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She was a beautiful 7th grader
Leading up to New Years eve we had done everything besides fucking. I had fingered her and ate her out and she had given me head. At the time she was 13 and in 7th grade while i was 14 and in 8th. we had planned everything out to the last detail. the plan was for her to go to the local skating rink at 8 and i would meet her there. since i lived very close we were gonna walk back to my house. we hadnt planned what was going to happen there, we just were gonna let whatever happen happen. everything went perfectly. we met at the skating rink at 8 and walked back to my house. when we got there i went into my room and turned on some music. now let me describe Amanda to you. she was about 5'7 120 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, semi small breasts and a ass most girls would kill for. now me i am about 5'10 200 pounds, very muscular, brown eyes and dyed blond hair.
after i turned the music on i walked over to her. we started kissing and soon she was taking off my shirt. in no time we were both naked. i picked her up and carried her to the bed. seeing as she was a virgin i wanted her first time to be unique for her. i kissed her on the lips and started moving down. kissing every inch of her body along the way. i finally reached her pussy and started licking her outer lips. i slipped a finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her while i ate her out. my tounge would go up towards her clit and then i would move it back down. making sure that i didnt touch it. after what seemed like hours of eating her out she was squirming around on my bed. i slowly pushed my tounge up and licked her clit. her body instently started shuttering as she had her first orgasm of the night. her pussy juices started to squirt out and i lapped them up like i had not eaten or drand anything in days. after she calmed down i slid up to her and we started kissing. she pulled away and pushed me onto my back. she slid down and slowly took my 7 inch cock into her mouth. even though she was a virgin she was really good at sucking cock. she licked the underside of my cock and worked her way up to the helmet. she then engulfed the entire thing in one swift movement. i could feel my head hitting the back of her throat and then something opened up and my cock went deeper. i thought oh my god she is deepthroating me. at the thought i almost blew my load but managed to stop myself. i knew that if she kept doing this i would blow so i pulled her up. i laid on my bed with my dick sticking straight up like a flagpole. she strattled me and i reached around and grabbed ahold of my cock. she guided it to the opening in her pussy and let it slip in. the feeling was unbelieveable. she was so tight. about a quarter of the way in the tip of my cock hit her cherry. she raised up and slammed down on my cock, brutally tearing her hymen. she let out a scream of pain that im sure my neighbors heard. i left only the portion of my dick that was already in inside her, letting her get used to it. after a few minutes she started to slowly go up and doww. taking a little more cock in each time. soon she was riding me like there was no tomorrow. i was at the edge ready to cum and i didnt wanna pop in this position. i told her i wanted to fuck her doggy style and she eagerly climbed onto all fours. i got behind her and with one quick hard shove, buried my entire cock in her pussy. she let out a moan of extreme pleasure. after a few minutes i knew i was gonna pop. i pulled out, jacked it a few times and erupted my cum all over her back and arse.
over the past couple of years we have fucked many time but none have been as good as the first time with Amanda.

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2008-07-29 01:22:47
that was SHIT! bro go back to school and learn english all over again puncuation and grammer


2008-03-03 23:21:40
That was just stupid. You can't call that a story. As said before learn grammer etc


2006-12-15 03:58:47
Grammar. Imagery. Syntax. Diction. Please purchase a dictionairy and learn the definitions of the preceeding words.


2005-12-14 07:20:46
Punctuation. Use it. Spelling. Learn it.



2005-10-19 13:04:35
this story woz shit dont give up your day job!

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