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Laura tells her story on how she discovered she had a huge pussy
Hello, my name is Laura. My husband Greg wrote a story a few months back on how we met and our first time together. If you have not had the chance to read it then I encourage you to do so. It may help you better understand this story. Being that he has already told his side of the story, now it is my turn to do the same.
First off I want to describe myself. I am 5’10” tall, long legs, straight blond hair down to the middle of my back, a cute little butt if I don’t say so myself, pouty lips that have been called “cock sucking lips” and some would say I have nice perky boobies. I wish they were a little bit bigger, but they are really sensitive and I like that. When I am really horny I can almost orgasm from just tweaking my nipples.

I always thought I was a normal little girl growing up. I figured all my friends were just like me and I was no different than anyone else until I overheard a conversation my mom was having with my aunt. At a young age I already knew what a vagina was. Some of my friends called it a pussy and some of the boys called it a cunt. My conservative mom always called it my girl parts, but I knew what she was talking about.

“I am telling you Helen it’s huge”. I heard my mom in her room whispering on the phone one afternoon. I pressed my ear against her bedroom door so I could hear what she was saying a little better and find out what she was referring to.

“No I’m not exaggerating, I saw her in the bathtub last night and it looked like you could drive a truck right in it, her stuff just hung open”. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but I was getting the gist of what she was talking about. Last night while I was in the bathtub my mom walked in and placed a fresh towel on the counter for me to use. When she turned around I saw her glance down at my woman hood and she stopped and gasped. She quickly put her hand over her mouth and ran out the door. At that time I didn’t know what that was all about so I went on like nothing happen.

While listening to her conversation with my aunt I started feeling the tears well up and had to force myself not to hysterically start crying .“The reason I am telling you this Helen is because I don’t know what to do, Laura will never be able to get a husband to stay with her if her girl parts will not satisfy him”.

“Yes, it’s always been bigger than usual and the doctors said she would grow into it, but it looks like it’s getting bigger and bigger, she’s not normal”. I couldn’t listen to this anymore and had to get out of there. I was so embarrassed and hurt I ran to my bedroom, curled up on my bed and cried myself to sleep. How could I ever look at my mom the same after this?

Knowing I was not normal changed my life. I grew reserved, standoffish and really didn’t want to be around other people at all. For some reason I thought every time I saw two people whispering it was about me. I felt like every stare was judgment and every laugh was directed to my not so normal girl parts. I dropped out of athletics and refused any invitations to sleep overs or slumber parties. I isolated myself in my own un-normal world. This drug on for over a year and my family grew concerned about my behavior and my depression. I guess they were afraid I was going to do something stupid like hurt myself so they made me go to a counselor, it was the best thing they could have done for me.

My physiotherapist was a real nice professional woman. It took a long time before I felt comfortable enough to open up to her and start talking. I figured my mom had already told her I was not normal down there so I did not see any reason I needed to tell her, but somehow she won my trust and after a few months I considered her to be a friend. Over the course of my treatment she taught me so much and made it where I was almost comfortable with myself again. She said normal was way over rated anyway and explained to me how to embrace my abnormality and how to use it to its full advantage. Still to this day she is my hero.

Being a depressed child had its advantages. My parents bought me everything I wanted and my room was full of every doll and all the girls’ toys I needed. I also had my own computer and gaming systems to boot. Mom and dad knew to leave me alone and they always knocked before entering my room. They said they did not want to surprise or upset me for some reason so I used that alone time to start exploring. I wanted to see what normal vaginas looked like. I knew the first time I looked into my computer screen at a close up of a real normal pussy I was not a lesbian. It intrigued me more than turned me on. I spent hours and hours every night searching the internet and looking at different necked women in various poses and then try to get in that same pose while looking in the mirror to see the differences. Every day after school I would rush home, go straight to my room, turn on the computer and search porn sites. The more I saw the more curious I got and eventually I found myself in websites that showed actual penetration and this is what excited me. This was the first time I have ever seen a penis and boy did this turn me on. It gave me feelings I never had before and at that age I really did not know what they were.

Watching videos of people having sex held my curiosity for a while, but then even that started getting old. I found myself not nearly excited as when I first discovered it and I was now on to something bigger and better. I had that tingling feeling again when I stumbled on videos of women self-pleasuring themselves. I never thought girls would actually stick something in there besides a man’s penis. This was a whole new world to me and I had to learn more.

I watched this one video where a woman was using food right out of the refrigerator, go figure. I soon learned that according to these women you can pretty much uses anything and everything you can think of to pleasure yourself. One video got me so hot and bothered I caught myself actually touching my own pussy without realizing it. My fingers felt so good I figured what the heck and just kept going. It was my first time to ever do such a thing and I liked it, a lot. The video was of a woman using larger than normal fake penises and the way she was screaming and moaning I could tell she really liked it. The more I watched the hotter I got and when I looked down I could not believe my eyes. I had my whole hand inside my young pussy without any intentions of stopping. Just like my hero said, “Embrace your abnormality” So that’s exactly what I did over and over.

A few years went by and at eighteen I found myself still in the same rut I have been in since I found out I was not normal. I would come home, go to my room, turn on the computer and play with myself until I would fall asleep completely exhausted. By now I have learned to give myself multiple orgasms and actually squirt girl juice almost up over my head sometimes. I knew my mom was on to what I was doing when every morning I would put my sheets in the washing machine before heading out, plus my room always smelled like girl juice and sex, but I didn’t care. She is the one who started all this anyway and she would not dare to say anything to me for fear of upsetting me and causing my depression to worsen.
I also noticed as I got older my vagina kept getting bigger and bigger. I found it hard to find and sneak big enough objects into my room so I could get off. Then it was the matter of sneaking into the bathroom to clean whatever I was using and then back in my room to find a hiding spot. Having shampoo bottles and coke bottles in my room was easy, but when they weren’t big enough anymore having greased up one and two liters bottles and even baseball bats in my room was a little hard to explain if ever questioned.

I found my best girl toy, which I still use today, while I was riding a 2 liter coke bottle one night. It was right in front of me this whole time, why had I not seen it before. I quickly raised up off my little coke friend, grabbed the jar of Vaseline I had my mom buy me because I gave her an excuse of needing some for my lips, greased up my bed post and slowly lowered my wanting hole down onto it. This was huge and it was going to take some time to get this whole thing in me, but I was determined. Night after night I would warm up and stretch myself out with whatever I had in my room until I thought I could take the post. It took almost a week before I was able to stretch myself out big enough to fit the entire thing in my pussy. As soon as I slid all the way down and it hit my cervix I came instantly. I don’t know how long I sat there slumped over and skewed on that wooden post. I have never cum so hard in my life and I think I even passed out because when I came to my senses I had my full weight on the post and my cervix. As soon as I got my strength back I slowly raised myself up off the post all the while having mini orgasms along the way. As week as my legs were, I was trembling and pushing up the whole length of that thing and every time I climaxed my legs would give out and I would fall back down a little. I was involuntarily fucking myself with my bed post. This went on for a long time and when I was finally freed from that monster, I reached down and felt of my pour pussy by sticking my whole hand inside without even feeling a thing. This was the biggest I have ever been and all I could do was fall asleep with a smile on my face.

As time went on I found myself lonely. Riding my post every night was fun, but I wanted to be touched and caressed, I wanted the touch of a man. There was this guy in one of my college classes that has been asking me out for some time now and I think it was time to take him up on his offer.
Bill was a class act and knew how to treat a woman. I didn’t tell him this was going to be my first date, after all I was almost twenty years old now, still living at home and never been kissed. All I had to compare with was erotic stories I have read and porn videos, but nothing real. In the back of my mind I had the fear of what he was going to say if and when I let him in my pants.

Bill and I dated for almost a month before he started asking for sex. He was a gentleman about it and I knew this moment was going to happen, but I didn’t want him to be scared off so fast. My mother’s words kept replaying in my head about how I would never keep a man because I could not satisfy him. After a few nights of rejecting his advances I could tell Bill was getting frustrated so I did what I needed to do to get through the situation. He was fine with just a hand job to get him off for a while, but was soon asking for more. I really enjoyed stroking his big beautiful cock and watching his cum shoot out and run down my hand. I even licked my fingers and tasted his man juice a time or two and found out I really kind of liked it.
One night at his place he was really pressuring me into giving him real sex and that the hand jobs were nice, but he needed more. That night was the first time I put a penis in my mouth. He loved that and I found out by watching all those movies all those years I had a great technique. It did not take long for him to shoot a huge load of white cream right down my throat. I never imagined it would have that much pressure and it caught me off guard. I gagged and coughed so much it actually came out my nose. I smelt man cum for days after that.

Even though he was getting his, I was not getting mine. Every night after I left his place I would go home frustrated and in need of a huge orgasm. My panties would already be soaked through if I still had them on. Most nights on the drive home I would have my whole hand buried in my pussy, trying to stay on the road and get home to my post as quickly as I could just to get some satisfaction. One night after an hour long post ride and several mind blowing orgasms I was standing in the shower still horny as hell. I reached down to play with my clit knowing full well there was nothing in the bathroom big enough to get me off. After circling my little button for a while I reached down and squeezed my legs together and inserted two fingers into my hole. I was surprised I could actually feel them and it felt good, nothing like my bed post, but it did the trick. I banged my two fingers in and out of my pussy with one hand while playing with my clit with the other and before long I came and slumped against the shower wall. This sparked a great idea.
A couple of night later I was on my knees in front of Bill while he was sitting on the couch giving what I thought was a master blow job. I asked him if he wanted to have real sex and of course he said yes. I grabbed his cock and led him to his shower. I got undressed and told him to join me. I stood against the back wall of the shower and pulled him to me guiding his cock right into my pussy. Bill looked puzzled, pulled right back out, bent down and looked directly at my girl parts. I was still squeezing my legs together so I know he didn’t suspect a thing.

“Whats wrong baby?” I asked.

“You’re a front loader” He said pointing to my pussy.
I almost started to cry and all I wanted to do was get out and go home but he stopped me.

“No, No don’t leave, it’s just I have never seen one before.”

I told him I did not understand so he explained, ”A front loader is where you can fuck a girl face to face without her bending over or even spreading her legs, I think it’s great”

I was relieved to hear he liked it and even more relieved when he stood up and guided his beefy cock right back into me. I didn’t receive a lot of pleasure from his fucking, but I was glad I finally was not a virgin anymore and I had my first real cock. He seemed to like it as well because it wasn’t long before he pulled out and shot his cum all over my stomach. This went on for several nights with him either standing in front of me or lying on top of me banging his cock into the top portion of my pussy with my legs held tightly together. One particular night I guess he was at just the right angle because his dick was sliding along my clit with every downward thrust. This really got me going and I started urged him on moving my hips up meeting his powerful thrusts. I don’t know what came over me but I needed him all the way in my dripping hole so without thought, I spread my long legs and wrapped them around his ass pulling him in as deep as I could. Instantly I knew I messed up because I could not feel a thing. His thrusting slowed and finally came to a halt. Bill looked confused and pulled his cock free from my now wide gaping pussy. With that same look on his face he slowly moved down my body and looked right up into my overly stretched hole. I just put my hands over my face and started to cry.

Up until now Bill has been understanding on every one of my quirky issues. He has also been the perfect gentlemen by not making me do anything I did not want to do. All of the sex between us so far has been at my speed and the way I wanted it. This night was going to be different because I saw a side of Bill I did not like. His expression changed from confusion to anger in a heartbeat. In his mind what he thought was an innocent virgin girl that he had the privilege of popping her cherry was actually a wore out, overly used old whore even though I was not.

Without giving me a chance to explain he said that he was not going to waste a good hard on and flipped me over onto my stomach. I did not have a clue what he was doing and the next thing I knew I was getting anally raped. His thrusts were not slow and loving like I was use to but rather short, fast and intense. I had never had anything up my rear before even though I have seen plenty of movies and pictures of women getting ass fucked, I just never desired to stick anything in there. The more I struggled the harder he held me down. I finally gave up the fight and let him have his way with me. I can’t say I liked it, as a matter of fact I thought it hurt like hell, I was crying, he totally abused me and made me almost hate him for what he was doing. The only thing that I liked out of it was the fact he was saying over and over how tight my ass was and how good it felt. He kept up the endless assault on my backside and I wanted it to be over as quick as it could so I urged him on.

“Oh yea baby, cum in that tight ass for me, I want to feel you shoot that huge load right up my slutty little ass” It was hard to do this with the pain and tears still running down my face, but with that type of encouragement he did just that. Bill filled my anal cavity up till it overflowed and then he collapsed on top of me.

Still out of breath he kept whispering “I’m so sorry” over and over.

I was humiliated and violated all in the same night, I just wanted to leave. I got out from underneath my now ex-boyfriend, picked up my clothes and made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed. I tried my best to think of an excuse to leave and when I exited the bathroom Bill will still lying on the floor now deeply asleep, that made it easy. That night after I got home I took a shower and went straight to bed. I did not have any desire to pleasure myself because there was nothing hot about a guy holding me down and forcing his cock up my un-expecting ass.

My horniness returned after a couple days and again I found myself bouncing up and down my bed post. It was taking longer and longer to bring myself to the big climax this way and I started to worry about what the hell I was going to use next. I could already hide a football in my cavern, a bowling pin is too small now, I could put four baseball bats together but it’s too awkward to handle. I was using a traffic cone for a while, but it’s not ridged enough and always folds in when I put pressure on it. I was at a loss and finally just got off my post with only a couple of small orgasms and went to bed frustrated.

Even though I did not like the rough ass sex Bill gave me that night, I have read that there is pleasure in anal stimulation. I know I have seen enough movies of women appearing to love it up the ass so I figured why not just try and see. For the next month I left my pussy alone and concentrated on learning to love anal play. With my fingers on my clit and a small object up my ass I was able to achieve what I needed to get a good night’s sleep. From what I could tell, my ass was normal and I started to really enjoy being on my knees railing my ass with this or that. By now I had large selection of anal toys and clit massagers to use whenever I needed it. With my large sized pussy, it also supplied me with an abundant amount of girl juice I could use for lube so at any place and any time I could dig out one of my butt plugs from my purse and run it around inside my huge hole before pushing up my ass. It made for some interesting evenings at the dinner table or in class.

Life went on for a few years and I tried to date on and off. I started a great career, had my own place and functioned as a normal adult female. I did manage to find a bed with a bigger bed post so that kept me satisfied for a good long while. I finally came to the conclusion I was never going to find a man who I could satisfy or a man that could satisfy me as far as that goes. I dated only men that I did not know and it would only last a week or two before they stopped calling. Being I did not get attached to any of them and I was sure I would not see any of them again I went ahead and let some of them try and have sex with me.

Most men would get my pants off, open my legs and get up and leave without a word. It got to a point where I taunted them as they left me lying there by saying, “What’s wrong big boy, are you not man enough to satisfy me?” All I would hear is the slamming of the front door.

When I was really in need I let a few guys fuck my ass and when I thought it was time for them to leave I had them eat my pussy and sure enough, they would get up and walk out. I did run across a couple of guys who enjoyed staying and seeing what they could stick in me. I had one that tried to fit a two gallon bucket in my pussy once, but it didn’t go. I bet if the bottom was tapered a little better it would have. I even let two guys fuck me at one time and ended up having a great orgasm with all four of their fists shoved up me as far as they could reach. Then I had a couple of more good ones when they tagged teamed my ass.

I decided to stop dating and just be single for a while and it did not take long before loneliness started creeping in again and I soon found myself wanting a man’s touch. I sure didn’t want the next relationship to go the way the last one did so I was going to take it slower this time around with real feelings. I remembered a friend of Bill’s that I met a while back and I really liked him. He is handsome, made me laugh and was really smart. I got his number from a mutual friend and without sounding too desperate I gave him a call.

Greg and I dated for a while and sure enough this relationship was taking the same course as his friends Bill did. I started with hand jobs and went to blow jobs just keep him satisfied with me going home and riding my bed post for relief. A couple of time I let him rub my clit but only through my panties. Greg was amazing and I was falling for him in the worst way. I knew I had to tell him my secret before this went any further so I would not get my heart broken as bad if it didn’t work out. I set up a romantic dinner and had planned to tell him everything.

I was really nervous and scared he would be just like all the rest of the guys and run out after he got a good look at my vagina. I did my best to hold my composure thought dinner and quickly downed several glasses of wine to loosen the mood. Sitting on the couch I was all ready to tell him the truth when he started making out with me. I guess he picked up on me being nervous and with the added wine I just let it happen. Before long I was on my knees giving the best blow job of my life. Every time I pulled my mouth off his cock and try to tell him he grabbed the back of my head and shoved in right back in. I was so fucking wet the couch was getting soaked from my juicy pussy and he was now playing with clit through my panties.

Greg tried to pull them to the side and I stopped him. He grabbed me, pushed me down on the couch and started to grind his hard cock against my pour aching pussy. I had to stop him before it’s too late. I tried to tell him one more time and he stopped me by shoving his tongue down my throat. He pulled my panties to the side and panic set. I started struggle against him and tried to talk while his tongue was in my mouth. To no avail it happened. He trusted his hard cock right in my open pussy.

Greg was no different than the rest of the guys before him. A look of confusion came over his face and he looked down at where we were joined. He pulled out and just like his friend Bill, bent down and stared straight into my gaping hole. I figured this was it and closed my eyes waiting to hear the slam of the front door. Greg surprised me by latching onto my clit with his mouth and sucked it for all it’s worth. I was delighted and grabbed his head, encouraging him to suck harder. I was bucking my hips just hoping to get off when all the sudden he put his fist in me. Sure I have had my share of fists, but he did something different. Greg curled his fist and his knuckles were putting pressure on my G spot. I have tried to find that spot for years now, but never could.
This was way better than my bed post for sure. I pushed his mouth off my clit and like a mad woman started rubbing it like I was trying to catch it on fire. I gave out some type of animal yell, jerked his hand out of my pussy and squirted my girl juice all over his face. I almost laughed because he looked so silly with all that cum dripping off him. By far it was the best cum ever.

At that point I didn’t even care if he got his nut or not. I was completely satisfied. I hardly noticed but Greg put his hand back in my quivering hole and then he put his dick inside his hand. This was a first for me. Having a guy jack himself off inside my pussy was a real turn on to me. A couple of more minute and Greg collapsed on top of me. I guess he came but I wasn’t’ for sure. At least he was still there and at least he now knows my secret.

A couple of minutes later do you know what that dumb ass asked me? With my cum still on covering his face he asked me to marry him. What the hell? I could not have said anything but yes.

Greg and I are now happily married and have a great sex life. He loves watching me ride my bed post and most of the time after I am done finishes himself off in my ass. I could not be more happier.

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2012-12-20 20:54:47
ummmmmmmmmmmm this is a nice fantasie i hope it s gona bmocee true , all of the details you give make me imagine very well the situation and it s make me hot too . call her ; )

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2012-11-06 13:20:05
Good, well-written story. I love big sexy pussies myself

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Great stuff keep going

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Don't listen to that asshole!!! I found it be different and refreshing. After all it is Fiction.

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it sucked!!! stop writing sex stories!!!!!!!!!

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