This is the sequel to bouncing Bella. Hope you enjoy. More to come soon.

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I'm pretty sure sure dad relized the same time as me. 
So I stopped. I kicked. I screamed. I went completely crazy a him. 
He just stared for a few minutes then shook his head and left. 
Shutting the down tightly behind him.  
Once I was alone again I got up and locked my door then sat back on the end on my bed facing my full length mirror. I dropped my head into my hands and cried. 
What the fuck just happened. That was not my father. These last few days were still weird real but not real. And worst of all what had I just done. Some time during what dad was doing I just blocked him out. I ignored everything. I guess you could say I went to my happy place. Unfortunately that happy place left me to feel the pleasurable side of what was happening to me. It felt good. In my little happy place it wasn't my father forcing this situation is was just the feeling. My pussy was wet. And fingers felt amazing running over my clit. Then my happy place vanished when some part of me realized i was doing this willingly without his hand forcing it. I was doing is to myself in front of him. While his fingers were inside me. 
I felt sick. 
But I felt tingly inside. Remembering my own pleasure from myself. 
I looked up at myself in the mirror. 
Ran my hand down my neck slowly down to my breast. Softly squeezing my nipple on the way pass. Feeling that one small motion make my pussy tense and become wet all over again. 
I spread my legs and leaned back a little using one arm to support my self while the other moved in between my legs. 
I rubbed softly, slowly at first down towards my hole was sore. I had never even fingered my self before and when dad had done it the pain was horrible at first. 
I just stuck to rubbing around my clit always watching in the mirror. 
I was dripping wet now and rubbing a lot harder i wax getting close. Oh my god. Faster and faster then i exploded i moaned loud. A lot louder than I've ever heard. 
I stopped once I realized how loud. U was scared to breathe. 
Then I heard it. Someone moving away from my door. Someone was listening to me. Dad was listening. 

I had just left. Walked away. Yes it was because the beer had worn off.  That initial buzz that caused me I do this shit vanished. Watching her play with herself at first made me horny as hell. The  seeing the realization on her face and then screaming kicking the buzz left and I had to as well. 
I sat in the kitchen at the table for ages just thinking. 
While sober I still could not believe any of the things I had done. They made me sick. But I also knew that some part of me must have wanted it again after that first time. Yea that time started by complete accident but it opened the flood gates. Now some part of me wanted it. It was the part that had me walking to the fringe and sinking a 6 pack of heavy beer before I went out I the spa and again before I went to her room. And worse of all both times while I stood at the open fridge grabbing beer after beer I was telling myself it was the get the courage to apologize for something I was only going to end up doing again only worse. 
So after I have all these epiphanies I get up walk past the fridge past all that beer and go straight to Bella's room. I say sorry. We will never talk of it again. And it will never happen again. 
I'm all psyched up ready to go. I get to her door and hear her. That moan sends my cock harder than I've ever felt it. Without hesitation my hand rips it from my boxers and furiously starts beating like a mad man her moans are still carrying through the door like music they're becoming more urgent more hot. I go like a Mad man until I hear that last final moan and I blow my load all down her bedroom door. 
I stood there for a few minutes afterwards listening then moved on to my own bedroom. Walked in. Shut the door and sat on the floor behind it. 
I don't know how long it's been but I haven't moved. I realized while sitting here that I had done that without any beers first. I hated that. I could use that beer reason for the battles in my own mind about it all. But like always my so called reasoning I have going starts running through my head too. At least that time I hadn't layed a single hand I her. God like that made it any better.  It was dark outside now. I had heard Christie get dropped off at home and Bella telling her I was unwell and in bed and dont bother him she said stay out of his room. I heard Bella cook tea for herself and Christie and then bath her. Right now I could here Bella singing her goodnight song to Christie then she walked down the hall to her own room and I listen still as she shut and locked the door behind her. 
I stood and silently eased open my door and started to tip toe past both girls rooms and head downstairs. 
"daddy" I heard Christie's little whisper from the shadows of her room "are you feeling better?"
"sweet pea I'm ok. Did you have fun with penny today" I asked softly as I pushed open he'd door
"I had heaps" she half whispered half squealed "we played dollies and babies and mummies and daddies." as she replayed her entire afternoon to me she climbed up onto my lap. 
"bounce me daddy." she beamed at me. I made sure to move her to the end of my knee then started bouncing. I was worried Bella would hear us talking but she had music on now. I bounced christie for a little while well away from my crouch. Then left. I know it may sound sick to some. But it was a small test to myself. I wasn't a complete monster yet. My cock was soft.  I still had to find a way to not do say or see anything that may set off this Bella problem as well as pray she never told a soul and possible forgave me someday. But at least my 5 year old daughter was safe. 

I managed to avoid dad for the rest of the day. I put Christine to bed then hid away in my own room listening to music and searching stuff on the computer. I started searching articles and studies to find out things on fathers raping daughters. Sometimes sites I found led me to stories that were helpful and legit other times I was directed to incest or rape porn sites. One site just had a pic of 2 girls that looked aound my age. I don't know why I clicked in it some part of me thought it might be helpful. 
The movie started with 2 teenage girls laying on a bed studying. They laughed about everyday things and talked about boys. 
Then one girl jumped up and straddles the other girl while she was on her stomach and started giving her a back run. The girl pinned to the bed play struggled a little then surrendered to the massage. Both girls once again laughing. 
"take off your top so I can rub your back better" said girl 1 
Girl 2 giggles and takes it off. Girl 1 undoes girl 2s bra and resumes rubbing. Girl one them rubbed lower pulling girl 2s jeans down a little and rubbing he'd arse with this girl2 tries to push her off laughing and calling girl 1 a lesbian. Girl 1 replies "don't knock it to you try it" and pulls the jeans down further all the while still pinning girl 2 to the bed. 
Girl 2s laughing soon change and she  really starts to struggle against girl 1.  Part of me get hotter watching this.  I pause it, undress and sit cross legged in my bed with my laptop in front of my. One hand ready to press play the other getting ready between my once again wet pussy lips. I start to rub slowly and hit play. 
Girl 1 put one knee on girl 2s back holding her still while she removes the jeans completely. Then sits back on top of her properly. Girl 2 is now wearing only a small g string. 
Girl 1 removes her own top and bra then as she moves around to get her skirt off girl 2 manages to roll over. Girl 1 gets her skirt off and is also left in only a g string then straddles girl 2 again with girl 2 now on her back you can see the struggle in her eyes. Girl 1 grabs at girl 2s boobs hard and rough. Girl 2 bucks and pushes at girl 1 who only grabs her hands and forces them onto her own tits. Girl 2 is trying hard to throw girl 1 off but girl 1 is riding her waist. Thrusting back and forth on her. Staring at her smiling watching her try and escape. 
Now my hand is moving faster. There's a wet patch in my bed under me. 
Girl 1 is moving down now pulling ropes from the ends of the bed. Over the next few minutes you watch her tie girl 2s wrist and ankles to the bed. Girl 2 never stops struggling. 
Girls 1 sucks her tits. Then licks her pussy. She gets toys and fucks her with them all the while girl 2 tries to fight is and I rub my pussy so fast my arm starts to hurt. 
I watch for another full hour as girl 1 humiliates girl 2 and I never let up on my own pussy. I cum watching girl 1 ride girl 2s face. After I finish I go to shut the laptop when I see there's still an hour in this video. As if on cue girl 1 walks to her bedroom door opens it and a man walks in. "daddy she's all yours" girl 1 purrs as I slam the laptop closed. i turned my stereo down but not off unlocked my door turned my lights out. Then crawled into bed and fell asleep almost instantly.  

The next morning I got up and headed down stairs with a bounce in my step. Today I'd start to try and make it up to Bella. I headed downstairs I made pancakes. I set the table up all nice just in time to see both my girl walk into the kitchen. Christie squeaked happily and ran over to hug me and jumped and and started piling her plate high with pancakes
"hey hey leave some for your sister" I smiled at Bella as u said this but I was met with a part death stare part suspicion. I just smiled and prayed I didn't screw up. 

Dad had made pancakes. Christie was happy but i just felt angry. You know. Yay pancakes. But kinda doesn't make up for what you did. He was just smiling at me. Never getting too close. 
Dad was saying something but I wasn't listening. I just sat and grabbed some food. I wasnt hungry but if I was eating maybe he wouldn't try to start a conversation with me. 
"do you girls wanna come to the beach today" my head snapped up at the sound of dads voice. 
"why?" I asked before I could sop myself the word sounded full of hate and I hoped christie hadn't noticed. 
But she was too busy beaming at dad. If she wanted to go that bad I had to go. 
"whatever" I brushed my hand up t him to cut him if as he started to answer to question "if Chrissy wants to go ill come"
"yay" christie jumped up on my knee and gave me a big cuddle before climbing off and running over to dad and heading straight to he'd room to change amy pack. 
It was good to see her just be happy. I was still staring off down the hall where she had ran off too when dad spoke "I just want to have a nice day darlin that's all" he gave a sort of shy smile as he said it. I couldn't reply I just got up and walked out. Off to help Christie and get my own things together. 

An hour later we set up our umbrellas and eskys and towels in the beach. It was a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky. Bella had packed an esky full of food and another of drinks or us. 
Christie went off to collect shells for her sandcastle she was going to build. Bella headed down to the water. I watched her walking in the shallows in her bikini the same one she had had on yesterday. I was lying on my stomach on my towel and u felt my cock start to stiffin at the memory. I pushed it away. Bella was heading back now. As she got to the esky I asked to to grab me a drink.  I didn't look when she passed it. Just cracked and drank. It was really hot all of a sudden. I finished it and jumped up to grab another knocked that back and grabbed a third. We were out in public. Not many one this part of the beach but a few. As I shut the lid I noticed Bella packed 2 6-packs of beer. So knowing I had enough I drank that one pretty quick and grabbed number 4. Then I headed off to find Christie and help her with her shells. 40 minutes and 2 buckets later both girls and I collapsed on our towels laughing. Bella had come and helped too. At the start I think she was worried about me alone with chrissy but now it seemed like she was having fun. 
"how about lunch now guys" I asked
"yea then I'll build my castle" Christie added. Bella jumped up and grabbed everyone's food and me another beer as well as drinks for them 2. I wasn't too hungry so I just ate a sandwich and had another couple of beers. 
Christie headed off to build her sandcastle and Bella was reading her magazine. I was pretty tipsy now and I could feel myself changing as I stood up to grab another beer I took in Bella again. Laying in her stomach in her bikini. Her body was filling out so nice. And her arse was so sexy. I cracked the beer and took a sip then smiled to myself. I glanced behind me Christie was building just over there. 
"bell you may want sunscreen" I picked up the bottle and squirted some out onto my hand. She looked over then before she could start to get up I slapped my hand down in her back and started to rub it in. 

"yea it's cool dad. I can do it" I tried again. 
"really no problem darlin. Don't want you getting burnt" dad whispered into my ear. 
He rubbed his hand over my back. Along my side brushing against my boobs occasionally moaning a little each time. His hand moved down in between my legs. Rubbing the inside of my thighs. His hands were oily from the sunscreen and still rubbing up and down on the inside of my thighs. I felt his fingers brush up against my pussy but never a decent rub just poking around the edges. 
"just get off. Before Chrissy sees you" I sneered at him. 
He positioned himself on top of my back pushing his now hard cook against my arse crack and proceeded to dry hump me again. The whole time I didn't take my eyes off Chrissy who didnt  look up once. Dad breathing got heavy. As he moved down the tip of his penis would push against my pussy hole through my bikinis then as he moved up it would push right into my crack. He repositioned himself holding himself up with only one hand so the other was free to start groping at my boob, pinching my nipple. Then he moved his fingers down and starts rubbing at my pussy before pushing aside the bottoms and full rubbing my pussy lips. I could feel them getting wetter. Then he did something that made me sick, he pulled his hand out from under me and shoved his fingers into my mouth. I gagged. I felt him lean closer to my ear "I sure do like hearing you gag Bella baby" then let out a grunt the finished it. With that he just stood up brushed off his legs and put hus cock back in his short then held out his hand to me. I didn't know what to do. I just grabbed it, he led me down into the water. Once it's was about waist hight he stopped and turned to me. 
I felt his hand touch my thigh then move up. His finger didn't linger like before he used to pull aside my bottoms. I was just standing there unable to move or speak. 
Dad ran he finger up my slippery pussy. " Bella baby your all slimy and wet for daddy again" all I could do was slightly shake my head. No! I wanted to scream at him. 
He started rubbing my pussy with his palm and using his other hand to rub all over my arse. He was washing off the cum. 
"let's get my baby girl all clean again" he slurred at me smiling. He pulled my bottoms down to my knees and started rubbing all over my arse and pussy. 

Somewhere in my brain was that voice telling me this was wrong. But right now all I heard was do it. She was dripping wet in the beach. That was enough to convince me I was doing the right thing. Then hearing her gag. Right at that moment I wanted to shove my cock in her mouth. Ah god how good that would feel. But right now I was rubbing all over her. I moved my hands to her waist and pushed my knee in between her legs then pulled her onto that knee. Rubbing her up and down. I looked up at her. Her eyes closed. Mouth slightly open. 
"oh god baby girl you're beautiful"
Just hearing my voice changed everything. Her eyes opened and turned cold she scowled at me and slapped my face. I let go of her. Watched her pulled her bottoms up and stomp up the beach. Then she sat down and cried. 
I stood frozen in the water watching her. The alcohol wearing off fast. 
"daddy" Christie was standing next to me. 
"oh hi sweetie. I like your castle over there. It's very good" I cooed at her. 
"I know. Daddy I've got sand stuck in my bathers. And it hurts" she snuffled. I looked back up towards Bella on the beach still crying. Packing up by the looks of it. So I guess we were heading home soon. I turned back to christie. 
"take them off here in the water sweetheart. I'll help to wash it all off you. Daddy does like his nice clean girls"

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