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continuing story.....
Day 4 of a new and differnet begging......

Floating and floating…it seemed it would never end. I slowly realized I was waking up but it seemed as if I just couldn’t open my eyes. I thought I must be floating on a cloud. A voice said, Its time to wake up Samantha. Who was Samantha? Where was I? Who was talking to me? Again I heard Samantha, Samantha wake up young lady. Young lady? I thought I had to go home, it was Sunday, and I had to play baseball with my friends in the park. Slowly I opened my eyes and I was in a room that was Pink. I looked up at the voice and recognized, Mrs. Johnson, from my paper route. She matter of fact stated that I had been asleep for 3 days. Three days, it didn’t seem to make any sense, here she said as I sat up she handed me a glass of chocolate milk. Drink this quickly you are very thirsty. I thought yes I was and slowly started drinking the milk. I felt better almost immediately. That’s a good girl, she said. I said Girl? Yes, she said you are becoming my little girl, I’m your Mommy. It didn’t seem right but for some reason I did not argue, and just said yes. She said in a loud voice, Samantha, you are to call me Mommy! Samantha. though as I looked around the room I could not see anyone else. There was a knock on the door and Mr. Johnson walked in. He said does she know where she is? No said the mommy person, we’ve kept her drugged to long. We will have to start over again. He said does she know yet? Not yet she said, but I’ll take care of that shortly. She had a bottle of pills in her hand and she took out a very small pill, handed it to me and said to swallow it. I looked at her and didn’t understand. She said it was a mood enhancer and when I took it she, meaning me , will do as she is told. She was still talking to Mr. Johnson, it was all so confusing. She gently took the pill and put in my mouth and gave me another sip of chocolate milk. The milk made me feel real nice and comfortable. Then said It’ll take about 15 minutes, You relax Samantha and we’ll be back.

Doing what I was told seemed natural, as I laid back and she covered me with a blanket, she bent down and kissed me. It was all so nice. Then they both left the room. I then noticed that the bed I was in had pink sheets, that were very smooth, and the blanket was pink too. The closet was open and I saw girls clothes and dresses. I scooted down into the bed and felt my butt slide smoothly against the sheets. I reached down and felt silky panties, that were pink and had ruffles. I knew this was wrong but it didn’t seem important. I snuggled in and started to doze.

It had seemed only a minute when Cindy! I remembered, entered the room. She said How is my little girl? I don’t know why but I answered, fine. Its time to eat. She said but, first you must remember to call me mommy, Yes mommy, I said as quick as I could. Now it has been three days since you went to the bathroom, I think you need at least to pee. When she mentioned it, I realized I had to go, bad. She walked me into the bathroom, turned me away from the toilet, and pulled down the panties. She said I like your little cock. She put her hand on it and said from now on I will help you when you have to go to the bathroom. She turned me towards to toilet and held my cock, now go ahead and pee she said. I really had to go and soon a strong stream was hitting the water. After today you will no longer stand when you have to go to the bathroom. You will learn to sit on the toilet, like a good girl. I could only nod my head as I finished peeing, she gently shook my cock. She then knelt down and said if you are a good girl, Mommy will do this for you. She leaned over and kissed by cock. So sweet she said as she started licking it. I was soon in heaven as she gently jerked my cock back and forth, quickly I had my second ever orgasm as my cock squirted into the toilet. That’s a good girl she said, as she got some tissue and wiped off my cock. Now pull up your panties. What happened to me, I said. She said from now on you are my little girl, Samantha. I couldn’t think straight, she walked me back into the pink room and opened a drawer and took out a very small lacy bra. You don’t need this yet but you had better get used to wearing it. She put it on me and then took a sheer robe out of the closet and put it on me, saying that daddy would like my robe. Until your hair grows out you will have to wear this wig, It was blonde the same color as my hair and she pinned on my head. There, now you like a proper girl. Lets go down to dinner. I kept mouthing, questions but nothing came out, I could think them but it seemed too much trouble to say them. We went down stairs to the kitchen, Mr. Johnson was already eating at the table, she made me sit and served me dinner, green salad, and raw veggies. Mr. Johnson was eating a steak, she saw me look and said us girls must learn to watch our figures. We ate in almost total silence as they both watched me eat. I looked out the window and realized I was no longer in the city. There were trees and a barn outside. As we finished dinner, Mr. Johnson went into the living room. Cindy, I mean Mommy, told me to help with the dishes, she handed me an apron which I put on and started drying as she washed. It seemed familiar but I could not make sense of it. She went into the fridge and brought out a glass of cocoa drink gave it to me and said drink it down. I immediately started to feel tingly.
When we finished the dishes, she said it was time to service daddy.

Mommy, calling her that seemed almost natural, took my hand and we walked into the living room. The she slowly took off my robe and I was standing in front of my new daddy in a bra and lacy panties. Turn around slowly, my daddy said, as I twirled slowly, I noticed Mommy taking off her blouse. Daddy said she looks real pretty, not to many curves yet. Mommy took of her bra, and I could not help looking at her breasts. The nipples stood out straight and her breasts kind of stood up. She looked at me and said when you get older you will have breasts like mine too. Then she pushed me over in front of Daddy, and said now you must learn to unzip his pants. Daddy said to Mommy will she be able to do it so soon, Mommy said she is still very drugged up from the move, she shouldn’t feel too much. Daddy said she looks so pretty and I think she will make a nice little girl. Daddy talking to Mommy, I read where the police are still looking for that missing boy. I’m sure we did the right thing. Also knowing that the beta blockers work better on, young pre-pubescent males three times better than females, How long until we start her on her hormones? Mommy said soon, now lets not confuse her. My head was buzzing from the cocoa drink, and I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Mommy took off her pants and panties, and was standing next to daddy. Now Samantha she said come here and kneel in front of Daddy. Now Samantha she said reach over and pull down Daddies zipper, as I did as I was told, it seemed hard to do, but slowly it was open all the way down. Mommy said Now Samantha undo the button on Daddies pants. It came undone quickly, and a bulge pushed out his boxers, like it was on a spring. Mommy then knelt besides me and said, see how Daddy likes you, reaching over she pushed his boxers open and showed me his cock. You like that, don’t you Samantha. I barely nodded my head as it seemed the right thing to do. Now take it in both your hands, she said, as I did it felt very warm. Now Samantha I want to to rub it all over from the bottom to the top. As I hesitated not knowing what she meant, she moved one of my hands to his balls, and said gently squeeze, when I did it seemed as if they moved on their own. Now kiss the balls she said, as she pushed my head towards them, she reached down and started rubbing me over my panties between my legs. As my head neared his balls I kissed them quick, No Mommy said kiss Daddies balls slowly and keep your lips on them. As I did she moved one of my hands up to the top of his dick, and it felt slippery. Now keep kissing and kiss up all the way to the top. Daddy will like you even more. As I did I felt kind of proud.
As I kissed his cock all up the shaft Mommy kept saying very good, very good, keep going. When I reached to top Daddy was making moaning sounds, Mommy said, now Samantha lick daddies head, I was feeling really good between my legs and, I licked and kept licking. Mommy said to Daddy, See she is going to be a very good cock sucker. She then bent his cock right at my face and told me to open my mouth. As I did she pushed my head onto his cock, and told me to keep licking while it was in my mouth. It was hard to do but I could lick a little. Daddy put a hand on the back of me head, and started pushing me down on his cock.
For the second time in my ten year old life, I felt him squirting his cum into my mouth. The cum kept coming out and it was soon dripping out of my mouth and down my front. Mommy started saying swallow, swallow, I did but it kept coming out of my mouth.
Daddy said it seems she it not the good girl you want her to be. Mommy said, yes she is she is just learning and will do better tomorrow. I couldn’t understand, I had done everything she told me, why was I not a good girl? Mommy stood up and started rubbing his cum over my chest, as she did I squirmed from the nice warm feeling of her hand. See Daddy she said. She is going to be one of our best. Mommy then got up and said time for your bath young lady. And still naked she ushered me up the stairs.

When we got to the bathroom, she started the water running in the tub. Now take off your clothes and get in. I was able to slide off the pink panties quickly but the little bra had me stumped as I could not reach the clasp behind my back. Mommy said you have so much to learn, little girl, as she undid my bra and helped me get into the water. She turned around a grabbed a bottle of purple powder and started poring it into the tub, It started making suds and smelled real pretty, like lilacs. Then she got into the tub with me, she spread her legs and brought me between them facing her.
Now she said as she took my hand, these are our tits, rubbing over my chest, then she pulled it to her tits and said yours will take time but they will grow like mine, I relished the feeling of her breasts as she made my hand massage them, as we rubbed them they seemed to get harder. She leaned forward and told me to kiss her nipple. As I did she said very good Samantha. Now kiss them like you did daddies cock. I leaned forward and kissed first one and she pushed me to the other and I kissed again. Now start sucking my nipples, they tasted really good. I started sucking and she moaned a little and said keep it up, it was like I was a baby sucking on Mommies tits. Very good she said, then took my hand and put it between her legs, this is Mommies cunt , she said, soon you will have one too. I didn’t know what she meant, as I was enthralled feeling her cunt. This has made me so Horney, Mommy said, that I’m going to cum real fast, as she tensed up her whole body, and did a little shaking. I heard her say a aahhh in a loud voice, and she said it again. Even though my hand was under the water, on her cunt I cold feel some liquid rushing out. She pushed my hand hard against her flesh, up and down. When she finished she said that I would learn to make her cum just like daddy.

She got us both out of the tub and started drying me off, When she was finished, she said I did good because my wig wasn’t even wet. Then she opened another bottle and started rubbing powder all over me, from the top down. It felt real smooth, and smelled nice. Us girls must learn to make our bodies attractive to men, and this will make your skin smooth and silky. There had been so many things that I was supposed to learn, that none of it made any sense. Now its time you went back to bed, she said, I’m sure you are tired from our moving and pleasing daddy so well. I thought that it didn’t sound right, but I knew I was going to do anything this beautiful Mommy told me. Then she took me to my pink room, got out a pair of lacy panties, and helped me put them on, she gently tucked my little dick pointing down as she pulled them up. They slid so nice against my skin. Then out of the closet she took with I later learned was a nightie, she slid it over my arms and head, it was see thru, and had a long pink ribbon that went around my chest and ties in the back. Now Mommy is going to play with daddy, she said , as she helped me into the bed. You sleep tonight Samantha as tomorrow is going to be a good day and girls need their rest. As she tucked me in it felt so snuggly that I was almost asleep before she finished, she bent down and kissed me on my lips. As she said good night, and left. All I could think of was, What is going to happen tomorrow as today had been so nice……

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2013-06-29 22:23:45
deliciously evil fantasy

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2012-11-07 12:17:22
i wish that had happened to me
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2012-10-08 09:51:09
Very inventive. Something new instead of the usual scenario(s). Can't wait for the next two or three (more?) parts.

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found it hard to read, so gave up- smaller paragraphs would help.

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I can't wait to read about "daddy" in Samatha's ass

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