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Beneath that tree we sat for a long time, in such dumbfounded silence I felt like an utter fool. The kiss still mingled on my lips, making them throb. Inside the pumps my toes curled in angst, belly fizzing with utter glee at having my dream come true. Though I’d barely known Elixir two hours, I’d completely, and hopelessly, fallen for him.

He sat cool as a cucumber beside me now, as my mind melted out of my ears. How could he remain so calm? It confused me, but I didn’t pry. I’d seem like a dumbass. With his eyes closed, it gave me a few precious moments to steal a glance at his beautiful physique, hidden beneath ebony cloth. I imagined a muscled abdomen, not ripped, and toned legs; his broad shoulders were plenty to go by.

Where the light amber fringe was parted, I saw the small tattoo of an anchor. Taking a wild guess, I assumed some guy, somewhere, had the same. It was only the size of a fingernail, the sort you’d get to match the one of your lover. I wondered about that other guy, but didn’t dare ask of him. Elixir seemed like the sort of person prone to heartbreak more than the average Joe.

It was the middle of fifth period when we finally decided to journey back to our classes, half an hour late. We were in separate classes, so at the doorway of West Block, we halted. Out of sight, he was free to embrace me in another kiss. I returned it, feverishly so, but pulled back before I could get too carried away.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Alice.” he murmured. Could his voice have been any more mournful?
“Bye.” I replied as he strode off into campus. I’m unsure of what compelled me to keep gazing after him, as his ass shifted beneath the pure black Levi’s, but I snapped myself from the lusting ogle to head for my own lesson.

It was German class, which I hated. Two foreign languages in a day took its toll on me. Worst of all, the professor was an asshole. From behind half moon spectacles he glared at me, eyes narrow like a bird, a very hungry bird.

“Name?”, he ordered. “Gray.” I replied. Down the list before his hands he scanned, letting the scrutiny come to rest on my name, I guessed.

“Newbie, eh? Report to my room tomorrow afternoon if you please.” he demanded, beckoning that I take my seat quickly and quietly. I did just that.

At my old high school, the German teacher really hated my guts, and I didn’t want to piss this guy off too. I don’t know if you’ve ever been shouted at, in German, but trust me. It’s fucking scary. And this fella didn’t seem the nicest of allies to have on your side. He was the one you employed for brute force, not intelligence.

Gazes strayed to me as I took the long ascent to a space where I would have other people to shadow my day dreaming. It was my aim to sit quite high up, so my expression was unclear to the teacher, but a soft voice caught me off guard; “Hey Alice, sit here.” The one who addressed me sat on the very back row, the only one there, and without a second thought, I hurried up, glad someone was offering friendship.

My gaze, which had been rooted to the floor, rose to meet enchanting green eyes. I fell in love with those irises instantly, and possibly the guy who they belonged to. His hair was an obviously artificial black, darker than mine almost, if that were even possible. He had no braces, the lucky shit, but we seemed to share the same dimples on our cheek bones.

I returned his smile as I took my seat, feeling relief as his gaze left me for a moment, but materialised again as soon as he heard my gratitude: “Thank you.” Beaming, he replied, “No problem. I’m Carter.”

As Elixir had done, he held out his hand to me. Awkwardly, I took it. His grip wasn’t as firm as Elixir’s but his smooth skin was soft to the touch, unblemished by the gloves my lover wore.

Masking our talking was the booming voice of our German teacher, and the mumbling as others recited his words. I didn’t listen, and I didn’t care either, for the conversation we had began to turn in a direction I honestly hadn’t anticipated.

“I saw you with that guy... what’s his face... Excellus or some weird shit like that...” Carter stated, causing me to swallow down the lump of unease rising in my jugular.

“Elixir.” I corrected.

“You dating him?” pressed he.

“Why do you care?” the response was a bit harsher than I had intended it to be, but he seemed as calm as ever. A solemn shrug came with the answer, a little too blunt for my liking,

“’Cause he’s got a reputation for nailing guys at this school.” My aching heart skipped a beat... “I’d watch out if I were you, Alice, he’s turned a lot of straight guys bent in recent years.”

“I am gay.” My declaration was at a bit of a tangent, but Carter seemed not to recognise the signs of it. After all, I was going out with Elixir. He must’ve assumed I was bisexual.

The look he gave me afterwards was scary to say the least. The hunger in his otherwise gentle eyes was suffocating, and at that moment, I suddenly regretted not weighing up the possibilities before sitting next to him. There was a seven row radius in front of us, and no one on those seven rows apart from either right at each side, up against the walls.

“I don’t mind. You know why?” he asked, voice lowering to a sexy husk.

“No. Will it offend you if I say I don’t want to know?” was my response, eyes averted. Completely ignoring my question, he murmured in a lustful tone, “’Cause you’re really, and I mean really, hot, Alice.”

My heart felt as though it had jumped into my throat, and my head spun in a dizzy sensation. I could feel Carter’s breath down my neck as he leant over to whisper in my ear, “Can I touch you?”

He pulled back after asking, so the German teacher didn’t look up and see what we, or he, was doing. I was not allowed to respond, for Carter placed his hand firmly on the bulge in my trousers and squeezed hard. A shock of electricity was sent shooting through my body, and my mouth fell open in a dazed gasp.

Grabbing his forearm, I hissed, “No, Carter. Please stop... Ungh.” Up and down he took his hand, massaging my hard on through my jeans. It felt so wrong, but so good at the same time. Panting hard, I kneaded together my knees, desperately trying not to let myself enjoy it, only because the next time I saw Elixir, I would be overcome with guilt.

Carter didn’t do much else for a few minutes, in which I became so turned on by him rubbing me hard I had to drop my head so if anyone did turn around, they wouldn’t see the sexual desire masquerading on my face.

The lights went out. Fuck. Why did the professor choose this lesson to put a short DVD on? The deafening sound of an ordering voice articulating dulled the small moans that inevitably escaped my parted lips.

With only one hand on me, Carter somehow managed to undo the razor shaped buckle of my belt, and the button of my jeans, then the zipper too. Damn him.

Why could I not push him away? I felt like such a traitor and yet it was an exasperating feeling.

“Now, listen to this German song and make note of the lyrics. See how many lines out of fifty you can get.” droned the mechanical woman on the tape. The track I recognised instantly; it was Mein Herz Brennt by Rammenstein.

Thinking of the lyrics in my head distracted me from what Carter was doing, but of course, my master plan could not work for long. I couldn’t stop the groan escaping my lips, and Carter gazed up at me, a smirk on his sinful lips. White teeth flashing in a bemused expression at me.

Brow furrowing, I glared at him, anger filling my heart. Anger at him for making me feel so easy, and anger at myself that I didn’t have the balls to push him away. His fingers lingered on the enflamed head of my six inches, and I very nearly ordered him to keep going.

A tongue ran across his full, pink lips. It took all the strength of my fragile nerves not to lean in and kiss those enticing lips. His grin spread even further as he saw that intention in my doleful eyes.
“You want more, Gray?”

How I wish I hadn’t paused for thought, because I knew all too well my expression was screaming yes. Tensing, I expected his grip to tighten around my raging hard on, but rather than do so, I found his head disappearing from view.


What... the... fuck... What am I fucking doing? An hour into a relationship and I’m sat in the back of my German Lit class getting head from an asshole. Mind, he was good at it, I’ll give you that.

Those lips I so wanted to kiss were wrapped securely around my cock, tongue lapping hungrily at my pre-cum. Down the length of me he pushed his mouth, and the feeling of the soft, wet, hot velvet of his mouth made me grip the chair so hard, my knuckles whitened.

Silently, he bobbed up and down on me, perfectly timed as the music began climbing, as did I, both to our climaxes. Gritting my teeth wasn’t enough to relieve the tension, so I allowed my mouth to collapse open and a moan escaped my contracted throat.

Carter swirled his tongue harder, and my fingers delved into his hair, pushed his smothering lips right down to the base of my cock as I came hard into his mouth. My hips jerked, a wave of spasms coursed through my body, and the grip I had on his soft locks tightened.

Hissing through a clenched jaw was all I could do to stop myself crying out with pleasure. Carter pulled back, stuffing my cock back into my pants and zipping me up, right when the music finished and the lights flicked back on.

“Slut,”, he whispered to me, retreating to a safe distance so there was no suggestion of anything to the teacher.

“Gray,”, the professor called, “Get any of the lyrics?” Hurt eyes of mine gazed back at the tutor, whose calm expression irked me. He had no idea what happened. Not answering him would raise suspicion, so I retorted angrily,

“My heart burns...”

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