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This is my first story I hope I did it right, Even though I’m from this tech savvy generation I did not understand how to do this. I love creative criticism so if you have something to say just say it, don’t beat around the bush. Also this is the first in a series so it is slow to start.

Hey my name is Tyler Jr.(17) or TJ as my friends call me, I wouldn’t describe myself as good looking but I’m not in the least ugly, well at least I hope not. I’m only 5’6 in height and trust me I’m sensitive about my height especially since everyone at my high school looks as if the injected themselves with growth hormones. I have the typical African skin complexion except the eyes. (I look Asian in the eyes) I am by no means built like body builder but since I’m always outside playing basketball I’m very well toned. This story begins at the start of my second semester of my junior year in the principal’s office.
“Tyler the way I see it you have 2 options.” Said Mr. Weiss, Man I couldn’t stand him, I mean as a history teacher there was none better but as person his monotone voice made the clocks yawn in boredom and usually I would try to stay clear of him but since our school was small (only averaging about 4,000 students) he was also the principal and hard to avoid.
“I’m sorry Tyler am I boring you?” God I hated when he asked stupid questions, but as a child raised by a single black mother I knew when to play the subservient student.
“Sorry Mr. Weiss I had to wake up early to breakfast for my little sister.” Which was not a complete lie, I did have to make my bratty little sister breakfast in the now otherwise she will go to school hungry and then blame it on me to mom.
“Oh, well like I was saying you have one of two choices, you can either finish up your last year and a half with your classmates or you can graduate with the class ahead of you.”
“Now usually we don’t do this but since you are currently dual enrolled at the college you can choose to stay here but you at least have to take 3 elective classes to be considered a student here and -”
“Mr. Weiss, I have already decided to stick with my friends, besides if I don’t stay they might just fail your end of the year exam” I knew that was the answer he wanted to here because, truthfully I was the only thing standing between the wrath of the teachers and my group of friends.
“Tyler you don’t have to do that but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved, thank you.” As I stood up to leave I looked at Mr. Weiss’ face and I knew he had something else he wanted to say to me so I sat back down and tried to look as pleasant as possible even though I really just wanted to leave and go to my homeroom. “Also I hope it’s not too much trouble, if you could show a new student to her first class, she just recently moved here and has no one she knows here.” I tried not to look annoyed and I wanted to politely decline but history has taught me that when Mr. Weiss says “not too much trouble” you have to do it.
“Sure.” I said “that would be no trouble at all”
“Good, she is right outside the office, I dare say you two will get along perfectly, judging by her grades and what her previous teachers said about her she might be as smart as you.” As I step out of his office I couldn’t help but think I highly doubt that, it was no offense to the girl she was probably a bright kid, but the only reason that I didn’t just skip high school altogether was because my friends had asked me to. As I scanned the bench outside his office I saw her. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous but she was cute, her skin complexion wasn’t tan to say the least but it was a perfect shade as to make her facial features more prominent. I immediately noticed her hair, it was a brick red color which if you weren’t prepared for it made you squint at the brightness, which unfortunately she noticed.
“I know my hair should come with sunglasses,” she said laughing at her own joke, and usually people who laugh at their own joke make me roll my eyes but this seemed to only accentuate her cuteness. As she got up, I easily noticed her height at 5’1 (finally a normal sized person in this town) she extended her dainty hand and said “Hi I’m melody but back out west my friends called me mels.” As I shook her outstretched hand in mine I immediately locked in on her beautiful hazel eyes which would have been hard to determine if she didn’t have her hair in a remarkably straight pony tail.
“Nice to meet you I’m Tyler but my friends call me TJ”
“Well its very nice to meet you Tyler I would call you TJ but I thinks it’s too early for me to think I’m your friend” she said as she wantonly threw her purse onto her shoulders and spilling the contents on the floor. As her belongings lay on the floor I could tell that she was embarrassed that she goofed on the first impression but as I smiled and bent down to help her pick up her things I could tell she was relieved that I didn’t laugh at her. She quickly joined me in retrieving her belongings. AS she bent down I could clearly see down her black shirt, if I were to guess and in my experience my guesses are usually right, she was medium to low C cup. I composed myself and quickly resumed helping and out of the corner of my eye I saw the most wonderfully geeky thing I’m my life. When she saw me pick it up her face immediately went to a deep scarlet color.
“Now am I mistaken or is this a sonic screwdriver from the show doctor who.”(Yes I’m a geek, no I won’t explain the reference) she quickly snatched it out of my hand and by the look in her eye I could tell she would have me to find a dildo instead of her geeky toy. As we finish shoving all of her things into her purse we quickly got up and she shoved her schedule into my arms as to not look me in the eye. As I looked on here schedule and noticed she had Mrs. Rogers as her homeroom teacher which meant she had to at least in her second year, I escorted her in awkward silence down the hall. After what seemed like an eternity we finally reach the room I just had to tease her so I asked “Who’s your favorite Doctor?” If it was even possible her face turned the shade of her hair, as she opened her mouth to reply the bell sounded and which seem to make her jump out of her skin and she ran inside without answering my question.
As I strolled down the hall to my class I felt my phone vibrate, it was Oliver Skip. meet at your car or else we break into it. Knowing my friends it was a promise not a threat so I headed to the student parking lot and immediately notice them, Josh who was the easiest to distinguish even from far distance,Josh(17) as the tallest in the group stood at 6’10 with bright blonde hair and soft blue eyes. If you were to see him you would think this is what Hitler had in mind for his superior race, next in height at 6’6 was Oliver(16) he had a darker skin complexion which you really noticed thanks to white rimmed glasses he always wore, third in height was Anna(14) she stood at 6’4 with auburn hair, I say auburn because if you say she had brown hair you would end up with her fist in your mouth, but if you say auburn she might just flash you her B sized tits, last was Alicia(15) at 6’2 with a caramel complex you could easily mistake here for Hispanic but if you made that mistake you would end up with a boot to your face, she says she’s a late bloomer but her A tits aren’t going to get any bigger.
As I got closer I could already see Alicia trying to break in my passenger side door.
“ Yo trick what the hell you doing”
“What does it looks like im doing and who are you callin trick” she said waving her 6 inch blade she always carries at me.
“Sorry TJ but you know how she gets when she is kept waiting” Anna said apologetically showing me her coy smile she gets when she knows I’m angry. At first glance you would wonder why she hangs out with us but you would quickly understand when her face lights up at the mention of my name.
“I was going to stop her but I didn’t feel the need to” josh said with his signature I don’t care look on his face “ just hurry up and unlock it before she gets frustrated and breaks the window.” As I unlocked the doors we all quickly shuffled in Anna giving me her puppy eyes as if to say don’t get mad at me because of her. I gave her a stern look as if to say you should have decked her for trying to break in my car. I pulled out of the lot while Oliver was already rummaging through my glove box to find the blunt I always leave in the car. Once he found it he reached in his pocket to fetch his lighter and quickly lit it up. After about 10 minutes I found a parking spot at the far end of Wal-Mart by then we were already finished with more than half of it and you could see nothing but a haze of smoke in the car. As they got out I told them I was going to stay in the car while they got the snacks, they nodded and headed off all except Anna who moved up to the passenger seat. After a minute I told her to open the glove box and hand me my bowl and the rest of the weed in there. As I lit up the bowl Anna looked at me and put her hand on my thigh and said “TJ I’m really sorry you know I wanted to do something about Alicia but I really didn’t think you’d be all that upset,” she was right usually I allow Anna to break into my car its nothing new to me and I would have said something if it weren’t for her hand rubbing my thigh. Thanks to the weed I was already horny and her persistent hand wasn’t helping much and she knew it. This was her tactics every time I was angry with her. But I was not in the mood for her games.
I slowly unzipped my pants and motioned for her to get to work on my cock. Once she saw me unfasten my jeans and fish out my cock she brightened up like a kid in a candy store and quickly went to work on my hardon. She leaned her head towards my lap and started to rub my 7inch cock all the while swirling her tongue over the head of my cock then quickly moving her warm moist mouth over the head and inviting more of my dick inside her mouth, she licked the underside of my dick and receded of my cock all but now pumping a little faster and leering at me as if to ask if she was doing okay. The moan that escaped my lips seemed to give her the answer she was looking.
“Do you like that, do you like the way I suck your cock master.” She whispered, she knew I loved when she called me master and when we were alone I was her master and she was my slut. But like I told her I wasn’t in the mood for games, so I grabbed her auburn hair and shoved her warm mouth right back on my cock. She resumed swirling her wet tongue around my cock and started to suck eliciting loud slurping noises making my climax all the more imminent. After good 4 minutes I reluctantly removed her mouth and told her to take off her shorts and ride her master’s cock like the whore she is. At the speed she peeled those pants off I was surprised she didn’t tear them. She pushed her black lace panties to the side showing me her wet pussy I couldn’t resist.
“Beg me to fuck you.” Looking in her eyes I could tell she wanted bad but I wanted to make her suffer a bit more.
“Please master fuck me” oh that was not clearly god enough, I wanted her to show me that she was my slut in every way possible. I shoved two finger in her tight hole making her squirm a bit then I had a better idea, I started to tease her more all the while shoving my fingers in and out her warm moist pussy.
“No no no sweetheart you have to more specific than that if you want me to give you what you want.” On my last couple of words I started rotating my thumb on her clit, she was putty I’m my hands at this point.
“Please master shove your hard dick into this slutty hole of mine.” She screamed, it was the most convincing thing she said all morning, I wanted to tease her more but I knew she wanted it bad and at this point so did I. I took my finger out of her as she lowered her pussy down onto the head of my dick, pushing pass the head and swallowing my dick all the way to the base. She closed her eyes and bounced up and down on my shaft, lubricating it with her juices. I was lost in the pleasure but not so lost as to not notice the guys had returned and was looking in the window. I thought to myself this is just too good, I motioned for Alicia to come in. when she open the door the brisk morning air hit Anna and I making Anna finally open her eyes, she was about to stop but I told her if she wanted me to be happy she better keep moving her ass. She looked me in the eyes I could tell she was defeated after all she always wants me to be happy. She continued moving up and down as I whispered to Alicia in her ear so Anna wouldn’t hear. Alicia licked here lips and started rubbing her pussy with her left hand and brought her right ring finger towards Anna’s inviting ass hole. Anna was apprehensive but she knew that if she wanted to make her master happy she would have to allow the finger in her ass. Alicia finger probed at her ass hole and she made this cute squeal once Alicia got it passed the first knuckle. As I speared my dick in and out of her pussy Alicia was fingering her ass to match my thrust it didn’t take long as I felt the familiar tense of my sack and unloaded inside her coating her insides with my cum. Rope after rope I unleashed my seed the warmth spreading though her body igniting her own orgasm. After the waves of our orgasms subsided, Alicia said “good thing we got the snacks, yall going to need them after that work out”. I couldn’t help but smirk at her comment and remembered why she was my friend.

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