise. “Ok, are you sure you would like to live like that?” and he swore he heard her pussy squish when she adjusted on his lap.

“Yes master… James.” she said without a bit of shyness on her. “It is what I want.”

Well, James and his three strike policy just wouldn’t be broken. “Ok, you can call me Master.” and watched her smile when she heard it. James knew some people got off on it. Always the gentleman, he aimed to please.

“Thank you Master!” Ying cheered. She clicked another video and James watched an Asian being driven wild with an electric vibrator. Hog tied to the floor, she was getting it from the rear. He absolutely positively one hundred percent wanted one of those electric jobs. ‘Do you realize how much money I would save on batteries?’

His own dick was getting sat on and he picked the pretty parcel up and sat her on the arm and adjusted himself. She giggled when he touched her armpits.

“Ticklish are you?” James laughed, and tickled her some more. James found it hard to believe she was eighteen. The only hint that she was were in her breasts. They were big enough to convince him she probably was.

“Listen, I need a shower. You go ahead and play.” James got up and headed to clean the ‘yuck’ of the old man and his wife off of him. He hadn’t shut the door because he wasn’t used to having anyone else in the room. Looking out of the shower, he thought he saw Ying rubbing herself but she was facing away from him. Maybe she was just scratching. The heat of the shower helped convince him that the disgusting couple was off of him.

Toweling off, he sneaked back in the room and got behind her. Her elbow was propped up and holding her chin. The other hand was between her legs and moving. ‘Yep, she’s playing with herself.’ James thought. “What are you doing?” he asked, a grin crossed his face.

She jumped and turned. Her face was inches way from James’ cock. “Oh, watching movie master.” she replied, not taking her eyes off his crotch.

James glanced at the video. The same Asian girl was getting spanked and vibrated. Looking back at Ying, he said, “I meant your hand.”

She looked at James and then to her hand, “It aches there.” she said.

“It’s from watching the videos. You’re horny.” James explained.

“Like Lisa?” Ying asked, looking worried that she would feel like that all the time.

“No, you just need some attention there.” James explained, stepping back from being so close to her face. “You don’t have a vibrator but I could help you if you want.” thinking for a second, “Would you like to play?”

“Yes master.” Ying replied, not really sure what he meant.

“Inspection!” James announced in the most commanding voice he could come up with. Ying got up off the chair and passed James then spread her legs standing in front of him in the middle of the floor. She clasped her arms behind her and blinked.

The translator was loud when it repeated his order. James turned it down a little. Turning back to his ‘subject’, “Let’s see what we have to work with.” looking her over top to bottom. James noticed a slight change in the girl. She had a lustful gleam in her eyes.

James started with her face, caressing the sides of her cheeks. Using his thumbs, he caressed her lips. After a couple of seconds, he forced them between her lips and she opened. “Hmm, nice cock sucking mouth.” he quipped. “Stick out your tongue.” James commanded and she forced it between his thumbs.

Ying was mesmerized by James’ change. He became dominate like the men in the movies. She squirmed a little when he demanded her tongue. It was so… whatever the word, horny making.

“Now, what can I do with a tongue like that?” James pondered out loud. “I might make it lick my cock.” and Ying felt a wave of goose bumps when the translator finished. “Let’s see how your tongue tastes.” and he bent down and sucked it in. Ying reflexively pulled it back out.

“Hmm, you didn’t obey me. I said to stick out your tongue, not put it back in.” then turned the little pint-sized vixen around and swatted her on her ass, not hard, just enough to make a noise. Turning her back around, James saw her face turn flush, “Stick out your tongue and hold it while I taste it.”

Without hesitation, Ying stuck it out as far as she could and looked at James. He bent over once more, still amazed at how short she was, and sucked on her tongue, raking his tongue over hers. “Mmm, tasty.” he said, straightening back up. “Let me see what I have to make you taste better.” and James opened up the drawer holding his sex toys.

“Ah, here is something.” and he pulled out a bottle of warming gel. Taking a drop, he dabbed it on her tongue, motioning her to taste it. “Now, where could I put it so I could lick it off?” he wondered out loud. “Those nipples could use some.” he said with a thoughtful look. Rubbing some on each, he felt them grow to hard little pebbles.

Letting the gel soak in a bit, he traced a gel-covered finger under each breast, heating up the underside. He put one more dab on his finger and squatted; his cock was hard and pointed up at Ying. She soaked in the view.

James traced the sides of her mound, got another drop and raked it from the back of her slit to the middle, reveling in her wetness. There wasn’t enough of it to spread it to the top front so he got more. Finishing his application over her clit, “You have a nice looking pussy.” he said, then blew hot air on her cunt lips.

Ying’s eyes got wide feeling the hot air and the effect of the gel on her tender place. Her nipples were already feeling it. She involuntarily squeezed her butt cheeks together.

James watch the magic of the gel as Ying clinched. A drop seeped out of her cunt and he heard a faint splat on the floor. James rose up and looked her in the eyes. “You dropped something.” and Ying looked between her legs. Seeing the wet spot, she gave it a quizzical look.

“You need to clean that up.” James said, watching to stop her if she didn’t do it right. He knew the floor was clean so he had a plan in mind.

Ying unclasped her arms from around her back. James spun her around again, smacking her on her cheek again. This time, more fluid spewed out of her cunt from the jolt. “I didn’t say you could use your hands. Use your tongue like a good slave. Look, you spilled more.” James spun her back and pointed to the tiny droplets.

Ying squatted down carefully, trying not to tip over with her arms clasped behind her. Getting on her knees, she bent to lick the first drop up. Turning around, she went after the other ones. James got a good view of the plug she was sporting. Since her head was facing away, James took the opportunity to stroke himself; he was feeling pretty achy himself. When he did his first upstroke, a drop of pre-cum dripped on the floor. His drop was much bigger than hers and it looked thicker.

Ying thought her task was done so she turned around in the kneeling ‘waiting for instruction’ position. James looked at her beautiful eyes but frowned. She gave him another quizzical look. “You missed a spot.” James said, pointing to his own drop dead in front of him.

Ying shuffled over and James went around her. She bent down to lick it up. James bent down and pulled the plug out. Ying looked back to James, smacking her lips. Then her eyes caught James’ cock and the pre-cum dripping off of it and smiled.

James waited until her eyes met his, “You better get the next one before it falls.” he advised, and she scrambled over in front of him. Still not moving her arms, she raised up. The poor thing wasn’t tall enough to reach the top of his cock but, ever the gentleman, James pointed it down for her.

She licked at first, taking her time, then sucked the pre-cum off the head. James milked more out of it for her until he thought she’d drained his vein for the time being. “Maybe I better do yours.” and helped her stand up. “I’d hate to see you have to clean more up.”

James picked up the fairy sized beauty, letting her drop her arms, and laid her sideways across his bed. Stopping while he raised, he blew hot air on each nipple. They actually got a little stiffer. He couldn’t wait any longer. He sampled her left one. The strawberry gel tasted delicious! It warmed his mouth on contact.

Ying couldn’t believe the power her master had! He picked her up like a doll. He was so big! She knew she was small but the man would tower over most people she met in China. Now, her achy nipples were being serviced. The cream he put on her made everything tingle.

James worked his way around her breasts that had the strawberry flavor then progressed to her charms below. He wasn’t sure how long he could tolerate this virgin. He already craved taking her virginity. He had to remind himself that it wasn’t his to take no matter what the girls said. It belonged to Ying.

James’ hot breathe caressed her cunt lips. He spread her and soaked in the sight of her pink flesh. He leaned in and inhaled, just for show but it did smell like strawberries, and then exhaled hot air all over it. James watched as her ass clinched again and another drop seeped its way out, trickling onto her taint. Thinking he’s better get it, his nose hit her entrance as his tongue raked the drop off. Ying flinched.

“What’s wrong?” James sneered, “Can’t hold still?” and without waiting for an answer, went to the closet and got a handful of his old ties he hadn’t used since getting his new wardrobe.

Throwing them on the bed, he picked one of the thin black one’s out and tied it to her left leg at the bend in her knee. Taking the other end, he tied it to the foot post. With the right knee, he tied it to the head post. The ties were long but still had to be taunt to get it to tie. Inspecting his spread eagled filly, he decided more was needed. Grabbing another tie, he tied it around her ankles and held out his hand for hers, raising an eye brow. “Give me your hand.” and she reluctantly reached for him. He tied her ankle to her hand and repeated it on the other side.

After completing his bondage, he said, “Try to get loose.”

Ying made a serious effort to do so, her hands pulling on her ankles, her knees trying to close. She tried so hard, she was panting from her efforts. James became aroused watching her struggle. There was something about the muscles tensing and the look of total concern on her face that got to him.

“So, you are at my mercy.” James said, grinning, and waited until the translator finished. “I could do anything I want to you.” giving her a wicked smile and letting that soak in, he watched as she gave him the sense of fear he wanted to see.

“So, let’s say I want to rub my cock on your pussy.” he said while getting between her legs. Looking up at her, he watched her look at him and blinked. Grabbing his cock like he has done so many times before, he brushed it up and down the gaping slit. “Yes, it seems I can do that just fine.” looking at his victim. She moaned for him.

“Hmm, wonder what happens if I spanked you with It.” and tapped his cock on her clit. Ying was jolted but couldn’t go anywhere but up, making the next hit a little harder. James tapped it faster then stopped. The little pixie gasped.

“Hmm, circles?” and used his hips to help him get his cock going around, encircling her clit and entrance. “Up and down?” sawing his meat between her lips, “Perhaps sideways” using his cock like a windshield wiper over her clit. Ying quivered.

The master was torturing her! He beat her with his manhood, rubbed it all over her sensitive spots, and now he is raking it back and forth over her most achy bud! Ying couldn’t handle it, it was too much. She needed to get off, it was driving her mad! Her hips betrayed her; she humped up to the soft yet hard cock. “Please!” she had to beg.

“Oh, you want to cum?” James said, hearing the translation and slowing down on her clit then let her hump air for a second.

“Yes master!” she gasped, desperately seeking his cock with her hips.

“Ok, cum for me.” James said and wielded his meat tighter and grinded it over her gash.

Sweet surrender took over Ying as she relished the work of her master. The beast in all humans came out and she quivered her restricted thighs around him. A guttural cry came from her lips as the master kept up his deliciously torturous pace. She felt her own fluids spill from her loins as the exquisite sensations racked her body.

James saw a little gush from the girl; he swore he could smell the hormones. “Don’t stop!” he yelled and kept up his pace. When he felt she was coming down he dropped, sucking up her juices then tonguing her hole. Where was she to go? James smiled… up of course.

The master had dropped his tool and resorted to using his mouth. Just when she thought it was going to be over, another orgasm rocked her body. The cruel man savaged her sex and swallowed her wetness. His tongue entered her craving hole. What was she to do? She bucked up. “More!” she yelled and bucked her sex in him as fast as her quivering ass would let her.

James felt a gush of girl cum literally squirt into his mouth. She could not hold on and let everything go. James wallowed in it, shaking his head up and down then sideways. He wanted it all.

She would give him her life if only he would not stop. The master played her masterfully. Crazy thoughts went through her head; he was going to kill her with orgasms. Then, she came so hard; he literally sucked the pee out of her! What was she to do? She just peed on her master! The embarrassment hit her and the pain of regret calmed her down. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” she sobbed.

James slowed and looked up from the feast of love she had given him and asked, “Why are you sorry?”

Through sobs she said, “I didn’t mean to pee.” and went back to sobbing.

James chuckled, “You didn’t pee silly. You squirted. It happens when you cum too hard.” patting her on a restrained thigh. Getting up, James started untying his virginal dinner. Once he was finished, he reached for a hand. She gave it to him. He pulled her into his arms. Laid her head on his shoulder and rubbed her back. “It’s ok sweetie. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I don’t understand.” was all she could say, still hiccupping a sob every so often.

James carried her over to the computer and sat her in his lap, pulling his hard on off to the side. Getting the monitor to kick back in, he navigated to some squirting videos.

“This is what you did just now.” watching to see if she understood. The girl’s eyes flew open as some lucky slob was getting drenched from a redheaded squirter.

“Here, taste it.” James said, and offered her a kiss. She hesitated but kissed him, his tongue entered her mouth and she was blessed with a kiss like no other she had ever had.

‘She kissed her master! This hunk of a man actually kissed her!’ she thought and the stuff didn’t taste like pee. It didn’t taste like anything else either but it wasn’t pee. It mattered little to her now, the more important part was the fact that her master had kissed her! It had to be the most affectionate thing anyone had ever done to her.

“Lisa is a squirter too, you know.” James reminded her. “It just feels like you’re peeing when it happens.”

“Is so? I thought, why she soak me?” Ying said amazed. “She made me tongue her butt.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that. You want me to say something to her?” James asked.

“Naw, me liked it.” Ying still fought the English language.

“Ok, now you know you didn’t do anything bad, what does my little slave plan to do with this?” James asked, looking at his poor neglected penis.

Ying grinned, “I fix it!” and hopped off his lap. Nestling between his legs, she grabbed him at the base. Like Lisa, she did as instructed and soon, his head was in her mouth.

James leaned back and enjoyed the teachings of Lisa. Ying had it down pretty good. It wasn’t long until he exploded in her mouth without having to assist her. She swallowed and swallowed but couldn’t get all of it. No surprise there, he hadn’t come all evening. She finished her attentions and set to work cleaning him off.

They went to bed after putting a towel on the wet spot. Ying promised to take care of it tomorrow. They spooned in the bed with Ying’s butt snuggled to his crotch.

James was fading off to sleep when Ying said in English, “I tongue master's butt too.”

Without thinking, James chuckled, “Maybe tomorrow.” and faded off to sleep.

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