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continuing story.....
This is the first in a series it contains adult themes only.

It started when I was ten years old. I had a paper route and was collecting from my customers. There was one house that had a young couple living in it. When ever I had collected before a very nice woman would always answer the door. She would pay me and always offer me a lemonade or cookies. Being a young growing boy I never turned down the offer of food. She was always very polite, she would invite me in, give me my drink, wait until I was done then I would leave. This routine would go on for months, Her first name was Cindy, And she would always make me call her by her first name. Once she said that she was making clothes for her niece, and that I was about her size she wanted to put a tape measure on me, and take my measurements. Seeing nothing wrong I let her she thanked me and gave a little kiss on my cheek, and I left. I was in love!

One day on a Thursday I went to the “Johnson’s” to collect and Mr. Johnson was home. He invited me in and went to get his money to pay me. He came back with a magazine. It was a nudist magazine. He asked me if I had ever seen one before. He opened the magazine and I was amazed at the pictures of naked people. He told me to come into his bedroom and look at the pictures. He put the magazine on his dresser and we had to stand by the dresser to see the pictures. I still don’t know how it happened, but he kept showing me more pictures and before I realized it, I was naked from the waist down. He kept commenting on how my dick wasn’t hard. It was then I noticed he was naked too. He said he had a present for me. He reached into a drawer and pulled out a pair of panties, that were white and mesh see thru. I had never seen anything like it before. He bent over and held them open, and told me to put my feet in them, I still don’t know why ,but I did. He gently pulled them up my legs. He carefully held my cock and gently tucked it into the panties as he pulled them up, making them hug my ass and cock tight. I remember thinking that if they were his wife’s panties why were they so tight, she was obviously bigger than me. He put on a robe and helped me get dressed all the while running his hands over my legs and butt. He paid me my collection money and then asked if I would house sit for them on the weekend. I asked if his wife would be home this weekend, and he told me yes.. I quickly agreed as I was secretly in love with his wife from afar. I left and could not wait for the weekend.

Saturday arrived, I was up earlier than usual and started delivering my papers, since their house was in the middle of my route, I was disappointed when I delivered noticing that no lights were on in the house. I finished my paper route and rode home. I told my Mom and dad that I was staying at my friends Steven’s house Saturday night, as I had done this many times before, and would be back on Sunday. I quickly rode my bike the 2 miles to the Johnson house. There were still no lights on and it looked like no one was home, as there was no car in the driveway. I had made sure that I put on the panties, when getting dressed, that morning. I parked my bike on their front porch and causally knocked on the door. Mr. Johnson quickly opened the door, ushered me in and closed the door quickly. He asked me if I was wearing his present, I said yes. He said good I have some other presents for you today. He led me to a bedroom that was all girly pink. He told me to get undressed and started rummaging through a closet. I just stood there watching him. He turned and I asked where Cindy was. He said she was in the shower, and started to undress me. I was soon down to only the sheer white panties, He then brought a pair of ladies silk stockings and started to pull them up my legs. I had seen my Mom’s stockings and knew that ladies stocking would be too big for my legs. I stopped him and even though I was only ten, I was guessing where this would go. I told him NO. and he acted shocked. Then I heard a knocking on the bedroom door and Mrs. Johnson came into the room wearing a slightly see thru robe, I could only see her shape. She asked how’s it going, and Mr. Johnson said she doesn’t want to get dressed. I thought she? Who is he talking about. Cindy came over and knelt down and said don’t you want to be a good girl? I was stunned as she carefully took the silk stockings and started pulling them up my legs. I was amazed as they felt so soft and tight. She then took a garter belt and put it on my waist. It was then I realized that these clothes were all my size. She snapped the hooks on to the silk stockings and pulled them up tight. I was stunned as she gently arranged my panties and cock so that it was tucked between my legs. She then pulled out a very short dress, and quickly my arms were put in it, as I realized that Mr. Johnson was still helping, She then took a little girls patent leather shoes and put them on my feet, and they fit! She made me stand and then I realized that they had about two inch heels and that I was going to fall over. She held me up and said that it was time for breakfast.

Cindy and Mr. Johnson both took an hand and led me into the kitchen. Still I was unable to say anything , as this was all new to me, and they were both so nice. I was led to a chair and soon scrambled eggs and bacon and Chocolate milk, were on the table for all three of us. While we were eating Cindy explained that they had always wanted to have a little girl, but that they were unable to have children of their own. They wanted me to stay overnight and be their little girl! I did not know what to say, as this thought had never occurred to me.
Cindy then reached under the table and put her hand on my crotch and said that I would learn to like being a girl very much. Still speechless she rubbed my cock, she was so beautiful and nice I would have agreed to jump off the nearest bridge. As breakfast was done, she asked me to be a good girl and help her washing the dishes. She had a little apron and said little girls must learn not to get their clothes dirty. She put the apron on me and got one for herself she was soon washing dishes and I was drying them, she had me put the clean dishes in a box. Which I thought was strange. But did it anyway.

Mr. Johnson had left the kitchen and was sitting in the living room reading one of those nudist magazines. Mrs. Johnson, Cindy, took me into the living room, and said that my new name would be Samantha. She took me over in front of Mr. Johnson and said now I was to be a good girl and she would teach me how to please my new daddy. Mr. Johnson opened his robe and he had no clothes on at all. Cindy knelt down in front of him and pulled me over to where I was facing him. She reached for his cock and it was soon very hard, and stood out form his body, she asked if I wanted to touch daddies cock? When I just stood there, she took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock. I had never touched anyone’s privates before in my life. It was very smooth and warm.
She kept her hand holding mine on his cock and said, doesn’t it feel nice? All I could do was nod yes. The she said that daddy wanted his girls to kiss it. I said Girls? And she said now that I was Samantha I was his girl too. She gently pushed my head down with her own and she kissed the tip and pushed my face over to his cock to and said go ahead, I kissed it too, and she asked me if I liked it, I shook my head no, and she said that I would learn. She opened her robe and had no bra on, She took my hand and pressed to her breast, and then pulled my head towards her and said to kiss her tit. I quickly kissed it and was going to again, when she stopped me and pushed my hear towards Mr. Johnson’s crotch, put daddies cock into your mouth she said. She held my head with both hands and told me to open my lips. Mr. Johnson scooted forward and his cock hit me in the face, he started rubbing it over my eyes and nose, and then pushed it between my lips. Cindy put one hand down on my dick and grabbed it hard, and said now suck it like I would a sucker. Her hand felt so good on my dick, that I started sucking, move your head forward and back on daddies cock. She pushed me forward and his cock hit the back of my throat I gagged and she said good girl do it again. Soon I was sucking a cock for the first time in my life. She kept pushing my head down and I was choking, she told me not to stop so daddy could give me his cum. He started squirting to my mouth, and she raised her voice and told me to swallow. I couldn’t there was too much. I pulled out and slot of it landed on my face. Cindy laughed and said to Mr. Johnson that I was a good girl I would soon learn to swallow. She then kissed me and licked my face, saying um um good. She then wiped my face with her fingers and put them to my lips and said taste. It was salty and warm but not too bad, she soon was wiping my face and pushing more of it into my mouth. I found myself licking her fingers. Good girl she cried and said that it was time, to try on more new clothes.

Cindy then told her I was to call her Mom. Mr. Johnson said he had work to do and left the room. She took me to the bathroom and quickly had me undress except for the garter belt and nylons. My dick had never been so hard in my life as she took off her robe and was completely naked. She had no hair on her vagina as my mom had, and it looked beautiful. She took out some shaving crème and put some on her hand, she then started rubbing it over my cock and balls. It was heaven, then she took a razor and started to shave the little bit of hair I had. My crotch was soon completely bald. She got some baby powder and rubbed it over my dick and balls, I was so hard that it hurt. She then grabbed my dick and started rubbing it back and forth, soon I shot cum out onto her leg. I t was the first time I had ever cum, it felt so good. She wiped my cum off her leg with her fingers, and tasted it, she said I tasted sweet, and put her fingers in my mouth. It was not as salty as Mr. Johnsons and did taste fine. Now. She said I would have to learn to act like a girl, she took out a small pill bottle and put one in my mouth, then she kissed me. I swallowed the pill. Then she took me into the pink room, and handed me a pair of pink panties that had ruffles on the back, and told me to put them on. I was in a daze as I pulled them up my legs. She stopped me and pushed my now limp cock down pointing backwards and helped me pull up my new panties. This is how you will dress from now on. Next she got a very short skirt, and made me put it on, it really looked strange to me, but I was beginning not to care about how odd all this was. She then turned me around and put a small bra on me, and said that was the way I was supposed to dress everyday from now on. My mind did not comprehend as I knew I was going home tomorrow. She then got a pair of shoes that had really large heels, put them on me and I couldn’t stand, she balanced me and said to lean back a little and I could walk, with a little effort I was able to. All this time she had been totally naked, I really couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She got a pair of panties and gave them to me. Us girls must always help each other. I quickly opened the panties and bent down she put one foot into them slowly, then the other, now pull them up she said. As I was pulling them up she stopped me before covering her vagina, and said would you like to kiss me too, she slowly pulled my head towards her cunt and I gave it a very gentle kiss. She said oh you are going to be very good. Then pulled up her panties the rest of the way. She then said the pill should start taking effect now so just sit down and watch, which I did. She put on a half bra., that let her nipples show, I was totally mesmerized. Next was garter belt and silk stockings, then she put on a dress that clung to her body, and showed every curve.
She started doing her make-up explaining to me how it was done slowly so as to look almost natural, telling me that I would soon be able to do it to. When she was finished she looked so beautiful I knew I was totally in love with her. Now Samantha its your turn, she sat me before a mirror, and started putting a base as she called over my face then she lined my eyes and put lipstick on me, I had a hard time recognizing myself as I was looking at a girl with short hair. She went to closet and brought out a small blonde wig, and arranged it on my head pinning it to my hair. She then stood me up and wanted me to walk across the room, it was hard on the heels but I did, then she told me to do it again, only this time put my feet down like I was walking on a string, making sure I put one foot across the other, she told me that it would make me wiggle my butt. I did it again and she told me I was better and would learn to do it, as I was to practice everyday. My mind said you’ll be home tomorrow but my mouth said yes. She said no! you must call me Mommy. Mentally I struggled but again I just said yes Mommy. Now you will go and meet daddy. Show him how pretty you look.

Mr. Johnson was in the kitchen, when we walked in. He said to Cindy did you give it to her? Yes, she answered she will do as you say. He turned to me and said that I was beautiful, now come over to daddy and give me a kiss. Again my mind started to rebel, at the idea of kissing a man, yet I walked like I had been shown and was soon putting my lips on his. He held me gently and started caressing my body, it felt so good. Its lunch time he said, I had not realized that it was the afternoon already. Mom, Cindy, started to make sandwiches. Mr. Johnson got a glass from a box and gave me a drink from a bottle in the fridge. I was thick cocoa, It tasted good and he said I should drink it all without stopping. I did, almost immediately I felt tingling starting at my stomach and soon encompassing my whole body, especially my crotch. He asked Mommy do you want one too?. Mommy said no, we have to keep focused today. Yes he said you are right. Give me a kiss Samantha, he said. I jumped into his lap and kissed him hard, he said good girl, now open your lips and kiss me again. Again I kissed him hard , only this time he put his tongue into my mouth, It was gross, but he did it again and again. Soon I had my tongue in his mouth, Mommy came over and said, my turn. She picked me up and kissed me, and our tongues were soon exploring each others mouths. Then she said to daddy that you made it too strong.
She started to lecture me about servicing daddies cock, on a daily basis. Later I realized I did not think of going home that time. Mr. Johnson stood up and Mommy pushed me down on my knees she unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his cock. When she pushed my head towards it I didn’t hesitate. She said the pain medication will make it so I don’t gag. Mr. Johnson, Daddy, pushed his cock to my face, I opened my mouth and he immediately shoved his cock into my mouth hitting my throat. Mommy held my head, and said push harder, he did and soon his cock was into my throat. Samantha she said breathe through your nose, It was the only way I could breathe. Mommy kept pushing my head down and daddy kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. At last his balls were on my chin. He held my mouth there and I could feel him squirting down my throat. With the last squirt, Mommy pulled my head off his cock, and quickly put her lips on mine forcing her tongue into my mouth. She pulled back and said to daddy she is a keeper! I smiled not realizing that I had done something really good, just that they were both pleased with me. Mommy gave me another pill and a cookie, eat these she aid and I did. I know that I went to sleep but had the sensation of floating, I would wake and Mommy would give me another cookie and pill, and I would soon be floating again.

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