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This is a true story of what I did one night when I couldn't sleep
I was lying in bed one night, feeling extremely horny and not knowing what to do. It had been about 2 months since I had had sex, having recently broken up with my ex. And I was pregnant. About 25 weeks along I was. Of course, I still wasn’t very big, I was one of those lucky girls that could hide their pregnancy til the very end. I suppose I better tell you what I look like. Tall, about 180cm, long ash blonde hair, dark green eyes, skinny, I think I was about 72kg at that time, and I was pale too, I didn’t much like the sun, and early 20s.

I got my phone out to check Facebook and ended up going on, just clicking through stories. I had read most of the good ones and I was hoping someone had posted up another. I stumbled across a fisting one and a light bulb flicked on in my head. I could try that again.

The last time I had tried to get fisted was when I asked my ex, he wouldn’t try hard enough though and so it never really worked. I quickly slid out of my pants and underwear, shoving them to the end of the bed and started to rub over my pussy.

I was wet, as usual and had no trouble pushing two, and then three fingers into myself, thrusting them slowly as I let my juices cover them. Soon I pushed my pinkie in as well. I had always been a fan of shoving big things up myself so four of my skinny fingers presented little trouble and I was pushing them in so my pussy lips covered my knuckles.

They were as deep as they could go with my thumb still being outside. I wriggled my fingers around a little, trying to find my g-spot. I masturbate much, I hadn’t had an orgasm in my life, and not for lack of trying, my body just seemed to shut down when I got close. A tingle ran through me and I grinned, I had found it.
After playing with it for a little while I pulled my fingers out enough to fold my thumb into the middle and started to push back in. I didn’t have any trouble until I got to the knuckles again. It didn’t hurt, it was just awkward. I curved my spine a little more and reached down with my other hand, squeezing my hand a little to help ease it in.

I moved my hand a little, trying to push it deeper. It wasn’t working. I stopped, thinking for a moment, my free hand still holding my wrist still. I probed around slowly and hooked my finger into my pussy lips a little, spreading them around my hand more. It worked, my hand sunk in a little more.

My hips pushed up against my hand some more and I pushed with my free hand and then it happened, my knuckles curled enough to slip into my pussy. I froze, biting my bottom lip a little. It hurt a little bit but I didn’t want to stop. I was going to finish this. My fingertips were brushing against my cervix, it felt spongy, so much different from when I wasn't pregnant. I curled my fingers a little, trying to make a fist and panicked a little as my hand started to slip out.

Pushing in harder with my free hand, I managed to stop my fist from falling out. It was stretching me, making me twitch a little inside. I felt my baby shift in my womb and waited for it to settle before moving anymore. I didn’t think it would appreciate getting pushed out of the way, I knew I wouldn’t.

Since my fingers were curled they were brushing right against my g-spot and I pinched it a little. A shiver of pleasure ran through me but I stopped, my hand sliding over the bed, trying to find my phone. I had to get pictures of this otherwise no one would believe me.

I almost knocked my phone off the edge and I struggled to get it turned around the right way to unlock the screen. Finally I had it unlocked and pulled up the camera. I snapped photo after photo, hoping that at least some of them would be at a good angle and not blurry. I don’t know how many I took but after a while I stopped, putting my phone beside my pillow but keeping it on camera in case I wanted it again, starting to push my fist in and out a little.

My fist started slipping out again and I pushed in hard, moaning softly. I grabbed my phone and aimed it at my pussy, starting to pull my fist out, fingers still curled tight. It hurt a little as the first ring of muscles started to stretch around my knuckles and I took picture after picture of myself pulling out. The next moment I was empty. I brought the phone closer and took a picture of just my pussy right after it had been fisted.

I wiped my hand clean on my towel, making a mental note to put it in the wash in the morning and started looking through the pictures I had taken. Most of them had to be deleted but that didn’t matter. I had taken more than enough. My hand had slid down while I was looking at the photos and started playing with my clit lightly.

Something made a noise in the room next to mine and I sighed as my son started to cry. No more fun for me tonight. I locked my phone and went to deal with my son. It took ages and by the time I got back to my bed I couldn’t be bothered thinking about playing with myself anymore and just went straight to sleep.

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2012-10-08 12:08:10
i wanna lick that lady pussy

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2012-10-08 00:52:14
It sounds more like a dream to me.

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2012-10-07 06:12:18
luved it wish i had the pix

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2012-10-07 05:30:18
Wow this was amazing. I wish i coukd have been there to help you out cus this really turned me on

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