Just a heads up, These are the ages of the people in the story. Grandma - 60 / Mom - 37 / Andy - 17 / Tammy - 14 / Amy - 12 // April - 11 / Meagan - 14
Our Family and My Sisters Friends

Here I go, my name's Andy, I’m a male, 17 about 6’ blond hair, blue eyes. I work out and I like to run so I’m good shape. I’ve been told numerous times, I’m what women like to call a “Hunk”. I don’t think I’m that good looking, but I always appreciate the compliments.

My dad left when I was pretty young. So it’s just me, Mom and my two sisters. My Mom’s pretty short about 5’4", she’s also in great shape. Her DD breasts look kind of large on her because she’s such a small woman. Personally I always wished I could get my hands or anything else on them. I’ve seen her naked more than once; usually I would go jack off somewhere thinking about her incredible body.
My 2 younger sisters, one’s Samantha (We usually call her Sam for short) she’s 12, and the other’s Tammy she’s 14. Both are also on good shape about average height and are developing nicely for their age. I’d never thought of them in a sexual content before, I always more thought of them as a pain in the neck.

We were sitting around the watching the TV. It was a Friday night around 6 or 7. I noticed my sister Tammy was lying on the floor in front of me; She had her nightshirt like she usually does. I suddenly realized how short it was and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She looked so innocent lying there on her side just watching TV. She also look very sexy, I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. Mom hadn’t noticed and when I looked over at Sam, she was sitting in a chair. She had one leg over the armrest closest to me, and the other bent up with her foot on the chair. I had a perfect view of her little bald pussy. She wasn’t wearing anything under her shirt either.

I now had a wicked hard on, I decided to excuse myself before anyone noticed, especially Mom. I got up and almost tripped on the stairs trying to get up them so fast. I heard my Mom yell to me to wait up. All I could think of was that she noticed and I was going to catch hell. I waited for her at the top of stairs both our bedrooms were up there, while the girls had the 2 of the 4 downstairs rooms that shared a bathroom.

I kept my back to her hoping she wouldn’t see me like this although I was already going soft. She came up behind me, I could feel her breasts press into my back, which got me hard again. She sounded kind of mad when whispered in my ear “I think we better have a talk, RIGHT NOW!!!!!. Go to my room!” I walked into her room and went over to the window. I didn’t want to turn around.

She said, “I saw what happened. I can’t believe you were looking at your own sisters like that. I have half a mind to send you away to a special school. Close those drapes and turn and look at me when I’m talking to you.” I was terrified but I did what she asked. She said, as I was closing the drapes I have 2 options. 1 can send you away and 2” she waited for me to turn around. When I did I almost went into shock, she had gotten undressed and was standing there totally nude, all I could do was just stare. I have a good size cock, about 8” or so and nice and thick, so there was no way I was going to hide the bulge, even though I was wear loose fitting sweat pants. She then finished what she was saying “I have sex with you and let you get it out of your system” All I could do was gape in awe.

“I’ve noticed how much you like to see me nude, I’ve been watching you to. I love it when you go back to your room to jack off after you’ve seen me. I like to come in here and masturbate thinking about it every time you do. Now, if you really want me, you have to do whatever I say, with no questions. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I just nodded my head.

She first told me to get undressed. While I was doing that she put the music on and turned it up to cover the noise (at least that’s what I thought). She first tied my hands to the each bedpost. She made sure to reach across my body placing her breasts against my face. I took one of the nipples in my mouth and starting sucking. She let out low moan but didn’t stay there long. After she had my hands tied, she put a blindfold on me. I just went along and didn’t ask a thing, hoping it would just get better. IT DID

The first thing she did, she placed a knee on each side of my head and lower herself onto my mouth. I went right at it; she let out a sharp gasp as soon as she felt my tongue. She must have either been real horny or she had a super charged clit, or both, because it didn’t take her long.
She started gasping and breathing very loud right away; “UH, UH, OH yeah that's it Andy, just like that, your making me cum, OH, OH, YES, I’M CUMMING ANDY OH MY GOD” I could feel her body jerk against my tongue. She reached down and grabbed my head pulling me hard into her as she reached orgasm, cumming hard letting her wetness cover my face. I heard her say “OH my god I needed that”. “Now it’s your turn.” She got off the bed it was about 5 seconds, and I could feel her weight on the bed again. She went straight for my cock, giving me a great blowjob; every now and then her teeth scrapped my cock. Fortunately it wasn’t enough to cause any pain, I figured she must have been out of practice. It wasn’t long before she got the hang of it again she was even deep throating me after she really got into it. I didn’t last long anyway maybe 10 minutes. I was moaning and thrusting up my hips. I warned her I was getting ready to cum, she didn’t even slow down. I screamed “Oh god, oh my god I’m cumming Mom, I’m CUMMING!” with that I blasted like a volcano. I heard her choking but she managed to keep her mouth on my cock and swallow a lot of it, I could feel some of it leaking down my balls and thigh.

It was about 10 seconds and I felt her mouth on my cock again. It didn’t take long to get hard again. That’s when she climbed on. I could feel her sexy body as she lowered herself onto my cock, it felt better then I ever thought it would. She leaned down and gave me deep kiss; I could feel her beautiful breasts against my chest. Her tongue felt so good against my own, I wish I had my hands free so I could touch her. I wanted to feel her hot ass or caress her awesome breasts. She sat up and really started riding me; I could hear her moaning louder and louder. “OH, oh yeah that feels so good, OH my god I wish I done this sooner. OH, fuck I’m cumming, OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING” with that I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as she reached orgasm. She collapsed onto my chest, my hard cock still inside her. She whispered in my ear. “I have a couple of friends here with me, one of them was responsible for the blow job, I think you’ll like them”

She got up, and before long I could feel someone lowering themselves onto my cock, I couldn’t believe how tight she felt, I was wondering if someone was lowering her ass down instead of her pussy. I could feel it getting wetter and wetter, definatly her pussy. As she slowly slid up and down letting herself get use to the feel. I could barely hear soft moans as she slowly slid up and down until I was all the way in. Mom had the music turned up so loud I couldn’t make out a voice. As soon as she got used to the feel she started going a little faster, I couldn’t believe how tight she felt. The next thing I know someone had climbed on top of me and was lowering themselves onto my mouth. Mom got right in my ear; this is the one who let you cum in her mouth, so you better do a good job. I didn’t feel any hair against my nose so I figured she had shaved herself, which I found to be a turn on. I didn’t waste anytime; I started licking her all over, up and down her slit, like I had done to mom. Until I finally homed in her clit.

She, like my mom, had a super charged clit. As soon as I started licking it, she went into frenzy. I could hear both of them moaning getting louder and louder. The one sitting on my face was plenty loud for me to hear. She was saying, “OH, oh my god, its happening, just like you said it would. OH MY GOD YES, OH I’M GOING CUM, MOM HE’S MAKING ME CUM” I moved my head and was about to say something when she grabbed my head and forced it back between her legs, I recognized the voice but I didn’t have time to think about it. I went right back at it. I could hear Sam “OH, OH, OH, OH YES IT FEELS SO GOOD. I’M CUMMING, OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” She came hard to, screaming as loud as she could. I could feel her hot little pussy spasming on my mouth while at the same time I could feel the pussy around my cock start to throb as it went into orgasm. I could barely hear “oh, yeah”, (what may have been Tammy). She kept going on but I just couldn’t make it out. With Sam’s legs against my ears and the music so loud, it sounded to muffled. But for me to hear her, she must have been yelling.

This drove me over the edge as I thrust my hips up cumming deep inside of the other one, who I was now thinking had to be Tammy. When all 3 of us had cum at once, I felt someone removing the blind fold. It took my a little bit to adjust to the light but when I did, I looked up and Sam hadn’t got off of me yet, she was just looking down smiling at me. Her eyes were a little glazed over from her orgasm, she finally got up, and I saw Tammy sitting there smiling to with my still deflating cock inside her.


Mom finally turned down the music and untied my hands, she said she needed the noise to cover up the girls noises so I wouldn’t recognize them, and my hands were tied for the same reason. Mom said “both girls have had sex and have been on birth control for awhile. The boys they had sex with didn’t last long. So neither one of them had experienced what it was really like. They both have been watching you for some time now but didn’t think you’d pay any attention to them because of their age and because they were your sisters. I noticed them watching you and talked to them about it. I explained it was ok and only natural. I also admitted I was watching to. I told them what to do, to get your attention. I’m glad it worked the first time.”


I looked over at both girls; they were lying on the bed next to each other. I hadn’t realized how much they had grown. They both had nicely shaped breasts, Sam’s were smaller than Tammy’s of course, but still looked big enough for a handful. Tammy’s breasts were more than a handful and would probably be at least a DD by the end of high school. They looked so sexy lying there naked. I wanted to fuck Sam before I went to sleep.

I reach over and started caressing her breasts; I moved my mouth to her hardened nipple. As I started sucking I could here her softly moan, moving her hand up to rub the back of my head as I moved back and forth to each nipple, never letting my tongue leave her soft skin. I moved one of my hands down to play with little pussy that had tasted so sweet. I closed my eyes as I heard her moans getting louder. I starting rubbing her clit knowing what it would do to her. Sure enough as soon as I touched her she moved her hips against my hand letting out a gasp. I heard Tammy moaning, and when I looked up my already stiffening cock sprang to attention.

Mom had gotten between Tammy’s legs, and had her face buried in Tammy’s pussy. Tammy had her hands on the back of mom’s head rubbing her hair. Tammy was getting louder and louder, bucking her hips against mom face.

I could hear Sam, over Tammy now “Oh that feels good, I’m cumming again. OH YES ANDY I’M CUMMING” She was thrusting her hips against my hand and arching her back. Her orgasm hit her hard; I could feel her clit throbbing against my hand. As her orgasm started to subside I quickly moved my head down and went right at her clit with my tongue. That brought her back up again, I heard her scream as she had yet another orgasm. She had grabbed my head like she had before, forcing my face into her pussy even more. I kept licking and sucking like my life depended on it. Every time she hit her peak, I would go faster. She must have had at least 3 or 4 orgasms before I couldn’t wait any more.

She saw what I was doing and asked if we could switch places. I didn’t mind, so I laid down next to her. She got up and mounted me, burying my cock all the way inside her in one quick motion.

I could barely hear Tammy’s moans next to me, I looked over just in time to see them both orgasm against each other’s face, they had moved to a 69 position. I could tell they were really enjoying each other. Tammy was on top and I could see mom’s head moving from ass to clit back and forth spending about 20 seconds at each stop. Tammy was loving it; I could see her thrust her ass against mom’s tongue while at the same time going at mom’s clit. They looked hot together.

Sam was now riding me like I was a bronco. She was rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples. I could tell she was close to another orgasm. Sam felt incredibly tight, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, I could feel her on every part my cock. I reach out and grabbed her hot little ass; it felt so good in my hands. I could hear her saying things I’d never heard her say before “OH, FUCK, OH GOD FUCK ME, OH MY GOD I LOVE HOW YOUR COCK FEELS. CUM WITH MY ANDY, OH FUCK I WANT TO FEEL YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE ME. I’M CUMMING ANDY, A N D Y, ANDY, ANDY!”
I could feel the walls of her pussy tighten even more. That’s when I exploded, slamming my hips up into her, burying my cock as I erupted, letting spurt after spurt shoot up into her.

After we both had our mind-blowing orgasm, Sam just collapsed on top of me. I looked at Tammy and Mom and they both were passed out. Tammy had rolled off of Mom and just fell asleep. That was the last thing I saw before I passed out with Sam still on top of me. Damn what a night


When I awoke the next morning, I was in bed alone. Everyone had already gotten up and decided to let me sleep. It was around 9a, Saturday, So I got up, had a nice shower. Everyone else already had theirs; I had a feeling it was going to be one hell of a day. I went down stairs, not sure how to react to everyone. Mom had cooked breakfast. She then gave me a kiss, and said she had some errands to do and she had to pick up grandma, she was coming over for the night. Tammy and Sam had already left; they had gone over to some friend’s house. So I was left alone, it was like last night never happened. So much for my fun filled weekend.

About 11a, Sam was the first to come home, she had brought one of her friends over, April form down the street. She was 11, almost the same age as Amy; they were both about the same body build. I noticed she was wearing a short skirt, she looked pretty good to. They both said hi, and went right to Sam’s room. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of either one of them as they walked down the hall. When they got to Sam’s room (which was down the hall and to the right) Sam let April go in first then turned and saw me staring. She just winked and went into her room. She usually plays in her room for hours with her friend.

It wasn’t long after that; Tammy came home with one of her friends Meagan who was also 14. Meagan was wearing a set of those stretchy pants, and damn they sure were tight. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Tammy came over and gave me kiss on the lips, right in front of her friend. She let her tongue snake between my lips. As our tongues moved around each other I felt my cock starting to get hard. She finally broke off and said she'd be in her room listening to music.

Her room was down the hall to the left. I enjoyed watching them go down Tammy was wearing a little skirt that gave a nice shape to her ass. After a little while, I heard a door open. I looked down the hall; Tammy was knocking on Sam’s door. She asked Sam and April if they wanted to listen to music with her and Meagan. I didn’t hear the reply, but it must have been yes because they both went to Tammy’s room.

I also noticed Tammy left her door slightly open, I couldn’t actually see the door, but I could hear the music more clearly. After awhile it was getting close to lunch so I thought I’d ask if anyone wanted something to eat. I also wanted to see what they were doing. The music was pretty loud so I didn’t have to worry about being quiet.

When I peaked in, I had expected to the kids dancing around the room. What I saw was quite different.


All four were totally naked; Tammy was on top of Meagan in a 69 position. They were in the middle of the floor going at each other. Tammy had her back to me, so I had good view of her hot ass and Meagan going to town on her. April was on her back on the bed with Sam’s head between her legs. April had her eyes closed; she had her hands on Sam’s head pulling her head tightly to her young pussy. April was also bucking her hips up into Sam at the same time.

No one noticed when I stepped into the room; I quickly shed my clothes and went right for Tammy’s ass. Tammy didn’t even pick her head up when I started licking her tight ass. I heard her say, “Oh god Andy it’s about time you got here. Don’t stop, that feels so good.” I wasn’t about to either. I heard April over on the bed screaming out her orgasm, probably her first. She was pretty loud to, I looked up to see her arching her back while she slammed her crotch into Sam’s face.

I went at Tammy’s ass for about 5 or 10 minutes, trying to do what I had seen Mom doing to her last night. All I could think about was getting my cock deep in her ass. It was after her 2nd Orgasm I got up and placed my dick next to Meagan’s mouth, she didn’t need any coaxing. She took it in and started sucking right away; she was doing a damn good job to. I could feel her tongue moving around my shaft as face fucked her. While I was getting a great blowjob, I had inserted my fingers in Tammy’s ass and was slowly finger fucking her, I started out with 1 and got up to 3. Tammy was really loving it, every time I backed my fingers out she would slam her hip back as I drove them in again. I could tell she was ready.

I took my cock out of Meagan and moved up, I then very slowly started entering Tammy’s ass. I would get a little in back out and slowly went in a little further. I did this until I was about half way in. I slowly pulled out and when I started moving in again Tammy couldn’t wait anymore. She slammed her hips back, Impaling herself all the up my shaft. God was she tight. I tried to slowly fuck her being afraid to hurt her. But she started fucking herself moving her hips back and forth all along my rock hard shaft. Meagan was going at Tammy’s dripping pussy; this drove Tammy over the edge. “Oh my god Andy, your cock feels so good in my ass. Oh my GOD you girls have to try this, I’m CUMMING Andy” That was enough to drive me over the edge, I buried my cock in and blasted the inside of her ass. Tammy was screaming now “HOLY SHIT ANDY, OH YES MEAGAN, OH, OH UNNNNHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOHHHHHH”
MY cock kept spurting load after load.

I cloud hear from the bed Sam’s voice screaming. When I looked over, I saw she was sitting on April’s face. She was facing April’s feet. To my surprise, April was licking and sucking at Sam’s ass. Sam was cumming just from having her ass licked. She was really grinding her ass against April’s tongue. At the same time Sam was massaging April’s breasts, running her hands all over. Stopping to play the nipples.
It was a real erotic sight.

When I pulled out of my sister’s ass, my cock was in a semi-hard state. Meagan took it into her mouth again, burying it all the down in one gulp. I immediate started fucking her face again; she didn’t seem to care where it had just been. Tammy got off from Meagan, practically falling off. Meagan said I want you Andy, please let me take you. So I laid down on the floor while Meagan straddled me. She was soaked from what Tammy had done to her so when she sat down she went all the way in. It was obvious she wasn’t a virgin either. She started sliding up and down the length of my shaft.

“OH my god you were right Meagan he’s so big, I can feel every inch of him.” She leaned down to kiss me, slamming her mouth against mine. I could feel her nipples against my chest. I parted my lips and let my tongue slide out to meet hers. At the same time I reached down and grabbed her ass, letting my hands feel all over. Her lips never parted mine, but she was moaning like crazy. I couldn’t believe how tight she felt.

I felt a pair of hands move mine away, I broke from kiss long enough to see who it was. Sam had gotten behind her and started tongue fucking her ass. I felt Meagan jolt from the new form of pleasure she was getting. She was moaning louder and louder “OH that feels so good, oh don’t stop, your driving me crazy. Meagan was really fucking my shaft now; she was going up and down at warp speed. Driving her ass against Amy’s invading tongue, letting herself feel my cock as it rubbed her entire insides. Suddenly she got off my cock, saying she couldn’t wait any longer. Sitting up, Meagan reached back, grabbed a hold of my cock. She then guided it to her ass. When she had just the tip inserted, she forced her weight down, burying my cock in one quick motion. Luckily we were both well lubed, but I could see the pain in her face. She just sat there not wanting to give up. She slowly moved up, I thought she was going to get up, but surprised me when she sat back down. She did this several more times and I could see the pain in her face slowly turn to pleasure.

She started moving up and down as her tight ass got used to the length and width of cock. When she got a rhythm going again, Sam suddenly jumped in burying her face in Meagan’s Pussy. This drove Meagan wild. April and Tammy joined in. April straddled my face; I could see her bald little pussy. I dove right in, licking and sucking for all I was worth. April started moaning right away, I noticed she was already pretty wet. Tammy was sucking on Meagan’s tits, feeling them all over with her hands. Sucking first one nipple then the other.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, it was like a dream come true.

I could feel my cock getting harder, as I was getting ready to cum. Meagan came first though “Oh yeah Sam, right there, that feels so good. Andy your cock feels wonderful in my ass. I’m CUMMING, OH GOD, I’M CUMMING OH, OH YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” With that, I exploded deep in Meagan’s ass. I kept pumping overfilling her incredible ass. Damn that felt so good. Just after I came April came; she was forcing her pussy on my mouth grinding down onto my tongue. “OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN, OH MY GOD YES, YES, YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” She had a pretty huge orgasm after that, she good kind of fell off me onto the floor still moaning how good it felt.

It was time to take a break; at least I needed one. Besides, we were all hungry. It was around 1p or 2p and time for a late lunch. I got up took a quick shower upstairs, while the girls cleaned each other up. When I came down, Mom had returned and had lunch waiting for us. Grandma was on the couch watching TV. I gave her a quick kiss and hug. I noticed she had one of the dresses that buttoned up the top, about 4 buttons were undone and showed plenty of cleavage and no bra. She bent down a little and thought I saw a little of her nipple. She was 60 and still very sexy, It didn’t look like she was sagging very much either. Damn even Grandma turned me on.

We ate lunch, and played some games. About 6p rolled around and both girls had to go home. I was a disappointed, I hadn’t had the chance to fuck April and watching her little ass walk out the door didn’t help any. At least before they left they each gave me a kiss, and I was able to let my hands reach down and feel each of their asses, pulling them into me as I got a goodbye kiss. I was hard again but it was my turn to clean up the dishes after dinner, so away I went.

When I came out, Mom and Grandma were sitting on the couch talking. I didn’t see Tammy or Sam anywhere. They must have been in their rooms. I walked up to the couch not sure what to do. Mom just said, “come sit down, patting the seat between the two of them. We were just talking about you.”
So I came over and sat down still unsure what to do. I didn’t really expect anything from Grandma, I thought she was probably too old to for that stuff. I had on a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt that’s it.
I was a little embarrassed after awhile; all I could do was stare down Grandma’s dress which had the top five buttons undone. Every time she moved I got a glimpse of her nipple. I was getting hard and there was no way of concealing it if I stood up.

Mom asked me to stand up for a second, I was a little nervous with Grandma right there but she insisted. When I stood up you could see my obvious hard on sticking out like a tent.

Mom grabbed the top of pants and pulled them down. Before I could say or do anything she buried my dick deep in her throat and started sucking me off. Her mouth was incredible; she was nothing at all like either of my sisters. I could feel her mouth and tongue around my entire shaft. The feeling was like fucking one of my sister’s pussy’s. I could feel my orgasm building up. She suddenly stopped, I hadn’t realized I had close my eyes, but when I opened them I saw Grandma had moved so she was laying on the couch with one leg over the side. She had her dress pulled down from the top fully exposing her ample breasts, and the bottom part of dress pulled up exposing her pussy.

I didn’t need any further invitation. I got down and started eating her. She like the rest of the family had a super charged clit. Even at her age she started moving her hips against my face, Grandma was moaning in ecstasy. I reached up so I could rub her tits, they felt a little flabby in my hands but I didn’t care. I thought they felt great. She was getting close to orgasm, so I stood up and inserted my cock in her soaking wet pussy. She wasn’t as tight as either of my sisters. She was doing something else though. She was actually grabbing my dick and massaging it with the insides of her pussy. This shot a feeling I hadn’t expected. She was better then Mom. I could see the look on her face, she close to cumming. I couldn’t hold back “OH, MY GOD GRANDMA, I’M GOING TO CUM. OH YOU FEEL INCREDIBLE, OH, YEAH GRANDMA, I’M CUMMING UH, UH, UHHHH” With that I blasted a load deep inside her, That’s when her orgasm hit. “Yes ANDY, CUM with me. Oh, oh, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I just kept blasting away, unloading everything I had deep inside her. Her body jerked every time I sent a spurt into her. She had let her hands down and was rubbing my ass. Her hands felt pretty good to.

When I looked up Mom was smiling at me, She said the guest room was ready for Grandma, and the 2 girls were there waiting for the 3 of us. ------------

More to cum .

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