This is just a fun little story I decided to write. It's about a woman that finds out about a company that offers raping services. She then sets up her bratty sixteen year old step-daughter to get fucked by three men.
For now, this is a stand alone story. If its really popular and lots of people demand it, I will write a sequel.

Arranged Rape Inc.

Samantha had been staring at the phone for the past fifteen minutes. Her legs crossed, one elbow resting on top, with her chin on her fist, she looked very anxious. A bit of sweat had developed on her forehead, in fact, her whole body was a higher temperature then she would have liked. It was a hot day outside, since it was the middle of July, but that wasn’t why she was sweating since the AC was on inside the house.

Samantha was a mature woman, at the age of 36. Her dirty blonde hair fell down her back and even though she was aging, she had managed to keep her figure as gorgeous as ever. She was no model, but she was a very nice looking female. Her breasts barely had even started sagging, since she never breastfed. Sitting in her white summer dress, her mind was racing, her heart beating fast. She wasn’t waiting for a phone call; she was waiting for the courage to enter her body, which would allow her to make a phone call. This call would be life changing.

Samantha was a married woman, happily in love with her slightly older husband. They lived in a house most would call much too large for just three people. The third person was Samantha’s step-daughter, Kaitlin. Samantha’s husband, Dan was previously married twice. His first wife, he met in college the first week of classes. Their love was the perfect example of love at first sight. They started dating after a few weeks of flirting and since then, they were inseparable. On graduation day, right after the ceremony, Dan got down on one knee and proposed.

After that, Dan and the love of his life moved into an apartment in New York, and lived happily for two years. One morning, he woke up to his wife crying, sitting on the bed beside him. He asked her what was wrong, but when she turned around, he saw her smile. She held up a pregnancy test showing that she was pregnant. Life is unfair though, and nine months later, Dan’s wife died giving birth to their daughter.

Dan was heartbroken; he went into a depression for three months, having his mom do most of the caring for the baby. But something soon changed for Dan. He decided to take his pain and turn it into energy, into love and care for his daughter. Dan stayed single for a long time, and when Kaitlin turned ten, Dan met a woman and they got married very quickly. The marriage failed though, and for one simple reason; Kaitlin. The ten year old seemed like the spawn of the devil. She tortured her step-mother in every way she could possibly think of. When her step-mother tried telling Dan about what was happening, Dan didn’t believe a single word of it. He started to despise his second wife for the way she began treating Kaitlin in the months to follow, and therefore, Dan filed for divorce.

Since Kaitlin spent the first ten years of her life with just her dad, she felt that any woman coming into her or her dad’s life was not good enough. She made it her life mission to ruin any and all of her father’s relationships. After many unsuccessful first dates, Dan finally met Samantha. Dan and Samantha hit it off right away, and became inseparable, much like Dan’s college years with Kaitlin’s mom. Samantha was only married once before, and her husband passed away with cancer after only a few short years together. This gave them a deep emotional connection, not even Kaitlin was able to break.

After a year of dating, Dan and Samantha tied the knot. Kaitlin was twelve at this point, and many would say, discovering her womanhood. She was starting to wear more provocative clothing, showing off her slim legs and tight bubbly ass to the boys at school. Since Dan had developed such an angelic picture of his daughter in his mind, he didn’t realize that his Kaitlin was turning into a slut. Samantha noticed though, and Kaitlin used it to her advantage. Just like with Dan’s second wife, Kaitlin was trying to pull the same stuff on Samantha. But Samantha was head over heels in love with Dan, and some little brat was not gonna get in the way of her happiness.

Samantha started to turn the tables on Kaitlin, and for a while, Kaitlin gave up. She would still do little things to start fights between her dad and Samantha but nothing serious enough to end the marriage. As the years went on, Samantha and Dan’s love only grew stronger, and Kaitlin’s provocative ways continued. She became the tease of her high school quite fast. Even though she was considered a whore by many girls that knew her, no guy had been able to get in her pants. Kaitlin got a thrill over teasing the guys she knew. The luckiest of them got a blowjob and maybe a quick flash of her pussy if she was wearing a skirt that day. Kaitlin would also give out a few hand jobs here or there, but most guys were only left with getting a feel of her breasts. Of course, all of them would brag to their friends and even though Kaitlin was a virgin, there were stories of her performing anal acts. This gave Kaitlin a weird popularity. A sexual one with the guys, which got her into the best parties, and of course since Kaitlin could steal any guy from any of the other girls in school with her looks and rumored sexual reputation, the other girls hated her only building her popularity. Every new kid in school would hear her name on the first day no matter what grade or age they were.

Now, at sixteen, Kaitlin was out partying every weekend. She would use her father’s credit cards to buy clothes and she even drove his BMW from time to time. Dan looked past all of this though and after trying countless times, Samantha gave up trying to show Dan what his daughter had become. Samantha confronted her one day, trying to talk some sense into her but Kaitlin wasn’t having any of it. After a long fight, Kaitlin simply told Samantha that sooner or later, she would win.

This turned off something in Samantha’s head. She simply stopped caring. Like it was destiny, a few weeks later Samantha came across a discovery. It was completely by accident, but when is destiny planned? Samantha had just left her office building and was walking to her car. There was a woman walking in front of her, carrying a lot of books and papers. As she walked, a business card fell from her papers and landed on the ground a bit ahead of Samantha. She picked it up and called after the woman but the woman kept walking. Glancing down at the card without no intention of actually reading what was on it, Samantha stopped dead in her tracks.

The woman was walking so fast that by the time Samantha pulled her eyes from the card, she was way ahead of her, slowly disappearing amongst the other pedestrians. Figuring there was no use chasing her now, Samantha looked back down at the card. There was a name on the top of the card in simple font with a single phone number underneath. Just under the number, there were four words in slightly smaller writing.

Arranged Rape Inc.
(212) 555-0776
Ask for Specialty Package

Samantha stood there, trying to figure out if Arranged Rape Inc. actually meant, arranged rapes. After flipping the card over in her hand, Samantha noticed there was a website with a code below it. A few moments later, Samantha stuffed the card in her pocket and went to her car. After racing home, she sat down at the computer and visited the site. There was a picture of a cartoon 1950’s wife with the words Maid Services above it. There seemed to be nothing besides this picture but a quick glance around the site, Samantha spotted a place to enter a code. She knew what code they were probably looking for. Samantha typed it in, hit enter and waited. Her mouth dropped open as the new site loaded up. Arranged Rape Inc. was just what it sounded as, people call them and purchase a service. This service just so happens to be rape.

For the first time in her life, Samantha felt her crotch get a little turned on as she read about rape.
There was a picture section and Samantha tried avoiding it but her curiosity got the best of her and she clicked it. Pages after pages of pictures of women of all ages, shapes, and colours displayed on Samantha’s screen. Some of the women were laying on grass in fields, some were laying on beds, and there were some even laying in alleyways. Each picture had one thing in common though; all the girls were holding up signs with the words “I just got raped.” What surprised Samantha the most though is that not all of the women were crying or looked hurt. Some of the women were actually smiling with their legs spread. Were they forced to act happy or was it real? Either way, this site Samantha had discovered scared her.

Samantha was about to leave the site, toss out the card, and forget she ever saw those pictures, but just at the last moment, Samantha read something that changed her mind. It was below a bunch of pictures of what seemed to be younger girls. “Teach your slutty daughter a lesson.” Samantha must’ve read those words a hundred times before she closed the site. Images of Kaitlin holding up that sign flashed through her mind.

Kaitlin was a very pretty sixteen year old. Just like her mother, she had dark long hair that looked great. Her breasts were the average size for a teenager, but what got the attention of most boys was her incredible ass and stunning legs. She was average height, and very skinny. Not too skinny, but nowhere near chubbiness. She was a dream for any horny male teenager.

Now, a few days later since looking at the site, Samantha was sitting by the phone, the business card beside it. A recent fight with Kaitlin had pushed her over the edge. She wanted nothing more than to teach Kaitlin the lesson of a life time. And plus, the site said there was a high success rate of curing slutty girls. After Kaitlin called her step-mother a bunch of names, Samantha simply smiled at her. Kaitlin then called her a freak and left the house. With Dan out of the house, Samantha couldn’t get a better time to call. She was nervous and scared though, if either Kaitlin or Dan were to find out that it was Samantha that made the call, her marriage would end in a blink of an eye. She just hoped these Arranged Rape Inc. people were good.

Finally, after changing her mind several times, and thinking about what she might potentially do to Kaitlin’s life, Samantha had her mind made up. Kaitlin was a slut that would probably end up doing something of the same sorts willingly in the future so why not do it now? Samantha looked at the number on the card one more time and then started dialing. After ringing a few times, someone answered.

“Hi, thank you for calling Maid Services, my name is Maggie, how may I help you?” Samantha was a little taken aback by how nice this secretary type girl was. Maid Services? Samantha guessed that’s why the card said to ask for the Specialty Package. These people were a legitimate company, just with a little twist.

“Hi, um, I’m interested in purchasing your program but I would like to find out more about your, um, specialty package?” Samantha heard the girl start typing for a few moments before she spoke again.

“Well for our specialty package program, you would actually have to come in and talk to one of our representatives. Let me just check the next time available.”

“Alright.” Samantha was a little more anxious now, but decided it would be stupid to change her mind now.

“Oh you are in luck. One of our appointments got cancelled for this evening, would you be free to come in at 7:30?”

“Yeah sure, that sounds great.”

“Perfect! The address is 1496 35th Avenue. Just go to the front desk and someone will assist you.”

After the phone call was over, Samantha looked down at the address she just wrote down. This was gonna happen. Suddenly, Samantha started picturing the event. She couldn’t help but get a little aroused. She had a few hours to kill and decided to start preparing dinner. Dan came home a bit later and Samantha quickly thought up of a plan to cover for having to go out. Dan believed her instantly. When dinner was ready, Kaitlin came home and the three ate in near silence.

After a somewhat awkward dinner, Samantha excused herself and was out the door. Dan was such a trusting husband, that’s one of the reasons Samantha loved him so much. The entire car ride over to the meeting, Samantha kept thinking about how it would happen. Would they simply corner Kaitlin and rape her anywhere they find her or was it more of a kidnapping scenario? Some of the girls in the pictures were on beds, and breaking and entering just didn’t seem like something these people would do. Then again, they rape underage girls.

When Samantha found the building, she was a little surprised at how small it was. It had three stories which was still quite big but for some reason Samantha was expecting a huge building. Even though the outside looked small, Samantha had to go through many corridors and hallways before she finally reached the office for meetings. There was one other woman sitting in a chair reading a magazine in the waiting room type office, and there were about ten empty chairs lined along the opposite walls. In the middle, facing opposite of the door, was a desk with a woman behind it. The woman seemed to only work for Arranged Rape Inc. so as soon as Samantha walked up to her, the woman guessed her name and told her to head through the door behind the desk that Samantha hadn’t seen when she first walked in.

Samantha’s heart was racing again, she didn’t know what would be on the other side of the door. When she walked through though, she was in a big office. Bookshelves filled with books were behind a desk where a man sat, scribbling something on some papers. There was a large window to Samantha’s right that showed a beautiful view and just as Samantha turned her head away from it, she noticed the man in front of her was looking at her and stood up smiling.

“You must be Samantha, hi I’m Fring. Please, sit sit.” They shook hands and Samantha sat in the chair opposite of the man, who called himself Fring. “So, I understand you are looking to purchase our service?”

“Um, yes.”

“Good good! Let me just… ah here we go.” Fring shuffled through the stack of papers to his left and grabbed about ten pages stapled together. He placed it in front of him and looked up at Samantha again. “Well first things first, you are aware of what exact services you will be purchasing tonight, am I correct?” Samantha smiled and nodded her head and then cleared her throat to speak when she noticed Fring waiting for a straight answer.

“Arranged Rape.” Fring smiled and chuckled a little before flipping open the first page of the booklet.

“I just had to double check because sometimes people set up a meeting with us by mistake and actually just want a maid, not a rape. But anyways, I’m glad you are here for the right reason.”

“Trust me; my house already has a maid.” Samantha pointed to herself.

“Haha, you sound like a good wife. Now I have a few simple questions to ask you first before we start the actual purchasing process. This rape, is it for you or a surprise for someone?”

“Definitely a surprise, like I said I’m married.”

“Okay okay, good good.” Fring scribbled something down and checked off several boxes on the page before flipping to the second. The next two pages were simply for Samantha’s personal information and the personal information of the recipient. After Fring had all the details on Kaitlin, her age and what not, they got to the purchasing process.

“I actually have a concern. Um, Kaitlin won’t get any STD’s or anything of that sort from your… men right?”

“Oh no no no! All my employees are regularly tested to ensure you are getting the best for what you pay for.”

“Good. I want to teach her a lesson, not give her some disease.”

“You have nothing to worry about. Any other concerns?”

“No I think that was the main one.” Fring and Samantha both smiled at one another and then Fring spoke again.

“Okay well we have many options for you to choose from.”


“Okay, so the first of which is deciding where this rape shall take place.” Fring noticed Samantha’s confusion and explained further. “What that means is, you can tell us your step-daughter’s usual routine and my men can track her down at a secluded area and do it there, or we could simply pick her up and take her to a specified location. Sometimes, people choose to have their daughter’s raped somewhere very nice like a cliff overlooking a sunset or something. I don’t get it but hey to each his own right? Anyways, a third option is we could simply just take her to a motel and afterwards drop her off wherever you like.” Samantha thought over the options and decided on the motel.

“I think getting raped will be unpleasant enough, she can have a bed.” Fring smiled and checked off a few more boxes.

“Next we have to decide how many men you want to participate. You can have as little as one, or as many as ten. Completely up to you, although I must warn you, the more you have the more it costs.”

“How much for three?” Samantha didn’t have to think about this, she had that number as soon as she made that phone call.

“Three men at a motel including pick-up and drop off… $1000.” Samantha was expecting a higher price so that was certainly a relief.

“Okay, I’ll take three then. Oh not to be racist or offensive or anything but do I get to choose the race of the men or is it simply who is available?”

“You can leave it random or choose yourself, completely up to you. But many people don’t really care about the race, they are more interested in dick size.” Samantha didn’t care about the race either, she was just curious.

“Dick size? Um, wouldn’t everyone want big guys?” Fring shook his head and explained some want average guys and some even ask for smaller men. “I guess just the average would be good.”

“Good. Now, the sex. We can do vaginal penetration only, we can do oral and vaginal, or you can do the trifecta and include anal. Which option would you like?” This made Samantha think a little. Anal might be a bit too much, so she settled on oral and vaginal. The cost was only bumped up by another hundred dollars.

“How rough do you want the sex to be? The men could throw her around like a ragdoll or treat her very lovingly.” Samantha chose a bit rougher but nothing too crazy. This bumped the price up to $1500. “Okay now that we have that settled, we can talk about kinkiness. We have men trained to perform sex acts you might have never even heard of, or of course, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“What are some options?”

“We have slapping and spitting, foot licking or foot jobs, rimming, ass licking for the girl, gagging, focus on nipples and breasts, choking, pissing, bestiality, and full out scat, as in shit eating and shit play.” Samantha was stunned but a little turned on, although she couldn’t quite figure out which of those turned her on.

“Wow. Um… I think slapping and spitting might be good enough.” Fring filled out another page and flipped to the last.

“Okay almost done. Two more options. You have the option of adding another woman for lesbian acts, or, and this might be my favorite, you have the option of actually watching the rape as it happens. You would be masked and completely anonymous of course if you choose to attend so don’t worry about Kaitlin catching on.”

“No, I don’t need to see it happen, I just need to know that it will.”

“Alright fair enough. So that brings your total to… $2000” The last bit of the meeting was about payment and about where the men could pick Kaitlin up from and where to drop her off. The rape was going to happen the next day right after school. The men were to pick Kaitlin up as she walked home and then drop her off at the same spot. It was a little side street Kaitlin was used to taking since it provided a short cut. Cars barely drove on it and very few people would be around.

Rape day was finally came and Samantha was very nervous. The men would pick up Kaitlin at 3:00 pm and return her at 5. Since it wasn’t uncommon for Kaitlin to stop by a friend’s house till dinner time, Samantha knew there would be little questioning from Dan about where she was. And for some reason, Samantha didn’t think Kaitlin would tell that she got raped. It was a pride thing.

After a final stop at her locker, Kaitlin made her way home. She went through the school field and exited through a small gate in the fence surrounding the school, making her way towards the side street where a parked van was waiting. The side street was about a five minute walk away from the school and a ten minute walk away from Kaitlin’s house. It was pretty much the perfect place.

Since Kaitlin was texting the entire walk, she barely even noticed the van pull up beside her until the side door was opened and a man stepped out. Kaitlin didn’t know what was happening at first as the man wrapped his arms around her from behind, covering her mouth. This man was the most built out of the three currently occupying the van so it was very easy for him to drag Kaitlin into the van in a matter of seconds. Kaitlin started kicking and fighting him but it was too late, she was inside the van and the door was closed.

“HELPPPP! SOMEONE HELLPPP!” Kaitlin was screaming at the top of her voice from inside the van but it wouldn’t help if she had a megaphone, the van was soundproof. Once the three men informed her of that, and she saw one of them holding a gun, she calmed down and sat on the cold floor of the van opposite of the two men and the door she came in through. “What the fuck is going on? Who are you? What do you want with me?” The two men that were at the back with Kaitlin had ski masks on and big hunters jackets. The driver could not be seen as there was a barrier between the back and him.

“We wanna have some fun.”

“What kind of fun? Please don’t kill me.”

“Killing to us isn’t fun. We will do it if we have to, but we try and avoid it at all costs.” Arranged Rape Inc. had thousands and thousands of customers and they have never had to kill anyone. “We just want to have some fun…” The man holding the handgun slowly reached over and brushed Kaitlin’s hair out of her face. She tugged her head away and stared daggers at the man. She now knew what her purpose was though. She was going to get fucked silly.

They pulled up to a motel about twenty minutes away from that side street. Kaitlin heard the driver step out and could hear his footsteps getting quieter as he walked away. It felt like he was gone for a long time but it must’ve only been five minutes before she heard the footsteps again and than a knock on the side of the van.

“You’re gonna be a good girl now. I don’t wanna have to hurt you and if you be quiet and don’t struggle, I won’t have to. Can you do that for me?” Kaitlin didn’t answer, she just shrugged her shoulders.

The other man opened the door and stepped out and Kaitlin saw the driver for the first time waiting there. He was wearing a ski mask as well but Kaitlin guessed he had just recently put it on. The man with the gun that had been talking to her told her to get out and she did. When she stepped out, the man that was at the back with her took her by the arm. The man with the gun got out after her and closed the van door.

Kaitlin started looking around and realized she had no idea where they were. It seemed like one of those motels off the highway but there was no highway nearby and this motel seemed abandoned. There were only 4 rooms and the van was the only car in the parking lot. The parking lot barely qualified as a parking lot though since it was simply gravel. They walked to the closest room, which was room 1 and the driver pulled out a key and unlocked it.

The smell of the room was what Kaitlin noticed first. It smelled like the two windows in there had never been opened. She tried to pinpoint what it smelled like but the closest she got to was a mixture of cum, piss, shit, and unwashed sheets. Kaitlin’s stomach turned at the thought of what was coming next. The room was small and only had a king sized bed. She noticed that there wasn’t even a bathroom.

Kaitlin was so preoccupied at examining the room that when she turned around to face her kidnappers, she noticed they all had their dicks out, slowly jerking them back and forth. She gasped and backed up but they followed.

“How rude of us, we want to fuck you and you don’t even know our names.” The man with the gun no longer had his gun or jacket. He was wearing a t-shirt which showed his huge arm muscles. The t-shirt was also outlining his monster chest and abs. The man was about six foot two inches and well over two hundred pounds. Because of this, Kaitlin almost rolled her eyes when he told her his name. “I’m Muscles, this guy that drove us here is Money Shot, and the guy over there is Silencer.”

Kaitlin looked at the man called Money Shot and noticed he was a much smaller man. He was maybe six feet tall and a hundred and eighty pounds. He had a sleeve of tattoos on both of his arms and Kaitlin noticed that he was the least hard out of all three men. She also noticed that all three of them had pretty much the same size cocks, which she thought was kind of odd. She looked at the man called Silencer and saw that he was quite skinny without his jacket on. He was maybe slightly taller than Muscles but his arm muscles seemed almost non-existent. She wondered why he wasn’t the driver since he was definitely the weakest of the three but then again she knew that no girl could overpower Muscles so it didn’t matter.

Kaitlin observed the three men, who were all staring at her slowly pumping their dicks. They all seemed rock hard by this point and Kaitlin once again, started taking steps backwards away from them. Muscles smiled at her and asked her nicely to get naked. Of course, Kaitlin refused. Then it happened all so quickly, Muscles took a step towards her and Kaitlin quickly dashed to the side towards one of the windows. This was a worthless attempt as she barely even touched the window before Muscles had her over his shoulder, carrying her with ease. Kaitlin started screaming and kicking but it was no use. She was thrown onto the bed and held down by Muscles as Money Shot ripped her shirt exposing her black bra. Kaitlin had now started pleading for them to stop, her eyes filling up with tears but it was no use. Money Shot pulled her bra making it slide down her stomach and putting her tits into view.

“Damn girl, you have some beautiful titties!”


Muscles chuckled a little and tightened his hold on her, pressing her into the bed. Money Shot was now fondling her breasts with both hands, tugging at her nipples once in a while. Kaitlin tried squirming so that he wouldn’t be able to touch her but she could barely move with Muscles holding her down.

“Let’s see this bitches cunt!”


This was the loudest Kaitlin had been and for the first time since she got thrown on the bed, Kaitlin saw Silencer approaching her. He had pure hate in his eyes as he walked over and put his foot over Kaitlin’s head, resting it by her left ear. He then lowered himself down, using his hand to point his cock towards Kaitlin’s mouth. Kaitlin shut her lips tightly and turned her head away from Silencer’s dick but Muscles grabbed her by the throat and shoved her head back. He then chocked her lightly making Kaitlin open her mouth and letting Silencer shove his cock inside it. Silencer wasn’t gentle at all, he pushed his dick into Kaitlin’s mouth and mouth fucked her as she now cried even more.

After a while, Silencer managed to start gagging Kaitlin with his dick and she couldn’t help but cough. By this point, Money Shot had gotten Kaitlin’s jeans off and was now wide eyed at how tasty her legs and pussy looked. Her black thong was stuck against her pussy and Money Shot simply ripped it off of her. He leaned down and took a nice long sniff of her teenage pussy.

“Silencer! Silencer will you stop already?! I wanna fuck this bitch!” Silencer pulled his cock from Kaitlin’s mouth leaving a long trail of spit which dripped down onto her bare chest. Kaitlin’s crying had died down a little and she wasn’t trying to fight the rape anymore so Muscles eased off her a little bit, letting her breathe a bit easier.

“See now you’re being a good girl.” Kaitlin whispered something as Muscles picked her up by the waist and turned her onto her knees. “What was that sweety?”

“I’m a v-virgin. Please…” All three men heard her that time. Muscles looked at Money Shot, who was already lining up to pound her doggy style.

“Start off easy.” Muscles gave the command and Money Shot nodded his head as the tip of his dick touched the outside labia of Kaitlin’s pussy.

“Oh god…” Kaitlin squeezed her hands around the dirty yellow pillow in front of her and closed her eyes. Muscles was still holding her by the waist tightly just in case she tried to squirm again. Silencer stood next to Money Shot and watched as Money shot eased his cock inside Kaitlin. She gasped a little as the first few inches went in and then screamed when Money Shot placed each hand on her ass and gave one smooth trust, bottoming out inside her and breaking her hymen.

“I said take it easy!”

“It’s better to just get it over with!”

Kaitlin’s toes were curled, her whole body clenched as Money Shot pumped into her. The initial pain of her hymen breaking was intense but after a little while, the pain was almost completely gone. In fact, as much as Kaitlin tried fighting it, she couldn’t help but get turned on as her pussy stretched around that cock. She had her head down, her hair covering her face from the men as Money Shot started to pick up his pace. Every once in a while, he would smack her ass, making Kaitlin cry out in half pain half pleasure. Muscles started suspecting that Kaitlin was enjoying herself even just a little and chuckled.

“I think she likes your cock Money.”

“They always do.” Money Shot was now pumping in and out of Kaitlin fast. Muscles had let go of Kaitlin’s waist because now Money Shot was basically laying on top of her, pressing her into the bed as his cock pounded her pussy. There wasn’t much blood from the hymen breaking but the inside of her pussy was still red from it and Money Shot’s dick clearly showed that. “I need a break.” Money Shot had been fucking Kaitlin for about five minutes now and didn’t want to cum just yet so he pulled his dick from her pussy and hoped off the bed. Kaitlin didn’t move and Silencer quickly replaced Money Shot in the same position. Kaitlin laid on the bed, looking lifeless as Silencer pounded her tight cunt.

Silencer was even rougher than Money Shot, and each thrust was more powerful than the next. Muscles watched as Kaitlin’s ass bounced each time Silencer came down on top of her. She had an amazing ass for a teenager and Muscles loved it.

“Unf. Unf. Ah. Ah. Ahh!” Kaitlin would moan with every thrust. She wasn’t trying to enjoy this but her pussy was on fire right now. She was still sobbing lightly but it was more because she hated herself for liking it.

Muscles grew tired of waiting to get a piece of her ass and instead walked over to her head and pushed his dick in her mouth. Kaitlin didn’t object too much but Muscles still had to place a hand on the back of her head and pull her towards his dick. He fucked her in the mouth as she laid there with her eyes closed. He started to pick up his speed and at one point, he could’ve sworn he felt her sucking him. He had fucked so many girls and women before and more than a handful of them enjoyed it but usually they enjoyed it right away. Kaitlin hated it until her pussy got filled with meat.

The Silencer started breathing fast and his thrusts became harder until he finally pulled his dick out of Kaitlin’s pussy and shot off a load. The first few shots of cum went all up and down Kaitlin’s back and near the end, a few more landed on her ass. Kaitlin was a dirty cum mess at this point.

Muscles pulled his cock from her mouth and with one hand, flipped her onto her cum covered back. Kaitlin’s hands went to her tits, covering them but not for long as Money Shot climbed on the bed and put each of his legs on either side of her chest. He used his left hand to play with her tits a little and his right hand to push his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it bitch or I’ll slap you!” Kaitlin wasn’t as motionless as she was with Muscles’ cock in her mouth and she actually started raising her head off the bed, blowing Money Shot. It was a half-hearted blowjob but it was still a blow job.

Meanwhile on the other end, Muscles was spreading Kaitlin’s tanned and meaty thighs and examining the puffy, red and no longer virgin pussy. He teasingly used his index finger to lightly rub the crack and noticed Kaitlin’s legs twitch with his first contact. He then pushed his middle and index fingers into her pussy and used his thumb to rub her clit. When he did this, Kaitlin started to squirm a little again, closing her thighs and Muscles roughly pushed her legs out of the way. After a minute or so of finger fucking his fuck toy, Muscles pushed his dick into Kaitlin’s pussy.

“Ohhh fuck you’re tight!”

“Yeah she’s a beauty ain’t she?” Muscles was pounding away at Kaitlin’s cunt as Money Shot was now gagging her with his dick, very close to orgasm. Hearing Kaitlin chocking only made it hotter for him and he grabbed handfuls of her hair and basically slammed his dick down her throat. Kaitlin’s face started turning red and Money Shot couldn’t hold off any more. That rushing feeling overtook his dick and he exploded inside Kaitlin’s mouth. There was a very good reason Money Shot was called Money Shot and it was because when he cummed, he cummed buckets.

The first few shots went right down Kaitlin’s throat as she now started panicking a little. There was no air coming into her lungs with so much cum in her mouth. Money Shot saw that she was in a lot of pain now and pulled his cock free. In an attempt for air, Kaitlin was swallowing his cum as fast as it was coming out of Money Shot’s dick and when he pulled his dick free, she spit up the last little bit, making it drool down her chin.

She opened her eyes thinking it was over only to see a thick string of cum coming right for her face. Shot after shot exploded onto Kaitlin’s face and landed on her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, and some even went up her nose. Her face was simply covered in cum when Money Shot’s orgasm finally ended.

Muscles looked up at her face when Money Shot got off her and saw Kaitlin using her hands to wipe away the cum from her eyes, still gasping for air. Kaitlin didn’t know anything anymore. She didn’t know if she was enjoying this or if she was hating it. Her pussy was tingling but at the same time she was feeling pain. Pain in her gut, in her chest, in between her legs. Muscles kept going, his hands now grasping each thigh holding Kaitlin’s legs apart as his cock pounded her pussy. He was upright on his knees and had his eyes fixed on her bouncing tits.

Not long after, Muscles pulled his dick from her pussy and exploded onto Kaitlin’s stomach. Her bra was still wrapped around her waist so cum spewed all over it as well. Her tits didn’t get much cum, but one or two jets of Muscles cum managed to make their way up there as well as the cum that was leaking from her face and running down her chest.

After Muscles finished cumming, Silencer threw a towel to Kaitlin who didn’t move right away. She shamefully then closed her legs, got up from the bed and walked to a corner on the other side of the room. The three men got dressed while Kaitlin did her best to clean the cum off her body. Her hair was stuck to her back due to Silencer’s cum shot and cleaning her hair took longer. Silencer already had the sign and camera waiting for her when she was finished and took the mandatory picture which would be posted to the website.

Once the pictures were taken, Muscles told her to ditch all her clothes except her jeans since they were the only thing that went unharmed. Kaitlin found her voice again after she threw her bra into the pile with her ripped shirt and thong.

“What the fuck am I gonna wear home?” Kaitlin had a sullen expression on her face and for that reason Muscles didn’t react to the way she spoke to him and simply reached into a bag, finding some clothes appropriate for Kaitlin. Once she was all dressed, the four of them left the motel room and headed to the van.

Kaitlin was dropped off at the same spot she was picked up at and as soon as she stepped out of the van, she started walking as fast as she could home. The ten minute walk felt like hours but eventually, Kaitlin was walking up the front steps to the door of her house. She took a moment to get herself under control before opening the front door and stepping inside.

When the door closed, Dan called out from the kitchen and Kaitlin walked towards him. Samantha was sitting with Dan and they were both eating dinner. When Samantha heard the front door opening, her heart started racing and she was now looking at her step-daughter, putting on a fake caring smile.

“Come join us for dinner sweetie.”

“No thanks daddy, I ate dinner already.” With a smile, Kaitlin turned around and headed up to her room. Samantha was a little shocked at how happy Kaitlin looked. A part of her thought she was acting but a part of her could swear it was legitimate. Kaitlin felt the exact same way.

The End.

I'd love to hear from you if you have some constructive comments on this story. Also, if this is the first piece of work you are reading of mine, I suggest you check out "Nick and Allie" Thanks.


Coming soon: Nick and Allie 7

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2015-05-02 17:04:11
It would be good to have a follow-up story with whatever your imagination can bring us. Either the girl will straighten up some or will just go absolutely wild, whatever works. Thank you for writing.

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2015-03-29 21:33:06
More rape pls...


2014-08-26 04:10:32
I liked the story, and have other "rape businesses" in about a travel/tour agency that can plan your dream vacation, including rape at your destination, or during a tour? Nothing more exciting than telling of your travel adventures, and when the listeners begin to get bored, bring up the "climax"!


2014-04-13 20:18:39
"Arranged Rape Incorporated" - Samantha and Kaitlin - (Step-mother and Step-daughter)

Sixteen (16) year old Kaitlin is fast becoming a prick and sex tease of the worst kind. Her Step-mother, having married Kaitlin's fairly straight laced father several years ago, has become a burden due to her flaunting and teasing, affecting Smantha's marriage with Kaitlin's father Dan.

Samantha accidently discovered a method of perverse "punishment" that could posibly put Kaitlin on the straight and narrow--the "purchase" of an arranged rape!

The story stops short of the effects and "punishment" value being disclosed or divulged by Kaitlin. Did the "rape" have the expected results Samantha was seeking? Or has the "rape" made her worse as to making Kaitlin more of a slut and rebellious with her association with her step-mother? We'll have to wait to see if the writer/author writes an additional Chapter in order to get those answers!

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nice one, very well written

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