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Fucking and Sucking Elizabeth pt2
Sequel to the first book, hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated
It had been a week since I had my hot neighbour and my wife’s friend Elizabeth on her knees then on her back then in the shower begging for more as I pounded her tight pussy with my cock then drank her sweet breast milk, after a week I was beginning to get restless I would dream of fucking Elizabeth.
Janice came home late on a Monday night while I was on my bed stroking myself thinking about Elizabeth and her tight pussy, as I was about to cover my sheets in about a gallon of cum when Janice walked in on me she gasped in shock then got an evil glint in her eye as she moved towards me slowly unbuttoning her jeans and taking of her shirt
“Just what I need after a long hard day’s work, a long hard cock, come here honey”
first let me clarify that Janice is no slouch in the sexy department, she is a red head with long hair down to her waist a tight runners body and an ass that matched her body, round and tight and her tits were 36c with big round pink nipples and absolutely zero sag and yes the carpet does match the drapes.
Janice took off her tight black shirt and jeans leaving her in a black lace thong and bra, I stood up and brought her into my arms kissing her as she moaned into my mouth, I unfastened her bra as I was kissing her feeling her hard nipples against my chest I leaned my head down sucking on them as I had sucked on Elizabeth’s eliciting loud moans from Janice I rolled her nipple with my tongue making her fingernails rake my back, I then put her on her hands and knees on the bed and pulled down her thong and stuck my tongue into her pussy swirling it around and licking her clit tongue fucking her , this made her scream my name.
“Oh godddd Steve!!!!, stop teasing me fuck me harrrd now”
I obliged slamming my cock into my wife’s pussy sheathing my cock in her warmness she threw her head back and moaned as my cock went deep enough to touch her womb, I started sliding in and out picking up speed feeling her pussy muscles clamp around my cock I went faster slamming into her with all my might sliding in and out each time I bottomed out making my wife have a small orgasm I grabbed her tits and squeezed and massaged them as I slid in and out of her from behind making her grind against me, as I fucked my wife to a glorious orgasm she was replaced by a mental image of Elizabeth on her hands and knees begging for my cock her blonde hair everywhere and her tight teen like body beneath me this made me slam into my wife’s pussy faster and harder making her scream and moan as she started to have mini orgasms making her body shudder and shake.
“mmmmm, ohhh yesss cum in me Steve, fill me up”
I pulled out and flipped Janice over so that I could go deeper into her, she gave me a longing look wanting my cock back in her I obliged by slamming my cock into her tight pussy as I sucked her tits this made me close to a massive orgasm and I could tell that so was she, so I went faster and harder pounding her pussy her moans and my grunts filling the room, I exploded inside of her making her have a massive screaming orgasm her fingernails digging into my back as I released spurt after spurt of hot cum into her pussy filling her up.
“mmmm, Steve that was fucking amazing I’ve missed your cock inside of me honey”
“Yeah I’ve missed being inside of your tight pussy, we have to do this more often”
Exhausted I pulled out of her and let her cuddle me as we fell asleep cum leaking out of her pussy, the next day while watching TV Janice had the great idea of inviting Elizabeth and her husband over for dinner since it had been a long time since we had seen them, I of course immediately accepted so my wife made the arrangements for later tonight I had a busy day ahead of shopping for food and mentally preparing to not get a hard on as soon as I saw Elizabeth, on that front I failed miserably, it was ten o clock when they arrived at our house, my wife was looking hot in tight jeans and a blouse but when Elizabeth walked into the house my mouth dropped and my cock immediately lengthened along my leg , she was wearing tight black yoga pants that accentuated her ass and pussy so much that she might as well have been naked, she was also wearing a low cut almost see-through blouse that showed off her cleavage and I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could just faintly make out the outline of her big pink nipples, I thanked my lucky stars that I was wearing jeans so my wife didn’t notice my hardon, I said hello to Elizabeth and her husband shaking his hand and receiving a warm hug from Elizabeth, as she hugged me she grinded very lightly against my cock then moved away a lustful glint in her eyes.
“so shall we go eat?” I said
They agreed so we made our way to the kitchen I making inane chatter with Jim as Elizabeth went ahead with my wife as I talked to Jim I had my eyes glued to his wife’s ass the yoga pants were so tight I could make out the shape of every inch of her ass, we sat down at the dining room table me opposite Elizabeth and Jim opposite my wife, as we ate we talked about our lives and Elizabeth thanked my wife for sending me over mentioning that we had a long talk and I had shown her a full body training exercise that had penetrated her to her core as she said that she looked at me sexily.
“oh didn’t know you had a workout plan Steve you will have to show me later” said Janice
“yeah no problem honey” I said
“you don’t mind if Steve comes over and gives me a full body workout once in a while do you Janice? He is a great motivator” said Elizabeth
“well I don’t see an issue with that as long as Steve doesn’t mind doing it”
I immediately said I didn’t and my wife commented on how kind I was then she and Jim started talking about finances since they had the same job and were both very interested in that topic, me and Elizabeth talked about football and current events, as we talked I felt something start to play with my foot I realized Elizabeth had taken off her shoes and started playing footsie with me so I rubbed my foot against hers and she smiled and winked at me, we kept eating and chatting as we played with each other’s feet under the table, slowly her foot made its way up my leg and settled on my cock, I looked over and made sure Janice and Jim were not noticing anything, but they were caught up in their own conversation I looked back at Elizabeth as she rubbed my cock through my jeans giving me an amazing footjob making my cock extend to its full ten inches, I likewise extended my foot put it on her pussy surprised to find she had no panties on so her yoga pants were soaked through she smiled in satisfaction as I rubbed my big toe against her pussy making her grind on it, we started talking about hobbies and I mentioned the fact I like wood working and I carve loads of stuff out of wood.
“mmm, I would love if you let me work on some of your wood Steve, but won’t me working your wood make too much noise? “ said Elizabeth
“oh yeah no problem after dinner I’ll show you, I’ll give you a big piece of wood to have fun with, and don’t worry about the noise I sound proofed the garage so that Janice won’t hear my woodwork” I said fully recognizing the innuendo.
As we rubbed each other furiously under the table Janice said she and Jim would like to see Elizabeth learn to work wood too, slightly disappointed I agreed that they could come too, after dinner we all went down to the garage so I could show Elizabeth some basic woodworking skills, as I showed her how to work a band saw and sander which were behind a massive table that only allowed you to see the top half of the person’s body behind it I got behind her and let her sand the wood Janice and Jim started talking again and lost interest in what we were doing. When I saw that Elizabeth was having some trouble with the sander I pressed up to her and put my arms around her and took control of the sander, my hard-on in my jeans nestled between her yoga pants clad ass cheeks she grinded against me while I controlled the sander I rubbed my jean covered cock against her ass I let her take control of the sander as I slipped my hand into her yoga pants and rubbed her wet pussy sliding a finger in and out making he moan softly Janice and Jim said they were going upstairs to have some coffee and that we could join them when we were finished, I nodded and said bye, once they had left Elizabeth spun around and started kissing me.
“ohhh goddd I’ve been wanting to do this all week I need your ten inches in me nowww” she moaned
“you have no idea how hard I’m going to fuck you” I said
I kissed her hungrily our tongues intertwining as I grabbed her perfect ass cheeks and squeezed them making her moan into my mouth she dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans releasing my 10 inch uncut cock, she licked the big head of my cock then enveloped it with her mouth slowly taking it all into her mouth managing to deep-throat me, doing something Janice could never do, her head bobbed up and down on my cock as I grabbed her head and pushed it up and down harder and faster, despite this she took it all like a pro proceeding to give a pornstar level blowjob leaving me moaning and panting , she then stood up and started kissing me again I dragged my hands all the way up her body feeling every inch of her as I kissed her stopping at her blouse and unbuttoned it pleased to find that I was right about her being braless I released her perfect double- D tits I picked her up and sat her on the table where she sat with open legs topless with a large wet stain on her yoga pants I got on the table too and leaned down and took her right nipple in my mouth sucking her sweet milk down as it flowed freely from her I slid my hand into her yoga pants as I sucked and lightly bit her nipple and I started rubbing her smooth bald pussy.
“oh god Steve that’s it baby, fucking suck me, rub my tight pussy” she screamed
I slid my finger into her pussy and started sliding it in and out while I sucked her going faster and harder as she moaned and shouted my name, I got down from the table and stood in front of her cunt at face level, I pulled of her yoga pants and stuck my tongue in her pussy making her lie back on the table and moan, I massaged her big breasts with one hand while I fingered her with the other as I sucked on her clit this combination drove her crazy moaning and panting as I gave her loads of small orgasms her body shuddering and sweating.
“oh shit, oh shit oh SHIIT, oh fuck stevvvvee, stick you big cocks in me now just fuck meeee” she groaned
I thanked god that I had thought of soundproofing the garage when I built it, I stood up and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me as I lowered her onto my cock, moaning into my mouth as the head of my cock slowly stretched the entrance to her pussy she groaned into my mouth as my cock slowly slid into her I leaned her back against the wall as I held her in my arms as my cock finally was completely inside of her I bent my knees and started slowly bouncing her up and down on my cock letting my tongue wrestle with hers as I bounced her harder and faster making her moan and groan as she orgasmed again and again on my cock, I slammed her down with all my force onto my cock as the head of my cock penetrated her womb I gripped her ass as I slammed her onto my cock, I carried her over to the table still bouncing her up and down on my cock.
I put her down on the floor and bent her over the table I lined up my cock with her pussy entrance and slammed in as hard and fast as I could making her throw her head back and moan in ecstasy I slammed in and out of her my balls slapping against her as I drove into her again and again, on a whim I slapped her ass as I was fucking her making her cum immediately leaving my handprint on her ass, I slapped her ass a few more times as I pounded her, each time making her cum amazed at how kinky she was, I felt my balls tightening and I told her I was about to cum.
“mmmmmm, cummmm in me baby, I’ve been fucking my husband regularly so if we make a baby he won’t knoowwww!”
Upon hearing this I lost all control I slammed into her faster and harder than before making her groan and making me groan I let my cock slam in and out of her pussy at near lightning speed, my balls tightened then I slammed my cock deep into her womb I exploded cumming at the same time as Elizabeth both of us having massive orgasms I kept squirting into her for what must have been a full minute filling her womb completely with my cum she slumped down on the table panting and so did I.
“Steve you are the most amazing fuck of all time I love you so much” she said
“I love you too Elizabeth”
After ten minutes we got dressed and went upstairs to where my wife and gym were having coffee we sat down next to each other and enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the evening, before they left Elizabeth reminded me about her workout and I said I would be sure to cum over.
To Be Continued?

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