It is a hot summersday and my daughter invites her friend over.
My wife has to work all day today. Kim, my 11 year old daughter, and I are swimming in our pool early Saturday morning when the phone rings. It's Cindy, her friend and our closest neighbor (actually they
live over a mile away). Kim asks if Cindy can come swim too. Sure. As Kim climbs back into the pool I watch her. She's tall for her age at 5 feet 2, but very slender, only weighing in at around 100 pounds. (Takes
after her mother and I.) All legs, long and graceful, well tanned. I look at her well rounded buttocks in her wet suit, swaying as she walks, gracefully blending from her hips down to her smooth hairless thighs.
She kneels on the deck and leans down to kiss me quickly. "Thanks, daddy!" she smiles. I catch a glimpse down the top of her one piece suit. Can't really see much though. She hasn't started developing yet.
She lies on the chaise to tan some more.

Ten or so minutes later Cindy rolls around back on her bike. She's just a few months older than Kim, just turned 12. Very pretty girl, 'though of course Kim is much cuter(!). Cindy's got the reddest red hair I've ever seen, and an abundance of freckles to match. She doesn't tan deeply like my daughter but has a healthy glow to her. She comes up on the deck in her shorts and halter top. Unlike Kim she's average size for her age, I'd guess just at 5 feet, maybe 95 pounds, a little baby fat below her belly. She has the poutiest lips, and when she smiles she's all teeth.

Cindy runs to the house to change. My back's turned when she reemerges.

"Uh, daddy..." Kim hesitates.

I turn to see Cindy in a two piece suit but without the top! Her flat chest is well tanned so she obviously swims topless all the time at home. "Is it OK if I don't wear my top? This is how I swim at home but I
can put it on if you want," she says. Well, why not. It's not like she's showing me much. "Sure, Cindy."

"Daddy, can I go topless too?" Kim asks.

"Don't see why not." I get a big smile as she runs to the house, comes back out in just her bikini bottoms. What a stark contrast! Kim's skin pearly white where her suit covered her chest, stomach, and lower
back, compared to Cindy, lightly tanned all over. Hmmmm, never noticed Kim had such large areolae and nipples. Hard from the air her nipples protrude nicely from the center of two light pink circles at least an
inch across. Cindy's nipples, also hard, are much smaller, mere dots actually.

I sit and watch them frolick in the water, watch closer as they get out to climb the diving board ladder, their buttocks moving side to side as they climb, their suits riding up to expose their lower cheeks.
Kim's butt is so much fuller, rounder than Cindy's. As a matter of fact Cindy's is pretty flat, muscular appearing. Must be all the sports she plays. Interesting that Kim's lower cheeks are white, Cindy's are well
tanned. Hmmmmm......

The girls sit on the chaise next to me and we chat for a while. Kim rubs some sun screen on her exposed white chest and flat belly, asks me to do her back. As my hand slides over her softness, skin warm from
the sun, I see that she has a great body, no blemishes, smooth. When I finish Cindy whispers something to Kim. Giggling they run to the pool, jump in, swim to the other side. Holding on to the side they whisper and snigger some more. Wonder what's so funny to them? Oh well, two pre-teen girls. Pretty normal.

They swim back over, sit near me again, both leaning back a bit on their arms. A minute of small talk before Kim asks me to reapply the sun block. As I lie back when it's done they're giggling and whispering again. "OK, want to let me in on the joke?" I ask. More giggles.

"Tell him," Cindy says.

"Nooo! YOU tell him!" Kim laughs.

"OK. Well, uhhh.... there's a big bulge in your swim trunks."

Snicker snicker.

"Uh, yeah..." I stammer.

"Hey, it's no big deal!" Cindy says. "My brothers get hard-ons all the time when we're swimming. 'Course, at home, when my parents aren't there, we skinny dip."

"You swim NUDE with your BROTHERS?!?" Kim exclaims.

"Sure. We have since I was 9 and they were 8 and 11. You should see Bobby now. He's 14 and has the biggest cock when it gets hard!" Cindy tells us, laughing. "And Ron gets jealous since his is only about
5 inches long!"

"Cock? Is that his penis?" Kim questions. She's learned sex ed in school, and talked with her mother and I, but I know we've never used that particular word.
"Yeah, same thing," Cindy informs her. "They both get so hard when they see me naked!" She glances over at me again. "Looks like your dad is getting harder, too." Kim looks down at my growing lump as Cindy
quickly switchs seats, sitting beside me. She puts her hand on my manhood!

"Gee, you feel a LOT bigger than Bobby! Want me to relieve that for you?"

"Wha... what?!?" I stammer again. Her pouty lips smile slyly. "I can relieve that for you. You
know. I can jack you off if you want. I do it to my brothers all the time." Her small hand is slowly rubbing the growing prominence in my swim trunks.

"You touch your brothers PEN... COCKS?" Kim whispers, surprised. "Of course! They love it! Makes them cum!"


"You know, have an orgasm when the sperm shoots out. Like they taught us in school," Cindy teaches.

"Oh...." Kim says.

"Uh, you better stop, Cindy. You shouldn't be doing that," I tell her. She squeezes my rod a bit, making me groan. "Don't you like it? I can make it feel a LOT better. I'd love to see your cock!"

"Daddy?" Kim looks at me. "Why don't you let her. I'd like to see it too. I never have since I was real little." Cindy's hand starts stroking along my member, making it scream for release.

"No.... I don't think..." I feel her hand slide under the leg of my suit, under the lining, her fingertips touching my cock. "Oh God....." I moan, looking at her smiling face. Without thinking I untie the drawstring. Cindy takes over, pulling my trunks down and off my legs, my large thick 9 inches exposed, rigid, angled up toward my chest.

"GOD! It's HUGE!" Cindy yells. "And I thought Bobby was big!"

"And so HAIRY!" Kim chimes in, staring at her father's manhood.

Cindy wraps her hand around my cock. "I can hardly HOLD it!" she giggles again. "Feels real nice though," she says as she starts stroking me. She pushes my legs apart, her other hand cupping my balls. "JEEZ!
Even your BALLS feel like monsters!" she laughs, gently massaging them. "Mmmmmmm..." is all I can muster as I watch this young girl masturbate me.

"See?" Cindy says, looking at Kim. "This is called jacking off. It makes men cum. I don't think it's going to take your father long at all!"

Kim reaches over, touches my cock head hesitantly. "That feels silky!" she says. "Let me!" My daughter's hand replaces Cindy's, begins rubbing my now rock hard cock up and down. "GOD! It's so HARD and BIG!"
As Kim strokes my shaft Cindy bends down, suddenly takes my cock head in between those wonderful lips of hers. Her tongue circles it expertly, probes the pee hole, licks all over.

"CINDY!" Kim cries out. "WHAT are you DOING?"

Cindy lifts her head. "Sucking his cock! It's nice! It's called a blow job. Try it!"

"Uh, no...." Kim mutters.

"OK. I will. Keep jacking him off and he'll cum in my mouth," Cindy says as she bends to suck and lick me again, still playing with my balls. Kim's eyes widen in amazement. So do mine, seeing two little
girls, one my sweet daughter, working me over. I reach over, caress Cindy's smooth back, glide down and around to massage her hard tiny nipples. I feel her press her flat chest into my hand.

"Ohhhhh... mmmmm.... that's... that's great!" I moan. In another moment my cock stiffens. "OH GOD! OHHHHHHHH!" I bellow as my first load of hot cum fills Cindy's mouth. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" as the second spurt explodes out. "MMMMMMMMM!" with the third, fourth, and fifth. Cindy swallows most of it but just can't keep up, the last dollop leaking around her lips to wet Kim's hand.

Lifting up Cindy swallows, smiles at me. "Boy! You make a LOT more cum than Bobby ever has. It's great!"

Kim slowly stops masturbating me, looks down at her cum soaked hand. "What's it taste like?" she asks.

"Creamy smooth, salty, but I like to swallow it," Cindy says.

"Look. There's another drop at his hole. Why don't you try it?" Kim slowly lowers her mouth, stares at my cum. Her mouth opens and she cautiously takes my cock into it, closing her lips around me. I feel her hand pump me once more, her tongue lick up the last of my cum. She lifts back up, works it around her mouth, tasting it before swallowing. "Hmmmm, not bad," she says, licking some more off her hand.

"That was cool, daddy! I liked doing that for you! Was it nice?" "Ohhhh yeeeees, honey." I reach up, pull them both down to hug them to my chest. "But don't ever let your mom know about this! she'd KILL us both!"

Kim laughs. "I know THAT daddy! Only the three of us will ever know!"

"I'm going swimming again!" Cindy squeals as she hgets up. She runs to poolside, stops, pulls off her suit! I was right, all tanned, no lines. And a cute little flat ass. As she jumps in Kim sits up and looks at me. "Daddy! She's naked!"

"Well, I guess that's how she's used to swimming. You can skinny dip too, if you want." With that Kim stands up and right in front of me steps out of her suit too. My what a pretty pussy she has! Nice full
puffy lips, sweet looking slit. I watch as she turns around. WHAT an ASS! Perfect round globes, slightly indented at the sides. They bounce nice as she runs to the pool What the heck. May as well join them. I
dive in too.

After a few minutes of swiming around we all gather at the side, just standing in the water. Cindy's hand reaches over to jiggle my cock again. "You really do have a nice cock. Even soft it feels huge! I'd
just LOVE to feel it inside me!"

"WHAT!" Kim cries out.

"I'd love you to fuck me with it! It's so much bigger than Bobby's I bet it'd feel great!"

"You mean you and Bobby fuck?" Kim asks. Guess she does know that word.

"Yeah. First time was last year. Ron fucks me too but he's so small I hardly feel it." She looks back at me, still fondling my now hardening cock. "I'd love to fuck you. Want to?"

"Do it, daddy! Fuck Cindy! She wants you too!" Kim pleads. What the heck. I've already let her blow me, and she wants to.

"OK." We climb up on the deck, walk over to the chaise. Kim sits in one chair. I lie down and Cindy lies on top of me, my semi-rigid cock between her legs. She kisses me. her tongue entering my mouth. Guess
she's done it all! What a passionate kiss I get, her little tongue thoroughly exploring me. I caress her back and firm tiny butt, slide around her smooth thighs.My cock grows stiff, she rubs it against her inner thighs. She sits up, straddling my legs, holding my cock. Smiling at me she moves her pussy over it, guides it to her hole. She lowers herself onto my rod. As my cock head penetrates her I feel she's already well lubricated! She moans as her cunny stretches around my thick shaft.
One inch, two, three sink into her pussy. I feel her tight vagina squeezing me. I look over to my daughter, leaning forward to watch my cock pierce her friend. 6 inches in Cindy stops. "Oh GOD! That's all I can TAKE! You're too big to get it ALL in! I feel like I'm all spread out, so... so... full! Mmmmm...."

I reach one hand up to massage her small nipples, the other between her legs. I find her engorged clit, also small pebble size, begin rubbing it. "OH YEEEEES!" she moans. "Do that more!" She rises up
my shaft, her cunny lips splaying around it, then lowers herself again. She gets an easy slow rhythm going. Kim's eyes are wide, her mouth open, as she watches Cindy fuck me. "Oh GOD that feels GREEEAAAAT!" Cindy yells, head dropping to her chest. "OH! OH! OOOOH! I"M... CUM..." she wails, stopping in mid word as she cums hard, groaning, moaning, screaming. I push up into her, taking over as she stalls, overcome. I
pump my rod in her little cunt, play with her clit and nipples. I'm glad she sucked me off earlier. I can make this last longer, savoring the silky slipperyness of her young pussy. "OH GOD AGAAAAAIN!" she screams
as her second orgasm courses through her shuddering body. Her vaginal muscles clamp around me as she cums, increasing my enjoyment of her. Another half minute and my cock jumps, my balls pull up tight, my cum flies out of me deep into her juvenile sweetness. "ARGHHHHH!" I graon as load after load fills her completely, squirting out of her slit with each drive into her. At the moment I'm half spent Cidy's head flies up yet a third time. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" is all she can yell as she cums again, her vagina now milking out my last few drops.
Exhausted, she falls on top of me, gasping. I move my hips a bit, my cock feeling her vaginal softeness until it softens and slips out. I hug her little body, caress everywhere I can reach, letting her relax.

"GOD daddy! That was something!" Kim blurts out . "It looked like you were going to split her in half! And she had THREE orgasms! I didn't know that could happen."

I look over to my daughter, sitting there with her legs spread, not realizing that. She has delectable thighs. Her puffy pussy lips protrude nicely between them. Her inner lips are real tiny. I catch a glimpse of her pink vagina through her cherry. "Not always, honey. Some women are better at it than others. But if the man knows what he's doing he can usually give a woman more than one. I think Cindy came that often because my cock is so large compared to her size."

"Ye... yeah..." Cindy whimpers. "Your cock is so big! But you rubbing my clit was really nice, too. Bobby forgets to do that."

"Uh, daddy? Can... can you give me an orgasm... without... without fucking me?" Kim asks anxiously.

Cindy leans up on her elbows, looks at me, then Kim. "Sure he can! He can eat your pussy!"

"Eat... eat my..."

"I mean lick it with his tongue," Cindy explains. She looks at me again. "Do you like to eat pussy? Bobby and Rod sure do."

"Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact I love to." I look at my daughter, at her luscious bald cunny. "I'll do that for you if you want me too, sugar."

"Hmmm... yeah daddy. Please?"

Cindy takes my place lying on the chaise on her side to watch. I sit next to Kim as she lies down. She looks so beautiful, so innocent. I reach up, softly caress her chest and those delicious nipples of hers.
Rock hard they project far off her chest. "That's nice, daddy," she says, smiling st me. I bend down, lick one, suck it into my mouth, lick it all over, compress it with my tingue. "OHHH daddy..." I move to the other, nurse at it, lean back to see both swollen, redder, a soft red blush across her white chest. I slide my hand down over her tummy to her soft tender thighs, caress them all over. As my hand pauses on her cunny lips she moans, spreading her legs just a bit. I massage her lips, slip my finger between them. "Mmmmmmm..." Her inner lips feel so delicate, velvety.

I move down, spread her legs wide, lie down between them. I lift her thighs over my shoulders so I can feel their smoothness on my face. My hands find her buttocks, so plump yet firm. I kiss her cunny lips softly, inhaling her fresh clean girl aroma. My tongue slides between them, tasting her young sweetness. How pleasing she tastes!

"OHHHHHHHH...." I poke my tongue into my little girl's virgin hole, lick her some more. I move it up, find her now engorged clit, flick it, move back to her vaginal opening to taste more of her growing wetness, her pussy juice. Back to her hard clit, I lick around and over it, suck on it a bit. "OH GOD!" As I twirl around it I feel her shudder, stiffen, pushing her cunt to my face, her soft thighs clamping around my head, her buttocks harden. "OHHHHHH! UHHHHHHH! MMMMMMM!" she yells, as her first climax rockets through every nerve and muscle in her body.

She relaxes a bit, squirming as I knead her clit more with my tongue. I really relish my daughter's clit, large like her nipples. I suckle it like a tit, lovingly and passionately. Her second orgasm hits fast and hard, rocking her with ecstasy. I lick between and over her lips, into her vagina, back to her clit. Moments later she yells "OH OH OH OH OH OH OH!" cumming again. I don't let her relax, keep working her sweet sex with my mouth and tongue. I lick up every drop of her sweet juice as I try for one more. As I suck her clit into my mouth again I feel it starting as her thighs squeeze into me again. "OHHHHHH GOD DAAAAAAAADDDDDDYYYY!" she bellows, arching into my mouth. As her fourth climax winds down I lick up her remainig juice, her now slightly musky smell a joy to inhale. I pull back a little, smother her cunny with
kisses, kiss her tender soft inner thighs. My little girl is quite a girl!

I lift her legs, lie down beside her, pull her to me, roll over so she's on top. Panting hard she rests her head on my chest. My cock nestles between her lithe legs, my hands wander her soft body. "I love you, honey," I whisper. "I... I... love... you to... da... daddy," she sighs.

I look over at Cindy, smiling at me knowingly. I smile back, wink. Kim will never know that we planned today perfectly. Cindy seduced me the first time about a month ago when she came over and no one else was home. Today was actually the third time we've fucked. We decided Kim should be initiated into the pleasures of sex. Thus today. As I hug my little girl, feeling her sun warmed soft young body, I plan another
weekend with these two. Kim still has more to learn........

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